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APRIL 2012

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At Le Rouge Magazine, the art and craftsmanship in makeup artistry, hair design and fashion styling will be the main character in stories being told through artistic photographs. Utilizing the best resources in the industry, art is reborn, and caught in everlasting images. Bringing to the forefront what is usually kept behind the scenes. Makeup, hair design, and fashion styling will never be seen in the same light again. All of this will take place with the help of amazing photographers lending their inspiring talents to showcase these various forms of artistic expression. Le Rouge brings to you a wide range of readers that are true professionals in the fashion and beauty industry. Editorial content highlights the best in makeup artistry, hair styling and care, fashion and jewelry, health, and the artistry of photography. We celebrate the art in all things fashion and beauty.

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This issue has been so fun to put together. Shooting beautiful wedding gowns and getting creative has been a wonderful experience. In this issue, you’ll find tips and tricks to keep your skin glowing for your big day, how to keep your hair in check and a few spotlighted wedding professionals with advice on how to find the right bridal services for your wedding. With each issue, I get to work with some amazingly talented people. Also, with each issue, I feel that our family keeps on expanding. Such wonderful additions include Jalia Pettis, Public Relations; Curtis Bowen, Marketing; Terrance Antonio, Marketing and Anna Matusz, International Liaison & Marketing. We also had photo shoots done by some wonderful photographers: Eli Warren from Greenville, Elle Andersen, Joshua Aaron Photography, and Collette Durity in Columbia. International contributors include Grzegorz Malinowski in Poland and Willfred Dy, a very talented photographer and designer located in the United Arab Emirates. I also thank our guest hairstylist for this issue, Martha Ann Williams. Of course, I have to always thank our über talented team: Jamie Tran, Carmen Jordan, George Perez and Stephanie Grace. Let’s continue to make Le Rouge grow and become even more amazing!

Yaira Orellana editor@lerougemag.com


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our wedding is the day where you are everyone’s focus. Certainly you want to look your best. Flawless skin and immaculate makeup. Following are some of the most burning questions received by some brides to be.




My skin has been breaking out. What is a good affordable regimen?






Wash your face with a great salicylic acid cleanser, twice a day. You can also use a raw honey mask once a day . Raw honey has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. Also use an exfoliating was occasionally, you can add sugar to your daily face wash to acheive this. What advice can you give me about waxing my brows?

If you remove hair too soon, then it will start growing back and be present once again on the day of the wedding. If you try to take care of waxing at the last minute, then signs of irritation will still be present on the day of the ceremony. These signs include redness and in some cases, an allergic reaction. For this reason, it is best to carry out waxing eyebrows and other areas of the face two weeks before the wedding

How do I deal with a huge wedding day zit?

First, treat the zit with trying to soothe and shrink it. You can try salicylic acid and a sulfur paste. You can also treat the redness and swelling with a Zeno. The heat this gives off helps with that. Of course, conceal. If you’re using a Makeup Artist that day, let them know what’s going on and they’ll know what to do to conceal.

I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, but I plan to wear some for my wedding whats the least I can get away with and still look special?


This is something we hear from a lot from brides. The best thing to do is use natural colors that suit your skin tone. However, make your eyes pop. The best thing to do is contact a professional makeup artist and schedule a trial run. That way, you know before hand how you want your makeup done, keeping true to yourself, and adding a little extra umpf.

BRIDAL RUNWAY SKIN By: Lakinta “Ky” Smith, LE

Get your skin looking radiant for your big day. Follow these helpful tips from a licensed Esthetician !


ou are donning Vera Wang. Your VVS diamond is brilliant. Your strappy Manolo Blahnik sandal peeks out from beneath the hem of your dress and you look stunning! Yet there is something wrong. Something’s missing. You run down the list. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Then you look in the mirror and realize what’s not there. That glow! One of the most important things on your wedding day is beautiful glowing skin. Here are 10 easy steps to prepare your skin for the catwalk of its life.


After a busy day of meeting with your wedding planner, florist, and wedding photographer you just want to go to bed. No matter how tired you are do not sleep in your makeup. Makeup is great for giving you a polished look throughout the day and concealing imperfections. However, it can reap havoc on skin if not removed at night. Simply using a makeup wipe remover will help take off the makeup and dirt without an exhausting skincare regimen when it is time to hit the hay. MAC Cosmetics Wipes $15.00


30 days till your wedding? That’s how long it takes for your skin to rejuvenate itself. To speed this process along, you can slough off old skin by exfoliating. Exfoliating allows your new glowing skin to submerge and your skincare products such as serums, and creams to penetrate deeper. At home exfoliation can be done using products such as Philosophy’s Microexfoliating Wash. For $25.00, the gentle beads will gently polish and smooth your skin to a healthy radiant glow.


