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2015 - 2016 SEASON

LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY 2015 - 2016 ANNUAL MEETING AGENDA Monday, June 27, 2016, 5:30 pm Rood & Riddle Conference Center Board Meeting

5:00 – 5:30 pm Full Board Closed Meeting Mike McNalley, President of the Board Matthew Stinnett, Chair Strategic Planning Comm

Annual Meeting

5:30 pm Wine, Cheese & Music Mike Accord, Principal Clarinet Stephen Campbell, Principal Trumpet 6:15 pm Dinner and individual review of Annual Report 6:45 pm Business Meeting

I. Welcome and Opening Remarks Mike McNalley, President of the Board II. Lexington Philharmonic Foundation Chair Remarks Larry Deener, Foundation Chair III. Guild Remarks Carol McLeod, Guild President V. Executive Director Remarks & Volunteer of the Year Award Allison Kaiser VI. Music Director & Conductor Remarks and Martha Jane Stone Award Scott Terrell VII. Board & Officer Nominations, 2016-2017 Scott King, Immediate Past President VIII. Restated Articles of Incorporation – approval by Membership Matthew Stinnett IX. Closing Remarks & Adjournment Mike McNalley, President

LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY 2015-2016 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Michael McNalley, President R. Scott King, Past President Carol McLeod, DVM, President Elect & Guild President Timothy Dunn, Vice President Finance Jim Elliott, Secretary Lou Hedrick Jones, Vice President Marketing & Development Matthew Stinnett, Vice President Long Range Planning Lynda Thomas*, Chair Community Engagement Larry C. Deener, Foundation Chair Faye Porter, Guild Past President LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY 2015-2016 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Larry Beach Colmon Elridge, III John Gardner Steve Grossman Dustyn Jones Ellen Karpf Oscar Mendiondo Becky Reinhold Charlie Stone W. Logan Wilson LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY


Thomas P. Dupree, Sr. G. Kennedy Engle Beth Jett Kenneth V.L. Miller Nancyetta Palumbo* Faye Porter Sharon C. Reed Dr. Ronald Saykaly Vivian Weil* Isabel Yates LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC FOUNDATION 2015-2016 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Larry C. Deener, Chair Michael McNalley, Vice Chair Carol McLeod, DVM, Secretary R. Scott King, Treasurer Allison Kaiser Ellen Karpf Denise H. McClelland David Porter Faye Porter Sharon Reed Dr. Ronald Saykaly ARTISTIC STAFF


Scott Terrell, Music Director & Conductor Jason Spencer, Education & Operations Associate Manager Amanda Tallant, Librarian & Artistic Assistant

Allison Kaiser, Executive Director Trish Roberts Hatler, Advancement Manager John Thompson, Marketing & Development Associate Manager Sharon Lovelace, Ticket Manager

AS OF (JUNE 20, 2016)


AS OF (JUNE 20, 2016)

LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY 2014 - 2015 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES Monday, June 29, 2015, 5:30 pm, Gallery, ArtsPlace, 161 N. Mill Street, Lexington, KY 40507 Voting Members In attendance: Larry & Martha Deener, Tim Dunn, Jim & Susanne Elliott, Carl Frazier, Steve Grossman, Col. Douglas Harper, Dustyn Jones, Ellen Karpf, Scott & Peggy King, Bruce & Jeanette Lucas, Denise McClelland, Mac & St. Claire McIntyre, Carol McLeod, Mike & Ti McNalley, Bill & Marlie McRoberts, Oscar Mendiondo, Michael & Robin Morrill, Trish Featherstone, Sharon Reed, Becky Reinhold, Ron Saykaly & Jackie Hamilton, Charlie Stone, Lynda Thomas, Franklin Thompson, Bill Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Winer. Non-Voting Staff and Guests: Allison Kaiser, Scott Terrell, Ellen Gish, Amanda Tallant, Mollie Harris, Sharon Lovelace, Jason Spencer, Katie Curran, Donna Smith, Cody Embry

I. Opening Remarks – Scott King – meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m. 1. Observed a moment of silence in memory of Leon Richard, LexPhil third trumpet 2. Thanks to all that made the season a success. 3. Approval of FY16 Budget – LexPhil FY15 Board Members only a. Motion to approve by Mike Morrill b. Second – Dr. Ronald Saykaly c. Unanimously approved 4. Approval of minutes from FY 14 Annual Meeting – all voting attendees a. Motion to approve by Mike Morrill b. Second – Ellen Karpf c. Unanimously approved II. Development Remarks – Carol McLeod 1. Summary of FY2015 a. FY15 saw fewer individual donors, however overall amount of individual donations increased. b. Corporate support had a modest increase, primarily in the area of LexPhil education programs. c. Single ticket sales had a strong 46% increase compared to previous year, while experiencing a 2% decrease in subs compared to previous year. d. Grant awards remained stable. The large general operating grants from LexArts and the Kentucky Arts Council are concerned with the overall benefit to the larger community and underserved populations. They place emphasis on education and community engagement. It is also important to them to see strong community support from the community for the organization. LexPhil must continue its work in broad community engagement and education. This is particularly important for our largest grantor, LexArts, who stewards funds from donors and LFUCG. 2. Looking forward to FY2016: a. The Board and staff have collaborated on a plan to meet the financial challenges of FY16 and beyond. A plan was developed by the staff and Marketing and Development Committee in the first annual “BIG THINK” that defines a role for all staff and leadership to insure the financial stability of the organization. It will be successful because of the work of everyone in this room. b. A generous challenge has been put forth by Ellen and Michael Karpf - the Karpf Challenge – When 10 donors of $500+ double their donation in FY16, Ellen & Michael Karpf will double their annual donation from $2,500 to $5,000 for the next five years. c. We must continue to demonstrate to central KY that LexPhil is one of the cultural pillars of this region and we can only do this with broad support. d. LexPhil is one of the most innovative and creative organizations in central, eastern and southern Kentucky. We demonstrate this at every concert, with every composer-in-residence and with every partnership. It is our goal to sell out each concert and we need your help to do this.


Guild Remarks – Trish Featherston, Treasurer 1. The Guild had a good year. It raised over $15,000 at Fashion Show at May, and was near capacity. 2. The Guild made a contribution of $10,000 to the LexPhil Society and a contribution of $2,500 to the LexPhil Foundation. 3. The Membership Tea is scheduled for September 8 (second Tuesday) at Ten Lane farm in Woodford County. The goal is for all Guild members and officers to bring new potential members to the event. 4. This year, the Guild had 83 members; down from 100 in the previous year.

