London Early Years Foundation

London Early Years Foundation

London, United Kingdom

The London Early Year's Foundation (LEYF) is the UK’s most well-known and respected childcare social enterprise, providing day care and parenting support to a diverse mix of families in 38 community nurseries across eleven London boroughs.

We have developed a unique social business model that uses sustainable income from our nurseries in more affluent areas to actively target the heart of some of the capital’s most deprived communities; in doing so, we make high quality day care available to families that have traditionally been unable to reach or afford it, and typically need it most of all.

Thanks to our apprenticeship programme, we also give disadvantaged young adults the chance to develop a range of vocational and interpersonal skills, with a qualification and in most cases a job at the end of it.

With a clear ambition to build a better future for London’s children, we are now geared to more than triple its impact over the next 2-3 years.