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General Building Contractors

Any kitchen, any design, competitive quotations available

● Internal/External Doors ● Conservatories ● New Build/Extensions ● Renovations ● Fascias, Soffits, Gutters ● Kitchens ● Laminate, Wood Flooring ● PVC & Wooden Windows ● Driveways & Patios ● Replacement Windows & Cavity Trays

Call Mick on 01772 421747 * 07956 827382 Or Andy on 07806 432977 *

Sandwich Heaven is One

Year old To all our customers, old and

Fresh Sandwiches, Jacket Potatoes, Pies, Salads, Soups, Hot and Cold Drinks

Opening Times Mon - Fri 8.00am until 2.30pm Sat 9.00am until 2.00pm Orders by phone or email Free delivery-orders over £7 in 2 mile radius


Made to order, various designs and flavours, ideal for business events or meetings, birthdays, christenings, all occasions

01772 379242 ample car parking Check out our Daily Specials and Breakfast Trays


● Working lunches or parties ● Birthdays ● Weddings ● Anniversaries ● Christenings ● Any Occasion

65 BENT LANE, LEYLAND, PR25 4HR To advertise call 01772 432963 or email


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Ashleigh Accountancy of Leyland, celebrating 10 years in business

‘In 2013 we CONGRATULATIONS celebrate our 10th year of providing The Ashleigh local businesses Accountancy with an exceptional team celebrating accountancy 10 years in service. Our clients business. vary from small sole traders and SME’s to larger Limited Companies. OFFICES TO RENT: We also have offices However, regardless of size, every client to rent on the First Floor of 107 – 109 does and will continue to receive the same Towngate, offering a low cost, all inclusive high level of service and support. We pride ourselves in really getting to know solution with flexible lease terms to local businesses. our clients as it is so important that businesses have a financial partner to support them – today and in the future. We are very proud and honoured to still work with the clients that joined us when the practice first started. We have worked with them through all stages from set up and 106 sq ft approx: 173 sq ft approx: £50/wk inc £80/wk inc growth to exit planning.’ For information and viewing, contact Paul Maddock on (Lisa Whalley, Director) 07837 523604

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11 Mobile beauty therapist, providing a high standard service with the comfort of your own home. With over six years experience in the beauty industry, you can feel confident that you will receive a professional, yet friendly, service.

Want clearer skin on your back? Try a relaxing back treatment. First, a thorough exfoliation of the back to help break down areas of congestion and remove dead skin cells. Then follows a deep cleansing mask to help draw out any impurities. The treatment is then finished off with a relaxing massage

PERFECTLY PAMPERED by Kerry Covering Leyland and surrounding areas. Please call Kerry today for an appointment SUMMER OFFER: Get your feet ‘flip-flop’ ready. Book a full pedicure with Gelish polish for £20 (normally £28). Match up your fingers for £15.

Special Offers with this Advertisement Cut & Open Tuesday to Saturday; Sunday, Blow Monday and later Dry

appointments available on request

Full Head Colour with Cut & Blow Dry

25 Preston Road, Leyland PR25 4NT

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Love Milk, Love Local, with Deacon’s Dairy of Leyland

LOOKING for a local business with a lot of bottle? Look no further than Deacon’s Dairy, situated on Bow Lane, Leyland. For when it comes to talking local family businesses, fewer people tick more boxes than Martin Deacon. Martin, who has been at the helm since 1983, is the ‘latest’ of several Deacon generations who have been supplying our town with milk - and more for over 100 years. Martin explains: “My great-grandmother and her sister were tenants at Holt Farm on Runshaw Lane for many years. “Leyland was just a small village and they would wheel a hand cart around the cottages. It had two churns on board, one with full milk, the other with ‘blue milk’ - that’s with the top skimmed off to make cream. “Residents would turn out and collect the milk direct from the churns. In the absence of fridges ,they toured twice daily, every day of the year. It was hard work, but very necessary and much appreciated.”

A 21st century electric milk float

Years later, as Leyland’s manufacturing industries took off, Martin’s grandmother Maud took up the reins, literally, delivering

by horse and cart. “By 1961 my Dad, Henry Deacon, was in charge and the family business moved to Bow Lane—and we’re still operating from here today.”

Martin Deacon at work

Over the years, Deacon’s Dairy has employed many local people, but family members have always rallied to help when and wherever. “In 1983, I finished university and was about to take a job away from home when my Dad fell ill for a while. I came home to run the business for him and, 30 years later, I am still here!” Deacon’s Dairy is the ultimate local business, operating from their current base for over 50 years. “We have five rounds, all within Leyland and Farington, with around 1600 customers. Our milk doesn't travel far, coming from Holme Farm Dairies in Penwortham. For over 30 years we have sourced our eggs from Henry Banks at Longton. “Everything is local, our products, our workforce - everything we do and spend is ploughed back into the local economy. “Our floats are electrically powered ’green’ machines, so they are pollution-free, a plus in these days of ‘green’ climate awareness.” Deacon’s Dairy delivers about 12,500 pints of fresh milk every week, around 650,000 pints annually. Current deliveries also offer cream, eggs, fruit juices and yogurts.

To advertise call 01772 432963 or email

‘.....a very modern milkman with traditional values...’ Martin says: “We don’t have a massive product range. It’s best to keep to what we’re good at and what we know people want.” It goes without saying that Martin has seen many changes and had to face some desperate challenges to maintain his business in recent times. “When I started full-time in 1983, Britain’s milkmen delivered around 87% of the nation’s milk in the traditional manner. These days, nationally only around 4% of the UK’s milk is ‘doorstep delivered.’ We have had to work very hard to keep our five rounds going “The impact of supermarkets, garages, shops etc is well documented. Many dairy farmers have gone out of business and much of Britain’s milk is imported from Ireland, Belgium, even Poland and beyond.” Martin is very proud of the fact that Deacon’s Dairy is ‘keeping it local.’ “Buy from us and you know unreservedly that you are buying fresh, local produce that’s travelled less than 15 miles. “In terms of health, nutrition, green transport, supporting local farmers, providing local employment, boosting the local economy, it’s common sense, surely?” Martin is a very modern milkman with traditional values. Inevitably, Deacon’s Dairy had had to adapt to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st Century. “The delivery system stays the same, and the personal touch is very much a key factor in our relationships with our customers. “Behind the scenes, though, all our administration systems are computerised.


Four tops! Fistfuls of Freshness!

We still collect payment in person, knocking on doors, but many now pay online or by direct debit. “Contact with customers is vital, though, you have to give people a reason to buy from you. I have many longstanding customers, the older ones can remember me as a boy helping my Dad on his rounds. “My eldest customer, now in her late eighties has lived in the same Leyland home since she was born and has been receiving Deacon’s milk virtually every day of her life.” Martin has two daughters who work abroad. Could he be the last in the direct Deacon Dairy line to deliver milk this way? He commented: “Who knows what will happen. Milk has always been my life. I am forever grateful to my customers for their continuing support - and always happy to welcome new enquiries.” ‘Love Milk, Love Local’ - that says it all, really.”

