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ratava .ii

oma .i

beds of the rainingyn lands omerec emorhc a morf

tsaf oot puc citsalp eht deniard i

love, the other weather where the blankets cover

over heads

wolg yssalg cibucib ’txen

noonretfa tsugua eht hcneuq ot

wisps of winds gniknilb seye-thgirb ni gnirettifl

nrom tsugua eht gnirebmemer

and the when of currents moor eht ssorca gnitrifl

.uoy htiw tas i )sruoh owt rof( nehw

vexes droughted grounds, with brings hope


llef dna dehcnerd sdrow ruoy ,looc

ssalg eht tsniaga

,srae detautafni no

seasons change with, ecnecsednacni gnirettahs

detaropave ,elbat eht ffo

condensing into we,ytinav eht no gnitcefler

.tfel uoy

where srekthe aengables s-enot channel htrae dna slwahs ikahk fo

tcane-er dluoc ew hguoht i tub

like the folded hands

spuc gniknilc

ecnad detaes ,latnemitnes ruo

spil fo sdnuos dna

deksa reven i neht tub ,thguoht i



gnippird dna ,dehcnerd

tsal t’ndid secnuo ytnewt

when the other weather ecnedaced diuqil htiw

.ot meht dehsiw d’i sa gnol sa

at the altarthen warm is love and bright are days

becomes a sun in springtime ria ni tnlands edive amrahd together smiles at eachother.

sllems dna

i. amo

ii. avatar

rehtaew rehto eht ,evol revoc steknalb eht erehw

i drained the plastic cup too fast

from a chrome ceremony sdnal gniniar eht fo sdeb

to quench the august afternoon

next’ bicubic glassy glow

remembering the august morn

flittering in bright-eyes blinking sdniw fo spsiw

when (for two hours) i sat with you.

flirting across the room stnerruc fo nehw eht dna

cool, your words drenched and fell


sdaeh revo

,sdnuorg dethguord sexev

on infatuated ears,

against the glass

epoh sgnirb htiw

off the table, evaporated

shattering incandescence ,htiw egnahc snosaes

you left.

reflecting on the vanity,ew otni gnisnednoc

but i though we could re-enact

of khaki shawls and lenearth nahc tone-sneakers selbag eht erehw

our sentimental, seated dance

clinking cups

i thought, but then i never asked

and sounds of lips



twenty ounces didn’t last

drenched, and dripping

as long as i’d wished them to.

with liquid decadence rehtaew rehto eht nehw

sdnah dedlof eht ekil -ratla eht ta dna evol si mraw neht syad era thgirb

dharma evident sdnal em initair gnirps ni nus a semoceb and smells

.rehtohcae ta selims rehtegot

iii. eucharist

every time we are, it is every place we go it sits (departing) every time it rests

htiw evol ni nellaf ev’i

and waits a day for our return

.srewofl dna ,sepytehcra(

in this place, every friend

.seohs dna striks ,kcitspil

a delicately made vessel

,evol tsap fo seiromem

the meal isn’t on the plate

.sgnileef rats-gnitoohs esoht

but in eachother

.senobkeehc hgih ,spil ,seye

common room confessional and sometimes-chapels in our chairs

sdnah gnidloh gniklaw dna

with cups that sip away our sins

gnittis dna

and bread to eat away our fears

gnihtyreve dna

you and i are all we need and it is here, amen


.uoy )tub

tsirahcue .iii

si ti ,era ew emit yreve stis ti og ew ecalp yreve stser ti emit yreve )gnitraped(

i’ve fallen in love with

(archetypes, and flowers. nruter ruo rof yad a stiaw dna lipstick, skirts and shoes.

dneirf yreve ,ecalp siht ni lessev edam yletaciled a

memories of past love,

those shooting-star feelings. etalp eht no t’nsi laem eht eyes, lips, high cheekbones. holding hands and walking

rehtohcae ni tub lanoissefnoc moor nommoc

sriahc ruo ni slepahc-semitemos dna

and sitting

snis ruo yawa pis taht spuc htiw

and everything

sraef ruo yawa tae ot daerb dna

but) you.

