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The ergonomic head moulding provides perfect head clearance. (from Aircontact 50+10 SL).

Additional load adjustment straps on the shoulder straps allow optimal positioning of the backpack. These are easily positioned on the shoulder straps using a “Triglide“ buckle. Aircontact models above 50+10 SL sizes also have two different fixing points, depending on the back length setting, in order to optimize the load adjustor strap angle.


The new Active Fit shoulder straps are flexible and automatically adapt to the shoulder’s width and angle. Their anatomical S-shape follows the neck and shoulder contour and thus prevents chafing or pressure points.

The anatomic profiled X-frame transfers weight on the hips. The crossed aluminium stays create a flexible, yet stable frame that follows your body movements.

The proven Vari Quick system guarantees easy adjustment to any back length. The new back panel construction creates a big contact surface making it even more compact and comfortable to carry.


The light way to carry heavy weight: The Aircontact system perfectly adapts to the wearer’s back and holds the load close to the body’s centre of gravity. With every movement, a pump effect circulates air through the breathable padding with special ventilating hollow chamber. The result: 15%* less perspiration than with other body-contour packs.

The new, complex 3D-shape of the hip fins guarantees an outstanding fit. They are made from multiple layers combining soft and firm foam with additional reinforcement. Thus they evenly distribute the load on the hips without any pressure points. Side compression straps on the fins regulate the weight and increase stability. On the smaller models the fins are softer, while the bigger packs come with more stable foam.

(*Proven in a field test conducted by Gabriel L.&T. in cooperation with the University of Erlangen/Germany.)

The pull forward function makes the hip belt easy to fasten even with heavy loads.

The Vari Flex hip fins follow even the most complex movements – especially important when carrying a hefty load.

29 TREKKING Elastic Comfort Foam Transmitter Foam Weight Transfer Core Stabilizing Shell

Heike & Martin on a long steep descent from the fjord. Midsummer trekking from Aurland to the peaks of Hemsedal. Aurlandsfjellet, Norway. Tjahjadi Nurtanito



Our sleek and spacious packs with lightweight credentials: with their minimal weight and purist, technical design, the ACT Lite models are the perfect companions on any trekking and mountaineering tours. The very technical shoulder strap construction features a bilaminate foam and an exact anatomical shape. +

ACT LITE 35+10 SL # 3340015 3217 9503 petrol-mint


Weight: 1580 g Capacity: 35 + 10 l H x W x D: 70 x 27 x 22 cm



ACT LITE 40+10 # 3340115 5510 2218 fire-granite


Weight: 1670 g Capacity: 40 + 10 l H x W x D: 73 x 30 x 23 cm



ACT LITE 45+10 SL # 3340215 3325 5522 petrol-arctic


Weight: 1690 g Capacity: 45 + 10 l H x W x D: 75 x 30 x 25 cm

ACT Lite 35+10 SL & 45+10 SL

transfers weight on the hips. The crossed aluminium stays create a flexible, yet stable internal frame that follows your body movements.

stretch front pocket • compact bilaminate construction with Pull-Forward function makes the hip belt easy to fasten even with heavy loads • Vari Quick back length adjustment with two-layer foam construction and optimised shape • anatomically shaped shoulder straps with soft edges • lightweight multi-chamber aluminium X-frame • separate bottom compartment • height adjustable lid • lid pocket • internal valuables pocket • zipped pocket on hip belt for valuables • gear attachment loops on lid • ice axe and hiking pole loops – also for foldable poles • spacious stretch side pockets • compression and load adjustment straps • double-layered base • SOS label • hydration system compatible • loops for helmet holder (accessory) • wet laundry compartment Material: Super-Polytex / Ripstop 210 / Macro Lite 210

The load adjustment straps on the shoulder straps add extra stability. The special “Triglide“ buckles ensure easy positioning.

Anatomically S-shaped shoulder straps with airy 3D AirMesh lining guarantee perfect fit and great ventilation.

Light, slim and anatomically shaped: the hip wings ensure even load distribution. Their soft foam with breathable 3D AirMesh lining offers outstanding comfort. The firm foam on the outside is modelled to the anatomic shape and transfers the load to the hips. Side compression straps regulate weight transfer and add extra stability.


ACT LITE 50+10 # 3340315 2417 7410 spring-granite


Weight: 1730 g Capacity: 50 + 10 l H x W x D: 76 x 32 x 26 cm

Our Aircontact system sits close to the wearer’s back and features pads with a special, breathable hollow chamber foam. The pads perform a pump effect, whereby every movement prompts the exchange of air. The result: 15 %* less perspiration than with other bodycontour packs. (*Proven in a field test conducted by Gabriel L.&T. in cooperation with the University of Erlangen/Germany.)


The anatomic profiled X-frame

The Vari-Quick system allows an easy, quick adjustment to the individual back length.