Deacon’s Dairy Bow Lane, Leyland

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Day Nursery Call or phone for more information or a brochure ● Providing care for children 0-5 years in a homely environment ● Close knit family run business ● 15 hours free sessions for 3-5 year olds ● Places available for all ages

Sarah’s Ark has an Open Door Policy, call in and see us anytime, we look forward to welcoming you.

Hollands Farmhouse, Wigan Road, Leyland PR25 5UD Next door to Leyland Golf Club

01772 422499

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Tree Services and Landscaping


Treework, Fencing, Decking, Patios, all aspects of Landscaping and Building Work Please ring Max for free quotes

T: 01772 435485 M: 07921 675333 Email:

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Accurate Tiling & Plastering For reliable, friendly and professional service. All aspects of plastering and tiling work skillfully carried out

PLUS - Many other ‘handyman’ jobs undertaken, including laminate floor laying, skirting boards, garden clearance etc. Please call for a FREE quote. No job too small

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The joy of six - eating for your eyes with Wrights Opticians of Leyland

WATCH what you eat and your eyes will be all the better for it! So says leading Leyland optician Sarah Wright, who is suggesting the same healthy diet that’s good for your heart is equally good for your eyes. We all know ‘five a day’ - that’s a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables - is great for general health. The news from Wrights Opticians on Chapel Brow is when it comes to food and eyes, think ‘Super Six.’ Sarah explained: “A diet low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can benefit not only your heart but your eyes. The connection isn't surprising: your eyes rely on tiny arteries for oxygen and nutrients, just as the heart relies on much larger arteries. Keeping those arteries healthy will boost your eyes. “Six food types stand out as particularly good for your eyes and should be included in your diet.” 1 Leafy green vegetables, such as kale are high in lutein and zeaxanthin, two nutrients found in the healthy eye and believed to lower the risk of agerelated macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. Broccoli, peas, corn and eggs are also a good source of these nutrients. 2 Spinach is a real all round superfood. Rich in iron, it’s great for muscles (remember Popeye?) but it also contains the key nutrients beneficial to ocular health. 3 Salmon studies suggest that diets rich in omega-3 fatty acid from cold water fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and halibut reduce the risk of developing eye disease in later life. Sarah Wright added: “Try to eat two or three portions of spinach a week - a spinach and baby

leaf salad accompanied by a grilled salmon steak would be a wonderful eye tonic. Tastes good, too!” 4 Oranges - indeed, all citrus fruits, including grapefruit, tangerines and lemons are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that is critical to eye health. “Your eyes need relatively high levels of vitamin C to function properly. Antioxidants can prevent or at least delay cataracts and AMD. Other fruits, such as peaches, red peppers, tomatoes and strawberries are also beneficial.” 5 Legumes - of all kinds, including black-eyed peas, kidney beans, lima beans and peanuts contain zinc, an essential trace mineral which helps protect eyes from the damaging effects of light. Other zinc-rich foods include lean red meat, poultry, oysters and fortified cereals. 6 Blueberries - raw blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant capacities of all fruits. Sarah says: “These are important for optimizing general health, including eyes. They help to combat the free radicals that can damage cellular structures. Raw blueberries provide you with the best flavour and greatest nutritional benefits.” Regularly incorporating these six food types into your diet should be beneficial to your eyes. There are, of course, lots of other foods, which support this cause. Mention eyes and food and many people will think ‘carrots.’ Indeed, carrots and other ‘orange-coloured’ foods such as sweet potatoes, apricots and cantaloupe are high in beta-carotene, a nutrient which helps with night vision. Making them part of a colourful diet can help keep your eyes healthy. Perhaps you have never considered ‘eating for your eyes’ before. Common sense suggests an all-round healthy diet is good for body and soul with your eyes leading the way. Look after your eyes and they will look after you. Bon Appetit!

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The glare necessities! WHY is a local optician recommending Hawaiian sunglasses – and not just when it’s sunny? Sarah Wright says: “In this country, people believe you should only wear sunglasses when the sun is out - and only in Summer when it’s hot. “Ultra violet light is ever present and damages your eyes in the same way that skin is damaged. Your eye can only filter out a bit of UV by itself. It needs help in the form of an UV blocking lens. The sun can cause irreversible eye damage and certainly contributes towards the formation of cataracts.” Opticians like Sarah are promoting protection of the macula, the sensitive inner lining at the back of the retina. “UV light encourages macular degeneration. Even in winter, even in Leyland you need a UV blocking lens. Europeans wear sunglasses as a matter of course, it’s not part of our culture. English light is not so intense, but UV light is present, even when overcast and grey. Over the years lots of damage can be done – that can’t be undone! “Government warnings advise against the sun, tell us to cover our skin, protect children from its harmful rays, slap on sunblock but never mention eyes which are equally vulnerable and prone to sun damage. I find that really frustrating.”


It’s not just ultra violet light which causes problems, but glare, too, can be very dangerous. “Glare is particularly prevalent in winter months when the sun is low. It too can damage your eyes. Ordinary sunglasses, which are dip-dyed, will soak up UV light which is good but they don’t cut glare, just make it darker so driving can be dangerous. “Any eye protection is good, but I’m recommending Maui Jim’s which are imported from Hawaii. They are polarised with seven layers of filters, like layers on a cake. Each filter eliminates a different type of glare. They don’t change colour in sunshine but cut out every scrap of glare. “Maui Jim’s were originally made for sports, particularly deep sea fishermen, who are subjected to intense glare, as are skiers and surfers. But they do a full range of glasses and specifications and are ideal for everyday use.” Wright’s Opticians in Leyland are the specialist Maui Jim’s distributor in this area. “People are amazed at how they perform, the feedback has been amazing. They are not the cheapest, but they are not designer glasses, you pay for all the technology incorporated in the glasses, and that’s a lot! “Maui Jim’s are our premium product, but we stock a full range of sunglasses. Please protect your eyes, if you’re unsure or want to know more, call in and see us, we’d be delighted to help.”

“Helping Patients See Clearly for Over 40 Years”

● Frames From Budget to Designer ● Prescription Sunglasses ● Complete Range of Contact Lenses ● After Hours Appointments and Home Visits ● NHS and Children Welcome ● All Glasses Fully Fitted For Comfort ● Varifocals Lens Specialists 5 Chapel Brow, Leyland PR25 3NH

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I Love the Small Jobs Other Plumbers Hate Reliable ● Qualified Competitively Priced Free Estimates ● No Call Out Fee Leaks ● Bursts ● Blocks ● Taps Radiator Moves ● Toilets ● Basins Etc... Also Bathroom & 24/7 Shower call out Installationsout

M.S. Clayton Plumbing 01772 458900 - 07812 342041

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Pensions Revisited Money Matters with Derbyshire Booth Financial Management Ltd

Pensions were considered by some to be a fairly dull and unimportant subject - until recently. Then came the announcements of the state pension reforms and from last October Auto enrolment, where employees are being automatically placed in company pension schemes - and suddenly many want their say about what constitutes a good pension and when they want it. With average lifespan in the UK rising, it is important that people from all walks of life plan carefully for their future if they want it to be comfortable. One of the most common mistakes we find as Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) is the lack of reviews carried out on people's retirement plans. This often leads to mistakes in the early years and a need to adjust those plans later. After all a small mistake can be costly to fix later. The key questions you need to ask is: Are you receiving impartial financial advice? Have you completed a review of your current pension and any older pensions with previous employers? Where is it invested? And most importantly what is it likely to provide at your retirement date? Therefore, it is wise to review your pension provision regularly. Equally your pension fund might be invested in something that is totally unsuitable to you and take too much or too little investment risks. Again it is important to understand where it is held. As IFA's we deal with numerous pension and investment providers from all across the UK and we review the financial strength of each company, the charges they take and where the money is invested. This is then matched against your personal objectives and any potential problems highlighted. This is to ensure that a person's pension meets their longer term goals and is delivering value for money. After all, it is no use saving for 30 years plus only to discover that you did it all wrong.

