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Student Council Wrap-up


By Anyour Elkasaby Throughout the school year, Student Council has been responsible for many great events. Not only did they help create two school dances, Valentines and Halloween, but they also helped shelters. The Council created beautiful Christmas center pieces for the homeless shelter dinner that lifted the spirits and brought joy. They also made food for the homeless children shelter that provided each child with a smile. During the holidays, Student Councils gave their peers a chance to buy their loved ones candy grams. Whether it was a chocolate rose for Valentine’s Day or a chocolate candy cane on winter holidays, they were delicious and thoughtful. During Halloween, Student Council started a pumpkin decorating contest that gathered all the students and supplied them with the adrenalin of competition. In the spring, the student council members ran a refreshment stand for a baseball game to motivate the team and the crowd. The stands provided the players with joy after the game, even after a loss. Most recently, we held our Skate Night. It was a great and fun event to help end the year. Students had the opportunity to socialize on ice, while having the time of their lives. In conclusion, the Student Council has been an active, great part of the school. They have been successful due to all the members of the student council that helped create and make these events possible. A special thanks to our mentor, Madame Ettz; who without her none of these events would have been possible. She has kept all of us on track and most importantly gave us the privilege of creating a new family.

A Successful Year for the Service Club The Service Club had an exciting and successful school year. Led by Mrs. Slane and Ms. Sur, students met once a month on Wednesdays to brainstorm new ideas to continue to expand the club. Through hard work and dedication, this group of students was able to sponsor a number of successful events throughout the year. Early on in the year, the Service Club held bake sales to generate initial revenue for events. By December, the club was able to establish enough capital to get activities up and running. In the Fall, the Service Club sponsored a School Supply Drive to aid Point Pleasant Public Schools that fell victim to Hurricane Sandy. LMS students collected enough supplies to fill over sixteen boxes! In March, a Trivia Night was held to provide a night of entertainment for LMS students and their families. A team of students beat out the teachers to become the First Annual Trivia Night Champions! Each person was asked to donate a nonperishable food item. All items collected were donated to the Emanuel Cancer Foundation. On June 14, the Second Annual Kickball Carnival was held. The Service Club raised $1,100 to donate to the Tomorrows Children;s Fun at Hackensack University Medical Center. The Teachers beat out student teams to take the title of 2013 Kickball Champions!

WHAT’S HAPPENING AT LMS! Music in the Parks By Justin Yang ••• The Music in the Parks trip is a field trip only for the students in the music department of Leonia Middle School. It is a trip that consists of performing in front of judges, playing at Six Flags, and attending an awards ceremony. Obviously, students must bring their instruments if they are part of the orchestra or the band. The students that are in the music department go on the trip every year. The cost of attending the trip is expensive. LMS students are able to fundraise by selling candy bars, so that their parents do not necessarily have to pay for the whole trip. The time of departure is early in the morning at around 6:30 and the time of return is at around 9:00 PM. This trip is very fun, despite the amount of

exhaustion that the students may experience after coming back from it. Most of the students that went on the Music in the Parks trip enjoyed the day. Congratulations go to the LMS Music Ensembles who competed at the Music in the Parks festival at Great Adventure on Friday. The Chorale, Select chorus, and Boy’s chorus achieved a rating of Superior; the Jazz Band was awarded the rating

of excellent; and the Concert Band and orchestra were rated as good. In addition, the Select chorus received the award for Best Overall Chorus. Two LMS students were also given individual awards: Leo Hashikura received the medal for best jazz soloist and Minji Kim received the medal for best student accompanist. The directors are very proud of everyone who participated.

LMS-EVG PICNIC 2013 By Christopher Yi

On Thursday, May 30, the sixth graders of LMS went to Edgewater to visit the sixth graders at the Eleanor Van Gelder School. The event was for a picnic and field day that involved having fun and getting a chance to meet new friends. After listening to explanations and outline of the day’s activities to get to know each other. Students in each group introduced themselves and shared fun facts with new faces. The next activity was relay races. There were a variety of races to participate in, like Lift-off, Izzy Dizzy Bats, Pass the Can, and many more. After the races, each group competed

in tug-of-war matches. The students had a lot of fun! The students were able to have fun on their own after lunch. On one side of the gym, there was an intense basketball game between LMS and EVG students, while the other side kids were able to shoot freely in a more casual manner. Outside, others were free to have fun on the playground. Kids played tag, hung out on the swings, and enjoyed getting to know each other. Everyone had a great time!