Antioxidant serums can be your best friend during a stressful time such as planning a wedding. In addition to fighting free radicals that cause premature aging, serums also help to de-stress the skin. Skinceuticals CE Ferulic $144.00 is a powerhouse serum infused with vitamins C, E and Ferulic Acid. It diminishes discoloration, fine lines and softens aging skin.


Can’t decide between the sleek, strapless Badgley Mischka and your mom’s gorgeous long sleeved vintage lace dress? Do them both. One for the wedding and one for the reception, but make sure that your back and shoulders are gorgeous too. Back acne is a common condition that can cause a bride to run from a strapless or halter dress. No need to be that runaway bride. Proactiv’s Cleansing Body Bar $18.00 banishes blackheads and pimples on your back and shoulders.


Snooki’s ENGAGED! The guys and gals of Jersey Shore have made the spray tan a do or die. When done properly, spray tanning is an awesome way to add a warm subtle glow to the skin without the danger of sun tanning. SunFX is a professional system that has several levels to customize your own tropical tan. Tonic Day Spa at Hampton Hill Athletic Club uses this affordable system to turn your skin into a bronze goddess. www. tonicdayspa.com.


Just like marriage, what you put into it is what you get out of it. Your body is the same. Eating healthy will encourage healthy skin. Green leafy vegetables and fruits such and blueberries, cherries, grapes and pomegranates are a great source of fiber and antioxidants. These nutrient rich foods are all great for your skin. The more you eat, the more you’ll glow.


Eye Do! Don’t forget about the skin next to your eyes. This is very thin and fragile skin. No oil glands are present, so you are 100% responsible for making sure your eyes are moisturized. Fine lines can creep up quickly, so make sure that you use an eye cream morning and night. Bobbi Brown’s Extra Eye Repair $68.00 is great for combatting dark circles, fine and deep set lines. It also has a built in primer that will make your concealer go on smooth and not cake.


SPF. Need I say more? Protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Unprotected exposure to the sun can cause sun damage, and even skin cancer. Slather on the SPF and protect your skin from what can be a lifetime of worry. Neutrogena’s Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunblock SPF 30 $10.49 is ultra-light weight, non-greasy and can be worn on top of your moisturizer or alone.


Is your skin dehydrated from all of the cocktails at your engagement and bachelorette parties? Your skin can use a drink of water too. Moisturizing is essential to keeping your skin supple and hydrated. All skin types, even the oily should moisturize to keep the skin balanced. Dior’s Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Crème $56.00 is a lightweight, paraben free moisturizer that uses hyaluronic acid and rose flower extract to plump and sooth the skin.


Get some rest and loose the caffeine. Caffeine is a silent killer of beautiful skin. It can cause problems such as mild acne and dehydration. It is also not the best for people that suffer from rosacea. If you are tired, your skin will show it first. So toss the bridal magazines, roll over and get some much needed sleep. It’s free and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.




amie Tran is one of South Carolina’s most sought after makeup artists. Her passion for makeup artistry led her to countless hours hanging out at the MAC counter and practicing on her friends. She finally began her professional career with MAC Cosmetics in 2003 where she was trained by some of the best in the industry. After leaving MAC in 2008 to

start a family, she began focusing more on her freelance business and, specifically, weddings. Her love of makeup is what keeps her constantly striving for growth and perfection. Tran prides herself on her professionalism and attention to detail. Along the way, Tran has found herself expanding her freelance business to more than just weddings.



She was asked in 2010 to be the personal makeup artist for Julissa, Host of BET’s 106 & Park for their tenth anniversary show. Most recently, in 2011, Tran was the official makeup artist for Playboy’s “Girls of the SEC” edition. In 2012, Tran was voted “Bride’s Choice” on Wedding Wire for her work in the wedding industry. She felt honored to receive such an amazing award knowing that all her hard work was starting to pay off. Geared towards the

needs of her clients, Tran recently launched her own line of cosmetics called Eyebrowjunkie. Tran provides a full service beauty experience; she not only creates that look of your dreams, but she also teaches you how to achieve the same results yourself with

her personalized line of cosmetics. For more info or to contact Tran for your makeup needs, please visit her website at www.eyebrowjunkie.com.


We asked Jamie a Few questions to help you in your quest to find a great makeup artist!


What should I look for in a Makeup Artist?

