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Le Rouge has been going strong for two years straight. This would not be without all of those wonderfully talented individuals that lent their artistic abilities to Le Rouge. Photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, models, assistants, the list goes on. I cannot thank each and every single one of you enough. You are Le Rouge‌ In this Fall go-around (our third fall issue) we are bringing to you the hottest fashion shows that took place on both the east and west coast. We’ll review the beauty trends to expect for this Spring / Summer. Also, some eye catching photography with our ever faithful editorials. We hope you enjoy this issue as we enjoyed making it.

Photo by Asa Pressley Hair and Makeup: Richard Sims


6 - 23

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


Phoenix Fashion Week


A Designer’s Perspective: Herbert Victoria


Spring 2014 Beauty Trends


In the Glare of Beauty


Victor Cembellin - MAC Senior Artist and Celebrity MUA

44 - 47

A Night of Beauty at the VMA’s Victor De Leon


Night & Day

60- 65

EMO Chic

66 - 69






Photos by: BPproductions

Rebecca Taylor’s SS14 collections was filled interesting layered looks and amazing single pieces. The standout color for this collection was white, as it was for other lines. This line had a trendy relaxed look. One you can wear to the office or the night on the town. The color combinations were perfect. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these pieces to rock out this coming Spring! To view more visit or





Photo Credit: FirstVIEW

Marchesa's Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig's Spring Collection was made up of ethereal elegance and red carpet flair. Their designs were filled with lace, flowers, butterflies, and a natural flow to the movement of the dresses. It made us feel as if we were in a realm of beautiful fairies with an airy beauty. Some pieces seemed to have been inspired by lingerie, as it had slip-like detailing and lace cardigans worn with big tulle and organza skirts. To see all of the designer's like, visit our website at under Le Rouge Daily - Fashion. To get information on how to purchase one of these beautiful pieces, visit


Collection Inspiration: “What we see and what we seem are but a dream, a dream within a dream” Opening line of Joan Lindsay’s ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’ Idyllic rolling countryside is bathed in the hazy light of summer. Beneath a majestic weeping willow tree, on the banks of a lazily meandering river, a picnic feast is spread. The sound of girls’ laughter mingles with the melody of nature. 12 | LE ROUGE

Photo Credit: HL Group The Jenny Packham SS14 Catwalk Collection is loosely influenced by the Australian cult film ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’ (1975, directed by Peter Weir and based on the novel by Joan Lindsay). Set in 1900, the story is both beautiful and haunting; a party of girls from a boarding school in Australia are taken on a picnic to Hanging Rock. Mysteriously, during the picnic, three of the girls wander off in a trance and disappear... Inspired by the exquisite styling of the film – a seventies take on austere Edwardian attire, the SS14 Collection fuses classic 70’s prints with traditional embellishments and materials championed at the turn of the 20th Century. Polka dots, checks and stripes are mimicked in beautiful pearl and Swarovski beading. Brick red, cobalt blue and lime green tones are contrasted with a delicate array of soft powder pinks and silver

marbles. Translucent, weightless organza adds a whimsical romance to the collection whilst waists clinched with satin ribbons reference the silhouettes of the Edwardian era.


“Inspired by the theories of human movement and expression, the Spring 2014 collection draws reference from the methods that lead modern and expressionist dance - defying any limitation or regulation of self-expression and defining the modern woman.�


Photo Credit: HL Group

Bibhu Mohapatra is a New York based and Indian born luxury womenswear designer. Before launching his eponymous label at New York’s Fall 2009 fashion week, he was Design Director at J.Mendel for eight years. His label is currently sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and specialty boutiques in North America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. To date, celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Swank, Glenn Close, Kristen Wiig, Elizabeth Moss and Emmy Rossum have all worn Bibhu’s designs, and he recently dressed the US First Lady, Michelle Obama. In January 2010, Bibhu was a finalist in the Women’s Apparel 2010 Rising Star Award presented by the Fashion Group International. In May 2010 he received the Young Innovator Award from the National Arts Club and in

June 2010, became a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Bibhu received the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award in January 2011. For more information visit