IV. Executive Director’s Remarks – Allison Kaiser 1. LexPhil is fortunate to have a staff that is dedicated to the mission, values and collective goals of the organization. We have a reputation for “punching above weight” in all we do and that is due to the hard work of our staff. 2. Now that we have a new collective bargaining agreement with the musicians union, th Board and staff leadership will focus on completing a new strategic plan, amended Bylaws and reinvigorated fundraising efforts. There will be much work to complete outside of normal meetings. 3. With the close of the year, we are pleased to report the smallest accumulated deficit in many years. We had a small windfall of stock from the company with which LexPhil holds it long and short term disability and life insurance policies. Other savings were accomplished at the expense of staffing and marketing. The budget for FY16 reflects our need to increase marketing efforts. 4. LexPhil has tremendous potential for the future. It will take the efforts of all to achieve it. We do not exist without the generous time and efforts of volunteers. Sometimes, they make a difference in the most surprising ways. LexPhil put out a call for help decorating the stag for the Candy Cane concert this past winter. Marlie McRoberts answered in the most delightful fashion, as only Marlie can. It was an amazing sight to see Marlie driving up to the back-stage area of the SCFA in her convertible brimming with wrapped packages to decorate the stage – just like a modern version of Santa’s sleigh. 5. It is our great honor to present Marlie McRoberts with the Volunteer of the Year award. V. Music Director’s Remarks – Scott Terrell 1. We were all shocked by the death of Leon Richard, who had been our third trumpet for many years. Leon was always a very positive and dedicated musician and in addition to being a member of LexPhil, influenced several generations of musicians through his teaching work at Kentucky State University. When I was new here, I asked him for help with a project that involved the gospel chorus at KSU. His help and support led to our program with Take 6 and the Kentucky Gospel Choir. Leon was always a generous gentleman. 2. Thank you to Clyde and Rebecca for performing tonight. 3. We have had a strong season. There is no short cut to great performances - lots of practic and study - it’s rigorous. I am a perfectionist and I want the orchestra to be great. Every year we progress further down the road. Important to have musicians of a mindset that they want to continue to grow. 4. Martha Jane Stone Award is given for continued professional development. This year, we chose to present two awards. I have matched the Foundations annual award to make this possible This year, the Martha Jane Stone Awards are given to William Ronning (violin) and Mark Kleine (clarinet). Award winners are not present because they are making use of awards at professional development programs this summer. VI. Board & Officer Nominations – Scott King 1. We wish to thank the following outgoing Board members: Dr. Bruce Lucas Dana Macaulay St.Claire McIntyre Bill Wilson Michael Morrill Rebecca Yeary

2. We wish to nominate, for a first term of 3 years beginning July 1, 2015, the following individuals: Colmon Elridge, III Steve Grossman Dr. Oscar Mendiondo Becky Reinhold 3. Motion to approve by Carol McLeod; second by Sharon Reed; unanimously approved. 4. The Nominees for continued service for second term of 3 years beginning July 1, 2015 are: John Gardner Steve Matherly 5. Motion to approve by Jim Elliott; second by Ron Saykaly; unanimously approved. 6. Carol McLeod and Scott King shall continue as elected officers of the Board 7. The following are nominated for service as officers for a term of 1 year beginning July 1, 2015: President – Mike McNalley; President Elect – Carol McLeod; Past President – Scott King; Secretary – Jim Elliott VP, Finance – Tim Dunn VP, Development & Marketing – Lou Jones VP Long Range Planning – Matt Stinnett Chair of LexPhil Foundation – Larry Deener President, LexPhil Guild – Carol McLeod 8. Motion to approve by Ellen Karpf; second by Michael Morrill; unanimously approved.


Closing Remarks & Adjournment -- Mike McNalley – President Elect 1. I am looking forward to leading LexPhil next year. 2. The last two years have been a very difficult period; more than usual; more than ever. If it wasn’t for Scott King, we wouldn’t have the agreement and healing that we have in place. We will continue to strive for artistic excellence collaboratively. 3. We conducted a quiet campaign in Scott King’s honor and raised over $5,600. We had 46 participants in the campaign. I would like to present Scott King with a plaque to commemorate our gratitude for his leadership and commitment. Thank you, Scott and thank you to all who give so much to this organization and stay focused on goals, despite all the noise. 4. Motion to adjourn Annual Meeting by Michael Morrill; second by Tim Dunn; meeting adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Jim Elliott, Secretary

NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT FOR FY16 ANNUAL MEETING June 27, 2016 We thank the following Directors for their dedicated service for two terms on the Lexington Philharmonic Society Board of Directors: Larry Beach, Lou Hendrick Jones, Matthew Stinnett and Charles Stone The Nominating Committee is pleased to nominate the following individuals for service on the Lexington Philharmonic Society Board of Directors for a first term of three years beginning July 1, 2016, to be voted on by ALL members: Carl Fraizer, Dr. Jim Gay, Linda Gorton, Dr. Don Granger, Dan Poposki and Dr. Ron Saykaly. The Nominating Committee is pleased to nominate the following individual for continued service on the Board of Directors for a second term of three years beginning July 1, 2016, to be voted on by ALL members: Jim Elliott Carol McLeod’s and Scott King’s terms shall be continued as officers of the Board. The Nominating Committee is pleased to nominate the following individual for service as Chairperson of the Lexington Philharmonic Foundation: Denise McClelland The Nominating Committee is pleased to nominate the following individuals for service as officers of the Lexington Philharmonic Society, Inc. for a term of one year beginning July 1, 2016, to be voted on by Lexington Philharmonic Society Board Members, including those just elected or re-elected: President Michael McNalley President Elect Carol McLeod Past President Scott King Secretary Jim Elliott Treasurer Tim Dunn













235,000.00 $

209,100.00 $


Single Tickets


148,000.00 $

136,330.00 $


Ticket Fees


10,000.00 $

14,525.00 $


Other Concerts


55,000.00 $

62,500.00 $


Other Earned Income


16,260.00 $

9,725.00 $








Individual donations




300,000.00 $


Corporate sponsorships




156,100.00 $


LexArts grant




170,000.00 $


Kentucky Arts Council grant


20,000.00 $

25,810.00 $


Other foundations and grants


23,000.00 $

8,000.00 $


LPO Foundation Contributions


120,000.00 $






LexPhil Special Events & Guild





27,000.00 $ $


27,000.00 $ $














672,000.00 $






120,000.00 $


Marketing & Development




140,000.00 $






322,000.00 $














(14,910.00) $


LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC MUSIC DIRECTOR REPORT This season, perhaps more than any in my tenure, has most strongly reflected the goals of a vision I had some seven years ago. While at the time, I had a strong belief in what was artistically possible – the organization was unaware of its potential, and not positioned to execute that vision. We indeed have come FAR! It has been a strategic and multi-pronged approach to address artistic areas of the Lexington Philharmonic: • • • • •

A clear expectation of artistic excellence, set from its MD (Music Director), which carries into each and every rehearsal, performance, and audition of all musicians. Creating organizational and cultural infrastructure to support excellence, and adopt industry norms of successful regional orchestras. An unrelenting attitude and culture of improvement, and recognition of artistic achievement. A strategic broadening of repertoire and collaborative ventures that push and grow artistic capacity, illuminate different creative voices, build regional partners, and expand audience reach. A reputation for artistic excellence that leads to talented audition candidates from across the country (32 new members), continuing partnerships with world renowned artists, and building relationships with other orchestras and opera companies to our benefit.

