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On behalf of WPO, LibanPack organized WorldStar Award Ceremony, the most prestigious packaging competition in the world.

WORLDSTAR Award Ceremony 4 MAY 2022 - Fiera Milano

A magical evening for WorldStar Awards was organized by LibanPack on behalf of WPO after two years of online ceremonies due to covid-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, May 04 2022, more than 320 packaging pro-fessionals, representing 37 countries, were together in Fiera Milano to celebrate and recognize WorldStar Winners for 2022. The award ceremony was part of WPO activities in Milan Italy during IPACK-IMA 3 - 6 May 2022. During the ceremony, the winners of the special categories were announced for Marketing, Sustainability, Save The Food and the top of the top the President Award that is selected by WPO President Prof Pierre Pienaar was revealed in the ceremony as well.

“Seeing all WorldStar winners happy and globally recognized by WPO made me feel so emotional after working so hard for the past year to reach this stage! We were really thrilled to see the winners face to face finally and to celebrate with them their global packaging excellence at its best! Congratulations to all WorldStar Winners and looking forward to see new sustainable packaging in WorldStar 2023”

stated Soha Atallah WorldStar Coordinator and LibanPack Director.

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WORLDSTAR SPECIAL CATEGORIES 2022 During the ceremony, the winners were announced for the Special Categories, Marketing, Sustainability, Packaging that Saves Food and President’s Award, as well as Lifetime Achievement that recognizes practitioners, from all packaging disciplines, who have made a significant national or international contribution in packaging over a prolonged and sustained period. The winners of the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award in Packaging for 2022 edition are Rachel Bayswater from UK and Graeme Lang from Australia. Check the gold winners of WorldStar Special Categories. All WorldStar Winners can be viewed at WorldStar website (

PRESIDENT’S AWARD Functional Barrier Papers - a complete range of recyclable barrier papers for sustainable packaging solutions Company: Mondi Functional Papers and Films Country: Austria

Mondi’s functional barrier papers can replace plastic films and laminates traditionally used for FMCG and consumer products with a recyclable and renewable solution.It reduces the amount of plastic by replacing it with a renewable raw material that has specific mechanical properties such as puncture resistance, flexibility, printability and barrier protection.


CoolCAN – web2print solution for personalised can printing Company: Colognia press, a.s. Country: Czech Republic

The customer creates personalised designs for beer cans or energy drinks directly in the website’s editor. The minimum order quantity is 24 pieces. We print the designs using digital technology on a shrink sleeve, which is subsequently placed on the can and shrink to fit. The entire label production process is automatic. The order passes to the printing machine completely without human intervention. So the first person to see it is the printer. This automated workflow reduces the error rate and production costs.

SUSTAINABILITY AWARD rPET school milk cup: fully recyclable cup made from recycled material Company: PET-MAN, Starlinger viscotec, Greiner Packaging,Schulmilchbauern Oberösterreich Country: Austria

Three companies (recycling technology producer, sheet producer, packaging producer) and Austrian school milk producers established a closed recycling loop for yoghurt cups. The cups are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material (rPET), are mono-material and unprinted, thus fully recyclable. rPET cups cause one-third less CO2 emissions than glass bottles.

PACKAGING THAT SAVES FOOD hvb HiPack Company:hvb Innova AG Country: Switzerland

The packaging allows partial removal of the contents and reclosing of the packaging. It offers easy and protected transport of the product and leaves the product in a hygienically perfect condition, as unwanted access to the product is no longer possible. The presentation of the product in the shop is optimal because the packaging can also be hung up. The lid construction is designed so that light, dry products can be presented vertically or suspended through the lid with Euro hole. The base construction can be made liquid-tight, among other things. 2022 I LibanPack Newsletter I 5

The Official Winners Guide of WorldStar Awards 2022 LibanPack is happy to share with you the Official Winners Guide of WorldStar Awards 2022, that was designed and prepared by LibanPack. The guide was released and distributed during the WorldStar Awards Ceremony that took place in Milan on 4 May 2022 , but it is available to be downloaded free at this link. In this guide you will find the 240 WorldStar winners for 2022, in addition to the winners of WorldStar Special Categories .

