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Tech-Savvy Resident Thrives at Wesley Village Senior Living Community.


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While Caring for Her Mother, Lexington Woman Discovers the Full Range of Services at Hospice of the Bluegrass.

Alzheimer’s Risk Dr. Gregory Jicha Offers Calculator To Determine Your Risk as You Age

Best Friend’s Approach Virginia Bell’s Method Uses the Past To Communicate in the Present

Retirement Planning John McIntosh Explains What Retirees Can Learn From Endowments

Learn The Lingo Understanding the Levels of Care In Elder Housing

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The Truth About IRAs

Jason Veinot Offers Distribution Strategies for Your Savings

Resource List From Alzheimer’s to Ways to Stay Active, A Complete Directory

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Which events of life haven’t you planned?


Planning and funding your funeral is the responsible thing to do. And it makes good sense. Why? Because it lifts the emotional and financial burdens off the shoulders of the ones you love at a time when they are least able to handle them. There aren’t any rules, but there is a guide. xpressions Contact us today for a free advance planning guide and no obligation consultation.

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Life is measured in moments...

Make every moment count. Whether it was raising our family, pursuing careers or giving back to the community, we’ve done our best to make every moment of our lives count. The same is true now. That’s why we chose a Brookdale community for our retirement. Our days begin and end in a spacious apartment home. But in between there are endless opportunities to do the things that matter most to us, like travel, fitness, hobbies and enjoying the company of friends and family. Come see how our community can help you make the most of your life.


Independent Living Personal Care Community Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Exceptional Experiences Every DaySM 3051 Rio Dosa Drive Lexington, Kentucky 40509

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2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||



Senior Wesley Village Resident Thrives in Digital World

by John Lynch


ant to know why Apple’s stock is trading at nearly $700 a share? Check out the devices and gadgets at Jeanette Stevenson’s home in Wilmore. With her iPhone, iPod and iPad, she is Apple to the core.

She also has a laptop that is hooked up to her brand new 3-D TV. (She just traded in her HD for the latest technology). She has a Facebook page and she often chats with her friends through Skype. With all her technology, Stevenson is like most Americans. Except that Stevenson is 76 years old and lives in a retirement community. You don’t find too many folks born during the Depression using a smart



phone to check football scores or streaming her favorite radio station through her iPod. Her fellow residents at Wesley Village Senior Living Community know that when it comes to technology, Stevenson is the go-to gal. “A resident told me her e-mail locked up and asked me to look at it, so I fixed it for her,” Stevenson said. “Another resident asked if I had a smart phone. When I said yes, he said,

‘I thought so.’ “I guess I have people snowed. They think I’m cutting edge.” She always has been. Born in western Canada, Stevenson earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan, studied theology in Massachusetts and at UC Berkeley during the turbulent 1960s and then became an editor, landing in Lexington at the University Press of Kentucky. After 16 years at UK and six at an industrial rubber company, she was hired in 1989 by the Lexington police department. A civilian, she worked there for 12 years, finishing in the property and evidence room in 2001 when she retired. That explains why her DVR is filled with true crime TV shows. In 2006, Stevenson moved into a patio home in Wesley Village, where

she lives independently. “I’m very happy here. It’s like a big extended family,” said Stevenson, who has not married. “I participate in the activities, and it’s nice to talk with people. There are so many people here with fascinating backgrounds.” Like Stevenson herself. Technology has always interested her – in the 1980s she earned an associate’s degree in computer science. She bought her Apple 3S iPhone a year ago and uses her iPad for games (Angry Birds), to research her family tree at and to stream ESPN 3 and watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. Along with streaming radio programs on her iPod, she listens to an eclectic mix of music – Tammy Wynette and Marvin Gaye, Dolly Parton and Phil Collins, Whitney Houston and Lady Antebellum.

With her laptop connected to her TV, she streams documentaries and free movies through HBO Go, and she purchased the 3-D set in time for the Olympics. “I put on the glasses and watched springboard diving, and it really gives you the full experience. I loved it,” she said. She started Skyping a few months ago with Charles “Eck” Branham, who lives in Nicholasville. (“I feel a little old calling him my boyfriend,” she said.) Even at night, when it’s time for a little quiet reading, Stevenson remains plugged in and flips on her Kindle e-reader. “I have to be on top of technology,” Stevenson said. “I enjoy being up-todate. I don’t want to lag behind.” Don’t worry, Jeanette. That doesn’t seem likely. Y

One Man’s Opinion


ith a brand new smart phone strapped to his belt, 87-year-old Cliff Harstad looks like another tech-savvy senior at Wesley Village. Not so fast. “Do you want to know what I think of this phone?” Harstad asks. “Not much.” How come? “It’s too big. I can’t fit it in my pocket, and it can do too many things that I will never use.” The phone was a gift from Harstad’s son, who told his father it was time to get up-to-date. “I was going to tell him to forget it and not bother to buy me a new phone, but then I read my horoscope,” Harstad said. “It said something like, ‘It’s the digital age. Get with it.’ “So I didn’t say anything to my son.” Harstad now wishes he had his old phone back. But at least there’s a moral to the story, he said. “Don’t read your horoscope.” Y

All Residents Can Get Wired At Wesley Village


eanette Stevenson isn’t the only wired resident at Wesley Village. In fact, the staff at the Wilmore retirement community brings technology to all residents through its Never Too Late computers. Wesley Village, a continuum of care community, has four of the user-friendly touch-screen computers – one in Holloway Cottage small home for memory care, one in the Community Center for all residents and two for use by the staff with residents in personal and skilled care. Alan Beuscher is Vice President for Community Relations and has worked at Wesley Village since it opened 17 years ago. He has seen an explosion of technology use among residents. “Because the computers are so easy to use, I see residents on them all the time,” he said. “Residents use Skype to talk to their grandkids and interact with family members from a distance.” The computers are a big hit in group settings as well, according to Activity Director Judith Edwards. Karaoke, old movies, TV shows and games such as mahjong and crossword puzzles are popular. “We use the computers to get everyone involved,” Edwards said. “It’s also good with memory care residents. It stimulates their memories and gets them involved. “We’ve also taught finger knitting through You Tube, and that’s great for mind-hand coordination. We’re all very excited about how technology helps the residents.” Y 2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||


What’s Your Risk

for Alzheimer’s?


espite decades of research that have identified dozens of risks for Alzheimer’s, age itself remains the No. 1 risk factor for this devastating disease.