Leonia Day By Emma Leynse On May 19, 2013, Leonia Day was held in the Recreation Center due to the rain. The change in venue did not stop anyone from having fun. Leonia Day started at 1:00 PM and ended at 5:00 PM. Set up throughout the gym were tables where different organizations sat. Some tables had information about their organization, other held different games, or items to sell. Organizations that were represented include the ACS Home and School Association, the Boy Scouts, Lions Club, and many more. The fire department gave out hot dogs to the people who came. There was a colorful bouncy house and slide, which was enjoyed by many children. The recreation dance classes also performed. There were dances from all age groups. Dances ranged from creative movement with the three year olds, to tap with twelve year olds. The audience greatly enjoyed the performances. Songs that were performed included “I Like to Move It,” “Singing in the Rain,” “Rockin’ Robin,” and “Here Comes the Sun.” All the performances were a big success. Even though it rained, that did not mean that Leonia Day was unsuccessful. Leonia Day is a great way to bring together our community. Leonia Day was a fun-filled day of laughter, activities, and new things to learn and see!

For Your Information...

Always Have Hope by Seajai Shimizu An anonymous person once said, “Never give up hope. When darkness falls, the stars come out.”           There are many problems and challenges in life that people struggle with.  A very difficult challenge my little brother has to face is Type 1 Diabetes.  His condition can be scary sometimes, but most of the time, he is better than ever.  The constant pricks, needles, machines, and blood tests is very hard to deal with, especially for an 8-yearold.           I can’t put in words of how proud I am of him.  He is very brave to never give up and to keep going.  Type 1 Diabetes is a disorder that makes it very hard not to.  Although it may be hard, somehow he finds an amazing way to keep going and to always keep his head up high.  Whenever I think of him, it makes me feel happy because he is a real trooper and is always happy and smiling.  That, I find to be magnificent.           Type 1 Diabetes is when your pancreas stops working.  Since that is what produces insulin for your body, it has to be treated all the time.  He has to be pricked at least 15 times a day to see what his blood sugar is.  This tells us how much to calculate to find out how much insulin he needs in his body.  There are two ways to receive insulin in your body.  You can either have insulin shots about five times a day or have a small device called the pump.  With the pump, you have to change what is called a site every other day.  My little brother is currently doing the second option.  There are so many devices and different technology to help treat Type 1 Diabetes.  I am grateful for that.           My little brother is very competitive.  He plays several sports.  His disorder makes it more difficult but it never makes it impossible.  My little brother is a fighter.  I try to support him in any way possible, because anything is possible.

As many as 3 million Americans live with Type 1 Diabetes

Warning signs of T1D may occur suddenly and can include: *Extreme Thirst *Frequent Urination *Drowsiness or lethargy *Increased appetite *Sudden weight loss/ gain *Sudden vision changes *Fruity odor on the breath *Heavy or labored breathing

The Lions’ Reviews Looking for a new book to read or TV show to watch? Check out what your fellow students have to say!

Chopped Review By Daniela Lerga ••• Chopped is a television show in which chef use mystery ingredients to make an entrée, meal, and dessert. I like the show Chopped because it is tempting to see what is in the basket and what they will make. The chefs don’t know what is in the basket before the show. Also, they get timed while they cook. Finally, contestants get eliminated when the judges choose who gets “chopped.” The contestants do not know what is in the basket before the show begins. It’s difficult because they cannot plan their dish ahead of time. If they don’t know what the ingredient is, this makes for an even difficult task. Since the contestants get timed, the chefs have to rush. Most of the time, they mess up. For example, they could forget to add an ingredient. Often, the chefs do not finish cooking their meals but they have to put it on the plate for the judges anyway. Late but not least, people get eliminated. This is my favorite part of the show because people get picked out if they don’t meet the judges’ standards. I like watching the chefs get anxious and frustrated because it makes me feel that, too.

