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with Peggy Jackson, the breeder behind the kennel name peja’s

37 let’s talk POINT OF VIEW one question, many breeders

42 let’s talk DETAILS

What Good Are pedigrees Anyway? by pamela preston

50 let’s talk SHOWING Crufts dog show 2014 boston terrier coverage

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elvis the showstopper in germany

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new york specialty february 2014 COVERAGE

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westminster dog show 2014 boston terrier coverage

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INTRODUCTIONS Welcome, Boston Terrier lovers, to the fourth issue of Let’s Talk BOSTONS Magazine. One full year of our digital and print publication and we could not be any happier! Thanks to your support, we have reached thousands of Boston Terrier enthusiasts from all parts of the World! We thank you for all the feedback and as we continue to grow and evolve, we hope to see more of you. This is our Pre Boston Terrier Club of America National Specialty edition, so we hope to showcase some of the Bostons that you will be seeing in person in Ohio. Fernanda will be there covering the event and haging out with our Boston Terrier friends! This is also our post New York Specialty and Westminster edition, as well as Crufts. And as always, you will find great articles, show coverage, and much more!

tend to sell out FAST! So make sure you are subscribed to our online mailing list and that you have LIKED our Facebook fan page at Facebook.com/LetsTalkBostons for the latest announcements and news regarding our publication. You will also find great local show coverage on our fan page, which is not to be missed! Our upcoming issue will the BTCA Post Nationals, out this August, and full of brags and our event coverage, as well as some other surprises we are preparing for you. Don’t forget to reserve your ad space with Fernanda at ads@LetsTalkBostons.com Have a great National Specialty, everyone! Hugs from the team...

Our interview this issue is with Peggy Jackson, from PeJa Boston Terriers. Pamela Preston has an invaluable article about visual Pedigrees that is worth a read. And as our cover dog, the one that needs no introductions (but we will anyway), Hoss. Whether online or on the go, you can find a copy of our magazine to browse. Simply go to www.LetsTalkBostons.com and read any of our issues on your computer or tablet. Or you can order a print copy from us straight through our website or emailing us at info@letstalkbostons.com on how to proceed. Beware though, they

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Ch PeJa’s Mad About You, Ch Pe Ja’s Puttin on de Ritz and (bottom) getting Best in Sweepstakes.

let’s talk

INTERVIEW Interview with Peggy Jackson PeJa’s Boston Terriers Peggy Jackson successfully worked for the State of Tennessee in the Transportation Structures Department for over 10 years, and also worked on the Pumping Stations for the Corp of Engineers. But Civil Engineering is not all that has challenged her for all these years. She has been breeding Bostons since the 70s, and has a lot to say about her experience and views of our breed. In this exclusive interview, she shares some of those views and a bit of her history with Boston Terriers. May 2014 - 19

Let’s Talk INTERVIEW - Peggy Jackson

When did you start breeding and exhibiting dogs? Did you start with Boston Terriers or did you have another breed before? Actually, yes Bostons first, the first litter was in 1972, the Boston I had received was as a Graduation present from High School as I lost my first, Twinkles, right before I graduated. My parents bought Cristy for me as a Graduation present, but she bonded to my sister and I did not have the heart to take her, so we bred her and I got Patty Cake. She was mainly a pet and well I got her after I got married and was pregnant with my son in 1975.

What attracted you to Bostons specifically? What makes Bostons great dogs? I guess the bond between Twinkles and I growing up as she just about went everywhere she could including fishing and she was the best friend I had. Her intelligence was great. Bostons are house pets, adapt to your life style old or young.

Since you started out, how do you feel about the state of the breed? It is on the rise as for the quality is slowly getting better as it was when I started. So many get a dog, finish it and become EXPERTS, I have paid my dues and still refer back to our STANDARD. I tell everyone when asking me to read it. There were several that wanted to make changes and I for one said NO, we have too many that don’t even understand the one we have now. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