activity, limited social interactions and activities, and a history of head trauma. Aside from family history, every other risk factor is under our control. This simple fact is a “war call” to Even in the face of advanced age and take arms and defend yourself as the a clear family history of Alzheimer’s birthdays roll by. disease, reducing these other risk Although we can do little to stop factors could make a vital difference in the aging process, many other risks your brain’s health. for Alzheimer’s disease are under our We would all like to think we are at control. low risk for Alzheimer’s disease, but are Risks include a family history of we really? Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, high To help answer that question, we have cholesterol, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, put together a simple risk calculator poor diet, diabetes, lack of mental (see inset) to assess your Alzheimer Risk Calculator for Modifiable Risks personal risk (Other risks exist that have not been included here) for Alzheimer’s Decreased Risk Item Score Increased Risk disease. Family history of Alzheimer’s No family members with The calculator 2.1 Alzheimer’s 1 is not exact, No diabetes or well controlled Poorly controlled diabetes and many of diabetes 1 1.9 our friends and colleagues Normal or well controlled blood Poorly controlled blood would suggest pressure 1 pressure 2.8 it oversimplifies Normal or well controlled High or poorly controlled the process of cholesterol <200 1 cholesterol >200 2.6 risk assessment. Head trauma 1.9 No head trauma 1 But we think it is a simple Smoker 1.7 Non- smoker 1 way to gauge Regular exercise (more than 2 Low exercise (less than 2 how hard hours per week) 0.4 hours per week) 1 you may have to work to Standard American diet (low Healthy “Mediterranean” diet promote your in fruits & vegetables, high in (rich in fruits, nuts, vegetables brain health. fats) 1 and low in fats) 0.3 Take a Low mental activity (less than High mental activity (more than moment to use 2 hours per week) 1 2 hours per week) 0.5 the calculator. Low social activity (less than High social activity (more than If your risk is 2 hours per week) 1.9 2 hours per week) 0.6 greater than 1, you really need TOTAL SCORE (Add all scores and divide by 10) to get to work, but what exactly t If your total risk is less than 1, you have a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s should you do? t If your total risk is equal to 1, you are at average risk for Alzheimer’s First, visit t If your total risk is greater than you have an increased risk for Alzheimer’s your doctor if disease and poor brain health as you age. you are unsure



By Dr. Gregory A. Jicha & Sarah Tarrant, MSW

Dr. Gregory A. Jicha, is Associate Professor of Neurology at UK and Robert T. & Nyles Y. McCowan Endowed Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease at Sanders-Brown Center on Aging. Sarah Tarrant is the Research and Community Outreach Coordinator. of whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Also, check with your doctor to be sure that an exercise program is safe. Always wear your seat belt when driving, a helmet when bicycling, and try to avoid activities that could lead to head injury. If you smoke, quit. Set aside just 20 minutes a day for physical exercise, another 20 minutes for engaged mental exercise, and at least two social outings each week of at least one hour in length. You might have noticed that the only way to score less than 1 on this test is to improve your diet and increase your levels of physical, mental and social activity. Our tips for healthy brain aging are best accomplished if incorporated into a schedule you can follow. Write down suggested meals for a healthy brain diet a week in advance and stick to it! One closing reminder: On behalf of the many beloved patients with Alzheimer’s disease for whom we care, we would like to point out that many who succumb to this disease have done all the right things. Sometimes the world is just not fair, and our patients with Alzheimer’s disease have done nothing wrong to bring this disease upon themselves. They deserve nothing but our compassion and care as they battle this devastating disease. Info: or call Sanders-Brown Center on Aging at (859) 323-5550.Y

Dementia: Be a Best Friend Virginia Bell’s Approach Uses the Past To Foster Communication in the Present


Margaret McCoskey, MSSW, Community Relations Manager Christian Care Communities 516 Maryland Ave. / 258-2226

elationships revolve around beautiful young girl.” communication, and good Or you may know that Dad arguments, knowing you will never communication among family won an award for public speaking in “win.” members can be difficult enough college. Use positive language and speak without adding dementia to the mix. This knowledge could spark softly and distinctly. Avoid “baby-talk.” So when a family is faced with a conversation, thus utilizing his longThis is disrespectful and belittling. member displaying symptoms of term memory that is still intact. Remember that body language dementia, it is difficult to know is transferable. just what to say and what not With a person with dementia, it is Remain calm and relaxed to say. when conversing. Speak Virginia Bell of Lexington is difficult to know what to say and directly to the individual, using co-author of the “Best Friends” what not to say. direct eye contact. Remember book series and founder of that non-verbal cues are as the Best Friends approach to important as verbal. dementia care. The more that is known Be aware of the environment. Her approach utilizes the life story about an individual’s past, the Familiarity conveys comfort to a of the person with dementia. greater opportunity for creating person with dementia. Suppose your dad talks about communication in the present. Rooms that are relaxed, quiet and his childhood but can’t articulate Other useful communication tips soft-lit foster a sense of security, trust the name of his sibling and grows include: and confidence. agitated. Be patient. Allow time for the That can set the stage for solid If you know the name, you could person to “find the word.” Avoid communication within the family. Y say, “Yes, your sister Louise was a


for your loved one during the day Christian Care Communities’ Adult Day Centers allow family caregivers to maintain their schedules, while their loved ones enjoy the company of new friends, stimulating activities, personal & nursing care, and meals in a safe, home-like setting. Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m - 5:30 p.m.

Christian Care Adult Day Center 516 Maryland Ave. Lexington

Best Friends™ Adult Day Center 460 East Main St. Lexington

Call to schedule a tour today

(859) 254-5300

Opening Mid-2013; Bridgepoint of Ashgrove Woods in Brannon Crossing Offering: Personal Care, Memory Care, Adult Day Center 2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||




Hospice W

hen Gale Reece’s active, 87-year-old mother, JoAnn Griffin, suddenly fell ill during a visit to Florida, the resulting diagnosis – kidney failure and cancer – was devastating to the family. A 41-day hospital stay, kidney dialysis and a bevy of specialists quickly added to the family’s stress. How to coordinate all the care? Reece called on Esther Hurlburt, a Lexington elder care manager, to help navigate her mother’s illness. Hurlburt’s ultimate recommendation was to call Hospice of the Bluegrass. Hospice? Reece had not thought to call in Hospice so soon after her mother’s diagnosis. “Hospice is not just for the end of life,” Reece said. “This is what the public needs to know.” Reece met with Dr. Coté, Hospice’s Chief Medical Officer who not only visited Mrs. Griffin in the hospital but met with all the medical specialists in charge of her heart, kidney and cancer issues. Dr. Coté coordinated Mrs. Griffin’s care and provided the family an overview of her condition. “He had the overarching view about quality of life, where she should live, what help she would need,” Reece said. “You can’t buy the kind of care and coordination that Hospice gave us.” Many people believe Hospice of the Bluegrass is appropriate only in the last few days of life. The organization provides much more.



