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The Newsletter of Lexington Theological Seminary

Spring 2017 | Vol 53, No. 1

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What Community Means at LTS As a young girl living in Chicago, I wrote a letter to Ms. Granny Brown. Granny was my paternal grandmother with whom my siblings and I would often spend summers in southern Indiana. For a city girl, it was like spending time in Mayberry, RFD. The shopkeeper knew I was Granny Brown’s granddaughter, my uncle and his family lived down the street, my aunt and her family lived around the corner, and all the church ladies wore big, beautiful hats on Sunday. In that southern Indiana town, I was surrounded by family – a family of aunts, uncles and cousins. I was surrounded by people who knew me, cared about me and loved me through my connection with others whom they knew well. That’s family. That’s community. Granny was a source of wisdom and strength in times of confusion. The young girl’s letter found its way to her, just as those seeking God’s voice and the love of Jesus Christ find their way to us. God’s people. They find their way to the church. They don’t often know or understand church protocol. They don’t often have the right words. They don’t often feel like they belong, but they show up in our churches curious about God. They show up in our churches thirsty for the living water. They show up in our churches seeking a new address. A family. A community. I am grateful that the mission of Lexington Theological Seminary is to educate and prepare faithful clergy and leaders to lead congregations that can help people find their way to a new address. And I’m grateful that along the way, our students are building a community of their own. That’s family. That’s community. That’s faith. Your partner in ministry, Dr. Charisse L. Gillett, President

Shue, far right, with Kasey and their children, Kaleigh and Gabriel, at a recent service with their family, celebrating the dedication of their nephew.


ommunity is important to Andrew Shue. He grew up in a small town in North Carolina and married his high school sweetheart, Kasey, who grew up about 10 minutes away. The church he pastors, Southwood Memorial Christian Church, is within a half-hour drive of where he grew up. However, as a nightmare unfolded for his family, Shue discovered that “community” can mean people who live hundreds – even thousands – of miles away. Shue is a Master of Divinity student at Lexington Theological Seminary. Although he began his career as a high school teacher, he always felt a nudge to another calling. He spoke to his pastor, who encouraged him and offered him the opportunity to preach one Sunday. After that experience, he knew he was called to parish ministry, and LTS was the best fit. It was the seminary his childhood minister, the Rev. Dr. James Daily, attended, and the mostly online M.Div. program allowed Shue to balance school, work, and family life with Kasey and their two children, Kaleigh, 7, and Gabriel, 2. “LTS helps this balance become healthy and feasible,” Shue said. “Upon learning of the distance education component of LTS, the path was very clear.” Shue appreciated the guidance of LTS faculty and staff, noting how instrumental registrar Windy Kidd has been in helping him navigate scheduling needs. Since enrolling, he’s experienced a major job change (leaving his teaching duties to be a full-time pastor), and the birth of their son. However, it was during his second

In that moment, I knew God was with us, as well as the support of people from all over the U.S. – Andrew Shue round of intensives, the on-campus portion of classes that take place for 10 days twice each year, that Shue found just how deeply the LTS connections run. His wife called him during his third block of classes to tell him she wasn’t feeling well. Her doctor thought she was probably just tired. Shue worried about her, especially when she began to experience back pain. The night Shue returned home, he took his wife to the emergency room. She was released, but her condition would deteriorate over the next week, and by the time the couple made four trips to the ER, she was unable to use her arms and legs and was beginning to experience facial weakness. Several hours later, they would have a diagnosis: a rare autoimmune disorder, Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Just a couple of weeks later, Shue remembers one of the most difficult moments of their lives. “On February 12, 2016, my wife stopped breathing in her hospital room. In that moment, I knew God was with us as well as the support from people all over the U.S.,” Shue said. Kidd as well as other LTS staff, his professors and classmates

SPRING 2017 | VOL 53, No. 1

Kasey Shue would utlimately spend three months in the hospital, and when she returned home, she was unable to feed or care for herself. Shue’s sole focus became helping his wife to recover. His mother moved in with them to help care for the children, and Shue needed to pause his studies at LTS for a full six months. “The professors went above and beyond to work with me,” Shue said. “I was able to resume my studies during the summer, and LTS continued to show support. I was welcomed back with remarkable compassion.” With physical therapy several times a week, Kasey was able to battle back to health and was on her feet again by June. Several months later, she continues to experience pain and fatigue, but Shue is amazed by her recovery.