Ch. PeJa’s Steppin’Out’Style, ROM “EZ” 20 - LetsTalkBostons.com

SO MANY GET A DOG, FINISH IT AND BECOME EXPERTS. I HAVE PAID my dues and still refer back to the standard. Tell us some of your favorite dogs you have bred, the ones that you feel better represent the breed Probably that would be first my FIRST Home Bred Champion, Ch PeJa’s Puttin’ on de Ritz, aka JoJo, a rich brindle. Everything goes back directly to him as he was the only pup from my foundation bitch and foundation sire and finished from the Bred By Class. The next would be Ch PeJa’s Steppin Out’n’Style ROM, aka EZ, actually my son Dale’s dog, he showed him and he finished with Group Placements. The ROM is what made him so special. And then my “Heart Dog” Desi, Ch PeJa’s Destin ToWin O’Bullpen, such a fun dog to show and I did go to Westminster with her. Her whole litter finished, Tech & KT. Desi placed in the Group and was ranked. She and EZ produced Traee, Ch PeJa’s Dark’n’Debonaire, ROM, he has been gone 5 years and just had his last natural bred bitch finish in Louisville with a 5 pt major. Traee was bred to Ch Staley’s Georgie Girl and produce two great litters that put the ROM on her, my pup from that was Ch PeJa’s CJ Royal Rita for Arbonne, Grand ROM, Rita was bred to Hoss and the rest is history, two of her other pups, Rush and Giggles finished at 10 months old and have also Granded, we still are planning to do some more breeding. I have had the privilege to show the other son, GrCh PeJa’n’Ken’s Saddle em up for Suse, aka Woody, owned by my great friend Suzanne Roberts, Woody has taken me far beyond where I had ever walked in the ring and has been in the top rankings this past year and this year. But of course my very own special guy Kappee is mine and my 3 year old Grandson Lucion just qualified for Boston of the Year for 2015, this past month winning the Louisville Speciality, he was also best Pup in Sweeps at our National in Houston. BOW at Euknauba and finished at the First Regional last year. His registered name is Ch PeJa’s Captain America by Lumberjack.

Let’s Talk INTERVIEW - Peggy Jackson

What are some of the Boston Terriers of our time (not bred by you) that you feel have made a positive impact to the breed? The old Regardless lines Ch. Emperor’s Ace Ch. Grand’s Royal Command Ch. Good Time Charlie T Brown Dogs from the Tops Again lines Ch. Iowana’s Sundancer Dr Hite’s Star Q lines Some of Speedy Duncan’s lines, one Ch Mr Carbon Copy Also the Sage and Sand lines Ch. Zodiac’s Special Beau Ch. ElBo’s Rudy is a Dandy Ch. Staley’s ElBo’ Showman And of course HOSS already has broken records in the ring as well as the litterbox. I have always felt a dog that can produce himself or better is worth his weigh in GOLD!

Ch PeJa’s Dark’n’Debonaire, ROM “traee”

Which Boston Terrier that you wish you had seen in person? Gus, Ch. Grant’s Royal Command, from Mrs Anders Royal line, that Mrs Parker Grant owned.

Ch. PeJa’s CJ Royal Rita for Arbonne, Grand ROM

What would you say PeJa Boston Terrier’s “look” is? What do you strive to stamp on all your dogs? Strong heads with nice dark round eyes and correct length and width of muzzle, level Toplines and great movement. EXPRESSION!

What part does health test play in your breeding program? What tests do you feel are important to our breed?

PEGGY’S grandson, Lucion, and Darlin

All of the test, they all play a major role as for it’s sad to dump on someone that gets problems because you never consider what they have to go through. I lost my first Boxer at 6 with a heart problem and would never intentionally want that to happen to anyone.

3 generations of peja’s - Cassee, Chablee & Tracee May 2014 - 21

Let’s Talk INTERVIEW - Peggy Jackson

markings are the icing on the cake. too many get hung up on that. i only get critical when it affects the expression in the head. What is your process to determine a show quality Boston puppy? When do you start looking at them and evaluating? WET, out of the sack, yes I said wet, then wait until they are 4 weeks old and usually still pick the same pup.

What is your breeding process: Do you prefer to breed back to back and retire your girls early, or do you skip heat cycles? Do you prefer doing AI or natural breedings? I have done both, depend on the bitch and her health and yes I have done both natural and AI, actually have AI everything for fellow breeders from Chihuahua to Rotties. It’s funny when they recognize me at a show with that GLEEM in their eye.

