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BerryAlloc, an innovative brand with a strong international focus. A masterful combination of quality, innovation and customer service allows BerryAlloc to currently offer a unique range of 5 product lines: High-Tech Laminate, Laminate, Parquet, Vinyl Planks and Walls. Each product line comes with a full range of accompanying accessories. BerryAlloc has manufacturing sites in Belgium, Norway and France, and is present in well over 40 countries worldwide. Targeted marketing of our sustainable laminates and high value-added wall panels has enabled BerryAlloc to successfully adapt to residential and commercial projects alike. The slogan "Wherever. Forever." defines the BerryAlloc mission statement by combining quality and durability. ‘Wherever’, because BerryAlloc products are suited for all uses, both private and commercial, and for all sites: apartments, shops, retirement homes, sport areas ... ‘Forever’, because BerryAlloc products have exceptional durability and come with a lifetime guarantee. Follow us on

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BerryAlloc. A tailor-made solution for every project. BerryAlloc puts its know-how at the disposal of architects, contracting authorities, advisors, contractors specialising in flooring and general contractors. Since every project is unique, BerryAlloc specialises in solutions, tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements and suited to all uses:

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Stores & Showrooms Hotels & Restaurants Offices Elderly homes ... and any other project type

Quality, innovation and durability: BerryAlloc's three core values.

BerryAlloc respects the environment. BerryAlloc takes environmental challenges seriously, and lives up to the demands set for sustainable development. This is an important part of our business concept, and includes the entire product life cycle BerryAlloc produces laminate products mostly from paper and wood, manufactured in accordance with environmental certification standard ISO 14001. Our products are manufactured, used and recycled in a health-and environmentally conscious manner. All laminate products from BerryAlloc are CE-labeled in accordance with the European requirements for marking of such products. We maintain full compliance with the annual registration and reporting requirements imposed by the relevant environmental authorities.

High-Tech Laminate

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the world’s strongest and most durable laminate floor. Combining beautiful aesthetics and exceptional technical features, such as the unique aluminium locking system and the high pressure surface. Perfect for all commercial and residential projects.


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the perfect floor for residential use. Our wide choice in sizes, classifications, patterns and finishes makes it possible to meet all your expectations. Even your wish to install a laminate floor in your bathroom or kitchen or to have a laminate floor with a length over 2 metres.


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adds a natural touch of style to any interior design project. Manufactured in the heart of France with the latest technology and quality control procedures to ensure improved performance. BerryAlloc Parquet, a pleasure for life.


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ideal for all renovation and construction projects. The Wall&Water panels, made of highpressure laminate, are ideal for bathrooms. The Kitchen Wall panels with realistic tile structure remain clean and hygienic year after year. Measuring 3 mm in thickness, they are also ideally suited for renovations.

Vinyl Planks

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durable and trendy floors, quick and easy to install. These water resistant floors are perfect for every room, providing a soft sound when walked on. Moreover the new and revolutionary click system of our DreamClick collection will fascinate you over and over.

BerryAlloc, part of Beaulieu Flooring Solutions. Beaulieu Flooring Solutions is the European leader in wall-to-wall flooring. Our principal strengths are an extensive product range, excellent value for money, continuous innovation as well as dedicated and flexible professional service, all backed up with guaranteed support from the Beaulieu International Group. As the leading flooring manufacturer, Beaulieu Flooring Solutions offers a wide range of innovative designs, colours, finishes and sizes. We have developed high-tech solutions to meet specific demands, such as floors that offer complete moisture resistance, or which are antiallergenic or exceptionally durable.



High-Tech Laminate The world’s strongest laminate floor. • The ultra strong patented aluminium locking system with a joint strength of 1200 kg per linear metre.

• Perfect for all commercial and residential projects. • Commercial warranty: 8 till 10 years, lifetime warranty for residential installations.

• Installation up to 225 m² or up to 15 m length without having to use transition profiles.

