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August 2017 | Greater Lehigh Valley and Far West NJ Edition |

Nature Calls * …Again? Introducing The New

Bladder One


• Formulated with eight herbal extracts to support healthy bladder balance and control.* • Rich in phytonutrients to cover all dimensions of urinary tract health.* • With nature’s cleansing properties.* • A natural solution to help put an end to those sleepless nights.* • Provides antioxidants to protect cells from free radicals.* • Two month supply in convenient capsule form.*

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416. 467.4770 | 1.800.392.5233 150 Laird Drive, Toronto, ON M4G 3V7



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Fi I P D Cl D


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natural awakenings

August 2017


contents 6 newsbriefs

Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

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26 CREATE A LOVE NEST Set Out a Welcome Mat for a Soulmate by Arielle Ford


How Changing Your Thinking Changes Everything by April Thompson

32 LIVE CANCER-FREE Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Cancer by Linda Sechrist


40 FEAST IN THE FIELDS The Rise of Pop-Up Organic Dining

by John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist


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by Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr.

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Escape into Nature with a Day Trip


by Marlaina Donato


Caring Rehab Gives Them a Second Chance by Sandra Murphy

48 DOGS AT WORK Finding the Right Dog for the Job by Sandra Murphy


The Martial Arts Hold Deep Inner Lessons by Eric Stevens




ancer sucks. This may not be the best way to express myself, but despite the billions of dollars spent on treatment and research, the number of Americans diagnosed with cancer has increased nearly fivefold since President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971. A blood cancer took my father in 2010. My friend and a regular contributor to this edition of Natural Awakenings, Elisa Smith, succumbed to the disease just a few weeks ago. Even our company president, Larry Levine, received an unexpected diagnosis of multiple Stage 4 cancers less than a year ago and was gone within weeks. Countless friends and colleges have lost family members or are going through aggressive treatments that leave them a shell of their former selves. As the second leading cause of death in the U.S. and the number one killer of women age 20 to 59 worldwide, cancer touches us all. It’s time we change the way we think about cancer. The best defense against cancer is to avoid it. Interestingly, we all have cancerous cells in out body right now, but a healthy immune system in a healthy person naturally eliminates these mutated cells. Study the graphic on page 37. I found that to be very enlightening. Make changes when cancer is getting a foothold, and you have the best chance of defeating it. Cancer and cancer treatment can be very confusing, very emotional and very controversial, but one thing is clear to me, when our bodies become stagnant or our immune system is compromised, then the cancer cells can get the upper hand. It’s no surprise to me that the increase in cancer diagnosis corresponds with timing of Americans increase in sedentary lifestyles and the increased consumption of unhealthy, chemical-laden, irradiated food. Also, the number and complexity of chemicals in our homes, workplaces and foods have increased dramatically since 1971. In my mind, the best way to avoid cancer is to eat better food, eliminate chemicals from our personal environment and move our bodies, so natural detoxification processes can perform as intended. We do also need to tend to our emotional health. Cutting-edge research does link emotions to measurable, physiological changes in the body. Negative emotion leads to illness. Pull those negative emotions out like weeds and reach for higher thoughts. In my mind, it’s a personal war. It’s me versus cancer. I want to know what is truth and what is the right approach for me as a biological individual. A truly holistic approach to being healthy is the reason this publication exists. On page 30 through page 38, we bring together many specific strategies to personally reclaim your power over cancer. Knowing the contributors to this issue has empowered me to make changes that I feel great about. I hope you find similar understanding in your own personal quest for a long, active and healthy life. Cancer sucks, but I will manage the conditions of my body and mind to show it who is the boss.

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natural awakenings

August 2017



Forest Bathing for Professional Reflexology Certification Course in Lebanon Certification


r. Gwen Ward, of Health Quest Holistics, in Lebanon, Pennsylvania is teaching a two-day course from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., September 16 and 17, that includes everything needed to become a certified foot or full body reflexologist using the natural electromagnetic process, with small class sizes and continued support beyond the classroom. Approved through the NCBTMB, this popular class teaches students head-to-toe alignment with no background in reflexology needed. Ward is the author of Foot Reflexology: Health Begins in the Feet! She is a 2004 graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health and holds a master's degree in natural health and a Ph.D. as a naturopathic doctor. Schooled in nutritional live blood cell analysis since 1997, she provides clients with an up-close, real-time look at the amazing world of blood. Cost is $375 course/$75 certification; 14 CEU hours. For more information or to register, call: Rev. Dr. Gwen Ward, 717-228-0612 or email:

Reiki Certification Classes in Mountaintop


aster Reiki teacher Anthony V. Wojnar, DD, RMT, member IARP, ICRT, of Life Holistic Center LLC, is offering a Reiki 1 certification program from 9:30 to 5 p.m., August 12. Highlights include the history of Reiki, Japanese Reiki techniques, Reiki 1 initiation, hands-on practice time and a 179-page manual. Cost is $150; register by August 6. CEU available. A Reiki 2, certification program will be offered from 9:30 to 5 p.m., August 26, adding three Reiki symbols, Japanese Reiki techAnthony V. Wojnar niques, Reiki 2 Attunement, hands-on practice time and a 179-page D.D., RM manual Cost is $150; register by August 19. CEU available. Seven Sacred Flames Reiki, Self-Procedure I will be held on September 9. This is a high spiritual practice for self-realization, activation and attunement. Participants learn the Great Central Sun Meditation for a state of pure consciousness. Cost is $150; register by September 2. Location: Mountaintop, PA. For more information, call 570-706-6680 or visit See ad page 61.


Lehigh Valley


he Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley will offer a Forest Bathing Retreat for health and wellness professionals from Wednesday, September 6 through Friday, September 8. The three-day intensive retreat will feature Amos Clifford from the Association of Forest Therapy Guides. Attendees will receive a level-1 location based certificate. Until recently, humans have had an intimate reliance on nature in order to survive. In today’s concrete jungle, artificially lit buildings, computer screens, smart TV’s and mobile devices with flashing screens have not only distanced us from our innate need of nature, but we have also begun to lose the realization of its importance. Nature wants to heal. It was built for it. Forest Bathing, or ShinrinYoku touts growing research that supports the far east tradition and understanding that spending time in the deep woods has profound healing power. Over time, Forest Bathing can produce quantifiable changes in the body and mind. Cost is $699 per person, per night for overnight guests or $439 per person per day for certification and meals only. The Lodge at Woodloch also offers a weekly forest bathing exploration weekly in season. Call 800-WOODLOCH or visit for reservations. See ad page 11.