Special Recognition Organizing the WorldStar ceremony required huge efforts and coordination throughout all the year to reach this stage. This was not possible without the great support provided by the following institutions: LibanPack team, WPO Executive team, IPACK-IMA team and last but not least the great support of WPO Member in Italy Istituto Italiano Imballaggio and their great hospitality.

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GREAT SUCCESS FOR IPACK-IMA, WHICH ENDED AFTER FOUR DAYS OF INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER. The live return of IPACK-IMA, the first international exhibition for the processing and packaging sector in 2022, represented the synthesis of the best technological solutions in terms of research and innovation Sustainability and digitalisation are the macro-trends that emerged from this edition of IPACKIMA, where over 2,000 product and process innovations that will shape the production dynamics of the next few years in the food and non-food sectors were presented by 1166 exhibitors over 53000 sqm. The exhibition had around 60,000 visitors from 122 countries including 400 international journalists. Content and innovation were also featured in the organized networking events, including the international forum Packaging Speaks Green, which took stock of the green revolution in the packaging industry, the Best Packaging innovation awards and the World Star Awards, the most important international contest for the industry, as well as the IPACK-IMA Smart Factory and IPACK-IMA Digital, which transported the visitor into a real manufacturing experience of the future. A journey through the most innovative materials was offered by IPACK-IMA, a project that showcased all packaging materials and a special area dedicated to smart and eco design inspired packaging.

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WPO PRESS CONFERENCE AT IPACK IMA More than 40 journalists, from around the world, were present at WPO Press Conference during the opening day of IPACK-IMA 2022. After the welcome words from IPACK-IMA President, Valerio Soli, WPO World Packaging Organization President, Prof Pierre Pienaar, gave a comprehensive explanation of WPO goals. They can be resumed as: “to foster packaging science & technology and innovation & design delivered via education programs worldwide”. On the occasion, WPO VP Sustainability & Save Food, Nerida Kelton MAIP, introduced the 21 countries ‹Waste

Stream Mapping Guides› as a part of the ‘Global Packaging Design for Recycling Guide’ program, and WPO VP Events and WorldStar Awards coordinator, Soha Atallah gave a teaser of the packaging innovation to be seen among WorldStar winners 2022. The Press Conference also counted with the valuable participation of WPO World Packaging Organization Senior VP, Luciana Pellegrino. The event was organized by WPO Press & Communication Officer, Liliam Benzi.

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LIBANPACK ATTENDED WPO MEETING AT IPACK-IMA 2022 The first two days of WPO week in Milan, during IPACK-IMA 3 - 6 May 2022, were definitely busy full of WPO Meetings where Ms. Soha Atallah LibanPack Director has participated in the Executive Meeting and Working Groups meetings as WPO Vice President. The WPO executive team discussed the various portfolios to set strategies and future plans on sustainability, save food, education, marketing and the WPO institutional position as the main representative of the global packaging industry.

LIBANPACK ATTENDED WPO BOARD MEETING AT IPACK-IMA 5 MAY 2022 WPO Board Meeting is one of the most expected moments for WPO members where It took place at IPACK-IMA on 5 May 2022 with the participation of 28 professionals from WPO members, representing 23 countries. It is a time to discuss the future of the packaging industry around the world, having WPO and its members as the driving forces of valuable projects and actions to contribute with WPO vision: “Better quality of life, through better packaging, for more people”. WPO approved two new ‘Full Members’ during the 1st Board Meeting of 2022 held at IPACK IMA 2022 in Milan. The new associations accepted as part of this global packaging community are Centro Nacional de Envases y Embalajes (CNEE), from Cuba, and Emirates Environmental Group (EEG –, from United Arab Emirates. As ‘Full Members’, both will have the rigth to vote in WPO matters. “It is extremely meaningful to WPO to get new members from regions where we are not that active yet. This is a way of increasing our presence in other regions and, most important, to contribute to the sustainable development of local and global packaging industries. On the other hand, no doubt both Cuba and United Arab Emirates will give excellent inputs to WPO new projects and actions. So it is a ‘win win’ partnership”, celebrates WPO President, Pierre Pienaar. 10 I LibanPack Newsletter I 2022