Chopped is a very addicting show to watch. I recommend this television to people who love to cook to get inspired and entertained. I rate this show a 9.5 out of 10.

Cupcake Wars Review By Adrian Nelson ••• Cupcake Wars is an amazing war between bakers around the United States to see which baker can make the better cupcake. This war of cupcakes is a very exciting show that brings people together and makes them get excited to the show. It’s so outstanding because some of the bakers get eliminated, the cupcakes look delicious, and a different star celebrity is on every episode. In Cupcake Wars, some of the bakers get eliminated. The bakers get eliminated if their cupcakes do not fit what the judges want. Also, this part is the best of all because the audience of the show is so anxious to see if their favorite bakers are going to get eliminated. The watchers get involved, as we are rooting for our favorites on the show. In addition, some cupcakes that the bakers make look very delicious. In the second round, the judges decide and choose the baker on half presentation and half taste.

Cupcake Wars is outstanding because there is a star celebrity on each episode. Once, Nanny Fine from The Nanny was on the show because she just fought cancer. This makes the show more interesting and relative to the audience. To sum it all up, Cupcake Wars is an amazing show for everyone to watch. I rate this show 10 out of 10 because the suspense makes viewers excited.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret Review By Jenna Khansa ••• Imagine living in a huge clock. Huge needs to find the last piece of every puzzle. The Invention of Huge Cabret is a super unique book. It is surprising and it is out of the blue. Trust me, it will leave you hanging. The Invention of Huge Cabret is surprising in every way. Most ideas in the book come by surprise. This kid steals and hides, yet is full of talent. There are many events that lead up to what the main idea is. Additionally, the book is completely out of the blue. One event will happen and it won’t fully explain itself. You would think that the event is over once it goes to another scene. Then, it will go back to that prior scene,

The Lions' Reviews (continued) which is out of nowhere. To me, this makes the book quite interesting, because it made me think and keep track of what is going on. Furthermore, this book leaves you hanging. With many surprises in this book you might not fully understanding until the very end. There is always a missing piece to the puzzle and it is found at the end of the story. Personally, I love this because it will make you want to read on It will leave you wondering and there is always many possible answers to the mystery. The Invention of Hugo Cabret is an amazing book because it is surprising, out of the blue, and it leaves you hanging for more. This is why I rate this book a 10 out of 10.

Cinder is a mechanic in New Beijing, a cyclone mechanic to be precise. There are a lot of surprises that are unraveled in this book, such as when Cinder finds out that she’s a Lunar, a person from the moon, and when her only human friend, Peony, gets the plague. Romance is in the air, too, when Prince Kai of New Beijing asks her to the ball. Cinder goes through a bit of paint when Iko, Cinder’s robot and friend, is taken apart by Cinder’s mean legal guardian, Aari, and when Peony dies from the plague. Cinder is a superb book because the characters are unbelievable. Since this book takes place in the future, anything is possible. Cinder is The Invention of Hugo has extraordinary detail. I can picture almost everything like a Cabret mind move in my head as I read Review By April Hong the book. ••• Cinder is a great book Imagine living in a world with an amazing plot, believable where an evil moon queen plans characters, and extraordinary to take over the world. In Cinder details. I recommend this book to everyone because it has a bit of by Marissa Meyer, this is the every genre. I rate Cinder 5 out problem. Meyer really hooks you of 5 stars. into the book with its amazing plot and unbelievable characters. Ask April Advice Cinder takes you to a whole new Have a problem or question? world. Cinder has a great plot. It’s a mix of romance, adventure, Send it in to the Lions’ Roar! April would be glad to offer and some drama. In this book, assistance!

Ask April Dear Ask April, I have social problems. Whenever I try to talk to people, I don’t know what to say and I run away. What should I do? Sincerely, Social Issue

Dear Social Issue, All you need is a bit of practice. Maybe you can go practice to yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and practice making conversation. Then maybe next time, you’ll know what to say. Sincerely, April Hong Dear Ask April, My friends want to go see a movie with me this Friday. But the truth is, I don’t want to watch that movie because it’s too scary to me. However, I don’t want to hurt my friends’ feelings. Help! Sincerely, Scaredy-cat Dear Scaredy-cat, If you don’t want to watch the movie, you don’t have to. Tell your friends how you really feel about the movie. Then, maybe you could compromise on something else. Sincerely, April Hong Lion’s Roar

Sizzling Summer Suggestions! Check out these great suggestions for new and exciting summer activities!