It has been an absolutely trustworthy companion on so many trips around the world. It’s always hard to change a winning team. But it was time to refine our Aircontact legends. They are still extremely durable, but now come in a more modern, slim look. And they are more comfortable, too, with their new flexible Active Fit shoulder straps and the revised hip wing construction. For female trekkers we’ve added the new 70+10 SL model.

AIRCONTACT 40+10 SL # 3320016 5005 3351

AIRCONTACT 45+10 # 3320116 2313 4700

Weight: 2350 g Capacity: 40 + 10 l H x W x D: 74 x 26 x 20 cm

Weight: 2430 g Capacity: 45 + 10 l H x W x D: 76 x 26 x 22 cm

cranberry-aubergine The first stage goal of the "Route Dolomites" in sight: Laszlo right before the Valojet hut in the Fassa valley; Trent, Italy; Thilo Brunner





big front opening for quick access on the entire content • separate bottom compartment • compact and pivoting Vari Flex hip fins with Pull-Forward hip belt construction • precise load control due to compression straps on hip fins • stable multi-chamber aluminium Xframe transfers load to the hip belt • easy-grab, zipped pocket on hip belt • side compression straps • height adjustable lid • lid pocket • internal valuables pocket • two daisy chains • top lid attachment loops • stowable ice axe and hiking pole straps • compression strap at bottom compartment • double-layered base • detachable rain cover • side pocket for maps • SOS label • roomy pockets on the side • hydration system compatible • wet laundry compartment Additional for models from 50 l: • ergonomically shaped head moulding and compression straps position the lid for more head clearance • load adjustment straps with two anchor points Material: Duratex / 330D Micro Rip Pro 6.6

AIRCONTACT 50+10 SL # 3320216 5530 2250 blackberry-aubergine


Weight: 2520 g Capacity: 50 + 10 l H x W x D: 78 x 28 x 22 cm



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AIRCONTACT 55+10 # 3320316 7490 3221

AIRCONTACT 60+10 SL # 3320416 5518 3353

AIRCONTACT 65+10 # 3320516 2218 3980

AIRCONTACT 70+10 SL # 3320616 3354

Weight: 2690 g Capacity: 55 + 10 l H x W x D: 80 x 28 x 22 cm

Weight: 2720 g Capacity: 60 + 10 l H x W x D: 82 x 30 x 24 cm

Weight: 2900 g Capacity: 65 + 10 l H x W x D: 84 x 30 x 26 cm

Weight: 2920 g Capacity: 70+ 10 l H x W x D: 86 x 32 x 26 cm









Camp with view over the fjord – and coffee, of course. Heike & Martin during Midsummer trekking from Aurland to the peaks of Hemsedal. Aurlandsfjellet, Norway. Tjahjadi Nurtanito

AIRCONTACT 75+10 # 3320716 3329 arctic-navy

Weight: 3100 g Capacity: 75 + 10 l H x W x D: 88 x 32 x 28 cm

Height adjustable load adjustment straps on the shoulder straps for precise pack positioning.

Anatomically shaped shoulder straps


with 3D AirMesh lining. Heavy duty construction with special dual layer foams.

Back padding with ventilating Aircontact hollow chamber foam technology and durable 3D AirMesh lining wicks away warmth and moisture.

AIRCONTACT PRO Our super robust Aircontact Pro carries heavy loads with ease. The mobile hip fins diligently follow every movement and distribute the weight evenly, while the technical Vari Fit back is individually adjustable. Thus the big packs offer what you need for heavy haulage: stability, efficient load transfer and incredible flexibility.


With the stepless Vari Fit system the pack can be easily adjusted to the individual wearer’s back.

Two ergonomically formed V-shape multi-chamber aluminium stays, direct part of the load from the back to the hips.

When fastened, the hip fins taper upwards in a conical form. The fins are concave and ultra-padded and sit perfectly on the hips. The multi-layered, PE-stiffened foam spreads the load evenly. The Pull-Forward construction makes the hip belt easy to fasten even with even heavy loads.

Deuter’s Vari Flex system certainly defines the flexibility of this carrying system. The pivoting hip fins follow complex body movements. Thus, the load can be evenly distributed to the hips, providing freedom of movement and reducing fatigue. Two sturdy GRP-rods and load adjustment straps on the hip fins allow for precision load control. The Vari Flex system and aluminium stays form the core of the carrying system, which combines stability, efficient load transfer, perfect load control and incredible flexibility.