Learn About Amino Acids and the Brain


ratitude makes sense of our DI/Health Through Awareness will host past, brings peace for today and a holistic health webicreates a vision for tomorrow. nar, Feed Your Brain, First: Using Amino Acid ~Melody Beattie and Nutrient Therapy to Effectively Address Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and Addiction Christina Veselak without Medication, from 7 to 8 p.m. EST, August 23, with Christina Veselak, specializing in nutrition for emotional wellbeing and addiction recovery since 1985. She states, “Neurotransmitters are the chemicals in our brains that mediate our LABOR 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: moods and behaviors. When they are de-610-421-4445 DAY pleted or out of balance,• we will suffer from WEEKEND! depression, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia. Proof for Natural Awakenings AsAd a way of self-medicating, one may turn to mood-altering substances to cope.” P: 610-421-4443 Nutrients such as amino acids such F: 610-421-4445 as tyrosine, GABA, 5HTP and others allow the brain to create and rebuild neuAT ase sign your proof and complete the following rotransmitters. They are readily availableinformation: d is shownfrom at actual size.vitamin See second fortolarger ads.) a nearby store page to help improve mood and well-being. “You will learncontact about the crucial vitamins, miner- is correct d is approved: information and spelling als and essential fatty acids such as fish Ad is which approved indicated oil, helpwith withchanges effectiveness of the amino acids,” says Veselak. Ad is not approved – make changes indicated


The webinar is free. To register, call 856596-5834 or visit See ad page 35.

SEPT 1 - 4!



natural awakenings

August 2017


newsbriefs Convenient Solution for Lactose Sensitivity


he intestinal lining is made of billions of bacteria, both good and bad. Lactose sensitivity is the inability to properly digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk products. It is caused by a deficiency of lactase, the enzyme produced by the cells lining the small intestine. Lactase breaks down lactose into two simpler forms of sugar, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream. Probiotics are supplements which contain good bacteria and when consumed add beneficial bacteria to the intestines. Lacto-Freedom from Milford PA based Manzo Pharmaceuticals is a probiotic that stays in the intestines, produces lactase, and allows the body to more efficiently digest lactose for months, so you can enjoy dairy products without discomfort. With clinically proven Lacto-Freedom you can enjoy dairy products and lactose containing foods without experiencing cramps, diarrhea, gas and bloating without the hassle of taking lactase supplements with every lactose containing meal. Lacto-Freedom is taken for only 7 days; and the relief lasts for months. For more information, visit See ad page 28.

One of the fastest Boston Marathon qualifying courses in the nation!  Team Relay - 5 people, 26.2 miles   5K Run - Ages 13 & Up  8

Lehigh Valley

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in September


oundless Yoga Studio Stroudsburg will conduct restorative yoga teacher training with Tracy Gross and Jessica Batha from September 8 through 10. This 18-hour comprehensive experiential immersion gives current teachers and serious students an in-depth guide of the techniques and practices of restorative yoga. Restorative yoga uses props and supports that allow the practitioner to hold poses for a longer period of time without the stress of trying to achieve a posture, promoting deeper relaxation and creating a space for healing. Sessions include, restorative yoga practice, practice teaching, lecture, sequencing for special conditions and populations, discussion, therapeutic techniques and time for questions and answers. Topics include the art of teaching restorative yoga; the creative use of props; the physiology of the nervous system and stress response; breathing; and more. Students will practice sequences for special populations, teaching, handling emotional responses and releases during class and hands-on assists and more. CEU available. Location: 823-F Ann St., Stroudsburg, PA For more information, call 570-664-0956.

KarmaFest Camping Weekend Comes to Pottstown


armaFest, a holistic, psychic and yoga festival weekend of camping and fun, returns to Pottstown for the Labor Day weekend, September 1 through 4, at Fellowship Farm. The festival will feature enlightening lectures, meditation, live music, swimming, vegan and vegetarian food, 50 to 75 interesting vendors and a full weekend of yoga. Also available will be special workshops and a children’s program. KarmaFest was founded by Patricia Hawse in 2005, after she experienced the effects of holistic health firsthand while serving for the Red Cross in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Witnessing the immediate effects of yoga and meditation to relieve tension and increase energy and balance, Hawse vowed to spread the word through a festival—KarmaFest. “This year, music is the thing!” says Hawse. Headlining is the neo-psychedelic rock band Flux Capacitor, which will perform Sunday night. Other groups include Stella’s Infirmary, Cosmic Jerry Band, Gypsy Funk Squad, Jug Funk Boys, Montaj and Mountainwolf. “Staying the full weekend is the best part of this festival,” Hawse adds. “Lots of camping out in tents and others in the dorms. The pool, the bonfire, the drum circles—that’s what brings us back for this special, annual celebration at this excellent venue.” Natural Awakenings of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Lehigh Valley and Berks/Lancaster editions are proud to be supporting media sponsors of this year's Karmafest. Campers can arrive after 6 p.m. on September 1 and will check out by noon on September 4. Daytime-only participants are also welcome from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., September 2 and 3. Cost: Full weekend pass, with three-night stay, starts at $111 for tent camping and $188 for dorm stay (children under 12 are free unless staying in dorm). Student tent rates and meal plans are available. Day passes: $20. Location: Fellowship Farm, 2488 Sanatoga Rd., Pottstown. For more information, call Diane at 610-220-7817, email or visit KarmaFest. com. See ad, page 7.

Holistic Answers for your Healthcare Needs offering long-term solutions for wellness and vitality

801 W. Broad Street, Bethlehem, PA 610.419.8881

Good Health Starts with Your Mouth Quality state-of-the-art natural and cosmetic dentistry for people of all ages. Missing Teeth?

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At our patientcentered practice, we do everything possible to make dental visits pleasant for our patients.

