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Learn English with Letterland

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Take turns story

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Read together, read alone, read aloud!



About this book

ing tu rn ak

Read the part that suits your reading ability - take turns! Each story begins with an introduction to the character, it’s shape and sound. You will then go on an imaginative adventure with the character.

Fluent reader

Beginner reader

Story or rhyme featuring lots of alliterative words. Also available to download and listen to.

These words can be read by just sounding and blending the letters into words. t a p tap Letters are introduced in ‘satp’ order as detailed on pages 2-3.

Early reader Sentences made up of words using the 26 letters of the alphabet in their most phonically regular form. Also included are a few carefully chosen high-frequency ‘tricky’ words such as ‘are’ and ‘the’ with irregular sounds. Irregular parts are in blue. Note: All text is printed on a shaded background, to help those with visual difficulties. For more information about this series, including free audio downloads of all the stories, see:

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About this series A popular order for learning the alphabet letter shapes and sounds is: satp inmd gock eur hbfl jvwx yzq. The words in the speech bubbles/labels on the right hand picture page contain only letters learnt in this teaching order, guaranteeing a source of decodable reading practice for a beginner reader.

Story title


Decodable words for beginner reader

Sammy Snake isn’t satisfied


pat, sat, tap,

Annie Apple and the ants


a, pat, sap, sat, tap, tapas

Talking Tess and her tent


pat, sat, tap

Peter Puppy at the play park


pat, tap

Impy Ink is at the sink


pat, pitta, sip, sit, tip

Noisy Nick in the night


Nip, pan, pants, pin, sip, snap, spin

Munching Mike and the moon


a, insist, mamma, man, map, mist, mitts, pasta

Dippy Duck and the dentist


and, damp, did, it’s, pad, sip, sit, spit, tip, tips

Golden Girl and the gap


a, add, gap, gasp, mint, pig, sand, snap, tag

Oscar Orange at the docks


a, dog, mop, odd, pot, spot, stop, top

Clever Cat and the cake


add, can, cost, gossip, got, it, non-stop, stamp, tap

Kicking King and his socks


kiss, kit, mascot, pink, smack, snack, sock, spots, tick, tock

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Story title


Decodable words for beginner reader

Eddy Elephant and his pet Uppy Umbrella is so upset Red Robot and the recycling Harry Hat Man and his habit Bouncy Ben and his bike Firefighter Fred and fire safety Lucy Lamp Light likes to listen Jumping Jim is just jumping Vicky Violet and the vet Walter Walrus and the weather


a, desk, nest, Ken, leg, Ned, peg, pen, pet, sock, stick, ten cups, duck, dust, gust, it, mop, mud, mug, nuts, on, sand, snug, stuck, tum, up, upset a, bag, can, carrots, compost, cress, docks, it’s, kit, not, on, pot, red, rag, rocket, rot, rucksack, tin, truck and, caps, hats, hiss, hop, hot, hum, it’s, not, snap, sun, tap, top back, bag, big, bug, bump, bun, get, it, on, picnic, tips

Fix-it Max can’t fix that! Yellow Yo-yo Man and his yogurt Zig Zag Zebra and the buzz Quarrelsome Queen and her quiz

satpinmdgockeur hbfljvwx satpinmdgockeur hbfljvwxy satpinmdgockeur hbfljvwxyz satpinmdgockeur hbfljvwxyzq

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satpinmdgockeu satpinmdgockeur satpinmdgockeur h satpinmdgockeur hb satpinmdgockeur hbf satpinmdgockeur hbfl satpinmdgockeur hbflj satpinmdgockeur hbfljv satpinmdgockeur hbfljvw

a, crumpet, facts, fan, fantastic, Fred, huff, nuts, plan, pop, puff a, bell, clip, clop, frost, lamp, lick, list, lock, lollipop, lots a, big, fun, it’s, jet, jug, jump, just, not, sad, sec alpaca, ahem, but, cat, drat, duck, end, rabbit, spot, top, Val, van, vet cliff, dam, help, well, west, wet, wind, windmill and, bed, box, Fix-it, help, index, just, leg, Max, next, relax, rest, six drink, dull, hot, madras, mat, mint, yes, yet, yum a, an, buzz, drink, fizz, frizz, help, insect, odd, snack, will, Zak, zip drat, drink, ha ha, liquid, pond, quack, quill, quilt

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Let’s meet Munching Mike! Listen

Let’s meet Munching Mike! Munching Mike is a metal monster. But he’s not a scary monster. He’s the mildest monster you’ll ever meet. He likes to munch on a mixture of things like mangoes, marshmallows and mushrooms. He also munches bits of metal and magnets! Can you hear him saying ‘mmm’ as he munches? He says ‘mmm’ in words like ‘map’, ‘milk’ and ‘man’.


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Early one morning, Munching Mike woke up and called out excitedly, “I can see the moon! I’d love to meet the man in the moon!” “Me too,” said Sammy Snake. “But I think the moon and the stars are a very long way away.” “No, they’re not!” said Mike. “Look! The moon is just on the top of that mountain. I might go and meet the man in the moon this minute!”

ur turn Yo

He set off to get to the top. 8

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The others quickly made it up the mountain to Mike with the help of the map and compass. They had mugs of hot milk and put on the warm clothes. “Thank you. You’re all marvellous,” said Mike. Suddenly the moon appeared once more. Mike realised that it was still many, many miles away. “Never mind,” he thought. “My friends are more important than meeting the man in the moon. They rescued me and have made this the most memorable, magical moment

above the... ur turn Yo


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Word Bank Decodable word bank 1

a mitts

insist pasta

mamma man

Decodable word bank 2

a Ink put top

and lost rucksack

Beginner reader - Words on picture pages. These words use only letters that have been introduced in satp order.

at lots sad



Early reader - Words in child sentences. These words are made using the 26 letters of the alphabet only in their most phonically regular form.

back get map must Sam set

him off stop

in pack Tess

Irregular or ‘tricky’ words he, the, they, to, was, we 22

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Comprehension 1. What did Munching Mike forget to take with him?

an apple

a map

a man


2. What did the Letterlanders drink at the top to warm themselves up?





3. At the top of the mountain, what could they see below them?




mist A Adult led

C Child led

sun G In groups


1. Try making your own map. You could even hide some ‘treasure’ somewhere and then draw a treasure map for someone else to find it!


2. Make a map of where you have been. You could put stickers on a world map, country map, or even just your town/city map.


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Annie Apple

Harry Hat Man

Noisy Nick

Uppy Umbrella

TD93_MM_text_update.indd 24

Bouncy Ben

Impy Ink

Oscar Orange

Vicky Violet

Clever Cat

Dippy Duck

Jumping Jim

Peter Puppy

Eddy Elephant

Kicking King

Quarrelsome Queen

Walter Walrus

Fix-it Max

FireďŹ ghter Fred

Lucy Lamp Light

Red Robot

Golden Girl

Munching Mike

Sammy Snake Talking Tess

Yellow Yo-yo Man

Zig Zag Zebra

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My Alphabet Storybooks Set 2  

Go on a reading adventure with your Letterland friends in this new series of alphabet books.

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