It should be remembered also that pensions are just a long term savings plan with tax advantages. It is also important to remember they are not the only way of saving for your retirement and to have some balance is a good idea. For example some people prefer to use 'buy to let' properties, others running their own businesses and even deposit accounts. Whatever your plans to fund your retirement, it is a complex area that needs expert advice and regular monitoring to ensure comfortable years ahead The value of your investments and income from them may go down. You may not get back the original amount invested. Individual advice should be sought and no investment decisions should be made primarily from the above article. Do you have any questions about your finances? Contact Derbyshire Booth today on or telephone 01772 422 004. Greg Heath is Managing Director of Derbyshire Booth Financial Management Ltd

Derbyshire Booth Financial Management Ltd Cornerways, 1 Yewlands Drive, Leyland, PR25 2TN - 01772 422004 Email: To advertise call 01772 432963 or email


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Leyland Lane Wrought Iron Gates & Railings

Made to Measure, Free Estimates, Measuring Service Optional Galvanising or High Quality Undercoat Sand Blasting and Respraying Service Based at Leyland Lane Nurseries, 610 Leyland Lane, Leyland

Telephone: 01772 431171 Mobile: 07977 727854 W: - E:

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Ring 01772 432809 or 07718 446866

HIGH PASS RATE LOW PRICES Single or intensive lessons Discounts for students and block bookings

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TELFORD ELECTRICAL Your local, trusted electrician with over 20 years experience in Domestic, Commercial & Industrial

For a quotation, call Janet and quote LL2

Aqueduct Road Blackburn BB2 4HT

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Part and full rewires Extra sockets and lights Fuse board upgrades Garden lighting Security alarms CCTV Testing and inspecting, fault finding Landlord certificates Portable appliance testing (PAT TESTING) Maintenance and repairs CRB police cleared (for working in schools, nurseries and retirement homes etc) Fully insured on all works Free estimates, competitive rates and no VAT


Tel:01772 454291 Mob: 07546 906847 To advertise call 01772 432963 or email


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Marshalls Register Awards 2010 Regional Awards Winner

● ● ● ● ●

Hard & Soft Landscapes ● Fencing Water Features & Ponds ● Driveways Treework ● Design & Installation Block Paving ● Flagging Imprinted Concrete ● Indian Stone Complete Consultation Service; Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs

For a Free No Obligation Quote call:

01772 431193 Mobile 07814 915669

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Growing Places with Growing Solutions Ltd of Leyland

THANK YOU to the many Leader readers who have come to visit us at the factory taking await our special products at great discounts. It’s been such a success that we are going to experiment by inviting members of the public to come down to the factory on Saturday 6th July at 10am. Interested people will need to telephone 01772 454724 to register their interest. Peter will talk to you about our products When to use, how to use, how to get the best results, there will be no charge but places will be limited to 30 people for health and safety reasons within the factory, so call us quickly. It’s envisaged you will be here for about 30-45 minutes. Each person will receive a free Kilogram of Kickstart Ideal for baskets and tubs.

This well-established family business at the heart of Leyland are nationally recognised as leading exponents within their field. Their professional expertise has been applied at most Premier League football grounds, two national stadiums, prestigious golf courses and bowling greens, along with school and college sports fields. Trading under the name Garden Wizard and marketing a revolutionary lawn feed known as Lawn Magic, they have become TV regulars, selling successfully via the shopping channels. And their friendly help and advice is literally on hand for Leyland residents. Peter says: “After a very wet 2012, everyone has a problem with moss in their lawns. This is definitely the best time of year to attack the moss that is smothering your grass.

“We are happy to supply the products you need at the lowest possible cost and give you FREE advice. Just call in and see us and pick up your

MOSS MAGIC normal price £7 call in at factory £4 FREE ‘Seven Simple Steps to a Nice Lawn.’ Ours is one feed for all seasons, there’s no need for separate Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter feeds.” Growing Solutions Ltd offer professional plant nutrition products, manufactured, tried and tested in-house.

Moss Magic is a premium product, on offer at a fantastic bargain price to factory visitors. One litre of Moss Magic will treat an amazing 100 square metres of lawn. Growing Solutions manufacture their products in Leyland and all are equally applicable to professional playing surfaces and residential gardens. Peter and his team have the knowledge, expertise and skills to help you get that dream lawn - despite the weather! They are waiting to help and work with you. Visitors are always welcome - just grow for it!

To advertise call 01772 432963 or email

Manufactured here in Leyland .If you want the best from your plants, fruit, vegetables, tubs and baskets in 2013 Call in and see us and get FREE feeding advice from the experts. We are a very friendly, family business and look forward to speaking to you. We offer one feed - Plant Magic - for all seasons. There is absolutely no need for separate feeds for different plants. We also have the finest Professional potting compost available. Thinking about presents? Growing Solutions can solve your presents dilemma as far as gardening friends or family are concerned. Why not give them a gift of Lawn or Plant feed, ready for next spring? And better still ,customise it with a personalised, bespoke label - we can print labels with any birthday or similar message (with photograph supplied by you if appropriate). Just ask. Plus, we deliver free to anywhere in Leyland. Open 8am-3pm Monday to Friday. Sometimes open Saturday mornings, ring 01772 454724 to check.


Directions to Leyland Business Park From Farington Turn into Centurion Way, first business park on your right, ask the security for Garden Wizard or Growing Solutions Ltd, if you cross the railway bridge, you have gone too far. From Golden Hill Lane Turn onto Wheelton Lane (by the side of Morrisons), continue to the end and t the T-junction turn right, cross over the railway bridge, business park is on your left, ask the security for Garden Wizard or Growing Solutions Ltd.