The Leonia Swim Club By: Justin Yang

your rod. You get a surprise when the line comes up and either there’s a fish, a plant, or nothing at all! The Leonia Public Swimming Pool is a great place to Fishing is a calm but fun thing to go to during the summer! It is just do in the summer. You also get free the local place to go to on a hot or fish! There are many ways you humid day. There are various things that you can do at the pool. can fish, and many places you can go to fish. You can fish for crabs The first thing you can do is, obviously, swim in the pool. If you and other aquatic animals. You can meet the age requirement, you took fish with cages and nets, along with fishing rods. Most types of the swimming test, or you are in the swim team, you are allowed to equipment are suited for different types of fishing. For example, you go on the slide and on the diving board. Another thing you can do is would use cages for catching crabs. There are many places in play on the grass or in the playground that is located besides New Jersey where you can go fishing, whether you want to go the swimming pool. In addition, freshwater fishing or saltwater you can borrow ping-pong balls, paddles, knock-hockey equipment, fishing. However, for freshwater fishing, you will need a license. or tic-tac-toe/checkers pieces to play on the stone ping-pong tables, Fishing is very fun. Please the wooden knock-hockey boards, consider going fishing this summer or the tic-tac-toe/checkers boards The High Line that are painted on the floor next to the small food shop. The By Juliana Morello possibilities are endless at he Built in the 1930s, the High Leonia Public Swimming Pool!! Line in New York City is the perfect place to visit during the summer. The High Line is one of Fishing the most interesting places that I by Christopher Yi have ever been. It is so amazing Are you looking for what the landscapers have done to something fun to do during the summer? Try fishing! Fishing is a it. At the High Line, there are many fun activities to do! I have sport in which anyone can done many myself. I guarantee participate. If you enjoy quiet sports, why not go fishing? Fishing that if you go to the High Line in New York City, you will have a is a sport where you can throw a great time! I did! line and wait patiently while The High Line is a beautiful working on other lines, until one of place. Everywhere you go on it, them catches a fish. The fun part comes at the excitement of reeling there are so many things to look at. Buildings, roads, all of New York in after feeling something tug on

City! Not to mention the plants, which are unbelievable. The High Line used to be an old railroad, which trains actually used. Landscape designers decided to reform the High Line in 1999 when it was going to be demolished. Luckily, it was saved, and now it is a beautiful park full of a wide variety of plants. The plants for the High Line were chosen by sustainability, hardiness, their texture, and their color. In order to keep the High Line looking great, there are ropes separating the walkways and the plants, though there are grassy areas where you can run around and play. Also, to prevent the plants from being squashed, every couple of yards there are signs saying, “Please keep off the plants.” When at the High Line, there are so many fun activities you can do. You can stroll around checking out the sights, or you can go on a guided tour. I recently visited the High Line with my family. We brought our lunch and had a beautiful picnic there. While we did not take a tour, we found it to be quite an enjoyable experience. Scattered around the grounds were various pieces of art. I saw statues, paintings, and murals on the sides of buildings. I recommend going to the High Line with your family. Whether you decide to go on a tour or explore freely, I am positive that you will have a great time!.

Interested in what teachers do over the summer? Ms. Mazza’s class asked around! Mr. Erler This summer, Mr. Erler is not going on any long trips. He will go on some short trips to the beach. He likes sitting on the beach and playing in the ocean. Mr. Erler also enjoys swimming pools. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would go to South America. Mr Erler’s goal is one day to hike up Machu Pichu.

Ms. Mazza Ms. Mazza is not going on any trips this year. She will probably go to the beach. She likes to go to Belmar. Miss Mazza loves going to the pool and the beach. She likes BBQs and spending time outside. Ms Mazza would love to go back to visit Germany. She also wants to go to Italy and Greece. By Ambar Henriquez

Ettz could go anywhere she wanted to go on vacation she would go to Peru.