AIRCONTACT PRO 55+15 SL # 33813 3356 5560

AIRCONTACT PRO 60+15 # 33823 3408 4700

Weight: 2900 g Capacity: 55 + 15 l + 8 l bellow pockets H x W x D: 85 x 34 x 32 cm

Weight: 3100 g Capacity: 60 + 15 l + 8 l bellow pockets H x W x D: 88 x 34 x 34 cm






+ 2 x 2.0 l 55 SL & 60 2 x 3.0 l 65 SL & 70

detachable lid compartment with zipped pocket and two valuables pockets, which can quickly be transformed into a daypack thanks to the attachment ring and additional straps • Vari Fit system with stepless adjustment to any back length for the perfect fit • Pull-Forward hip belt construction for easy adjustment even when heavily laden • quick access through the front zip opening • internal compression strap • head moulding and compression straps position the lid for more head clearance • height adjustable lid • tough, durable outer material • easy-grab, zipped valuables pocket on hip belt • SOS label • three side compression straps • separate bottom compartment • compression strap at bottom compartment • side bellows pockets absorb excess baggage or can be used to accommodate a Streamer hydration bladder • side pockets for tent-pole etc. • daisy chains and spacious zipped pocket on the front • detachable rain cover • wet laundry compartment Material: Duratex / 330D Micro Rip Pro 6.6

AIRCONTACT PRO 65+15 SL # 33833 3306

AIRCONTACT PRO 70+15 # 33843 7490

Weight: 3000 g Capacity: 65 + 15 l + 10 l bellow pockets H x W x D: 90 x 36 x 34 cm

Weight: 3200 g Capacity: 70 + 15 l + 12 l bellow pockets H x W x D: 92 x 38 x 36 cm






Die Deuter Primary School bietet Platz für 400 Grundschüler. Kathmandu; Nepal

Manfred Lindner (2. von links), zweiter Vorstand der Nepalhilfe Beilngries, Kathmandu; Nepal

Nepal is a dream destination for many of us – for alpinists, for trekkers as well as for mountain bikers. We are lured by the world’s highest peaks and are welcomed (and amazed) by warm, spiritual, hospitable, and smiling people – despite the fact that it is one of the poorest countries in the world. Out of those personal encounters many humanitarian projects have grown. Almost 15 years ago, our long-term CEO and 8000er alpinist Bernd Kullmann was interviewed by a German television programme on the Mount Everest. The show also hosted Karl Rebele who was then chairman of the aid organisation Nepalhilfe Beilngries. Bernd Kullmann spontaneously donated his appearance fees and collected more money shorty after at his 50th birthday celebration. The ties became closer over the years: in April 2013 we were celebrating the inauguration of the Deuter Primary School. It used to be the oldest school in Kathmandu and the building was in unbearable condition. Manfred Lindner from the Nepalhilfe Beilngries says: “The rooms looked more like stables and didn’t resemble a school at all.” The new threelevel building has ten classrooms and provides a perfect learning environment for 400 students. Deuter contributed 32.000 Euro to the overall construction sum of 130.000 Euro. And we surprised the students with school bags and pencil cases at the opening ceremony. “We’ve been supporting the organisation for about five years now and it feels so good to have

“WE KNOW THAT EVERY EURO THAT WE DONATE ACTUALLY GETS TO THE RIGHT PLACE AND MAKES A DIFFERENCE. WE WANT TO THANK THE ENTIRE TEAM OF THE NEPALHILFE FOR THEIR INCREDIBLE WORK IN NEPAL.” Now it is important to respond to the urgent needs in this small, beautiful country. The first heavy quake struck Kathmandu on a Saturday – a school-free day. So fortunately none of the students were harmed in the Deuter Primary School. The building was only slightly damaged and can be used again after a few repairs. But the Nepalhilfe Beilngries supports all in all 24 schools in many regions, as well as several hospital wards, a children’s home with 35 orphans and many other projects such as homes for the elderlies, a training institution for seamstresses, farmland and a vocational training school. After the quake Manfred Lindner had sad news: “The Sindhupalchok district, where most of our schools are based, has been strongly ravaged by the quake. 90 % of the buildings have been destroyed or severely damaged.” Emergency relief, therefore, was the main focus after the disaster. In the first few weeks, the Nepalhilfe Beilngries distributed 55 tons of rice, 1.5 tons of lentils, 1.8 tons of salt, 1.250 l of oil and almost 1.000 sanitary sets in 17 villages, as well as 4.000 sleeping bags that were donated by our Taiwanese manufacturer. Also, the Deuter em-

ployees started collecting internally raising 1.000 Euro. With an additional 5.000 Euro from Deuter Sport GmbH, the brand was able to donate 6.000 Euro to support the incredible work delivered by the Nepalhilfe. We hope that the wounds in Nepal will heal. That the buildings will be re-erected and that the new generation will find its way out of poverty with good education. And we are more than happy to support them on their way.


that school. The close cooperation ensures efficient help and that’s fantastic to know and to see”, says Angela Vögele who is in charge of the cooperation at Deuter. She underlines that

Deuter Trekking 2016  
Deuter Trekking 2016