Ms. Soha Atallah LibanPack’s Director had the honor to represent LibanPack and WPO at ProPack MENA that was held in Cairo from 29 to 31 May 2022. In addition to LibanPack from Lebanon, a strong WPO Delegation atteneded ProPack MENA from the following countries Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and the African Packaging Organisation APO!

LIBANPACK CHAIRED AN AFRICAN-ARAB ROUND TABLE TO FOSTER PACKAGING COOPERATION During ProPack MENA part of Africa Food Manufacturing Exhibition, Ms. Soha Atallah had the honor to moderate and chair a very interesting round table between the representatives of Arab and African Packaging Institutes and other members of WPO World Packaging Organization to discuss how to increase cooperation and share their experiences on packaging education, packaging testing, packaging design, and sustainable packaging in this important region. The participants also discussed the need to develop a common packaging platform to provide information on common packaging standards, regulations and packaging institutions in Africa.

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LIBANPACK PARTICIPATED AT PROPAK MENA CONFERENCE During ProPack MENA, a conference was organized on the latest Packaging Innovation where Mrs Soha Atallah provided a presentation to discuss the latest packaging trends such as sustainability, hygiene and consumer convenience. Ms Atallah also explained how packaging should be used as a marketing tool.

Congratulations to Informa Markets team in Egypt LibanPack would like to extend its congratulations to Informa Markets team in Egypt for the successful organization of ProPack MENA part of Africa Food Manufacturing that was held in Cairo from 29-31 May ! LibanPack & WPO World Packaging Organization are proud to have been partners in this successful event and looking forward to more cooperation! LibanPack was very happy to reconnect with all WPO members especially our members in Africa namely Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. “Africa has a lot of potential and great businesses opportunities and we are committed to support this beautiful continent with our packaging experience and connections” stated Soha Atallah, LibanPack Director.

ProPack MENA marks a new era for Africa Food Manufacturing featuring Fi Africa and ProPak MENA. This year is a special edition of Africa Food Manufacturing; not only celebrating the 10th edition, but the very first one with two dedicated halls for FI Africa and ProPak respectively. Making this edition the largest in Africa Food manufacturing’s history, with a 70% growth in exhibition space, and a 40% increase in participating exhibitors, Plus 20,000 SQM, 2 Halls (Fi Africa and ProPak MENA), 220 Exhibitors from 25 countries, 300 Brand, 8000 visitors from the Middle East and Arica, 2 dedicated conferences, 54 speakers, 56 talk, matchmaking and hosted buyers program, Arab-African roundtable. 12 I LibanPack Newsletter I 2022

IAPRI WORLD PACKAGING CONFERENCE! 13 - 15 June 2022 During IAPRI World Packaging Conference taking place in Bangkok, Ms. Soha Atallah had the honor to moderate an interesting session on the latest global packaging trends in the post covid19 era! The panelists were Prof Pierre Pienaar WPO President, Nerida Kelton MAIP, Henkie Wibawa both WPO Vice Presidents and Chakravarthi AVPS and Hiroko Akieda both WPO Global Ambadors! The panelists stressed on the need to increase education and awareness on sustainability, circular economy and on avoiding food waste. They also highlighted the role of WPO in packaging education and transfer of knowledge. The panelists also discussed the main sustainable packaging trends and their activities in their respective countries namely in India, Australia, Japan and Indonesia. Moreover Chakravarthi AVPS highlighted the role of accessible packaging in the pharmaceutical industry and its role in delivering the vaccines on time during the covid pandemic period! LibanPack would like thank IAPRI team for their great and warm hospitality for the WPO delegation in Bangkok.

