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The aim was to create new mixed-use housing buildings, in the size of 3000 mq total. Vid-8 Housing is located in the east of Rome, close to the city ring. The building site is the last of four areas, all in the same size of 35 m x 150 m


VID-8 HOUSING Tor Sapienza

LOCATION: Rome YEAR: 2010 TYPE: Housing WORKGROUP: Individual

The solution worked out by creating a full length building on north side of the site, and other two

smaller and completely different ones on south. This houses are conceived one store lower than other ones, shadowing only the walkthrough between constructions and not blocking the sun on inner façade of bigger building. Also they are designed like detached houses, different from semi-detached houses of the three storey building conceived with balcony access.

Vid-8 Housing can host a wide typology of customers: small families with or without children for lower

floors, students on top, with some of shared facilities. This rooms, designed in different sizes for each need, are totally independent, with bathroom and a small cooking corner. The added value is about the chance of having or not the “jolly-room� in family houses, for even more possibilities.




second floor N

first floor

section -

render view

- elevation north - south

ground floor


The inner spaces are protected from the direct sunlight by an electronical system that rules the movement of multiple panels of colored and glossy glass. Each of those might assume every position is wanted, from full covering or total opening.

render view

The section shows how the walkthrough buildings create a safe place for children to play sports outside

section east-west

Balconies on the north faรงade are made for access houses render view on first and second floor, with stairs positioned in the middle and at opposite borders of the building. Ground floor homes has access from outside, besides having a small private terrace.

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