When searching for a makeup artist for your wedding day there are several things you need to consider. ExperienceMost brides think that if someone is labled as a makeup artist, then they automatically have talent. What you must consider is their experience and knowledge in the business. An experienced makeup artist truly knows colors and textures and how they apply to a specific skin type. They know lighting and photography and how the makeup will translate on camera. Look for someone that is trained in the art of photographic makeup. Also try and get referalls from other wedding professionals such as Photographers and wedding planners. Reliable SkillsWhen considering a makeup artist, look at their portfolio of bridal images. Remember that bridal makeup should always look clean and elegant. If you like what you see, contact the artist and schedule a trial run. Ask questions and ask to look at their kit to make sure that the products they use are high quality, long-lasting, waterproof and photo friendly. After all you do want to make sure that you will look beautiful throughout the evening after your artist has left. CompatibilityMost importantly, hire someone whose personality and attitude mesh well with yours and put you at ease. If there is no chemistry then it will be an unpleasant experience for all parties. On your wedding day, you should be relaxed and enjoy the getting ready process so make sure you find someone that makes you feel comfortable.


What can I expect from you on my wedding day?

For your wedding day makeup I will factor in your skin type, time of the event, weather conditions, the style or theme of the wedding and the style of the dress. I will come to you to get you ready and hopefully relieve some stress while you prepare for your big day. I will also make similar considerations for the wedding party I will give you makeup application that will last through out your entire event ands provide you with a makeup application that looks as good in photos as it does in real life.


Why should I hire a makeup artist?

Simply put, professionally applied makeup will help complete the look you spent so many months pulling together. A professional makeup artists working with a great photographer, can produce amazing results in your photographs. You may have seen pictures of brides looking washed out and pasty, or having very dark eyes that seem to disappear. No amount of retouching can get rid of imperfections like these in your photographs


United Arab Emirates







artha Ann Williams is a talented hairstylist with over 27 years experience in the industry. She’s traveled from Japan to Mexico to style hair. Not only is she a seasoned, and talented stylist, but she is also a great pleasure to work with. We asked her a few questions and this is what she had to say:

Q: How did you get started in the industry? Q: What is your biggest accomplishment? : I got into the industry on a whim and to: It would be performing successfully un-


tally enjoyed the learning experience.

: Who was your mentor, and how did he/ she, inspire you? : Calvin Davis was the man who saw my abilities. Through the experience of working with him, I was able to hone my skills. He exposed me to a side of the industry that was so exciting and fast paced. Through this awesome mentor, I have been exposed to many talented cosmetologists, and always find that I can learn something from each encounter. I love the pressure when doing hair shows, runway, production, theater, film, print work and teaching. Calvin exposed me to Susan and John Chadwick, two of the leading hairdressers on an international scale, and too many to name on a national level. I learned so much from each encounter.


der duress, hitting the mark on finishing hair for runway, print work, theater, and film; b. Being able to create a look based on my vision for the shoot and being able to create the right look that the editor, director or designer is looking for; and being trusted to add my touch. Collaboration is key to success.


: What is your favorite part of doing styling brides’ hair? : Simply the creation of the most perfect look for that person’s special event. Listening to the family stories, the love and compassion in the eyes of the family and friends for the bride and, most of all, that lLook that comes over them when they really love what the see.


Elle Olivia Photography




ALL YOU NEED IS ... THE PERFECT DRESS We had the privilege of being official media to cover Charleston Fashion Week 2012 and our very own Ania Matusz attended.


he spring bridal fashion show at Charleston Fashion Week 2012 took place on March 24th. The show made me really feel that all you need is love and.... a perfect wedding dress! You could just picture yourself on the red carpet, ready to take the man you love. Just imagine, everyone looking at you while you walk down the aisle and all you need to do is look so great on that special day! Following you will find a review of some of the designers that showed in this years Spring Bridal Show.

Written by Ania Matusz Photography by Katie Lynne Heatley www.charlestonfashionweek.com

WHITE The show started with White bridal boutique, located on Daniel Island, S.C. I really liked their simple elegance and all of the sparkling additions. I was also happy to find out the owner of White, Jodi Moylan, also carries bridal collection YoYo, which was designed by Polish artist Jolanta Majowicz.

MODERN TROUSSEU The famous quote, “If in doubt, wear red,� matched the idea behind the Modern Trousseau Charleston design collection perfectly. They rocked the show with red additions like furry coats, laces, belts, shoes, gloves and super flashy red-hot lips. The RED wedding dress with heart-shaped bodice was absolutely breath taking and forced me to abandon my personal preference for a conservative white dress.

LULA KATE Following designer Callie Tein, whose collection absolutely wowed the audience, was the Lula Kate line based off the 1920’s. Her designs reflect nothing but chic styles and simple southern elegance. Katherine McDonald started Lula Kate in 2003, but her bridal alternative collection was released in 2011 nationwide. The pastels chosen for the dresses are very much in fashion this bridal season. I loved all the tulle additions.



Madison Row and Bella Bridesmaid pulled off a style that I absolutely loved! They boldly demonstrated how brides could look sexy in beautiful dresses while showing off their amazing figures. They were utterly feminine and sexy, and in every color, including yellow, rose and violet. I also loved the laced additions and was impressed by the long silk skirt paired with white body tight t-shirts. A job well done!