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“What a vibrant international packaging exhibition highlighting the latest sustainable packaging solutions in terms of new packaging materials and equipments! What an impressive opening ceremony that confirmed the strong comeback of ProPak Asia after 3 years of absence!” expressed Soha Atallah WPO Vice President and LibanPack Director. Ms. Soha Atallah had the honor to be among the WPO delegation that participated in ProPack Asia along other WPO colleagues from Australia, Japan, India and Indonesia.

ProPak Asia 2022 provided its audience with comprehensive experience. The return of ProPak Asia was a tremendous success and ignited the spirit of the processing and packaging industry. Suppliers, manufacturers and industry players came together to share insight, grow their networks and talk business. As Asia’s leading trade event for processing and packaging, ProPak Asia has paved the way for the future of the industry, sustainability continues to be a key driver in every perspective in events- economic, social, environment. All of the contents and features this year focusing on driving sustainable development to be achieved. ProPak Asia 2022 achieved its scale as a leading packaging event in Asia.

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INNOVATION STAGE BY WPO ProPak Asia was all about presenting at the Innovation Stage that was hosted by WPO and catching up with international colleagues and meeting new exceptional packaging professionals. Ms. Soha Atallah also took the opportunity to check the latest packaging trends in Thailand where she confirmed the strong drive for sustainable packaging

LIBANPACK INTERVENTION AT THE INNOVATION STAGE IN PROPACK ASIA During ProPak Asia, LibanPack Director provided an interactive workshop on sustainable packaging design. Furthermore Ms.Atallah had the honor to moderate an interesting panel on the challenges of ensuring food safety, saving food and having a sustainable packaging while responding to consumers needs for convenience! The panelists Johannes Bergmair WPO Secretary General and Surendra Soni from Sealed Air Corporation did a great job in explaining these challenges and in responding to interesting questions from the audience! LibanPack and WPO would like to thank Informa team in Asia for the great hospitality and would like too congratulate them for a very successful exhibition! LibanPack left Bangkok with good insights on packaging trends in Asia, with good connections and many opportunities to increase the activities of WPO in Asia.

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A HYBRID TRAINING ON PACKAGING IN PAKISTAN BY WPO & UNIDO WPO in cooperaton with UNIDO successfully delivered a hybrid training in Quetta Pakistan on 7 June 2022 on the fundamentals of packaging for the apple value chain. The training was attended by 30 apple producers, representatives of UNIDO project and representatives of the government in Balochistan. The training was prepared by Johannes Bergmair and Soha Atallah LibanPack Director and WPO Vice President and was delivered by our Saad Habib representing the WPO member in Pakistan who did a great job in presenting the training in Urdu in a very interactive way that included interesting discussion on providing packaging solution to this rising sector. The training was inaugurated by Nadia A. (UNIDO Country Representative in Pakistan) who welcomed the participants of the training and appreciated the Government of Japan for their support in the implementation of PAFAID & the development of Apple value chain in Balochistan. The five modules of the training gives a clear understanding of Fundamental of Packaging, Packaging as a marketing tool, Food and agricultural packaging practices, special focus on apple value chain, Hygiene packaging practices for Apples and packaging and labeling regulations. The purpose of this training was to highlight the importance of packaging in Apple value chain in Baluchistan and to provide Packaging Solutions to the various actors of apple value chain in Baluchistan including Baluchistan Food Authority (BFA) & Agriculture department Government of Baluchistan. Special appreciation to Ahmed Ullah from UNIDO Project in Pakistan for organizing this training. The training is conducted within a UNIDO project that is implemented jointly with WPO and funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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A TRAINING COURSE ON EXPORT & PACKAGING BY LIBANPACK WITH THE SUPPORT OF NETHERLANDS EMBASSY LibanPack provided a training course and coaching sessions to Lebanese entrepreneurs on packaging and food export to the EU with Ms. Tove Antonissen from the Netherlands. The training took place in Beirut and was provided to the members of QOOT Cluster and was funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Lebanon.

