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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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M an killed after fight over a par king space

William M . Booker I I I . (I mage via Facebook)

June 13, 2018 By L EOPOL D K NOPP

A man is dead after an altercation over a parking space turned into a shooting on Business 121. According to a press release from the Lewisville Police Department, two men got into an argument over parking spaces at the Park Timbers Apartments, 1902 S SH 121, late in the evening June 12. The eventual victim, 38-year-old William M. Booker III of Denton, ended

the argument by kicking his neighbor?s black Dodge Challenger, and then speeding away on his motorcycle. The neighbor pursued Booker north up Business 121, and almost two blocks later, eight to 10 shots rang out in quick succession, according to dispatch, at least one of which struck Booker. Booker turned down Oakwood Lane, where he would crash. Police were called in at 11:42 p.m., and Booker was transported to Medical City Lewisville with a gunshot wound, where he was pronounced dead at 12:28 a.m. The Tarrant County medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. Police described the shooter as a skinny black male aged 25-30 who had possibly broken his nose in the past driving a black Dodge Challenger with a scratch in the driver?s side door. They said he is still at large.

L ewisville on eight wheels

Stor y P2 Drowned child, Fire Depar tment ur ge water safety this summer June 8, 2018 By L EOPOL D K NOPP

Now that school?s out and pool season is in full swing, summer is fully underway in Lewisville. With that comes a harsh, and almost tragic, reminder of the importance of water safety earlier this week.

Jalen Brinkley, 8, almost lost his life in a neighbor?s pool last weekend. His mother, Joelle, said Jalen is not a strong swimmer, and when he let go of the side of the pool in the deep end to reach for a flotation device, he went under the water. The pool was full of 8

and 9 year old boys, a baseball team celebrating their victory in the city tournament. Jalen was lost in the chaos of the party until one of the parents noticed him at the bottom of the pool. Joelle estimates he was Continued on P6

L ewisville city fleet goes green, L I SD boar d talks saves thousands of gallons of gas uncer tain budget June 13, 2018 By L EOPOL D K NOPP

One of two Nissan L eafs purchased by the city this year, which are the sixth and seventh in city ser vice. The L eaf is the car that fir st convinced city staff that going electr ic was a possibility. (Photo by L eopold K nopp)

When Lewisville adopted its 2025 plan, which included an initiative to go as green as possible, internal services manager Francis Mascarenhas knew that meant shifting the city fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles as much as possible. The thing was, nobody wanted one. ?Everybody said, ?oh, Continued on P3

Toyota warehouse has little impact June 7, 2018 By L EOPOL D K NOPP

Earlier this week, news broke that Lewisville would be the proud site for a new Toyota distribution center on highway 121. However, according to Toyota spokesperson Amanda Roark, that may have been a bit of an overstatement. Roark characterized the facility as a warehouse, and said almost no new jobs would be created for it. ?It?s actually just a warehouse. That?s all it is,? she said. ?We were surprised to see that it?s out there, because it really is just a

warehouse.? The new facility is conveniently located for Toyota, just a 10 minute drive west from its North American headquarters in Plano. The Metro Auto Auction of Dallas is also

right next door. Lewisville community relations and tourism director James Kunke said no incentives were granted to bring the warehouse to Lewisville, it was just the best location for them.

The for thcoming Toyota warehouse on SH 121 in L ewisville. (Photo by L eopold K nopp)

June 8, 2018 By L EOPOL D K NOPP

In a final meeting before summer break, the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees brushed up on the more uncertain details of making their next budget in a workshop session June 7. After board member Tracy Scott Miller pointed out at the last board meeting that the district frequently ends years with more money than they thought they would have, CFO Mike Ball explained that it is against state law for them to go over their budget. Ball said the district consistently has breathing room in the budget because

of uncertainties in budgeting, the need for unassigned money to spend on contingencies and the need for a large cushion because going over budget could have severe consequences ? and explained how they?re trying to use a higher percentage of the available money this year. Currently, the district is waiting on the county appraisal district to come back with their final property values, on which property taxes, and thereby a significant portion of the district?s budget, will be based. The appraisal district Continued on P6