Recognition of artistic quality through major competitive grants, musician advancement to renowned orchestras across the globe, and guest conducting on international stages by its Music Director

This spring, as we endeavored on our strategic planning process, we learned a great deal from our community leaders, donors, board, and audience. The positive responses of these constituents provided us an important message – we are on the right path. The Lexington Philharmonic, with this valuable information and new strategic plan, is now positioned to pivot to a thrilling future. We represent the highest quality of artistic performance and programming, and it is now time to use that platform to GROW! Significant growth can happen when each individual (board, staff, leadership, volunteer, musician) focuses intently on his or her respective role – and works diligently and honestly toward an exciting, vibrate, and fiscally sound organization. The Lexington Philharmonic is becoming a model arts organization – driven first and foremost by our mission. Over the last several years, we have matured into an artistically vibrant, relevant, and exciting regional orchestra. This year has been a strong testament to this fact! Our focus on our core values of innovation, artistic excellence, collaboration, and accessibility have produced incredible results in the box office, partnerships, public reactions, and audience growth. Growth and evolution can be both exciting and at times, uncomfortable. We will continue to forge into new arenas – requiring the organization to face complex challenges. However, we must always strive for the organization’s artistic betterment and long-term sustainability. With that said – just look at a few this season’s achievements: • Rousing season opening of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 with international opera stars J’nai Bridges and Karen Slack, back by a 200 voice combined collegiate chorus • Time for Three performed for over 1400 school students at Discovery – and did outreach to UK Hospital, Eastern State Hospital, Ethereal Brewery, and Keeneland • Side-by-Side partnership with CKYO for the annual Candy Cane program, and the New Music Experiment • Living composers as a significant block our programming: Chris Brubeck, John Corigliano, John Adams, and composer-in-residence Avner Dorman • Multi Media presentation of BEYOND THE SCORE that wed literature, music, imagery, and theatre. • World-renowned soloists Time for Three, Fei-Fei Dong, Simone Rubino, and Paul Jacobs • Expanded PB&J concerts, attendance, venues, partnerships and audience • Expanding the Picnic with the Pops, leading to more programming diversity and musician services To move to the next level requires enormous effort, commitment from all stakeholders, and a laser-like focus on our mission. This year has had many artistic achievements. We should all be very proud of the strides we have made – bravo to staff, musicians, board, and volunteers for their diligent efforts. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors, and I welcome our new members. Their expertise and influence will help achieve success and continued growth. I am proud to say that we are charting a wonderful path at the Lexington Philharmonic. BRAVO TUTTI! Respectfully submitted, Scott Terrell

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT This year has been MONUMENTAL in so many ways and we have much to celebrate! LexPhil continues to lead in artistic innovation and excellence with new and expanded artistic partnerships and exciting and diverse programs. The artistic reach of the organization has expanded with its growing reputation for new music commissioning and performance, rigorous standards and the work our Music Director does as a guest conductor with orchestras and operas across the globe. LexPhil has also made tremendous strides in infrastructure and systems development, particularly this year. These systems are critical to LexPhil’s ability to support artistic and education program growth and provide the foundation for financial stability. Work in these areas has been quietly ongoing and reached a tipping point this year when we completed the new Strategic Plan, Amended Bylaws and Restated Articles of Incorporation. This work is no less intense than LexPhil’s artistic work and takes place in the background, involving months of work spread over several years, from Board Members and staff.


Led by Board Member, Matthew Stinnett, the new Strategic Plan spans four years (FY2017 – FY2020) and is a living, responsive document that will be used as an evaluative tool and adjusted on a regular basis. The Key areas of focus in the Strategic Plan are: Governance: To build LexPhil’s leadership capacity and effectiveness. Fiscal Accountability: To ensure the short-term stability and long-term financial sustainability of LexPhil through strong Board fundraising leadership and well-integrated staff efforts. Branding and Relevance: To build long-term patron loyalty throughout the Bluegrass region by articulating and promoting LexPhil’s brand of artistic excellence, lifelong learning, and community commitment. Institutional Culture: To become more responsive and nimble, known as an organization of excellence with an optimistic culture Venue: To work and play in existing and new venues that provide the highest quality experiences for audiences, musicians and staff BYLAWS Bylaws provide guidance for how an organization conducts itself and its business. This document should be updated on a regular basis to reflect best practices and proven policies. The last time the Lexington Philharmonic Society Bylaws were updated was 2006 and no longer reflected the structure or governance policies that the organization needed to be most effective or efficient. The Lexington Philharmonic Board of Directors and Executive Director worked for almost two years to revise the Amended Bylaws the Board voted on just prior to the Annual Meeting. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION The last time we could determine that the Lexington Philharmonic Society Articles of Incorporation had been addressed was in 1961. Many laws affecting non-profits have been put into place or changed since that time and LexPhil’s Articles of Incorporation were long overdue for review and restatement. Matt Stinnett and his law colleague at Dickenson Wright, Emily M. Dorisio, conducted a thorough review of the Society’s Articles of Incorporation and recommended the changes presented. A copy of the Restated Articles of Incorporation have been provided for review and will be voted on by the Membership at this Annual Meeting.

Other updates In addition to the important work done on our fundamental documents, and the new strategic that will map our future, I am very pleased to report that the Lexington Philharmonic is about to go live with its new ticketing and patron data management system. Migration to the new system is the culmination of over two years of planning and preparation. We are very excited to be bringing LexPhil’s information technology into the 21st century and start using the tools that will help us to be more effective and efficient in our marketing and development efforts. LexPhil’s offices have been located on the 4th floor at ArtsPlace for a few decades and as with many historic structures, ArtPlace has been in need of structural maintenance and updating for several years. This was the year! After damage from a leaking roof made our offices uninhabitable due to mold, LFUCG and LexArts embarked on much-needed remodeling. This has required LexPhil to temporarily relocate to the basement of ArtsPlace while renovations take place. We look forward to moving back into our freshly remodeled and re-roofed offices July or August. Staffing: Lastly, I am pleased to share that after a year of significant staff changes, LexPhil is excited to move into the new season with three new staff members: Sarah Thrall – Sarah will join us in September as our new General and Personnel Manager. Sarah will join us immediately after completing her management term with the Aspen Music Festival and School’s American Academy of Conducting Orchestra. Trish Hatler – Trish joins LexPhil as our new Advancement Manager with deep experience in Development and Membership from her work with Cardinal Hill Hospital and the Kentucky Bar Association. Vincent Dominguez – Joining LexPhil as our new Marketing Manager, Vincent is returning to Lexington from Chicago. Vincent brings tremendous digital marketing experience to LexPhil and has his Masters in Music Performance and Education from the University of KY. We will be hiring a new Operations and Education Associate Manager in the fall. Even with significant disruption, we have persisted and accomplished much this year. With the new tools, deep thought and fresh staff with which we will move into the new season, I look forward to LexPhil having great success! Respectfully submitted, Allison Kaiser


We continued our Music Builds platform during the 2015-16 season, cross-connecting music with various curriculums and academic subjects, including STEM education. Popular ensemble programs included Music Builds History!, Music Builds Community!, and Music Builds STEAM! During FY16, our education programs reached roughly 13,800 children and adults throughout central and eastern Kentucky, a 27% increase from the 10,000 served in FY15! The map below pinpoints locations that our education programs visited throughout the year. LexPhil’s education programs reach beyond Fayette County, with visits to Pulaski, Jessamine, Jefferson, Franklin, Woodford, Clark, Mercer, Magoffin, Breathitt and Scott Counties. For many of the students in these counties, access to music is limited. Through our ensembles, teaching artist visits, and instrument petting zoos, we are able to enrich their arts education through high quality music.