CALVIN JAMES BRYANT Finally, the time came to announce the 2012 Emerging Bridal Designer, Calvin James Bryant! The Atlanta-based designer proudly took the stage. He clearly knew all the secrets of showing the most feminine and delicate side of a woman. I loved the colors and fabric combinations; blue velvet velour was one of my favorites! He later switched to in-fashion pastels and introduced the collection’s girly side with some hippie additions.

RACHEL GORDON Next, Charleston favorite, Rachel Gordon took the stage. Gordon won the inaugural Emerging Designer category at CFW in 2007. The models showing her dresses looked like Greek goddesses. She is famous for her draped silks and wowed the audience with her garden inspired showpiece. Gordon launched her eco-conscious bridal designs just this year.

MYCHAEL KNIGHT Mychael Knight introduced his bridal collection for the first time at CFW. It was love at first site for me when I saw neon belts on white bridal dresses. I particularly liked his designs that showed off women figures, as they were tight and daring.

CFW 2012

SPRING BRIDAL SHOW It was a great show with excellent organization. An especially big bravo is deserved for the choice of music along the catwalk. I think every soon-to-be bride and future “bride-zilla� should have a wide palette of designs and choices on how to rock down the aisle on her special day.


Gowns provided by Bella Vista Bridal Boutique - Columbia






ooking the part of the beautiful, blushing bride comes with some serious attention to fashion details like lace edgings, scalloped silks and satin buttons. But once the wedding has come and gone, don’t let the fashion languor set in too fast! After all, you still have a honeymoon to go to, and looking beautiful is just as important in your first wedded days as it is for the wedding itself. As you already know, what gets packed into your suitcase depends greatly on where you’re going, but some essential rules apply to everyone who wants to stay stylish as they head out for honeymoon bliss.

BE PROACTIVE Nothing kills a romantic mood like a sheepish “Hey honey, can you handle this 20-ton suitcase for me?” Packing smart means packing light, and getting maximum flexibility out of the clothes you bring along. Mixand-match resort clothing, and cocktail dresses or summer dresses in neutral shades are go-to outfits for a vacationing lifestyle, allowing you to change up your look with accessories and shoes, and move from outdoors to in, and day to night with relative ease.


You get more mileage out of one stellar designer dress


than you do out of five run-of-the-mill outfits. Why? The Honeymoons are the essence of fun travel—freedom all-important style quotient. When stocking your bag for to explore or relax with your new spouse in a beautiful your honeymoon, pick your best pieces, judging each in place you always dreamed of visiting. Why complicate matters by spending your mornings wondering how to terms of fashion sense and material quality. Designers do one thing: design clothes, and they know dress how to get the most style bang for your buck. So pull This year’s hottest fashion trends are especially made out that snazzy cardigan you save for special occasions, for honeymooners: from easy-to-wear one-piece rompand ditch the track suits. There’s no time like your hon- ers that make sophisticated dressing simple, to flowing eymoon to pull out the stops and dress in your finest.

maxi dresses that provide great coverage, and work well both for day and evening wear. The heights of fashion are filled with trends that cater to the need for functional yet styish clothing. This season, fashion is finally comfort-friendly. You picked a great year for a honeymoon!






BRIDAL BODY! As a little girl, she dreamed of walking down the aisle in the most gorgeous dress to meet her prince charming at the altar. She was just like every other little girl who had the perfect wedding in mind with every detail thought through from the curls in her hair to the painted toes in her glass slippers. However, nowhere in this fairy tale wedding did she ever picture herself unhappy in her princess wedding dress. Now, 20 years later, she stands in front of the mirror at the bridal boutique with tears swelling

in her eyes as she tries her best to suck in her breath to get the dress zipped. Her fairy tale just got a rude awakening and it wasn’t a kiss from the prince—it was the realization that she spent too much time away from healthy eating and the gym. So what does she do? Immediately, thoughts race through her mind of grapefruit diets, cleanse, double spin classes, and {gasp} even a quick lipo!


ound familiar? Let me be the one honest voice in your life: none of those will work. Those are all drastic measures that are not going to get you into that amazing wedding dress that you love. Does that mean you are doomed to be in a pillowy dress that would make even your grandmother scowl? No way! Let me show you some healthy, fast ways to make your wedding day just as you always imagined There is no quick fix. I recommend starting several weeks in advance because as the wedding gets closer, you are going to get more stressed. Build a healthy routine and put it into action. Start now by following these 5 steps to a slimmer you:


Nix the soda: start now by upping your water intake and drop the soda (even diet). It will help flush your system, promote weight loss, clear up skin, and banish bloat.


Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes each day: Not only will this help your body get into great shape before the big day, but it will also help relieve some of the wedding planning stress. Take a high intensity cardio class like kickboxing and you will work off stress and loads of calories in less than 60 minutes.


Keep snacks handy: Caterers, bridesmaids, wedding venues, invitations, cake tastings, dress fittings, honeymoon planning—when will you eat? To avoid grabbing fast food, I recommend keeping “fast food” with you at all times. Protein bars, nuts, ready to drink shakes, jerky—all fast food that won’t cause weight gain.


End your love affair with dessert: Start by swapping your sweet tooth fixes from cake to fruit. You will not get fat from eating fruits—fruit pie on the other hand is a deal breaker. Eat 2-3 servings each day to help keep the sugar monster at bay.


Protein is your new BFF: Up your protein intake to keep from getting hungry. Eat a lean protein with every meal (3-4oz); chicken breast, tilapia, tuna and egg whites are all excellent lean protein choices Love who you are: Remember, the day you walk down the aisle, you will be the most beautiful woman there regardless of the size of your dress. Your prince charming loves you and you are the beautiful princess he has waited for all his life.

By: Crystal Honeycutt




etting married can be one of the most amazing expga veriences of our lives and at the same time it can be one of the most frustrating and stressful situations we will ever endure. Traditionally, the wedding party divides up responsibilities to make the wedding easier. In reality, the bride, the groom, and the families all have their reservations about how specific and “perfect” the big day should progress. Most of these ideas end up conflicting and becoming problematic which ends up leading to stress. What to do to save this magical event?


tress Management can play a huge role in making sure that your wedding progresses smoothly and allows for pure happiness and joy. How is it that this unconventional approach can really make a difference? Think about the amount of time and effort that needs to be invested into the normal wedding then, think about adding all that to your normal day. Life is hectic enough supplying us with plenty of stress; add wedding planning into that and the stress doubles if not triples. We all know the nasty side effects of stress; irritability, yelling, frustration, and clouded thinking. These side

effects can be harmful to the mental, physical, and emotional health of everyone involved. Negative energy produced by the side effects of stress has a tendency to breed more negativity which easily puts others around you in a poor mood. It’s easy to see that this can become cyclical and destructive to the joyful day.


assage therapy has many beneficial effects to the mind and body, all of which can assist in keeping the big day stress free and joyful. Touch, itself, when applied in a positive manner causes the mind to release hormones that promote a calm and euphoric feeling. When you are relaxed and calm, those around you sense it and are more apt to be relaxed and calm as well. This is great for you, your wedding party, and family because it keeps a positive atmosphere for the big day. Another great benefit of massage is that it helps relieve tension in the muscles which in turn allows increased blood flow throughout the body and especially the brain. Increased blood flow to the brain allows you to think more clearly and allows you to keep your organizational skills top notch. This keeps wedding

planning and your big day running smoothly and keeps everyone to a minimal level of stress. One last thing that is great about massage prior to a wedding is that massage helps stimulate the production of certain hormones and the output of oil glands in the skin, giving you a naturally radiant and healthy look for your big day.


ith so much that needs to be done in the organization and production of a wedding, the last thing that needs to be piled on top is unwanted stress. Stress has a negative effect on your body, your planning, and even your big day. Avoiding the stress and keeping your health aren’t usually considered in making sure your big day goes smoothly, but is a very important part of the process. Keeping the happiness and joy in a wedding is much easier than you may think. Finding a knowledgeable, well-trained, licensed massage therapist and incorporating regular treatment from them as a part of your wedding planning will have a drastic and positive effect on you, everyone involved, and your big day.




This dress was hand made using raw materials. It was hand sewn by the owner of Koire Feminine Clothes in Poland. This particular piece was made using flax. The designer is popular in Poland because of her attention to detail and her use of raw materials. A completely ECO- Friendly design.




very bride wants to look radiant on her wedding day and who can blame them? The search for the perfect dress means finding one that fits your style. White, cream, blush, pink, peach, long short, sexy; each bride has their own taste, own body type, and own eco style to shop for. There’s a plethora of options for finding an eco wedding gown.





Local and Handmade If

you’re getting a new dress, or if its being made for you, get it made from sustainable fabrics such as hemp, peace silk, organic cotton, bamboo, other silk blends, or vintage fabrics. If you or your dress maker needs a source for sustainable fabrics, you can order from a natural fabric store. You may Google this and find a list of them. If there aren’t any such vendors in your area, you can find a number of eco designers on Etsy who would love to make your dress.

Vintage or Used

If you’re looking towards getting a vintage or gently used dress, there are tons of online resources available to you. If a vintage dress is what you want, visit the sites of Vintage Wedding, Cherished Bride and The Frock. For used, you can check out Ebay, Craigslist, Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses website. You can also give your local consignment shops a visit and keep in mind that bigger dresses can be altered, but it’s quite difficult for smaller ones to.