• Perfect for professional environments: suitable for office chairs, anti-static and allergy-free.

• Thanks to its high pressure surface the floor is extremely durable against wear and tear.

• High classification: class 33 / 34. • Pre-attached SilentSystem, sound-absorbing underlay to reduce room noise.

• Matching accessories.

• AquaResist HDF board and impregnated edges to reduce moisture absorption.


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AC6 overlay Decor paper 2 Kraft papers AquaResist HDF board Impregnated edges Counterbalance paper SilentSystem AluminiumLOC



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5 6 7

Natural Cracked Oak

Grey Vintage Oak

Natural Slate

Polar Ash 2 st



Laminate The perfect floor for residential use. • Easy and fast to install thanks to our Best Loc® and Best Loc® X-Treme locking systems.

• Collections with extra wide ( > 240 mm) and extra long ( > 2 m) planks. • Life time warranty for residential installations.

• HydroPlus: water-resistant laminate; Riviera. • Fashionable colours and a variety in sizes, a perfect match for every interior.

• Top locking systems: Best Loc® and Best Loc® X-treme.




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Artic Walnut

Overlay Decor paper HDF board Counterbalance paper

Silver Grey Oak



Summer Elm

Frosted Oak


Parquet A natural material with added excellence. The BerryAlloc engineered wood collection offers you a choice of:

If you are looking for a traditional, authentic parquet to preserve the real nature of the wood, then you should choose our oiled or waxed finishes.

• A wide range of sizes : from narrow 1-strips to extra-wide planks, and 3 strips,

• BerryAlloc introduces Best Loc® X-Treme, an easier, quicker and longer-lasting installation method. No tools or glue needed; simply click the boards together. Your parquet is easy and quick to install, no matter what length or floor area is to be covered.

• A range of colours and finishes that suits current styles (brushed, limed,...). • Against wear and scratches, BerryAlloc developed high-tech varnishes with molecular nano-technology formula providing a parquet floor highly tolerant to wear, easy to maintain and that preserves the natural appearance for years. The lastest generation of lacquer, Ultimtec Soft touch offers you in addition to its exceptional strength the pleasant, authentic soft feel of oiled parquet.

• All products carry the Parquets de France quality label, certifying 100% French production.



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Surface treatment Wood wear layer Unrolled pine Core



Oak Manoir Imperial White



Exclusive Grey

Oak Residence Havanna

Oak Residence Classic


Walls Ideal for kitchen and bathroom. With the wide choice of textures, tile effects and finishes, any style is possible! BerryAlloc wall panels are made of HPL or Compact Laminate, so they are robust, UV and wear resistant. They are quick and easy to install (yourself). The result is a smooth wall without visible joints. The panels hide messy wires and uneven surfaces, making them ideal for renovation as well as new construction. Our walls are stain resistant and provide easy maintenance for busy families: just wipe with a cloth… and step back to admire your BerryAlloc wall!

Kitchen Wall:


• Easy and fast to install

• The panels withstand direct contact with water, Scandinavian wet room approval.

• Made from durable compact laminate • Thickness 3 mm, ideal for renovations • Withstands heat, water and even direct splashes of boiling water • Modern, retro and traditional decors.

Snow white GF


Warm Grey SF

• Durable panels made of a HPL laminate top layer on a 7-layer plywood base. • Unique and strong locking system • A wide choice of designs, different finishes and tile sizes.

Petrol GF

Grey Slate SF



DreamClick A revolutionary 360° locking system! • Super fast installation: DreamClick is unbeatable for installing thanks to its unique identical interlocking profile on all 4 sides. • Several fitters can work simultaneously on the same floor. You can finish any room in no time at all! • Expand your creative thinking and fit any floor pattern you can think of, you can even mix several colours to create a staggering effect.

