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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire & Rutland Freemasons

ISSUE 47 Spring 2022

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Leicester Square SPRING 2022

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SPRING 2022 Inside this issue…




Including: Editor’s Welcome, A Message from the Chairman, Aubrey Newman, the Man, the Mason, Explorer Scouts and Freemasonry


Provincial News

Including: John Thorpe Museum is Open, New Grand Rank Appointments, Members’ Pathway

Lodge News

Including: The Great Tommy Sleep Out, Generation Game, Father and Son With Over 100 Years’ Service To Freemasonry, Keeping it in the Family, St Wilfrid’s Lodge Memorable Visit, Union of Rugby Lodge No.9989 Kicks Off, Victoria Cross Presentation

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Health & Wellbeing

Vaccination Volunteers



M.A.C.E Bowling Event, 2021


Including: A Beacon of Light in the Darkness, A Soft Touch, A Wish Come True, Forest Schools at Parkland Primary

Long Service

Including: St Mary’s Lodge Double Celebration, Rodney Dixon 60 Years, Bob Greenlees 60 Years, 50 Years from Tanzania to Loughborough, 50 Years’ Service for Ian Burton, Highcross Lodge Certificate of Service, A Night to Remember in Coalville, Michael Robinson 60 Years

11 17 17


22 25

Universities Scheme

Universities Scheme Conference


Royal Arch Matters

Including: Granite Chapter Welcomes a Lewis into the Royal Arch, Royal Arch Dinner Dance, All Change at the Chapter of the Flaming Torch, Provincial Grand Chapter 2022, Supreme Grand Chapter


Mark News


Beyond the Craft



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Including: Provincial Visit to Wyggeston Mark Lodge No.1149, Provincial Visit to Knight of Malta Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners, Mark News in Brief Including: Red Cross of Constantine Team Visit, Annual Service & Lunch, Rose Croix Workshop in Leicester

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Leicester Square SPRING 2022

21/03/2022 12:22:40


Editor’s Welcome I often wonder how many people read editorials in magazines; perhaps most reading Leicester Square skip to the articles and pictures of brethren they may know. I always attempt to write something short and meaningful, then it occurred to me, rather than trying to second guess what it is you wish to read, why not ask you to write comments yourselves? It was back in 2004 that Marks & Spencer started to use the new brand “Your M&S”; perhaps this is fitting for our magazine, as it really is “Your Leicester Square”. Believe it or not, I have been editing Leicester Square since 2016, and in that time, we have always looked to bring a wide variety of articles, stories, pictures, and information. So, in this edition, I thought it might be time to ask again what it is you want out of the magazine and call for you to write in and give feedback we can publish in the next edition. Ask a question of the team, or the Provincial Executive, where we can respond to

Letters, feedback, views and thoughts are always welcome, alongside the usual article suggestions we receive. Just one point, if you wish to take any photographs there are a few golden rules, they must be of a reasonably high quality; most mobile phones these days are totally adequate. If you have an event and cannot get a photographer, please contact me and if free, I will be more than delighted to come along. I hope you enjoy this edition as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Richard Barnett, Editor Leicester Square

the entire readership.

A Message from the Chairman I am sure that I speak for all our readers when I wish Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the heartiest of congratulations on the seventieth anniversary of her accession to the throne on 6th February 1952.

dedicated to the duties we are taught in our lodges, and

Over that long period of time, she has shown unwavering qualities in her service to country and Commonwealth; loyal to the nation, steadfast in her faith, dedicated to her duties and supportive of traditions. All performed without complaint despite many personal setbacks along the way.


Her example very much reminds me how similar her qualities are to those which should be the focus of our masonic lives despite the difficulties of the last two years, being loyal to the Craft, steadfast in our efforts to improve the lives of others in our communities. As well as being

www.pglleics.org.uk www.pglleics.org.uk

LeicsFreemasons LeicsFreemasons

a supporter of fine traditions whilst recognising the need to meet new challenges, which seem to confront us more and more. I remain confident that as we rebuild, we shall continue to enjoy our freemasonry and unite in that grand design of being happy and communicating With my very best wishes to all our readers. Enjoy the celebrations ahead and may the summer months bring peace in troubled times.

Jim Williamson,

Chairman Leicester Square

LeicestershireRutlandFreemasons LeicestershireRutlandFreemasons

5 5


Aubrey Newman, the Man, the Mason

Don Peacock interviews Aubrey Newman, one of the leading Masonic historians of our time and, of course, a prominent member of this Province, to understand the man and the Mason.

Formative years and influences

Aubrey Newman’s parents wanted him to study medicine, but a dislike for blood put a stop to that, and the world of academic history received a new devotee. On graduating, Aubrey had the option of Oxford University or National Service; he chose to complete his National Service, and then go on to Oxford to read history. In 1959, before completing his viva examinations, he sat the Civil Service entrance assessments; a 1000-mark written exam and a 300-mark interview. Although achieving 70% for his written assessment, 23% in the interview put a stop to the Civil Service. Their loss was Leicester University’s gain.

Emeritus Professor at the Holocaust Centre, University of Leicester

Aubrey is primarily a specialist in 18th century political history but, whilst at Leicester, was prepared to teach anything from 1500 to the present. During a visit from the Chief Rabbi, Immanuel Jakobovits, he invited Aubrey to London to teach modern Jewish history once a week, due to the training college losing their resident historian. With typical honesty, Aubrey mentioned he had no


Leicester Square SPRING 2022

knowledge of this area, the reply was just as frank ‘read it up in advance!’ Once established, Leicester University requested that Aubrey help write and update their syllabus on modern Jewish history. During the 1980’s, he was invited to lecture for a semester on the Holocaust in an American university. On his return to Leicester, he was requested to create a course specialising on the Holocaust. He has never claimed to be an expert on the subject, but enjoyed teaching the course, which proved to be popular. He has stated that his father came to the UK as a child and if any family members were lost in the Holocaust, he has no knowledge of it.


Freemasonry runs in the Newman family. Aubrey’s father was a member of Montefiore Lodge No.753 in Glasgow and was a prominent member. He was part of a delegation that travelled to Israel to witness the founding of the Grand Lodge of Israel, under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1953, and presenting them with its Volume of the Sacred Law. During this period, Aubrey lived away from Glasgow and had no interest in Freemasonry, but whilst teaching parttime at the University on Nottingham, he learnt about their problems of starting a University Lodge. It was only after meeting members of the

Craft, who led by example of the tenets of Freemasonry that led Aubrey to consider becoming a Freemason. It was not until he felt comfortable in his career and had more than a one-year contract with the University, that he started the process of becoming a member. Due to a waiting list for John of Gaunt Lodge No.523, it was not until he was 40, in 1967, that Aubrey was initiated. It was at this moment his specialist subject of 18th century political history met Freemasonry. The spark was lit. An interest in the John of Gaunt Lodge’s founder, William Kelly, and an invitation to deliver a lecture on ‘Fit and Proper Persons’ to the Loughborough Lodge of Installed Masters No.8312, married Aubrey’s academic life of eighteenth-century political history with his newfound life as a Freemason. This lecture resulted in invitations to the Lodge of Research No.2429 and Quatuor Coronati Lodge No.2076, to deliver versions of this lecture. Aubrey is interested in why people become Freemasons, and the link between the perceived social status. He notes the differences between the Moderns and Antients during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and how the socioeconomic status drove the leaders of the craft to appoint from a minority of brethren to become leaders in their provinces. Aubrey points out that William Kelly stood out from this


had ever done!” At a meeting of the Grand Lodge of Israel, a ceremony to present special jewels to those present at the foundation ceremonies by the Grand Master took place and he was surprised, not to mention honoured, to be presented with a medal. This now hangs with his father’s that he inherited, and gives him great pleasure to wear when he visits Lodge Montefiore, as a tribute to his father as well as his own career.