Mrs. Ziotas During the summer Mrs. Ziotas is going to Greece, on the island of Cefalonia. Mrs. Ziotas’ favorite summer activities include swimming and tanning. If she would like to go anywhere she wanted she would go to Bora Bora. By Sara Lee

Ms. Sur Sadly, Ms. Sur is not going on any trips this summer. Ms. Sur’s favorite summer activities are reading and tanning. If she could go anywhere she wanted to go vacation, she would travel to India for the summer.

Mrs. Baker This summer, Mrs. Baker is going to the beach in Cape May NJ. Her favorite summer activities are reading, pool, and relaxing. If Mrs. Baker can go on anywhere she wanted, she would like to see the Aurora Borealis.

Mr. Scrivani This summer, Mr. Scrivani is going to Hilton Head South Carolina. Mr. S favorite summer activities are lying down on the beach and tanning. If Mr. S would go anywhere he would like to go to Sicily Italy, he thinks it’s beautiful there. By Alexander Sheng

Ms. Ettz In the summer, Ms. Ettz will go to the beach at the Jersey Shore. Ms. Ettz’s favorite summer activities are going swimming and play tennis. If Ms.

Mr. Strohmeyer Mr. Strohmeyer’s family is going on a cruise to Mexico this summer. Favorite summer activities include coaching his two son’s soccer and baseball teams. Mr. Strohmeyer is the soccer coach at Leonia High School, and they start practice. Mr. Srohmeyer is also doing a lot of panting. His dream vacation is to go to Mexico this summer. He’s pumped!!!! By Brian Tuch

Mrs. Lainof This summer, Mrs. Lainof is going to Sesame PLace with her family. Her favorite summer activities include swimming, reading, and going to the beach. If she could travel anywhere in the world, Mrs. Lainof would love to go to Disney World or Hawaii. By Harrison Chong

LMS MEMORY LANE 8th graders share some of their favorite LMS memories! Valarie Farfan

My favorite LMS memory

would have to be the Music in the Parks trip. I went on all three trips and will never

forget them. I had such a

Adi Kapoor

Harrison Chong

I liked being able to play

My favorite memories from


trips to museums!

football at every chance


the middle school are field

Leo Hashikura

blast these past three years!

The best part about LMS was

My favorite LMS memory is

Sara Lee

best friends who helped

teachers and great but

My favorite memories from LMS is when I’m spending

time with my good friends! Nasyah Tatem-Ahdab

My favorite LMS memory is going to Broadway and

seeing Annie with the Drama

being able to meet my real

change my life. For once in

crazy friends. Brainbusters,

it to them. Overall, 8th grade

were all great times.

my life, I felt happy and I owe was my best year by far. I

feel so happy that I was able

Adam Jurek

not forget Greek Day either.

LMS is getting to be able to

fun. In total, these are my

Alex Protopapas

be more than a student with

are Greek Day and other

near a perfect student, but

my teachers. I am nowhere to be able to connect with teachers as if they were

David Agudelo

friends makes me know that

teachers at LMS.

grade teachers for making

I enjoyed getting to know the

Harry Kim

My favorite LMS memory or tradition is going on field trips with all of my good friends.

Amel Radoncic

My favorite LMS memory is

Julian Pecht

Music in the Parks was fun,

My favorite memory from

events with Mr. Gugick.

Band, and Music in the Parks

to go to the Middle School.

Club this year.

My favorite LMS memories

being with awesome

as was Brainbusters. Let’s

Playing football at lunch was

favorite moments. It is hard to narrow them down. Brian Tuch

Visiting LHS for a tour

around the high school, and

I can be one. Thank you 8th

going to AMC movie theaters

my year an experience to

school are some of my


Katerina Leiber

My favorite memory was

with students from the high favorite memories. Franceska Gustave

Having Mrs. Pawlick as my

winning Greek Day in 6th

Language Arts teacher. Best

Christopher Ozomgi

Jerry Kim

grade! Go Athens!

teacher ever!!

Field Day.