Presidential Scholar Named The Presidential Scholarship is awarded each year to a student who has the intellectual capacity and gifts for ministry to lead God’s church. Presidential scholars are selected based upon their previous academic performance, letters of recommendations, and exceptional promise for a future in congregational ministry. This year’s presidential scholar is Cecilia Sheahan. Sheahan is an M.Div. student from the Church of the Savior (United Church of Christ) in Knoxville, Tenn.

Pettyjohn Receives McCaw Scholarship M.Div. student Pamela Pettyjohn was one of two Disciples chosen by the College of Regional Ministers to receive the John and Maxine MCCaw Scholarship for Prophetic Living, Preaching, and Teaching. The scholarship, held in trust at the Christian Church Foundation and administered by the College of Regional

The experience cemented Shue’s connections with his LTS family.


reached out during those frightening hours and beyond, enveloping the family in support. “Words cannot express the level of appreciation I have for LTS. This is not just a seminary. It is more like a family,” Shue said.


“Although the Seminary utilizes distance education, my relationships with fellow students and professors are much stronger than such relationships I had at a traditional university,” Shue said. Shue plans to graduate in 2018, continue in parish ministry and possibly pursue a doctoral degree. “I will always be a lifelong supporter of LTS and encourage everyone seeking a seminary education to attend. Everyone should have an opportunity to experience a community of support like what exists at LTS,” he said.

Ministers, was created by the McCaws in 2012 to encourage a “prophetic” voice from the pulpit that seeks to eliminate evil and enhance goodness in human relations and in international relations. Dr. McCaw says that the pulpit must be informed, alert, emboldened and fearless, and this scholarship provides resources to help ease any educational debt for future preachers.

Webster Keynotes Florida Disciples Women’s Retreat M.Div. student Donna Webster, of Radford, Va., and Director of Disciples Women for the Virginia Region, was the keynote speaker for the Fall Florida Disciples Women Retreat at Florida’s Retreat Center in Silver Springs, Fla. The theme of the retreat was The Purpose of Sisterhood. Webster challenged participants by exploring three areas of purpose: to be fed, to learn, and to lead. Webster led a special “dinner church” on Saturday night. This new model, based on the meals shared by early Christians, includes songs, communion and an informal sermon. Participants work

Shue, left, leading the dedication service for his young nephew at Southwood Memorial Christian Church.

Student notes

cooperatively with the food preparation and cleanup. Donna was exposed to this innovative ministry by LTS Assistant Professor Dr. Barbara Blodgett.

Jindra Called as Assistant Pastor M.Div. student Leila Jindra, of Wooster, Ohio, was called as the Assistant Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in December. This is her first official pastoral position.

McCormick Called as Pastor Ryan McCormick, an M.Div. student from Albany, Ky., was called to be the pastor of First Christian Church, Albany, in November.

Gibson Presents Paper M.Div. student Kimberly Gibson of Lexington, Ky., presented her paper “From the Outside, In: A Study of the Effects of Internal Colonization on Christianity in Central Appalachia,” at the Appalachian Studies Association Conference in March. She plans to submit it for publication.

Alumni/ae notes


In Memoriam

8/1/2016 through 2/21/2017

Harry Allen, Former Trustee January 25, 2016 Eugene Littler, Friend August 25, 2016 John Chenault, B.D. ’42, Trustee Emeritus August 29, 2016

Rev. Sara Galindo, M.Div. ‘92, was installed as the pastor of Luray Christian Church, Luray, Va., in November. The Rev. Lee Parker officiated. Galindo has served churches in Iowa for more than 20 years and has been a Hospice chaplain. Rev. Mary Runge, M.Div. ‘16 was appointed as the associate pastor of First United Methodist Church, Galesburg, Ill., in January.

Upcoming events

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Otis Swords, B.D. ’53 September 14, 2016

March 19-20 Board of Trustees meeting, LTS campus

Lewis Rhodes, B.D. ’57 September 16, 2016

25 (and April 1 and 8) Lay School of Theology: Does the Bible Tell Me So? Dr. Margie Ralph Register online at:

Oscar Mayes, B.D. ’63 September 22, 2016 Hazel McCuiston, M.Div. ’69 September 27, 2016 Ann Pugh, Friend September 28, 2016 Juliet Cate, Friend October 10, 2016 Berlin Hanks, M.Div. ’68 November 1, 2016 Stephen Cranford, M.Div. ’69 December 6, 2016 Ralph Smith, Former Student December 10, 2016 James Cox, M.Div. ’51, D.Min. ’74 January 6, 2017 Frank McCartney, Friend January 7, 2017 James Hazelrigg, M.Div. ’84, Former Trustee January 25, 2017 Bettie Jean Hamlin Paulk, Former Trustee February 20, 2017