Stamping his Mark as Prestonian Lecturer

trend, inspiring great affection in our Province. William Kelly was appointed Provincial Grand Master, one would argue reluctantly, by the Grand Master, 2nd Earl of Zetland. William Kelly ensured the arrival of various masonic degrees in Leicestershire and Rutland and was a contrast to those who typically were Grand Officers of the period.

proud of the contribution he has made to Freemasonry with the framework of English society. His papers have recently been published by Lewis Masonic and he feels great pleasure in being able to spread more widely an understanding of masonic history. He feels that it is a great honour to wear the jewel and to be part of a very select group.

Awards and recognition

Aubrey has successfully combined his love of history and Freemasonry and sees this as a fitting tribute to his father, who warned him to be wary of balancing his masonic and academic life. Further, in a mirroring of his father’s trip to Israel, Aubrey was invited to deliver his Prestonian Lecture at a special meeting of the Israeli Lodge Montefiore. Visiting Grand Masters were invited by the Grand Lodge of Israel to attend, and as Aubrey puts it, he “…had the opportunity of sending more Grand Masters to sleep … than anyone else

On 13th September 2017, Professor Aubrey Newman was recognised by the Grand Master with the award of the Order of Service to Masonry for services to Masonic history. He received the award with typical humility, acknowledging that the award is tailored to each recipient, and his particular jewel was previously worn by F. Smyth a “very noted masonic historian.” Aubrey is very



Aubrey’s love of history served him well when he was asked by John Hamill, a masonic historian, to present a Prestonian Lecture (so named after William Preston 1742-1818, regarded as the foremost Masonic educator of his time). His lecture on “The Contribution of the Provinces to the Development of English Freemasonry” was successfully delivered in 2003. A further development enabled him to deliver a lecture centred on the role that William Kelly played in the development and “invention” of a Mark Province. During a second lecture to Mark Grand Stewards, Aubrey was given the distinction of being awarded Mark Grand Rank “in the field” at his Mark lodge’s Sesquicentennial meeting. It has always been Aubrey’s intention to educate, whether it was in a lecture hall or in a masonic hall. He has always said that if he was able to introduce a Freemason to a deeper understanding of his, and our, beloved institution then he would have felt he would have earned the honours awarded to him. His legacy is that Freemasons of Leicestershire and Rutland will have a deeper understanding of the craft within our Province and of the Masonic Headquarters we call home.




Explorer Scouts and Freemasonry On the evening of 4th April 2022, a group of Explorer Scouts visited Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester for a look around the building, and to discover some of the similarities between Freemasonry and Scouting.

Pictured: Spencer Freeman accompanied by the Explorer Scouts, and Derek Andrews, David Hughes, and Bob Crane leading the tour.

Explorer Scouts are a go-getting group of young people aged 14 to 18. Together, they make up the fourth section of what is commonly referred to as “The Scouts”. Week in and week out, they gather in groups called Units to try new things, make new friends and conquer the small task of changing the world! The Explorer Scout organisation provides a comprehensive programme that is fun and enjoyable, including support for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, and exciting opportunities for adventure abroad. It is not just about the outdoors and adventure, the organisation also assists in setting young people up for future life events, such as going to


Leicester Square SPRING 2022

university or money management in today’s society. As many of you will be aware, there are similarities between Freemasonry and the Scouting movement. One of the leaders of the Explorer Scouts is also a member of Humber Stone Lodge No.7744 in Syston. Spencer Freeman joined the lodge in December 2017. At just 19 years old when joining the lodge, he had a longer standing connection with the Scouts, first joining the Cubs at the age of eight, right up to today where he is a Unit Leader for the Pandamonium Explorer Scout Unit. Over the years, Spencer has achieved many awards and

recognitions, including completing his Duke of Edinburgh Award and also the Queen Scout Award, which is the highest award within the UK Scouting movement. The reason for the visit to Freemasons’ Hall, was as part of their programme to introduce the Explorer Scouts to Freemasonry and in particular, to demonstrate the similarities between the two organisations. During the evening, the Scouts were shown around the Hall, including the impressive museum and the magnificent Holmes Lodge Room.


John Thorpe Museum is Open It is often said that at Freemasons’ Hall Leicester, we have one of the finest Masonic Museums outside of London. This is a statement we are very proud of and encourage all of our brethren to use it as much as possible. When is the museum open for brethren to look around?

lodge officers that predate the standard designs agreed after the date of the Union of the two Grand Lodges in 1813.

Every weekday, Freemasons’ Hall Leicester is open from 4:30pm when meetings are held. In addition, the museum can be open by arrangement for events such as Ladies’ Evenings. In this case the host lodge should supply a supervisor to be always on hand.

There are many examples of Masonic regalia such as aprons, sashes and collars. Some of these are for other Constitutions such as Scottish, Irish and European. There are also good examples of engraved Masonic glassware, printed porcelain, and pottery with Masonic inscriptions. Also on display are important items such as the marble pietre dure table which appeared on the BBC Antiques Roadshow, and a silver plate belonging to Thomas Dunckerley, one of the most prominent Freemasons in the latter half of the Eighteenth Century. Many other interesting objects are on view throughout the Museum.

When will there be someone there to assist with questions? Members of the Library and Museum team are available on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings between 10am and 12noon to give advice and tours by appointment, which can be made by emailing Don Peacock at donapeacock@ aol.com. There is a lecture available about the museum, given by Derek Andrews, which can be given at a lodge meeting, and tailored to a specific lodge. This could take the form of a lecture at a lodge meeting, followed by a 4:30pm visit to museum at the next meeting.

For anyone who has not been, what can be found in the museum? The museum contains an impressive collection of mainly Masonic artefacts dating back to the earliest days of the formation of the Premier Grand Lodge in 1717 and before. The collection includes Masonic jewels awarded to Past Masters and Stewards of the various Masonic Charities, and special jewels issued to commemorate specific events in Freemasonry. There are also many collar jewels worn by


One of the very latest additions is a visual display screen which show various interesting features on items in the Museum and news articles relevant to local Freemasonry. Visitors can interrogate the Museum database through this screen and view pictures of the items searched for.

Can I bring family and friends? Yes. The museum is open to all brethren and any guests they wish to host who are not Freemasons.

Would the museum be interested in displaying any items that brethren may have in their own private collection?

them to the museum, please contact Don Peacock at donapeacock@aol.com.

