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Online Education to Heighten Nigerian Education Standards Over the past few years, people have kept questioning on the educational standards of Nigeria. But now the time has come to unfold the truth which says that Nigeria has progressed with such rapidity that students here are gradually moving towards getting accustomed to online education. This was asserted by NOUN’s former vice chancellor, Source: Olugbemiro Jegede, who is now the university’s professor. While delivering his speech at the 7th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, Jegede said with confidence that the signs are so prominent that there is no doubt about Nigeria’s growth in open learning. In fact, he has predicted that it might supersede the European standards and might even bring three times more productivity than what United States of America would achieve.

Adoption of technology is necessary, says Jegede Jegede has also showed supreme enthusiasm towards Nigerian’s adoption of technology to progress in the world of education. According to him, where there will be more availability of modernised technologies, the scope of stretching education out of the classrooms will certainly increase with the passage of time. He therefore presents the current data that says:

- In Nigeria, 2 out of 3 people own mobile devices - 170 million people are predicted to establish strong connections among themselves In regard to this data, Jegede says that open learning will surely get a big boost and people will grab the opportunity to update themselves by stepping out of the formal education system. “The flexibility of ODL as a mode of instruction has made it the preferred mode of reaching people in many non-formal circumstances,” said Jegede. In fact, this new form of learning will help students representing under-represented groups living at remote corners.

Digital learning to develop Nigeria’s education system

Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria’s former vice president said that digital learning is one of the most effective ways that would contribute positively towards the country’s development. In fact, he Source: noticed that e-learning can surely act as a key component in bringing diverse cultures under one platform. This is why Yola, who is the founder of American University of Nigeria (AUN), said that the combination of training and education will surely unlock incredible opportunities for students in giving Nigerian education a polished look.

The Osun State government has also been commanded by Yola to analyse the needs and requirements so that e-learning can be perceived as a major investment in bettering the education system of Nigeria. In this respect, he said, “The education of our children and the overall development of our human capital is something that we call can all agree on, irrespective of our political parties or platforms.”

Nigeria students enrolling under UK universities Even the UK universities have recognised as how worthy it would be to offer online courses and help Nigerian students who would otherwise find it impossible to travel to the United Kingdom and thereafter spend lumps sums for enrolling in a full-time course. Instead, the majority of the students in Nigeria studying online under a UK Source: university came up with positive reactions. Some appreciated about the lifestyle while some were found to be happy on receiving real-life experiences for being a part of such universities. So, you can analyse as how the future of the Nigerian education system would stand in the coming years. Well, online education in Nigeria has already turned into a craze which will probably be conceived as a priority in future. Let’s see what time brings!!


Online education to heighten nigerian education standards  
Online education to heighten nigerian education standards  

Over the past few years, people have kept questioning on the educational standards of Nigeria. But now the time has come to unfold the truth...