When it comes to designers of eco-couture gowns, you can now find them everywhere. Now there are tons of designers who work with sustainable fabrics. One that recently made a debut of her eco-friendly wedding designs at Charleston Fashion Week 2012 is Rachel Gordon, a local favorite. Check out her eco-friendly bride initiative!

In the End

It can be hard to part with your gown.

If you are able to part with it, consider, consider donating to some great nonprofits such as I Do Foundation and Brides against Breast Cancer. These use the proceeds of the sale to very worthy causes and it’s a very green thing to do!

Ariel' s SpecialEvents Faciliy

Our sole purpose is to assist you in creating a special and memorable wedding for you and your guests. With over 10 years of combined experience in planning special events and weddings, we have the expertise and resources to deliver on your day.

803.936.0505 803.936.0552

www.arielsspecialevents.com info@arielsspecialevents.com 1734 Mobile Avenue, West Columbia, SC 29170

C lassic C atering

W h e t h e r i t i s a c o r p o r a t e e v e n t , k o s h e r e v e n t , w e d d i n g , o r p r i v a t e p a r t y, w e c a n e x e cute all the ne cessa r y d etails. We u nd e rsta nd the im por ta nce of fulfilling you r vision. Our menus are exciting and varied. They could include the latest food trends or be contem pora r y inte r p retations of the classics. We ta ke p rid e in ou r a bilit y to ma ke you r event on e that you r g u ests will lon g rem em be r.

E mail

Contact: Jamine Santiago c l a s s i c c a t e r i n g s c @ a t t. n e t

Te l e p h o n e: 8 0 3 - 7 9 6 - 4 4 1 2 Fax: 803-939-0231

w w w. c l a s s i c c a t e r i n g s c . c o m






osh and I were photographers at the first wedding we worked by accident. Josh’s brother was getting married and the photographer called in sick. We didn’t think twice and started shooting. Granted we didn’t know what we were doing, but it was fun and we loved it. Our business grew slowly at first. We wanted to take things easy and not get in over our heads. We worked with friends, family and even a craigslist bride (our first paying client!). We had such a passion for what we were doing. Our desire to be better, faster and more knowledgeable really drove us. Now, four years, 11 camera bodies and 18 lenses later, we still love what we do. We’re just better at it now. Josh has been into photography since high school. He is our staple and resident “old school” installment to give us some film “cred.” I’ve always been interested in art and, in a way, photography, but it was Josh who really fed my passion for it. We loved working together and it made sense for us to do this as a team. Our differing personalities worked well for the way we wanted to run the business. Josh is naturally highly technical and I have always had a creative itch. We’ve grown so much and don’t want to stop. We love light. Because we have grown so much, it’s now really fun deciding how we want things to look in a photo. Every shot we take, we are thinking, working and refining everything about the photos. Josh and I love to take great care with our work in camera so we are not “fixing” things later. It’s important to get it right, and we think that has had a great impact on the way we shoot and work with our clients. Some of our favorite work happens when we can include a very dramatic sky. Sunsets are such a beautiful thing, and

capturing them along with a bride and groom just gives me the giggles (maybe not Josh; something more manly for him). We’ve worked really hard to make things work and we think it is starting to show. We work well together. I think that is the key to making our photography successful. It’s great to always have a partner who is looking out for you and it goes both ways. We love our brides, we love weddings, we love taking photos. It seems so simple. We always strive to make things better, to take more beautiful photos and to make people happy. That is our company goal – to make people happy. It’s that simple. It’s the rule we live by and it’s what drives us every single day.

CLASSIC CATERING Jamine Santiago, the owner of Classic Cater is a very talented Caterer. She Can knockout anything from an elegant 800 person wedding, to a small yet fancy gathering, she is Columbia’s best caterer!


: What type of catering do you specialize in?

Jamine Santiago started her catering company eighteen years ago after she :I specialize catering for corporate services moved to Columbia from Key West Florsuch as the Richland County bar, law firm ida. She loved cooking and doing par- events and was recently hired by Vogue magaties but did not want to run a restaurant zine to be caterer for a photo shoot for the because of the daily commitment. Ca- governor. tering allowed her time to be with her : What is the largest wedding you’ve ever family between events and loved the catered? creative side that every day working was different. : I have catered several events over two


:What do you recommend to brides and grooms to be to look for when choosing catering for their wedding?


