LetsStopAIDS Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update

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FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update



LETTER FROM SHAMIN A powerful action any young person can take is to say no under pressure. 15 years ago, I was discouraged to start LetsStopAIDS. I simply said no. 2019 marked our 15th birthday. And with 220,000+ volunteers and youth involved in our programmes, we’re too busy saying yes these days. We are so proud of our 100% volunteer-run team. 2019 was also about Personal Growth. We took time out to learn about ourselves and the foundation needed to be successful. We realized we were isolated and needed to network effectively. We hosted key global sessions, actively played a role at Pride and advocated for youthHIV issues locally. Simply put -- We have grown into a global organization. Our investment in strategic consultants, programme development experts, brand marketers and IT experts will shape LetsStopAIDS over the next 15+ years.

When we listen to others and realize that we each need to just be open, that’s when we begin to realize that “impossible” global and local issues become almost effortless. This report highlights just that. Success is possible with a limited budget. Finally, we call ourselves a charity because we are a global organization that focuses on meaningful relationships that truly act in the spirit of working with each other. I am a firm believer in teams that invest its passion internally to make a difference. As you flip through the pages, remember, all the smiling faces you see are the faces of LetsStopAIDS. Just imagine what else is possible when you invest in youth to end HIV. Love,

Shamin | Founder

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PURPOSE LetsStopAIDS is here to provide youth with opportunities to Share, Dare and Care. We focus on Youth-HIV prevention and knowledge exchange by engaging youth in their local communities.

VISION It’s (literally) in our name!




Information, experiences, knowledge - everything there is to know about HIV, we share with our communities.

“It’s too complicated” has never stopped us. We never back down from a challenge and inspire others to do the same by daring themselves to take action within their local communities.

We are strongest when we work together. Our global network of youth leaders has strengthened our initiative and created a safe space for those in vulnerable situations.

FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update


IMPACT (Since 2004)

322 Youth Presentations

Countries Reached

220 000







Dollars Spent on Staff Salary


Youth Positively Impacted Globally

Posts across Facebook, Instagram & Twitter




We involve individuals regardless of their age - to take on leadership roles within their local communities to help lower new youth-HIV infections and tackle other issues that may be present.

We listen, listen, listen and then -- collaborate together. We feel that relationships between communities must be reciprocal and provide meaningful opportunities for everyone.

Young people have never been more active online than now. We’ve been especially active on social media - establishing a virtual community - that will connect with youth from all corners of the world.

And we're still growing!


3200 Gigabytes of Content Creation Photos, Documents and Videos

Condoms Distributed Globally

4200 24 Hour Wake Participants



Sessions, Booths, Press Conferences led since AIDS 2006

720 000



Videos of HIV Lived Experience

420 Fruit Bearing Trees Planted in Rural South Africa




We have grown, not just as a charity, but as an active voice in youth-HIV advocacy. Our presence at AIDS conferences worldwide is one of the leading examples of how far we have come!

Whether it’s handing out condoms (we worked hard on those by the way) or sharing experiences with a youth group about HIV; we are always finding new ways to connect youth with HIV-related resources.

Before anything else, we are simply people, who want to create change in the community around us (we’re not trying to sound sappy, but it’s true)! We create authentic moments with unique people around us (volunteers, youth, whoever!) and it shows in our work.

PLAY (OUR WORK) AT HOME LiveLifeLoving An online-portal for youth of all backgrounds, especially those who are positive, to have open discussions about ‘taboo’ topics around HIV (and, maybe some NSFW things too) in a stigma-free environment. Our Need Help? section will provide a meaningful space for youth to connect with the resources they need. We’ve spent the year building infrastructure and a global team of 50 volunteers to ensure that we’re creating content that will be both engaging and purposeful!

Peer Education & Outreach Conversations about HIV need to start locally. Our team has been busy collaborating with our community ambassadors in various cities to mobilize communities and join campaigns on safer sexual health and HIV prevention. We have also hosted two high school conferences with the involvement of local artists and members of the HIV community. As of November 2019, we relaunched our weekly Peer Educators workshops; with York University being our first university chapter back in session!



New HQ For 14 years, our base at the University of Toronto’s New College has always been home. We’ll always remember our roots, but we’re happy to now call our new space - a Heritage House from the late-1700s - our permanent home, here, in downtown Toronto at Adelaide & John. FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update


PRIDE 2019 Pride Toronto

RBC GenX Pride Event

Out on Bay Street

Our first StreetFair booth (ever)! We were able to attract over 6000 visitors and hand out 10,000 condoms! With help of the 60 volunteers, who packed condoms (Yes-- condom packing is a rite-of-passage), and get visitors to play our sand-filled condom game, In That Hole, we were able to stay open till midnight and be present when youth were out!