Ground breaks on Realm, P6



Fun, nostalgia ever y Tuesday at I nter skate June 12, 2018 By JI L L GL ANCY

skating allows. Plano resident and homeschool mom Alison Malone opted for a night of energy and musical fun with her family, bringing back childhood memories of her own. ?We decided to take the kids skating because I loved it when I was little,? Malone said. ?It?s a fun way to spend time together. You don?t even realize you?re exercising!? From Corinth to Plano and beyond, folks put in the distance to meet at their favorite rink, bringing together various personality types, ages and experience. ?There?s no pressure to interact with anyone ? especially if you?re shy,? Malone said. ?It?s a very welcoming environment.? Lewisville Interskate


Most Tuesdays, a group of familiar faces rendezvous at Lewisville?s Interskate rink, the wood floor serving as a neutral melting pot, joining adults and children of all backgrounds together for a night of fun. More than 30 years ago, Missouri transplant Todd Vanderstelt became one of the first disc jockeys at Interskate. Today, he still enjoys playing the latest music, leading group games and making his way onto the floor as often as possible. Vanderstelt, a former ice skater, has kept close ties to the skating world for many decades ? despite its ever-changing style. I nter skate?s fir st disc j ockey, Todd Vander stelt, plays a var iety of hits from var ious decades for the diver se clientele. (Photo by M ichelle L una) ?The variety of skates have definitely transformed night, I would.? ?People started showing up over the years,? Vanderstelt The rink attracts a with my CD?s and download said. ?We went from quad variety of DFW cards requesting pictures and and figure skates to in-lines professionals, ranging from autographs.? and speed skates. No matter teachers and real estate Joliet has been skating what your style is, skating is agents to a bus driver and a on and off for years and great exercise, lots of fun and recording artist. attributes his recent 40 pound a great way to meet people.? Alphonse Joliet, 52, weight loss to the sport. Chixo Gibbs of Corinth, works as a realtor and ?I began skating as part still a devoted skater at age investor by day, of my bucket list,? Joliet 57, began his skating hobby singer/songwriter by night. said. ?It?s a low impact, great more than a decade ago as a In 2014, one of his first cardio workout. It definitely daddy/daughter activity and singles gained popularity did a lot for my health and it grew from there. while being played by the DJ appearance.? ?I got [my daughter] a at Interskate. Denton resident Bryan pair of slow-roll wheels and ?Todd [Vanderstelt] was Wallace, 56, lost 30 pounds she took to it like a duck to amazing. He played my song by speed skating backwards. water,? Gibbs said. ?After a ?You and Me Together?every He cited his weight loss as few months in, she was Tuesday, and the song picked ?bonus and fortunate side copying the older kids and up momentum and got effect.? asking to learn how to skate requests,? Joliet said. Wallace?s distinctive backwards. It became a weekly outing for several years.? Gibbs, who Financial Repor ting M anager M att Wells, 36, shows off an assor tment works in the of skills under neath the twinkling disco balls. (Photo by M ichelle L una) promotions and marketing ?California Style? skating Rink?s schedule varies from department for a easily sets him apart from the day to day, but it is usually record company, crowd, He has become well open from 10 a.m. into the highly recommends known for his swift reverse evening. Weekly events coasting around the skating. include Bargain Night rink regardless of ?I think I get a runner? s Tuesdays 5 to 9 p.m., when age or experience. high,? Wallace said. ?The admission is $1 off, cheap ?If you?ve never endorphins really get going skate night after 6 p.m. done it before, this when I fast-skate Wednesdays when admission is the safest and best backwards.? is $2 off and adult skate place to start,? In addition to night Thursdays 8:30 to Gibbs said. ?When I Interskate? s frequent and 11:30 p.m., for ages 21+. skate, I put my well-known patrons, many You can see a full schedule headphones on and newcomers enjoy the online at go to my own place. different social levels roller (Photo by M ichelle L una) If I could go every

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Greening city fleet wins awar ds, saves more than 16,000 gallons of fuel New hybr ids and electr ic vehicles and thir sty older pickup tr ucks sit side-by-side in the L ewisville city lot. (Photo by L eopold K nopp)

