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“I am living my dream and not many people get the chance in life to do that!� Sabina Kovacheva

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Leicester Business Women Newsletter Leicester Business Women would like to welcome you to our October newsletter. The clocks have been turned back and with that the dark nights, frost and icy cold weather are here, winter is definitely amongst us! There are a range of different festivals and events taking place through the next calendar month, Halloween a chance to trick and treat with the ghouls and ghost, Bonfire Night, where the night sky turns bright and Diwali to celebrate the festival of lights. No doubt there will be a number of opportunities to watch the Christmas lights switch on throughout Leicestershire. The Leicester Business Women team hope you enjoy these winter celebrations whilst keeping safe. With only a few months left, it’s time to look back over the last year - not to dwell over any mistakes or missed opportunities, but to learn from these and to realise what else is needed to ensure 2013 can kick off in the right direction for you and your business. Its also time to celebrate all your hard work. Congratulate yourself for all those hours you have dedicated, had the courage to face your fears and the determination to step up and out of your comfort zone. No matter how big or small you think your efforts have been, it’s been worth it because your business idea/business has benefited, and you’re moving towards your dreams of self employment. This months newsletter is full of support and advice to help you further. With information on the Meet & Mingle event, HMRC workshops and their new easy steps to register your business. Details of confirmed training dates for the new Start Up Now Project and the Start Up Loans programme. Advice on keeping going in business, Google plus, plus case study and advertisements from our members and other organisations. For further information about the Leicester Business Women programme or any of the other project ran by Skills for Enterprise please contact Nicole Hocking on 0116 251 8730.

Leicester Business Women’s October Newsletter Includes Start Up Now Project Challenges For Women In Business Stat Up Now Loans Tarotscopes Easy Steps To Start Your Business With The HMRC HMRC Workshops Case Study - Bina Sitaram of Eco Kids Meet & Mingle Social Media: Marketing with Google + Virtual Office Keeping Going In Business ****

We hope you enjoy More ways of connecting with Leicester Business Women As well as our monthly newsletter, there are many other ways of keeping up with our information, success, our stories, forthcoming events and advice?. Check out our webportal - Join our facebook group -!/groups/386715381358641/ Like our facebook page -!/leicesterbusinesswomen Follow us on Twitter - LBW_network

We look forward to seeing you there‌..

Start Up Now Project The new and exciting Start Up Now programme is aimed at helping individuals start their own businesses. The project is currently available for those living in either Oadby or Wigston. The Start Up Now project offers FREE support, guidance and advice to those who wish to become self employed, have a business idea or would like to earn income from a hobby. Our support consists of 5 training workshops, one to one appointments with a specialist advisor and group events, all aimed at giving information and advice on self employment and business start up. Skills For Enterprise began the delivery of the Start Up Now training workshops in September and October. The first programme of workshops were a success with 9 ladies attending, all of whom walked away with a wealth of knowledge, motivation and confidence to take the steps to becoming self employed. A few of these ladies have taken the big step and have now registered their own businesses. Sharon Roberts delivered the Start Up Now workshops: “It’s been such a great honour to deliver the 1st Start-Up Now programme because it reminded me that starting a small business can be very scary! But the Start-Up Now programme has been so successful by supporting Leicester women to realise that with determination and a clear focus, you can achieve anything! The programme outlines strategies for understanding the business marketplace, to finding a niche for your business by working through the confidence steps required to establish a successful business for the future. This covers; from finding new customers, business insurance to registering trademarks and marketing your business to various sectors. The Start-Up Now Programme encourages you to set out your business goals, discover your strengths and avoid the pitfalls of starting up in business. • • • •

Remind yourself that we all get scared from time to time. Seek advice from those who have real experience of being in business, just because people have a business card, it doesn’t make them an excellent business person. Follow your own path and don’t allow others to lead you away from your dreams and your goals. Embrace the following!! Take on new adventures, say yes!! When you really want to say no, because you believe you can’t do what you’ve been asked to do! Push yourself out of your comfort zone more often and be open to new beginnings, then sit back and enjoy your new road to success.“