In your opinion, what is the hardest thing to get right with breeding Bostons? Too many run after the winning dog and their lines are no more than a Tossed Salad, I do not evaluate other lines unless I know at least three generations behind it and prefer not to unless you bought the dog directly from me. If you start with good Bostons and feel that I have and concentrate on what to preserve and what to be critical of, then you get it. You really have to understand structure. I am a head hunter, the Boston talks with its eyes, round and dark, it’s an expression breed. Sure they don’t walk on their head, but when I turn, look up at the Judge and come back, I want them to look at the Judge and with those Dark Round eyes say, “GIVE IT TO ME”! I am the most critical of my own breeding, if I feel that it’s not what I would keep, I will pet it out.

22 - LetsTalkBostons.com

What is your Boston Terrier “pet peeve”, structurally speaking? Paddling, crabbing, weaving and sidewinding, these are faults. Bad toplines, roaches like a Whippet, which has double suspension gait and dips that are not needed, plus too much lift in front, hackney, a wasted motion. I want to see determined reach and drive, fluid movement as walking on air.

Nowadays, we have been seeing more and more Bostons in the ring winning with less and less white, with half muzzle bands, collars that are not full and other markings that are not as desirable. Do you feel that this might influence the state of the breed in a negative way? What importance do you place in markings? Markings are “icing on the cake” too many get hung up on markings. I for one prefer a dark factored dog. I only get critical when it affects the expression in the head. Also do not like to see white above the rear hocks and that is only my opinion.

Ears: To crop or not to crop? Back when I Specialed, felt it was important but if set correct at 11-1, then fine, I have seen some Corgi and Frenchie ear sets on Bostons that are more at 10-2 setting. This is the numbers on a clock. I really do not care to Special, prefer to breed the quality to be Specialed and Best in Show! But prefer to watch and and know that the dog I bred earned that title fairly.

GCH. Peja’s N’ Ken’s Saddle’ Em Up For Suze, Ch. PeJa’s Royale Poetic Justice and Ch.PeJa’s Destin ToWin O’Bullpen

Compared to other breeds, Boston Terriers are not classically Group Winners, and a Best in Show for a Boston is not that common. Why do you think that is? No consistency in breeding, you very seldom look in the ring and pick out two dogs that look alike. If I do outside breeding, I really weigh what that bitch has to offer. I have turned down more than I have bred, why, it has nothing to do with money, but for love of the breed. I have seen several that go back to my lines three or four generations, they are Train Wrecks, why, because the pedigree is all over the board. Several have come from Top Winners but am not proud of what I see and glad they are at least 4 generations back. Someone mentioned that a certain dog went back to my lines, I said yes, 4 generations and I DID NOT BREED THIS ONE, so did Ch Grants Royal Command but you don’t see me pointing a finger at Mrs Anders! I was turned down to breed back to a certain dog in my line, Rita was bred to Hoss and well I realized that was a favor!

Do you believe the current Boston Terrier (AKC) breed standard is adequate? Would you change anything, or enlighten any parts, especially for newcomers? I think that sometimes people want the standard to fit their kennel and not their dogs to fit our STANDARD No, it is fine, it’s not broke and don’t fix it.

The Boston Terrier standard allows many sizes of Bostons. What is your size preference to boys and girls? Would you use a 25lbs Boston in your breeding program if he was a nice example of the breed in every way? I prefer 12 to 16 pounds if all is balanced. Have seen 12 lb course overdone and spindly 16 lb, but prefer this range and not concerned at size. I started with a 11.5 lb bitch to a 13 lb dog and ended with 14 lb dog. Size is the most inconsistent in this breed.

What breeder or kennel do you feel has been a good mentor during your time in Bostons? There are several, mostly worked with a Lady that bred Ch. Chappie’s Lil ‘Man, Shirley Kramer helped me get started. I would fill out my entries, mail them to her and she would send them on the Superintendent. Met her at age of 92 and she lived to be 102, miss her still. Also Minnette Nicholson and Martha Putnam, she started the Club in Birmingham, it no longer exists. My best and most greatest mentor is Mr Leonard Myers, he has forgotten more than any of us have learned about this breed. He has judged our National five, yes 5 times. And understands the Standard very well.