NEW YORK, NY (September 6th, 2013) - Designer Rebecca Minkoff debuted her SS14 Collection on the runway in The Theatre at Lincoln Center to the backdrop of an electric performance from Grammy nominated performer Janelle Monae. View the show in its entirety:


Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring 2014 collection looks to influential Latin American women across all decades, from legends like Bianca Jagger and Frida Kahlo to contemporaries like Carolina Issa and Alice Dellal. Juxtaposing Latin American flair with classic American sportswear, the collection exudes a fresh confidence inspired by the culture and spirit of these muses. Channeling traditional Latin American textiles, an eye-catching array of vibrant floral, rich textures, bright embroidery and intricate cutwork update sporty separates with a tropic twist. Saturated prints feature fiery hues, which stand out against a cool crew of aloe, shell and chalk white.

Photo Credit: HL Group esque dresses. Taking her favorite sartorial cue, sexy tomboy, Minkoff completes the look with standout accessories: new takes on backpacks, eclectic jewelry and knee-high, gladiator heels. Uniting seemingly contradictory styles and compositions – think laser-cut leather with macramé lace and draped chiffon with sport striping – Minkoff captures a witty mix of tough-girl athleticism and Latin romance.

Dynamic proportions span the spectrum from playful shapes to fluid volumes, as seen in fit-and-flare mini-skirts, cropped jackets and long, parachuteLE ROUGE | 17


Photo Credit: Billy Farelly Agency


Sweet Liberation --- The desire to assert our confidence is combined with the beauty of sweet femininity. Inspired by this joie de vivre, we set our course to the sky and embark on a liberating flight.


Photo Credit: HL Group A soft delicacy of materials take precedence. The structural simplicity of silhouettes, short volumes for tops and airy geometric shapes, are set off by original-designed fabrications. Bodices, encrusted with clusters of incandescent crystals, are paired with airy skirts of silk organza while ethereal gowns are embellished with ostrich-feathered fringe. An atmospheric palette is created by blending transparent layers of pastels. Translucent organzas are overlaid atop perforated neoprene while sheer lattice lace is lined with sequin embroidery. Whispery tints of frosted jade, lavender, and ivory are mixed with light pearl, lemon, and pale pink. Fashion empowers. This Spring, a new confidence of dressing is discovered, one that emboldens feminine empowerment and inspires Sweet Liberation.


Collection Inspiration: Inspired by the portrait “Gypsy woman with tambourine” by Corot, Josep Font takes nature as a reference to create the next DELPOZO project.


Photo Credit: HL Group

Light is incorporated as just another element, to create optical and geometric effects. Refined lines are separated from the body and create defined shapes with elaborate structures. Accentuated or discreet volumes mark and lengthen the waist in silhouettes, flared or straight lines. The raffia skirts, a key part of the collection, reach the ankle and combine with clover tops and poplin, heart-shaped shirts. Sleeves leave the shoulders intermittently uncovered to become bias-cut frills or wide, black straps.

lilacs and pinks in jacquard, organza and silk tulle. DELPOZO once again proposes a studied balance of traditional elements with innovative cuts which transmit simplicity and shape the brand’s personal character.

During the day, linen and raffia construct shorts and jackets in ecru, black, sand and mustard. As night falls, the fabrics become lighter while the colors gain in intensity with prints, LE ROUGE | 23

Phoenix Fashion Week 2013 broke another year of annual attendance records with more than 6,000 fashionistas flocking to Talking Stick Resort for a week of high fashion, shopping and industry expert-led seminars. With an impressive lineup of global partnerships and brands, Phoenix Fashion Week has not only secured its position as the leading fashion event in the Southwest, but is quickly gaining recognition as one of the fastest growing fashion events in the country.