Are the public allowed to visit on their own, and, if so, how? Yes, although visits can only be made by appointment at present. This is something we are looking to change in the future. The Provincial Grand Master would like the museum to be available to the public, an aim which is fully supported by the team. As visitors will know, we currently have a limitation with disabled access to the museum. The entrance requires ascending two steps, making easier access is currently under consideration.

How can I look at the books in the David Hagger Library which are in locked cabinets? By appointment and one of the team will be able to show you the books and give advice. In the very near future, there will be an electronic catalogue available in the library.

Is it possible to take any of them away? Some of the books may be borrowed for an agreed period to allow research but must be signed for. This can be arranged by contacting the team in advance.

Yes. The team would be very interested to view such items and discuss loaning





New Grand Rank Appointments On Wednesday 27th April 2022 a team from Leicestershire & Rutland visited Grand Lodge in London to support several brethren who received Grand Rank appointments and promotions. The Provincial Grand Master Peter Kinder was delighted to lead the brethren to London for one of the highlights of the Masonic calendar. At this meeting, Richard Jelly (St John’s Lodge No.279), Steve Finnigan (Lodge of Gratitude No.6514), and Tony Sibson (Newarke Lodge No.6794) received appointments to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies (PAGDC). At the same meeting, Charles Cunnington (Lodge of the Holy Well No.7827) was promoted to Past Grand Sword Bearer (PGSwdB) (with which comes the appellation, Very Worshipful Brother), and John Peberdy (Beacon Lodge No.5208) received a promotion to Past Junior Grand Deacon (PJGD). These appointments and promotions reflect many years of dedicated service to their lodges and the Craft in general.

Pictured Left to Right: APGM Andy Green, Phil Dodd, DPGM Brian Carruthers, John Peberdy, PGM Peter Kinder, Richard Jelly, Steve Finnigan, Tony Sibson, Noel Manby.

Members’ Pathway What is the Members’ Pathway? The Members' Pathway provides an overall framework to help lodges to:

• Plan lodge and membership development

• Attract and welcome new members

• Engage with new and existing members

• Retrieve those who have drifted away.

The Members’ Pathway is a process that enables Lodges to grow and remain vibrant.

Why is the Members’ Pathway important?

The Members’ Pathway contains practical ideas drawn from the experience and success of lodges over recent years in engaging members, ensuring meetings are well planned and enjoyed by all, stemming losses and growing memberships. It should be the catalyst to help re-build our Lodges and re-engage our membership. It will allow us to showcase all that is great about freemasonry, demonstrating how we champion our values of Integrity, Respect. Friendship and Charity It will also answer questions such as: Who might be interested in Freemasonry? How do we present Freemasonry to prospective members? How do we support new and existing members? How do we make meetings enjoyable and appealing, so that members look forward to their meetings?

Who is involved?

The successful implementation of the Members’ Pathway relies on the Lodge Care Team and the support Lodge members give them. Every member of the Lodge from the newest to the most experienced should have the opportunity to contribute to Lodge membership development. A willingness to embrace change as part of inspiring and motivating Lodge members will be a pre-requisite for success. The Provincial Care Team are always available to guide and support Lodges. There is clear evidence that members obtain greater enjoyment from their Freemasonry when The Members’ Pathway is embraced and implemented within Lodges. Who would not wish to get more enjoyment!


Leicester Square SPRING 2022

The Great Tommy Sleep Out


John Downie of the Lodge of Friendship No.7168 helped raise over £4,000 as he took part in the Great Tommy Sleep Out, a fundraising challenge designed to support the estimated 6,000 veterans that are experiencing homelessness in the UK. For his first two nights at the end of March, John slept in a shelter set up in a wood near to his workplace in Desford. After work on the Friday afternoon, he then packed up his shelter and made his way into Coalville town centre. It didn’t take long before he had located a suitable

bench for the night at the clock tower where he was joined by a resident who was also taking part in the challenge. On the Saturday morning, John was further joined by over thirty friends, comprising of veterans and civilians from the local area. On the Saturday evening the group settled down for another evening under the stars, with the assistance of many businesses in the area, including the Snibson Inn, the Coal Bunker Café, and the Coalville CAN Centre, all of whom provided support, supplies and a place to park. The amount raised is still rising, at the time of going to press totalling £4,000 worth of donations.

I would like to thank Ez Millet from the Lodge of Friendship for sharing the donations from the Festive Board. It was a pleasure to take part in this challenge and I hope to do it again in the future. John Downie


Pictured Left to Right: Myles Byrne, Oliver Bryan, the Master of the lodge, Ken Hornsby, Karl Byrne.

Generation Game

At the December meeting of The Holmes Lodge No.4656, Oliver Bryan was initiated into Freemasonry, becoming the third generation of his family to become a member of the lodge. Oliver’s Grandfather, Myles Byrne, a Past Master of the lodge, joined in November 1993. Oliver’s uncle, Karl Byrne is currently the Senior Warden, having begun his journey into Freemasonry in Worcestershire in 2002 before joining The Holmes Lodge in 2017. The family members were joined by over others to celebrate Oliver becoming a Freemason, which continued into the night at the traditional Christmas Festive Board.


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Leicester Square SPRING 2022


Father and Son With Over 100 Years’ Service To Freemasonry In March 1962, Dennis Wright (who is now 99 years old) was initiated into the Vale of Catmos Lodge No.1265. He became Master in 1976 and is a member of the Uppingham in Rutland Lodge No.9119. In July 1981, his son Richard Wright, was initiated in the Saxony Lodge No.842 in the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany. He is now a Past Master of the White Horse Lodge No.2227 in the Province of Wiltshire, and the Old Oakhamians Lodge No.8033 in this Province. Between them, father and son have over 100 years of service to Freemasonry.

Richard said,

My father has been an inspiration to me throughout my entire Masonic career.

Keeping it in the Family On Tuesday 3rd May at Freemasons’ Hall Leicester, a unique occasion for the lodge, and perhaps for the Province, as Granite Lodge No.2028 installed Mark StewartHalford as Master, and his two sons, Perry and Callum as Senior and Junior Warden.

Since 1884, Granite Lodge has a long tradition of initiating, passing, and raising family members, however at no time since the lodge’s consecration have three members from the same family lined up to occupy the Chair of King Solomon after each other. Not just a father and son, but a father and his two sons are in the position of Master and the two Wardens. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master was on hand to witness the installation, and to congratulate Mark, Perry, and Callum on their wonderful achievement.

Mark Stewart-Halford said,

I am so proud to be leading the lodge again, and especially to have my two sons following me.