and a paint job identifying it as an this is small, I can?t fit my official city vehicle. computer in this,?? he said. ?We?ve got Enter the Nissan Leaf. health inspectors Mascarenhas got two of the driving those that go vehicles on loan and sent from restaurant to them out to each department restaurant doing with instructions to try them health inspections,? for a few days. The electric Marvin said. ?No cars won city employees need for them to over department by carry cumbersome department, and soon, gear or anything like Mascarenhas was directed to that, so that small buy four of them. From compact electric there, he said he started vehicle, very pushing hybrids and economical to drive, smaller-engined vehicles to yet still well-marked replace larger cars. and identified as a That was 2014. Last city vehicle, that?s a The city owns and oper ates four Gasboy gas stations, which electronically tr ack April, the city approved the prime use for that.? ever y drop of gasoline that goes into ever y vehicle. City vehicles can only be filled purchase of two more Leafs. When hybrid or up at these stations. (Photo by L eopold K nopp) They are two of 24 green and electric vehicles really downsized vehicle purchases won?t do the job, the city has been going for really a great thing that he?s for the 2018 fiscal year, smaller engined vehicles. done for the city.? which will bring the total The 4-cylinder Chevy The city?s efforts toward number of green and Colorado, which the city will a greener fleet were almost downsized vehicles in the own 13 of by the end of the immediately recognized. city fleet to 45 just just four fiscal year, has slowly been Lewisville was awarded with years after the green replacing the 6-cylinder Ford the North Central Texas initiative was passed. The F-150 and 8-cylinder F-250 Council of Governments? city fleet contains 348 total trucks with little reduction in bronze fleet award in 2015, vehicles. functionality. and then again in 2017. The They?ve done this ?They are smaller engine fleet awards are largely by replacing old for same capacity, same size, non-competitive ? vehicles, instead of making so we started buying those,? Lewisville was one of 11 new purchases ? every Mascarenhas said. bronze fleets last year. vehicle purchase the city Mascarenhas keeps a Mascarhenas said he hopes approves carries with it a tight eye ? down to a tenth to break through as one of a replacement fund, and of a gallon ? on city gas handful of silver city fleets in vehicles are replaced based An all-electr ic Nissan L eaf char ges at one of the char ging stations usage with Gasboy vehicle 2018 and, eventually, to on a point system. Every installed in a par king lot across from City Hall in 2016. (Photo by Steve tracking software, a package build the first gold fleet in time Mascarenhas has Southwell) designed specifically for city the Metroplex. needed to replace a vehicle fleets. City vehicles that use As the fleet rapidly gas fill up at specialized changes around it, gasboy pumping stations, city-owned Leafs are still which keep track of exactly changing minds, like that of how much gas goes in, materials management allowing the city to know specialist Tim Yatko. Yatko exactly how much gas each uses one of the Leafs for vehicle uses in addition to work, but says his or his how far it goes and a host of wife?s next personal vehicle other data points. will probably be electric ?He [Mascarenhas] because of his experience could pull up any vehicle and with the work vehicle. tell you how many miles it ?I love it. It?s quiet, it?s has on it, how many hours it fast when I need it to be,? he has on it, what the cost per said. ?When you see these mile to operate that vehicle big old honking trucks and is, what department?s using things like that, but this little it, how old it is, all of that car has as much power or stuff, anything you?d want to more.? know about any particular vehicle, he?s got it all in his The city?s annual gas usage has dropped shar ply since 2011. Fr ancis M ascarenhas estimates the city has saved computer,? Marvin said. ?It?s

Continued fr om P1

since 2014, he?s looked to see if there?s a more efficient vehicle that can do the same thing. Mascarenhas said the city saved 16,461 gallons of fuel between 2014 and 2017 by switching to green and downsized cars. Part of the process of shifting to a greener fleet was finding uses for vehicles with the limitations imposed by electric and hybrid vehicles ? the hybrids are typically less powerful than gasoline vehicles, and electric cars come with a fixed range per charge. But Mascarenhas and public services director Keith Marvin have found that for many jobs, all you really need on a vehicle is wheels

more than 16,000 gallons of fuel between 2014, when it shifted to buying more environmentally fr iendly vehicles, and 2017. (Gr aphic cour tesy City of L ewisville)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 ?

469-322-4265 ?

C o n gr at u l at i o n s t o The Lewisville Texan Journal would like to congratulate the Lewisville High School graduating class of 2018 on its achievement. We wish all 1,088 of them the best of luck as they move on to college and career.