In addition to in-school programming, LexPhil offers family concerts, including PB&J and Candy Cane concerts. Our popular PB&J concerts travel across central Kentucky, presenting small ensemble concerts for hundreds of families. This year’s PB&J concerts reached 868 people through 10 concerts. Our annual Candy Cane concert kicked off the holiday season, bringing musical joy to 1,087 children and adults of all ages. Peanut Butter & Jelly Concerts Our PB&J concerts saw record attendance! 868 children and adults were in attendance throughout 10 performances. Highlights of the 2015-16 PB&J series included a Halloween-themed program in Lexington and Shaker Village, as well as a return to the Aviation Museum in April. The Lyric Theatre welcomed us in February for Music Builds Community, where a record crowd of 301 attended both concerts. Countdown to Kindergarten For the second year in a row, we presented Countdown to Kindergarten at the STEAM Academy. We offered a variety of ‘stations’ throughout the school, including Science (Petting Zoo), Technology (Wii Music/Conduct an Orchestra), Engineering (Build an Instrument), and Arts + Math (Ensemble Performance). KET Super Saturday KET’s annual ‘Super Saturday’ event was held on Saturday, August 8 at KET Studios. The drum circle and instrument petting zoo were both headlines of the day. Nearly 2,000 children and adults attended the event.

INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOOS Our Instrument Petting Zoo was presented at a variety of community events, including our annual Patriotic Concert, Woodland Art Fair, Give into the Groove, and the Fatherhood Initiative Festival. Through these community events, we reached roughly 1,500 people. LOCAL AT THE LIBRARY The Beaumont Library Branch hosted LexPhil for ‘Local at the Library’ on February 16. Mike Acord (clarinet) performed and presented an engaging discussion on ‘What It’s Like to Play in an Orchestra’. The program was followed by the Instrument Petting Zoo.


LEXARTS SHOWCASE WEEKEND We presented our Music Tells a Story program as part of LexArts Showcase weekend on Saturday, March 12. The program was presented at the Central Library downtown in the Farish Theater. TEACHING ARTIST VISITS Our newly expanded roster of Teaching Artists visited 1,500 students in 6 schools across Fayette and Scott Counties throughout September, November and March. Schools visited were Arlington Elementary, Southern Elementary (Fayette Co), Southern Elementary (Scott Co), Dixie Elementary, Garth Elementary (Scott Co) and Mary Todd Elementary. Teaching Artists included Mike Acord (clarinet), Clyde Beavers (Cello), Rebecca Kiekenapp (Cello), Joe Van Fleet (trumpet), Margie Karp (violin), Elaine Cook (harp), and David Powell (oboe). MUSIC BUILDS STEAM! Through the generous support of Larry and Joseph Beach, we were able to create a new ensemble program – Music Builds STEAM! The program features a trio of musicians, and explores the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math behind Music. The program visited all of our partner schools, including Breckinridge and Cardinal Valley Elementary schools. The program also visited Anchorage Public School outside Louisville. EAST KENTUCKY OUTREACH With the support of East Kentucky Power and Licking Valley Rural Electric, we continued our residency in eastern Kentucky. In October, November and March, we visited each elementary school in Breathitt and Magoffin Counties. Nearly 2,000 students enjoyed visits from the Instrument Petting Zoo and our Music Tells a Story program! MUSIC BUILDS DISCOVERY Our annual Discovery concert was presented to a sold-out Singletary Center on Thursday, October 22. Nearly 1,500 students were treated to a concert featuring excerpts from Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess, alongside the always-entertaining Time for Three. The response and appreciation following the concert was overwhelming. For some schools that have attended many years in a row, they said this was the best Discovery concert they have attended! NEW MUSIC EXPERIMENT This year’s New Music Experiment was held at SCAPA on Saturday, April 16. 3 young composers – Ben Goldberg, Stephen Baillargeon, and David Cortello – were chosen from a pool of applicants from around the country to have their pieces rehearsed and workshopped by members of LexPhil and CKYO. The composers had the opportunity to hear their pieces rehearsed and recorded, while also receiving feedback from Scott Terrell and our composer in residence, Avner Dorman. CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Jason presented 2 sessions on ‘Music Builds Science’ at the Kentucky Science Teacher Association conference in November. About 50 science teachers representing all grades were on hand to learn ways to incorporate music into their daily curriculum. In February, Jason presented ‘Music Builds STEAM’ at the Kentucky Music Educators’ Association conference in Louisville. About 50 teachers attended the final session of the conference.

LOOKING AHEAD • For the 2016-17 school year, we look forward to further expanding our Music Builds programs. In addition to expanding to a 7th Title I school in Fayette County (Breckinridge Elementary), we will increase our number of Teaching Artist visits to 5 visits per school, totaling 35 visits between September 2016 and March 2017. • PB&J concerts will make stops at the Loudon House, Carnegie Center, UK School of Visual Studies, and Hearing & Speech Center in Lexington. Highlights include another Halloween-themed concert, a Drum Circle, and Peter & the Wolf! • Our Music Builds Discovery concert will expand to reach a large age range. We will present the multimedia film, Legend of the Northern Lights¸ to elementary students at 10am and middle/high school students at 11:30am on Thursday, October 20, 2016. Submitted by Jason Spencer, Operations & Education Associate Manager

MARKETING OVERVIEW 2015-2016 SEASON During the 2015-2016 season LexPhil experienced a robust increase in single ticket sales, resulting in an average of 200 more attendees per concert compared to last season. A diverse and exciting concert season paired with a well-planned and executed marketing campaign, had LexPhil audiences (old and new) eager to discover each new offering. While we did not meet our total ticket revenue goals in subscription or single ticket sales for the season, we achieved a 6% increase in all ticket sales compared to FY15. LexPhil’s ticket trends align LEXPHIL AVERAGE ATTENDANCE with what is happening FY09-FY16 at orchestras throughout 1204 1193 the country. Traditional 1192 subscription-buying audi1113 ences are changing their 1035 993 971 behavior and demographics representing most single 813 ticket buyers, have busy work and family lives which make it difficult to commit to events far in advance. Gains in single ticket sales and slowing subscriber attrition demonstrate that the desire to experience live orchestral music is not 08 15 09 13 14 11 12 10 declining, but buying habits 09 16 10 14 15 12 13 11 are changing. 2015-2016 was the first year since 2011-2012 that new subscribers slightly outpaced attrition. LexPhil believes there is still solid potential for improved subscription sales and efforts to accomplish this continue for FY17 with flexible subscription/savings packages ranging from 3 to 7 concerts.

We had some tough front-of-house issues at the Singletary Center for the Arts throughout the season due to new SCFA policies and the construction that is taking place throughout the campus and specifically around the SCFA. We had to discontinue wine service at concerts due to insurance liability. Parking, which is always challenging at SCFA, required Herculean efforts by our patrons during the 15-16 season as they navigated street closings, parking facility closings and increased traffic. We began offering shuttle service from the main parking structure (#5) to SCFA beginning in February, offered pre-concert dinner and parking at the Boone Center all season, and had superior support from our valet parking contractors throughout the season. We will continue efforts to assist our patrons with the parking challenges at SCFA. We were disappointed to be unable to offer at least two concert cycles at the Lexington Opera House after having made extensive investment in presenting 3 concert cycles and Discovery concerts there during the 14-15 season, but we were unable to get fall dates at the Opera House due to Breeders Cup activities. We held our 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve concert at LOH and it continues to be our first choice for this festive concert event during the 16-17 season.