St Wilfrid’s Lodge Memorable Visit On the 25th February, I took the opportunity of travelling to London for the Annual Festival of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, with a brother from St Wilfrid’s Lodge, who had not previously visited Freemasons’ Hall in London. We took an early train from Market Harborough to allow time for a tour of Freemasons’ Hall. The refurbished shop had made available personal audio-visual guides which proved to be ideal, as we could move from place to place at our own speed and access far more information than would have been covered by a guided tour. This allowed us time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the new café before we were due to join the formal Festival meeting at 5.00 pm. Eventually, eighty-five members assembled in Lodge Room 9. The Emulation Lodge of Improvement regularly meets every Friday at 6.15 pm, from October to June, and has been doing so since 1823. At these meetings,


normal instruction is given according to the standard Emulation Ritual book. At the Annual Festival, sections of the three craft lectures are presented in catechismal format (a question-and-answer format between two individuals). At these Festivals, it is usual to invite a Provincial Grand Master to act as President, in this case it was the PGM of Surrey, Ian Chandler, who was accompanied by the ‘Senior Member’, the Deputy Grand Secretary Graham Redman, and escorted into the meeting by numerous Grand Officers. The Master invited other members to assist him in presenting the First Section of the First Lecture and the Second


Section of the Second Lecture, which were both delivered immaculately. Graham Redman was invited to occupy the Chair, and proceeded to instruct and take part in several other sections of the lectures. Only those who know Graham Redman will be able to imagine the majestic way in which he led these last two presentations. The evening finished with a Festive Board served in the main foyer, alongside the famous war memorial shrine. A late train back completed a very interesting and worthwhile visit to Freemasons’ Hall.

John Townsend



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Lodge of Leicestershire & Rutland Freemasons


The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand

ISSUE 47 Spring 2022

Union of Rugby Lodge Kicks Off



Union of Rugby Lodge No.9989 Kicks Off

Ever since the very first idea to form a Special Interest Lodge for rugby enthusiasts, the passion and drive of the core team known as “the Tight Six” has continued unabated. Battling through the pandemic and the disappointment of cancelled dates, the Founding Members finally realised their dream on the 2nd April 2022, as the consecration took place at Freemasons’ Hall Leicester. After many late evenings preparing and rehearsing, on Saturday 2nd April 2022 the Hall began to buzz with anticipation from 8am. With over two hundred members expected at the consecration, the consecrating team and lodge officers who were to be installed, took part in a few last-minute rehearsals as the visitors poured through the doors. By 10am the Oliver Lodge room was close to being full as the consecrating team, led by the Provincial Grand Master, Peter Kinder, gathered to begin the proceedings. The consecration of a new lodge is a wonderful ceremony, with many in attendance who had not witnessed such an event before. They carried out their duties impeccably, culminating in the presentation of Founders Jewels prior to the new lodge

fellow member of the Light Blues Rugby Football Club is Andrew “Jock” Keenan (Enderby Lodge No.5061), and the office of Junior Warden was bestowed upon Paul Cave of The Holmes Lodge No.4656.

being handed over to the members to hold their very first installation. The term given to the very first Master of a lodge is “Primus Master”, which on this occasion was the honour of Daniel Quelch of the Rothley Temple Lodge No.7801. Daniel was installed as the Primus Master of the Union of Rugby Lodge by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Brian Carruthers, after which Daniel proceeded to install his very first team of officers. The Senior Warden and

After the meeting, a Festive Board was prepared for over two-hundred Freemasons, with drinks and laughter for anyone who wished to stay afterwards. Daniel Quelch said, “After so much planning and preparation it is such a relief to see the lodge finally consecrated. Although saddened by the absence of several key members of the founding team, including Bob Reay, Greg Viviers, and Michael Foster, I would like to thank all the team for their hard work and dedication over the last few years to make the dream of a Rugby Lodge come true.”

Victoria Cross Presentation The Lodge of Research No.2429 meeting on 28th March 2022 hosted a special guest to present an enthralling topic about the Victoria Cross. The Lodge Room was nearly full as members of the lodge, members of the correspondence circle and other Freemasons took their seats on a warm March evening.

Introduced on 29th January 1856 by Queen Victoria to honour acts of valour during the Crimean War, the Victoria Cross is the highest and most prestigious award of the British military honours system. It is awarded for valour "in the presence of the enemy" to members of the British Armed Forces. It may be awarded posthumously and also be awarded to a person of any military rank in any service and to civilians under military command, although no civilian has received the award since 1879.

long passion. He is a well-known expert on the Victoria Cross, but flying clothing and RAF log books are also his specialist areas.

The guest speaker for the evening was Mark Smith, a military museum curator and specialist in military medals. He started collecting British medals in 1969 and owns an extensive private collection amassed over the years; he started dealing in Militaria in 1983 in Islington, London - a hobby which has become a life-

Mark joined Loughton Lodge No. 8455 in June 2002 and became Master in 2012. First appointed to Essex Provincial Grand Lodge in 2017 he is currently Provincial Grand Orator, a position he has held for five years. He was appointed as Assistant Grand Sword Bearer in Grand Lodge in 2020.



Mark’s notable appearances on BBC Antiques Roadshow include valuing a large collection of World War One German memorabilia at Walthamstow Town Hall and a toy panda mascot that flew on the famous “Dambusters Raid” in 1943, when the Roadshow visited RAF Coningsby.



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A6 Landscape artcle_Layout 1 08/06/2020 09:49 Page 7

Richard Ward Independent Funeral Services Ltd.

Qualified, compassionate and experienced Independent Family Funeral Directors Home visits at your convenience 2B Cross Street, Enderby LE19 4NJ T: 0116 2866858 (24 hrs) E: enderby@rwfs.co.uk

Branches at:

112 Aylestone Lane, Wigston LE18 1BA T: 0116 2887979 (24 hrs) E: wigston@rwfs.co.uk

Website: www.rwfs.co.uk 16

Leicester Square SPRING 2022


Vaccination Volunteers

Many people around the nation have given up their time to assist with the country-wide vaccination efforts. Freemasons around the Province have been rallying to the cause to give their free time up to assist with its organisation. One such example is where six Oakham Freemasons and their families joined other volunteer organisations at the Oakham Enterprise Park to carry out seventy-two shifts totalling two hundred and sixteen hours.

A special thank-you event was organised by the Lions Club of Rutland, where volunteers were congratulated on their efforts, which have resulted in 22,247 vaccinations being administered at the centre.

It is due to the tremendous efforts of the unsung heroes of our communities that we are now enjoying some of the freedoms lost to us during the pandemic.


M.A.C.E Bowling Event, 2021 The Masonic Annual Charity Event (M.A.C.E.), returned to the bowling green in Watford at the end of 2021 after missing the previous year due to the pandemic. This was a belated 10-year anniversary celebration of its founding by the London Masonic Bowling Association in 2010.

The object of M.A.C.E. is to bring masonic bowlers together from across the country, to enjoy a day’s bowling and to raise money for charity, both these aims having flourished since its inception.

At the 2021 event, representatives from twelve Provinces met to make and renew masonic friendships, raising over £5,000 which was shared equally between Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie. The final was closely contested, with Bedfordshire eventually beating Warwickshire to be crowned outright winners.

Long Service Awards

A total of over £60,000 has raised by M.A.C.E. since 2010. Sadly, due to lastminute unavailability, Leicestershire & Rutland were forced to withdraw in 2021. However, we were still able to make a significant donation to the charity funds and are determined to be represented at this year’s event on 12th August 2022, which will be hosted by Derbyshire and held at Selby in Yorkshire. If any regular masonic bowler is available and would like to be considered for the event, please contact Jim Williamson at gandjwilliamson@btinternet.com.