My favorite LMS memory has

My favorite LMS memory is

Christopher Suh

people that I have


I treasure every moment that I have spent at LMS.

to be all of the incredible encountered!

all the time spent with my

Congratulations to the Leonia Middle School Graduating Class of 2013! Good Luck in High School! Sara W Abouaf Marchelo V Acevedo Shivani R Aggarwal David S Agudelo Aman Akhmatov Andrew B Aleksandrovich Shaya M Ameri Mariamor Andreola Julio J Angeles Adriana E AvilesOsorio Kimberly M Bacchia Daniella Barroso Saachi Bhandari Lauren E Bigler Alba Blaku Tiara Bryant Juliana Byanyima Briana K Cahill Ricky Calderon Nicole D CamachoMotta Ruchan F Canli Madison D Capellan Robert B Cappadona Karis E Cha Hannah Z Chen Jenny Cho Gyeongsik Choi Harrison J Chong Christine S Chung June H Chung John A Cleary Gina L Conroy Mary L Cristiano Naomi A Cruz Cole M D'Angelo Ismael M Dalia Valentina R De Cicco Andrea G De Silva Jacqueline A Diller Ryan L Dumlao Ashley T Elion

Aynour Elkasaby Cohere J Elliston Uslan K Elqaisi Valerie R Farfan Jennifer R Feld Mackenzie L Fernandez Cody A Fletcher Jacob R Galperin Brandon M Garcia Emilio J Gonzalez Justin J Greenberg Alioune L Gueye Franceska A Gustave Shannon Gwie Laura A Halecky Leo Hashikura Diego A Heinert Marc Anthony Z Helewa Andres J Hernandez Kevin A Herrera Jennifer S Huezo Marquez Trudy Y Hysong Mikayla K Jeanmary Melora R Jelcic Edward A Jung Adam E Jurek Casey L Kammerman Jeong H Kang Jun Kang Michelle Y Kang Aditya Kapoor Danyel A Kenis Aaron T Kim Hannah Kim Hyundong Kim Jaedong Kim Jane Kim Jin Ha Kim Matthew Kim Min Ji Kim Minji Kim Rachel S Kim

Seon Uk Kim Ye Jin Kim Gabriela L King Sarah J Ko Soeun Kweon Reece E Kyhl Rebecca E Lan Ba Wool Lee Eunji Lee Il Hwa Lee Joseph H Lee Sara Y Lee Alexa M Leon Gerald Li Katarina T Lieber Gabrielle E Lopez Joseph T Lorenzo Jenna R Lucarello Lily A Lucca-Bederka David L Luglio Jose A Makula James L Marcantonio Andrew A Marquardt Dalibor Mazak Eva P McLean John Melizanis Karina M Mendez Gabriela M Morales Mayuri T Nagpal Sinem Oguz Rikako Onuma Sebastian L Ortiz Christopher A Ozomgi Chulsu Park Haram Park Justin J Park Julian S Pecht Leenary A Pineda Alex P Protopapas Oliver J Racciatti Amel M Radoncic Luke M Rambharose Maranda L Raskin Nicole J Reinoso

Arturo Revilla Leyra Chantal M Richiez Elaine E Rim Summer R Roberts Raul F Roca Maite E Rodezno Gabriel Rodriguez Aniela M Ronca Raul Rosas Colin K Ross Kyle F Russell Wonwoo Ryu Jon Carlos Sanchez Pierce L Saracino Stephanie E Schlund Sabrina J Selleck Nithya Selvaraj Maria Lourdes D Serna Alexander T Shimizu Joseph E Skarimbas Ricardo S Soares Thomas A Soesman Karina A Spivak Christopher H Suh Gabriel E Tapia-Suarez Nasyah I Tatem-Ahdab Anna C Thrasher Emoni L Tolliver James E Tramontana Brian B Tuch Nami Uchida William J Van Sickell Sophia A Vazquez Elizabeth L Vega Edward C Villela Maxine E Walsh Phillip J Walsh Xiangyue Wang Kyle I White Amanda J Wright Yuki F Yamada James K Yusufi Ethan Zang Andrew L Zayas

Lions' Roar June 2013  
Lions' Roar June 2013