PLANT MAGIC TV 1 litre normal price ÂŁ7 now special offer 1 litre just ÂŁ4 this makes 200 litres of feed for all plants, fruit and vegetables, especially good for tomatoes

GROWING SOLUTIONS Ltd 01772 454724 01772 432444

UNIT F1, Leyland Business Park, Centurion Way, Farington, Leyland PR25 3GR

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J.D. HULL JOINERY SERVICES Professional Joiner, over 23 years experience

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

UPVC windows & doors specialist Fascias & soffits Roofing & gutters, dry verges Extension & building work undertaken Garage conversions Glazing & lock replacement Kitchens & bedrooms & laminate floors Renovation & general property repairs Small jobs welcome, competitive rates

71 Duddle Lane, Walton-le-Dale 01772 312595 07910 242103 To advertise call 01772 432963 or email


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Solicitor Direct of Leyland

SOLICITOR Direct has been serving the people of Leyland - and beyond - for almost 20 years. The enthusiastic, busy practice provides a ‘one-stop shop,’ offering the most comprehensive range of quality legal and estate agent services’ all under one roof.

Solicitor Derek Forrest, an ex-Balshaw’s student, set up Solicitor Direct, initially to make sure everyone, regardless of creed, colour, background or status, had ready access to legal advice. Practice manager Jemma Lloyd explained; “That’s still our USP (unique Selling Point), one of our core beliefs, as we strive always to be a legal firm that is approachable, affordable and accessible to all. “What’s more, we try to go down the ‘informal route’ as much as possible. Plain English is the order of the day, every day, it’s crucial that clients fully understand every procedure, details and advice.” At Solicitor Direct, legal services cover Personal Injury, Commercial and Residential Conveyancing, Divorce, Family Issues, Wills and Probate. They also help with Employment issues, civil or contract disputes, Change of Name deeds and most legal questions or

requisite advice. Estate Agency services include Selling or Renting your house or flat effectively, economically and securely. Having the estate agency and legal team in house means properties can be sold effectively and quickly. Jemma added: “It’s important to note that Solicitor Direct is governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which means you can be assured that our standard of care is extremely high. “We are proud of the fact that we achieved the Conveyancing Quality Mark this year - and we were also short-listed for Law Firm of the Year at the recent Lancashire Business Awards.” Solicitor Direct is situated on Hough Lane, at the heart of Leyland. The offices are open Monday to Fridays from 9am until 6pm. In addition, they open every Saturday from 10am - 2pm. An initial free advice service is on offer, without appointment and at any time, staff availability permitting. At Solicitor Direct, they are rightly proud of the staff, their dedication, attitude and ability to work as part of a great team. Check out the adjoining page and meet the individuals who might be taking care of your file - all very different, with varying likes, dislikes and aspirations - but united in professionalism and collective expertise in resolving your legal issue, whether personal or business related. Solicitor Direct, Client First, Quality Always

To advertise call 01772 432963 or email

Solicitor Direct - Meet the Team Derek Forrest LLB Senior Partner and Solicitor; Local Councillor for Leyland: Main areas of expertise - Wills, Probate and Divorce; ‘I take part in Roman re-enactment, Bee-keeping, I enjoy the Cinema.’

Jemma Lloyd F.I.L.E.X Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer and Practice Manager; Main areas of expertise Conveyancing, Personal Injury and Office Management; ‘I like cooking, eating out and watching films.’

Matthew Jones LLB Junior Partner and Solicitor Main areas of expertise Commercial Conveyancing, Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Personal Injury; ‘I like good food, Mountain Biking and Cycling.’

Robert Parkinson

Henry Prescott

Janine Redford

Solicitor, Current Areas Conveyancing and Personal Injury; ‘I like going to the Gym, Basketball and History.’

Donna Stables Legal Secretary; Main areas of expertise - reception and administration; ‘I enjoy reading, cooking and Socialising.’

Administrator ‘I like going to the Gym, playing Football and Fashion.’

Legal Cashier ‘I like DIY, Knitting and Reading.’

Karen Ashcroft Estate Agent ‘I like Cooking, Property and Watching Property Programmes

71 Hough Lane Leyland PR25 2SA

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Maison Cy Hair Studio

27 Chapel Brow, Leyland PR25 3NH

July Special Cut and Blow Dry with Hannah normally £28 * terms and conditions apply

O1772 431000

Product of the Month Fantastic Offer Limited supply - while stocks last! KMS Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml bottles Normally £69, throughout July just £27.50 Save £41.50!

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Established 1994

● ● ● ● ● ● ●


84 Towngate Leyland, PR25 2LR (opposite Aldi)

Special Offers * Get one key cut, get second key HALF PRICE * Get three pairs shoes re-heeled, get fourth pair FREE Open Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm

01772 455930

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Quality fresh fish and seafood direct from Fleetwood quayside All fish skinned and boned ready for the pan; Full catering and preparation service to order From exotic to local we have up to 60 varieties of fish daily Swedish Baked Fish Fish Recipe of the Month sponsored by The Fish Plaice

This sweet-mustard dressing would work beautifully with trout or salmon too. Ingredients 4 white fish fillets 1tbsp olive oil Juice of ½ lemon 1½-2tsp Dijon mustard 1tsp caster sugar 1tbsp capers, drained and rinsed 1tbsp freshly chopped dill 100g bag rocket leaves 200g (7oz) cherry tomatoes, halved Method 1 Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C fan) mark 6, and line a baking tray with foil. Lay fish fillets on the foil, skin down (do not grease the foil). Brush over a third of the olive oil and season well. Cook in



the oven for 12-15 mins until the fish is firm and opaque. 2 Meanwhile, make the dressing by whisking together the remaining olive oil with the lemon juice, mustard, sugar, capers and dill. Season to taste (add a few drops of water if the dressing tastes too sharp). Put the rocket and cherry tomatoes in a bowl and stir through a third of the dressing. 3 Use a fish slice to scoop the fillets off the foil, leaving behind the skin. Divide the salad and fish fillets among four plates, then spoon the remaining dressing over the fish. Serve immediately.

Leyland Market Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

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Visit our website for live entertainment details

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01772 456679 JULY SPECIAL OFFER reduction on foils when booked with stylist Lauren on Thursdays

Our aim is for you to enjoy a relaxed, friendly personal touch, along with a professional, classic and contemporary hairdressing service. We welcome all age groups and offer a free colour consultation.

State Registered Hairdresser

To advertise call 01772 432963 or email


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THE Leyland Hotel, next to J28 on the M6, biggest and most exclusive hotel chains. you can’t miss it. The perfect stopping off point for visitors to relax and explore our region, or even the ‘gateway’ to anywhere. But, and this is great news for Leyland residents, it a four-star hotel with a fantastic range of facilities waiting to be utilised and enjoyed.

