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We have blue chip supporters...


Leisure Leagues are the world’s leading provider of small-sided football and have been running 5 and 6-a-side leagues in the UK for over 30 years. Leisure Leagues are a national network of grassroots, community-based 5 and 6-a-side leagues, for players of all abilities, which take place in hundreds of towns and cities across the UK (and internationally) each night of the week on an all-year round basis. As the first network of its kind, Leisure Leagues pioneered and developed the match rules which are now commonplace within smallsided football and adopted by millions of players worldwide.


Rt. Hon Boris Johnson – Prime Minister “I commend Leisure Leagues for their efforts in bringing football to wider audiences within the community.”

HRH Prince Charles of Wales “I am full of admiration of all that you are doing to encourage people playing football and send you my warmest congratulations.”

Sir Lindsay Hoyle

Speaker of the House of Commons

“A big thank you to Leisure Leagues and all that you do to get young people playing football and bring the community together in high spirits.”

Usain Bolt – Olympic Gold Medalist “It was really fun playing with you guys.” The Jamaican sprint team joined in at the Uxbridge University league in 2012.

Rt. Hon David Cameron – Ex Prime Minister

Rt. Hon Gordon Brown – Ex Prime Minister

“Leisure Leagues brings Britain’s favourite sport to thousands while building friendships, promoting teamwork & benefiting good causes in the process.”

“Leisure Leagues is a remarkable organisation bringing people together in local communities promoting the values of teamwork and fairness.”

now let’s tell you about us...

HAVE is BLUE The most important thing for you toWE know thatCHIP we SUPPORTERS... are a not for profit Trust...

All our head office leagues are run through a not-for-profit trust, which means that any profits we make are put back into community sport the length and breadth of the UK. We know that many people who play in our leagues are from disadvantaged backgrounds, so being a not-for-profit trust means that we don’t have to worry about dividends to shareholders, and we can keep our prices as low as possible so that as many people, from all backgrounds and walks of life, can play in our local community leagues.


“We have been operating at the top of the industry for over 30 years, and have always understood the importance of a strong partnership with our venues. Partnering with us offers a multitude of benefits to you and your business, as well as the reassurance that you are working with the best. My team and I will strive to ensure you have everything you need in order to make this a long lasting and profitable relationship.”

Stephanie Spacey Executive Director

so your values are our values

HAVE BLUEcommunity... CHIP SUPPORTERS... The players in our leagues are fromWE your local

We may be a national company, but all the people that play in our leagues at your venue are your local residents. And more importantly, they are exactly the sort of people that the Government wants us all to get fit. 87% of players in our leagues are people who were previously inactive or who engaged in no other form of physical exercise during the week.

“The players in our leagues aren’t particularly skilful, fit or play 11 aside football. Our players simply want a competitive kick about, to lose a bit of weight and most importantly, enjoy themselves. Leisure Leagues provides all of this for them every week of the year. So when you have Leisure Leagues at your facility you are doing your bit to keep our nation fit and healthy”

Sam Jones Franchise Sales Executive

6 6

so you are meeting your community objectives too 7

WEaffiliate HAVE BLUE CHIP SUPPORTERS... As an international organisation, we to world sporting bodies, including...

We work closely with the Government to ensure that national UK governing bodies such as the FA or the Football Foundation get their policies right. In 2019 we advised the Government of the benefits of small sided football, and our advice led the Government to instruct the Football Foundation and the FA to change their guidance and prioritise small sided leagues, with our instructions sent to every county FA in England for them to follow.

“The DCMS have issued guidance saying that small sided football should be given priority at peak times on pitches because it gets the least active into physical activity. I support Leisure Leagues in their efforts to get people active.” Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP Secretary of State DCMS 2018/19

“I am pleased to champion Leisure Leagues as an important organisation to get people engaging in physical exercise on a regular basis. It is vital that Leisure Leagues good work, and that of others to get people fit, is supported.” Baroness Morgan of Coates Secretary of State DCMS 2019/20

8 8

Leisure Leagues Stadium 2018 6aside World Cup Lisbon, Portugal

the UK Government, so our credentials are the very best in the industry. 9

You can trust us because our reputation is exemplary When you partner with us you are not only working with the longest established leagues organiser in the world, but you are also working with the largest. We have more players playing in our leagues than every other UK league organiser combined, and are also the largest league organiser in Asia, America and Europe. In fact, over 5 million people play with Leisure Leagues across the globe every week.