2015-2016 Subscription figures break down as: Full Series (6 or 7 Concerts) – 483 Pick 3 or 4 (3 or 4 Concerts) – 331

The most popular concerts for single ticket sales in FY16 were: Beethoven 5, Mahler 2 and Take 5 on New Year’s Eve.

The 2015-2016 Season had total of 815 subscribers and $208,850 in revenue. This compares to a total of 765 subscriptions for the 2014-2015 season and $198,740 in revenue.

Single ticket sales continued to be robust for the 2015-2016 season, with 6000 season series single tickets generating a total of $136,260, compared to $129,100 in single ticket sales during 2014-2015.


Pick 4



Full Series



618 482

08 09

598 443

09 10

445 479

10 11

461 606

11 12

349 586

12 13

331 535

13 14


284 472

331 483


14 15

15 16

08 09

09 10


10 11

11 12



12 13

13 14


14 15


15 16

The most popular concerts for single ticket sales in FY16 were: Beethoven 5, Mahler 2 and Take 5 on New Year’s Eve. LexPhil looks forward to improving its ticket buyer feedback loop with its new data management, ticketing and patron communication system, which will be up and running midsummer, 2016.


LexPhil’s Media Partner, WEKU, continued to play an integral role, from generous in-kind support to re-broadcasting LexPhil’s Season Series concerts on both WEKU 88.9 and Classic 102.1. WEKUs Roger Duvall provided live commentary along with the live broadcast of Beethoven 5, in May. LexPhil maintained an active interview schedule through broadcast outlets such as local TV stations ABC 36, WKYT, and LEX18, traditional news such as the Herald Leader and the Lane Report and new media platforms such as UnderMain. Cross-promotion throughout the season with artistic collaborators such as CKYO, all the college and university choruses engaged in Mahler 2 and LexArts continues to provide strong ROI. LexPhil utilized direct mail more in FY16 than FY15, with the belief that older concert-goers, (with more disposable income and time) respond favorably to mail. LexPhil continues to build its social media presence and makes special offers through these channels to engage younger concert-goers.


LexPhil staff and Marketing & Development Committee members met in June 2016 to plan the strategy for the 16-17 season and align it with the goals and objectives of the new strategic plan. The ticket sale revenue goal is $381,400 for FY17 which reflects rescaled ticket prices and seating map at SCFA for the season.


LexPhil has almost completed its transition to the new Patron Manager ticket/donor data system. It will be up and running in July. This conversion has involved a concentrated effort over the last six months, and will be a great asset to helping LexPhil develop a holistic view of ticket buying and donation trends, while providing new communication and feedback tools. This system will allow staff to spend more time engaging with ticket buyers and donors through new communication tools and spend less time trying to accurately identify who those ticket buyers and donors are. Having a clearer and cleaner data system will give the organization the historical data and reporting functions necessary to make the best use of limited resources.


LexPhil will begin the 2016-2017 season with new staff in the Marketing Department. Please join us in welcoming Vincent Dominguez as the new Marketing Manager, beginning in July and John Thompson who was recently promoted to Marketing and Development Associate Manager after having coordinated the data migration efforts for the new data system. LexPhil will continue to engage outside designers and digital communications/social media specialists and has contracted with IRV Creative for these services for the 16-17 season.


LexPhil achieved 95% of its overall unearned income goal during FY 15-16 (excluding contributions from the LexPhil Foundation and the LexPhil Guild) and continued to meet challenges that saw many arts organizations across the nation struggle to make ends meet. Robust support from the Dupree Initiative for Innovation and the Saykaly-Garbulinska Foundation enabled LexPhil to further artistic growth and cemented LexPhil’s reputation as an important engagement and collaboration for national talent. Two significant financial pledges energized our supporters and provided LexPhil with both a strong start and a solid finish. FY16 began with a matching challenge issued by Dr. Michael and Ellen Karpf and ended with the Hamilton-Saykaly Match, both of which were successfully supported by LexPhil donors. LexPhil is committed to attracting and retaining donors, partnerships and funding at the local, state and national level. Individual Giving to LexPhil increased by 12.6% during FY16 buoyed by the Karpf Pledge Challenge in the Fall and the Hamilton-Saykaly Match in late Spring. $176,000 was raised through individual donations (excluding the Dupree Initiative and the Saykaly Garbulinska Foundation.)

INDIVIDUALS (w/o Saykaly and Dupree) FY09-FY16 $178,000


$165,986 $155,969


$155,647 $126,534


LexPhil annual mailings and appeals continued during FY16 with the addition of a plan to integrate a regularly published newsletter to help “tell the story” of LexPhil, further educate donors and prospective donors, attract and build new audience 08 15 09 13 14 11 12 10 09 16 10 14 15 12 13 11 members and publicize our education and community-based initiatives. LexPhil Board members were also enlisted to contact their circle of influence and were critical in developing a plan that will be continuously tweaked to reach more individuals, an area that is ripe for further development. For the fourth year in a row, LexPhil integrated the Blue Grass Community Foundation’s GoodGiving Challenge into its FY 2016 Development Plan as a way to supplement its Annual Fund Campaign and, more importantly, reach new donors via social media. LexPhil asked Board members and supporters to channel their annual gifts through the online GoodGiving Challenge platform so that LexPhil could benefit for a share of the pool of matching funds available through this six-week fundraiser. The GoodGiving platform continues to be somewhat frustrating to navigate and while LexPhil does not see great return on time invested, it is important that we continue to engage in this community-based program.


In FY16, LexPhil received $100,000 from the Dupree Initiative for Innovation. This is LexPhil’s fifth consecutive year receiving a major gift from Tom and Anne Todd Dupree. Mr. Dupree has pledged an additional $100,000 for FY17. This particular gift is an inspiration for all and LexPhil will conduct a Major Gifts Campaign to continue building support for innovative programming as inspired by the Dupree Initiative for Innovation. The Karpf Challenge at the beginning of the FY16 is the foundation of building additional support for this initiative comprised of multiple donors. LexPhil continued to see strong individual support directed to specific artistic programs in FY16. The Saykaly-Garbulinska Foundation provided $22,000 in support for the ComposerIn-Residence Program with Avner Dorman. The Beach Family continue to support Lexington’s annual Candy Cane family concert and several individuals provided significant support for LexPhil’s December concert at the Cathedral of Christ the King. The generous $10,000 match challenge from Dr. Ron Saykaly and his wife Jackie Hamilton in the spring of FY16 was successfully met and exceeded by the Board of Directors and others in a short time period.


LexPhil raised over $156,000 in Corporate partnerships in FY 2016, a slight increase over FY15. Nearly 40% of this corporate support is geared toward LexPhil’s education and community outreach programs which serve thousands of children and young adults each year. Four of our largest corporate gifts -- $15,000 from Toyota (TMMK), $15,000 from the J.M. Smucker Company, $13,000 from Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperative and $10,000 from Fifth Third Bank exemplify the trend among our corporate partners in directing their sponsorship dollars toward programs that advance their community outreach and education goals. In fact, Fifth Third Bank moved their Season Series support in its entirety to the LexPhil’s Music Builds Education programs. LexPhil Corporate sponsorship increased in FY16 with new partnerships with Baptist Hospital Lexington and the law firm Dickinson Wright. LexPhil was without an Advancement Manager for over three months, during a time when most FY17 grant and corporate applications are due, however LexPhil is poised to maintain or exceed FY16 sponsorships, and is committed to building national and local partnerships that expand the impact of orchestral music in central Kentucky.