Photo Credit: Sweet Culture Photography



A Designer featured in Phoenix Fashion Week LRM: Tell us the name of your brand, a little about yourself & how you got started? HV: My brand is Herbert Victoria, it’s a brand titled after my mother and I. How I developed the name is not through a partnership with my mother, but she was the most source of my inspiration. As gratitude to being such a great mom, I promised to take her name hopefully starting a legacy for the both of us. A little about me is I’m originally from Chicago born and raised. After finishing school with a major in fashion design, I moved to San Francisco in 2010 initially to live temporary hopefully starting a design career in Los Angeles. However from what I experienced immediately in San Francisco, I instantaneously got connected with very creative people, fell in love with the lifestyle and decided to try and find opportunities in the creative field here in SF. How I began Herbert Victoria was honestly from the many freelance work I was doing since school. As I was becoming more in demand as doing shows, growing clientele and even gaining contractual work, I needed to create an identity. I continuously struggled looking for a full time design job, but in the course of staying motivated and consistent, I created the name to enhance my presentation and grasp more attention; rather if I was known to be independent or looking for work.

and modernizing it to American contemporary fashion. With that idea is to create an urban, cultural mix. Therefore, this woman is to wear African WEST going shopping, enjoying leisure, and well endowed a woman who loves to travel. In result, African WEST wants that woman from the metropolitan area that’s open minded about the way she styles herself. Not shy to standing out and get a slight satisfaction when wearing something that’s not the norm. Ideal locations African WEST would like to see their consumers is again, going shopping at the malls, boutiques, going out for lunch at noon or dinner at late evening, wanting to lounge at a nice winery or classy bar, and definitely a dress they would pack to take when traveling to a resort, or a major city. LRM: Describe your design aesthetic and where you draw inspiration. HV: My aesthetic is the very fundamental of cutand-sew fashion, starting with a sketch to create the ensemble. I purposely embrace practicality, convey simplicity and pay attention to quality. My design philosophy is to design distinct, versatile apparel for the fashion forward woman. I’m always inspired by art, culture, adventure, and personal prosperity. And from that is where I get my design niche.

LRM: What demographic does your brand cater to?

LRM: How did you prepare for the emerging designers competition for Phoenix Fashion Week?

The demographic is she’s urban and/or resort. The influence African WEST is using ethnic textile 26 | LEofROUGE

HV: I effectively couldn’t explain how I prepared myself. Honestly, it was a mentality of pure focus.

I believe you go as far as you allow yourself to go. Thus, you’re in control rather to take it to the max, play it safe, or say the heck I give up. Fortunately I didn’t choose to give up, but I can say it was hard taking it to the max. The benefit was however, it took me out my comfort zone; open me not only as a designer but as a person as well. When you have something you’re passionate about, you never know the outcome you just want to be there because you love it that much. So to me my only preparation is my love with design, wanting to be there, and knowing what ever happens I have a goal I want to accomplish. LRM: What is your expectation now that months of planning is coming to a close? HV: What are my expectations? Really good question, I don’t know. Again, it falls into your passion. With any great idea it always start with one or a few, in my case I’m just one person…eventually if continual success comes your way, than that one person has to change to thousands and more thousands. I don’t think I can plan ahead in detail but envisioning and not being afraid to pursuing success that large, I’ll instinctively and intelligently figure it out. Just know I want Herbert Victoria to grow nationally and in 5 to 10 years become international. LRM: Tell us your vision for the Herbert Victoria brand over the next three years. HV: In three years I definitely hope to have an identity to the public. What I mean by having an identity is having the creative control of creating

what I want and people being able to identify with my work, in the likes of Gautier which made many extraordinary designs that told a unique story. I honestly want to pursue fashion at a political stand point but you have to get recognized before being able to do those experiments. In three year, I want to do fashion and synopsis films with my designs. However, the unfortunate thing with building an identity, you have competition and capital to overcome. Creativity and business is hard to coordinate when you’re only known by so many. But starting as a brand, I hope to become a creative source for other designers to follow. LRM: If you had to name two celebrities that you would like to outfit who would they be and why? HV: Two celebs I would create for is Michelle Obama and Beyonce. Why because their husbands are my biggest influences. I respect and honor what they’ve done and achieve to accomplish, definitely under all the controversy they’ve been through. Confidence and intellect in any man of color I highly respect and I hope to be as equally or of a greater influence to everyone of a disadvantage to society as I, as they were to me! LRM: How can people get in contact with you? HV: This an easy one, I’m very humble and easy to talk to. I welcome anyone who wants to talk fashion to email me at And if you go to, from the homepage you’re able to connect to all my social media. LE ROUGE | 27

