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CREATE A LUCRATIVE INCREMENTAL SOURCE OF INCOME WITH A NEW CONCEPT. The unique Wegamed concept - the perfect addition for your clinic, providing a comprehensive suite of diagnostic and therapeutic services to help your patients improve their health and wellbeing. Wegamed concept is a diagnostic and therapeutic package that can enrich the services you offer and run parallel to your existing business providing your clients with an additional service and deliver an incremental income stream. The concept includes a combination of customizable Wegamed devices, each device covers a different task field. The operation and application of each device is easy to master and can be performed by your competent clinic staff.

Wegamed wellness clinic includes diagnostic and therapeutic services under one roof. What does it mean for you? Patients can be assessed and treated in the same centre. They won’t need to liaise with different specialists, or to wander from one professional to the other, in search of resolution to their health conditions. In the rare case a condition can’t be treated in the clinic, patients can be referred to the right specialist for further consultation. This is a professional approach and means that the clinic does not lose an opportunity. Rather, you can invite patients back to your clinic after they have a diagnosis and you will support them in their recovery. If patients are treated by other professionals and are taking drugs, they can greatly benefit from your therapies as well. Boosting the immune system and triggering their self-healing abilities, patients will respond better to medication.

WHO CAN USE THE DEVICES? Complementary and Alternative Medicine practices and clinics practices and clinics Physiotherapists

Conventional Medicine

Integrative Medicine practices and clinics

Sport clubs Gyms and fitness centres


Spas and Wellness centres

TEST EXPERT PLUS It provides a deep dive into your patient’s body systems using electro acupuncture. This non-invasive diagnostic tool enables the practitioner to identify appropriate treatment regimens faster and more accurately. It works by measuring a change in the bio-energetic activity in an acupuncture point. The practitioner places a test substance into the measuring circuit and the Test Expert Plus records the change in skin conductivity after application of a small voltage. For each test substance, a deviation from normal range can indicate issues such as intolerance, allergy, infection, vitamin or mineral deficiencies or high levels of toxic substances such as heavy metals. Electro acupuncture can be especially useful for helping patients with health conditions where the diagnosis has not been determined despite repeated consultations and tests. These patients can benefit quickly from a deeper understanding of which organs are under most stress and whether specific pathogens are responsible. Such knowledge can be life-transforming.

CHECK MEDICAL SPORT It enables you to identify issues in the patient’s body which may have so far evaded diagnosis, quickly, painlessly and by running an automated analysis. It’s noninvasive and uses Bio-Impedance Analysis to provide a comprehensive insight into body functions. This device builds an energetic map of the body using electrical impulses which stimulate each segment of the body. It suggests possible solutions for achieving optimal health. Patients with long-standing troublesome conditions, suffering from mental health issues as well as physical problems may benefit from BIA testing.

MED SELECT It offers a step forward in bioresonance testing and therapy, using homeopathy and biochemistry to stimulate the body’s own healing capabilities. Through signal information collection from the patient at the problem site and re-distribution of vibration signals back to the patient, the Med Select can assist the patient to regulate the body systems back to normal healthy function. Using just two therapy electrodes and identified ampoules stored by the device, healing signals and vibrations can be transmitted to the patient. These lowfrequency resonance vibrations match the frequencies of organs and cells enabling healing to take place. Clients experiencing a range of health issues such as pain, allergies, intolerances, skin conditions, rheumatism, asthma, and metabolic disorders benefit most from bioresonance testing and therapy using the principles of biochemistry, homeopathy, and other therapies.

MED MATRIX It is a non-invasive therapy device which identifies, neutralises, and assists in the removal of harmful toxins from your patient’s body. The term matrix refers to the connective tissue. When connective tissue is damaged by pollution, stress, malnutrition, poisons, or other issues, it is unable to support organ function and disease and ill health can follow. It uses a unique combination of three therapies: electro-stimulation, vacuum suction, and bioresonance. Each treatment works in harmony with the others and enables the body to eliminate toxic build up which contributes to ill-health. Using this device can help resolve stubborn health issues that have previous evaded resolution. Clients who have tried many other clinical practitioners or complementary/ alternative medicine practitioners with little success may benefit from the holistic therapeutic treatment offered by the Med Matrix.