deen ew lla era i dna uoy nema ,ereh si ti dna


floppy red draped from her hips (her sister Rosa looked down on her, behind a veil, her face so white) and the words come out in drips

htiw evol ni nellaf ev’i .srewofl dna ,sepytehcra(

when in the morning, waking

.seohs dna striks ,kcitspil

to a breath

,evol tsap fo seiromem

under a mutter

.sgnileef rats-gnitoohs esoht

lips grasp for another

.senobkeehc hgih ,spil ,seye

and pointed towards the ceiling

sdnah gnidloh gniklaw dna

trips out of bed, (reverse of

gnittis dna

last night. beneath

gnihtyreve dna

a tattered curtain)

.uoy )tub

decorates eyes for a wedding, they’re so in love

embraced by a you-mold, i subtly changed my shape to include the presence of eyes, arms, words. . .

spih reh morf depard der yppofl nwod dekool asoR retsis reh( ,liev a dniheb ,reh no )etihw os ecaf reh spird ni tuo emoc sdrow eht dna

when i woke, the place where you had pressed against my cheek when i wrote,

gnikaw ,gninrom eht ni nehw htaerb a ot rettum a rednu

a smudge of ink

rehtona rof psarg spil

left on my hand

gniliec eht sdrawot detniop dna

and when i left, something on my tongue so bittersweet

fo esrever( ,deb fo tuo spirt htaeneb .thgin tsal )niatruc derettat a

yesterdays and yous, and evidence of negative space

rof seye setaroced evol ni os er’yeht ,gniddew a

the bitter cold- the kind that drinks the warmth from your coffee, colors red onto your face, seeps into your holey shoesthat wasn’t what shook my trembling hands.

,semitemos sessik wolb t’nac i are you bitter, mother branch are you safe, darkened room, sgnul ym rof yrros m’i ,semitemos for weeping such a cost? a coffin like the ground? ria ni ekat ot noitaripser yb fi dna a leaf’s a love at last sight, a bed is but a seed’s rest, ,rood ruoy edisni ,hgis i a leaf’s a love at loss a bed is not a sound. klaw ton did i fi sa seert fo ffo sevael eht dloc eht ni ereh ,gniyd saedi ekil are you blind, old man winter, are you tired, empty road taoc ym fo gnikat segap tuo-nrot eht ekil pruner of all hands? of traffic’s rumbling drone? -uoy rof dnuorg eht hcaer ylno lliw the cold’s a crying forest, a passing car’s a past away ,fael on ma i tub etaf erofeb sknilb the cold’s a woeful land a passing car’s gone on, ,tuo-nrot egap ro alone. fi yrros m’i os ,drow ynnuf a si htaerb a ehtaerb i ,nottub taoc a ekil nrow november yawns at dusk, and november yawns at dusk, .noitavreserp-fles fo eohs a ekil nrow til dawn’s warm hand till dawn’s warm face .dloc eht ni enola s’ti touches her shoulder, brushes her shoulder. reluctantly, she wakes,

reluctantly, she wakes



she’s one year older today,

she’s one year older today

and so am i.

and every time i wake, i’m also one year older than the day the trees began to cry and this place became colder.

i can’t blow kisses

sometimes, ,moor denekrad ,efas uoy era hcnarb rehtom ,rettib uoy era sometimes, i’m sorry for my lungs ?dnuorg eht ekil nfifoc a ?tsoc a hcus gnipeew rof and if by respiration to take in air ,tser s’dees a tub si deb a ,thgis tsal ta evol a s’fael a i sigh, inside your door, .dnuos a ton si deb a ssol ta evol a s’fael a the leaves off of trees as if i did not walk like ideas dying,

here in the cold daor ytpme ,derit uoy era like the torn-out pages taking of my coat ?enord gnilbmur s’cfifart fo will only reach the ground for youyawa tsap a s’rac gnissap a blinks before fate but i am no leaf, ,no enog s’rac gnissap a or page torn-out, .enola is a funny word, so i’m sorry if