Feedback from the workshops includes:

“Thank you for helping and encouraging us. I don't believe that within the five weeks of starting the class, I have actually managed to start up my Business...I really don't believe that… MY DREAM CAME TRUE.” Tina Manji

“Attending the work shops gave me the confidence to stop feeling guilty about spending time away from my children to work on my business. It gave me focus and direction to achieve my goals. I am no longer the unsure, guilt ridden women I was before. I am now focused and determined to reach my goal.” Joanne Parrish

“I kicked my fears aside - put me in a new place completely” Lainy Wills Continued...

Start Up Now Programme Continued

The Start Up Now programme will be continuing offering free support for a further two years. So... are you or someone you know thinking of becoming self employed? Do you have a business idea you’re wanting to take further? Do you want to work for yourself? Then this support offered by Skills for Enterprise could be just for you, we can help you with:


Business Start Up Time Management


Working From Home


Financial Advice

Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone Our next series of training workshops have been confirmed for April 2013: Date




Thursday 11th April 2013

10.00am - 3.00pm

Deciding To Start & The Business Plan

South Wigston (venue TBC)

Wednesday 17th April 2013

10.00am - 3.00pm

Motivation & Attitude

South Wigston (venue TBC)

Thursday 25th April 2013

10.00am - 3.00pm

Financial Planning

South Wigston (venue TBC)

Wednesday 1st May 2013

10.00am - 3.00pm

Finding New Customers

South Wigston (venue TBC)

Thursday 9th May 2013

10.00am - 3.00pm

Promotion & Publicity

South Wigston (venue TBC)

Deciding to Start & Business Plan: • Explores confidence and motivation. From our experience and knowledge of business owners FEAR and FOCUS seems to be the root of many problems • Developing new market opportunities, working and learning from the competition. Understanding how contracts are won and lost Motivation & Attitude: • Understanding your personal behaviour and the fear of conscious and unconscious habits we have developed over time. Successful people genuinely inspire and lead others to stay focused and create success with less stress Financial Planning: • Money affects every area of our lives, but managing if efficiently is not always easy • Develop simple financial solutions you can understand and use Finding New Customers • In order to find new customers you need to know how they think and behave • Understand that behaviour patterns and purchasing decisions constantly change; customer lifestyles and desires always drive product definition Promotion & Publicity • The difference between success and failure in business is more often not determined by the effectiveness of the business marketing and promotion strategy Skills for Enterprise will begin a similar programme for those living in Leicester City from April 2013. For further information or to check your eligibility please contact the Start Up Now team on 0116 242 9482 or email

Challenges For Women In Business As a woman starting out in business, there are many challenges we have to face; here are some of my experiences: Being taken seriously- when talking business I often get a patronising ‘isn’t she cute’ type of reaction. Everybody wants to offer advice (often advice from a male who obviously knows better...) but this may have a lot to do with my shy, gentle manner. There is a perception that to succeed in business you need to be loud, pushy and ‘masculine’. Not true actually, and if you knew just how driven I was then you would be terrified (quaking in your boots). The great thing about being my own boss is that I can choose not to work with such individuals. Every time this happens my resolve to prove my worth gets stronger. Many of the challenges are internal- sometimes it is our own perception of the way we should behave that stops us from reaching our potential. I personally felt a lot of guilt about wanting to earn money. For instance, if a man was to declare ‘let’s earn some money!’ this would seem fine to me, but as a woman it feels very uncomfortable, it seems greedy. This can have a knock on effect and lead to under-pricing products. Business coaching with Vision Development Consultants has definitely helped me to deal with my guilt demons, as has surrounding myself with other business women through networking events with Leicester Business Women. I often get comments about my being able to win a contract or get what I want due to ‘wearing a skirt’ or ‘fluttering my eyelashes’. Although I understand the power of my mesmerising allure (ahem), nothing makes me grind my teeth harder. Sitting pretty does not get results, hard work and determination does. Going back to the very beginning, on proclaiming that I was going to start a business my family were less than thrilled. Particularly my slightly old-fashioned Dad (sorry Dad), who went rather quiet. It was assumed from the word go that I didn’t have what it takes and that I was a little bit delusional. I had to prove myself to them before I got any backing, which I believe would have been quite different had my brother been the one starting a business. After seeing what I’m made of they are much more supportive now, its just a shame I had to prove it first. Women can be extremely competitive with each other (goes against the notion of women being gentle, caring, and otherwise rubbish in business doesn’t it?). Maybe it is the struggle to prove oneself and the fear of failure, but us girls can really step it up. This is a real shame in my book, if we could only work together and help each other we would have a much bigger share of the market and generally live a happier and more relaxed existence. So let’s not let anyone, including ourselves, stand in our way. We can all follow our dreams with a little self-belief. Doe Demure

“Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you can absolutely love what you’re doing.” Leo Babauta

“In my experience, nothing worthwhile has ever really been all that easy. But it certainly has been worthwhile regardless how difficult it seemed. “ Robert Fanney

Are You Aged 18 - 24? Interested In Business And Have A Business Idea? Looking To Become Self Employed Or Start Up Your Own Business?

Then Attend Our FREE 1 Day Introduction To Business Workshop Leicester City Centre 22nd November 2012 10.00am - 3.30pm There are limited places available so act today and don’t miss out! For further details or to book your place contact David Ryan at Skills for Enterprise 0116 251 8730

Tarotscopes For your delight and entertainment, Pure & Blessed Tarot has dipped into the Ancient Arts for some advice for Modern Business Women. So, without further ado, let’s see what November has in store?

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19 Page of Wands A new adventure or proposition brings with it a rush of excitement. Take time to examine your current situation and notice any changes that are already occurring. Look at your priorities and make creative use of work you have already done, to allow big changes whilst minimising risks.

Taurus Apr 20 - May 20 7 of Swords It may feel that you are experiencing hindrances and obstacles. Take a more detached view and notice how you feel in certain situations - remove yourself from anything that feels not quite right. Put some ‘me time’ in the diary and refresh your ideas with a new perspective.

Gemini May 21 - June 21 Strength During this time, you are much more powerful than you realise. There is strength in your words and you are able to simply and effectively get your point across by remaining calm and simply just stating facts. Keep your words clear and simple then smile and wait for results.

Cancer June 22 - July 22 The Hanged Man Hang back and take some time to explore your ideas, allow your mind to rest and let some clarity float in. Play around with any new ideas that emerge, these are insights into much bigger experiences that can be built on in the future.

Leo July 23 - Aug 22 King of Cups This is a good time to catch up with old friends. Allow simple conversations to flow and find inspiration from the natural abundance that surrounds you. Spend time with those who support you rather than those who would seek to guide and advise you.

Virgo Aug 23 - Sept 22 The Wheel You may be close to getting the break you have been waiting for. Look for changes that bring you joy and seem to flow naturally. Often it may feel as though things are just going round and round in circles, but sit back and watch the view. Recognise cycles and patterns in events and notice what has changed each time.

Libra Sept 23 - Oct 23 4 of Cups Things may not feel as though they are moving along as quickly as you would like. Take a pause and assess what you have already achieved, you may find that there is more in place than you realised. Allow your optimism to be renewed and you will find you are able to spot new opportunities more easily. Continued...

Tarotscopes continued

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 21 King of Swords There is a need to be discerning, logical and fair in all matters. Carefully weigh up all angles of a situation before you act. Do not allow your emotions to interfere with your thinking process. Be logical and fair and know that this will bring about the best outcome for all concerned.

Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21 7 of Cups You may feel afloat with many different ideas now, but spending time daydreaming and fantasising will mean that none become reality. Sharpen up your thinking and work out which ideas are the ones you really feel connected to, and then set about thinking how you put those dreams into action.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 4 of Wands Surprises and unexpected meetings are indicated. People and ideas come together to bring a renewed sense of purpose, and opportunities for growth and development. Let go of any feelings is dissatisfaction you may have and focus on spending time with those who celebrate life in all its varied ways.

Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18 The High Priestess Pay close attention to your intuition, there are ideas that are slowly forming and coming to life. Spending time in quiet meditation, will allow these subconscious thoughts to come to the surface and unfold. It is time to give form to your ideas and put them into practise.

Pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20 3 of Cups This is a time to celebrate and to develop friendships and partnerships. Seek out the company of those who help you to activate and invigorate your ideas. Work alongside others who share common ground but have different methods, so that both you and them become stronger in the process. Karen Sealey Text or Call on 07948 272330 Pure & Blessed Tarot Discover a new perspective@

Easy Steps To Start Your Business With The HMRC Being on the right side of the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can only work in your favour and will mean that you do not get any unwanted surprises when starting up your business, that's why the HMRC have launched their new e learning package. An easy way to work through starting your own business with simple step by step guidelines and modules. The HMRC have launched their new e learning package to help you start up your own business. This is an excellent tool with their step by step processes and modules covering all the elements of starting up your new business venture, there are a number of aspects that you can also focus on if you don't want to go through the whole module such as the legal requirements, registering your business and of course tax and VAT. In addition, there are also experiences of others who have started their business and details on how they did it, a great way to pick up useful hints and tips for yourself. To access the e learning tool, please click on the following link Please note the learning cannot yet be accessed from iPods or ipads.

HMRC Workshops The Business Education and Support Team are a dedicated team trained to provide help and advice to employers and the self-employed. HMRC has arranged a series of free workshops, delivered in key geographical locations designed especially to help you. HMRC’s forthcoming workshops: Newly Self-employed - 27th November 2012 • how to register your business with HMRC • understanding what is meant by employment status • different classes of National Insurance contributions • basic record keeping • the tax return cycle, payments to HMRC and penalties • where to go for further help and advice Business expenses and Allowances - 7th November & 6th December 2012 • what allowable business expenses are and how to work out your tax allowances • how to recognise the most common types of allowable business expenses • how to identify allowable and non-allowable business expenses • the different ways to work out your motoring expenses • how to correctly work out Capital Allowances for cars, other vehicles and equipment using examples • where to find any further information and help you may need • Self Assessment Online They are all held at Saxon House, 1 Causeway Lane, Leicester, LE1 4AA and are FREE If you would like to book a place please visit to book online or telephone 0845 603 2691

If you’re unsure how or when to register your business and would like further support, please give Leicester Business Women a call on 0116 251 8730 to make and a one to one appointment with our experienced advisors.

Bina Sitaram of Eco Kids


“I wanted to do a job which made a difference to society and that I found extremely rewarding. Now I make decisions on when I work, and I can fit this all in around my family commitments. The beauty about this - I am doing something I love, and I make the decisions.” decisions.”

Following her attendance on the excellent Leicester Business Women programme in November / December 2011, Bina went onto officially start her business in January 2012. Bina set up a Children’s Environmental Classes under the Eco Kids banner following a visit from her daughter’s nursery to her allotment. Her aim was to “make a difference in someone’s life; within society and to be able

to decide what kind of business I wanted to run and how.” There are some issues that Bina felt could be simplified, and we certainly agree with this. The legal issues around setting up and with Companies House definitely need to be simpler, making her put this off, but Bina was determined and retained focus within her end goal – something which we demonstrate throughout our training programme. As for many women with multiple demands, Bina struggled with finding the time to devote “Having three children, with a partner that works away from home, so lots of single