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Get a FREE Second Opinion

610-365-5000 430 Nazareth Pike •Ste. 2A • Nazareth natural awakenings

August 2017


Help for Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Mobility


Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 • Ad Proof for Natural Awakenings To: Email:

P: 610-421-4443 F: 610-421-4445

Please sign your proof and complete the following information: (Ad is shown at actual size. See second page for larger ads.) Ad is approved: contact information and spelling is correct Ad is approved with changes indicated Ad is not approved – make changes indicated

lizabeth (Betsy) Wetzig, BA, CCPT, will host a night of information and exploration for people diagnosed with MS or Parkinson’s Disease from 7 to 8 p.m., August 22, at Twin Ponds Health Elizabeth Wetzig, BA Integrative Center. Wetzig helps clients improve strength, balance, mobility, range of motion, energy, posture and walking gait. Wetzig is a movement researcher, choreographer, educator, dancer, and author. She is also the founding director of Coordination Pattern Training, and Full Potential Learning. Participants will enjoy power-assisted exercises and a rehabilitation demonstration that allows exercise at any ability with multiple speeds. The Multimaster provides a full-body workout in just 15 to 30 minutes. It allows clients to exercise muscles in a semi-passive state, known as continuous passive motion, which works through repetitive isokinetic exercises to isolate muscle groups. The Multimaster is wheelchairfriendly, allowing it to be used by those dealing with such challenging conditions as, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and other related diseases. Admission is free. Location: 628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville, PA. To preregister, call 610-398-9652. See ad this page.

I keep dreaming of a future, a future with a long and healthy life, not lived in the shadow of cancer but in the light. ~Patrick Swayze


Lehigh Valley

he property of Natural Awakenings and may not be reproduced in any other publication without permis-

Interfaith Ministry Program Set for September

If You Are Reading This, So Are Your Potential Customers.


oin one of the country’s most comprehensive Interfaith programs for religious studies, Contact us today to discuss print, online, social media & mobile promotional packages. professional development and spiritual transformation at the School of Sacred Ministries in Doylestown beginning in September. The 27-month program of study has been helping individuals create deeper meaning in their lives since 1997. Participants of the program will study the world’s If You Are Reading This, major religious, spiritual and wisdom So Are Your Potential Customers. traditions, experience the power of ritual and the beauty of celebration, and learn all that it means to be a member of the interfaith clergy. “You’re not just studying”, states Reverend Brian Weis. “You’re working on your own path. It’s a transformational ContactThe us today to discuss print, online, social media & mobile promotional packages. 610-421 rather than an academic experience. question posed to students is, essentially; How can I use what’s in my heart to bring more healing into the world?” Year one of the program focuses on immersion where students explore the major spiritual traditions of the world and gain respect for differing points of view. The second year focuses on being of service with an emphasis on spiritual emergence, reflective listening, music and movement in ministry, the business of If You Are Reading This, ministry, public speaking, pastoral care, So Are Your Potential Customers. the power of ritual and creating meaningful ceremony, including the Interfaith wedding. Students are also introduced to topics such as spiritual counseling, group facilitation, forms of prayer, ceremonial work and interpersonal exploration. Classes are held on alternating Saturdays from September through June, plus nine quarterly weekend retreats.


Location: 320 Edison-Furlong Rd., Contact us Doylestown. For more information, call 215-348-3428 or visit or See ad, page12..

today to discuss print, online, social media & mobile promotional packa

610-421-4443 natural awakenings


August 2017


Restorative Yoga Classes for St. Luke’s Quakertown Cancer Patients

Love Lessons & Awakening


essica Brown, an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher will facilitate an inspiring and oots & Wings Facilitating Healing, in enlightening workshop on AuQuakertown has received a grant from gust 8 at 7 p.m. at The Loving St. Luke’s Quakertown for cancer patients Piece in downtown Easton. to receive free yoga classes, thanks to Mary Brown combines love, light, Experience: Ann Angelo, a cancer care counselor at St. wisdom, intuition and her gift of Luke’s. yoga, Wednesdays storytelling in a transformative, HilleryChair combines heroffered extensiveon experience in healing arts and massage, at her 11knowledge a.m., andof Fridays 10:30in a.m. and yoga, and her commitment fun, and healing workshop. She yoga andatinterest devotional to healing the earth intoclass all heron yoga Originally from Vashon Island, a Let Go and Restore Fridays 6 always holds the intention and Washington, sheoptions joined the in 2010. Hillery has that whatever needs to be healed, cleared, p.m., are great forQuakertown those whocommunity need trusts in the divine practicing on yogamoving since shevital was 19. She studied Washington, to been concentrate energy and Viniyoga releasedinor discovered will manifest for each person she works and completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training and immersions withwill leave with priceless tools and the awareHillery Woods reducing stress. with. Attendees YOGADHARMA. Siatkowski Roots and Wings Founder, Hillery Woods ness to help them navigate through life. Siatkowski, is educated and experienced in providing compasThe Loving Piece is a new-age, metaphysical shop offersionate support for those living with cancer. She completed the ing a vast array of incense, incense burners, sage sticks for Outside the studio I am usually studying and practicing dharma and furthering my first Jin Shin Jyustu certified practitioner training last year at Mor- smudging, authentic Himalayan salt lamps, singing bowls, studies in massage and bodywork. Seriously, I haven’t read a novel for years! I usually have ristown Hospital, where patients have access to integrative care. authentic dream catchers, natural soaps and lotions, jewelry books in my hand about the psoas or some kinetics discipline. I also consider myself a Reinforcing the Nervous System is important whenhealthy made by local artists, tapestries, self-help books, crystals, wind visionarysafety and getwithin inspired thinking about collective action to make communities the body is in a constant state of survival due to critical illness. chimes, or art projects that bring more awareness towards our awesome human potential. and soy candles. They also carry organic clothing by Every day is different for cancer patients; coming to class is an Soul Flower, Synergy, and Threads 4 Thought; plus, sandals and Mona B. Bags. accomplishment worth celebrating.

RHil ery Woods Siatkowski


love working with diversity of culture, age, shape Workshop and ability. I cost believe Location: 127 S. 5th “ISt., Quakertown. For more information, is $28. Location: 7 North Third Street, Easton. you can move you can practice yoga. IfSee you ad can breathe, you are practicing call 215-257-5025 orifvisit Call 484-206-8140 to reserve a spot. See ad page 29. yoga! Yoga is the link between breath and movement. I love sharing yoga page 16. now because it is a doorway towards learning more about ourselves and how we want to participate in the world around us. My practice and classes are alignment based. That means that in each class I am looking at a way for students to move in yoga that is: 1) Safe, 2) Challenging in a way that we are pleasantly surprised to move beyond what we thought we were capable of moment. 3) Moves the vital life force energy: prana. When we have good alignment, we are creating a direct, easy flow for prana.”