April 22 Creating Vital Congregations webinar: Youth Ministry in Small Churches Rev. Bill Spangler-Dunning Register online at: May 20 Creating Vital Congregations webinar: Congregational and Pastoral Care by Laity Dr. Jeney Park-Hearn Register online at: June 2 17th Annual LTS Golf Scramble University Club of Kentucky 12:30 p.m. Register online at: 16 LTS Commencement, Crestwood Christian Church Lexington, Ky. 10 a.m. 16-25 June Intensives 24 Cane Ridge Day July 9 LTS after-session following evening worship at Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) General Assembly (tickets available online through registration) 10 LTS luncheon at General Assembly (tickets available online through registration)


SPRING 2017 | VOL 53, No. 1

LTS President Named to In Trust Board of Directors LTS President Charisse L. Gillett was recently elected to the board of directors of the In Trust Center for Theological Schools. The In Trust Center for Theological Schools is a membership organization that strengthens the governance and institutional capacity of theological schools, promotes their health, and facilitates their renewal through resource consulting, education, and publications.

Schade Installed as Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship Lexington Theological Seminary celebrated the installation of the Rev. Dr. Leah Schade as Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship. She was installed at a Jan. 28 chapel service at LTS. The. Rev. William Gafkjen, Bishop of the Indiana-Kentucky Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), participated in the service, along with President Charisse L. Gillett; Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean and Professor of Hebrew Bible Richard D. Weis; Trustee William McDonald; faculty members Dr. Emily Askew, Dr. Barbara Blodgett, and Dr. Jerry Sumney; and LTS students Anthony DeLucia, M.Div., and the Rev. Stephanie Moon, D.Min. Maureen Howell provided music for the service. Schade began teaching at LTS in August. An ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America for 16 years, she earned her Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, with concentrations on theology for ministry and mission, and contemporary theology. She is an experienced pastor, author, and professional harpist. Schade and her husband, Jim, live in Lexington, with their children, Rachel and Benjamin.

Seminary Hosts ‘Teach In’

Sumney Leads Text Studies

A full house and a number of online participants took part in a teach-in offered by LTS faculty the afternoon of Jan. 20, following the presidential inauguration, to “foster a discussion on how Christians who are concerned with justice and goodwill should live out their faith in the current political environment.”

Dr. Jerry Sumney, Professor of Biblical Studies, led the pastors of the Presbytery of Cincinnati in a study of a Lenten lectionary text in March. The following day, he led the District 9 ministers of Kentucky in a study of the Easter text of Matthew.

Topics presented included:

In April, he will give Barton College’s Purcell Bible Conference Lecture at the North Carolina regional assembly. Dr. Sumney will also be a presenter at a distance education study group at the Christian Scholars Conference in June in Nashville.

• Debunking Fake News Opening presentations by: Richard Weis – insights from the OT prophets Leah Schade – The Church’s Role in the Age of Disintegrationism • Constructing Hope Opening presentations by: Jerry Sumney – New Testament resources Emily Askew – theological resources for putting hope into practice • Being the Change Barbara Blodgett – a range of ways to be involved in social change Charisse Gillett – leading a congregation in these times Faculty also provided handouts so that those in attendance could have some practical tools to use in their own contexts. The event closed with prayer.

Schade Launches New Project The Rev. Dr. Leah Schade, Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship, launched an online questionnaire as part of a research project regarding how Mainline Protestant preachers serving congregations in the United States handle sermons on controversial justice issues. The project, titled “Preaching in the Purple Zone: Homiletics in the Red/ Blue Divide,” aims to establish both scriptural and theological rationale and authorization for addressing contentious issues. The goal is to encourage and equip pastors and congregations to address vital justice issues during this challenging time in our nation.

Gillett Keynotes Christmount Workshop Dr. Gillett served as the keynote speaker at the annual workshop at Christmont Camp at Black Mountain, N.C., for elders and deacons in early March. The workshop was co-sponsored by Christmont and LTS. The Elders and Deacons Workshop offers church leaders intense training for these two vital lay ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Faculty Serving on ATS Group Drs. Blodgett, Sumney and Dean Weis are serving as members of an Association of Theological Schools(ATS) working group on how to do formation in an online context. The working group will be meeting in Pittsburg at ATS headquarters in April.

