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OUR BEACHSIDE RETREAT We’ve checked out of the city and into our vacation home. Like New England, our home is classic – timeless you might say – a traditional beachside retreat with a contemporary twist. For spring, we’ve introduced soft pastels and gray tones into our bedrooms. And, as meals are wonderfully lengthy here, our dining room is particularly stylish. We’ll be here all season long – so feel free to drop by.

Bright Bedroom


After winter’s hibernation, spring invites a bright, airy mood back into the bedroom. This season’s color is gray – from light to dark and everything in between. We’re applying soothing hues and dark slate tones to our bedding. Soft, textured cushions complete that homey yet exclusive look we love.

What’s On…


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But to us, it’s more than a meal – it’s an event. We gather in the kitchen to feast on freshly baked muffins, pancakes and smoothies. And assemble around classic tableware and pastel-colored fabrics to plan the day ahead. But before we head out, while the kids get dressed, we retire to the terrace to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in the sun.



Raspberry muffins &

Strawberry smoothies & Pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries

A recipe for a


We spend over a third of our life in bed – even if it doesn’t always feel like it. With so much time spent under the covers, we believe that your bed should look as polished – and feel as comfortable – as your favorite shirt. Fabrics should be soft to the touch and lightweight. And it should look inviting – particularly when you can stay in it for as long as you please.

”A great night’s sleep and a long morning lie-in is what the weekend is all about”

SLEEPING IN A SHIRT The secret to dressing your bed is similar to dressing yourself – great quality and fit. From the beginning, we’ve crafted our bedding based on an impeccably tailored shirt. A shirt that feels so good you could sleep in it – and now you can. We’ve taken classic shirting fabrics – like pinpoint Oxford, poplin and chambray – and applied them to our handsome bedding. It gives “beauty sleep” a whole new meaning.


TOWEL Collection

When spring arrives on the East Coast, so does a burst of color. Rich foliage and blossoms signal the start of the new season. We’re taking those pastel shades – like dusty pink and mint – and applying them to luxuriously soft towels. You’ll want to skip the bath and get straight to the drying off part.



We love coming back to our home, so it’s only natural that our friends should too. When our guest rooms are full, we make the beds with soft, sumptuous bedding, textured throws and striped cushions. Light and airy pastel shades reinforce that vacation mood. It’s like hosting a sleepover, just without the pillow fights.


Planning for dinner can be an all-day affair. Visiting the farmers market and the famed East Coast fishmongers, and heading to a winery to select the ideal bottle. We take pride in putting together the perfect seasonal menu to savor with those we love.

THE INVITING DINNER TABLE Cooking a meal is only part of it; the real fun is in sitting down at a beautiful table with loved ones. With a pastel checked tablecloth, classic denim napkins and soothing lit candles, the table sets the mood. We’ve got cozy blankets at the ready – we might be here a while.

Red, white and blue are the colors for our dining room table. We’ve taken our East Coast heritage and relaxed it for spring, saturating colors and playing with texture.

This is‌

OUR QUIET PLACE In every home, there should be a spot that you call your own. Somewhere you can retire with a great book or with a close confidant. Our quiet corner is scattered with soft cushions and throws in washed blues. Easy and elegant, just like your mood.

Where the story begins…


The East Coast aesthetic is one of effortless sophistication – and we’ve brought it into the home. We’ve mixed inviting textures and fabrics with nautical stripes and graphic prints. Our color story is Americana, but loosened up for the casual lifestyle that we cherish on these shores.



When the heat of summer arrives, the sprawling beaches of the East Coast don’t just live up to the hype – they exceed it. Free of schedules and alive with anticipation, it’s the ideal spot. Our vacation home overlooks the breaking Atlantic waters, so it’s only natural that it was our inspiration for the season. We’ve taken blue, gray and green shades and mixed them with sunbleached hues. From nautical stripes to pool-inspired patterns, the mood is fresh and light, just the way summer should be.

DON’T BE SHELLFISH, SHARE A LOBSTER New England is a dining destination. Gourmet restaurants can be found up and down the coast, but we prefer to shop the “catch of the day.” Lobster, clams and mussels come straight off of battered fishing boats that have been out all morning. We serve up our fresh, home-cooked feast overlooking the ocean, with white and blue dinnerware providing that refined finish.

The colors of our feast match those of our well-set table. We’ve given cushions, napkins and kitchen towels a fun update with lobster prints and ocean-inspired hues.

Endless days at

THE BEACH Bright beach towels filled with sand and salt water are the signal that summer is in full swing. For this warm season, we’ve crafted a collection of vibrantly colored towels in bold stripes and patterns to suit every family member’s taste. With the right patch of sand – and shades – you’ll want to doze on them all day.

RELAX, YOU ARE ON BEACH TIME When summer’s in full swing, the action takes place on the sand. For the active, catching waves might follow a competitive game of bat and ball. And for those of us seeking downtime, we’re packing our favorite book and cozy towels. We’ve even found a shady spot and some breezy cushions for that long-awaited afternoon snooze.

We’re kicking off our flip-flops and laying out on our soft towels. We have waited for this hot sun for a long time and we plan to stay a while.

Join us for a... LUNCH AT THE BEACH

When it comes to alfresco eating, nothing beats a picnic on the beach. We’re setting up a parasol, and laying out lunch on a tablecloth in the sand. We’ve stocked the cooler and even brought crockery – ours is a stylish kind of picnic.



After a morning in the sun, it’s time to retreat to the shade and enjoy a refreshing meal. Our crisp tablecloth has been set with straw placemats, striped napkins and crockery in nautical colors that are inspired by the ocean. Those are elegant finishing touches that make all the difference. There’s no need to crowd together – we’ve packed cushions in sun-washed colors to make this meal extra special. With our toes in the sand and an ocean view, we’ve created the perfect table for a beachside meal.

Lexington Home Spring 2015  

Our Home Collection for Spring 2015.

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