As part of Pride month, RBC I&TS and LetsStopAIDS hosted a joint GenX pride event (which we heard RBCers are still raving about!). Shamin discussed his career path and how each of us can make an impact in building a more inclusive society. For 2020, we have pre-recorded this event through Zoom!

With our partners at ViiV Canada, we were panel speakers at one of Canada’s largest LGBTQ+ conferences, where students from different schools and programmes were able to interact with professionals.



FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update


GLOBAL Spread Trees, Not AIDS It’s no secret. HIV and climate change are two of the world’s most pressing issues; and those living in poverty are negatively impacted by a changing climate and health challenges such as HIV. For the past 12 years, we have partnered with the AIDS Foundation of South Africa and Food & Trees for Africa in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa to facilitate community workshops around preventing and addressing HIV.

Mqatsheni, South Africa



2020 has us focusing on revitalizing and strengthening this programme. We have put a lot of attention towards building a unique programme that helps our global neighbours such as the Dududu Drop-In Centre and the Khuphuka Project (two of our many community partners) on the next phase of Spread Trees, Not AIDS and what issues need to be addressed in their local areas.

Mtubatuba, South Africa

Dududu, South Africa

Dududu, South Africa

FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update


FY2020 PROGRESS UPDATE International Conference on HIV & Adolescence Our team didn’t just participate at #HIVAdolesence in Nairobi, we hosted a Get Involved booth to inspire local youth to take action! Our Nairobi-based volunteers led knowledge exchange sessions where we shared LetsStopAIDS materials through music and mob dances, as a creative way to engage each other in preventing new HIV infections.

AIDS 2020 The world’s largest health conference will be held virtually due to COVID-19. Partnering with Youth Stop AIDS and STOPAIDS (UK), we will be hosting a speaking panel about global youth activism to stop HIV, three NGO booths and an art exhibit to showcase our projects. This will be our 8th participation at this global conference.

World AIDS Day 2019

Valentine’s Night 2020

This World AIDS Day marked our 15th anniversary! Thanks to our partners at RBC, we hosted a Condom packing party - courtesy of Trojan Canada - and prepared 5,000 condoms for distribution (during a snowstorm)!

On a night dedicated to lovers, we reached out to over 30 local bars in Toronto to distribute 2,000 condoms; spreading HIV awareness (and good times)! Other than free entry to nightclubs, none of our volunteers were struck by cupid’s arrow.

BTru 18


Good people are doing good things.


We responded quickly when COVID-19 became recognized as a global pandemic. With over 65 LetsStopAIDS volunteers in 13 different countries, HeyCOVID19 was put together in 6 days to ensure that people in vulnerable communities would be able to get accurate health information about the disease. Translated in over 25 languages, across 41 countries, we’ll be updating information from the World Health Organization (WHO) regularly, to keep everyone safe.

FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update


FRIENDS (OUR VOLUNTEERS) From Day 1, LetsStopAIDS has been 100% volunteer-run and operated (yes -- this book was made by volunteers). We call our volunteers, friends because we have created a unique global community that consists of thousands of volunteers globally, including our alumni.

2019 Volunteer Report Card 17




Active Volunteers


Meaningful Positions



Hours = $1.5 Million Pro-Bono Work



Our National Manager for a Canadian charity lives all the way in Brazil?! Tatiana loves a good challenge! In 2019, Tatiana joined LetsStopAIDS and quickly transformed how LetsStopAIDS is positioned nationally. Her migration plans to Canada were temporarily halted due to COVID-19, but she’s driven to make it happen. Our Geek Team told us that Tatiana has spent 6,955 minutes on video calls (to date)! She has created 24 new positions (with more than 100 Google Meet interviews) and much needed foundational structure to LiveLiveLoving, #NoTimeToWait Conference and 24 Hour Wake. We believe it’s safe to say Tatiana is superhuman.

Sanele first joined LetsStopAIDS when he was just a high school student (that was 7 years ago!!!) and his determination to make his surroundings a better place has impacted small rural communities like Dududu with his involvement (read: founding member) in the Dududu Youth Club (DYC) by promoting healthy lifestyles amongst youth. His video, Voices in Motion - Youth Representations of HIV/ AIDS in Dududu, was presented at AIDS 2014, in Melbourne, Australia that has brought greater attention to the Dududu community. An ambassador for Spread Trees, Not AIDS and a key player for HeyCOVID19 (with 2G speed, mind you), we’re glad to know Sanele is just getting started!

FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update




“Education is as empowering, as it is liberating.”