With 93 superbly-appointed bedrooms, 14 meeting and conference rooms, along with leisure facilities, including a swimming pool, sauna and fitness suite, there is everything you could possibly want and need under one attractive roof. Plus, there is free Wi-Fi and The hotel is modern and luxurious, with a sexy and vibrant feel throughout - the designer’s quirky eye combines comfy chaise longues with over-sized Alice in Wonderland chairs. For visitors, the Leyland Hotel provides unrivalled first class service and a location to match. But it’s not just a premier facility for travellers, local residents and local businesses are actively encouraged to take advantage and enjoy what’s on offer through its impressive portals. For example, there’s the sumptuous open plan J28 lounge and bar, offering delightful meals, snacks at your convenience. Alongside J28, the fantastic Four Seasons Restaurant, under the guidance of highly praised head chef Simon McNorton, rovides some of the region’s finest dining. (check out our latest review on pages 12-13). For all dining requirements, from an intimate meal for two to a family or works celebration, including weddings, Christmas parties, functions or any night out, the Leyland Hotel comes highly recommended. The hotel is a highly-rated Best Western Premier and part of one of the world’s

free car parking for all guests residents and Visitors (with 250 spaces), . The plush Venetian Suite, along with the state-of-the-art Tuscany Conference and Banqueting Suite offers flexible options for corporate or celebratory events of all kinds. The ‘Tuscany’ can accommodate hundreds in one space, or be broken down into three separate rooms for independent usage. With no stone unturned, the suite has built-in LCD projector screens, an ultra-modern PA system and furnishings offering the height of comfort, quality and luxury. The Leyland Hotel, everyone knows where it is, now you know what’s on offer, give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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Domestic and Commercial Fault Finding and Repairs Inspection and Tests P.A.T Testing Free Estimates Fully Insured All work fully guaranteed


Ken Roughley Carpenter & Joiner with 30 years’ experience


07702 328580 or 01772 620539 To advertise call 01772 432963 or email


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01772 496961 - 07850 327101

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WHITTAKERS BUTCHERS (Quality Standard Mark and Farm Assured)

Giving cooking advice and free recipes with a friendly helpful service Bulk orders taken with discounts available

Trading at Leyland for 40 years, our family has been selling top quality locally produced Meat and Eggs at very good prices Stuffed Saddle of Lamb with Spinach and Mushrooms Recipe of the Month sponsored by Whittakers Butchers Serves 6-8; Prep time: 15 mins; Cooking time; medium 25 min per 450g/lb plus 25 mins; well done 30 mins per 450g/lb plus 30 mins Ingredients 1.3kg/3lb lean boned saddle of lamb, trimmed 30ml/2tbsp olive oil 1 small red onion or 3 shallots peeled and finely chopped 100g/4oz mixed or wild mushrooms, cleaned and roughly sliced 25g/10oz butter 1x250g pack spinach leaves, rinsed Large pinch ground nutmeg Salt, freshly milled black pepper 1-2 large sprigs rosemary leaves 30-45ml/2-3tbsp full fat garlic herb flavoured soft cheese 10 fat garlic cloves, skin on and bruised 6 large sage leaves Method 1 Preheat oven to Gas Mark 5, 190°C, 375°F 2 Heat half the oil in a large pan and cook the onion and mushrooms for 4-5 mins over moderate heat. Remove from pan, drain and set aside to cool. 3 Return the pan to the heat and melt the butter. Add the spinach and wilt quickly for 1 min over moderate heat, stirring occasionally. Season with

One hour FREE parking behind Market

nutmeg, drain and set aside to cool. 4 Place saddle of lamb on a chopping board skin side down, season on both sides, place fat side down. Sprinkle over the rosemary leaves. 5 In a large bowl mix the spinach, mushroom mixture and soft cheese. Season, if needed. 6 Spread over the surface of the saddle, roll up and tie with string to secure. 7 Place on a metal rack in a non-stick roasting tin, drizzle with remaining olive oil, add the garlic and sage leaves to the base of the tin and roast for 1½-2 hours, basting occasionally with any lamb juices. 8 Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 15-20 mins before carving. 9 Serve the lamb with roasted red onions and olive mash.

Leyland Market, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Tel: 07759 558390

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Call George

Tel: 01772 457 018 Mob: 07710 377 178

Driveways, Patios, Block Paving, Fencing, Flagging, Tree Felling, Timber Decking

Don’t take the risk employ a Master Craftsman!

Tel: 01772 339401 Mob: 07971 284770 Email:

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Fancy That with The Balloon

PARTY time at the Balloon has always been good, but it’s just got a whole lot better. Back in 2003 Steve Ball set up in business in Coppull, trading in bottled gas - Chorley Bottle Gas Ltd. He later added a

complementary business, the, specialising in all kinds of balloons and party goods. Ten years on, Steve Ball has expanded further. He’s acquired a former Methodist church building in Lower Adlington, transferred everything to the new premises, adding in a fancy dress store. He explained; “It’s a much bigger and better shop and being on the main road, we are much more accessible. “Apart from all the usual goods and services, for which we’re well known all around the region, we now have the widest and biggest range of fancy dress and fancy dress accessories to buy. It’s a one-stop party shop.” Apart from the fun and laughter that comes with party goods, it’s an exciting time for all concerned.” Jill Aspey, who has worked at the Balloon Shop, mainly dealing with the gas, for over two years, said: “It’s much better here and the response we have had already from customers has been fantastic. “There’s lots of changes going on. We are all going on courses to enable us to be able to produce complicated balloon designs for

parties and corporate events. It’s amazing the variety that’s on the market these days. You have to keep up.” It’s early days for the fancy dress element so far, but big plans are in the pipeline. Jill said: “We stocked just one of each fancy dress item to begin with, just to see how things develop. But we have catalogues for customers to browse and, with our specialist suppliers, we can get most costumes to the Adlington store with in 24 hours.

“Plus, we will be selling fancy dress online. The website will be going live very soon. That’s another new strand to the business.” The new premises were launched in April with a very popular Open Day. There was a bouncy castle, face painting, balloon artist and goodie bags for the kids, along with free food and drinks. Proprietor Steve said: “It was a great way to announce our arrival in Adlington, to build awareness and give everyone a good time. There was a real party atmosphere and it was

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‘...check them out—and enjoy...’ a great way to open up a new party shop. All the staff, me included got dressed up—and all the launch day profits went to Derian House Children’s Hospice. As the infant fancy dress business begins to grow, Steve’s initial interest continues apace. Chorley Bottle Gas is well established as one of the regions premium gas suppliers. “We supply gas for all kinds of heaters, propane for catering - butty vans etc - gas for fork lift trucks, for the balloons, obviously and many other purposes. We welcome all enquiries, happy to help, advice is free.” The Balloon Shop, meanwhile offers much more than balloons. Spend time browsing tableware, face paints, party goods, along with everything imaginable for hen and stag parties. There’s a balloon printing service and bespoke ‘balloon in a box’ gifts range suitable for every occasion.


Planning and preparing a Party, fancy dress optional, has become a whole lot easier now that Chorley Bottle Gas - trading as the - has re-located, expanded its range of services. There’s simply no excuses, get yourselves down there check them out—and enjoy!