The following Brethren have received continuous long service awards since our last edition. W.Bro. Rodney Dixon

Jason Lodge No.7716


W.Bro. Cyril Clark

Howe & Charnwood Lodge No.1007


Grace Dieu Lodge No.2428


W.Bro. Michael Robinson

Howe & Charnwood Lodge No.1007


Wiclif Lodge No.3078


W.Bro. Mike Kind

St Peter’s Lodge No.1330


Lodge of the Golden Fleece No.2081


W.Bro. William Hutchinson

St Mary’s Lodge No.7164


St Mary’s Lodge No.7164


W.Bro. Kantilal Chudasama W.Bro. Peter Jackson

W.Bro. Graham McNeill W.Bro. Keith Hallam




60 Years 50 Years 50 Years 50 Years 60 Years 50 Years 50 Years 50 Years 60 Years 17


A Beacon of Light in the Darkness The Leicestershire and Rutland Masonic Charity Association has donated £1,000 to the local charity, The Bridge, offering light for all those who live in the shadows of homelessness. The Bridge’s main vision is that everyone in Leicester has a place to call home and has hope for the future, by providing support and opportunities to those trapped in poverty and homelessness. They do this through the core guiding principles of compassion, respect, hope and ensuring that every individual matters. One of their projects, The Lighthouse Project, helps strive for every individual who needs it, to have a

beacon of hope to grasp on to when they feel alone and surrounded by waves of change. With the help of mentors, who metaphorically light the way, individuals are provided with direction through a non-judgemental and professional relationship with the mentee. The mentor ensures the mental health of the mentee, as well as their physical health needs, are met through providing access to practical help and providing reassurance through regular phone or face-to-face

meetings for up to six months. This listening ear helps reduce loneliness and improves the wellbeing of the mentee. The donation from the LRMCA will go towards training, as wells as support, for volunteers who are suitable for the role of being a mentor, ensuring they have the right qualities, skills and attributes to take on the challenging role of helping to change a life.

A Soft Touch Soft Touch Arts is an award-winning charity using arts, media and musical activities as tools to engage with and change the lives of disadvantaged young people. They were recently awarded £1,000 by the Leicestershire and Rutland Masonic Charity Association to help continue the impact they have on the lives of young people in Leicester and Leicestershire. Soft Touch has been using creative projects to engage with and transform the lives of young people in challenging life situations since 1986. Leicester has over 30,000 children who live in poverty, one of the highest areas of deprivation in England, and its children are more likely to not achieve 5 good GCSEs by the time they leave school. As a result, these young people have low aspirations and a future with little hope of rising out of the deprivation they came from. Soft Touch provides the opportunity for young people to engage with them and help transform their lives, recognising potential that conventional education may not have tapped into, and supporting the development of life skills that will give them equal opportunity in comparison with their more privileged peers allowing them a sense of purpose and aspiration to achieve. Helen Abeles, Director of Soft Touch Arts, sincerely thanked the masonic community for the generous donation and the opportunities that it will be able to offer the young people.

Jason Clothier 18

Leicester Square SPRING 2022

Helen Abeles, Director of Soft Touch Arts, said,

Soft Touch Arts works with young people who need that extra bit of support to help them reach their potential. This generous donation from LRMCA will help us to offer more opportunities for young people to feel a sense of achievement through getting creative.


A Wish Come True Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy affects 1 in every 3,500 boys born; combating it is the charity, Alex’s Wish, which is run by Emma and Andy Hallam, whose son Alex was diagnosed at the age of four. The charity has received a match funded donation of £2,000 from the Leicestershire and Rutland Masonic Charity Association to help support research into new treatments to help eradicate this form of muscular dystrophy.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is an aggressive form of Muscular Dystrophy that leads to progressive muscle loss, where every single muscle is destroyed due to a lack of protein. It eventually affects the heart and the lungs, and with very few treatments available to help children

at present, Alex’s Wish was set up to fund vital research into how this devastating disease can be treated as currently there is no cure. The charity states, “We hope that this generation of children will be the last to die, or the first to live.”

Jason Clothier

Forest Schools at Parkland Primary Recently, I spoke in lodge about the concept of charity as relief, and the need to not only give financial assistance but go and see it in action. Today, I write, not only about a donation from the LRMCA, but working alongside its benefits every day. In a recent donation, the LRMCA gave £1,000 to Parkland Primary School, part of the Discovery Schools Academy Trust, to continue the development of their Forest School initiative. Parkland Primary School serves a community in South Wigston, which is recognised as one of the most deprived areas of Leicester. Many of the children who attend the school do not have a garden, outside space or have access to safe natural green spaces. Covid-19 impacted the area tremendously, restricting the access that the community, but especially the children, had to outdoor spaces. The ability to share key childhood experiences and socialise with peer groups had been taken away. For those who were school ready, their formative years of learning were cut abruptly short, having a clear impact on their social skills, health and learning behaviours. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of children suffering from anxiety or needing social, emotional, and behavioural support.

meant that fewer people are spending their free time outdoors and playing in the natural environment. Children

are spending more time indoors on computers and devices such as

Continued on p21

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Over the last 30 years, more sophisticated technologies have






Leicester Square SPRING 2022

CHARITY Forest Schools at Parkland Primary phones, tablets, or gaming platforms. This trend has been augmented by parents becoming more wary of, and reluctant in, allowing their children to play outdoors in their local neighbourhoods, which are perceived as becoming less safe. This is leading to a major problem called Nature Deficit Disorder. To combat this trend, a group of British nursery nurses visited Scandinavia in 1993, where the Forest School concept began, as being outdoors and involved in nature is a way of life, and observed the benefits they provide. Since then, it has developed into a nationally recognised strategy, with thousands of pre-schools and schools taking part. It is now seen as an educational and inspirational process that offers children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning through experiences in a local natural environment. Accepted academic research states that free play is key to a child’s development and allows their imagination to run wild, which has been shown to increase their attention span and memory, also benefitting other schoolwork.


by creating bird boxes and insect houses.”

necessary for the next stage can now be fully realised.

Since August 2021, a small, but dedicated, group have planted 150 trees in the school field that were provided free through a national initiative set up by the Woodland Trust. The children have been able to discover a new outdoor classroom and have enjoyed learning new games and working together to overcome challenges. But it needed more and newer set-up equipment for a dedicated area, and for session materials. It has been through the generous donation of the LRMCA that the resources and provision

The school’s headteacher, Jo Andrews, commented that, “The school are extremely grateful for this support and look forward to being able to provide a better Forest School experience for all our children.” As the saying goes “…a little goes a very long way…” and at Parkland, they know that their small Forest School and its sessions will have a long-lasting, beneficial impact on the children who attend there for the rest of their lives.