OUR NUMBERS “As the Head of Media at Leisure Leagues for 15 years, I’ve seen a thing or two in this industry. I am proud to be working for Leisure Leagues, who are the blue-chip beacons in this industry, and I wouldn’t have been with them for such a long time, quite frankly, if they weren’t!”








5 million 1.2 million

SEO DOMINATION (This tells you about our size)

Andy Thorley Head of Media

SEO Domain Visibility within market sector source: similarweb.com






19.62% 3.48%

OUR HISTORY We were the very first national provider of small sided leagues. 1989


Leisure Leagues Match 1989



31 years









leisureleagues powerplay

Leisure Leagues Stadium 2019 6aside World Cup Crete, Greece


Leisure Leagues Match 2008

We pay every facility we use in advance... Because we are a not-for-profit trust, and not a commercial operator like other small sided league companies, we can pay every facility we use in advance.


That means that you can have money in your bank account, in advance of all our sessions, and sometimes we pay six months, or a year in advance so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will never have to chase us to pay your invoices. We hold the most comprehensive insurance policy of any league provider assuring peace of mind for hosting us at your venue.


“I am not sure we would have survived without Leisure Leagues paying us £20,000 up front. This money means that the facility will stay open and thousands of local people will benefit.” Nick Davies Glen Park, Surfleet

“£40,000 up front and a further investment for our new pitch has been a massive help. We simply can’t thank Leisure Leagues enough.” Laura Napper Worcester Sixways

so you’ll never have to chase us for a payment

WEregular HAVE BLUE CHIP SUPPORTERS... We introduce more inactive people to exercise...

With small sided leagues now chosen to be a priority on astroturf pitches, we’ve led the way on getting our nation fit.

In fact, we introduced more people, who were previously inactive, to regular weekly exercise than any other football organiser, including the FA, in 2019. In August 2020, we were acknowledged by the Government as a prime driver to get the nation fit after the pandemic.

“My name’s Shaun and I have been with Leisure Leagues for over 10 years. I lead an experienced team of office based area managers who will always be on hand to look after your requirements and answer any concerns you have.” Shaun Biggs Executive Area Manager

“If we get something wrong, or you need our help in any way, just let us know and we will do whatever we can to make sure our relationship with your facility is strong, successful and most of all, friendly.” Greg Allen Senior Area Manager

14 14












than any other sports body in the UK 15

From Walking Netball, to over 50’s leagues, to university leagues... People think we are all about football. But we’re not. In fact, we do so many things for so many groups which you just never hear about. From Netball for the over 50’s, to University leagues, to supporting blind football initiatives, we cater for all sectors of society and don’t like to leave anybody out. We have strong partnerships with the Walking Football Association and Street Soccer who do amazing things to get homeless people into physical activity.

16 16

“My name’s Jack, and I have been with Leisure Leagues for 5 years. As Media Manager, I cover all aspects of digital marketing for the business. If you want to promote an activity at your venue, be it a junior programme in the summer, a new aerobics class or martial arts session, then let me know, and I will ensure that thousands of our customers in your area will see what you are trying to promote. Just drop me an email or give me a call.” Jack Keeling Media Executive

there’s more to us than you might think 17

We operate from a 20,000 sq ft modern air conditioned office on organic parkland... As well as being not-for-profit, we also want to be ethical and green. So our head office is located within 20 acres of parkland, completely organic, and by 2022 we will be completely plastic free.