CORPORATE FY09-FY16 $156,189

$156,975 $145,377

$140,000 $130,462 $110,750

08 09

09 10



10 11

11 12

12 13

13 14

14 15

15 16


IN FY16, LexPhil received a total of $203,160 in grants from government and non-corporate foundations including $170,000 generously awarded from LexArts. LexArts is LexPhil’s single largest funder, and this award reflects the strength of LexPhil’s artistic programming, educational initiatives, leadership and impact within the local arts community. Orchestral music is an invaluable resource, providing music education to thousands of students, creating cross-cultural collaborations, and creating the soundtrack to many of our community celebrations. LexPhil is committed to creative innovation and being a catalyst for making Lexington a culturally rich city. GRANTS/ FOUNDATIONS LexPhil continued to search for and enter into new creative FY09-FY16 $250,000 partnerships on every level, $230,000 including renewing partnership $225,000 $225,000 $220,000 $215,000 grants with The Orphan Society $206,160 $205,000 of Lexington while developing new relationships such as the FY 16 grant received from the Amphion Foundation. LexPhil was not awarded FY16 funding from either the National Endowment for the Arts Grant or the Copland Foundation. The message received from both of these grant sources was positive, indicating that LexPhil 08 15 09 13 14 11 12 10 as a small orchestra, in a small 09 16 10 14 15 12 13 11 community, is doing great things and deeply deserving of funds. LexPhil was encouraged to continue seeking these grants. The Kentucky Arts Council (KAC) reduced grant funding to LexPhil as it has for each year since 2008 due to state budget cuts. All of these reduced awards continue to demonstrate the importance of advocating for state and federal funding for the Arts.


LexPhil recently celebrated the completion of our 54th concert season and eagerly anticipate the dynamic and diverse offerings that will define our 55th season! As central Kentucky’s only professional orchestra and leading music-maker, LexPhil takes great pride in delivering transformative experiences to our community and believes in the power of music to unite us. LexPhil has succeeded in its mission to provide vibrant music and education services to this region for over 50 years. LexPhil has engaged in an involved strategic planning process which will guide us as we strengthen our foundation and move forward to meet financial goals for FY17 and beyond. In addition to hiring a seasoned and experienced development professional, LexPhil will place emphasis on growing our individual donor base, expanding corporate partnerships and securing local and national funding. Other strategies include: • • • • •

Invest in corporate infrastructure to improve staff efficiency and output. Engage more regional businesses based on alignment between funding proprieties and LexPhil values, vision, and mission. Increase local and national recognition by obtaining grants from national foundations and non-corporate funding sources. Further engage and train Board Members to assist in Donor solicitation. Create and monitor long-term stewardship strategies.

LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC FOUNDATION 2015-2016 REPORT The Lexington Philharmonic Foundation made an allocation of $120,000 to the Lexington Philharmonic Society for Fiscal Year 2015-16. This allocation represented 5.54% of the average for the last twelve quarters ending December 31, 2014 and was within the Lexington Philharmonic Foundation’s annual allocation parameters of 3%-6% of the average for twelve quarters. At its May 2016 Annual Meeting, the Foundation approved its Fiscal Year 2017 allocation to the Lexington Philharmonic Society at $120,000, which represents 5.38% of the average for the last twelve quarters ending December 31, 2015.

The Lexington Philharmonic Guild 2015-2016 YEAR-END REPORT The Guild met its membership goal and exceeded its income goals for FY16. With 100 members, many of the new members became very active in Guild projects and “old” members showed renewed zeal for Guild activities. Attendance at general meetings averaged 32 members and the Membership Tea and Holiday Benefit were well attended. Goals for ticket sales for the Fashion Show were exceeded as were goals for Silent Auction income. Scott Terrell, Music Director and Conductor, joined the Guild at the Membership Tea, the Fashion Show/Silent Auction Fundraiser, and Orchestra Appreciation Reception as well as presenting the program in April with orchestra members, Mark Kleine and Joel Lovan. Musicians Elaine Cook, Mike Acord (twice), Stephen Campbell, and Lisa Schaeffer educated members with their music and conversation at five different meetings. Staff members Allison Kaiser, Executive Director, Jason Spencer, Mollie Harris, Ellen Gish, Katie Curran, and Trish Hatler also spoke at several meetings to educate the members on the inner workings of managing a regional professional orchestra. The Orchestra Appreciation Reception continues to be an important activity of the Guild. This event, on the evening of the last rehearsal of the season, serves as an opportunity for Guild members to thank Orchestra members for their dedication to presenting artistic excellence in music. Additional community activities include the awarding of Senior Music Awards at area high schools, volunteering at PB&J concerts and the Discovery Concert, and promoting all aspects of LexPhil performances. On the fundraising side of the Guild’s activities, FY16 was a significant success. The budgeted goal for the MUSIC BUILDS contribution was $12,000 and the Foundation contribution was $2,500. As a result of concerted and coordinated effort by all members, these numbers were exceeded with $15,000 contributed to MUSIC BUILDS and $5,000 contributed to the Foundation. The second Foundation contribution was made in memory of two founding members, Nancyetta Palumbo and Hazel Bush. Guild members continue to be dedicated to maintaining the Foundation as an investment in the future of the Orchestra. Overall, the FY16 budget is projected to have a $2-3,000 surplus. For FY17, the members approved a budget with a projected modest surplus and a contribution of $15,000 to MUSIC BUILDS and $5,000 to the Foundation. The entire Guild budget is available to all Board of Directors as an electronic attachment. Guild members continue to demonstrate that they CARE about LexPhil as it develops Community, Accessibility and Resources with Enthusiasm for LexPhil and all its programs.

THANK YOU! This list recognizes all donors that have made an ANNUAL FUND contribution to LexPhil from July 1, 2015 through June 20, 2016. DUPREE INITIATIVE FOR INNOVATION Thomas P. & Ann T. Dupree APPASSIONATO $10,000 AND ABOVE Larry & Carol Beach Hilary Boone Foundation Drs. Oscar A. & Marta Mendiondo Dr. Ronald Saykaly & Jacqueline Hamilton VIVACE $9,999 - 5,000 Anonymous Elizabeth D. Jett Dr. Michael & Ellen Karpf James G. Kenan III through The Spray Foundation ALLEGRETTO $4,999 - 2,500 Anonymous Anonymous Joe Beach Dr. Bruce & Jeanette Lucas Carol McLeod, DVM Mike & Ti McNalley Becky and Reese Reinhold ANDANTE $2,499 - 1,000 Mr. and Mrs. John Burkhard Dr. & Mrs. D. Kay* Clawson Mr. & Mrs. Edward Coffman Dr. Fredrick & Maria DeBeer Larry C. and Martha Deener Timothy & Taylor Dunn James & Suzanne Elliott Dr. Harold & Becky Faulconer Steve & Patty Grossman Mona J. Hagyard HDC Holdings, LLC Maureen Hennessy Mollie K. Heron David C. & Katherine M. Johnson Lou Hedrick Jones Kristine M. Lohr, MD, MS Dr. & Mrs. Pearse Lyons Dr. Michael & Robin Morrill Lisa Neuwirth John & Nancyetta* Palumbo