Lehigh Valley

Observe Your Health Under the Microscope


ealth Habits is offering appointments for Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis that can help catch disease before it starts. The analysis is a scientific method of seeing the real story of how the body is processing food and knowing what vitamins, minerals and lifestyle changes would work best for each individual. By examining a small droplet of blood under the specialized microscope connected to a TV, a fascinating world of red and white blood cells, plasma and platelets come to life. These blood components are among various indicators that reveal information on the general wellness and nutritional needs of the individual. This preventative procedure is combined with an in-depth, confidential Health Evaluation Profile and produces a holistic, dynamic and exciting method of charting a more direct course to better health. The blood analysis is recorded so that future comparisons and changes can be documented. In addition, a dried blood layer screening will be done that helps detect past and chronic conditions and degeneration in specific body systems. The screenings, along with a 20-30 minute consultation, are performed by Gwen Ward N.D. for $80 at the Healthy Habits Natural Food Store on RT 873 in Schencksville on September 15 and October 20. To schedule an appointment, call 610-767-3100.

You cannot step into the same river twice. ~Heraclitus

Kim’s Healing Center

1223 BUtler st. • easton, Pa 18042 • 610-559-7280

Chinese Traditional Bodywork

reflexology special: 1 hour onlY $40


2 hours of meridian acupressure Bodywork: $95 or 3 hours of meridian acupressure Bodywork: $135 with annual $30 membership Hours: monday – thursday: 9 am – 8 pm Friday & saturday: 9 am – 9 pm sunday: 9 am – 6 pm

• infrared sauna • ion Cleansing • Cupping therapy • Hundreds of Herbal remedies • Yoga (Fridays 5-6 pm)

Bee Pollen all natural Weight loss Pills made in U.s.a. essential oils available soon!

Pa lmt license #msg 003922

natural awakenings

August 2017


Anxiety Relief with Effortless Meditation


reg Schw e i t z e r, a meditation teacher of 40 years who has taught Dr. Way n e D y e r and George Harrison, will provide two free, one-and-a-half-hour introductory classes on Effortless Meditation, valued at $20, at 9 a.m., on Saturday, August 12 and at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, August 23, at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center. The entire course comprises 10 hours of instruction. Effortless Meditation is natural medicine and an antidote for the stress response. It has been scientifically validated by extensive research and recommended by physicians as a self-care technique with documented benefits for managing high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain, brain fog and more. While practicing this mental technique, the mind effortlessly settles down to the quiet state that exists beneath the busyness on its surface. Under stress, our mind is like a stormy ocean. The waves are turbulent on the surface, however deep below, the sea is calm. Meditation accesses the quieter states of the mind as the body begins to rest deeply, releasing stress and inner tension. Location: 628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville, PA. For more information and to preregister, call 610-395-3355 or visit See ad, page 59.

feel good • live simply • laugh more


Lehigh Valley

Interactive and connect &Parent create Child Workshops


arents and children from 6 weeks to 6 years old can join others to learn about the Kenstenberg Movement Profile (KestenbergMovementProfile. org) from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each Tuesday in September, with movement expert Suzanne Hastie and holistic health counselor Christina Moyes. interactive | fun | informative “If the mind, emotions and body are a closely integrated, mutually interacting system, then it is reasonable that Parent/Child Workshops we should be able to gain information about the mind by ages 6 weeks – 6 years (parents should be older) observing the body,” says Moyes. “The body and its manner reveals aspects of current feelings and of moving not only Every Tuesday Starting September emotions, but can give usin insight into an individual’s past.” Because both physical and emotional experiences leave 11:30am - 12:30pm long-term traces upon the way people hold themselves and nds Int. Health Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville, PA move, the study of movement opens a door to the study of d by Suzanne Hastie, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC & Christina Moyes, CHHC patterns of early development, coping strategies and person ality configurations.

ect and create harmony with your children Cost is $37 per session, including healthy lunch or snack. Lorning what secrets their movements reveal! cation: Twin Ponds Health Integrative Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville, PA. To register, call 610-417-0831, email or visit and * choose Schedule Now. See ad, page 6. /session includes healthy lunch or snack REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Healthy Vending Fuels the Day NE HASTIE: 610-417-0831, s more and more people are becomOR ing health conscious and concerned and click on “schedule now” about their food sources, the need for


having organic, natural, and gluten-free options available at the workplace, busiore on this method visit: nesses, and schools is in high demand. pre-order your snack or lunch selection once registration is complete Having a variety of healthy food and drink choices shows that your institution cares about the individual food choices, health, and dietary needs of people, particularly those who can only eat gluten-free. Snacky Matz LLC a woman-owned business in Allentown offers a line of healthy vending machines for schools, colleges, gyms, health facilities, or workplace lunchrooms where healthy options for students, employees or customers is preferred. The machines can be configured to vend snacks, drinks and entrees with up to 420 high-demand, name brand products. The high capacity, state-of-the-art machines are environmentally responsible, energy efficient, well lit, accept debit and credit cards and are remotely monitored for timely and efficient restocking. A portion of proceeds is donated to Dream Come True. PlaceA portion of proceeds is donated to Dream Come True. Placement is free to qualified locations. For more information call 610-9725356 or visit See ad, page 12.

natural awakenings

August 2017


Simple Tools to Change Your Life


f you could change anything in your life, what would you choose? Relationships? Job? Finances? Health? More time for you? Allow Juliana Freeman and Yvonne Cormier to Juliana Freeman Yvonne Cormier inspire and empower you with some simple tools to stop delaying and start creating the life you desire in a free presentation on August 12 at 1 p.m. in South Bethlehem. Access Bars® is a body process that consists of holding 32 points on the head that relate to different areas of life such as money, creativity, body, sexuality, communication, aging and more, and allows our bodies to clear out limiting points of view and create more space. Access Consciousness is a different point of view about life. It allows you to change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way. Refreshments served. Location: Café the Lodge at 437 E. 4th St, Bethlehem. Space is limited so call 703-965-1303 to reserve a spot. See ad page 29.