May 2014 - 23

Let’s Talk INTERVIEW - Peggy Jackson

What has been your biggest honor or achievement in the breed so far? My Sportsmanship Award from the BTCA, that is My Best in Show and dog wise, Kapee winning the Sweeps at the National and of course Woody winning the Regional last year. The Lord has been good to me.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in Bostons?

Ch. PeJa’s Showman Top Hat’n’Spatz

Buy the best bitch that money can buy, concentrate on your own look and when you start winning, you will really know who your friends are. I breed Boston’s like I play chess, thinking 3 moves ahead. Also if you want that look, use the same Cookie Cutter and they will. If there is something within your lines that is detrimental to the health and will cause grief to you and others, cut your losses and start over.

peggy judging Top Boston of the Year 2013

Ch. PeJa’s Lil’Rascal by Double J

Ch. CJ’s Royale Show’n Best Buck @ PeJas

Showing BJ at the Boston Terrier National a few years ago.

Ch. PeJa’s LaBelle of the Ball 24 - LetsTalkBostons.com

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36 - LetsTalkBostons.com

let’s talk


How many times will you usually breed a bitch? Back to back or skipping heat cycles? It depends if she has had a c-section or not, and I always skip one heat, always. I never do back to back. I’d free whelp 3 times, if not 2.

Marit Jenssen - Norway KENNEL SKIN-DEEP I will breed a bitch 1-3 times, starting after 2 years of age. I prefer not to breed past 6 years of age but have bred one or two bitches at age 7. I always try to skip a season in between litters to give the bitch’s body time to recover, especially if the litter took a lot out of her. However, if I need to, I will do a back-toback if the first litter was small (1-2 puppies) or if the puppy/puppies died. If a bitch is older than 5 years I feel more pressure not to skip a cycle if I really need to try to continue her line- for example, she only had a mismarked singleton in her last litter and I need a puppy out of her to move forward with my program. I have only done back-to-back breedings 3-4 times in my 26 years as a breeder.

Kathryn Graves - Georgetown, KY - USA KATBIRD FARMS First litter was 2010, and I waited almost 3 years to breed that bitch again. The current bitch I have pregnant I bred her back to back.

If there are no complications, I breed them three times and I prefer to skip one heat cycle...

Misty Justice - Monroe, Louisiana - USA JUSTICE BOSTONS The only time I would do a back to back breeding is if there was only one puppy in the litter. I usually skip a heat, sometimes two, before breeding again. And I think that 3 times in a bitch’s lifetime is more than enough.

Teresa Hendrix - Evergreen, AL - USA T~BO BOSTON TERRIERS It depends on the bitch and what I am trying to accomplish. The most c sections I have done on a single bitch is 3. I typically breed back to back, but I have skipped if I am not looking for a puppy at the time, or the timing of the litter is not optimal because of other plans.

Adrienne Hullender - VA - USA KAYAS BOSTONS

Here in Germany, after a bitch has puppies, we must wait 1 year for her next breeding. After 2 sections, the bitch is no longer allowed to be bred. I think this is good for the bitch and her health, and I agree with maximum of one litter per year for a girl, but I also wish we had the option to do 3 sections on a good bitch with great health. Most of my girls free whelp.

The maximum number of times I’d breed a bitch depends on several factors: Does she free whelp? How did the uterus look during the previous c-section? How did the bitch bounce back? For a C-section my absolute max is 3 litters but it all depends on what my vet says after the previous litter. For a free-whelper I would be comfortable with more litters as long as the bitch is healthy and my vet is on board. Per several repro vets I’ve spoken with I am comfortable doing back-to-back breedings as long as the bitch bounces back well from the prior litter. Although I do this rarely due to availability of my own time, some of my most successful litters have been from back-to-back breedings.

Corina Münch - Germany HESSENVILLA KENNEL

Patricia Sulzberger - Goldsboro, PA - USA TALAVERA SHOW DOGS

Elaine Mauldin - Mint Hill, NC - USA MAULDIN’S KENNEL

Next Issue...

What is harder to correct in Bostons, bad rears or incorrect eyes? Write us your opinion at pointofview@letstalkbostons.com with your name, kennel name, location and answer!

