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Organic and Fair Trade quality from us to you

1. LiberoMondo LiberoMondo (Free World) was established in 1997 as a Fair Trade organization. It is a social cooperative located in Bra, in the province of Cuneo, in north west Italy, and was set up with the principal aim of supporting marginalized producer groups in the south and to create local job opportunities for disadvantaged people. The organization is made up of a Members’ Assembly (more than 160 individual members and 4 associations) and a Board of Directors. There are also 12 Working Committees, one for each area of activity, under the General Director and the Board.

2. What we do LiberoMondo operates according to the principles prescribed by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), and according to the following general guidelines: buying direct from producer groups and establishing long-term commercial relationships; fair prices and pre-harvest or preproduction payments; opposition to monopolies, both in import/export and in sales; transparency and freedom of information.

Importing LiberoMondo purchases artisan products, cosmetics and foodstuffs directly from more than 90 producer groups in over 30 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, ensuring them fair wages, advanced payments and long-term commercial relationships. LiberoMondo’s partnerships around the world


Processing and manufacture LiberoMondo collaborates with several small businesses close to home in its processing of fair trade products, helping to sustain the local economy. LiberoMondo has also set up its own workshops, where some of the fair trade products are manufactured and processed: the patisseries, which produce biscuits made from fair trade ingredients; and the packing houses for the processed goods.

Distribution LiberoMondo offers a wide range of products (more than 6,500 artisan products and 400 food items), including Fair Trade goods such as organic foodstuffs produced by selected Italian social cooperatives. LiberoMondo has chosen to distribute its products exclusively via the Fair Trade distribution network, in order to support the development of alternative marketing areas.

Creating job opportunities 30% of LiberoMondo’s staff come from disadvantaged groups, in collaboration with the public social services and providing work reintegration projects.

Networking and the promotion of Fair Trade LiberoMondo promotes networking within the Fair Trade market, particularly through the distribution of products directly imported by other Italian Fair Trade organizations. LiberoMondo also produces informative material, such as leaflets and other publications about the producers, and is a strong advocate of the objectives and activities of Fair Trade.


3. Fair Trade producers’ groups LiberoMondo’s partners comprise a range of different organizations involved in local development projects: among them are NGOs, social movements, grassroots communities, self-help groups and small and medium social enterprises. LiberoMondo’s partners comprise a range of different organizations involved in local development projects: among them are NGOs, social movements, grassroots communities, self-help groups and small and medium social enterprises. The following are the principals of LiberoMondo’s relationships with all the producer partners:

Long term relationships: this is one of the key principles of fair trade. Every year, LiberoMondo publishes a list of producer groups and import data, with explanations of any differences compared to the previous year. Fair prices and payments: LiberoMondo generally accepts the price set by the partner organizations and considered fair by producers themselves. LiberoMondo always tries to respect the producers’ needs and requests concerning payment methods. Pre-harvest or pre-production payments: another key principle of LiberoMondo is advance payment; an interest-free sum of at least 50% of the total amount of the order. Free and non-exclusive commercial relationships: LiberoMondo does not demand exclusivity from its producers. This leaves the producer free to enter into, and maintain, a number of commercial relationships.


4. A wide selection of available products LiberoMondo distributes, in Italy and in Europe, a wide variety of products of the highest standards: from foodstuffs to cosmetics, to household detergents, to traditional and simple artisan products. Since 2005, we have been building a network of commercial contacts, including numerous European clients, and we offer a comprehensive service in terms of:

- quality of product; - support for businnes development, through product research and private labelling; - logistics.

5. Organic foods and Fair Trade Fair Trade and organic: a dual combination which both guarantees good working conditions and assures the high quality of products. Every part of our production chain is controlled by our cooperative, and is certified by the IMC (Mediterranean Institute of Certification), a private Italian firm with national and international accreditation (IFOAM, USDA, MAFF, Global GAP) for its work in organic certification in the agroindustrial and catering industries. We offer everything from the most important food products (cereals, preserves, dried fruit, fruit juices, teas, cane sugar) to unique and unmistakeable Italian specialities, created according to our best traditional national recipes. Furthermore, within our patisserie, we produce high quality home-baked goods.


6. Personal skincare line A line designed specifically to care for your skin, prepared with great care by certified laboratories using only organic and Fair Trade ingredients. The softening and nourishing properties of the babaรงu nut oil, the fruity fragrances and the delicate perfumes of essential oils; these are the secrets behind the Talybe shower gels and shampoo. The Talybe personal skincare products are dermatologically tested, without the use of animals, and are nickel-free. The majority of the raw materials come from the Fair Trade industry. The eco-friendly and organic certification is carried out by the ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), an Italian consortium partnered with IFOAM, who provide certification for over 13,000 businesses in food, cosmetics, detergents, textiles and bioconstruction.


7. Natural household detergents An innovative line in eco-friendly, Fair Trade household detergents for everyday cleaning and washing. The very high quality is guaranteed by a unique and fascinating production chain, which provides carefully selected organic raw materials and supports processing firms that are both specialized and committed to continuous product research, development and innovation. Environmental awareness and customer satisfaction are of equal importance, and both can be found in the Talybe organic household detergents. Talybe organic detergents offer a household line that benefits not only you, but many others too‌

The consumer, because he can count on the products for effective cleaning in all areas of the house, whilst also having a great price-quality ratio. The environment, because, thanks to the high proportion of organic ingredients, the impact on our ecosystem is much more limited compared to that of traditional detergents. The producers, because many of the raw materials come from the Fair Trade industry, which guarantees the respect of human dignity, working conditions and workers’ rights.

8. Private labelling and combined logistics Years of experience mean that we can now offer expert advice in product development, starting right from the organic raw materials and fair trading. We are here to help you find the best solutions to help build your business, with a comprehensive, step-by-step private labelling service: -

individualization of product lines; packing materials; selection and processing of raw materials; production; packaging; storage and delivery.



Cooperativa Sociale Via Savigliano, 15 12062 Roreto di Cherasco (CN) – Italy Tel (39) 0172499169 Fax (39) 0172499074

Membership LiberoMondo is member of: WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization), the global representative body of over 350 organizations committed to 100% Fair Trade. WFTO Europe, made up of 95 members including Fair Trade organizations, Fair Trade networks and support organizations. It represents the European arm of the WFTO. AGICES (Italian General Assembly for Fair Trade), the networks of the Italian Fair Trade organizations.

Organic and Fair Trade quality - LiberoMondo  

LiberoMondo is an Italian Fair Trade organisation, WFTO member, which imports and distributes, in Italy and in Europe, a wide variety of pro...