Meet Your

Natural Match On Our Newly Upgraded Website We invite you to join and experience a truly conscious, loving, dating environment with amazing members. Summer is here; be proactive by joining today. Your natural match is waiting to meet you!

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SUP for fun and Fitness


xperience stand-up-paddleboard (SUP), the world's fastest-growing outdoor recreation activity, with level two certified instructor Kevin Nagle at Betlzville Lake, outside Lehighton. SUP is a fun way to get in shape with low impact exercise outside on the water and under the sun. A combination of surfing, canoeing and outrigger paddling, participants use a paddle to glide over the water while standing on a large, surfboard-like vessel. Anyone can standup-paddle. The sport is gaining more popularity in harbors, lakes and rivers, making it easy and accessible for everybody without access to the ocean. Daily options include introduction sessions, Paddlefit and a hatha yoga SUP class. Nagle’s eco-tours include the Dawn Patrol departing during the wee hours of the morning; the Sunset Tour and the Moonlight Paddle providing a peaceful outing with opportunities to see wildlife, explore coves and glide through the water. Birthday parties, team building and other group outs are available by appointment. The classes and tours can be taken at Beltzville Lake or Nagle can travel to a lake or other private location for group sessions. For more information, call 570-269-2440 or visit See ad page 17.


Rosemary Gladstar Returns to MidAtlantic Women’s Herbal Conference by Sheila Julson


he MidAtlantic Women’s Herbal Conference (MAWHC), honoring the age-old wisdom of natural and herbal medicines, takes place September 30 through October 1, at the Kempton Community Center, in Kempton, Pennsylvania. MAWHC, now in its seventh year, welcomes the return of Rosemary Gladstar, an icon in the herbal medicine world and co-founder of Sage Mountain Herbs, in Vermont. Gladstar, author of several books about herbal health, also established United Plant Savers, an organization that raises awareness and secures the longevity of endangered plants. The weekend-long conference features many general introductory classes teaching attendees how to use plant med-

icine in their family lives. “The conference reaches the beginner—somebody that dabbles in plant medicine for their own personal use— as well as health professionals that want to integrate it into their medical practices,” says Charis Lindrooth, chiropractor, herbalist and founder of MAWHC. Other featured workshop leaders include Susan Leopold, Ph.D. and executive director of United Plant Savers. Leopold will give the Saturday opening address focused on this year’s conference theme, “Plant Allies”. Donna Bryant Winston, a registered nurse and community herbalist, will lead a popular soap-making class. Clinical herbalist Kate Gilday offers pine needle basket making, and Lindrooth will teach Keeping Your Brain Brilliant, a session on natural care

for the brain. The class is an introduction to her six-week online course for people who want to preserve their cognitive powers as they age. Attendees can also learn about natural skin care, building an herbal dispensary, aphrodisiac powers of plants, kitchen medicine, garden secrets, fermentation and more. Vendors will be on hand to offer natural products, an array of healthy and vegan foods and a kid’s camp promises a day of play and nature education for children ages 3 through 12. Saturday winds down with a drum circle. On-site camping options are available Friday and Saturday night. Lindrooth says the MAWHC has grown since its beginnings, nearly doubling in size. “Our conference is modeled after Rosemary Gladstar’s herbal conference, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year,” she says. “Ours is a smaller, more intimate version of that.” MAWHC is also starting a new event that will include men: “Allies for Plants and People” is scheduled for June 9, 2018, at the Circle of Seasons Waldorf Charter School, in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. David Winston, internationally acclaimed herbalist, teacher and founder of David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies and Herbalist & Alchemist Apothecary, will lead the symposium. Cost: varies; see website for details. Location: 83 Community Center Dr., Kempton. For more information, call 610-683-9363, email MAWomensHerbalConference@ or visit

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ussex University researchers in the UK tested the brain activity of 17 healthy subjects as they listened to a series of soundscapes from either natural or artificial environments. Brain scans and questionnaires found that natural sounds led to relaxation and positive feedback, while artificial sounds activated stress and anxiety-related brain activity.

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study from the University of Washington, in Seattle, tested the relationship of immune system functioning to lack of adequate sleep. To rule out genetic factors, which experts say account for 31 to 55 percent of individual sleep patterns, researchers tested blood samples from 11 pairs of adult identical twins (genetic matches) with differing sleep habits. They found that the immune system was depressed in the twin that slept less. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are sleeping 1.5 to two hours less than they did 100 years ago, and more than 30 percent of working people average fewer than six hours a night. Dr. Nathanial Watson, lead author and co-director of the university’s Sleep Medicine Center at Harborview Medical Center, observes, “Seven or more hours of sleep is recommended for optimal health.”

Maple Syrup Gives Good Gut


esearchers from the University of Rhode Island have discovered that pure maple syrup contains inulin, a complex carbohydrate that serves as a prebiotic. It encourages growth of beneficial gut bacteria and extends the lengthy list of beneficial vitamins and minerals contained in this natural sweet. Consume it in moderation, limited to a few times a week.

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Natural Sounds Soothe the Brain

Sufficient Sleep Supports Immunity





masters of bodywork

Relieving Back Pain Boosting Immunity Reducing Anxiety Box 421 Emmaus, PALowering 18049 •Blood P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4 Pressure • www.NaturalAwakenings Treating Migraines Decreasing Carpel Tunnel Symptoms AdEasing Proof Post for Natural Awakenings Operative Pain Alleviating Side Effects of Cancer To: P: 610-421-4443 Email: F: 610-421-4445

Meditating Raises Spirits More than a Vacation

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Raindrop Technique

Combines unique, targeted massage and Ad is approved: contact and spelling is correc energy information approaches with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, Ad is approved with changes indicated rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. Ad is not approved – make changes indicated


cientists from the University of California at San Francisco, and Harvard Medical School, in Boston, tested the effect of vacations and meditation on the genes of 64 women between the ages of 30 and 60 that were novice meditators. They all spent six days at the same resort in California. Half participated in a meditation program that included yoga, self-reflection exercises and mantra meditation; the other half did not engage in onsite meditation. The researchers also studied a group of 30 experienced meditators already participating in the resort’s meditation program. Blood sample tests and surveys from all 94 women were conducted at intervals: once right before their stay, once right after, a third one month post-vacation and then 10 months after the trip. All the women displayed significant changes to their molecular network pattern after the six days, with the most substantial genetic changes related to immune function and stress response. One month after the resort experience, all groups continued to display improvements. However, the novice meditators showed fewer symptoms of depression and stress for a significantly longer period than the women not participating in the meditation exercise.