Gale Reece, right, with her mother JoAnn Griffin. After Mrs. Griffin became ill, Hospice of the Bluegrass coordinated her care. Hospice offers nurses who visit with patients, nursing assistants to help with bathing and dressing, social workers to provide counseling to patients and families, a chaplain, volunteers who can assist with practical needs such as transportation or respite care, and bereavement care for surviving family members. After her hospital stay Mrs. Griffin

moved to Richmond Place Retirement Community where she continued to receive Hospice care until she passed away in May 2012. “Hospice helped us immeasurably,” Reece said. “I don’t know how we would have done it without them.” Reece hopes others can learn from her experience. “This is the new Hospice today. It’s not what I thought it was.” Y

What Is Hospice? Hospice care is for people with a serious illness who want to focus on quality of life. Typically this means the last six months of a person’s life. Hospice’s services include a team of highly trained professionals who partner with patients, their family and their doctors to maximize a patient’s quality of life. This team consists of: t A hospice physician specially trained in managing pain and other bothersome symptoms. t A hospice nurse who routinely visits patients in their residence to ensure a patient is comfortable and to educate the patient and caregiver on the likely progression of disease. t A certified nursing assistant who

assists with bathing and dressing. t A social worker who provides counseling services to the patient and family. t A chaplain who provides spiritual care and support to the patient and family. t A volunteer who offers }}} Page 10

Senior Living Community A Non-Profit Faith-Based Community

Serving the Lexington Area for Over 10 Years WE OFFER:

Independent Garden Homes Assisted Living Apartments Secure Memory Care Neighborhood


We offer the Best Prices on HEARING AIDS...NO PRESSURE Sales!

Garden Home

Model Open By Appointment.

Front porch, maintenancefree living with many amenities and services to meet your active lifestyle Final Phase of Garden Homes under construction. Call 859-543-9449 for more information.

Assisted Living Apartments Kim Desmond, MS, CCC-A (left) Audiologist & Hearing Specialist

Call For Your Appointment Today! 859-885-0150 www.BluegrassAudiology 100 John Sutherland Drive Suite 4 Nicholasville Next to Sutherland Chevrolet 5 minutes from Brannon Crossing

Enjoy 3 Restaurant-Style Meals Weekly Housekeeping Scheduled Transportation/Excursions Security, Activities and More


701 Liberty Ridge Lane Lexington Ky 40509 2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||


What Is Hospice Continued from Page 8

Dr rick Graebe

Blindness can be sneaky. If you haven’t had a comprehensive eye exam recently, now is the time. Diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration slowly steal your eyesight. But they can be prevented if detected early by a qualified Optometrist. If you or a loved one are over 50, call Family Eyecare Associates today to schedule an eye exam. It could help save your eyesight before you know you’re losing it.

879-3665 Dr. Rick Graebe, OD, FCOVD Dr. Regina Callihan Dr. Jennifer Vanhook

105 Crossfield Dr. Versailles

“I wish we had called Hospice sooner.”Hospice “My Dad’s health was declining and Mom struggled to care for him. Then Mom asked about Hospice. The Hospice team came to our house and cared for Dad and the whole family.” “I urge everyone to call as early as possible. Hospice is for the last phase of life, not just the last days.”

practical support to the patient and family such as transportation, respite care, etc. t Bereavement programs (individual and group counseling).

Hospice Services Also Include: t All medications related to managing the primary diagnosis. t Medical equipment and supplies needed to make an individual more comfortable. t To be eligible for hospice care an individual must meet the following criteria: Have a serious illness with a prognosis of six months or less to live. Elect hospice care so the focus of treatments is on palliating symptoms related to the primary diagnosis. t Hospice care is available to all eligible individuals irrespective of age or diagnosis.

Where Does Hospice Care Occur: Hospice services are provided wherever a patient resides. This includes but is not limited to: t Home residence. t Nursing Home facility. t Assisted-Living facility.

Who Pays For Hospice: Hospice services are covered by: t Medicare. t Medicaid. t Department of Veteran Affairs. t Most private insurance plans. t Hospice of the Bluegrass is a nonprofit organization that accepts all eligible patients regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay for services.

How Can I Learn More: (800) 876-6005

p 859.223.1765 f 859.224.2470

(859) 296-6100 (800) 876-6005



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We do all the work while you have all the fun!

Monkey Joe’s

• Over 16,000 square feet of inflatable slides, jumps, and obstacle courses • Private party rooms and great party packages • Parent lounge with free WiFi • Concessions • Field trips, group events Ever wanted Monkey Joe's all to yourself? Ask about our Private and Semi-private parties!

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Planning For Your Future Why Retirees Should Invest More Like Endowments By John M. McIntosh


ddie Endowment or Randy Retiree? Maybe both. In our practice we spend most of our time helping retirees create income from their investments. The rest of our time is spent helping endowments create income from their investments.

While endowments often plan for a longer period of time than retirees, in reality they are strikingly similar investment problems. Hmmm, wonder what each could learn from the other? Turns out, quite a bit. Since this magazine is directed toward retirees, let’s focus most on what retirees can learn from endowments. Today’s retirees need to plan for at least one spouse receiving a “rising stream of income” for maybe 25 to 35 or even 45 years. Again, both retirees and endowments are interested in creating a “rising stream of income” from their investments. The endowment folks seem to better understand the need to plan for inflation and make plans accordingly. Why the difference? One might be perspective. An endowment board takes one or two steps back from the situation and looks at the “big picture.”



Board members are often required to act as “fiduciaries” and make decisions by following “the prudent man rule.” To aid this process they will formulate and Investment Policy Statement and a Spending Policy

“emotional” decisions. My best advice to retirees is to view your need for income in retirement as an endowment board would. Put yourself and your spouse on the board of directors. Engage a competent advisor to help you craft your own personal Investment Policy Statement and Spending Policy Statement. Meet regularly and then relax knowing that you have a discipline in place that will guide you through what, we hope, will be a long, fulfilling retirement. Y

The endowment folks seem to better understand the need to plan for inflation.

Statement. They put these “statements” in place and use them as a guide for years at a time and only occasionally make Dale Ditto (right) and John McIntosh adjustments. (left) have more than 50 years combined This disciplined experience as financial advisers. exercise seems to McIntosh has been a financial adviser aid their ability to since 1986, and Ditto has more than 30 years experience, including 20 years as make “rational” an attorney doing estate planning. decisions and protects Info: them from making

or (800) 944-2663 / 514-6415 / 514-6417

Our Caregivers are trained to care for Alzheimer’s patients. • Personal Care • Respite Care • Light Housekeeping • Errands/Transportation • Medication Reminders • Meal Preparation • Companionship

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MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEMS Insured & Bonded Assisting Hands is locally owned and operated by Kentucky native and registered nurse Melissa Boggs, who has experience in geriatrics, and pediatrics, as well as mental health related diseases.

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Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital Physical Rehabilitation at its Best!

