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French Design Edition

Miami collection – Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio - 2018

Established by RenÊ Adda in 1991, Lexon is driven by the passion to give birth to unique, attractive, simple, innovative and aordable objects for our modern life.

The original idea was to challenge internationally known and awarded designers, as well as out of school young designers, to re-invent our daily life accessories.

Every year, meeting with new designers, research of numerous shapes, materials and functions, allow us to propose new projects and create a continious evolution of the brand


Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio

Margherita Matticari

José Levy “To me, each creation participates to the same process: working on every successive layer that surround us, from the closest to the farthest. Everything has to be directly connected to the body and the mind”

Prisme long - 2018

Manuela Simonelli Andrea Quaglio Their work   is   really   fed   by   stories,   a   crea4ve   look   at   the   surrounding   world,   muta4ons   they   would   wish   to   induce:  therefore  they  create  familiar  looking  products   contaminated   by   the   unexpected   and   the   poe4cal.     elegantly  flying  on  nostalgic  wings,  an  Art  Deco  stylis4c   wink   mee4ng   actual   technical   requirements.   It   preserves   gracious   powers   through   a   transversal   proposal.  This  series  bears  the  precise  signatures  of  an   approach  basing  their  prac4ce  -­‐  never  to  see  things  the   way  they  are.

Mino - 2018

Margherita Matticari Expert in leather matters, she is passionate about bags: Margherita Matticari created for Lexon a flexible bag, as versatile as it may become precise, depending on the intention. It brings together the cool amplitude of a Messenger Bag, a more squarish backpack; or it may be a briefcase, able to safely conceal a computer. An immediate answer to feelings and needs, allowing a quick change of missions required, skilled as a fine urban companion..

Marta - 2018

Christian Ghion Christian Ghion's design always brings the feeling of an invitation to taking pleasure seriously, even though it may be discreet at the same time: a genuine design mission. Mozaïk becomes part of that story, confronting elegance and the daily use of elementary electronics. It gets included into Ghion biography, as chic a designer in his fashion induced interior architecture or the traditional country knife: an echo of a great French design culture.   

Mozaïk - 2018

AUTRE PHOTO   Adrian & Jeremy Wright British designers Adrian and Jeremy Wright’s approach is driven by a desire to simplify how objects look and function, is supported by a background in engineering coupled with solid understanding of the manufacturing process. Ranges of kitchen and homeware products designed by the brothers have established DesignWright as an innovative, intelligent company respected by industry and public alike. Their 10 years cooperation with Lexon have generated 7 Red Dot awards.

Flip clock - 2014

Luca Artioli Flexibility and movement, the ease of use achieved through precision in design. Values which are integral to Lexon’s identity, that clearly exist in Luca Artioli’s luggage collections. This impeccable consistency continues into the next generation of models which re ect the tides of change as they adapt to new formats, new technology tools and different modes of travel. What we have gained in lightness has been conducive to satisfying demand for higher capacity. It takes the experience of an Italian designer who’s been in the game for more than twenty years to successfully combine an accessory’s elegant ef ciency with the appearance and importance nor mally associated with clothing.

Eve - 2018

Marc Berthier Since 1993, Lexon’s collaboration with Marc Berthier symbolises our commitment to vision and design through association with one of France’s most prominent personalities in the field. Tykho is itself a design dream which enduringly demonstrates the fusion of intelligence and humour, in an apt representation of Berthier himself. Tykho is a small radio which is a genuine design landmark which became, after 20 years, a pure icon of contemprary design.

Tykho Radio - 1997

Eugeni Quitllet Eugeni Quitllet was born with the ability to master the codes of irresistible seduction. Substance and light, transparency and opacity, the play between functionality and illusion. A lexicon of objects, superbly framed to reveal perfectly practicable pieces which are the territories of dreams. Through these challenging collaborations, Eugeni Quitllet manages to extract tangible identities out of artificial fragments and dreamlike evocations. His realisations have become integral to the most influential curators’ collections. Elected Designer of the Year 2016 by Maison & Objet (Paris), the Spaniard’s relationship with Lexon continues to manifest as elementary expressions of tasks performed in both office and home. The magical pathway of design which brings simplicity and emotion to the fore.

Dream tools collection - 2015

Pauline Deltour Fueled by an enthusiastic welcome, Pauline Deltour’s Fine collection continues to grow. Distinguished by being both severe and delicate, its designs respects a vocabulary which is characteristic of her own personality. Her precise hand, neat lines, carefully selected materials and colour ranges, and the way in which they come together form the individual identity of this young French designer’s work.

BT speaker - Fine Collection - 2015

Marc Venot Marc Venot’s work realises intention by manipulating objects to make their features fully meaningful to those who use them. These represent the successful marriage of ideal functionality and evident grace, made possible through practical sensitivity. Small objects, such as of ce accessories, and the simple functions they serve are places which harbour an incredible concentration of attention to detail. Precision which becomes ever harder to achieve as space becomes more limited. Marc is the growing up design of the year, widly awarded with numerous prices.

Secret box - 2015

170  International design awards 

A worldwide distribution Lexon is present in 90 countries through Modern Art Museum stores . Design shops . Concept stores . Gift shops . Department stores. 6,000 points of sales create the brand references to the numerous countries users.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Presence in over 100 major trade shows every year around the world

Lexon in China Created in 2009, Lexon-China has quickly grown in retail market, opening 120 shops around the country. Lexon lets locals discover design in major and medium size China cities. Lexon is also succefull in Chinese Corporate gift market with national promotional campaigns.

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Printemps 2015 Trimestriel 48 rue Dalayrac 75002 Paris 2/2

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An international presence in 90 countries through OďŹƒcial Distributors


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(LN1996) - 18 x 11 x 5,5 cm

Lexon Presentation 2018  
Lexon Presentation 2018