Lee Retires After 39 Years at Church The Rev. Dr. Bill Lee, Vice-Chair of the LTS Board of Trustees, retired at the end of October after 39 years of ministry as pastor at Loudon Avenue Christian Church in Roanoke. The theme of the gala banquet and retirement celebration at the Hotel Roanoke was “You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet — Greater is Coming!”


LTS Updates



Appreciation Gifts November 11, 2016-February 6, 2017 In memory of... Reverend David E. Adams Rev. and Mrs. B. Dinsmore Nisbet Dr. James M. Wray Jr. Dr. William Barr Mrs. Donna Barr Dr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Bell Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut Dr. Jerry D. Elmore Rev. Sharon B. Fields Mrs. Jodi Fuller Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Gibson Dr. A. S. Ginn and Rev. Sharon H. Ginn Dr. and Mrs. John B. Hart Mr. and Mrs. David J. Impastato Dr. and Mrs. James P. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Johnson Jr. Rev. Sally B. McClain Rev. Dr. Bennett Poage Dr. and Mrs. David W. Sharrard Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Skinner Mr. and Mrs. Nathan S. Smith Rev. James H. Trader II Dr. James M. Wray Jr. Rev. Johnny W. Wray

John C. Chenault Dr. and Mrs. David W. Sharrard David P. Cheverton Mrs. Linda Cheverton Reverend R. Lanier Clance Dr. Pauline Rose Clance George W. Coats Rev. and Mrs. Jack O. Baldwin Benjamin L. Cowgill Mrs. Sue Ann Cowgill


Tommy Howard Dr. and Mrs. David W. Sharrard Paul A. Johnson Mrs. Charlotte Johnson Geneva and Paul Jones Rev. Betsy Jones Steier Goehrig Larry Paul Jones Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut Rev. Dr. Frances H. Gay Dr. James M. Wray Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Mains Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed L. Allen Mr. and Mrs. John L. Mains Jr.

Dr. James A. Cox Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Stauffer

Rev. Oscar L. Mayes Mrs. Lynn C. Cohee Dr. James R. Craddock Mrs. Ruby Mayes

June Coy Rev. Kenneth Coy

Hazel McCuiston Rev. Mildred F. Slack

C.E. Crank Jr. Mrs. Melba C. Crank

Rev. Marion McElveen Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut

Charles E. Dietze Dr. and Mrs. William B. Dozier

Ms. Fern McLean The Honorable and Mrs. Benny Dickinson

Anthony L. Dunnavant Mr. and Mrs. L. Leon Durham Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. R.B. Montgomery Mrs. Ann Moses Watts

Edith H. Dunnavant Mr. and Mrs. L. Leon Durham Jr.

Franklin Moosnick Dr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Bell

Rev. Walter L. Bingham Jr. Mrs. Ethel M. Bingham

Ezra LeRoy Dunnavant Mr. and Mrs. L. Leon Durham Jr.

Robert C. Nolan Mrs. Karen D. Nolan

Noel Vernon Blankenship LoAnn Blankenship Dr. and Mrs. William J. Nottingham Rev. William S. Ryan and Rev. Narka K. Ryan

Connie Elmore Dr. James M. Wray Jr.

Richard Pope Dr. and Mrs. William B. Dozier

Sonny Fountain Rev. Johnny W. Wray

James M. Powell Mrs. James Powell

David F. Boston Mrs. Myrtle Jo Boston

Newton “Fig” Fowler Mrs. Joy Flowers Rev. Johnny W. Wray

Betty Puckett Mr. and Mrs. William M. Luckett

Clayton H. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Victor Singer Carlos D. Brown Dr. Charisse L. Gillett and Rev. Donald K. Gillett Cathy P. Brown Dr. Charisse L. Gillett and Rev. Donald K. Gillett Tim Browning Dr. and Mrs. John R. Browning Marcus D. Bryant Mrs. Ann Moses Watts Carey Carter Dr. Larry L. Chambers

Dr. L. Coleman Games Mrs. Katherine Games Dr. Ronald W. Graham Dr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Bell Dr. and Mrs. William B. Dozier James O. Hazelrigg Mr. James M. Groves Dr. James M. Wray Jr. Dr. James A. Hilton Mrs. Carolyn J. Fuller Tropical Sands Christian Church Dana Bly Horan Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Bales Mrs. Anna Belle Horan

Mrs. Florence Reneau Rev. Betty Reneau Rev. Lewis C. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Randy McGraw Rev. and Mrs. L. M. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kaufman Dr. James M. Seale Mrs. Mary Dudley Seale Joan Smith Ms. Ruth Willis Rev. Ralph L. Smith Dr. James M. Wray Jr. Diane Steffer Dr. and Mrs. David L. Alexander