This past September we were inundated with images of the fashion shows that took place showcasing the top designer’s Spring/ Summer 2014 fashions. Not only were we glued to the shows to see the hot fashion trends, but also the beauty looks that we expect to hit when the flowers start to bloom. Some of the looks that were ever present on the runways were sleek ponytails, minimalist flawless skin, matte nails, messy manes, statement eyes, and a bold neon lip. Many designers presenting in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York Spring Summer 2014 opted for an au nauturel look for their shows. The hair was sleeked, smoothed and sometimes waved. Other looks that were trending were kissable lips, effortless hair, and bright lipstick. If you don’t like polishing your nails, the Spring/ Summer 2014 look is your season, since many looks allow for you to go sans nail polish. We can’t wait to start rocking some of the looks shown at fashion week. Send us your favorite Spring/Summer 2014 look to info@ to showcase on our blog 28social | LE media. ROUGE and

A clean natural look with a pop of color on the lips was the rage on the Spring/ Summer 2014 Runways at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring/ Summer 2014 From Top to Bottom: Christian Dior SS14 Balenciaga SS14 Christian Siriano SS14 Photo on right: Anna Sui SS14 Photos on opposite page by Fashion GPS Radar.


Makeup Used: Revlon photo ready foundation Bronzer by NARS 30 | LE ROUGE high gloss by Makeup Forever


Makeup Used: Revlon photo ready foundation Bronzer by NARS Green pigment by magnolia cosmetics lipstick by Milani 32 Green | LE ROUGE

Makeup Used: Revlon photo ready foundation Bronzer by NARS Orange pigment by magnolia cosmetics Orange lipstick by Milani

Photographer: Michael Knight Makeup Artist: Le'Anndra Broadnax @ annbee_beat_makeup (instagram) Model: Stormy J. of Wilhelmina PA


Makeup Used: Revlon photo ready foundation Midnight blue pigment by Magnolia cosmetics High gloss by makeup forever 34 | LE ROUGE

Makeup Used: Revlon photo ready foundation Ruby Woo Lipstick by MAC Red Glitter by Dennye LE ROUGE | 35

Makeup Used: Revlon photo ready foundation Bronzer by NARS Pink pigment by magnolia cosmetics Pink lipstick by Milani


Makeup Used: Revlon photo ready foundation Bronzer by NARS Gold pigment by magnolia cosmetics Gold lipstick by Milani




“Makeup has the ability to straighten one’s emotional posture,” states Victor Cembellin, M·A·C Pro Senior Artist Northwest. “I have always believed that the true power of makeup is not in the ability it has to transform the way one looks, but more in the ability to transform the way one feels. A really stellar makeup artist not only connects with the product, tools and colours he or she is working with, but most importantly, with the personality of the subject.” Victor’s emotive approach to makeup surely stems from his background in theatrical arts – in high school his focus was acting. “I credit ‘getting my hands dirty’ to the theatre,” he says. “I had a very influential friend who always talked about M·A·C At a theatre rehearsal one day I finally asked him (stating each letter in turn) “What’s this M – A – C stuff?” He replied, “Umm…It’s called M·A·C, silly, and it’s only the BEST make up in the world”! From there I checked it out, fell in love with the product and then the company. So, naturally I decided I wanted to work for the brand with ‘the best make up in the world’!” Hence Victor began his career with M·A·C cosmetics 12 years ago, in 1995, at Nordstrom in Walnut Creek, California. While he had some hands-on artistic and painterly experience (having dabbled in the mediums of cartooning, painting and sculpting in his early teens) and had been working for IMAN cosmetics for three months, it was his arrival on the M·A·C counter that Victor began fine-tuning and molding his unique style and philosophy on beauty. “I knew that M·A·C is a brand loyal to the art of self-decoration and exploration – I felt that I’d found my true brand identity,” he explains. “Everything I know I learned from working on the job with M·A·C My advice to every budding makeup artist is ‘go get a job at a makeup counter first!’ Doing makeup for eight hours a day on a variety of skin tones and age groups fast-tracks your knowledge of the art form. I am proud to be able to say that I started at a Nordstrom M·A·C counter at 18 and now travel the globe representing the brand.” In 200O, Victor joined the Northwest Artist Training and Development team, a force responsible for the artist and career development of M·A·C artists. This position also afforded him the opportunity to gain valuable fashion show, photo shoot,and facilitation experience. In January 2003, he became a member of the Senior Artist M·A·C Pro Team, based in San Francisco.