If you want to talk about determination, then that’s David! Back in 2005, David applied to the Global Affairs-funded, Spread Trees, Not AIDS internship. He got shortlisted and then...rejected. One year later, David re-applied and spent 6 months in Dududu, South Africa to focus on community engagement relating to the environment and its growing HIV rates. He also led a needs assessment with our partner organization, Khuphuka, located near the South Africa-Lesotho border. David is still an ambassador for LetsStopAIDS; most recently at AIDS 2018 (as our “Club Bouncer”), running our Pride booth (as our MC) and leading our Youth Expo (as our recruiter).

Our Youth Programme Coordinator for Peer Education, a community health ambassador for Women’s Health in Women’s Hands and a biochemistry graduate at York University. Sophia does it all. Her passion for health advocacy is what brought her to LetsStopAIDS, and it’s thanks to this that she has been able to start local conversations with youth across Canada about the promotion of safer sexual health and HIV prevention. We look forward to seeing Sophia’s work in the public health field where she will continue to help others living with HIV. 22


FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update


WE ARE SOCIAL (ARE YOU?) LetsStopAIDS has been busy ( ) this year! We put our energy towards understanding what content youth want, and they just want relatable content that doesn’t look like it was made by their parents.

317 Social Media Posts across all Platforms

1.2M x Our content was seen

>15.5K Likes, comments and shares



Most posts on our social networks are not sponsored, meaning we’re reaching our audience through high relevance and quality of content. Even with short texts and quick trendy videos; our inspiring stories with real people have reached up to 10x more users than other types of posts.

Other than photos, our amazing illustrations have caught our audience’s attention - texts with LetsStopAIDS’ signature style artwork is our most saved content. Having savable content is key to not only engage more people but to provide our followers with real, accessible information that will be saved in their phone for consulting, anytime.






FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update



Virtual Infrastructure We have invested extensive resources and upgraded our technology to bring the best solutions that will accelerate our achievements and keep our team productive, wherever they are! 26


We’re grateful for partners like Adobe, Amazon AWS, Atlassian, Box, Google, Microsoft, Azure, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, TypeForm, Slack and others, for donating their products to us.

FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update



24 Hour Wake

NoTimeToWait 2020 #YouthHIV #YouthHIVCan

The 24 Hour Wake is our first national, educational, fundraising event where students stay awake for 24 hours! The first wake was held in 2004 -- before Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ever existed! For 2020, we’re modernizing the 24 Hour Wake to become relevant to today’s youth.

NoTimeToWait 2020 is our inaugural Youth-HIV Leadership Conference. Leading the way for the next generation of HIV advocacy initiatives; we give participants - youth of all diversities and ranges - an opportunity to engage in HIV leadership and activism. Due to COVID-19, this conference will be held virtually.



Office Expansion

It’s only 2020, right? We’re currently expanding our location to turn it into a multi-purpose space (Peer Education movie night, anyone?) that will help us continue doing the things we love! Additionally, this expansion will also be able to make room for the presence of a social worker in partnership with the University of Windsor and meet Ontario’s COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. FY2019 Annual Report + 2020 Progress Update



(Yep.. they are all volunteers) Shamin Mohamed Jr. | President NATIONAL Dr. Hunain Khan | Vice-President, National · Tatiana Goulart | National Manager INTERNATIONAL Lia D’Abate | Vice-President, International · Thomas Coldwell | International Manager COMMUNICATIONS Aquin George | Vice-President, Communications · Buchi Olori | Communications Manager

DEVELOPMENT Jeremy Neuringer | Vice-President, Development TECHNOLOGY Eduardo Kobayashi | Vice-President, Technology PEOPLE & CULTURE Klaudia Bolsakov | Vice-President, People & Culture · Juan Rodriguez | People & Culture Manager

FINANCE Manar Hassan-Agha | Vice-President, Finance · Abel Nunes | Financial Controller

None of this would be possible without our 300+ volunteers!!! To respect the privacy of some of our volunteers, we cannot list our 2019 volunteers, but we value, trust and respect our amazing team for making everything we do possible!



More than ten years ago, I stood alongside Shamin and his ideal that one person can make a difference. Our reach started with a small team headed to South Africa. We’ve obviously grown from that and have built a profile not only there, but globally and here at home. It’s up to us to raise the youth voice via the LetsStopAIDS Board of Directors. Don’t be left out of the conversation. Add your voice and your care. The Board of Directors helps to shape LetsStopAIDS now and for the future. We are the voice of LetsStopAIDS. Be heard!

Paul Cadiente | Board Chair

FY2019 “BORED” OF DIRECTORS BOARD MEMBERS Paul Cadiente - Board Chair · Lia D’Abate · Hunain Khan · Jeremy Neuringer · Rajesh Pisharody



We want our programmes to get the recognition they deserve. While improving our success measurements by using data analytics to collect and share information about our work -- we intend to apply to Imagine Canada’s Standards Program to invest in our credibility.

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