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Chapter 4: Daily Life

Chapter 4: Daily life – the business of living “Don’t forget your own bag when going to a supermarket and a coin for the a shopping cart” “Use a diary. The Dutch do like to plan things so don’t just think about popping in to their home” From the trials of the weather to trial by bike, from shopping in stores that shut at 6pm to testing out new food, your daily routines are bound to change. “Before you come here, really think about what you find normal, the implicit things. You will only manage to integrate if you are aware of what the differences are and that doing things differently mostly has a very good reason.” These are wise words from a German national who has lived in the Netherlands for 16 years.

Weather Û  I did not want to go out in the rain. A long-time resident expat told me that if I waited for it to stop raining, I would