Has Been Proven Effective In:

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Massage Relieves Chronic Back Pain


Chinese Fungi Relieve Asthma Suffering





Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms, When My Lab Tests Are “Normal?” Thyroid disease affects over 20 million people here in the United States alone. The harsh reality is that it is our female population that is being hardest hit. Presently, statistics show over 25 times the incidence of the disease in women than in men.

Are you suffering with: • Excessive Fatigue? • Hair Falling Out? • Depression? • Sensitivity to Cold? • Constipation? • Anxiety? • Heart Palpitations? • Dry Skin and Hair? How Would You Like To Discover What Every Hypothyroid Sufferer Absolutely Must Know... • Learn why, even with medication and a so-called “normal” TSH lab test, you still feel... LOUSY! • How up to 90% of Hypothyroidism sufferers (and possibly you) have an often undiagnosed auto-immune condition that’s literally destroying your thyroid and... why your doctor has been ignoring it! • Did you know that there are 6 different patterns to Thyroid problems and only one is actually helped by medication! • That blood sugar, adrenal glands and your gut play a BIG role in thyroid health? If you’re tired of dealing with thyroid problems, not getting better and you are worried about getting worse, please call our office at 610974-9911 and schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Raymond Benedetto, DC and let’s see if we can help. Patients with thyroid disorders need an experienced expert to guide them in the management of their condition beyond the simple hormone therapy. We’ve been helping patients with thyroid disorders day in and day out and would be happy to consult with you to discuss your individual case. To schedule a consultation or for more information, please call 610-974-9911 or go to


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esearchers from Indiana University-Purdue University, in Indianapolis, set out to find out if massage therapy—typically an out-of-pocket exesearchers pense not covered under most insurance plans— from Capican provide effective treatment for individuals tal Medical suffering with chronic back pain. University, in The study followed 76 primary care patients Beijing, Chiwith chronic back pain for 24 weeks. The researchna, tested the ers measured pain, disability and quality of life at the beginning of the study, after 12 effectiveness weeks and again after 24 weeks of massage therapy. Each patient was referred to a of Cordyceps licensed massage therapist for 10 no-cost sessions in a real-world environment dursinensis, a traditional Chinese medicine ing the initial 12 weeks. Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 derived from fungi, on the treatment More than half of the patients that completed the core study reported clinically • of patients with moderate-to-severe meaningful improvements for physical and mental measures. For bodily pain, 40 asthma. They followed 120 subjects, percent were clinically improved. Older adults and Baby Boomers reported the highest Ad Proof for Natural Awakenings divided into two groups of 60. One percentage of changes. Plus, the study found that sufferers that avoided taking paingroup received a capsule containing killers were twice as likelyTo: to experience reduced pain than those using opioids.P: 610-421-4443 1,200 milligrams of Cordyceps sinensis Email: F: 610-421-4445 three times daily for three months. The control group was treated with convenPlease sign your proof and complete the following information: tional medications. (Ad is shown at actual size. See second page for larger ads.) Health-related quality of life Scientists from the University of Oxford and was measured, along with the incidence the Chinese Medical Academy studied 500,000 of asthma exacerbation, pulmonary Ad is approved: contact information and spelling is correct function and inflammation indicators healthy adults in China for seven years, tracking Ad is approved medical records of illnesses and deaths. They with changes indicated in both groups. The Cordyceps sinesis found that a 100-gram servingAd ofisfruit per day – make changes indicatedgroup reported reduced asthma sympnot approved toms, improved lung function, a better (primarily apples and oranges) reduces the risk of inflammatory profile and an overall betdying from a heart attack or stroke by one-third. ter quality of life when compared to the conventional treatment group.


America Outdone Venezuela Bans GMOs


Venezuela has passed a law that imposes some of the world’s toughest regulations on genetically modified organisms (GMO) and patenting of seeds in order to consolidate national food sovereignty, regulate the production of hybrid seed, reject the production, distribution and import of GMO seeds and ban transgenic seed research. Canada’s Centre for Research on Globalization describes it as one of the most progressive seed laws in the world. The country intends to establish a national seed system to implement the new law. The group will monitor and sanction any agricultural violations, with a focus on the protection of traditional seeds. Source:

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Wise Woodsmen

Norway Bans Deforestation Products The Norwegian Parliament Standing Committee on Energy and Environment has pledged that the government will follow a deforestation-free public procurement policy, meaning that any product that contributes to deforestation will not be used by the country as part of an Action Plan on Nature Diversity. Rainforest Foundation Norway was the main lobbying influence behind this recommendation and has worked for years to bring the pledge into existence. “This is an important victory in the fight to protect the rainforest,” says Nils Hermann Ranum, head of policy and campaign for the committee. “Over the last few years, a number of companies have committed to cease the procurement of goods that can be linked to destruction of the rainforest. Until now, this has not been matched by similar commitments from governments. The Norwegian state is now following suit and making the same demands when it comes to public procurements.” Deforestation is estimated to comprise about 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change and disrupting natural cycles and livelihoods, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Removal of trees can disrupt a region’s water cycle, resulting in changes in precipitation and river flow that also contribute to erosion. Source: natural awakenings

August 2017


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News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Accepted Misfits

Due to customer requests and petitions, more stores are beginning to stock the one in five pieces of produce that never made the cut before due to quirky shapes or other blemishes. Often, these are displayed next to their better-looking, more expensive counterparts to give consumers an eco-friendly choice. The 133 billion pounds worth of misshapen or scarred fruits and vegetables annually plowed under, buried in a landfill or fed to livestock is sharply at odds with the reality that 48 million Americans face food insecurity. Whole Foods Market created a pilot program in some of its California stores, testing sales in April 2016 with Imperfect Produce (ImperfectProduce. com), a service that delivers to homes. Walmart brought weather-blemished apples to 300 of its Florida stores to kick off their imperfect role in the movement. Five Pittsburgh Giant Eagle stores call their program Produce with Personality, and focus on navel oranges, russet potatoes, peppers and apples. Fourteen Hannaford stores in Albany, New York, offer the Misfits line, while donating unsold produce to local nonprofits. Hy-Vee’s 242 stores, located in eight central states, rolled out the Misfits last December. For more information, visit

