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Our product lines Drinks and fruit juices Green tea, black tea with lemon, black tea with peach: made from a real infusion of tea leaves which are naturally flavored (with concentrated lemon and peach juice) and do not contain preservatives and coloring. The most natural and enjoyable way to quench your thirst!

Papaya, passion fruit, carambola, pineapple, orange... In our natural juices - tropical, maracuja and papaya, pineapple and orange – you’ll find all the flavors of the Peruvian Amazon forest fruit. The juices come from a company which is located at the edge of the Amazon rainforest; it coordinates the work of many associations of small organic fruit producers.

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Membership LiberoMondo is member of: WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization), the global representative body of over 350 organizations committed to 100% Fair Trade. WFTO Europe, made up of 95 members including Fair Trade organizations, Fair Trade networks and support organizations. It represents the European arm of the WFTO.


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we are at your complete disposal in order to develop the solutions best suited for the growth of your business, with a full private label service such as: - identifying product lines; - selection and management of raw materials; - packaging; - production; - packing; - storage and delivery.


AGICES (Italian General Assembly for Fair Trade), the networks of the Italian Fair Trade organizations.

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Healthy and good: this is our philosophy


Beverages and organic food that tell the story of world food traditions which are conscious of the consumer’s health and taste preferences. In the course of fifteen years we have developed a production chain that aims at maximum guarantee as far as safety and the quality of the ingredients and products used is concerned. In our cooperative you’ll find an active artisan patisserie and products packaging shop. We also launched, in our district, numerous collaborations with specialized processing companies which are well- known and appreciated for their work. Our offer ranges from the most important lines of imported food products such as (cereals, jams, dried fruits, fruit juices, tea, cane sugar), special products with a unique taste, processed from organic raw materials and the Fair Trade according to the best recipes found in traditional Italian food.

The organic certification of the products is done by IMC (Mediterranean Institute of Certification), an Italian company accredited nationally and internationally (IFOAM - USDA - MAFF - Global GAP) which carries out the organic certification in the agriculture, agro-food and catering sectors. Most raw food also comes from community of FairTrade producers, which are selected for the quality of their products and the validity of the social projects they support.

Our product lines Sweets and candies Sugar, cocoa, hazelnuts, flour... Simple ingredients that create products with a unique taste, like the ‘baci di dama’ and the chocolate ‘baci di dama’, two sweet delights of the traditional Italian cuisine made by our pastry shop; cream and chocolate hazelnut spread without any vegetable oils added, which satisfies both your palate and your health, the wonderful gummy candies and the irresistible chocolate bonbon.

Creams and sauces The tomato-yogurt, curry-pineapple and hot peppers spreadable creams and the chili sauce add to cooking a touch of personality and the flavors of around the world. They are delicious as appetizers, as a snack, or simply to add savor to dishes with taste and fantasy. E’ LiberoMondo Food Style Cereals The basmati rice and whole-meal basmati rice that we offer derive from the Indian Navdanya project which is promoted by the environmentalist and writer Vandana Shiva. This is a Fair Trade and unique environmentally sustainable project, as is unique the flavor and aroma of this traditional classic Indian cereal.

Our product lines Cane sugar Two sugars of excellent quality from South America: organic integral cane sugar (Panela type) from Ecuador and crystalline sugar from Paraguay (also available as a raw material in 10 kg and 25 kg bags).

Teas and infusions Our organic teas come from the tea gardens located in the ideal tea plantations of three historic producing countries. From the Indian region of Darjeeling come the selections of three classic types of filtered tea: white, which is light in color and has a delicate and persistent flavor; black, which is light and has an intense flavor; green, which is light, fresh and has floral notes; from Vietnam a green filtered tea, which is sweet, soft and persistent; and from the green hills of Rwanda a black tea that will surprise you and that when poured in a cup becomes amber, full-bodied and fresh. Organic infusions to help you appreciate, in a natural and enjoyable way, the moments of the day: rooibos (classic and orange and cinnamon) in filters, relaxing, with an amber-red color and sweet taste, energetic herbal teas in filters (made from Brazilian “yerba mate”).

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Beverages and organic food that tell the story of world food traditions which are conscious of the consumer’s health and taste preferences....