“My name is Tom, and I oversee the UK and international franchise teams. Our aim is to develop the Leisure Leagues brand on a global scale. In the past 3 years we have expanded the business across 4 continents and are now running leagues in countries such as Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan and the USA.” Tom Nash Head of Franchise

We always say to venues who are undecided whether to choose us or somebody else, “come and visit us.” Our modern air conditioned 20,000 square-foot offices in Warwickshire, will not only make for a nice day out, but we think you’ll see the difference between us and others straightaway.

“ Leisure Leagues Head Office Warwickshire


“It’s my job to ensure our Partners have all of the necessary tools they need to succeed in their respective area or country. There is nothing more satisfying than helping a new partner grow their business from the ground up.” Jonathan D’arcy Franchise Support

because we care about the environment

Since becoming a Trust we have donated over £1 million to good causes... We don’t only put our surplus profits back into community sport. We also believe in helping out other good causes in Britain. From our £11 million grant fund announced earlier this year to refurbish sports pitches, to the hundreds of thousands we have given to good causes over the years, some not connected with sport, we believe that doing the right thing is more important than simply making more and more profits.


Leisure Leagues own Dr Richard Johnson takes part in a bike ride from the Eiffel Tower to Blackpool Tower to raise money for Molly Olly’s Wishes.

Leisure Leagues organise a girls tournament in Karachi, Pakistan. Over 200 girls took part in the event which helped increase awareness for womens participation in sport in the country.

Leisure Leagues and their referees donate to The National Blind Childrens Society.

Leisure Leagues helped Kroo Bay in Sierra Leone to provide a water well in their village to save them travelling 15 miles for fresh water.

because it’s not all about money

Our staff are experienced leisure professionals across all aspects of the industry Most of our staff have been with us for more than 10 years, and some of our staff have been with us literally for decades. In fact, as the leaders in our field, we attract the best and most professional people to work for us, and we are proud that whilst we have some younger staff in our ranks, we have a lot of older heads and experienced leisure professionals with literally hundreds of years experience, which none of our competitors can match.

Mark Clattenburg Ex-Premier League Referee & Leisure Leagues Ambassador

“As Chief Executive of Referees Support, the largest referees charity in the UK, I jumped at the chance to work with Leisure Leagues. Their professionalism and attention to detail, combined with their friendliness and a straightforward approach, is refreshing in football and representing Leisure Leagues to venues and referees is an honour.” Martin Cassidy Development Executive


and because some of our staff are a little old fashioned, they understand the value of respect

We were the first league organiser given permission to operate post Covid lockdown... Our Covid 19 rules at the end of lockdown in 2020 were classed as exemplary by Public Health England and set the benchmark in our industry for operating small sided leagues. And because of this we were allowed to start our leagues two weeks before anybody else, simply because we made sure that, rather than chase profits, it was more important to make sure that our players, the public, and your staff were as safe as possible, in the most secure environment available.

“As soon as lockdown ended, and we could play again, we made sure that our leagues were Covid secure and we are the only league organiser to operate a 2m policy across all our leagues too.” Adam Glover Area Manager

“Working for Leisure Leagues means you get treated like an adult. It means that people like me who have to juggle school runs and childcare, have the flexibility to get my work done without the pressures of having a strict 9 to 5 job.” Ashlee Parker Area Manager


OUR COVID POLICIES Facemasks, online payments, and our exclusive 2m rule means unrivalled safety in our sector







Public Health England said our policies were ‘standard setting’, so your staff are safe too

We operate our leagues and tournaments all over the world... Leisure Leagues is a global class leading organisation that is introducing small sided leagues across the world. From Pakistan to Mexico to Hungary to the United States of America, wherever you go the Leisure Leagues brand is introducing people right across the world to the benefits of small sided football, so we’re not only getting the UK fit, but we are getting the world fitter, too.