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Ugly Produce Gains Status

Orca Finale

Sea Mammals Freed from Showtime The California Orca Responsibility and Care Advancement Act, sponsored by Congressman Adam Schiff, is aimed to end the famous SeaWorld orca shows. “It means no more wild capture, no more breeding. We would essentially phase out the captive orcas that are currently in these water parks,” says Schiff. This means that SeaWorld must end their Shamu shows by the end of this year. However, the animals already at the San Diego park will continue to live there. Parks in Orlando and San Antonio will end their shows by 2019. Under pressure from activists and faced with declining ticket sales, SeaWorld is now moving to end its theatrical orca shows and breeding program. They announced the unveiling of a new attraction this summer, Orca Encounter, as an educational experience. Gabriela Cowperthwaite, director of the documentary film Blackfish, says that the new show is designed to make the audience feel better, not the animals. “The trainers aren’t safe, and the whales aren’t happy,” she states. “They’re still just doing manic circles around concrete swimming pools.” The company is developing its first SeaWorld park without orcas in the Middle-Eastern country of Abu Dhabi.

This year, the Whanganui River, in New Zealand, became the first in the world to be granted the same legal rights as a person. Equally vital, a court in northern India has given the sacred Ganges and Yamuna rivers, as well as several glaciers, the legal status of “living human entities” to help in the preservation and conservation of the country’s highly polluted waterways, thus allowing polluters to be sued. These decisions are variants of “rights of nature” measures that date back to the 1970s. More than three dozen U.S. localities have ordinances ascribing varying types of rights to nature or to specific natural objects. In America, rights of nature activism usually takes the form of ballot initiatives that emerge to contest the power of corporations wherever local natural resources are seen as being threatened. The first such ordinance was passed in 2006, when Tamaqua Borough, in Pennsylvania, sought to protect the town’s drinking water from the nearby dumping of sewage sludge. More recently, an ordinance from the Boulder (Colorado) County Protectors, with assistance from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, asserting the “right to a healthy climate,” was recognized as a federal constitutional right by Judge Ann Aiken, of the U.S. District Court in Oregon. Source: BBC

Buzzing RoboBees

Tiny Robots Seen as Tech Fix for Reduced Bee Population Harvard University researchers led by engineering professor Robert Wood have introduced the first RoboBees—bee-sized robots that can ascend and hover in midair while tethered to a power supply. The project is a breakthrough in the field of micro-aerial vehicles. It has previously been impossible to pack all the components onto such a tiny workable robot framework and keep it lightweight enough to fly. The researchers believe that within 10 years, RoboBees could artificially pollinate a field of crops, a critical development if the commercial pollination industry cannot recover from the severe bee losses of the past decade. Source: Science

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August 2017


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Waterways Granted Personhood RnDmS/


Nature Rights

globalbriefs Tea Time

Tuna Turnaround

Lower Mercury Levels Tied to Drop in Coal Emissions

Levels of highly mercury contamination in Atlantic 21 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P:toxic 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 bluefin tuna are rapidly declining, a trend that has been • linked to reduced mercury emissions in North America, according new study published in Environmental Science Ad Proof to fora Natural Awakenings & Technology. Average mercury concentrations dropped by more than 2 percent per year, for a total decline of 19 perP: 610-421-4443 cent between 2004 and 2012. F: 610-421-4445 Scientists believe that most of that reduction has occurred of a shiftthe away from coal, the major source of se sign your proofbecause and complete following information: mercury natural page gas and fuels. Polluis shown at actualemissions, size. Seetosecond forrenewable larger ads.) tion control requirements imposed by the federal government have also cut mercury emissions, but these have been rolled is approved: contact information and spelling correct back or eliminated by President Trump’siscommitment to back coal.” Ad“bring is approved with changes indicated

Volunteers that contact will receive kit Ad Proof #1 - April 2011aIssue containing teabags and information on how to bury them.


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Australian scientists have launched a project to bury tens of thousands of teabags in wetlands around the world to discover how efficient different kinds of wetlands are at capturing and storing carbon dioxide. Already, more than 500 citizen scientists are involved on every continent but Antarctica. The bags will be monitored over a three-year period, and then dug up and measured at intervals of three months, six months and each year after that. Wetlands are important for carbon capture and storage, a process known as carbon sequestration, holding up to 50 times as much carbon as a comparable area in a rainforest; some are better than others. There are hundreds of thousands of wetlands around the world, and a standardized technique for monitoring the carbon sink is needed for accurate comparison—but monitoring devices can be expensive to install. Faster decay of the tea inside the bag means more carbon is being released into the atmosphere, while a slower rate means the soil is holding the carbon. Once researchers can establish which wetlands are most effective at carbon sequestration, work can begin on protecting and restoring them, and ensuring they are not disrupted.

Sus t

natural awaken ngs

Ad is not approved – make changes indicated Source: Scientific American



Citizen Scientists Needed for Carbon Storage Experiment

Im pact

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City Smarts

Urban Planning Goes Green Early American developers of Washington, D.C., and Savannah, Georgia, strived to recreate the plans of European cities that offered plenty of public squares and parks. Subsequent high-rise apartments in most other U.S. cities that followed lacked certain elements of neighborhood cohesion, as documented in Zane Miller’s book The Urbanization of Modern America. In Boston, Baltimore, New York City and elsewhere, waterfront revitalizations launched in the 1980s helped improve conditions, making use of nature-oriented ideas that are still trending upward. Urban Hub describes how regions like Silicon Valley, in California, and Boston’s Route 128 corridor continue to enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The concept promotes pedestrianization programs and incentives that increase bike-friendliness, multimodal public transportation such as people-mover sidewalks and car sharing, plus off-hour, no-driving and park-and-ride policies. Join the social media conversation at The U.S. Department of Transportation recently released updated standards on how state agencies should measure mass transit, biking and walking volumes ( States will assess impacts on carbon emissions by tracking walkers, bikers and transit users instead of just comparing rush-hour travel times to freeflowing traffic conditions, which favors highway spending alone. The Big Jump Project at rates areas for bike friendliness and taps ideas aimed to increase biking networks. To date, they cover Austin, Texas; Baltimore; Fort Collins, Colorado; Los Angeles; Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans; New York City; Providence, Rhode Island; Portland, Oregon; and Tucson. The nonprofit Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (, encompassing 400

businesses and organizations, is pioneering a Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) retrofit program. The city water department is collaborating on Green City Clean Water’s plan to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency clean water regulations and foster rain gardens, green roofs and

porous pavements. “We help engineer nature back into cities,” says Anna Shipp, interim executive director and GSI manager. “Socially responsible, replicable and environmentally conscious initiatives and policies catalyze local economies and benefit water, air, aesthetics and people’s emotions.”