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Q. Parr Cole Dyer Preston Dr. James and Sharon Reed Dr. Clifton & Renee Smith John Stewart & Magdalene Karon Ruth & Robert Straus Franklin D. Thompson Dr. John S. Thompson George & Ginny Weber Patricia Webster ADAGIO $999 - 600 Robert N. & Keitha C. Ames Dr. Wayne & Virginia Bell Mr. & Mrs. Daun Butler Mr. Norman Chrisman Jr. Carl N. Frazier Roy E. Griggs Maurice & Betty Hibbard Phyllis and Keith MacAdam Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rector Drs. Marilyn Robie & Arthur Shechet through the Jedra Charitable Foundation Edwin & Kay Thomas Ms. Joyce F. Trivette BENEFACTOR $599 - 300 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Bark Judith & Robert Baumann Donald W. Bayer Ben & Nellie Bingcang Dr. & Mrs. Robert Botkin Ms. Nancy Carpenter and Mr. Jeff Davis Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Cheney Dr. Brenda & Ed Coleman Del and Patty Collins Dr M. Douglas & Linda Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. DeCamp Frank & Susan Entwisle Dr. Robert French Nancy Garriott Dr. James & Anne Gay Mr. & Mrs. Bill Giles Walter & Patricia Gradek Michael & JoAnn Hamm Tom & Sheilagh Hammond Marie Houlihan Ronald & Carol Hustedde Drs. Edgar T. & Mary Vore Iwamoto Elsbeth Unte Johnson Alann & Kristi Karow

Edward & Mary Kasarskis R. Scott & Peggy King Cynthia & Glenn Leveridge Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lucas Walter Major, Jr. Dick & Annette Mathy Denise & Robert McClelland Sharon McNalley Dr. J. William & Marlie McRoberts Tom & Jean Miller Eric Nicholas Dr. Jacqueline A. Noonan Ted & Anne Clay Oldham James Orr, Jr. MD James Palumbo James Pelphrey Rev. Albert Pennybacker Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pfeiffer Mike & Marilyn Seiler John & Geraldine Shaw Louise H. Shouse Bill & Joi Tennant Ouida Tisdall Robert & Martha Trussell Family Foundation Dr. & Mrs. William B. Wheeler William & Margie Wilson Judith Worell PATRON $299 - 150 Chris & Jean Abner Chris & Susan Anderson Gary & Martha Anderson Anonymous Dr. Aruna Arekapudi Nancy Truxtun Barron William Rogers Beasley Dr. C. Alan Beeler* Ronald Belcher/Advantage Air Mechanical Joseph & Ann Binford Ms. Anne Bolton Mr. & Mrs. James R. Boyd Hazel T. Bush* Mary Cartmell Elizabeth A. Churchill Ms. Susan Cobin & Mr. Randall Roorda Dr. Diane Davey and Mr. Dave Wiebe Garland Dever Michael and Susan Effgen Mike Fister Drs. Amy & Jon Gaffney Ms. Karen Garrison Dr. C. Richard & Mrs. Sue Gill Kenneth & Ellen Gish John & Kim Glenney Charles & Linda Gorton Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Green

William G. Hall Paul & Susan Harbour Patricia Hatler Walter and Caroline Hehl Allison Kaiser & Jimi Eichner Susan Kearns J.W. Keller Larry Landrum Joe Lewis Bonnie & Bob Lynch Sally Malmer Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McFarland Robert E. Milward Mr. Charles Morgan Beanie Pederson N. Gregory Pettit John Poundstone, MD & Mary Lucas Powell Elbert & Dona Ray Donald & Elizabeth Sands Joan & Ed Schaeffer Margaret & Bobby Wayne Simmons Jesse E. & Betty Sisken Dr. James & Nancybelle Smith Michael and Martha Smith Mr. & Mrs. Sam Strader Drs. Sylvia Cerel & Jeremiah Suhl Mr. & Mrs. James Thompson Leslie Whaley Dr. & Mrs. Dean K. White Drs. Alfred D. & M. B. Nikitovich Winer William & Mary Witt MEMBER $149 - $50 Anonymous Richard W. Arnold, MD Rogers Barde Mr. Kenneth Barr Dr. Miriam Behar Christina Bell Leo & Jane Blair Stephen & Sandra Bolster Mr. & Mrs. David Bowles Katherine A. Brewer Robert and Karolyn Buck Barbara Bush Mr. & Mrs. Jack Buxton John & Cindy Cantrell Dwight & Ina Carpenter Emily Carroll Leo & Jane Chaput Ms. Loretta G. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Berle Clay Barbara Clifton Jason Cohn Janet Collins Teresa Colon

Ms. Anne Combs Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Couch Lisle & Kathy Dalton Philip Dare Raymond F. & Jill A. Debolt Cynthia Deitz Ms. Jane Dreidame Dr. and Mrs. W. Stuart Eads Colmon & Victoria Elridge Zee Faulkner Kurfees Dr. & Mrs. James Ferrell Jodie Findley Mr. and Mrs. William G. Findley Tom Fore Thomas Frazier Dr. April French Sharon Garms Ronita Giberson Mr. Martin Ginocchio Wayne A. and Carole Gnatuk Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Goffinet Pamela R. Goodwine Anne Rogers Gregory Mary Griffith Gail Hart & Daniel Featherston Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Herms Carolyn Holmes Betty Hoskins Phillip Howerton Dr. & Mrs. James B. Hunter Mrs. William C. Iliff Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ireland Jenny L. Jeter William Johnston Jason Jones Roger & Libby Jones Ben C. Kaufmann Linda & John Keever Mark Kightlinger Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Koffler Ms. Sonia Kragh Mrs. C. Charlotte Lakers Malcolm & Susan Lambing Dr. Karl Lange Dr. and Mrs. Harold R. Laswell Denine Leblanc Terry Lennie Valinda Livingston Elizabeth Lorch Sharon Lovelace Joseph Luckett Marcia Luy Mrs. Marianna H. Marye Loys & Sonja Mather Mary McGary Mary McKeown James & Linda McManis

Elise G. Meyer Doyle Mills William Mitchell Ms. Jean R. Moore Jeff & Geni Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Parks Robert Patrick Tina Peter Jan & Frank Peters Jean G. Pival Gary Priest Jane and Glenn Rainey Dr. Mary Kay Rayens Chris and Janell Rebsch Edward and Peggy Reeves Margaret Reeves Kathryn & Ed Robie Randy Rogers Glenn & Elizabeth Rosenberg Dr. Gerald Roth Daniel & Wendy Rowland Mr. Graham Rowles Stephen Ruschell Caroline Taplin Ruschell Kate Savage Beatrice Schumer Gorana Sekulic Beverly & Norm Severin Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Shuck Joel Siegel Thitinart Sithisarn Michael & Kimberly Steinmetz Elizabeth Steva June & Stuart Talbert Alice P. Taylor Sara Terrell and Sandra Calvert Charles Thompson & Milli Fazey Dr. & Mrs. Russell Travis Winn & Sally Turney Madelyn C. Twyman Meg Upchurch Andrew & Michelle Usery Kelly & Jason Waltrip Gary & Delinda Ward Mary & Tom Wigginton Robert and Sue Weant Roger & Deborah Whitehouse Dr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Wiehe Mr. James M. Williams Mr. & Mrs. George Wilson Isabel Yates