Victor reels off the many diverse tasks that make up his role at M·A·C today. “Travelling all over the globe for fashion week, working backstage at award shows and film festivals, designing looks for San Francisco fashion shows, appearing on the morning news to lend tips and tricks to viewers, developing workshops to heighten the skill level of our M·A·C trainers and artists…plus a handful of other tasks, from body painting to providing quotes to beauty editor or facilitating M·A·C master classes for working professionals…” he explains. It sounds hectic, but Victor insists that “My favourite part of my job is that my ‘office’ changes location and form on a daily basis. It may be on an airplane one day, body painting in a storage closet the next and then Bryant Park doing makeup on a supermodel. I love the variety and evolution of where my work takes me.” Indeed, as a child, Victor had never really left California, so to arrive at an airport in Seoul, Korea in some ways makes him feel as if he’s “arrived” in a larger sense. Hence, Victor cites “travel and new experience” as his key motivations. “Travelling to newplaces around the world…being a part of a unique team of makeup artists in this family we call M·A·C…bearable to create art all day long (while making people feel good)” are just a few of the reasons that Victor feels “Extraordinarily blessed” by his job. Individual standout events include going on a World Tour and an Asia Tour as Missy Elliott’s make up artist and keying a two-day video shoot for her “We Run This” video. “I was personally asked for by Missy and it was thrilling!” says Victor. He also appeared in Paris Hilton’s “Confessions of an Heiress” book (“silly – but fun to show my friends and family”), worked at Carnival in Brazil, and toured Asia for a month with M·A·C Pro. As for his makeup style, Victor likes “to think of myself as an interior designer, not a construction worker! I’m not attemptingto re-do someone’s face, but rather bring out their beauty,” he quips. Thus he leans towards “Pretty makeup…I am constantly influenced by how transformational makeup can be, but I’m not a fan of ‘taking over someone’s face.’ No matter how different makeup may make a subject look, I believe that it should always appear to be an afterthought rather than the first thing noticed.” LE ROUGE | 39

That said, Victor’s all-time number one Beauty Icon is the definitive transformational beauty queen, Madonna. “In high school I would sit with a friend of mine, watching all of her videos, and freeze frame on every beautiful thing she did, from her dance moves to various expressions. She will always be my ultimate icon,” he reveals. Within the makeup artistry world, he admires Kevyn Aucoin (for the widespread awareness he brought to the art of makeup) and “the M.A.C Senior Artists that I work with who continue to push me every season at Fashion Week: Gordon Espinet, my partner Senior Artist at Northwest, Louise Zizzo,and my dear friend, Tiffany Johnston, Senior Artist in L.A., who taught me a large portion of what I know.” Victor revels in a challenge. “Without challenging myself along the way I’d never have had a lesson learned or a story to tell,” he says. “Without a test, you can’t have a testimony.” Le Rouge had the privilege of asking Victor a few questions, here’s what he answered: LRM :What is your favorite part of being a makeup artist? VC: I often say, “Makeup has the ability to straighten one’s emotional posture,” and that I suppose is my favorite part of being a makeup artist. To be the tour guide that leads individuals through their own personal journey of self-expression, self-decoration, and most importantly, self-confidence. LRM: What part of being a Makeup Artist the most challenging? VC: The ever-evolving, and often revolving, fashion industry. We must always make sure that our work is consistently fresh, contemporary and thought-provoking. A makeup artist mustn’t hold still for too long or they will risk becoming “stuck,” and out of date. LRM: How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from the other Makeup Artists? VC: As a Virgo (notoriously detail-oriented) I enjoy a sort of “strictness” within makeup: clean lines, perfectly symmetrical shapes. While that element seems to creep into all of my designs, I also enjoy transformational beauty. The “story telling” types of makeup, where the subject expresses a distinct mood, a character, a feeling. LRM: is the most important beauty advice you 40 What | LE ROUGE can give?