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PHOTO: The Dog Sport Photographers

Let’s Talk DETAILS - Pedigrees - What good are they anyway?

let’s talk

DETAILS Pedigrees - What Good Are They Anyway?


by Pamela Preston, ChriMaso Boston Terriers

ecently, a dear friend of mine asked if I could teach her about pedigrees and the genetics of them (in a visual manner). She asked some very good questions like how to create them and why they should be done and what is the real benefit. She explained that she doesn’t want to “just breed two dogs together”, but takes breeding seriously. She wants to make sure that they don’t have the same faults/ weaknesses, but that’s about it as much as she knows, so wanted to know if that was all there was to it or if there was more that she should be concerned about.

I love it when people are hungry for knowledge and are willing to reach out to get it. This issue’s article is in response to that inquiry and I hope it benefits others as well. So, let’s get started… Pedigrees are wonderful tools to use in your breeding program, but the pedigrees are only as good as the knowledge you have about the dogs IN the pedigree. Just because there are lots of champions in the pedigree does not necessarily mean each and every dog is of great quality. It just means that the dogs in the pedigree were shown to their championships. And we all know that finishing a dog’s title could happen for a number of reasons including they were very worthy of a title, or they were shown by a well-known handler who could finish a porcupine if it was on a leash, or it could be that they were shown for years and years and eventually completed its title. Regardless, unless you know something about the dogs in the pedigree (and the line itself is even better), a pedigree can only “help” you to a small degree in “guessing” what you might get when that dog is added to your breeding program. There are a variety of pedigrees I use, but I especially like the “visual” pedigrees. The visual pedigree provides more than just “words”, it provides a visual aid that helps me absorb and process the information better. The pedigrees that I’ve used over the years include the following: 42 - LetsTalkBostons.com

Ancestral Pedigrees

These are the typical pedigrees you get from the American Kennel Club (AKC) that have the dog’s information (AKC number, gender, breeder, color, champion indicator if applicable, etc.) and similar information about its ancestors.

Illustrated or Photo Pedigrees

These include a picture of the dogs in the pedigree.

Phenotype Pedigrees

These document physical characteristics such as round eyes, high toes, and moderate rear angulation.

Genotype Pedigrees

These document genetic characteristics that you typically can’t “see” when you look at a dog. This includes traits such as juvenile cataracts, heart defects, deafness, and luxating patella). Some of these pedigrees can be complicated, or at least time consuming, to develop, but the information within them is priceless, particularly when you are trying to bring something into your breeding program that it may be lacking like larger and rounder eyes, or breed something out that you currently have and don’t want like short necks. When we have these pedigrees available, it also helps remind us to ask questions about potential mates that we might not otherwise think to ask. For example, has your male produced any deaf puppies (including unilateral deafness - deaf in only one ear) and if so, with which lines? Most of us have produced some unilaterally deaf puppies over the years, but if you know which pedigrees, when combined, produce it, then you’ll have a better idea of knowing if you’re potentially doubling up on it. For example, when I bred one of my males to one of my females, she had absolutely stunning puppies, but sadly both pups in the litter were unis; however, when I bred him to other females, no deaf puppies were produced. This let me know that I should not allow him to be bred to other females with a pedigree similar to my bitch. Likewise, when I bred the bitch to a different male (no similar pedigree to my male), none of the resulting puppies had any deafness. Hopefully, with open and honest communication, we can all improve our lines! The first one to review is the ancestral pedigree. This type of pedigree lets you know right away how many champions are in the dog’s recent background - typically 3-5 generations. It will also provide you with other useful information such as the color, birthdate,

A classic example of an Ancestral Pedigree: An AKC 5 Generation Certified Pedigree. and registration number of the ancestors. Sometimes there is additional information such as DNA number, stud book date, and even various health clearances. This is definitely a must have for every dog and the starting point of your research. The second one we’ll discuss is the illustrated (or photo) pedigree. This type of pedigree shows what each of the ancestors physically looked like. The benefit of this pedigree, obviously, is you can see what the dogs looked like at one point in time, even if you haven’t ever seen them in person, so you will have an idea of some of the characteristics of the ancestors. Of course, like everything, there is a downside, which, in this case, includes a few things such as quality of the photo, uncertainty of knowing if the photo was “retouched” or not, and the inconsistency of each photo. For example, if one photo is of a dog sitting down, you really don’t have any idea about its topline or angulation; or if it’s simply a side shot, then you often have no idea what the head actually looks like, so while a photo pedigree is nice to have, it only provides a high-level look at each of the dogs. Another example is that many of the photos of the dogs in more distant generations are copies of copies of copies and the quality is so degraded that it’s difficult to see anything, particularly when many of May 2014 - 43