Top Ten Valedictor ian: José Velarde Salutator ian: Esha Harish 3. Krista Anderson 4. Gabriela Valenga

5. Safal Lamichhane 6. Andrew Lee 7. Seong Han 8. Tae Kim 9. Joseph Tauzin 10. Carina Guerrero

All Gr aduates A Michael Onyewuchi Abanaka, Ashley Chiamaka Abaragu, Marc Anthony Abundiz-Wright, Arnulfo Acosta, Heaven Caroline Acosta, Ashia Lashontae Adams, Brooke Elizabeth Adams, Victoria Lynne Adams, Olaniyi Emmanuel Adebayo, Emmanuel Tolulope Adegbenro, Adefolarin Adimula, Jesus Manuel Agreda, Alexandria Nicole Aguilar, Lizbeth Aguilar, Destinee Sophia Aguirre, Joshua Aguirre, Xiomara Aguirre, Martina Dayanara Alarcon, Alexcia Aldridge, Mariela Victorina Aleman, Mikayla Teresa Alex, Alvin John Alex, Sean Anthony Kain Alexander, Camry Lillian Alexander, Averie Scarlet Allen, Scottiana Allyse Allen, Abigail M Allison, Anjel Dezrae Almaguer, Sierra Lerin Alonzo, Paulina Alvarado, Alexander Rey Alvarez, Andrea Alvarez, Isaac Jose Alvarez, Jesus Ivan Alvarez, Marissa Nichole Alvarez, Korina Leticia Amador, Jose Carlos Ambriz, Chloe Marie Andersen, Frederick Thomas Anderson, Justin Jeffery Anderson, Krista Michelle Anderson, Donovan Markell Anderson, John Arbach, Anastasia Maria Arbuckle, Sebastian Arcos Garcia, Daniel Camilo Ardila, Erika Arellano, Francisco Antonio Argueta, Carlos Arias, Osvaldo Ariceaga, Daniela Stephania Armijo-Gordillo, Aanilela Raemonique Armour-Rachal, Jayda Marie Arriaga, John Andre Ano-Os Arrojado, Delaney Leigh Arthurs, Alex Ashley, Matthew Jordan Ashley, Elizabeth Nicole Asilo, Christopher Patrick Atao, Victor Manuel Atenco,

Claire Elizabeth Auge, Brian Avalos-Sarellana, Sydney Marie Aviles, Troy Cameron Avon

B A?rianna Bacon, Makayla Michelle Baillio, Karina Teresita Banda, Starsky Gerome Banks Ii, Bryan Banuelos, Demetrio Nahaman Barahona, Rachel Estelle Barnett, Idalia Barraza, Yessica Darlinn Barraza, Eric Gerardo Barrientos, Austin Kyle Bartley, Corvin Eric Liam Bathgate, Sariah Nacole Battles, Abigail Bautista Ambrocio, Sophia Ellen Bazzelle, Lizbeth Beltran, Osbaldo Beltran, Hector Jr Benitez, Bradley Alexander Benson, Sydney Justine Bertrand, Ahmad Isiah Bettis, Jacob Cole Bixby, Christopher Quinton Black, Bianca Azusena Blanco, Jesus Blas, Rolando Bocanegra, Jesus Josue Bocanegra, Blake Matthew Boggs, Alexis Nicole Boggs, Kayne Robert Bolds, Jennifer Diane Bolton, Carl Anthony Bond, Jennyfer Bonilla, Meybelyn Janeth Bonilla, Giselle Bonilla, Jovany Bonilla - Acosta, Avery Jayne Bonner, Jesse Borjas, Mckenzie Nicole Bowie, Kaylee Ann Bowman, Tmya Inez La?derria Boyd, Shamarquissia Shanta Brandley, Chloe Leann Brewer, Julian Manuel Brito-Ruiz, Elaniece Nicole Brockington, Dionze Moniere Brown, Nikkiyah Jamese Brown, Tya Mecole Brown, Karla Ariana Buenaventura, Andy Quang Bui, Berenice Bukassa, Musja Bukhari, Brandon Tyler Burke, Bridget Melina Burke, Collin Linwood Busby, Caitlin Loran Butler, Nalani Nicole Butler