Methodist Church, 21 Market St Adlington, PR7 4HE

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SPECIAL Now Offering MOBILE Packages for Proms, Weddings, Special Occasions etc -

ÂŁ50 hair, make-up and lashes,

Check out our HAIR EXTENSIONS services, book a FREE consultation with our specialist

Make everyday special with R&B Creative Hair

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Based in Leyland 15 Years’ Experience

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01772 452502


Special Promotional Events happening throughout the year offering 20% Discount on featured products D




w m ith IVE ile in R ra 35 Y di us

20th Anniversary Celebration

This months Special Offer

Buy a Set of Chairs and get the Table


Visit our factory showroom in Leyland for a Great Range of Furniture at Unbeatable Prices


ONLINE or visit our SHOWROOM

Farington Old Mill (next to CFS) Unit 1 Centurion Way Centurion Ind. Est. Farington Leyland Lancashire PR25 4GU Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday 9am -l 5pm Sunday 11am - 5pm

Tel: 01772

452502 Fax: 01772 431215 Email:


01772 452502


Special Promotional Events happening throughout the year offering 20% Discount on featured products D




w m ith IVE ile in R ra 35 Y di us

20th Anniversary Celebration

This months Special Offer

Buy a Set of Chairs and get the Table


Visit our factory showroom in Leyland for a Great Range of Furniture at Unbeatable Prices


ONLINE or visit our SHOWROOM

Farington Old Mill (next to CFS) Unit 1 Centurion Way Centurion Ind. Est. Farington Leyland Lancashire PR25 4GU Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday 9am -l 5pm Sunday 11am - 5pm

Tel: 01772

452502 Fax: 01772 431215 Email:


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JULY LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Saturday July 6 TOM SCOTT brilliant top comedy vocalist. Not to be missed! Saturday July 13 JUKEBOX HEROES superb duo singing hits from the 60s to the 2000’s Saturday July 20 BJ FRANKLIN male vocals, guitarist Saturday July 27 PAUL WALDRON great male vocalist

NEW: every Wednesday OVER 50s BINGO starting at 1.30pm Every Thursday evening starting 8pm LINE DANCING Everyone welcome, come and join in the fun.

New members £15 (no admin fee); A fine selection of beers, lagers and spirits, NEW - a selection of draught and cask ales; Function room for hire for parties, weddings, christenings etc; Large games room with two snooker tables; full bowling facilities, afternoon and evening bowling; snooker players welcome for Preston League; Winter games every Wednesday, call the club for details; Bingo - Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays

Play Poker at the Leyland & Farington Club, call the club for details

01772 463780 1 Derby Street, Leyland PR25 4NUU Please mention Leyland Leader when responding to advertisements


HOME PAGES sponsored by

Brian Pilkington Estate Agents 3 Hough Lane, Leyland Tel: 01772 422772/464341 After hours: 01772 455038/422507

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July Sudoku How to Play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetition! That's all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive! Answers on Page 92

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Strictly Legal A monthly legal advice column with Birchall Blackburn solicitors Have you thought about what would happen if you weren’t able to make your feelings known or you weren’t able to decide what healthcare or medical treatment you needed? You may feel strongly about the sort of treatment you want or even to refuse life-prolonging treatments in certain extreme circumstances, but imagine how frustrated you would you feel if you couldn’t communicate those wishes to your family or your doctors? Birchall Blackburn can ensure that you can make sure that your feelings and wishes are known and taken into account even if you cannot communicate them if this difficult situation arises. In recent weeks the media has been full of cases where the care provided to older people has fallen far short of what they were entitled to expect - and often those people could not make their feelings and wishes heard and taken into account in the provision of their care. At Birchall Blackburn we strongly encourage all our clients to make a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney. This ensures that can you appoint an Attorney that you completely trust to act in your best interests and to make the decisions that you would have wanted for your health, medical treatment and personal welfare. You can also set out clear guidelines or even restrictions that they must consider when they are making decisions on your behalf regarding your medical treatment, where you live or even your diet and daily routine. As solicitors who specialise in advising the

elderly, we see all too often, that many people end up with such important and far-reaching decisions being made by third parties such as the Court of Protection or Social Services, rather than the people closest to them who have their best interests at heart. Making a Health and Welfare Power of Attorney ensures that you have the opportunity to carefully consider all the options and to take every possible step to plan for and safeguard the decisions made for your future health and welfare, if you are not in a position to make these decisions for yourself. Anna-Marie Knipe (pictured above), is a solicitor, is also a member of Solicitors for the Elderly, Private Client Section and Society of Trust and Estate Practitioner. She and would be delighted to discuss any queries that you may have, on a no obligation basis, in relation to a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney, Wills, Probate or any other Elderly Client issues. Please feel free to telephone 01772 427610 if you would like further information.

4 Hough Lane, Leyland, PR25 2SD 01772 433775 E: W:

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NEIL CARSON LANDSCAPES (Established 1994) ● Flagged Driveways and Patios ● Garden Walls, Pillars and Steps ● Full Drainage of Saturated Lawns ● Pointing ● Fireplaces

Contact NEIL on (01772) 423229 or 07956 110396 For FREE visit and quotation 28 Stanley Road ● Farington ● Leyland PR25 4RH Efficient and Reliable Service - No Gimmicks To advertise call 01772 432963 or email


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N & K HARVEY FUNERALS Independent Funeral Directors Caring and Professional Service 24 hours a day Private Chapels of Rest Day & Night Service Pre-Paid Funeral Plans For the personal and caring attention of Neil and Kath

01772 622203 5 Balcarres Road, Leyland PR25 2EL also at 180 The Green, Eccleston, Chorley - 01257 451508

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BEACH BODY CONFIDENT for a healthier lifestyle It’s that time of year when we are looking forward to holidays, perhaps a couple of weeks in the sun but we are not always looking forward to getting into skimpier clothes and swim wear. Don’t despair there is still time to prepare for days on the beach.

Here are few tips to feel more Beach Body Confident: Review your eating habits - has that once week treat become more frequent? For example think about cutting down alcohol intake – this will massively reduce your calorie intake and improve your health at the same time. If you have a biscuit with your coffee every day think about making that a once a week treat. Basically cut out foods that are nutritionally empty but calorie dense to reduce your abdominal fat.

Tone up and improve your posture with exercise like Pilates or Yoga - if your posture improves

you will look slimmer, walk better and feel more confident. for Pilates classes.

Take up more vigorous exercise for short periods - such as High Intensity Interval Training HIIT where you exercise as intensely as possible for say 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. This will boost you metabolism and help with fat loss for Fitness Fusion HIIT classes. The great thing about this way of exercising is that it doesn’t take too long to see dramatic changes in your body for a more leaner, stronger you. Have a great summer everyone!

Diane Oakden Diane Oakden is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor who teaches Pilates, Zumba, Fitness Fusion HIIT and Forever Fitness 55plus. She regularly appears on Radio Lancashire to talk about fitness related topics. If you have any fitness questions please email her at

Diane Oakden Fitness | 07818 444841 | |

Mon Mon Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri



9.30am 6.00pm 7.00pm 7.15pm 9.30am 6.30pm 9.30am

Tue Thu

Leyland (Wellington Park) Euxton (C of E School) Euxton (C of E School) Chorley (St Michaels) Leyland (Prosp. House) Leyland (Prosp. House) Euxton (Comm. Centre)

PILATES Mon 10.30am Leyland (Wellington Park) Mon 8.00pm Euxton (C of E School) Wed 10.30am Leyland (Prospect House) Thu 7.30pm Leyland (Prospect House) Fri 10.30am Euxton (Community Centre)

6.00pm Buckshaw Village Community Centre 6.00pm Leyland (Prospect House)

FOREVER FITNESS 55plus Mon 11.30am Leyland (Wellington Park) Mon 1.30pm Buckshaw Village Community Centre (term-time only) Fri 11.30am Euxton (Community Centre)

Fun and friendly fitness class for over 55s. Cardio, strength, balance and flexibility with an experienced instructor.