Jason Clothier

Michael John 'masons' Quarter Page.pdf




By introducing Forest Schools sessions and providing regular opportunities for children, Victoria Brown, Forest School Lead at Parkland, commented that, “We can help to improve the children’s wellbeing and therefore their ability to concentrate and learn, having a positive impact on their education and futures [these] revolve around the idea of free play and free choice, but can include activities such as survival skills such as shelter building, fire lighting, knot tying; identification skills of plants, invertebrates and building skills through wood work






St Mary’s Lodge No.7164 Starts the Year with a Double Celebration

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Brian Carruthers, attended a meeting of St Mary’s Lodge in Melton Mowbray on the 24th January to present two certificates of service to Freemasonry. The first duty was to present a certificate celebrating 60 years of service to Freemasonry to William Hutchinson, who was initiated into the Anglo-American Lodge No.2191 in London on the 9th January 1962, before joining St Mary’s Lodge in Melton Mowbray on the 27th November 1972. William is also a member of the Compass Lodge No.8765 in Syston, as well as the Gateway Royal Arch Chapter No.6513. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master then proceeded to present a certificate for 50 years of service to Freemasonry to Keith Hallam, who has been a member of St Mary’s Lodge since his initiation on the 22nd February 1971. He is also a member of the Vale of

Pictured left to right: Brian Carruthers, William Hutchinson

Pictured left to right: Keith Hallam, Mike Brooman

Catmos Royal Arch Chapter No.1265.

new member, Chris Thurman, who was

If that wasn’t enough for one evening, the lodge then welcomed into Freemasonry a

warmly welcomed by the Master of the lodge, Michael Brooman.

Rodney Dixon 60 Years of Service to Freemasonry Rodney Dixon was initiated into the Jason Lodge No.7716 in Leicester on the 5th February 1962. It was not long after his initiation that his aptitude for keyboard playing was discovered, which soon became apparent as he took on the duties of playing the organ within the lodge. Twelve years later, in 1974, Rodney became Master of the lodge, although it was soon after this, he again took his favoured place in front of the organ to add energy and entertainment to meetings. Still to this day, Rodney can be found on the organist’s stool, not only in Jason Lodge, but also in eleven other lodges, nine Royal Arch Chapters, and in many other Masonic orders. Without his music, the countless lodge meetings he has played for would not have been so enjoyable.

Pictured left to right: Andy Green, Rodney Dixon


Leicester Square SPRING 2022

The certificate to celebrate Rodney’s 60 years in freemasonry was presented by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Andy Green, at the meeting of Jason Lodge on the 7th February 2022.

Bob Greenlees Celebrates 60 Years of Service to Freemasonry


Robert Greenlees was Initiated in Lodge St John’s No.141 in Campbeltown, Argyll in the Grand Lodge of Scotland in November 1961. He joined Gabriel Newton Lodge No.9071 in 1983 after relocating to Leicester and was Master of the lodge in 1992 and again in 2008 before acting as Director of Ceremonies for the last 10 years. Robert, more commonly known as Bob, was a Founder Member of Ratae Meridian Lodge No.9673 in 1998 and was Master in 2003. Bob is also active in many other Masonic orders and is often present as either a member or a most welcome guest. Bob’s certificate of 60 years of service to Freemasonry was presented by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Andy Green, at the meeting of the Gabriel Newton Lodge, with many other Provincial Officers present on the 2nd February 2022.

Pictured left to right: Andy Green, Kantilal Chudasama

Pictured left to right: Andy Green, Bob Greenlees

50 Years’ Service to Freemasonry for Ian Burton The Holmes Lodge No.4656 who meet at Freemasons’ Hall in Leicester has a special bond with two other local lodges, Lodge Semper Eadem No.3091 and Prince Rupert Lodge No.7841.

Pictured left to right: Paul Wallace,Michael Turnbull, Ian Burton, Master of the lodge Ken Hornsby.

On the 1st February 2022, The Holmes Lodge hosted a tripartite meeting of all three lodges in the magnificent Holmes Lodge room in Leicester. The first order of business was in the hands of the


Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Michael Turnbull, who was delighted to present a certificate celebrating 50 years of service to Freemasonry to Ian Burton. Ian joined the lodge on the 3rd November 1970, steadily progressing to be Master in 1981. Ian is also a member of Prince Rupert Lodge, and also The Holmes Royal Arch Chapter, which he joined in 1976. With a packed agenda, the lodge concluded its business with a surprise cheque presentation to the visiting Provincial Grand Secretary, Paul Wallace, who was pleased to receive a donation of £3,000 towards the 2022 MCF Festival Appeal.


50 Years from Tanzania to Loughborough The Assistant Provincial Grand Master Andy Green was on hand to present a certificate of 50 years’ service to Freemasonry to Kantilal Chudasama, who was initiated In Mwanza Lodge No.7485 meeting in Mwanza, Tanzania on 19th September 1970, in the District Grand Lodge of East Africa.

Kantilal also joined Nandi Border Lodge No.4756, Eldoret in Kenya in 1982 and became Master in 1989 before joining the Howe & Charnwood Lodge No.1007 in Loughborough in 1999. The lodge is very pleased to have had his services as Treasurer for ten years starting in 2005. Many members were present at the meeting held on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 to celebrate his achievements.




Highcross Lodge No.4835 Present a Certificate of Service to the Past Provincial Grand Master On the 6th January 1972, Highcross Lodge in Leicester welcomed a new member into Freemasonry, David Hagger. David became a very active member of the lodge, becoming its Master in 1988, before receiving his first appointment as a Provincial Officer in 1998. Holding several senior offices within the Province, David eventually became Provincial Grand Master in 2010, a position he held for nearly ten years. Pictured left to right: David Hagger receiving his certificate of service from the Provincial Grand Master, Peter Kinder.

As an active member of the Royal Arch as well as many other Masonic orders, David is a familiar face to everyone in the Province and beyond. On Thursday 6th January 2022, Highcross Lodge hosted a packed lodge room of Freemasons who had come to celebrate David’s 50 years of service. The Provincial

Grand Master, Peter Kinder, was in attendance along with the members of the Provincial team to join in the celebrations, and to present David with his certificate of service. The evening was a joyous yet moving occasion, which continued over dinner and well on into the night.

A Night to Remember in Coalville On Thursday 10th March 2022, many members and visitors were on hand at Grace Dieu Lodge No.2428 to celebrate Cyril Clark’s 50 years of service to Freemasonry. On this evening the honour of presenting the certificate of service to Cyril fell to the Provincial Grand Secretary, Paul Wallace, who was accompanied for the evening by Ian Nesbitt. Cyril was initiated into Grace Dieu Lodge No.2428 on the 9th March 1972, becoming Master in 1985. During his time in the lodge, Cyril has held many offices and he now enjoys honorary membership in recognition of his unwavering support of Freemasonry in Coalville. On the same evening, a new Past Masters’ Board was unveiled in memory of George Dixon, who was initiated into Grace Dieu Lodge in 1997, becoming Master in 2007. The new board is a fitting tribute to departed merit, and its unveiling was attended by George’s son, Paul Dixon, who was initiated into Grace Dieu Lodge in 1985.