C Alexander Cabrera, Angel Felipe Cabrera, Anna Calderon, Christiane Danielle Calderon, Widis Enrique Calderon, Jaqurious Devonte Caldwell, Christina Camilo, Cristian Camilo, Daniel Camilo, Guadalupe Camilo, Marco Antonio Camilo, Dylan Reece Campbell, Kai Lynn Campbell, Jose Andres Campos, Alexis Capetillo, Eduardo Jose Carbajal, Kelsey Anne Carlton, Derron Will Carr, Marisa Christiana Carrera, Maria De Los Angeles Carrillo, Vanessa Carrillo, Cameron Carroll, Julian Alexander Carthen, Tyler Chase Carver, Jazzmin Havana Casals, David Alexander Castaneda, Hugh Douglas Castillo, Rigoberto Castillo, Christabel Castro, Luciana Catalan, Libby Lizbeth Cedillo, Thwang Cem, Berenice Cendejas, Yasmin Cendejas, Van Dim Cer, Nancy Lisette Cervantes, Cung Thawng Ceu, Tha Cung Ceu, Rain Nasya Serene Cevis, Carina Chaires, Rebekkah Anne Chambliss, Naveen Chandru, Hyunkyu Chang, Scott Lewis Chappell, Debra Marie Ann Chatman, Leslie Chavarria-Ramirez, Cielo Elizabeth Chavez, Resna Aley Cherian, Drew Edward Cheslik, Katy Aralid Chirino, Jennica Cho, Orebree Michelle Christian, Fernando Cisneros, Shelby Faye Clarke, Julyssa Claudio, Heather Ann Clearfield, Kamryn Bailee

Clevinger, Reagan Nicole Clifton, Ladelwyn Cole, Breje Jalexus Coleman, Nicholas Aaron Coleman, La?Tya Ji?kia Coleman, Erick Alexander Colin, Akela Ameana Collins, Hunter James Collins, Antonio Contreras, Elizabeth Contreras, Isaac Sebastian Contreras, Abimael Corona, Manuel Corona, Emmanuel Correa, Evelyn Azucena Coto Lopez, Ian Christopher Counts, Abigail Elizabeth Crafton, Amber Katelynn Crews, Brandon Robert Crossland, Elizabeth Ivana Crow, Agustin Romeo Cruz, Cristian Fabian Cruz, Fernando Eric Cruz, Gabriel Adrian Cruz, Jason Antonio Cruz, Maria Daniela Cruz, Diana Lourdes Cruz Ramirez, Len Cuai, Cindy Azeneth Cuevas, Verenise Cuevas, Cynthia Cuevas, Aubrey Lynn Culpepper, Esmeralda Curtis

D Danyah Dahbour, Blake Nicholas Danchak, Jazmyn Keyshae Daniels, Jazsmine Kendall David, Caleb Lawrence Davidson, Nicholas Ryan Davis, Nandi Michelle Davis, Shekinah Gloria Davis, Alfredo De La Garza, Randy De La Rosa, Margarita Bibiana De Leon, Jamilethe De Los Santos, Madyson Shea Deal, Esteban Del Campo, Kye Austin Delahoussaye-Kendrick, Linda Idalia Delarosa, Kailyn Vanessa Deleon, Jose D Delgado, Reyes Jovany Delgado, Jonathan Thomas Dempsey, Mikaela Michelle Desamours, Keyonta Duane Dewberry, Jayson Lewis Diaz, Luis Angel Diaz, Matthew Steven Diehl, Danny Thanh Do, Cameron Sean Dockery, Anna Grace Dollak, Maria Teresa Dominguez, David Michael Dowker, Samuel Stephen Dowker, Kayla Rae Downs, Maegann Celeste Dumas, Simon David Duncan, Desmond Troy Dunlap, Zipporah Raquel Dunman, Lance Justin Dunn, Lizeth Duran

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F Brysseida Fabian, Mariah C Fagan, Antonio Faustino, Jose Saul Faustino, Maria Elizabeth Faustino, Tytianna J'uann Feast, Seth Brayden Ferguson, Salvador Jr Fernandez, Madison Ferrer, Luis Antonio Figueroa, Aaron Richard Firebaugh, Tori Gabrielle Fleming, Heaven Tyler?marie Fletcher, Cesar Flores, Estela Flores, Gustavo Rene Flores, Ivette Margarita

Flores, Javier Raul Flores, Juana Paulina Flores, Lizbeth Flores, Maria Fernanda Flores, Grace Ivy Foust, Dustin Allen Fowler, Carson Quinn Fox, Lissbeth Karina Franco Corado, Megan Mechelle Franklin, Jordan Tyler Frasier, Juan Jose Frutis, Samantha Elysa Fuentes, Teasa Elyse Fuentes, Wilifredo Solomon Fuentes Guatemala, Brandon Allen Funk, Jacob Daniel Furman