TEL: 01772 929589 or 07833 647439 For more information and pictures, please visit Please mention Leyland Leader when responding to advertisements

Care in the comfort of your OWN home - with Right at Home


How can Right at Home help us?

Who provides the care?

We support many people in Leyland. This includes taking a lady suffering from dementia to the hairdressers and helping a gentleman shower after an operation. Often we make a daily visit to ensure a person has company, they have eaten, taken medication and to give their family Re-assurance.

We select carers suitable for our own families. Our carers are punctual , stay the full hour, are pleasant and do a range of tasks. Staff are trained in: food hygiene, first aid, moving and handling and emergencies.

What are the benefits of having care at home?

How will Right at Home deal with my enquiry?

If you are considering care, please call Lyndsey or Helen on 01257 367 404 who will listen, Home care often improves a customer’s health provide advice and send you information. If you because they are encouraged to eat, take their would like to talk to us, Lyndsey or Helen can medication at the correct time and health concerns visit you. Considering home care can be difficult emerge quickly. This reduces hospital admissions and you may want to “think about it”, some and the need to go in a residential home. Our people arrange care months later. customers enjoy chatting to the carers. Is there a minimum amount of care? Several Leyland customers are helped for just one How can I be sure Right at Home will hour a week. People take a little care and increase provide good care? it later. However, we can help people for several We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). A CQC visit concluded that hours a day, or overnight if needed. we met all the necessary standards. Our Leyland customers will provide testimonials about our Please call Helen or Lyndsey service. We speak to customers and their families on 01257 367 404. regularly and we do ‘spot checks.’

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Restaurant Review


The Four Seasons Restaurant at the Leyland Hotel FOR sure it’s a large operation, serving visitors from far and wide. But for fine dining in sumptuous surroundings with first-rate service, for whatever occasion - in Leyland - look no further than the Leyland Hotel.

Four diners, reviewer and wife (birthday girl), son and daughter-in-law, eagerly descended on the famed Four Seasons Restaurant for a special birthday meal. And from the moment we stepped inside the building we all felt special. Relaxing drinks, accompanied by dishes of olives and menu browsing - always the most difficult of times, choices - were enjoyed in the comfortable J28 Cafe Bar—a nominal nod towards the neighbouring M6 junction. Once decided, we moved to our table in the spacious yet subtly Italianate, complete with statues, restaurant area. Throughout the evening, we were well looked after and guided by the staff, particularly restaurant manager Alistair, whose knowledgeable recommendations once again proved spot on! The collective taste buds were excited by ‘amuse-bouches’ in the shape of smoked salmon and cream cheese, supported by fresh warm rolls and dipping oils. For starters, the males chose Pan-fried Scallops with Chorizo, Asparagus with lemon dressing. The birthday celebrant kicked off with Guinea Fowl Terrine, wrapped in smoked streaky bacon with a Cumberland Sauce and micro-herb salad. Meanwhile, the fourth starter consisted of

Smoked Duck and Lancashire Cheese Salad, with Baby Gem, Rocket and Chard with a Sherry Vinaigrette. Four carefully cleaned plates spoke volumes, with each particular dish tasting every bit as good as its description. It wasn’t an investigative journalistic decision, but, when it came to mains, our enthusiastic quartet took four separate directions.

One youngster sampled Pork Fillet, infused with chilli and garlic, served with Chinese Stir-fry vegetables and Oyster sauce. Oh, and he failed to resist the call of a portion of hand-cut dripping cooked, chunky chips delicious, we all agreed, team effort. His wife opted for Roast Loin of Halibut with Creamy Braised Baby Leeks and Boulangere Potatoes. It proved a first-class introduction to the joys of eating halibut, a long-time family favourite. It was a tough decision, everything sounded wonderful, but the duck (pictured above) proved inspirational. Pan-fried Duck with black pudding and Savoy Cabbage with a port and red wine sauce. Succulent pieces of duck breast, cooked pink to order provided sublime satisfaction in a deep sauce, literally zinging with rich flavours. The final treat was Catch of the Day, the finest of fish platters starring monkfish and sea–bream duetting on a bed of samphire.

To advertise call 01772 432963 or email

‘....compliments to the chef....’ Four main courses, each perfectly crafted and complemented in taste, presentation and colour by parcels of fresh, seasonal vegetables. Once again, empty plates were duly returned to the kitchens, along with compliments to the chef, times four. The Leyland Hotel, as you’d expect, boasts a comprehensive wine list, with something to suit every taste, and/or occasion. From the Wine of the Month specials , we opted for a crisp fruity white wine from Chile, Las Ondas Viognier Reserva, along with a bold classic South African red, Bellingham Pinotage Petit Verdot. Excellent choices, everyone agreed. A respectable breather was taken before embarking on the inevitable desserts—it was a celebration after all, apart from a reviewer at work. The younger couple opted for Dark and White Chocolate Mousse with home-made Cherry Biscuits (pictured). Simply a chocaholic’s - or anyone else’s idea of heaven.


Plum turnover with ice cream? Sounds basic perhaps, but this was fine art on a plate, complete with spun sugar sculptures and raspberry ripples, contrasting textures and temperatures. It was divine. Completing the foursome, another classic creation - Stewed Rhubarb and Vanilla Ice Cream Knickerbocker Glory - yet another delicious delight from dessert dreamland. Suitably replete, we had little time to relax before departing when a special minibirthday cake, complete with fizzing firework (pictured) rocked up at the table, heralding shocked surprise and an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday. Freshly brewed coffee completed our visit and it’s fair to say the meal and the occasion, the cuisine and the service, the attention to detail, everything about our ‘birthday’ meal for four ticked every box. A big hotel but the restaurant is a not-solittle gem with so much to offer. Whether it’s a romantic meal for two, a family outing or any special occasion, talk to the Leyland Hotel staff - give them a try, tell them I sent you - and enjoy!

The Leyland Hotel Opening times 7pm– 9.30pm

01772 422922

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Distributors of Cutting Tools, Fasteners, Tools and General Supplies to Industry SUMMER 2013 GARDENING SPECIAL Check out our amazing range of Sealey products, everything for the garden

Special offers on gardening equipment, cal l us for details Petrol and electric mowers SPECIAL: Frank Blakeley & Son offer an exclusive workwear and bespoke embroidery service for all corporate, commercial and leisure requirements. Screen printing for all garments.