MED AUDIOCOLOR It’s a neurofeedback machine which activates and trains both sides of the brain. The device receives information from the client’s brainwaves. The therapy can help clients to regulate and improve their brain function, promoting better mental wellbeing and alleviating symptoms of illness. Attach the Med Audiocolor device to your client’s head using a headband. The machine processes thoughts in visual and audio form. In a painless procedure, the client’s brainwaves are interpreted as sounds and colours which are projected back to the client via the device display. Med Audiocolor has a range of programmes which can be altered to suit the patient. Each program directs the client’s brainwave activity towards more desirable patterns which reduce stress and improve sleep and mental clarity. Patients who are struggling with neurological conditions such as seizure, attention deficit, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can benefit from treatment with the Med Audiocolor device.

DETOX FOOTBATH It’s a revolutionary way to stimulate the body to release and excrete all the toxins which inevitably build up through contact with pollution, inadequate nutrition, inflammation, and other illnesses. The treatment enables improved organ function which helps the body to detoxify. The footbath gives the hydrogen in the water a positive charge which attracts the negatively charged toxins in the client’s body. This enables the toxins to be drawn out of the client’s body into the water through the feet. Clients who present with health issues such as pain, tiredness and feeling run down can benefit from regular detoxification treatments. However, this treatment is harmless, relaxing and can benefit any client who wishes to keep their body in balance and optimal health.

SOE AIR It’s a portable device which creates singlet oxygen energy from atmospheric air. The energy released from the singlet oxygen is breathed in and facilitates improved cell repair and cell stress reduction, leading to better health and ability to recover from injury and illness. By using a photosensitive catalyst, air is drawn through a filter in the device and flows across the surface of the catalyst. This causes the oxygen in the air to repeatedly alter from its normal triplet condition to singlet condition and back again. During this process, singlet oxygen energy is released which is transmitted to the water molecules in the air. These are released by the SOE Air and can be breathed in. The device can be used in multiple settings where people spend long periods of time. All clients, whether receiving treatment for an ongoing condition or those looking to maintain good health, can benefit from singlet oxygen energy therapy. Place an SOE Air device in your client waiting area and in each of your treatment rooms. You can then provide the SOE Air therapy during other treatments.


Faster patient throughput, increasing

Wider portfolio of tailored therapies,

your clinic profit.

with the addition of diagnostic capabilities.

Implementation of a modern holistic

Improved patient experience with

and integrated approach that ultimately

increased confidence in your ability

improves the quality of your services,

to make a real difference to the

breathing new life into your clinic.

quality of life.

The wellness clinic will allow you to use multiple coordinated and customized methods of diagnosis and therapy. You can go for the whole range of devices or we can guide you in selecting some devices, dependent upon your organization and capability.

Overview diagnosis (8 minutes)

In-depth diagnosis (20 to 60 minutes)

Regeneration therapy (15 minutes)

Bioresonance therapy (12 to 20 minutes)

Real time Neurofeedback therapy (15 minutes)

Detox complementary therapy (10 to 30 minutes)

Improved air quality

* Medical devices class IIa

Check Medical Sport * Test Expert Plus *

(requires a medical background)

Med Matrix * Med Select * Med Audiocolor

Ionic Footbath SOE Air

The SOE Air can be placed in each room in the clinic providing singlet oxygen therapy to your patients while they are undergoing other treatments


Clear and fast diagnosis of health

Painless, precise and cost-effective


examinations, without side effects.

Prevention of progression of disease

Enhanced treatment regimen, boosting

into chronic conditions.

the body’s natural healing abilities.

How Can You Profit from the Wegamed-Concept? We encourage you to propose packages to your patients, so that they will get a perfect and effective one-stop service and you will secure your source of income. The packages may include the following alternatives:

Diagnosis • One diagnostic service with the Check Medical. • Two diagnostic services with the Check Medical (one at the end of the therapies). • One diagnostic service with the Check Medical and an additional dive into deeper diagnosis with the Test Expert.

Therapy • Sessions of regenerative therapy with the Med Matrix, 2/3/4 sessions depending on the patient’s condition. • Sessions with both the Med Matrix and the Med Select. This will depend on the condition that you are treating. • The mental training with the Med Audiocolor, if the patient needs to improve relaxation, concentration, sleep etc. You can skip this service if the patient does not need mental support.

THE TRAINING IS A KEY FACTOR Enabling you to: Benefit immediately from your purchase. Increase your Return-On-Investment by regularly using the devices. Maintain your user capabilities over the course of time. Feel confident in your knowledge of how to operate the machines. Give correct and accurate diagnosis. Prescribe appropriate treatments. Enhance your relationship with patients.

We will work with you on your training programme and tailor it to your needs, to ensure you can reap the full benefit of your new devices and maximise your income stream.

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