,retniw nam dlo ,dnilb uoy era

worn like a coat button, i breathe a breath ,ksud ta snway rebmevon dna worn like a shoe of self-preservation. ecaf mraw s’nwad llit it’s alone in the cold. .redluohs reh sehsurb

?sdnah lla fo renurp ,tserof gniyrc a s’dloc eht dnal lufeow a s’dloc eht

,ksud ta snway rebmevon dnah mraw s’nwad lit ,redluohs reh sehcuot

sekaw ehs ,yltnatculer

,sekaw ehs ,yltnatculer



yadot redlo raey eno s’ehs

,yadot redlo raey eno s’ehs

,ekaw i emit yreve dna

.i ma os dna

redlo raey eno osla m’i yrc ot nageb seert eht yad eht naht .redloc emaceb ecalp siht dna

now i cry with God, paling is my artform sounding up to His, weakness under strength thunder swallows heartbeats storm drains swallow tears

,doG htiw yrc i won mroftra ym si gnilap ,siH ot pu gnidnuos htgnerts rednu ssenkaew staebtraeh swollaws rednuht sraet wollaws sniard mrots

i saw a tree undress for sleep,

srewofl on rof

a stoic beauty underneath the leaves

sesuoherots era

slow revealed in staggered fade,

solis eht ekil


,niarg ruo rof

around a wrist and tracing lines all rough and darkened, pressed against the sky simple, naked gesture names a reach

(then rest)

Awakened by the cold of day she poses her arms with just enough grace shivering in slender dance that betrays her strength to stand still a silent structure much more pure her silhouetted form against the wind makes my footsteps

srewofl emos nehw noos oot rehtiw nosaes fo tuo dna smoolb eht llaf ,dniw yb desruc dloc ro drow ro thguord ro taeh ro )lla fo tsom( emit ro

:deirt evah emosdnah s’tsirofl a htolc larutan ta hctam on si ssarg ni smool rof .daerht gnivaw fo sdlefi dna

seem so

when just enough grace sustains her reach


and the beauty of autumn is underneath.

,peels rof sserdnu eert a was i you died too soon sevael eht htaenrednu ytuaeb ciots a (we would say) ,edaf dereggats ni delaever wols and no more gnillaf are your petals senil gnicart dna tsirw a dnuora and for no flowers yks eht tsniaga desserp ,denekrad dna hguor lla are storehouses seman erutseg dekan ,elpmis like the silos hcaer a for our grain.

for no flowers are storehouses like the silos for our grain, when some flowers wither too soon and out of season fall the blooms cursed by wind,

)tser neht(

or word or cold

but we, weeping, try

or heat or drought

to bring you back

or time (most of all)

fruitless is our hand: ecarg hguone tsuj htiw smra reh sesop ehs our vain attempt ecnad rednels ni gnirevihs to change the season dnats ot htgnerts reh syarteb taht withers like the grass, llits again. erup erom hcum erutcurts tnelis a

-some have tried: a florist’s hand at natural cloth is no match for looms in grass and fields of waving thread.

yad fo dloc eht yb denekawA

hcaer reh sniatsduestteecuaorhglihsgrueohne tsuj .htaenrdendinwu eshi tnm tsu ntiaugaafo myrotuf aeb e spetstoof ym sekam mees

hcaer reh sniatsus ecarg hguone tsuj nehw .htaenrednu si nmutua fo ytuaeb eht dna

os niav

evoba dnats i i miss the late night air and the morning breeze

dna krad eht ni slewov pu-til ees nialp teiuq-ecno a no

around cafe scents eno-on ot srepsihw ekil i miss the oaken leaves and the red sunsets

meht raeh i taht noissecnoc a evol terces a ot

behind the clouds, wisps, snrettap ot klat ot i miss the hum of cars and the sound of your voice

rednow ym htiw stuohtiw ym dna ?i dluoc woh

over locusts’ hiss eil i dluoc ro i miss nehw t dna

the cycle of the days and the end of all this.