parenting, and being a key carer for my mum who has Alzheimer’s I knew I was taking a lot on” Although Bina may still struggle with her responsibilities, she is determined and intends to make this a successful venture – because she believes in it and has a passion to make this work! She goes onto to add that the support through Leicester Business Women has been “PRICELESS!” and has accessed many of our core services including the training programme, one to one support, networking events and website as well as using our face book page. The difference that the programme has made to Bina is that “If I would have known what I know now, I

may even have been less scared to set up on my own, I may not even have gone for a franchise option and dared to go on my own.” Finally, Bina’s advice for other women out there:


Meet & Mingle On Wednesday 7th November 2012, 6.00pm - 8.00pm At the LCB Depot, 31 Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1RE A free event for people thinking about starting up a business or in the early stages of trading. It will bring together Leicester's entrepreneurial enthusiasm and energy in one event. This event is organised and run by a large selection of local organisations that help people start businesses.. This event is all about learning from people who've been there and done it. We've invited a range of business owners all willing to share with you their triumphs, experiences, lessons learnt and much more besides. You will have the chance to ask questions and probe them for that valuable piece of experience which could make a huge difference to your business. You'll be able to Meet / Mingle with around 50 people in the same situation as you, over refreshments in the attractive informal surroundings of LCB Depot. Competition *PLUS* every attendee at this Meet / Mingle event will be entered into a competition to win a 6 months Virtual Tenancy package at Business Box, Leicester (Silver package). Note the prize has ‘no cash value’ attached to it and the offer would need to be taken up with 2 months of the draw. More information on the contents of the Silver Package available at The event will look like this: 6.00pm Arrival and refreshments with an opportunity to meet other people. 6.15pm prompt - Local Business Owners Q&A 7.00pm Refreshments and breakouts to network over coffee 8.00pm Close of event Ensure you book your free place now. Simply bring yourself and business cards if you have them, so people can easily find out how to contact you. If we're fully booked we'll operate a waiting list system, please add yourself to the waiting list. This is an event is bought to you by a partnership of business support agencies and networking groups including: A4E, b-Inspired, Case-Da, LCB Depot, The Prince's Trust, Skills for Enterprise and Spring.

Leicester Business Women’s Web Portal Our website is updated regularly with guidance on the practicalities of setting up in business, tips on developing your self confidence, how to move out of your comfort zone and advice on how to develop your business. You also have the opportunity to promote your own events online through our online calendar whilst networking in a safe and friendly online environment. Join groups and discussions to help others and use your blog or wall space to promote your business or special offers. Ask questions where you are unsure of your next steps. Check it out today by visiting

Social Media: Marketing with Google+ You may be very familiar with the use of LinkedIn and Facebook for your online marketing; what do you know about Google+ (sometimes written as Google Plus). Given the importance of Google’s search engine, it’s easy to appreciate the value of the Google name. You may even have a Google Mail (Gmail) account for your emails. Perhaps you have used Google Docs. Google+ is defined by Wikipedia as a multilingual social networking and identity service, launched in June 2011. In September 2012 it had 400 million registered users, of which 100 million were active on a monthly basis. You may have noticed the g+1 symbol on some websites, allowing the user to publically recommend the website page on Google+. Why register on Google+? Is there any worth in it? At this stage it’s impossible to predict how successful or otherwise Google+ will be, but it may be worth putting in some time to raise your business profile. Instead of having a lot of “friends” as you do on Facebook, you have different circles. So you can have a circle for friends, and other circles for family, for clients and so on. You create the circles, so call them what you like. You can add someone to a circle but they don’t have to add you back, as with Facebook. When you have someone in a circle, you can share with them and see what they are sharing with you. When you share information by posting, you can choose which circle or circles will see your post. You can chat with them provided you have them in a circle and they have you in one of their circles. If you already have a Gmail account, use an Android or other Google products, you can use a [Find People] button to have a list of people you know, that you might add to your circles. When you add someone to a circle, they are notified and may choose to add you to one of their circles. What they won’t know is which circle you have added them to. Those you have added to your circles will appear in your public profile. You may Follow people who are using Google+ so that you see their postings. As with other social media, you create your Profile with as much information as you wish to add. For each item in your profile, you choose who will be able to see it: those in your circle, public or just yourself. You can create Business Pages on your Google+, using the Pages button. You can then add Posts, Photos and Videos to your pages. Your circles from your business pages are handled separately, so when you switch to your business page, you will need to create your business circles. You can comment on other people’s posts so that your comments are visible to everyone who shared the original post. You can create an Event on Google+, choosing which of your circles you wish to invite. You might even want to have a video chat with up to 9 people – these are called Hangouts. You can share your own computer screen with others and watch You Tube clips together. Whilst these are essentially fun, there are serious business applications that are made possible, such as meeting colleagues or clients without having to travel. Have a look at Google+ yourself, join in and see where it takes you. © Copyright Jim Hewitt, Decimus Training