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We are proud to share that more than 800 students from 9 Arab countries participated in Arab StarPack Student, namely Lebanon, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq and UAE. Now it’s the time for the judges to make the decision! Stay tuned for more updates and good luck for all the students that participated.

Building on the successful implementation of Arab Student StarPack, LibanPack and UNIDO are expanding StarPack by introducing a new industrial packaging competition, Arab StarPack Professional, for industries and professionals in the Arab region. ArabStarPack Pro is recognized by WPO World Packaging Organization, therefore the winners will be eligible to apply to WorldStar Awards, the Global Packaging Competition organized by WPO. LibanPack is proud of the 170 applications recieved so far, and now it’s the time for the judges to make the decision! For more information, kindly check our website

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get the global RECOGNITION The First Arab Professional Packaging Competition

Endorsed by

Organized by

PACKAGING AWARDS Categories of the Competition


Pharmaceutical and Medical


Industrial and Transport Packaging

Personal Care and Household

Point of Sale Packaging

Cosmetics and Beauty

Luxury Packaging


Fresh Fruits & Vegetables




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UPCOMING PACKAGING EVENTS 2022 PROPAK INDIA 2022 Bengaluru-India 21-23 September 2022


FACHPACK 2022 Nuremberg-Germany 27-29 September 2022

TOKYO PACK 2022 Tokyo- Japan 12-14 October 2022

PACK EXPO 2022 Chicago- USA 23-26 October 2022

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UPCOMING PACKAGING EVENTS 2022 PROPAK CHINA 2022 Shanghai-China 8-10 November 2022

PROPAK VIETNAM 2022 Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam 9-11 November 2022

THE AIPIA WORLD CONGRESS Amsterdam-Netherlands 14-15 November 2022

ALL 4PACK PARIS PARIS-FRANCE 21-24 November 2022

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A SELECTION OF GLOBAL PACKAGING INNOVATIONS P&G BEAUTY REUSABLE BOTTLES P&G Beauty announced the launch of its first ever reusable and refillable aluminum bottle system at scale, with its brands Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essences and Aussie in Europe. P&G Beauty unveiled the latest in packaging innovation at the Reuters Business Summit. It’s Beauty category shared the newest packaging innovation across hair care brands like Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essences and Aussie in Europe, set to change the way consumers buy, use and dispose of their shampoo bottles. This is an extension of P&G’s commitment to be a force for good and a positive force for beauty in the world. As announced at a live panel of sustainability experts at the Reuters Responsible Business Summit, guests at The Window to Act is Now: Advancing Responsible Beauty in Europe heard that in 2021, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essences and Aussie will enable the 200 million European households to recycle, reduce and reuse the packaging. The leading beauty brands will launch a refill system for their shampoo, thanks to a new reusable 100% aluminum bottle and recyclable refill pouch, made using 60% less plastic (per mL versus standard brand bottle). P&G Beauty is on track to reduce virgin plastic usage by 50% in shampoos and conditioners by the end of 2021, where through collective efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle it will result in 300 million fewer virgin plastic bottles being produced yearly. Reference “P&G BEAUTY: REUSABLE BOTTLES DEBUT AT REUTERS BUSINESS SUMMIT” P&G US, 10/23/2020,

Carlsberg announced that its paper-based bottle would soon be available for consumer trials across Europe. The Carlsberg Group have announced the largest trial of its new Fibre Bottle, where we are going to put the bio-based fibre bottle into the hands of consumers for the first time. The pilot is vital to accelerating our ambition of making this beer bottle a commercial reality, and it will see 8,000 Fibre Bottles being sampled in eight Western European markets: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany and France. This Generation 2.0 Fibre Bottle is a pioneering packaging solution for our beer and consists of a plantbased PEF polymer lining (≈%45) and a wood fibre outer shell (≈%55). Together these natural materials make the bottle fully bio-based (excluding the cap) and recyclable (including the cap). The bottle design and material composition are being continuously improved as technology evolves. 22 I LibanPack Newsletter I 2022