A part of an Illustrated (or Photo) Pedigree those old photos are black and white (which end up becoming washed out to gray and white). But as the old adage goes: something is better than nothing. (I’d like to thank Jennifer Cook for allowing me to use a part of her illustrated pedigree of DBL-G’s Mona Lisa of Ivanhoe to better illustrate this article). The phenotype pedigree can provide a wealth of information about the traits we can see in the dogs in the pedigree - the physical expression of a gene/trait. We can track blue eyes, over/under marked, tight feet, and any other characteristic that is important to you. It may be something we are hoping to produce when we breed, but if the one trait we want to change is ONLY expressed in one of the dogs in a 4-5 generation

pedigree, there’s little chance that the trait will be expressed in our first generation of offspring. Of course, some traits are very strong (like weak/soft ears) and take multiple generations to change, while other traits such as tight feet may be fairly easy to correct in one generation (assuming, of course, that the trait we’re looking for exists in the mate we’re using). It can also help us identify where a desired or undesired trait originates from so that when we breed, we will know if we should consider reintroducing a specific dog/line (or not…) into our line. Simply “code” the dogs in the pedigree and then highlight/circle the traits that you’re looking for to see how many times they occur and in which lines. Voila! You now have a better idea of what you may produce when bred to mates with similar characteristics in its pedigree.

A part of a Phenotype Pedigree 44 - LetsTalkBostons.com


Rover (4/98)

Sissy (01/98)

Fido (4/98)

AC – 10/02

AC – 10/04 AC – 7/08


Brutus (03/02) AC – 10/04 E/MVD – 7/08 AC – 8/10

Rosy (11/00)

King (4/98)

AC – 10/04 AC – 7/08

EC – 07/01 Died 2005-Poison

Red underlined name means I bred the dog/bitch. Black name means I either bought or bred to the dog/bitch. Bold underlines text indicates test was done by a specialist. Blue shaded box = dog Pink shaded box = bitch Thick shaded outline means I either still own or can easily obtain the dog/bitch for more testing. AC – Ausclutation Clear EC – Echocardiogram Clear E/MVD – Echocardiogram w/Mitral Valve Disease

Annie (03/03)

Ross (9/02)

AC – 4/05 AC – 10/10

AC – 11/09

Bella (6/06)

Cash (11/06)

Amber (11/06)

AC – 5/08 AC – 7/10

EC – 1/09 AC – 8/10

EC – 1/09 AC – 8/10

Gidget (04/10) AC – 8/11 E/MVD – 6/12 AC – 10/13

Bo (10/01) EC – 11/03 AC – 7/08 EC/MVD – 8/10

Luci (01/09)

Dolly (02/09)

EC – 2/11 AC – 3/13

AC – 2/11 EC – 10/13

Mimi (08/05) EC – 2/08 AC – 12/12

Lassie (01/08) EC – 8/09 AC – 7/10 AC – 11/13

A Genotype Pedigree

And lastly, we’ll take a look at a genotype pedigree. This pedigree identifies the traits that you generally cannot see, but are genetic (or at least congenital - meaning present at birth) in the dogs. This is an excellent tool to track genetic traits such as unilateral deafness, distichia, luxating patella, and juvenile cataract carriers. It is not much different than Phenotype pedigree, so you can use the same format or use a different one, depending upon whether you are tracing back or monitoring forward in your line. It may even be beneficial to consolidate the phenotype and genotype pedigrees into a single pedigree, but that could become overwhelming or confusing. The key to the phenotype and genotype pedigrees is creating a legend with select easy to understand and visually pleasing characters or symbols to represent your traits/ characteristics. If it becomes too “busy” to look at, it

becomes more confusing than helpful. There is actually a wealth of knowledge out there that we can leverage to help use develop these pedigrees (such as OFA, CERF, interviews with seasoned, honest exhibitors, and other websites). I know there are many people out there hoping for a great mentor interested in sharing information. If you can spare some time to help educate and groom newbies (and some not-quitea-newbie-anymore-type folks), we can feel confident that we are leaving this breed in capable hands that will strive to improve the breed to the best of their abilities. And the reality is that we all ADORE this breed and honestly, don’t we really just want what is best for these guys… now and in the future! We can do it!!! Until next time!