Leicester Square SPRING 2022

Pictured left to right: Ian Nesbitt, Paul Wallace, Master of the Lodge Guy Adkins, Paul Dixon

Pictured left to right: Paul Wallace, Cyril Clark


Michael Robinson Celebrates 60 Years as a Freemason Michael Robinson has celebrated sixty years as a Freemason with a certificate presentation from the Provincial Grand Master, and a special gift from the Wiclif Lodge No.3078. The Provincial Grand Master, Peter Kinder, attended a meeting of the Wiclif Lodge in Lutterworth on 13th April 2022 to present a certificate to Michael Robinson. The certificate is one seldom received, representing sixty years of being a Freemason. The recipient was Michael Robinson, a member of Wiclif Lodge, along

with many other lodges, Royal Arch Chapters, and other orders. Michael was also presented a special helmet trophy, emblazoned with the lodge logo and messages by the Master, Ken Seymour, to celebrate not only his time in Freemasonry, but also his passion for motorbikes.


Universities Scheme Conference Members of the three Universities Scheme Lodges, Wyggeston Lodge No.3448, Castle of Leicester Lodge No.7767, Lodge of Science and Art No.8429, along with the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Andy Green, took the trip to Bristol on Saturday 26th March 2022 for the biannual conference which was hosted by the Province of Bristol. The theme of the conference was Moving Forward and included sessions on member migration, women’s freemasonry, university engagement, Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges, and social media.

Pictured left to right: Chris Butlin Lodge of Science & Art No.8429, Elliot Conway and Andy Green Wyggeston Lodge No.3448, Far right Mateusz Weclawowicz Castle of Leicester No.7767

Andy Green said, “After the pandemic it was fantastic to get together with other scheme lodges for a very interesting and enthusing conference. Many ideas and initiatives were discussed including on how our student membership can engage and support our local communities.”






Granite Chapter Welcomes a Lewis into the Royal Arch On 17th January 2022, Granite Chapter No.2028 held their 123rd meeting, which was a special occasion not only for their newest member but also for his father, who was present to welcome him into the Royal Arch. Ryan Kirkpatrick joined St Deny’s Lodge on the 23rd February 2017, where his father has been a member since 2012. After patiently waiting for Freemasonry to resume, Ryan decided to join the Granite Chapter, where his father was only too pleased to visit and watch his son be exalted into the Royal Arch.

Pictured Left to Right: Chris Dackombe, Ian Kirkpatrick, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Paul Wallace, Steve Adams.

To make the evening special, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Paul Wallace stepped in to lead the Chapter for the evening, adding an extra dimension of expertise and experience to the proceedings.

All Change at the Chapter of the Flaming Torch Royal Arch Dinner Dance On Saturday 29th January 2022, for the first time in two years, the Royal Arch Dinner Dance was able to take place at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, with this year’s theme being a “Night at the Oscars”. The evening was a great success, with over one hundred and twenty Companions, their partners, and friends, who enjoyed an excellent meal in a room decorated in black and gold. After the reception drinks were over, and the meal ended, those present were entertained to music from Oscar winning shows and films sung by the talented duo of Paul and Tamsin Grant-Reason.


Leicester Square SPRING 2022

On Wednesday 2nd February 2022 the Chapter of the Flaming Torch held its annual installation meeting at Freemasons’ Hall in Leicester.

The Chapter was very pleased to receive the Second Provincial Grand Principal Chris Packham as a guest and representative from the Province for the evening. Installing his successor, Alan Ball guided the evening extremely well, with the assistance Tom Mee, Martin Stevenson, and the Director of ceremonies Mark Street.

The sing-along anthems then changed to music-to-dance-the-night-away, with many choosing to let their hair down and take residence on the dance floor for the rest of the evening.

Pictured Left to Right: Mark Street, Tom Mee, Richard Barnett, Alan Ball.

As is usual for the Chapter of the Flaming Torch, the meeting and meal afterwards was a joyous occasion, with all those in attendance leaving in high spirits and looking forward to the next meeting.

As the Grand Superintendent Noel Manby commented, “It was so lovely to see people enjoying themselves so much again.”


Provincial Grand Chapter 2022

Pictured left to right: Second Provincial Grand Principal Chris Packham, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Noel Manby, Third Grand Principal Gareth Jones, Third Provincial Grand Principal Jonathan Varley

Provincial Grand Chapter took place on Thursday 24th March 2022 at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester. On this occasion, the Province was honoured with the presence of the Third Grand Principal, Gareth Jones.

As many Royal Arch Masons had only just begun to return to their Chapters, it was a special delight to be able to all meet again in the Oliver Lodge Room for the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter. At the meeting, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Noel Manby, had the pleasure of investing his newly appointed officers for the next twelve months and promoted others After the investitures had taken place, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent addressed all Companions, outlining his thoughts for Royal Arch Masonry in the coming year and

encouraged members not only to look for potential candidates for the Order, but to look after all who are members of Royal Arch Masonry. The Third Grand Principal, Gareth Jones, then addressed the convocation with some of his thought-provoking ideas on the future of the Order and asked any of the Companions to speak to him at cocktails with their thoughts on what he had said. Several of those present availed themselves of this opportunity, ensuring that the voice of Leicestershire & Rutland Royal Arch Masons was well and truly heard.

Supreme Grand Chapter Supreme Grand Chapter was held at Freemasons’ Hall, London, on Thursday 28th April 2022. On this occasion, many Companions from Leicestershire & Rutland were in attendance to support those attaining Grand Rank.

Fourteen Companions from the Province travelled to London for what proved to be a very memorable day. The Pro First Grand Principal, Peter Lowndes, took great pleasure in investing two of our Companions with Grand Rank. Mark Street of the Wayfarer Chapter No.8679, Chapter of the Flaming Torch No.4874, and the Leicestershire & Rutland Chapter of Installed First Principals, was invested as Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.



Pictured left to right: John Peberdy, Mark Street, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Noel Manby, Deputy Grand Superintendent Paul Wallace.

Ian Johnson also received Grand Rank, being invested as Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. The Pro First Grand Principal then turned his attention towards well deserved promotions. Michael Herbert was the recipient of a promotion to Past Grand Sojourner, and John Peberdy MBE was promoted to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner.




Provincial Visit to Wyggeston Mark Lodge No.1149 On 15th February 2022, the Provincial Grand Master, Phillip Mann, accompanied by the team of Provincial Grand Officers, visited the Wyggeston Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1149.

The Past Deputy Grand Master, Michael Herbert, and the Past Provincial Grand Master, Anthony Morris, were also in attendance, as were many other Grand Officers and Masters of sister lodges. Due to Covid19, the Master, Andy Green, was unable to attend the meeting, so the acting Master W.Bro. David Pearson, with the assistance of his team of Officers, did a splendid job of Advancing Simon Walmsley.

Pictured Left to Right: Mark Hancock, Chris Maybury, PGM Phillip Mann, Simon Walmsley, David Pearson, DPGM Andy Lee, David Milner

The Secrets were explained by David Pearson, the Working Tools by John Hallam and the Concluding Address was given by Mark Hancock. A memorable evening ended with an excellent festive board and a raffle which raised the staggering sum of £350, which the Lodge kindly donated to the Provincial Grand Master’s Discretionary Fund.