dna sdaor no pu-ecaf seye ym llfi fo stnemalfi htiw

i stand above in the dark and see lit-up vowels on a once-quiet plain

ssim i ria thgin etal eht ezeerb gninrom eht dna stnecs efac dnuora

like whispers to no-one that i hear them a concession to a secret love

ssim i sevael nekao eht stesnus der eht dna ,spsiw ,sduolc eht dniheb

to talk to patterns with my wonder and my withouts how could i?

ssim i srac fo muh eht eciov ruoy fo dnuos eht dna ssih ’stsucol revo

or could i lie face-up on roads and fill my eyes with filaments of

ssim i syad eht fo elcyc eht .siht lla fo dne eht dna

esuoh a edisni stcelloc tsud spotniatnuom eht nopu wons sa hsa ot hsa ,tsud ot tsud gnirps ,efil ot htaed

sesnes eht ot ylevol si htmraw sti htiw sesaelp thgirb sroloc ,stnecs dna tub ,sexaw ti sa thgilnus eht nothing escapes your dusky eyes on a winter’s eve ,yrosulli si tnemevom and the starry skies sift through dark mirrors casting gemstones in your stare, :tnemom eht syarteb ti rof your eyes recalling fallen snow from clouds above yks eht tsniaga desopatxuj all aglow like neon lights, lit up by the moon dnand a ,tncity angerp si dnuorg eht nights. Luminance dare not escape your dusky eyes, nor beauty, slatep eht era tnetop and even my heart fails to fly away.

dub eht dniheb dekcut ssenkrad otni desserp dna segap eht neewteb sdrow

dust collects inside a house as snow upon the mountaintops dust to dust, ash to ash death to life, spring

is lovely to the senses pleases with its warmth and scents, colors bright the sunlight as it waxes, but eve s’retniw a no seye yksud ruoy sepacse gnihton movement is illusory, gnitsac srorrim krad hguorht tfis seiks yrrats eht dna for it betrays the moment: ,erats ruoy ni senotsmeg juxtaposed against ethe vobsky a sduolc morf wons nellaf gnillacer seye ruoy the ground is pregnant, ytic dna and noom eht yb pu til ,sthgil noen ekil wolga lla .sthgin ron ,seye yksud ruoy epacse ton erad ecnanimuL potent are the petals ,ytuaeb tucked behind the bud and pressed into darkness words between the pages

.yawa yfl ot sliaf traeh ym neve dna



dnuorg eht no stips yks eht

,i dna uoy

dnuorg eht no selttar liah eht

sesuoh owt era ew

elttar osla swodniw eht yaw eht

seitilaer ruo fo egdir a no

raef rieht sekovni rednuht fo dnuos eht nehw seihposolihp no dednuof Sun fades fallen snow enap hcae os dna erauqs dna ,elttirb era ew rays strike a lonely blow eye na si nus eht ni sesoppo dniw taht nwonk si ti dna covered in soft cold once, mrots eht ni tub ytiralucidneprep lla now the ground gives itself away. .rae na si decitonnu tsomla tub sullen out with color now ria eht fo secnaun eht once was silk, light with snow Now the earth reaches through, Awake.



you and i,

the sky spits on the ground

we are two houses

the hail rattles on the ground

on a ridge of our realities

the way the windows also rattle

founded on philosophies

when the sound of thunder invokes their fear wons nellaf sedaf nuS we are brittle, and square and so each pane wolb ylenol a ekirts syar and it is known that wind opposes in the sun is an eye ,ecno dloc tfos ni derevoc all perpendicularity but in the storm .yawa flesti sevig dnuorg eht won but almost unnoticed is an ear. won roloc htiw tuo nellus the nuances of the air wons htiw thgil ,klis saw ecno ,hguorht sehcaer htrae eht woN .ekawA


lanterns flicker dancing tongues speak out into the night people move about inside songs are sung as light. you and i, we must construct such a glass around ourselves so we may too may dance about unafraid of weather.


a short collection of poetry.


a short collection of poetry.