Serving All Ages • Inpatient Hospital Services • Outpatient Therapy Services • Home Health Care • Pain Institute Some Conditions Treated: Amputation, Arthritis, Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Orthopedics, Parkinson’s, Pulmonary, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Vestibular

2050 Versailles Rd. Lexington, KY 40504

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Christian Care Communities Christian Care Communities’ Adult Day Centers allow family caregivers to maintain their schedules, while their loved ones enjoy the company of new friends, stimulating activities, personal & nursing care, and meals in a safe, home-like setting. Christian Care Adult Day Center 516 Maryland Ave. Lexington Best Friends Adult Day Center 460 E. Main St. Lexington

(859) 254-5300


Assisted Living • Respite Care

Housing Options

Council Oaks

Assisted Living Home

(859) 887-9382 111 Coconut Grove Drive Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

Hartland Hills • 24/7 live-in managers • 3 chef prepared meals daily • Housekeeping, Maintenance, & Transportation • All part of an all-inclusive lifestyle 1005 Tanbark Road Lexington, KY 40515

(859) 317-5926 The Lafayette Retirement Community & Lexington Country Place Independent Living • Personal Care Skilled Care • Respite Care

859-278-9080 690 Mason Headley Road Lexington, Kentucky 40504

Liberty Ridge Assisted Living Apartments Independent Garden Homes • Memory Care Neighborhood

(859) 543-9449

701 Liberty Ridge Lane Lexington, Kentucky 40509

Mayfair Village

Independent Living Licensed Personal Care


3310 Tates Creek Rd. Lexington, Kentucky 40502



Lexington Morning Pointe

Housing Options

For more details on services, or to schedule a personal appointment, call or visit

233 Ruccio Way Lexington, KY 40503 (859) 554-0060 ||

Richmond Place Independent Living • Personal Care Community Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Care • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care


3051 Rio Dosa Drive Lexington, Kentucky 40509

Wesley Village Independent Living Patio Homes & Apartments ▪ Personal Care ▪ Memory Care & Nursing Home Care


1125 Lexington Road Wilmore, Kentucky 40390

The Willows At The Willows at Hamburg, our programs and services are designed with one thing in mind: exceeding the expectations of our guests and their families. Lexington’s newest provider of Short-Term Rehab • Assisted Living • Memory Care • Long-Term Care

Old Rose Bud Rd Lexington, KY 40509 859.543.03372531 •

Alliance Medical & Home Care

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• Personal Care • Respite Care • Light Housekeeping • Errands/Transportation • Medication Reminders • Meal Preparation • Companionship

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Assisting Hands Home Care Do you know someone who needs assistance at home? At Assisting Hands, our mission is to offer our clients, your loved ones, the very finest personalized home health care, allowing them to live safely and comfortably in their homes. Call Today for a FREE in Home Consultation with Registered Nurse

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of Lexington 2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||


Cardinal Hill Home Care

Award Winning Home Care Agency

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Serving the following counties: Fayette, Jessamine, Woodford, Franklin & Madison

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Home Instead Senior Care • Personal Care • Incidental Transportation • Light Housekeeping • Companionship • Dementia/Alzhimer’s Care • Shopping & Errands • Medication Reminders • Meal Preparation • Hourly/24 Hour Care Call for a free, no-obligation consultation

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inding the right care for your loved ones can be difficult, even at the best of times. Knowing the “lingo” of elder care housing can make choosing the right facility much easier. (For more information, please see Housing Guide, facing page.)

Independent Living Independent Living communities are for older adults who are able to function without supervision or personal assistance. Many communities offer services such as meals, transportation, social and recreational activities and housekeeping. Residents are usually required to sign a oneyear lease. Factors to consider include terms of the lease agreement, costs for extra services, services offered on site (exercise room, library, etc.), transportation, housekeeping and social activities offered.

Assisted Living Assisted Living is similar to Independent Living communities but with additional services, including assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, personal care and medication reminders). Some long-term care insurance policies cover the cost of Assisted Living. Factors to consider include certification, staff-resident ratio, housekeeping, transportation, shopping and laundry services.



Personal Care

Generally smaller than Assisted Living communities, Personal Care facilities offer 24-hour supervision, meals, assistance with daily activities of living, and supervision of medication intake. Factors to consider are similar to Assisted Living.

Skilled Nursing Care This level of care is most appropriate for individuals needing 24-hour supervision and health care. Individuals who are in need of rehabilitation after a hospital stay may be discharged to a nursing home for temporary care. Skilled Care may be covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Questions: Are the residents well groomed? How many beds are certified for Medicare? For Medicaid? What are the results of annual state inspections (or surveys)? Are residents encouraged to exercise their rights as outlined by the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law?

In Home Services People staying at home as long as possible may need assistance with activities of daily living such as housekeeping, laundry, shopping and even companionship. Many local businesses provide in-home services such as skilled nursing, help with medications and more.

475 S. Ashland Ave.

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital

2050 Versailles Rd.

Christian Towers Council Oaks Hartland Hills The Lafayette Lexington Country Place Liberty Ridge











1511 Versailles Rd. 111 Coconut Grove, Nicholasville 1005 Tanbark Rd.

278-9080 690 Mason Headley Rd.








701 Liberty Ridge Lane

Mayfair Village Retirement Center

3310 Tates Creek Rd.

Morning Pointe of Lexington

233 Ruccio Way

Richmond Place Richmond Place Rehab













3051 Rio Dosa Dr.

(a part of Richmond Place)

2770 Palumbo Dr.

Rose Mary C. Brooks Place

200 Rose Mary Dr. Winchester

The Villa At Chevy Chase

319 Duke Road

St. Andrews

Retirement Communities

Tanbark Health Care



700 Mason Headley Rd.

300 Stocker Dr., Richmond 1121 Tanbark Rd.

The Willows At Hamburg

2531 Old Rosebud Rd.

Wesley Village

1125 Lexington Rd., Wilmore



ts Pe

Ashland Terrace (Women Only)

ied are rtif s C Ce erâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; im he Alz aid dic ted Me cep Ac are dic ted Me cep Ac y cit pa Ca g sin ur dN e ille Car Sk are lC na rso Pe ted sis g As i n Liv nt de en ep ng Ind Livi

An Array of Offerings

129 170 2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||


Truth About IRAs Jason Veinot is President of Enhanced Capital, LLC, and specializes in creating innovative income, investment and tax solutions to help clients live well during their retirement years. He can be heard on his popular talk show, “Financial Safari,” every Saturday at noon on WJMM, 99.1 FM and Sunday at noon on WVLK, 590 AM. Contact him at (859) 231-6622.


ince 1986, Individual Retirement Accounts have allowed Americans to contribute pre-tax (taxdeductible) money with tax deferred growth that allows IRA owners to accumulate a lump sum big enough to allow them to retire in comfort. When planned properly, IRAs can provide income for life and benefits for a spouse, and a long-lasting legacy for children and grandchildren. There are four basic phases to an IRA account: Accumulation Phase - We spend our working lives in this phase, saving as much as we can for the future. Voluntary Distribution - After age 59½, people can withdraw money from their IRA without penalty but must pay federal and state income tax. Mandatory Distribution - At age 70½, the IRS implements Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) rules that force people to withdraw a minimum percentage of retirement savings, including their IRA and employer-based plans. Beneficiary Distributions - When passing on your savings to a spouse or children, there are major tax differences between the two – no tax for a spouse, and up to an 80% tax rate for children. Planning Tips: Roth Conversion – A Roth IRA



provides tax free distributions during your life and to heirs at your death. In addition, there are no RMDs at age 70½ like a traditional IRA. It may be beneficial to convert a portion of your current IRA to a Roth during your lifetime or plan for a full conversion at death. RMD Planning – People often wait too long before realizing that the mandatory distributions at 70½ increase taxable income, can create additional taxes and potentially increase the amount of Social Security being taxed. We encourage everyone by the age of 65 to plan for their upcoming distributions to avoid tax problems. IRA Distribution Strategies – How and when you take out money can affect your tax situation and investment planning. We encourage everyone to have a structured distribution (income) plan for their IRA (and 401k, 403b) to guarantee income and/or to adjust