“Leisure Leagues has really taken off in Mexico, and since introducing this great British company to our people, even our Government recognises the importance of what we are doing to get the Mexican people active.” Sergio Ibarra Mexico Leisure Leagues

Leisure Leagues match Karachi, Pakistan

26 26

in fact, we’re the world’s largest league organiser 27

Because of our reputation... Because of our reputation we are the ‘go to’ brand when anybody wants to organise a national or international small sided leagues tournament. We organised and provided the officials for the Sky Sports star sixes tournament in the O2 Arena, and have provided the organisation for major small sided events in Portugal, Greece, Moldova, Pakistan, Montenegro, Croatia, China and Brazil.

“ Starsixes Tournament 02 Arena, London


“It’s great to see 6aside football spreading all over the world, and playing in the Leisure Leagues exhibition match in Pakistan was an event to remember.” Ryan Giggs Ex-Manchester United

To put it simply, if you want to organise a small sided tournament, then you go to Leisure Leagues.


“I’m happy to be a part of a company that’s as passionate about the small sided game as I am. Leisure Leagues is getting millions fit around the world.” Ronaldinho Ex-Barcelona & Brazil

we are trusted to organise the biggest world events 29

We are behind the 6aside World Cup... Our reach is global and our national 6aside teams have played in tournaments all over the world. By partnering with us you get immediate access to the official national teams for England, Scotland and Wales squads and have VIP access to the 6aside World Cup, which is played annually in a different country and viewed by millions globally.

Emma Jones, BBC & Leisure Leagues presenter alongside Ron Atkinson

“Leisure Leagues daily highlights show at the 6aside World Cup is just incredible. I’ve worked with the BBC, ITV and Sky during my career, and the Leisure Leagues team compare with the very best in TV coverage.” Ron Atkinson Leisure Leagues Ambassador & Ex Manchester United Manager England vs Greece Quarter Final at the 6aside World Cup Crete, 2019

30 30

and operate the official England, Scotland and Wales 6aside teams 31

We build stadiums too, and can support & provide access to turf, equipment and goals... Not only can we offer you a grant to help refurbish your existing pitch or floodlights, but we also build stadiums around the world. In 2018 we built a 4000 seater stadium in Portugal’s capital Lisbon, and in 2019 we built a 5000 seater capacity stadium on the beach in Greece. In the UK we refurbish pitches, install floodlights and often supply high quality goals to many facilities we use completely free of charge.

Leisure Leagues Stadium 2019 6 aside World Cup Crete, Greece

32 32

“I started off as a referee with Leisure Leagues 20 years ago and am now part of the senior team involved in franchise and license operations in the UK and around the world. It is a brilliant company to work for and I can honestly say that I would never want to be anywhere else.” Chris Rowntree Senior Franchise Executive

so our value to you is much more than you think 33

Our reputation is built on our referees... Because we have a zero tolerance approach to bad discipline in our leagues, even the FA has said they would like to replicate our discipline system. We are the only football organiser who has referees queueing up to officiate with us, and this is purely down to our discipline record. We don’t have to keep teams in the league simply because they pay us money, like a commercial operator. As soon as there is a problem player or team they are eliminated immediately. We don’t want problem players in our league. And you don’t want them at your facility, either.

34 34

“In 2016 I was voted the world’s number 1 referee. When I retired the only option was to join the world’s largest small sided leagues operator, Leisure Leagues.”

Mark Clattenburg Ex-Premier League Referee

“I work with Leisure Leagues to bring global club tournaments across Europe and can honestly say that I haven’t worked with a more professional outfit.” Lee Probert Ex-Premier League Referee

“I was thrilled to referee for Leisure Leagues in the 6aside World Cup and Leisure Leagues organisation is as professional as anywhere in the world.” Bobby Madley Ex-Premier League Referee

“I have been to Leisure Leagues events and the discipline is truly amazing. It is the only reason why referees are queueing up to be a part of the Leisure Leagues team.” Alan Wiley Ex-Premier League Referee

so we have no discipline problems at our leagues 35

We have an inhouse TV crew and a team of experienced journalists all at your disposal... As well as an experienced team of journalists, we also have our own TV production crew, and studio. We make documentaries, live shows, and work with national broadcasters to produce content, but for you we can produce a promotional video, if you are one of our premier partners, completely free of charge which is yours to use on your website and would otherwise cost you many thousands of pounds.