Provincial Visit to Knight of Malta Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners and, assisted by the Provincial Officers, conducted the ceremony of elevation for Andrew Watson. The Signs were explained by Andy Lee, the Working Tools by Peter GibsonLeitch, and the Concluding Address was given by Mark ThompsonO’Connor.

On 17th March 2022, the Provincial Grand Master, accompanied by the team of Provincial Grand Officers, visited the Knight of Malta Lodge of R.A.M. No.30 in Hinckley. As is the custom once a year, the Provincial Grand Master, Phillip Mann, took the Commander’s chair


Leicester Square SPRING 2022

Well over sixty Royal Ark Mariners from across the Province were present and stayed to attend the meeting of the Knight of Malta Lodge of Mark Masters No.30 Time Immemorial, during which the Provincial Grand Master presented a Certificate of 50 years of Service to Mark Masonry to Keith NewlandSmith, P.Prov.G.S.O, and to witness the Lodge Officers conduct a firstclass ceremony of Advancement for Stuart Spiller.


Mark Emergency Relief Fund for Ukraine

At the March meeting of Mark Grand Lodge at Freemasons' Hall, London, the Pro Grand Master, Raymond Smith, announced that the Mark Benevolent Fund would be donating £25,000 to the Mark Inspectorate of Romania who have been working proactively in many ways to provide support and relief to their neighbours in Ukraine in the form of temporary accommodation for those fleeing the war, medical supplies, food and water, clothes, transportation to safe areas for refugees and special psychological care for children and mothers. The MBF has set up a Relief Chest with the Masonic Charitable Foundation under the name Mark Emergency Relief Fund to facilitate donations, to which the Leicestershire & Rutland Mark Benevolent Fund donated £2,000.

Mark Grand Rank Honours for 2022

The Revd. Tony Avery was re-appointed as Deputy Grand Chaplain. There were three promotions, David Hagger to Past Grand Junior Overseer, which brings with it the appellation of Very Worshipful Brother; Terry Weston to Past Grand Senior Deacon and Geoff Phipps to Past Grand Junior Deacon. Richard Lambert received an appointment to Past Assistant Grand Sword Bearer.

Stony Gate Mark No.751 Celebrating its Centenary in June

Consecrated on 7th March 1922, the Lodge will be holding an Emergency Meeting on Monday 20th June 2022 at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester to celebrate 100 years of continuous existence at which a Centenary Warrant will be presented by a Ruler from Grand Lodge.


Red Cross of Constantine Team Visit The Rushden Conclave, No.416 hosted a team visit led by John Manby, Intendant-General for the East Midlands Division, who was accompanied by a team of Divisional Officers. The occasion for the visit was the Enthronement of Trevor Cook as the Most Puissant Sovereign of the Conclave, and the Consecration of Ron Ricker as Eminent Viceroy. The Enthroning Sovereign was John Hitchin. Members of the Divisional Sepulchre Guard, of which the incoming Sovereign is a former member, were on duty and a gathering of more than thirty Worthy Knights from throughout the Division were present. The ceremony was carried out with dignity and sincerity by both the Enthroning Sovereign and the incoming Sovereign.

Pictured front centre, L to R, are E. Kt. Ron Ricker, Eminent Viceroy; P. Kt. Chris Mullen, Deputy Intendant General; R. Ill. Kt. John Manby, Intendant-General and M. P. Kt. Trevor Cook, Most Puissant Sovereign, accompanied by other Officers of the East Midlands Division and members of The Rushden Conclave.


We are sad to announce the passing of the following Brethren to the Grand Lodge above and our thoughts go to their families and loved ones. Each one will be missed but not forgotten. Peter Ernest Portch John David Nixon

Walter James Instrall

Michael Hollier

Roger Anthony Sherwin

David George Clay

Andrew Gary Needham Stephen Davison

Richard Jasinski

Richard Costal Flavell Richard Henry Bloor

David Bernard Allibone

Reginald Clifford Spencer Roland Victor Johnson Brian Robert Harman



Lodge Semper Eadem


Albert Edward Lodge




John of Gaunt


Grey Friars


Castle of Leicester


Albert Edward Lodge


Lodge of the Holy Well


The Holmes Lodge


Castle of Leicester


Prince Rupert


St Peters Lodge


Jason Lodge


Gateway Lodge


Grace Dieu Lodge





Annual Service and Lunch 10th April 2022 Members of the Ancient and Accepted Rite (Rose Croix) together with wives, families and friends attended the annual Palm Sunday service followed by lunch. The previous two years’ events had to be cancelled due to covid19 restrictions. Likewise, there

was a change of venue from the normal Brooksby Hall location to Freemasons' Hall, Leicester by kind permission of the Provincial Grand Master. The short service was conducted by Rev’d Canon Peter Taylor, supported by Josie Maybury (daughter of

Chris Maybury) celebrating Easter. A splendid lunch was served by Devonshire Place staff to over 50 attendees, which was followed by the traditional "heads & tails" competition, which raised £305 for the Ukraine Refugee Appeal. As an

added bonus everyone had the choice of a small chicken or egg (chocolate of course!). Next year's event has already been booked and will be returning back to Brooksby Hall, when hopefully pandemic concerns will have abated.

Rose Croix Workshop Held in Leicester For several months, key members of the District of Leicestershire and Rutland Ancient and Accepted Rite Rose Croix consulted with the Chapters to ascertain their development needs and requirements.

The first workshop took place at Freemasons’ Hall Leicester on the 19th February 2022, under the watchful eye and guidance of Inspector General Henry Kukiewicz, and his training team comprising of Chris Maybury and Gordon Richardson. A most welcome sight on a Saturday morning to greet the attendees was a bacon cob, tea and coffee, as the delegates met to discuss the agenda


Leicester Square SPRING 2022

for the day. The workshop was opened by Chris and Gordon who proceeded to deliver fascinating historical knowledge of the Order, where it was conceived, how it spread, and its relevance today. The next part of the morning was dedicated to instruction and insight into the First Point, which was most enlightening for new and longstanding members of the Order.

After an engaging question and answer session, the Inspector General thanked his training team for the hard work undertaken to bring the workshop to life, to the team at Freemasons’ Hall for preparing the room and providing the refreshments, and to all those who gave up their time to attend and further their knowledge.

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supplying those initial details and then waiting for your cheque in the post.

That means money paid over to HMRC which should rightfully be sitting in bank TheTo best ensure you what you owe and not a penny is to call Cornerstone. find way out mto ore, or for book extensions, your pay initial consultation, call Cornerstone today more, on 01858 439033 or email accounts, paying or funding family holidays.

at enquiries@ctatax.uk.com Ourus dedicated team of tax experts will ensure your purchase is properly assessed and you pay the Thankfully, there is atime, solution. Acting on the unprecedented scale of this issue, right amount of tax first every time.

Cornerstone have set up SDLT Refunds, a specialist arm dedicated to examining If you’ve already bought a property and think you may have overpaid your Stamp Duty, we can historical transactions and ensuring that buyers get their real money’s worth. help with recovering that too – with over £15million reclaimed on behalf of our clients so far in overpaid Duty,awe’re the clear If you’veStamp bought property in choice. the last 4 years, why not give us a call on

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