withdrawals each year as needed. Inherited Stretch IRA Planning – Under normal guidelines, an IRA left to children must be distributed within five years. Because every dollar withdrawn will be added to your heirs taxable income, this could create substantial tax penalties. However, you can create a plan that allows your children to stretch distributions over their lifetime to reduce annual taxable income and to provide increased return potential through ongoing tax deferred growth. IRA Trust Accounts – It is rarely a good idea to leave an IRA to a trust, and it’s a bad idea to leave one to a Living Trust. However, specific trusts are designed to allow you to leave an IRA to children and make sure it stays in the family in the event of death or divorce. This trust also removes the IRA from the children’s estate and protects it from creditors while providing you the ability to control how and when the distributions are paid out. Remember, an IRA is commonly the largest asset outside of a home for many people. Understanding the phases and strategies that can help protect and grow savings for yourself and your heirs is critically important. We recommend that you seek out a professional who specializes in IRAs to help design a plan. Good Luck! Y

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• Providing personal care services that include assistance with all activities of daily living, i.e., bathing, dressing, ambulating, etc., as well as medication management by licensed nurses • 73 Personal Care Apartments, including 20 secure apartments in the Lantern for Alzheimer’s and Memory Care residents • Meaningful Day programming in the Lantern, designed to enhance quality of life, while promoting independence in residents experiencing Alzheimer’s and Memory Care disorders • Licensed and professional staff 24 hours • Beautifully landscaped courtyards and gardens • Life enrichment programs designed to enhance quality of life • Nutritious dining options • Conveniently located near Fayette Mall, Reynolds Road and Meijer’s at 233 Ruccio Way

For more details on services, or to schedule a personal appointment, call or visit Liz Chappell, Executive Director

(859) 554-0060

Morning Pointe of Lexington 233 Ruccio Way • Lexington, KY 40503

859-554-0060 Opening Summer 2013 Morning Pointe of Lexington-East 150 Shoreside Drive

The Lantern Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Disorders on the campus of Morning Pointe of Lexington on 225 Ruccio Way, Lexington Also serving Kentucky residents at locations in Frankfort, Richmond and Russell Written information relating to this community or facility’s services and policies is available upon request.

2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||


Resource List 2013

General Information AARP Kentucky Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging & Independent Living 699 Perimeter Drive (866) 665-7921 / Information about aging and disability service programs throughout the Bluegrass, including senior citizens centers, in-home care programs, adult day care programs, Home & Community Based Waiver/ Consumer Directed Option, the Kentucky Family Caregiver Program, and the National Family Caregiver Support Program. Elder Care Locator 800-677-1116 / Federally funded support services locator. Dial this number for the names and phone numbers for services anywhere in the U.S. LFUCG Office of Aging Services 200 East Main St., Rm. 328 258-3806 / Information about existing programs and



services for seniors in Fayette County. PaentCareKY Esther Hurlburt & Ann Loggins 337 E. High Street 252-0817 or 335-1287   ParentCare KY, LLC is an independent professional geriatric care management service, assisting older or disabled adults, their families or other concerned parties to realistically assess the client’s medical, emotional, social, practical, and spiritual day to day care management needs.  UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging 101 Sanders-Brown Bldg. 800 S. Limestone Street 323-6040 / World-renowned facility provides services for older people with medical and social issues. United Way’s 211 2480 Fortune Drive #250 233-4460 / General information about services in the area, including up-to-date listings of disease-related support groups.

Advocacy/Legal Access to Justice/Legal Helpline for Older Kentuckians 535 W. 2nd St., Ste. 101 (800) 200-3633 / Free legal information and referral service for older Kentuckians and their caregivers. Kentucky Assisted Living Facilities Assn. 133 Evergreen Road, Suite 212, Louisville (502) 225-5201 / (877) 905-2001 Information and listings of certified assisted living facilities throughout Kentucky.

(877) 787-0077 / Nonprofit advocacy group for residents in long-term care facilities. Provides free information about all levels of long-term care. UK College of Law Legal Clinic 630 Maxwelton Court / 257-4692 Free legal services include estate planning, guardianship, domestic abuse and financial exploitation.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Legal Aid of the Bluegrass 104 East 7th St., Covington (859) 431-8200 / Provides civil legal assistance for low income clients in the areas of government benefits, consumer, housing and family law.

Alzheimer’s Association Greater Ky. & So. Indiana Chapter Lexington Regional Office 465 E. High St. #100 266-5283 or Helpline (800) 272-3900 Education, support groups, Safe Return program, respite and other services for individuals and their caregivers across greater Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass, Inc. 1530 Nicholasville Rd. 277-9215 / 278-6072

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center 323-6040 / Research opportunities, memory

Resource List 2013 disorders clinic and education available to families, health care providers, and the community about Alzheimer’s disease. Assisting Hands 1795 Alysheba Way Ste. 7105 264-0646

Financial Assistance Fayette County PVA 101 East Vine Street, Suite 600 246-2722 Information about the homestead exemption for seniors. Jason Veinot’s Enhanced Capital 2525 Harrodsburg Rd, Ste 118 231-6622 Provides financial and retirement planning, long-term care insurance and other services. MacIntosh-Ditto Wealth Advisory Group/Hilliard Lyons 325 West Main St., Suite 200 514-6441 / (800) 944-2663 Republic Bank 2401 Harrodsburg Rd. / 224-1183 Offers a Premier 50 Account including free checking, checks, debit cards and other services. Livesay Group 185 Pasadena Drive #255 296-1913 / Financial services include payment of monthly expenses, review of medical bills, and oversight of investments. Social Security Administration 2260 Executive Dr. / (866) 530-7754 Information about retirement benefits and Supplemental Security Income (S.S.I.)

Medical Bluegrass Audiology and Hearing Aids 100 John Sutherland Drive #4 Nicholasville / 885-0150 Provides comprehensive hearing care and amplification services to the Nicholasville,

Central Kentucky area. Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital 2050 Versailles Road / 254-5701 Providing physical rehabilitation services to people of all ages. Cardinal Hill offers inpatient, outpatient and home care services. Corner Pharmacy 1701 Alexandria Drive / 309-1230 Family Eyecare Associates 105 Crossfield Dr., Versailles 879-3665 / Hospice of the Bluegrass 2409 Members Way 296-6100 / Provides quality end-of-life care and support for terminally ill adults and children at home, in nursing facilities, and at the Hospice Care Centers in Lex. Jessamine County Optical 104 Fairfiled Dr. US 27 Bypass & Hwy 169, Nicholasville / 887-2441 Kentucky Audiology & Tinnitus Services 525 Southland Dr. / 554-5384 Provides a full range of services to meet the needs of people who experience hearing loss, tinnitus or hyperacusis. Lexington Clinic 120 North Eagle Creek Dr. 258-4000 / Lexington Hearing & Speech Center 350 Henry Clay Blvd. 268-4545 / Medtronic (800) 999-3421 Medical equipment supplier. The Ridge 3050 Rio Dosa Dr. (859) 269-2325 or (800) 753-4673 Offers in-patient and out-patient services to assist the older adult in times of psychiatric distress. UK HealthCare

257-1000 / Offes a vast range of health care services at UK Hospital, the Markey Cancer Center, Gill Heart Institute, Kentucky Neuroscience & Orthopaedics Institute and three Kentucky Clinic locations.