VC: Approach your beauty with a focus on self-celebration. Makeup should be fun; it should enhance and pay tribute to one’s features. While it may hide and balance flaws, it should not be relied upon solely. To be a bit cliché, but in this case truthful, beauty should come from within. LRM: What MAC products should be a staple in everyone’s bag? VC: Classic staples that make my world go round: • M•A•C Cosmetics Bronzing Powder in Bronze. Universally, I believe women look incredible when they have a slight tan. • M•A•C Cosmetics Eye Kohl in Fascinating. Apply this white eye liner on the inner rim of the eye to instantly perk up the look of tired eyes. It’s beauty sleep in a stick! • M•A•C Cosmetics Lustre Lipsticks (particularly in Hug Me, Syrup and See Sheer). This gel-like formula floats on top of dry lips while imparting a shine that lands in a “sweet spot” between a lipstick and a lip gloss finish. J’adore! LRM: What do you suggest Le Rouge readers do to achieve the perfect everyday look? VC: Taking a note from the 1950s, I find the most flattering makeup is the simplest makeup. Le Rouge women should not be caught ever without a healthy coat of black mascara, applied to curled lashes standing at attention. A sleek black liner above the eye (my favorite is M•A•C Cosmetics Fluidline in Blacktrack applied with the #266 brush) and a bright lipstick in the neutral pink or red family is classic, chic and best of all easy! LRM: What message do you have for aspiring MUAs to be successful? VC: The business of beauty is a highly emotional one; a makeup artist quite literally holds a subject’s face and often self esteem, in their hands. So be kind, be gentle, and connect with the person, not just their face. M•A•C COSMETICS SENIOR ARTIST VICTOR CEMBELLIN Twitter handle: @MAC_Victor_C

Bio and Photos provided by MAC Cosmetics



Pantone is the world-renowed authority on color and provider of color systems and lading technology for selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The Pantone Fashion + Home color system is a vital tool for designers in the apparel, home furnishings and interior design industries for selecting and specifying color used in the manufacture of textiles and fashion. Every season, Pantone releases a fashion color report from color trends found on the Runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. This past September we saw an amazing color palette of pastels and dazzling bright colors to balance out the look for the Spring/ Summer 2014 colors. The colors are Placid Blue1, Violet Tulip, Hemlock, Paloma, Sand, Freesia, Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Purple Haze, Comfrey, and Magenta Purple. We are most definitely looking forward to wearing these beautiful colors. To view the full Pantone Spring/ Summer 2014 Color Report, visit their website at What is your favorite color?


at the


The Barclay Center appeared to be an enormous flying saucer rising higher and higher like an artificial sun as I looked upward while riding the escalator from the underground subway in Brooklyn, New York. Large video screens were flashing all the artists who would be performing for the upcoming 2013 Video Music Awards. I am generally a very relaxed person especially in my work, but I can’t deny the excitement that was building within me as I approached the venue. Having seen all the commercials advertising the big name artists who would be participating and realizing I was about to be a part of all it, struck me as another surreal moment in my life. I have had my share of surreal moments, the birth of my daughter Victoria, singing on stage during my years with Alabama Theatre, styling hair at the Emmy’s and the Oscars and now my second year being on the styling team for the VMA’s. I can’t help but feel blessed with all the amazing opportunities that have been placed in my life. This year the VMA’s were held in Brooklyn, New York and although completely different from last year’s event in Los Angeles, the energy and excitement were still at a fevered pitch. I, along with ten other handpicked stylists from all over the country and also Canada were set up in a large hallway that led directly to the stage. 44 | LE ROUGE

We had all access passes, which made it possible to view all the performances that night and we were going to be styling hair for the likes of celebrities like: Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Fallon, Macklemore, 2 Chainz, Drake, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. Congratulations to my friend, Keri Bailes, who was the Hair Team Leader for the VMA’s and I am so glad I got to work along side her again this year. One of my favorite performances of the night was Lady GaGa and Justin Timberlake’s. I had the pleasure of being asked to style hair for Justin Timberlake’s pre-taping on Friday, which was really exciting to be a part of. The phrase, “what a small world” came to mind in a completely synchronistic event when I was styling one of his dancers and learned she was from Mission, Texas. This is the same small town that my Great Great Grandmother was from and also that some of his dancers were from North and South Carolina. He even had one young man from Columbia, South Carolina. A highlight of the VMA’s show was when the band members form NSync joined Justin Timberlake on stage. There had been speculation of the band reuniting but everything was kept under wraps even backstage.