MEMORIAL Hazel Bush Lexington Philharmonic Guild Nancyetta Palumbo Lexington Philharmonic Guild Kerry Zack Lexington Philharmonic Guild CORPORATE Blue Grass Community Foundation Get Into the Groove The Home Depot Foundation IBM Kroger Community Rewards Program Russell Capital Management * Deceased


through the incredible generosity of Thomas and Ann Dupree, is an investment in the artistic vision exemplified by the Lexington Philharmonic. This contribution unleashes immeasurable potential and opportunity now and for the future.


founder of the Saykaly Garbulinska Composer-in-Residence Program, generously brought innovative composer Avner Dorman to Lexington for the 2015-2016 season. The Lexington Philharmonic extends a special thanks to the individuals, corporations, and foundations that have made generous gifts in support of Lexington Philharmonic programs and performances. SEASON SERIES Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Baptist Health Lexington Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP Central Bank Dickinson Wright Dupree Initiative for Innovation Hilliard Lyons Kentucky Bank Landrum & Shouse LLP Saykaly Garbulinska Foundation Stites & Harbison Tempur Sealy International, Inc. UK HealthCare SPECIAL / HOLIDAY CONCERTS Bluegrass Sotheby’s International Realty Ms. Maureen Hennessy Lexus of Lexington PNC Bank Saint Joseph Hospital and Saint Joseph East The Bluegrass Complex of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY SERIES The J.M. Smucker Company MUSIC BUILDS EDUCATION PROGRAMS CoBank Columbia Gas of Kentucky Fifth Third Bank Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Kentucky Utilities Company Lexington Philharmonic Guild Lexington Rotary Club Endowment, Inc. The Orphan Society of Lexington Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. FOUNDATION + INSTITUTIONAL DONORS Amphion Foundation Kentucky Arts Council LexArts

MAJOR IN-KIND CONTRIBUTORS Apiary ArtsPlace Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP Bluegrass Hospitality Group Central Kentucky Youth Orchestras Costco Wholesale Don Wilson Music Donna J. Smith & Co. Etherial Brewing Co. First Presbyterian Church Lexington Good Foods Co-op Hilary J. Boone Center at the University of Kentucky Home Depot on Richmond Road International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park Kentucky Historical Society LexArts Louisville Orchestra Meijer Paul Miller Ford Portofino SABIO Restaurant & Bar Dr. Ronald Saykaly & Jacqueline Hamilton Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill South Van Events STEAM Academy SVN | Stone Commercial Real Estate The Aviation Museum of Kentucky The J.M. Smucker Company The Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center Transylvania University Unique Horse Farm Tours WEKU Public Radio Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wilson Unique Horse Farm Tours WEKU Public Radio Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wilson

The Lexington Philharmonic Foundation extends a special thanks to the individuals, corporations, and foundations that have made generous gifts to the Fortissimo, Encore and Pillars for the Podium Endowment Campaigns. This list recognizes all donors that have made a pledge or contribution to the Lexington Philharmonic Foundation’s endowment of $1,000 or more through January 15, 2016, and those who made Honorary or Memorial contributions between July 1, 2015 and June 20, 2016. SYMPHONY LEVEL $500,000 AND ABOVE W. Paul and Lucille Caudill Little Foundation SONATA LEVEL $100,000 AND ABOVE Dr. and Mrs. Richard Crutcher* Thomas P. and Ann H. Dupree Mary Agnes Melton* Betty* and Warren Rosenthal Ronald and Teresa Garbulinska* Saykaly ORATORIO LEVEL $50,000 AND ABOVE Hilary Boone* Robert Clinkinbeard* RHAPSODY LEVEL $25,000 AND ABOVE

Larry and Martha Deener Fifth Third Bank Frost Brown Todd J.J.B Hilliard W.L. Lyons, Inc. Elizabeth D. Jett Keeneland Foundation James G. Kenan III Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William T. Young, Jr.

CRESCENDO LEVEL $10,000 AND ABOVE Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Sam* and Sue Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Antony Beck Central Bank Community Trust and Investment Company Tracy Farmer John Hendrickson and Mary Lou Whitney Mollie K. Heron Dr. and Mrs. Michael Karpf Lexington Philharmonic Guild Denise and Robert McClelland PNC Bank Dr. and Mrs. George Privett Dr. James and Sharon Reed Dr. and Mrs. T.K. Slabaugh Robert and Ruth D. Straus Dr. and Mrs. Philip Tibbs

ALLEGRO LEVEL $5,000 AND ABOVE Joe M. Beach Larry and Carol Beach Norman Chrisman Fine Arts Association of Southeastern Kentucky James Gray John R. and Donna S. Hall Peggy S. Harp Gregory K. and Diane Jenkins David C. and Katherine M. Johnson Charlotte Lakers Glenn and Cindy Leveridge Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Lucas Drs. Kevin McDonagh and Leslie Crofford Mitchell Family Foundation at the Blue Grass Community Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Morrill Dr. Jacqueline A. Noonan J. David and Beth B. Porter Bart and Brenda Rogers Louise H. Shouse Stu and Kathy Silberman Dorothy J. Smith* Drs. Magdalene Karon and John Stewart ENDOWMENT CONTRIBUTORS $1,000 AND ABOVE John Bagby* John and Sherry Carpenter Janet and Jerry Cerel William and Beth Curlin David and Melanie Dowell Thomas* and Lisa Fryman Estate of Sara R. Gilliam* Global Advancement Elsbeth Johnson Allison Kaiser and Jim Eichner R. Scott and Peggy King Father Dennis Knight Bertha Lebus Charitable Trust Dr. Carol McLeod Dr. and Mrs. J. William McRoberts John and Nancyetta Palumbo Robert Putt Donna J. Smith & Company, PLLC Dr. James and Nanceybelle Smith Dr. David and Sally* Stevens Alissa Tibe

Vivian Weil Dr. and Mrs. William Wheeler Dr. George and Kerry* Zack ENDOWMENT LEGACY Hazel T. Bush Mary Agnes Melton* Dr. and Mrs. T.K. Slabaugh Dorothy J. Smith* Franklin D. Thompson MEMORIAL Sam Barnes St.Claire & Robert McIntyre Dr. Ben P. Bingcang Dr. Cornelia Bingcang Hazel Bush Paul David & Rebecca P. Nelson Norman Chrisman Dr. James & Sharon Reed Marty Fore & Ivan Burgess Tom Fore Tom Fryman St.Claire & Robert McIntyre Lois Gilpin Mr. & Mrs. Chris Anderson Dorothy Dickson Hall William G. Hall Linda MacKellar Ms. Laurie MacKellar Francis Mitchell, Sr. Mr. William R. Mitchell Nancyetta Palumbo Mrs. Prentiss P. Douglass Dr. Michael & Ellen Karpf Dr. James & Sharon Reed Joyce Ramey Lexington Philharmonic Guild Barbara R. Roth Dr. Gerald Roth Lynda Morris Thomas Ms. Nancy Carpenter & Mr. Jeff Davis Larry and Martha Deener Kerry Zack Lexington Philharmonic Guild Elizabeth D. Jett Dr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Lucas +LPO Musician *Deceased









Lexington Philharmonic 2015 - 2016 Annual Report  
Lexington Philharmonic 2015 - 2016 Annual Report