G Landyn Daniel Gage, Jocelyn Sarahi Galicia, Yamile Galicia Cruz, Chayanne Gallardo, Gabriel Xavier Galvez, Nadya Marie Galvez, Tyquavious Gamblety, Jacqueline Gamez, Arisbeth Garcia, Jasmine Alexis Garcia, Jessica Garcia, Jessica Sujey Garcia, Jose David Garcia, Julio Isai Garcia, Kimberly Garcia, Michael Crecencio Garcia, Valeria Garcia, Jose David Garcia, Alex Jacob García, Laura Yasmin García Guevara, Juan Carlos Garcia Larreta, Jesus Alejandro Garcia Palacios, Maricela Garnica, Karla Gasca, Adriana Monserrat Gascon Guerrero, Analleli Gaspar, Dianna Genevieve Gassner, Taylor Simone Diamond Gillet, Kelsey Lynn Golden, Lindssey Marie Golden, Charisma Joy Gollaher, Flor Gomez, Stephanie Gomez, Gabriela Giselle Gonzales, Guy Anthony Gonzales Jr, Alexander Erik Gonzalez, Andrew David Gonzalez, Charlotte Wendolyne Gonzalez, Jesus Jovan Gonzalez, Juan Pablo Gonzalez, Luz Maria Gonzalez Fernandez, Gonzalo Gonzalez Lara, Jennifer Gonzalez Zavala, Christian Michael Gooch, Cynthia Gordillo, Yarahi Itzel Gordillo, Navid Goudarzi, Cassidy Rae Gough, Daniel Christopher Salvatore Gourley, Andrew Joseph Granger, Jordon George Gray, Vincent Daniel Anthony Gray, Kennedy Jordan Grays, Jordan Alexander Green, Jaleesa La?chea Green, Trevor Redden Green, Carder Graham Gregory, Ethan Edward Gregory, Jydonn Allen Griffith, Joshua Thomas Griggs, Taylor Nicole Groover, Luis Anthony Guerra, Michael Eduardo Guerrero, Owen Ariel Guerrero, Carina Guerrero, Farima Guadalupe Guerrero, Elizavet Guerrero Martinez, Brennan Derrell Guillory, Blake Nic Gutierrez, Janie Gutierrez, Mario Chiristopher Gutierrez, Miguel Gutierrez, Sonia Marie Gutierrez, Walter Ernesto Gutierrez, Karla Miranda Guzman, Romeo A Guzman

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Alberto Hernandez, Christian Hernandez, Edson Miguel Hernandez, Edward Jr Hernandez, Jacquelyne Hernandez, Jennifer Vanessa Hernandez, Jose Alberto Hernandez, Jose Luis Hernandez, Osbaldo Hernandez, Raul Antonio Hernandez, Roxana Hernandez, Sasha Hernandez, David Hernandez, Jonathan Eric Hernandez, Alejandro Herrera, Jaime Ignacio Herrera, Jose Julian Herrera, Julia Marie Herrera, Kevin Herrera, Ligia Lizbeth Herrera, Osbaldo Herrera, Yazmin Herrera, Casey Aaron Hicks, Julien Joaquin Hicks, Allison Nicole Hill, Aria Noelle Hindman, Maurice Hines, Chan Aung Hmung, Tial Lian Hmung, Bill Van Hoang, Sean M Hobbs, Anthony Andrew Holcomb, Jada Bre?ion Holden, Cheyenne Lee Holston, Yara Hoteit, Tahjae James Leroy Houston, Storey Kate Howard, Gavin Lee Howze, Emily Jo Huddleston, Yasmine Kiarah Hudson, Christopher Charles Hughes, Skylar Marie Hulen, Demondrick Javon-Lane Hunter, Raymond William Hurst, Chase Connor Hutchings I Axel Sebastian Ibarra, Luis Enrique Ibarra, Manuel Ibarra Iii, Daniel Mwana Ifulu, Emily Morgan Ingram, Ciara Irby, Sean Glenn Irons, Haley Ayanna Ivy

J Kam'ron Othello Jackon, Ashley Jonte' Jackson, Montay Deonn Najarie Jackson, Serene Taylor Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth Jacob, Ernan Alex Jaimes, Nereida Jaimes, Rogelio Jaimes, Brandon Nicholas James, Serenity Victoria Jaruboon, Sarai Jennings, Tobin Paul Jensen, Trammell Trevion Jernigan, Jarod Daniel Jestis, Lakeem Beontrezz Johnson, Michelle Leann Johnson, Morayna Lynn Johnson, Albert Jemell Jones, Annbrion Lucyristan Jones, Brady Andrew Jones, Kinzie Colton Jones, Christian Deshawn Jones, Deja Simone Jones, Christopher Steven Jones Jr., Dynarrious Shamar Jordan, Jazmine Tiera Joseph, Shaniah Joyce, Gerardo Juanes, Matthew Jung, Geovany Jurado