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Crufts 2014 - Boston Terrier Breed Judging

United Kingdom, March 9th, 2014 - Judged by Professor Terry Desombre (UK) Pictures by Paula Hamilton

Best of Breed & Bitch CC

MULTI CH BRIGHT & BRINDLE’S TOP OF THE LINE Open Bitch Class - Owned by Mrs. Simonsen

50 - LetsTalkBostons.com


fter so many years in the breed it was a great honour to be invited to judge at Crufts. My grateful thanks goes to the exhibitors who gave me a record entry of 145 dogs with around 20 visitors from overseas. I felt privileged to be able to assess so many excellent exhibits. In some classes I was spoilt for choice. I am also indebted to my stewards whose efficiency enabled the judging to finish on time. Overall, I found temperaments to be good and the preparation of exhibits for the show ring to be excellent. Although I found a few dogs to look beautiful in profile, movement may have cost them a place in the line-up. Mouths also varied and I saw the occasional narrow and rounded lower jaw. The breed, as always, is in good hands so I am confident that exhibitors and breeders will work hard to improve further on these issues. My principle winners were: FABCOLUS TWISTS BUMBLE owned by Ms Powles’s and entered in the Postgraduate Dog Class. He is a very nice square solid brindle, beautifully marked. Well presented and was sympathetically shown on the day. He has a nice front with tight feet and a strong masculine head. Nice ear set and eye placement. Wide muzzle with a good mouth. Good depth of chest. Good top line tapering at the croup, low set tail. A strong back end. Moved well. I awarded him the dog Challenge Certificate. He went on to challenged hard for Best of Breed but was beaten by the bitch. SKIN-DEEPS JACKMAN owned by Mrs Wildman and shown in the Limit Dog Class. A very nice mahogany brindle. With a very nice front a well-balanced and square head. He has nice eyes, good width and depth to muzzle and correct ear placement. A beautiful reach of neck. Well barrelled chest and a Level top line. Low set tail and appropriately angled

back end. He moved well. I awarded him the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate. INT/NORD/DK UCH KBHV-11’12 NORDV-11 NV-11 SEV10 BRIGHT & BRINDLE’S TOP OF THE LINE owned by Mrs Simonsen who travelled from Norway to show at Crufts she was entered in the Open Bitch Class. A really nice, very well balanced bitch. Nice tight feet. Lovely front. Good head in good proportion. Importantly, a level top line leading to the correct tail set. Nice spring of ribs. Good turn of stifle. Held her top line on the move. It was a long day for her but she continued to shine. I awarded her the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed. CH LISVARNA SUGAR BABE AT ANTRIX owned by Mrs Kennedy and shown in the Open Bitch Class, coming second to the Bitch Challenge Certificate winner. A really well balanced bitch. Nice head with good depth of muzzle. Nice eye and ear set. Level top line. Good spring of ribs. Good tail set and rear end. She moved well and after assessing her again I awarded her the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate. WYNELE SUPER TROUPER owned by Mr Naulls and Mr Barker and entered in the Special Puppy Dog Class. A very nice brindle. Nice front, lovely head, correct ear set. Very clear eyes. Nice mouth. Level top line, low set tail. Good angulation at the rear end. He moved well. I was pleased to award him Best Puppy in Breed I congratulate them all on their achievement and wish them well in the future.