“Over the past 10 years I’ve helped Leisure Leagues develop a broadcast quality production team which is able to deliver specialist outside broadcast production or even studio shows from our purpose built TV studio at our head offices. Our TV team has transmitted events like the 6aside World Cup to every corner of the globe, and was enjoyed by millions of people.” James Coe Head of TV Leisure Leagues outside broadcast 2019 6aside World Cup Crete, Greece


so if you need a promo video, we’ll do one for free

We have major partners, who will be your partners too, through our recommendation... One of the benefits of having Leisure Leagues run leagues at your venue is that one of our ambassadors can come and visit you. For instance, the world’s most famous referee, Mark Clattenburg, visits schools, Academies and Colleges for Leisure Leagues and gives talks to PE lessons about what it is like to referee in the top flight or major finals across the globe. And each year we offer some of our premier venue partners a once in a lifetime trip to the 6aside World Cup, all expenses paid, with VIP access to the stadium to meet Presidents and Prime Ministers from the host country.

38 38

Michael Owen “I played 6aside with Leisure League growing up, so it’s great to see them continuing to grow.”

John Terry “The main thing I love about Leisure Leagues is what they do to keep people playing football in local communities around the world.”

Roberto Carlos

Robert Pires

David James

Nicolas Anelka

“I grew up playing 6aside football in Brazil, so I wish Leisure Leagues the best of luck in growing the game.”

“It was a pleasure to play with some of the Leisure Leagues players, and it’s great to see the small sided game growing.”

“I’ve played with Leisure Leagues for years, and I think it’s absolutely fantastic what they are doing to help local communities get active”

“Playing in the Leisure Leagues exhibition match was a great experience and I hope Leisure Leagues can keep growing into new countries.”

you will be linked to some of the biggest names on the planet 39

And if you’re still unsure, don’t just take our word for it...

From schools, to academies, to universities, we’ve helped over 500 facilities in the UK (mostly educational establishments) with resources, equipment and finances to actively support communities right across Britain.

“ “ “ “

40 40

“Having dealt with Leisure Leagues at our football facility in Worthing for over 10 years, we see Leisure Leagues as more of a partner than a customer.”

Alan Ford Worthing Leisure Centre “Leisure Leagues fitted our nets free of charge and we couldn’t be more grateful. We saved so much time and money thanks to their expertise.”

Steve Hoddinott Burntwood Leisure Centre “We saved £10,000 when Leisure Leagues started a league at our venue. They supplied us with all our goals, including our 11 a side goals completely free of charge.”

Colin Taylor Oxford City FC “From replacing our worn out nets for free, to giving us free signage for our artificial turf pitch, we can’t thank Leisure Leagues enough for their help.”

Steve Harlow St Josephs College, Swindon


Over the years we have developed long lasting relationships with some of the biggest and best venues in the UK.

Leisure Leagues Stadium 2019 6aside World Cup Crete, Greece

take the word of the people who have worked with us 41

But most important of all, we are friendly... Nothing we have told you so far really matters if we’re not friendly. Because that’s the most important thing. Not being commercial helps, because it means we’re not driven purely by money. But there’s more to it than that. We know that of thousands of facilities we use across the UK, the vast majority are schools and Academies. They want us to be friendly. And we want to be friendly, too. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and meet us, or let us come and visit you, because it really is important that we have a friendly partnership, just as much as a business relationship.

42 42

“I work closely with the Executive team and our international partners to make sure that Leisure Leagues is outstanding in every country that we operate in. I am lucky that most of our partners speak English, but in countries where they don’t we are sensitive to their needs because we want to project the UK as a powerful, friendly sporting force for good in every country of the world” Hannah Wallis Leisure Leagues Director

because that’s what matters most 43


CONTACT 0333 123 2340







info@leisureleagues.net Leisure Leagues PO Box 4713 Warwick CV31 9FS England

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