K Shanat Kaftajian, Violetta Kalinicheva, Brandi Machele Karonika, Azia Shalai Keys, Benjamen Joel Keys, Inaya Aijaz Khan, Renne Khaya, Ngun Khen, Jina Kim, Ngun Tha Kim, Pricilla Ruat Kim, Taehyeon Kim, Nicole Elaine Kimbrell, Christian Vanalexander Kimbrough, Scott Truth Kittlitz, Jaque Randg Knight, Noah James Kress, Trinity Rachael Kulow, Jessica Robin Kumpe, Macy Elizabeth Kunke, Mya Zoe Kurzyniec-Connor

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O Jalen Keryn Obrien, Cameron Bryce Odom, Cristian Ojeda Lopez, Suleman Olasunkomi Olawore, Javier Eliud Olivares, Leslie Del Carmen Olvera Jaquez, Nwanne Smith Onuoha, David Chekwubechukwu Orafunam, Josue Alexander Orellana, Allison Kiyoko Oropeza, Christopher Ariel Orozco, Guadalupe Orozco, Miriam Ivana Orozco, Jessica Orralde, Kenny Salazar Ortiz, Manuel Martin Alejandro Ortiz Gascon, Constance Elizabeth Owen, Micaela Kay Owen, Di?myrius Devaughn Owens, Ty Patrick Owens

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Pineda, Noelia Reneé Pizano, Maribel Platas, Rusty Wayne Pope, Latiana Lashai Porter, Noah Daniel Potthast, Ethan Scott Powell, Tiatayvous Powell, Johanna Andrea Prada, Priscilla Prado, Warren Montez Pratcher, Braden Lee Pridie, Abigail Joy Puente, Lauren Mckenzie Pugh

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Z Jose Javier Zamora, Bryanna Rennae Zapata, Andrew Lee Zellars, Ngun Tha Zi, Thluai Zi, Biak Hlei Zing, Israel Zubieta Panor amic image cour tesy of Slade L ouder milk. Available for purchase by visiting

?A lw ay s a Far m er ? Wednesday, June 13, 2018 ?

469-322-4265 ?



Drowning sur vivor thanks Fire Depar tment Continued fr om P1

under for a minute and a half. One parent jumped in and recovered him while another called 911. He was unconscious with bluing lips when they pulled him out of the pool, but the group of parents, many of whom are CPR certified, revived him after about a minute and a half. Joelle Brinkley described it as the longest three minutes of her life, preparing herself for the possibility that her son was dead. ?His lips were blue, and he was gone. If you?ve ever seen a recently dead person,

he was gone,? she said. An ambulance arrived for Jalen in two minutes, by which time he had regained consciousness and coughed up the water he had taken in. Since he had taken water into his lungs, paramedics took him into the hospital to make sure he didn?t experience secondary drowning, but he was fine the next day. Lewisville Fire Department?s Kevin Bailey, who responded to the call, said the parents at the pool had already gotten him mostly out of the woods. He said that when faced with this situation, parents should remember to check the ?ABCs? ? airway, breathing and circulation.

Assistant Chief Mark McNeal said though it?s early in the summer season, the area has already dealt with a rash of drownings. There have been two drownings in Grapevine and two drowning deaths in Lake Ray Roberts within the last month. McNeal emphasized remembering flotation devices, particularly on lakes, and lifeguard supervision. Joelle Brinkley said they?re enrolling in swim lessons for Jalen, and will look to invest in lifeguards for future parties. She said she was still stuck in those three minutes when she didn?t know if her son would survive, but that she was

Jalen Br inkley and his little brother, Julian, poses with the fire depar tment team that responded to Jalen's drowning last Satur day. (Photo by L eopold K nopp)

thankful he did. ?Tell him the next month he?s sleeping in my bed,

cause I need to hear you breathe overnight,? she said.