- Professor Terry Desombre

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May 2014 - 57

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OUTSTANDING Multi BISS - MJCh. - Ch. Kennedy’s Wild Rock N´Roll with HessenVilla Bred by A Dunn, B Dunn, S Kennedy & L Anderson Owned by Corina Munch & Sarah Kennedy


lvis’s history with Corina started very early on. She picked Elvis when he was barely 48 hours alive! She did not have a specific reason to do so. “It was love at first sight. The breeder let me choose after they were grown but I was sure Elvis was my dog!”, Corina affirms. When Elvis was 10 weeks old, Corina and her family went on a trip to the USA to pick him up. Since the very first time she held Elvis in her arms, she was in love with him. A strong bond was formed between the both of them and it was the start to this great journey. According to Corina, Elvis has a great character and is a pleasant and loving, adorable dog. He loves his family and his pack. He’s never had problems with other dogs, always being calm and balanced, but he has a soft spot for his son Presley, who is his best friend around the house. He is a healthy boy and has passed all of his health

Patellas: R0/L0 Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts DNA: CLEAR Eyes: CEA - Free / RD- Free / PHTVL/PHPV - free, Cataracts - free /PRA - free. 58 - LetsTalkBostons.com

checks. His descendants in Germany and in other countries are wonderful, healthy dogs with great temperaments. When asked what Elvis’s strong points as a producer are, Corina does not hesitate to mention that he passes on attitude, strong heads and perfect toplines. Elvis is Corina’s constant companion and together they make up a great show team, always full of energy and joy, always eager to please his mom. “Elvis did not like it when he was with a handler, he looked miserable when showing! When I had an accident in 2012 and could not walk for 9 months, he was my constant shadow, day and night, and helped me to get well,” Corina remembers. “Our first show after that long period was Crufts 2013, Elvis was very happy to be back in the ring with his mom, and he showed his heart out! He was so proud and happy. That day, we flew through the ring and got Best of Breed at Crufts! I cannot explain what I felt and thought up until this day. It was simply incredible”.

Bester Dog 2013 (1.CBD) #1 Boston Europe 2011 & 2012 CRUFTS Winner 2013 (BOB) Internationaler Schönheits Champion Französischer Champion Niederländischer Champion Deutscher Champion VDH CBD Champion Deutscher Jugendchampion CBD Deutscher Jugendchampion VDH CBD Klubjugendsieger 2011 Inter- Boston 2011 NL Clubwinner 2011 Amsterdam Youth Winner 2011 Amsterdam Winner 2011 VDH Bundesjugendsieger 2011 Jugendchampion NL Winner Limit Class Crufts Show 2012 Luxembourg Junior Champion VDH Europasieger 2012 BOB Nationalen Dortmund 2012 Landessieger Thüringen 2012 King of Shows 2011 CBD Clubsieger 2012 Boston Terrier des Jahres 2012 Inter Boston 2012 Sieger Gießen 2012 KING OF SHOWS 2012 Landessieger Thüringen 2013 Rheinland-Pfalz 2013 22 x BEST OF BREED Multiple Group 9 Winner Reserve Best in Show (all breed)

May 2014 - 59

Some of Elvis’s winning offspring include... “Presley” MJCh. - BJS13 HessenVilla´s King of Rock N´Roll “Volt”American CH High Votage du BOIS CLERBAULT CGC “Rockabella” I´Wild Rockabella du Rocher des Ducs



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2014 Boston Terrier Club of New York Specialty Show February 8-9, 2014 - Judged by Mrs. Vicki L. Abbott and Mr. Lloyd Amodei Sweepstakes by Mr. Richard LaJoye & Mr. John Constantine

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May 2014 - 73

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2014 Westminster Dog Show Boston Terrier Judging February 10, 2014 - Judged by Mr. Mark R. Kennedy Pictures by The Dog Sport Photographers

74 - LetsTalkBostons.com

Best of Breed

Ch Motif’s Unstoppable At Rio Bred by Richard & Suzanne Shiloh Owned by Amy & Karen Beskau

Best of Opposite Sex GCH Campbell Clan’s Simply ScandalouS

Select Dog GCH Peja’s N’ Ken’s Saddle’Em Up For Suze

Select Bitch GCH Gunther’s Gussied Up Edna

Awards of Merit GCH Haberl’s When Lightning Strikes Ch Talavera’s Taking Matters In Hand At Cocolamus GCH Kennedy’s Wild Sweet Renegade FOR OTHER SHOW COVERAGES, CONNECT WITH US ON FACEBOOK! FACEBOOK.COM/LETSTALKBOSTONS May 2014 - 75

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