:I suggest a bride sit down with her fiancé and think about who they are and what they want their event to say about them as a couple. Are they modern and love a silver elegant event with beef tenderloin or are they rustic and really want maybe a splash of silver and some rustic baskets. Fried catfish and bourbon ketchup fries. I think the details are what make that something to remember, something that their guests remember. We will only do one wedding per weekend, we are not the largest caterer but I feel like the most important day of someone’s life needs my undivided attention. It is the only thing on my mind that day; I want it to be the most amazing day of theirs. We will only do one wedding per weekend, we are not the largest caterer but I feel like the most important day of someone’s life needs my undivided attention. It is the only thing on my mind that day; I want it to be the most amazing day of theirs. .


thousand but the largest weddings I have done are eight hundred, held outside under tents and they were amazing events.


: What is the most rewarding part about your work? : The most rewarding part of my job is taking each client’s unique vision and making it a real: What do you love most about your job?


: Wow, every wedding is so unique. Since we manage logistics as well as design, it is hard to say. We designed and coordinated a wedding weekend in Charleston that included seated dinner nights, transportation, and direction. We created an amazing number of arrangements in a small hotel ricket Newman is an extremely talented conference room. Each table was a unique mixture floral designer and wedding planner. of vintage vases of beautiful white flowers and garShe began Cricket Newman Designs when den greenery.

A multitalented designer. Not only does she specialize in flower design, but also plans weddings.


some of her friends asked her to arrange her : What are more elaborate wedding floral ardaughters’ wedding flowers. They were first rangements like? impressed by floral designs she created as a : Some weddings require arrangements that can be seen in large ballrooms. For these we create volunteer in the community and quickly rearrangements that can be as tall as 10 feet. cruited her for the wedding. Those experi: Where can brides see your work? ences let her to plan weddings on a permanent basis. We asked her a few questions : Cricket Newman Designs is on Facebook and about her business and this is what she had Pinterest. Our website is cricketnewmandesigns. to say: com.



TERSEY Cakes By Tersey Cornelius, N.C., with delivery to Charlotte and Columbia areas (704) 650-8876 www.cakesbytersey.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cakes-By-Tersey/144183442305502 (facebook link) http://twitter.com/#!/CakesByTersey (twitter)


akes by Tersey began when I was making cakes for family and friends at no charge. I have an artistic background and put my creativity into my cakes. My husband Matthew and I decided to start making cakes together after we discovered his passion for baking. We were then able to work together and start Cakes By Tersey in early 2011. We specialize in custom 3-D carved cakes, as well as wedding and other specialty cakes. Our passion is creating one of a kind works of art in a cake form. Our attention to detail sets

us apart from our competitors and that is what gives our cakes their life like appearance. What I love most about baking cakes is the chance it gives me to use my artistic touch on a daily basis. It is very exciting to see the client’s reactions when their vision comes to life and the joy it brings them. Although challenging at times, it is very worthwhile to see these works of art come to life and it makes all the hours of hard work worth it.


www.eliwarren.com Photography@eliwarren.com 864-386-1060 BUSINESS - EDITORIAL - COMMERCIAL




aheel Gauba is an award winning photographer based in Charleston, SC where he started his wedding photography studio, Fia Forever Photography, with his wife, Maryam Ghaznavi. With Raheel being born and raised in Pakistan and Maryam raised in Saudi Arabia, like a true love story, fate brought them together when they both migrated to Toronto in 1996 and met for the first time in 1999 - They have been inseparable since then. As a couple still passionately in love, they bring that same passion and energy into every single wedding they shoot. The name Fia Forever is inspired by a very special person in both their lives... Their daughter, Sophia. Her truth, honesty, beauty and unconditional love are the guiding principles and cornerstones of their wedding studio. We asked Raheel a few questions and this is what he said:

the touch, the glance, the passion LR: How would you describe your that is portrayed in the shot - In othphotography style (e.g. traditional, er words, they tell us that they relive the story being told through images. photojournalistic, creative)? We are humbled by their reactions RG: That is an interesting question. every single time. Getting the right One that I struggled with quite ex- exposure, composition and lighting tensively when starting off - I fol- are the basics that all professional lowed the works of many accom- photographers should get right. That plished photographers and thought is not a distinguishing factor, but to about how I could be like them. I capture the essence of the moment have experimented with countless is and that’s how we feel our work styles and techniques both while resonates with our brides. shooting and in post production - It was last year when we launched Fia LR: Who or what influenced you to Forever and found ourselves. We re- become a photographer? alized that we didn’t have to confine ourselves to a particular style - Some RG: As a child, I always had a fascisee our work as fine art, others pho- nation with images… I still remember tojournalistic and the rest modern the day when I first got my first camfusion - Our goal is to not define our- era - It was a 110 format film camera… selves by style, but by what we com- A Minolta, if I recall correctly. I was municate through our images… We so proud to own a device that let are driven by capturing the magic me capture real life moments that I and passion that is unfolding right could relive over and over again. At before our eyes and that is the style the age of about 6 came my first experience (at least the first that I can we pursue. remember) in front of the lens for a LR: What do you think distinguishes family portrait session - this was not your work from that of other photog- your typical stodgy studio shoot, but an actual outdoor lifestyle famraphers? RG: Living in Charleston, we are ily shoot. I was just amazed at how surrounded by some really amaz- amazing those photographs looked ing photographers and are fortunate The poses, the exposure, the depth enough to surround ourselves with of field, composition… just perfect. such talent. With so many different As fascinated as I was with all this, styles and the breath of work out photography remained a hobby for there, when our brides look at our a long time - I did a lot of personportfolio of work, they don’t tell us al projects involving landscapes, that they see correctly exposed or friends, corporate headshots and lowell composed pictures - No… In- cal bands - but it wasn’t until 2009 stead, they tell us how they are trans- when it really hit home for me. My ported into the very moment that the brother in law, Taha Ghaznavi, who photograph was taken… They feel was also quite interested in photog-