School boar d talks budget, Robin Hood, uncer tainty in last wor kshop of the school year Continued fr om P1

is currently hearing value protests, but has a ?line in the sand? date of July 25 to come up with a final number. The schedule right now is the school board will have a final budget meeting Aug. 2 and come up with a budget that will be put to a vote at the regular meeting Aug. 27, five days before the beginning of fiscal year 2019. Under this schedule, the budget would be published for public consumption Aug. 10. The appraisal district comes out with preliminary values in April and then finalizes them in late July after months of negotiations with individual property owners, and after that, the school district has around a month to finalize their budget in August, meaning most of the budget-making process is reliant on some guesswork. Ball said that in the past the district has estimated how much money will come off the initial appraisal values after protests, and

then assumed even more would come off in order to be safe. This year, the district is trying to guess that number more precisely and stick more tightly to it in the budgeting process, meaning district officials are operating on the assumption they?ll have more money to work with than they usually do at this point. Ball said the number of property value protests in the county has been trending up for years. Board member Katherine Sells said, based on what friends had been telling her, she was concerned that the appraisal district had been overwhelmed with protests, and she was worried the district wouldn?t get their final appraisal in on time. Ball also addressed the potential for flattening property tax revenue growth from year to year, an idea that has been kicking around in the state legislature at various numbers. Ball said that the district?s certified property value roll increased by 10.2 percent from 2016 to 2017.

Payments into the state?s ?Robin Hood? recapture plan, however, are much easier to calculate because they are calculated based on the previous year?s certified property value. ?There?s not nearly as much uncertainty in calculating recapture as there is in the rest of the expenditures,? he said. The district projects to send a little more than $37 million back to the state next fiscal year. After that discussion, superintendent Kevin Rogers reaffirmed plans to form a community budget advisory committee in order to get community feedback on what programs to cut in the likely event that LISD will need to tighten its belt even further in the future. He said they would aim to approve a charter and membership by August. Rogers said he?s already asked key community members with desired experience ? bankers and CFOs living in the district ? to participate. Board member Kronda Thimesch suggested

K evin Roger s, K r isti Hassett and K ronda Thimesch wait outside for boar d president Angie Cox, who was delayed by the thunder stor m. (Photo by L eopold K nopp)

selecting a student from each high school to serve on the committee as well. Miller said it would be important to make sure the committee understood that not everything was a dollars and cents issue with the district, and that some of its more important endeavors would not have a good return-on-investment. As much as the conversation was mostly limited to what the district can control about its budget,

Sells said she was more worried about surprise expenses from the state government. ?It?s not our ability as a district to tighten the belt that I?m as concerned about as I am with what may come down in unfunded mandates,? she said. ?I think that we just need to sometimes be prepared that it?s going to be a bit of a rocket ride.? The school board will convene again in August.

Br ight breaks ground on The Realm at Castle Hills June 12, 2018 Submitted Content

Bright Realty broke ground today on a 324-acre mixed-use development The Realm at Castle Hills, a new lifestyle destination that includes office, dining, retail, entertainment and multi-family developments, located just west of State Highway 121/Sam Rayburn Tollway and Josey Lane in the Castle Hills community in Lewisville. Upon completion, the project will

be a seamlessly connected, walkable environment with an extensive trail system. Phase I of the project, Offices at The Realm, is a nine-story Class AA office building consisting of 235,000 square feet of office space and an additional 15,000 square feet of first-floor restaurant space. Situated in front of the office building is Crescent Park, an expansive park and outdoor entertainment space. The office building and park are

scheduled to deliver in mid-2019. Groundwork has also started on Phase II of the project, a 260-unit multi-family complex above 35,000 square feet of retail. The Realm is a 15-minute drive to DFW International Airport, a two-minute drive to Grandscape and Nebraska Furniture Mart, and a four-minute drive to Legacy West and the corporate headquarters of Toyota, Liberty Mutual, FEDEX and

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 ?

JP Morgan Chase. It offers an easy commute from Plano, Carrollton, The Colony and Frisco. The Realm is situated on the former Bright family ranch, merging family legacy with a design that maintains natural elements, creating streetscapes that connect office, retail and luxury living into a comfortable yet vibrant setting. Phase II of the project, with a delivery date of midto late-2020, is a mix of

469-322-4265 ?

multi-family with first-floor boutique-style retail space. The Realm apartment architect is BOKA Powell, design architect and interior designer is 505 Design, landscape design is Land Design and general contractor is Andres Construction. Additional phases of The Realm include condominiums, a large amphitheater entertainment district, retail, restaurants and additional multi-family living opportunities.

The Lewisville Texan Journal - June 13, 2018  
The Lewisville Texan Journal - June 13, 2018