Reference “Paper bottles: your questions answered” packaging europe, 6 JULY 2022,

Smarties plastic free - 250 million non-recyclable plastic packs removed! The SMARTIES is one of the winners in @worldstarawards 2022. The SMARTIES game changer to move away from plastic… SMARTIES the worlds first confectionery brand to move from Plastic to recyclable Paper packaging. Removing 250 million non-recyclable plastic packs,bringing to life our purpose to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for all. The new SMARTIES range replaces 250 million plastic packs annually with barrier papers, labels and carton board, this equates to a massive 400 metric tonnes of plastic packaging removal! See the journey KqwnftHBM and with one of our many partners that helped realise the challenge Reference “WorldStar Winners” Nestlé SA, detail/20%/2022/3056/Food/

Pernod Ricard launches digital label system aimed at responsible alcohol consumption.

Pernod Ricard is set to roll out a digital label system across its wine and spirits brands with QR codes that consumers can scan with their smartphones to access information on ingredients, nutritional values, and responsible alcohol consumption. Pernod Richard says it will launch a European pilot programme for the digital label solution in July 2022. As part of the pilot, Pernod Ricard brand bottles will reportedly carry their own QR code on the back label that, once scanned with a smartphone, will redirect consumers directly to a platform where they will be able to access relevant information on each product. According to Pernod Richard, this information will include a list of ingredients Reference and full nutrition facts for each of its products in partnership with “Pernod Ricard launches digital label European wine and spirits associations. The digital platform will system aimed at responsible alcohol apparently also offer information about the health risks associated consumption” packaging europe, with consuming alcohol, as well as responsible drinking guidelines 28 JUNE 2022. issued by governments, including guidance on who should avoid drinking alcohol. The company adds that all the available content pernod-ricard-launches-digital-labelwill be adapted to local specificities, with country-specific drinking system-aimed-atresponsible-alcoholguidelines and a range of languages offered. consumption/8396.article

Valser introduces label-free beverage bottles Valser, a Coca-Cola brand, has launched beverage bottles without labels, which feature the product information and logo embossed into the bottle with the barcode printed on the top of the lid. According to Valser, the product information and logo will be embossed onto the bottle body. Meanwhile, the barcode required for retail sales will apparently be printed on the top of the lid. The company claims that dispensing with labels allows it to reduce the amount of packaging material used, in turn requiring less water and allowing for a reduction in CO2 emissions. Thomas Krennbauer, general manager of Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland, comments: “In our view, label-free bottles are the future. With Valser, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is once again setting the standard with innovations for sustainable packaging.”

Reference “Valser introduces label-free beverage bottles” packaging europe, 29 JUNE 2022 2022 I LibanPack Newsletter I 23




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LibanPack on behalf of WPO World Packaging Organization is happy to announce that worldstar 2023 is open for entry, June 15, and closes on October 20, 2022. Packages eligible for WorldStar Awards are those that have already received a national or regional packaging award from a packaging competition that is recognised by wpo, during the last 2 years. The aim is to promote packaging innovation in various sectors, proving that a good package can be an essential solution to many of the modern problems, especially sustainability, food waste and extending shelf life of food and agricultural products.

PROVIDING INNOVATIVE SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS! LibanPack, the Lebanese Packaging Center, was founded in 2008 as a non-profit private sector association representing stakeholders from the food and packaging sectors in Lebanon. It stands as a national central point for all economic operators concerned with packaging, Including: manufacturers, users, converters, suppliers, designers, testing institutions, packaging specialists, providers of training and educational programs and students.



Soha Atallah LibanPack Director WPO Vice President WorldStar Coordinator +961 (01) 481 974 +961 71 595 725

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