Geritricians Dr. James Richard McCormick UK Clinic / 740 South Limestone / 323-9555 Critical Care Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Pulmonology Archana Mahesh Kudrimoti, MD UK Clinic / 740 South Limestone / 257-1000 Geriatric Medicine, Family Practice Vinay Maudar, MD 1221 South Broadway / 258-4000 Metabolism & Endocrinology, Diabetes, Geriatric Medicine Reem Kasim Falluji, MD 1101 Veterans Drive / 233-4511 Geriatric Medicine A Patrick Schneider II, MD 1401 Harrodsburg Rd. # B375 278-2081 Geriatric Medicine Nancy Stiles, MD Cardinal Hill Outpatient Clinic 2050 Versailles Road / 254-5701 UK professor & associate at Sanders Brown Center of Aging Kentucky Clinic, Wing C, Room C280 257-4888 Geriatric Medicine

Medicaid/Medicare State Health Insurance Assistance Program (877) 293-7447 or 233-4556 Assistance with questions regarding Medicaid and Medicare benefits, including Medicare Prescription Drug Program Part D.

In-Home Services Assisting Hands 1795 Alysheba Way Ste 7105 264-0646 Cardinal Hill Home Care

Services 2050 Versailles Road / 800-233-326 Comfort Keepers 2350 Regency Rd, Suite A Lexington / 224-1124 649 Charity Court, Frankfort (502) 352-2811 Provides non-medical in-home care for seniors, new moms, and rehabs, plus emergency monitoring systems. Extreme Mobility, Inc. 2551 Regency Road #105 277-0105 Family Choice Home Care 1890 Star Shoot Pkwy Ste. 170 2150 Lexington Rd. Ste. G, Richmond 333-8147 Home Instead Senior Care 207 E. Reynolds Rd. # 150 273-0085 / Provides affordable non-medical companions and home care. Senior Helpers 3070 Harrodsburg Rd. Suite #240 296-2525 332 W. Broadway, Suite #902 (502) 690-2648 Provides clients with everything from companionship to bathing to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Accessible Home Health Care of the Bluegrass 313-5167 Providing home health aides for personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship, medication reminders, and Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care and more. Bluegrass Medical Staffing 80 Codell Dr., #120 / 245-0701 Provides home-care services, including personal care, homemaking, meal preparation and medication reminders. Faith in Action: Elder Outreach 1530 Nicholasville Rd

}}} 2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||


Council Oaks

Assisted Living Home of Nicholasville “we’re better than home” • A “Home-Like” Environment Featuring 19 Private Rooms with Baths • Home Cooked Meals • Medication Reminders • 24 Hour Personal Assistance with Bathing, Dressing and Incontinence Care • Daily House Keeping and Laundry Services • Individual, Group Activities & In-House Beauty Shop • Yoga & Restorative Exercise

The Only Certified Assisted Living in Nicholasville

Resource List 2013 278-6072 / Volunteer program that helps older adults with non-medical activities such as household chores, errands and respite care for free. Free caregiving and training seminars for the community. Family Home Health Care 425 Lewis Hargett Circle 219-3939 Offers home health services including registered nurses, social workers, and physical, occupational and speech therapists. Healthy Aging Solutions 6020 Damar Court / 263-3620 Nancy Derderian, MSN, RN Provides consultation and referrals on all issues of aging.

111 Coconut Grove • Nicholasville, KY 40356 (859) 887-9382

• Personal Care • Incidental Transportation • Light Housekeeping • Companionship

Lexington’s trusted source of home and personal care for seniors since 2000.

• Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care • Shopping & Errands • Medication Reminders • Meal Preparation

• Hourly/24 Hour Care

Call for a free, no-obligation consultation

859.273.0085 Each Home Instead Senior Care ® franchise office is independently owned and operated. ©2011 Home Instead, Inc.



Meals on Wheels 276-5391 699 Perimeter Drive / 269-8021 Home delivered hot noon meal plus breakfast and supper snack provided Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Average cost is $27. Nurses Registry 1420 North Broadway 444-3599 or 255-4411 Offers a wide range of skilled care services including nursing, occupational, physical and speech therapy, medication management, patient education and more.

Your parents want to stay in the place they call home. We can help. Whether you are looking for someone to help an aging parent a few hours a week, or need more comprehensive assistance, Home Instead can help.

Kentucky Home Health Assn. 154 Patchen Dr. / 268-2574 Information about home care programs throughout the state.

OptiMedSenior Care Medication Management & Services 1096 Duval St. #140 271-8677 / (800) 255-4553 Provides one-on-one pharmacist counseling to improve medication and quality of life outcomes for seniors. Infusion Partners 2025 Regency Rd. 277-2013 / (800) 356-9259 Regional provider of high-tech intrave-

nous therapy. ParentCare 337 E. High St. / 252-0817 Esther Hurlburt, RN Provides consultation and referrals on all issues of aging. ResCare Homecare 383 E. Main St. / 963-3343 In-home, non-medical care.

Support Services Caring Transitions 829 Glen Abbey Circle, / 543-9848 Specializing in senior moving, downsizing and estate sales New Moon Medical 1210 West Lexington Ave. Winchester / (888) 737-1880 Superior Van and Mobility 1180 East New Circle Road 253-1832 / Offering sales, service and rental of lowered floor vans, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, vehicle modification and more. Transition Mobility & Elevator 721 National Ave. / 299-0068 Providing lifts, home elevators, tub cutouts, door openers and more to improve mobility for clients in their own home.

Older Adult Housing Ashland Terrace 475 S. Ashland Dr. / 266-2581 Bluegrass Care and Rehab 3576 Pimlico Pkwy. / 272-0608 The Breckinridge (Alzheimer’s Residence) 2109 Cornerstone Drive / 543-0824 Christian Towers 1511 Versailles Road / 253-3625


in The Lexington Cemeter y F loral Garden. As a permanent part of The Lexington Cemeter y, the Memorial Arbor is beautifully designed


e hold ourselves to a high standard – yours.

with granite monoliths that accommodate bronze name plates. Inscribed on each plate is the name, date of birth and death of the individual. Beneath the Memorial Arbor is a bench

Understanding the way of life for all seniors is part of what we do at The Lafayette and Lexington Country Place. By having three unique levels of care and services, from independent living to personal care to skilled nursing – it is all here at our community. Come visit us and learn more about what we offer.