raphy discussed some plans about entering the professional fashion and wedding photography business and invited me to come along… The art of telling stories through pictures and the technology behind it got me interested in photography, but capturing simple, raw and honest emotions has influenced me to become a wedding photographer.

LR: What do you love most about photographing? RG: My wife and daughter are my most favorite subjects by a long shot… Beyond that, I am passionate about photographing people in love. Whether it’s an engagement shoot, a family shoot or a wedding, I am having the time of my life getting to know the personalities in front of the lens, forging life long relationships and documenting my perspective on some of the most important moments in their lives. It’s true - Love makes the world go round… Someone’s gotta be there to photograph it… lest we forget.


LE RO Cover Photographer: Wilfred Dy Designer: Tim Tejares Rios Model: Anastasiya Babina Hair & Makeup: Marh Farh Pg. 4 – 10 Deposit Photos Pg: 12 – 13 Jamie’s headshot by Elle Olivia Photography Other photos courtesy of Jamie Tran Joshua Aaron Photography Pg: 16 – 17 Willfred Dy Garment: Tim Tejares Rios Model: Hon Decloedt Hair & Makeup: Marh Farh Pg: 18 Willfred Dy Garment: Tim Tejares Rios Model: Anastasiya Babina Hair & Makeup – Marh Farh Pg: 19 – 21 Willfred Dy Garment: Joel Villanueva Model Anastasiya Babina Hair & Makeup: Marh Farh Pg: 22 – 23 Willfred Dy Garment: Joel Villanueva Model: Anastasiya Babina Hair & MU: Marh Farh Pg: 24 -25 Willfred Dy Garment: Tim Tejares Rios Model: Anastasiya Babina Hair & Makeup: Marh Farh Pg: 26-27 Deposit Photos Pg: 28 Photo and Makeup: Jamie Tran Pg: 29 - 37 Hair – Martha Ann Williams Makeup: Jamie Tran Photography: Elle Olivia Photography Models: Kristen Hutchins & Ryan Christine Pg: 38- 39 Deposit Photos Pg: 40 – 57 Photography: Katie Lynne Heatley Article: Anna Matusz www.charlestonfashionweek.com Pg: 58 – 71 Photography: Joshua Aaron Photography Makeup: Jamie Tran Hair: Martha Ann William Wardrobe Styling: Carmen Jordan

OUGE Models: Bailey Ward and Allison Smead Bridal Gowns Courtesy Bella Vista Bridal Boutique Pg: 72 – 77 Grzegorz Malinowski Model: Gaby Clothes: H & M Hair & Makeup: Natalia Szczepanik Pg: 78 – 79 Deposit Photos Pg. 80 – 81 Deposit Photos Article by: Crystal Honeycutt Pg: 82 – 83 Deposit Photos Article by Jarrod C. Fitz, LMT Pg: 84 – 85 Deposit Photos Pg 86– 87 Gzregorz Malinowski Dress: Koire Feminine Clothes Pg. 90 – 91 Deposit Photos Pg. 92– 95

Joshua Aaron Photography

Pg: 96 – 101 Photo courtesy of Classic Catering Pg: 102-103 Photo courtesy of Cricket Newman Designs Pg: 104 – 107 Photos Coursesy of Cakes by Tersey Pg: 108 – 117 Photography: Eli Warren Hair: Bo Stegall Makeup: Shantel Lowe Models: Debra Capps Christy Stevenson Wardrobe Styling: Julie Roszkowski Pg. 118 – 123 Raheel Gauba - Fia Forever Photography Back Cover

Photography: Joshua Aaron Photography Makeup: Jamie Tran Hair: Martha Ann Williams Wardrobe: Carmen Jordan Model: Bailey Ward Bridal Gown Courtesy Bella Vista Bridal Boutique.


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