Virtual Office Have you started your business and are looking for that professional image? Someone to answer your calls and a city centre address? Leicester Business Women are able to provide this through Skills for Enterprise for you. For many new businesses, the costs of staff and premises are too high to even consider. With a virtual office package you get these benefits are a substantially discounted rate so you too can enjoy the advantages of office services without the expensive costs incurred. A virtual office package maybe just what you are looking for if: • • • • •

You are after a prestigious city centre address with your business name You would like a receptionist to answer your calls but cant afford the expense just yet You want to give the impression of an established well running business You have just started your business and want more opportunities for promotion Somewhere close to local points such as train stations or hotels

So, what will the virtual office service do for you? • • • • •

We will answer the call in your business name with your own dedicated business number You will use our business address for your business and we will forward any mail to you Reasonable rates on our rooms for hiring or meetings We will sign for any recorded or special delivery packages Help and support with designing business cards, corporate stationery and promotional materials

Our packages begin from just £12.99 per month + VAT and provide an exceptionally professional impression to your business, especially when you speak with potential new clients or customers. It also means that you save on overheads for receptionist and office costs. Can your business really afford to be without this service? We have a number of Leicester Business Women clients who use this service and just have a look below at what they say about the benefits of virtual office use: “With my new publishing company Kapitau Publishing , I could not afford renting premises for the business so I resolved to work from home, but again I needed a proper business address and land-line purely for business purposes. Skills for Enterprise offered a virtual office package and this became an instant solution to my worries regarding my company postal and communications services as well as office space. This virtual office service is convenient and readily available as and when required - all at very reasonable cost. As the Director of Kapitau Publishing Ltd, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation of Leicester Business Women's programmes and the Skills for Enterprise Virtual Office Services which my company is currently using.” Agrena Mushonga of Kapitau Publishing Ltd. “I think that if you have a business that demands a shop or other outlet then planning for that is relatively straight forward. Planning an operating space for a family mediation service is not! I needed a business and postal address, a telephone answering service to capture and follow up enquiries at an early stage and space to meet clients. As a young business, I wanted to present all this in a professional way but I wasn’t in a financial position to be able to rent a city centre office and employ staff. Skills for Enterprise virtual office provided me with the perfect solution. Setting it up couldn’t have been easier. A meeting with Baljit helped me to clarify my needs and to decide the best service package for me. This is a virtual office which represents good value for money and helps new businesses get up and running.” Anita Hall of Trinity Mediation Services. Interested in something a little different? Does our virtual office package not include what you’re after? Just give us a call and we maybe able to add it on to one of our services. For further information please contact Baljit Nagra on 0116 251 8730.

