Liberty Hill Living April 2021

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OUTDOOR KITCHENS The Heart of the Backyard


t’s often said the heart of the home is the kitchen, and that mantra is quickly becoming true for outdoor spaces as more homeowners are building outdoor kitchens. From a seamless connection to the rest of the home to plenty of functionality, outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular as people prefer more and more to get outside, stay outside and

have all the comforts they might have indoors. Nancy Burris, owner of Georgetown Fence & Deck, said before building an outdoor kitchen, it’s important to think about how you will use the space, who will be using the space, how often it will be used, and its connectivity to the indoors and other outdoor spaces, such as a firepit or swimming pool.

“However you would use an indoor kitchen is how you will probably use an outdoor kitchen,” she added. “Think of all those considerations. For example, lighting is important. In Texas, we have temperate conditions most of the year, but if you forget lighting, the kitchen won’t function for you during those winter months when it’s dark early.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 52


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