The audience was definitely enthusiastic when all the members were on stage performing several of their previous hits.

extensive attention because they would be performing rigorous dancing numbers and their hair had to withstand vigorous movement.

Everyone always asks me what are the celebrities like? Are they nice? Are they just like us? Do you get nervous? In my work, I have had the opportunity to work around numerous celebrities and no, I don’t get nervous because I am so focused on my artistry and what needs to be done, that I just feel confident and relaxed in the zone of creating. As far as what most celebrities are like, I would have to say overall, they are extremely nice. This year at the VMA’s the two that stand out in my mind are Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake. They both went out of their way to be accessible and cordial to everyone. Miley Cyrus was very nice also and seemed nervous about her performance. She just asked everyone for prayers and “hi-five’s” before going on stage.

As I stood backstage, following the camera’s eye on the performers, listening and feeling the music all around me, I felt enormously blessed to once again be part of such an amazing experience. My future holds many exciting things that I can’t wait to share with all of you. I encourage everyone to find me on Facebook at , Twitter@ VDeLeonHair and Instagram@ SALONDELEONSC for the adventures that will soon be unfolding!

When watching the performance on TV most would have no idea the hours of preparation that goes into such a massive production. In the hallway where we were located, we were often working shoulder to shoulder, sometimes two and three stylists working together on one person with several make-up artists added to the mix. It would sometimes appear to be a well choreographed dance until the look was completed, all the while music would be resonating throughout the building. We had a line-up of who needed to be done and their representative would bring them back and then take them in for rehearsal and then bring them back for touch-ups. We essentially did the styles twice. The dancer’s hair that we styled really required

The MTV VMA Hair and Makeup crew!

Hallway where stars where hair and makeup was done to performers. LE ROUGE | 45

Everyone always asks me what are the celebrities like? Are they nice? Are they just like us? Do you get nervous?[...] As far as what most celebrities are like, I would have to say overall, they are extremely nice.� Justin Timberlake dancer from Mission, Texas (Delmar Reyna)

Victor and and other Hair Team member hard at work


Justin Timberlake

Vincent Herbert - Lady Gaga’s Manager and Reality Star of Tamar and Vince.

Victor and Robin Thicke




Makeup Used: Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation Eyeshadow: MAC Carbon Lashes: Red Cherry Lip: Graftobian Eyelid Gloss: High Gloss by MAC

Photography: Yaira Orellana Makeup/ Hair: Yaira Orellana Model: Nicole Bethea 50 | LE ROUGE




Wig Designer - Tokyo Crush Wigs Corset designer - Timeless Trends


Photography: TK-Productions Photographer: Gary Ferguson Creative Director & Makeup Artist: Renee Marie S. Hair: Brittany Webb Chief Lighting Director: Gary Ferguson Models: Christiana Connor/ Edward Alan Radford (Evolution Talent)



Makeup Used: Mirabella: Pure pressed powder, Color Shine Lipgloss in Muse, Mirabella Lip Definer in coy, Mirabella gray scale magic marker eyeliner, Mirabella Colour Queen eye colours in Shockwave/ Woodstock and titan/haute Mehron: Intense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment palette in Earth, Black eyeliner NYX: Eyeshadow base in Nude. LE ROUGE | 57




Photographer: Paul Lane Model: Sydney Myers Makeup: Sydney Myers Hair: Sydney Myers Styling: Sydney Myers LE ROUGE | 61









Photographer: Matt Martian Williams Model: Bekkah Herman @ The S Agency 70 | LE ROUGE


Available in your local department stores 72 | LE ROUGE

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