SPRING 2017 | VOL 53, No. 1

Otis Swords Dr. and Mrs. David L. Alexander Rev. Douglas A. Alexander and Ms. Paula Simonton-Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. William L. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Simmons Mrs. Joyce Swords Raymond and Louise Terry Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. Bray

Would you like to show appreciation for someone’s life and ministry? Making a gift to the Ministerial Education Fund in someone’s memory or honor is a special way to pay tribute to that person’s life and ministry. To give, or for more information, call Mark Blankenship at (859) 280-1250 or email

Ola Harrison Dr. Margaret J. Hickman Jim and Lynn Hazelrigg N. Powell Prillaman Ms. Imogene Heaberlin Hacker Dr. William A. Curwood and Rev. Linda L. Curwood Jim and Nancy Johnson Cypress Village Christian Worship Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut Mrs. Evelyn N. Watkins

Sandy Trout Mr. Raymond J. Trout

Trudy Betts Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut

Gary Kidwell Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut

Martha Vimont Mr. Alfred B. Vimont

Mark and Kim Blankenship Mrs. Evelyn N. Watkins

Arthur Wake Rev. Dennis R. Zimmerman

Rev. Fay Blevins Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut

Michael Kinnamon Dr. Jim Caton Rev. Anne Elizabeth Gregory Rev. Jean Hawxhurst and Mr. Jerry Cappel

Hal Watkins Dr. and Mrs. David L. Alexander LoAnn Blankenship Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Jarman Dr. and Mrs. James P. Johnson Rev. and Mrs. Gary W. Kidwell Ms. Jane Lollis Ms. Barbara E. Pfeifle Mr. Samuel G. Reel Jr. Dr. A. Guy Waldrop Dr. James M. Wray Jr.

Loren Broadus Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut

Rev. John H. Weaver Mrs. John H. Weaver Norman West Mrs. Mary Vallie West Paul F. Wilson Mrs. Dede Wilson Arnett L. Winn Mrs. Ruth Winn Dr. and Mrs. H.T. Wood Mr. Steve D. Wood Rev. David M. Woods Dr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Linberg

In honor of... Rev. Z. Allen Abbott Mrs. Don Staub

Revs. Jeff and Ann Bruce The Honorable and Mrs. Benny Dickinson Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Brumley Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bridwell Central Christian Church, Lexington, Ky. Rev. Chad G. Snellgrove David Clark Sr. Dr. Charisse L. Gillett and Rev. Donald K. Gillett

Mrs. Ruth Kitchen Rev. Ann Clay Adams EB & Jody Lowman Rev. and Ms. B. Dinsmore Nisbet Nancy McKenney Ms. Dolores Yilibuw Don McLaughlin and staff of First Christian Madisonville, Ky. Mrs. Mary Haylee Hancock Stephanie McLaughlin Rev. and Mrs. Donald R. McLaughlin Drs. William and Sally Paulsell Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Blankenship

Paul and Mary Crow Rev. Mildred F. Slack

Joseph Pusateri Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut

Anna Hope Curwood Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Bales Mrs. Don Staub Mr. and Mrs. Mack Vann Mr. and Mrs. David H. Windley Rev. and Mrs. Richard V. Ziglar

Dr. Margie Ralph Ms. Dabney E. Parker

Dr. Bill Curwood and Rev. Linda Curwood Mr. and Mrs. Mack Vann Carol Devine Rev. Jan M. Ehrmantraut Sharyn Dowd Rev. Anne Elizabeth Gregory Rev. Mary Baber Reed

Donna Barr Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Skinner

Jan & Curt Ehrmantraut Rev. Gloria F. Bucher Dr. Ronda S. Connaway

Wayne Bell Mr. and Mrs. Gervis Showalter

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Goodman Rev. and Mrs. Donald L. Richardson

Kristen Bentley Mrs. Julia Thorne

Kenneth Hardway Mr. Joel A. Potts

Warren Rosenthal Dr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Bell Dr. Sharrard Rev. and Mrs. Richard B. Hanna Rev. Dennis R. Zimmerman Rev. Stephen Smythers Mr. Joel A. Potts Jerry Sumney Mrs. Karen May Drs. William and Sally Paulsell Tom Teater Rev. Bob Silvanik Carol Tyler Mrs. Mary Dudley Seale Joanne Ver Burg Mrs. Mary Dudley Seale White Oak Pond Christian Church Rev. Chad G. Snellgrove


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Spring Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 1  

Spring Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 1