Keeping Going In Business What’s the key to keeping motivated when setting up in business? How do you over come those lows? How do you keep going when new challenges and obstacles occur in your way? Well each person, business and situation are different. Regardless of this, getting motivated and on-track isn’t difficult. It’s staying that way that’s the trick. And when you’re struggling to “make it,” sometimes it’s even harder. You find yourself wandering, letting yourself get distracted, and wondering if it will ever improve but there are plenty of tips, hints and support Leicester Business Women can advise?. So when times get hard?. •

Remember why you are doing this...whether you have had your business/business idea for a few months or a few years there was something (passion) that gave you the courage and strength to start your business to self employment. It may have been wanting to be your own boss, flexibility around your family, helping other or simply having a passion that you want to share with others you need to remember that reason and hold on to it!!!

• •

Share your problems?whether this is talking to a supportive friend, member of your family or to a mentor, share your thoughts. Ensure you only have people that will support you and belief in your, this is not a time to be around negative people.

Make a you know what's next, what do you need to do now to improve the situation. Anyone you need to contact?

Set small goals?setting big goals which may take time or even may fail to reach will be disheartening. Where as setting and reaching small achievable goals this is easier to see yours and yours business’s progress?just make sure there not to small, still need to challenge yourself.

Believe in yourself? “To succeed, we must first believe that we can”. Michael Korda Hard Hitting tips for Business Success by Sharon Roberts, Managing Director of Vision Development Consultants

It always amazes me how many people say they don’t have the time to spend on business development, but yet spend so much time watching soaps or making excuses why things don’t get done. So what are you going to sacrifice to succeed in business? 1. Remind yourself why you are in business? What is your passion? What drives you? 2. Drive yourself more from your head and not from your heart, if you give away more than you make, how will you survive in business? 3. Limit your free exchange of services. This could imply to other people that you don’t value your knowledge and expertise. You didn’t pay for my service so you can’t complain. 4. Think how can I fail in business? Then come up with the solutions not to fail. 5. Stop making excuses and putting things off. Consider the question (What am I avoiding?) And what are the consequences of this? 6. Being in business is about making money FULL STOP! And getting your customers to come back again and again (building profitable relationships) 7. Know your costs and your business like the back of your hand. 8. Before you turn the key into your office, you should know how much your offices or shop needs to take each day or at least each week. 9. Don’t wait for your well to go dry. Too many people in business wait until they are so desperate for new customers; they forget to market themselves in the busy times. 10. Know your referral value: People who have been referred to you are more than happy to pay the full price. ‘Collaborate to Accumulate’ Please visit Sharon’s website for more information on business development and the Facebook for daily tips and inspiration.

Want to see you business here? This exciting newsletter will give you the opportunity to advertise and promote directly to our database, all are female and based in Leicester / Leicestershire. In addition, we have a large partner database who will also receive the newsletter. Our next edition will be in November, does your business have any special offers / deal or information to share? Are you holding or attending any events that you think business ladies in Leicester / Leicestershire may benefit from? If so, let us know!! How would you rate Leicester Business Women’s newsletter? Is there anything you would you like to see featured in our next newsletter? What would you like more / less of? Leicester Business Women would like to make our newsletters as informative and exciting to all our members and ladies in Leicester so we would love your feedback. Contact Leicester Business Women today on 0116 251 8730 If you missed our July, August or September newsletters check them out! leicester_business_women_newsletter_july_2012_edit leicester_business_women_newsletter_august_2012_ed leicester_business_women_newsletter_september_edit Full of relevant business information such as marketing, finance, hints and tips on motivation and confidence as well as information on our FREE Business Lounge, virtual office service, forthcoming training workshops, networking events, adverts from our members and plenty more!!!

Leicester Business Women Newsletter October 2012 Edition  

This months newsletter is full of support and advice to help you further. With information on the Meet & Mingle event, HMRC workshops and th...

Leicester Business Women Newsletter October 2012 Edition  

This months newsletter is full of support and advice to help you further. With information on the Meet & Mingle event, HMRC workshops and th...