Tel: 01772 434456 Fax: 01772 422248

Web: Email: Unit 8A, Centurion Court, Wheelton Lane, Leyland, Lancs PR25 3UQ

Supplying all needs for industry with two free deliveries per day throughout the North West

To advertise call 01772 432963 or email


We are a Leyland based family run company with a good reputation in the area. We pride ourselves on reliability and quality workmanship. We offer a wide variety of services, detailed below. We also offer a specialist kitchen service working alongside the finest of tradesmen to provide a bespoke, handmade quality kitchen. Our customers are more than happy to provide testimonials on request to reflect our services. ● New Builds / Extensions ● Conservatories ● Driveways and patios, specialising in Indian stone ● Maintenance ● Renovations / Structural alterations ● Pointing ● Roofing / repairs ● Kitchens ● Tiling / Plastering

Call Lloyd on

t:01772 422748 m: 07809 772040

email: Please mention Leyland Leader when responding to advertisements


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For a quotation, call Janet and quote LL2

Aqueduct Road Blackburn BB2 4HT Please mention Leyland Leader when responding to advertisements


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Sudoku answer from Page 73

Wordsearch missing phrase from Page 72: ‘Sports is human life in microcosm’ (Howard Cosell)

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LEYLAND LEADER COMMUNITY NOTICES ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF THE HOLY APOSTLES Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain 403 Leyland Lane, Leyland, PR25 1TA HOLY LITURGY - SUNDAYS 11.00 A.M VESPERS - THURSDAYS 7 P.M. Services mainly in English

Bannister Drive, Leyland


Hook a Duck

Bric a Brac

Donkey Rides

Fire Brigade

Tombola Face & Nail painting Toy Sale

PRESTON & DISTRICT WALKING CLUB. Monthly walks, Sundays by coach suit all abilities. Local pick-up points. Car walks on Thursdays and Sundays. Annual membership £6, coach fares £12. Further details, 01772 813498,

Buckshaw Village Womens Institute M eets 2nd Thursday every month 7.30pm NEW VENUE: Trinity Primary School, Unity Place, Buckshaw Village PR7 7HZ Details: 07961 115441 (Leah M aguire Sec) Leyland Chess Club Meets Tuesdays 7:30pm at The Broadfield Arms, Leyland Lane Juniors meet on last Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. Contact: David Clayton on 01772 434060 or e:

Furniture Sale - Sue Ryder Every Wed & Sun 10.00 am till 3.00 pm Furniture, household items and more. Coffee/Book/Clothes Shop on site. Also furniture wanted, will collect (sorry no electrical items) call 01772 698145 office hours for info. All proceeds go direct to the charity.

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Index of advertisers - a quick guide to all that’s in your Leader Accountants Ashleigh Accountancy Cheshire House Book-keeping McDade Roberts Alarm SBC Alarms Artist/Art lessons Chris Oakden Beauty (Mobile) Kerry Shuttleworth Blinds Sovereign Blinds Bottled Gas Chorley Bottled Gas Builder M K & A M Bradshaw Bricks ‘N’ Mortar James & Son Lloyd Iles Telford Building Builders’ Merchants C&W Berry Ltd Butchers Whittakers, Leyland Market Carpets, Cleaning and Care Bill Whyte Floorcoverings Wrennalls Catering/Cafe Lakeside Coffee House Peek-A-Brew Sandwich Heaven Wyndhams Childcare Rainbow Legacy Stanley House Sarah’s Ark Stonehouse Childcare Chiropractor/Massage Back in Motion Cleaning Services Cleena - Bin Wrennalls Coach Tours Cosgroves Coaches Curtains Leyland Upholstery Dairy Deacon’s Dairy Decorating Services Mark Arthington Karen Lang Colin Rawlinson Dog Grooming/Training Dogs Done Up Four Paws Driving School Drive-Rite Electrician Cowley Electricals I S Ellison Electrical Services Telford Electrical Electronic cigarettes etc The Va—purr Lounge Engineers’ Merchants Frank Blakeley & Son

Estate Agents 72,73 10 Brian Pilkington 14 Financial Services 26,27 77 Derbyshire Booth Fish Merchants 50 21 The Fish Plaice Fitness/Dance classes 80 29 Diane Oakden Funeral Services 79 11 N & K Harvey Funerals Furniture 68,69 1,79 Crown Furniture Peppermint Cottage 15 62,63 Garage and Body Shop/repairs Car Fix 74 4 Gardening Services 30 46 MW Garden Maintenance 70 Gates and Railings 29 87 Leyland Lane Wrought Iron 31 Hairdresser Amy’s Creative Hair 11 45 2 Maison Cy R & B Creative 64 52 60 Sandra Roberts Handymen 47 18 SBC Handyman 95 Home Care Right at Home 82 35 Insurance 6 87 Chestnut Insurance 4 Jewellery 57 64 Atkinson’s Jewellers Joinery 33 65 Richard Hallam 40 17 J D Hull 19,78 14 Steve Taylor 3 Kitchens, Bedrooms, and Bathrooms Mike Collins 24 77 41 Gordon Maclellan Kitchen Wizard 51 70 Landscaping, driveways, patios, fencing 61 95 David Chany Landscaping Dave Delbridge 21 34 36 Drive Revive Duxburys 35 17 24 Max Landscapes Neil Carson 76 36 12,13 Ultimate Driveways Lawn Care/plant food 38,39 40 Growing Solutions 47 Loft Conversion 59 81 New Heights Music Concerts/Tuition 87 81 John Kenny 11 88 Simon & Garfunkel Tribute Opticians 48,49 31 Eyesentials Marian Gray 44 22,23 66 Wright’s Opticians 56 Oven Cleaning 44 32 Ovenclean Lancashire Pet Shop 45 59 Fish 4 Pets Photography 83 86 Mattefinish Photography


Physiotherapy Sun Physio & Fitness 89 Plastering/Tiling Accurate Tiling 21 C & S Plastering 66 Colin Rawlinson 81 Plumbing & Heating Services Ian Brotherton 40 GG Plumbing 61 JCM Plumbing 74 M S Clayton 24 Property Maintenance Dave Delbridge 21 FM Property Maintenance 56 SJF Property Maintenance 52 Public Houses Railway at Leyland 51 Seven Stars 16 Restaurants Charnock Farm 7 Da Vinci 5 Leyland Hotel 54,55,84,85 Roofing Services Paramount Roofing 9 Scaffolding MDS Scaffolding 28 Shoe Repairs Towngate Shoe Repairs 46 Social Club Fox Lane Club 37 Leyland & Farington Club 71 Solar Energy CW Solar 53 Solicitors Birchall Blackburn 58,75,96 Solicitor Direct 42,43 SRBC Leyland notices 91 Taxi Services Leyland Taxis 8 Theatre Thwaites Empire, Blackburn 32,89 Tree Surgery Duxburys 35 PJR Tree Service 32 Tyres Tomlinson Road Tyres 57 Upholstery B.N.Upholstery 92 Leyland Upholstery 24 Web Design Stefanie Williams 89 Windows, Conservatories & Doors Cloudy 2 Clear 20 Dillon & Brooks 67 Select Windows 25 Steve Taylor 19,78 Windowgeeks 47

Leyland Leader accepts no responsibility for any transactions, goods or services entered into or provided by advertisers within these pages.

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