Beauty and Dignity

visitors can sitnatural and meditate. Visitwhere and enjoy the serene beauty of the The Lexington Cemetery, and learn more about: Burial Lots • Mausoleum Crypts • Niches Cremation and Memorialization Services

Personal Care

G r o u Grounds n d s OOpen p e n Daily 8 a m8 am - 5 -p5mpmD a i l y 833 West Main Street • 859-255-5522 8 3 3 We s t M a i n S t . • 2• 5-5522

Private apartments Personal assistance with all activities of daily living  Medication administration  3 meals per day/menu selection  Planned social, educational and cultural activities LexCem1/4LexFamMag2012.indd 1

Independent Living A variety of spacious apartment layouts  Fully equipped kitchens  Fine, restaurant-style dining  Scheduled local transportation available  24-hour security 

10/18/12 11:11 AM

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation 24-hour skilled nursing available  Full range of rehabilitation services  Private and semi-private rooms available  Medicare/Medicaid certified  Friendly, caring atmosphere 

For more information please call us today! • 24/7 live-in managers • 3 chef prepared meals daily • Housekeeping, Maintenance, & Transportation • All part of an all-inclusive lifestyle

Call us today for a tary complimen l mea & tour

1005 Tanbark Road Lexington, KY 40515

(859) 317-5926

690 Mason Headley Road • Lexington, KY 40504

859-278-9080 © 2009 Five Star Quality Care, Inc.

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Resource List 2013 Council Oaks 111 Coconut Grove, Nicholasville 8879382 Fountain Circle Health & Rehabilitation 200 Glenway Rd., Winchester 744-1800 / Hamburg Senior Residence 1601 Villa Medici Pass / 368-7640 Hartland Hills 1005 Tanbark Rd. / 273-1212 Homestead Nursing Center 1608 Versailles Rd. / 252-0871 The Lafayette 690 Mason Headley Rd. / 278-9080 The Legacy Home 938 Delaware Ave. / 859-252-0817 Lexington Country Place 700 Mason Headley Rd. / 259-3486 Liberty Ridge 701 Liberty Ridge Lane / 543-9449 Mayfair Village Retirement Center 3310 Tates Creek Rd. / 266-2129 Mayfair Manor 3300 Tates Creek Rd. / 266-2126 Morning Pointe (Alzheimer’s Residence) 233 Ruccio Way / 554-0060 Morning Pointe of Frankfort 851 Cardwell Lane Frankfort / (502) 226-5888 The Lantern at Morning Pointe of Frankfort 66 C. Michael Davenport Boulevard Frankfort / (502) 226-7118 Morning Pointe of Richmond 1400 Gibson Bay Drive



Richmond / (859) 626-5000

Morning Pointe of Lexington-East 150 Shoreside Drive Lexington / Phone: (877) 776-4683

The Villa at Chevy Chase 319 Duke Road / 266-0043

Northpoint Lexington Healthcare Center 1500 Trent Blvd. / 272-2273 Pine Meadows Nursing Home 1608 Hill Rise Dr. / 254-2402 Richmond Place 3051 Rio Dosa Dr. / 269-6308 Richmond Place Rehabilitation 2770 Palumbo Dr. / 263-2410 Rose Manor Nursing Home 3057 Cleveland Rd. / 299-4117 Rose Mary C. Brooks Place Rose Mary Dr., Winchester 859-745-4094 Sayre Christian Village 580 Greenfield Dr. / 271-9001 Signature Healthcare of Georgetown 102 Pocahontas Trail (502) 863-3696


Southeastern Management Centers, Inc. Offers elderly affordable housing at the following properties / www. • Central Christian Church Apartments 205 E. Short St. / 252-3671 • Christ Church Apartments 137 Rose St. / 254-7762 • Emerson Center 2050 Garden Springs Dr. / 278-0526 • Main Street Baptist Church Manor 428 Darby Creek Rd. / 263-5153 • The King’s Daughters Apartments 220 Hanna Place, Frankfort / (502) 223-2141 Ballard Griffith Towers 650 Tower Plaza 281-5081 / 281-5054 Briarwood Apartments 1349 Center Parkway / 272-3421 Christian Tower Apartments 1511 Versailles Road / 253-3625

St. Andrews Place 300 Stocker Dr., Richmond (859) 625-1400

Elm Tree Lane Apartments 214 Elm Tree Lane 243-0648 / 253-3856

Tanbark Health Care 1121 Tanbark Rd. / 273-7377

First African Kanisa Apartments 471 Price Road / 389-9784

Transitional Care 310 S. Limestone St / 226-7084

Liberty Commons 2101 Cornerstone Drive / 264-8055

Wesley Village 1125 Lexington Rd., Wilmore 858-3865 /

Malabu Manor Apartments 145 Malabu Drive / 278-5111

The Willows 2531 Old Rosebud Road 859-543-0337

Russell Community Center Low-income housing apartments 520 Toner St. / 554-4350

Respite Care Active Day Adult Day Care 2432 Regency Rd. / 278-2053 Assisting Hands 1795 Alysheba Way Ste 7105 264-0646 Christian Care Community’s Best Friends Day Center Second Presbyterian Church 460 East Main St. / 254-7768 Provides people with memory loss with a safe, creative environment, rich with therapeutic activities. Bell House Senior Citizens Center 545 Sayre Ave. / 233-0986 Bluegrass Community Action 111 Professional Court, Frankfort (800) 456-6571 or (502) 695-4290 Clients receive the necessary services to help them remain independent in their homes. Christian Care Community Medical Model Adult Day Center 516 Maryland Ave. / 254-5300 Kentucky’s largest faith inspired, nonprofit provider of senior living communities and long-term care. National Family Caregiver Program Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging & Independent Living 699 Perimeter Dr. / (866) 665-7921

Keeping Active Senior Citizens Center: Hire Older Workers 1503 Nicholasville Rd. / 278-6072, Ext. 329 Job counseling for those 55 and older. Arabesque World Dance 451-B Chair Ave. / (352) 816-1219 Stay active with Arabesque World Dance’s artistic and fitness programs. Beginner to advanced programs with private lessons available in a wide range of dance styles. Senior Community Service Employment Program


Rail Stairlift

Battery Powered Stairlifts Gold Warranty for features • Bruno offersstairlifts its Gold –Warranty for stairlifts which features 2 years on all 2 years on all parts parts and 5and years5 on major years oncomponents. major components. • Bruno stairlifts install directly to your existing steps with no staircase or wall modificationBruno required. stairlifts install directly to your • Bruno 24/7 battery power will existing put your mind at need to about steps with noworry staircase power outages. or wall modifications

Custom Curved Rail StairliftMention


Retirement Living At Its Finest! Independent Living & Licensed Personal Care Come Explore the Next Chapter of Your Life w Warm, Friendly Ambiance w Exquisite Dining w Transportation w Housekeeping w Engaging Activities

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At The Willows at Hamburg, our programs and services are The ONLY 400 lb (181 kg) designed with one thing in mind: exceeding theweight expectations capacity in straight, curved of our guests and their families. For &more about outdoorinformation stairlifts! our Customer Service Difference or $500 Campus Guarantee, please contact our staff today. • Bruno offers a wide range of stairlift solutions

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Lexington’s newest provider of Short-Term Rehab • Assisted Living • Memory Care • Long-Term Care

Contact New Moon Medical at: 1-888-737-1880

* Residents with Medicare or Medicaid as a payer source are not eligible for our $500 Campus Guarantee. Please ask us for more details!