• Reclickable, time and time again Use the same DreamClick floor time and time again thanks to the stronger and more rigid interlocking tabs than click systems made of PVC alone. You can click and unclick the planks up to 30 times! A dream floor for exhibitions and temporary projects. • DreamClick Pro: lifetime warranty residential use 10 years warranty commercial use

• DreamClick is unaffected by high moisture levels and is extremely stable at normal room temperatures thanks to the solid and more rigid HIPS click frame.


2 3 4

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Polyurethane top coating PVC wear layer PVC backing HIPS click frame Acoustic dampening layer

River Oak White 021

Evergreen Oak Pearl 007


River Oak Greige 029

Evergreen Oak Sand 008




PureLoc The esthetic answer to durable comfort. • Easy to install: thanks to the locking system: the boards are locked together, ready to use.

• They have a low heat resistance, which makes them an ideal fit with floor heating

• Our PureLoc superior wear layer protects your floor from the many assaults unleashed on it during a busy day.

• PureLoc floors are water resistant, so also suited for bathroom and kitchen • Easy to clean with water and standard cleaning products.

• With its thickness of only 4 or 5 mm, PureLoc is an excellent solution for renovation. • PureLoc is a quiet floor: the vinyl provides a soft sound when walked on.

• PureLoc: lifetime warranty for residential use PureLoc Pro: lifetime warranty for residential use and 10 years warranty for commercial use

• Our floors are a 100% recyclable, in all aspects, one with nature.

1 2

1. UV layer / PU coating 2. 0,55 wear layer 3. Film 4. Multilayer based on virgin PVC 5. Glas fiber 6. Multilayer based on virgin PVC


4 5


Summer Pine

Nepal Grey

Soft Sand

Winter Wood


BerryAlloc accessories BerryAlloc has a wide range of accessories, quick and easy to install

Matching Skirtings

60 mm skirting

Clips for skirtings

White Skirting Modern

White Skirting 60 mm

White Skirtings

White High Skirting 80 mm

Create your own skirting


• Cut this skirting to the height you prefer • Different heights possible Adjustable White Skirting

Matching Profiles MDF

Reducer MDF **

T-Profile MDF

End Profile MDF **

ight • adju he

ALU Profiles

djustable •a

Reducer Alu Silver *

T-Profile Alu Silver *

* Also available in Champagne and Bronze ** Available until end of stock.


e heigh abl t st

ble • adju sta

End-Profile Alu Silver *


BerryAlloc Happy Customers. A tailor-made solution for every floor and wall.

Business customers of every size, in every sector and in every country rely on BerryAlloc for a vast range of products. This trust is built on 60 years of experience, unrivaled quality and state-of-the-art technology. Today, our quality standards grant us worldwide recognition as a top-performing service company.

Volkswagen, Heathrow Airport, Statoil, NocibĂŠ, Accor hotels, ... They all trust us. Why not join them? Contact us for your projects: 18


BerryAlloc, Industrielaan 100 - 8930 Menen - Belgium - Tel. +32 56 52 84 80 - Fax. +32 56 52 84 90 - Alloc AS, Fiboveien 26, N-4580 Lyngdal - Tel. +47 383 42 200 - Fax. +47 383 43 744 Berry Wood, La Parqueterie - RD 20144 BP 5 - F 03360 Meaulne - France - TÊl. +33 4 70 08 15 15 - Fax. +33 4 70 08 15 16 Member of the Beaulieu International Group Manufactured by the Beaulieu International Group under license of Flooring Industries Ltd. Manufactured by the Beaulieu International Group under license of Välinge Innovation AB. Manufactured under license of Faus (US 6,401,415 , US 6,688,061).

Due to limitations in printing technology slight colour variations may occur. Non-binding document. BerryAlloc reserves the right to alter its product line without prior notice. Printed 12/13. Products available until stock depletion. Resp. ed. : F. Vandenweghe, Industrielaan 100, B-8930 Menen, Belgium.


Berry alloc corporate brochure english  
Berry alloc corporate brochure english