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Resource List 2013 (502) 584-0309 Employment training and placement for persons 55 and older who qualify. Service Core of Retired Executives 389 Waller Ave., Suite 130 / 231-9902 Volunteer business executives and professionals provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with free counsel, advice, and education. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UK Ligon House 658 South Limestone 257-2656 or (866) 602-5862 Tuition-free education for academic classes at the University of Kentucky for persons 65 and older. Additional special non-credit classes offered to persons 60 and older.

Senior Centers The following centers offer a wide range of services and activities for persons 60 and older, including informational and

111 Hoover Dr., Nicholasville (859) 885-9102 Lincoln Co. Sr. Center 100 Senior Way, Stanford (606) 365-9106 Madison/Berea Sr. Center 214 W. Jefferson St, Berea (859) 986-8350 Madison/Richmond Sr. Center 1215 W. Main St., Richmond (859) 623-0474 Mercer Co. Sr. Center 1475 Louisville Rd., Harrodsburg (859) 734-5185 Nicholas Co. Sr. Center 124 E. Main St., Carlisle (859) 289-3729 Powell Co. Sr. Center 120 Halls Rd., Stanton (606) 663-5981 Scott Co. Sr. Center 800 Cincinnati Pike, Ste.10 Georgetown / (502) 863-4041 Woodford Co. Sr. Center 112 N. Main St., Versailles (859) 873-7290

referral, health, recreational and social services programs. Many programs are free. Lexington Senior Center 1530 Nicholasville Rd. / 278-6072 Anderson Co. Sr. Center 160 Township Sq., Lawrenceburg (502) 839-7520 Bourbon Co. Sr. Center Main & Bank Row, Paris (859) 987-7453 Boyle Co. Sr. Center 569 Jean Dr., Danville (859) 236-2070 Clark Co. Sr. Center 32 Meadow St., Winchester (859) 744-3235 Estill Co. Sr. Center 532 Stacy Lane Rd., Irvine (606) 723-4787 Franklin Co. Sr. Center 220 Medical Heights Dr., Frankfort (502) 223-5794 Garrard Co. Sr. Center 153 Farra Dr., Lancaster (859) 792-3147 Harrison Co. Sr. Center 219 Old Lair Rd., Cynthiana (859) 234-5801 Jessamine Co. Sr. Center

Grandparents Bluegrass Area Agency

on Aging & Independent Living 699 Perimeter Dr. (866) 665-7921 Information about financial assistance and support groups for grandparents assuming primary care of young children, including information about annual conferences and free Grandparent and Relative Resource Guide. Grandparents and Relatives Raising Children If you find yourself parenting again this time with a grandchild or other relative this is a resource for you. At this website you will find meaningful information, resources and some taped highlights from an annual conference. The Kentucky KinCare Project Cabinet for Family and Health Services, Office of Aging Services, CHR Building 5W, Frankfort (502) 564-6930 Statewide assistance to grandparents raising grandchildren. Call for listing of organized grandparent support groups in the state.

help us meet the challenge • Christmas Toy Drive

Each Christmas, Mission of Hope and its Volunteers bring new toys, food, clothing and hygiene products to more than 17,000 children at 27 rural, elementary schools in Appalachia, many of them in Eastern Kentucky. At least 85% of the children in these schools are on free or reduced lunch.

• Back To School Program

When a new school year begins, MOH provides new backpacks filled with notebooks, pencils, glue sticks and hygiene products to these same 27 rural, elementary schools in Appalachia.

• Hope Scholars Program MOH awards $2,500 Hope Scholarships to 12 high school seniors from the school districts it serves. These seniors also receive a new laptop to help launch their college careers.

Mission of Hope also has a construction ministry, a spring outreach program and offers help with resource distribution and healthcare.

make a difference...


2901 Richmond Rd. Ste. 130, Box #205 Lexington, KY 40509


The Mission of Hope is a fully tax deductible non-profit (501c3) Appalachian relief organization.

Thanks for your support and for helping extend the HOPE 26


Resource List 2013 R E P U B L I C

Transportation Wheels: Bluegrass Chapter American Red Cross 233-3340 Wheelchair-lift equipped mini-buses for those with disabilities. Door-to-door service. Fare: $1.60 one-way. Hours of service: 5:30 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday. Must be registered with office to ride. LexConnect 225-2669 / Customized transportation for any social, non-medical group activity such as shopping, lunch and special events. Cost: 50 cents each way for riders 62 and older. Minimum of 10 riders. Reservations required. Bus runs Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Independent Transportation Network of the Bluegrass 1206 N. Limestone St. / 252-8665 ITN offers door-to-door transportation service 24/7 for individuals 60 years.

Funeral Services Clark Legacy Centers 601 E. Brannon Road Nicholasville (859)-271-1111

B A N K ’ S

PREMIER 50 CHECKING (Exclusively for folks as young as 50.)

• Earn interest • Unlimited check writing • Free use of Republic Bank ATMs • Free online statements with check images • Free Republic Bank CheckCard* • Free internet banking and bill pay • FinanceWorks™ – Free online budgeting tool • Free mobile banking** • Account alerts

*A $1.00 fee will be assessed each month for an inactive ATM or Debit Card. **Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.


Minimum opening deposit $50.

Care Around The Corner!

Now Open! Corner PharmaCy 1701 Alexandria Dr. Suite C Lexington, KY 40504

The Lexington Cemetery 833 West Main St. 255-5522 Offering burial, mausoleum, cremation and memorialization options in a historic community.

(859) 309-1230 (859) 309-1330 (fax)

Milward Funeral Directors 159 N. Broadway / 252-3411 391 Southland Dr. / 276-1415 1509 Trent Boulevard / 272-3414 Prearrangement information and services available.

Monday Friday: 9-6 Saturday: 9-1

Kerr Brothers Funeral Home 3421 Harrodsburg Rd. / 223-3140 463 E. Main St. / 252-6767 Prearrangement information and services available. Y

We accept most third-party insurances.

2013 Successful Aging Resource Guide ||


What does “Retire Right” mean to you?

The McIntosh-Ditto Wealth Advisory Group

We believe that in order to “Retire Right” you need a retirement and investment plan that is orderly, disciplined, and with continuity of purpose.

Organize. Simplify. Systematize. We want to help you enter your retirement with confidence. Don’t find out too late that your plan won’t last.

Our Speed is Thorough. In a world of fast-paced, cookie cutter service, we want to provide you with the time and attention your retirement and investment planning deserve. For more information, please visit our website, or call John or Dale today. Begin experiencing the “Speed of Thorough” for yourself.

Financial Consultants

John M. McIntosh, CFP®, CRPC® Dale S. Ditto, CFP®, CRPC® 325 West Main Street | Suite 200 Lexington, KY 40507 | 859-514-6441 28


©2012 Securities offered through J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, LLC Member NYSE, FINRA & SIPC

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