natural awakenings

August 2017


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Set Out a Welcome Mat for a Soulmate by Arielle Ford


ust as we need to create space in our daily schedule to nurture a new relationship, we must create space in our home to welcome in new love. It’s called “feathering the nest”. Think about the first time that our soulmate will walk into our home—what they will they see, smell and feel. Even an inviting, cozy environment may need an upgrade. The underlying vibration or feeling of a place reflects the home’s energy. Whatever has happened there since its beginning, including arguments, illnesses or times of loneliness, have all left an unseen layer of negative energy. You could say that the walls “talk”.

To begin preparing our home to welcome a mate, first remove the clutter. Piles of magazines, stacks of unshelved books and excessive furnishings are blocking and keeping in old energy and preventing good, clean new energy from flowing. Be sure to remove all photographs and souvenirs that are reminders of past lovers; throw them away or put them in a box away from your home. These daily, unconscious memory triggers keep you stuck in the past. Clearing everything out is like putting out a cosmic welcome mat to the Universe that we are now ready, willing and available to receive new love.

Next, it’s time to dispel the unseen energies. The fastest, easiest method is the Native American technique of smudging. The smoke will purify the space. Light a piece of white sage on a small plate and when it is smoking (not flaming) run the smoke up, down and around every room, closet, door and window frame throughout the entire home. Alternatively, on a sunny day, open all the doors and windows and, applying a broom and imagination, sweep out the old energies. Just as nature abhors a vacuum and calls in matter to fill the empty space, so making space in our home assists in calling in love. Consciously create “space” by placing an empty nightstand on “their” side of the bed, plus have at least one empty dresser drawer waiting for them. Create inviting space in a closet and clear a shelf in a bathroom cabinet. If we have a two-car garage and have been parking in the middle, pick a side and begin only parking on “our side”. The most essential ingredient to “feathering the nest” is a strong intention to remove any old, outdated, limiting or negative energies that may be preventing love from finding its way to our door. Once free from unwanted clutter and obstructions, it becomes our sanctuary of vibrant, attractive energy. Arielle Ford is the author of 11 books, including Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate and The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. Her latest, Inkspirations: Love By Design, is a transformational coloring book. She lives in La Jolla, CA. Learn more at

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How Changing Your Thinking Changes Everything by April Thompson


or 40 years, Social Psychologist Ellen Langer has conducted pioneering research on the power of our minds to shape health and well-being. Langer’s work demonstrates that changing what we think and believe can transform not only our experiences, but also our bodies— a once-radical idea now common among neuroscientists. Her unconventional experiments often involve mind tricks: taking elders’ subjective thoughts back 20 years to reverse objective metrics of aging; fostering weight loss in a group of hotel maids by simply suggesting that their jobs qualify as exercise; and even changing blood sugar levels in diabetics by speeding up or slowing down perceived time during a video game session.

Affectionately dubbed the “Mother of Mindfulness”, Langer was the first female professor to earn tenure in Harvard University’s psychology department. A prolific writer and scientist, she has authored more than 200 related articles and 11 books, including Mindfulness; The Power of Mindful Learning; On Becoming an Artist: Reinventing Yourself Through Mindful Creativity; and Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility. Langer lives, paints, works and observes the world from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Learn more at

What is mindful learning, and how can we best practice it? All learning is mindful; the only way to learn is by noticing new things.

When we stop observing and get into our heads, wondering if that answer was right or if we responded quickly enough, we exit learning mode and enter mindlessness, where no learning can really take place. Part of what makes travelexciting, for example, is that we are primed to experience new things and pay attention to them, but actually, newness surrounds us at all times, no matter where we are. What makes us mindless is the mistaken notion of already knowing, when everything is always changing.

What techniques, with or without meditation, can we adopt to change our mindset and mental habits to reduce stress and increase health and happiness? Most mindlessness occurs by default, rather than design. If we all realized that through mindfulness we could look better, feel better, be better received and do better things—all claims that are supported by scientific research—it wouldn’t be hard to choose. Meditation is essentially a tool to lead you to the simple act of intentional noticing, but many routes lead to that destination. One way to learn mindfully is to learn conditionally; to see the world as “it would seem that” and “could be”, which is very different than “it is.” If we recognized that evaluations occur in our heads rather than the external world, much of our stress would dissipate. Negativity and stress are typically a result of mindless ruminations about negative things we think are inevitable. If we simply ask ourselves why the dreaded event might

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not occur, we’d be less stressed. Next, if we ask ourselves how it may actually be a good thing if it does happen, again stress would diminish.

How do the mental constructs we attach to our experiences affect outcomes of health and well-being?

Mental constructs are positions we consider as accepted certainties. When a physician makes a diagnosis, most people take it as a certainty and behave accordingly. Assuming that pain, decline or failure is inevitable can cause an individual to give up hope of complete recovery. But science only suggests probabilities, and if we understand this, we’ll go to work on a solution. We have a tremendous amount of control over our health that goes untapped. Placebos are today’s strongest medications demonstrating this fact. Initially, placebos were frowned upon by the pharmaceutical industry because a drug couldn’t be brought to market if a placebo was just as effective. When This ad is the property of Natural Awakenings and may not be reproduced in any other publication witho someone gives you a pill and you sion of the publisher. Please review the proof carefully. Natural Awakenings is not responsible for any er get better not because of the pill, but marked. This ad will be published as it appears if the proof is not returned to us. If there are any questio because of your beliefs about it, you this proof please call or email. realize that what stands in the way of healing is your own mindset. Signature: Date: /

How have you seen these principles play out in your own life? My fascination with the ability of our mind to change our health began when my mother’s diagnosed metastasized breast cancer disappeared, a fact the medical world could not explain. Since then, my own prognosis related to a smashed ankle from a Beth Israel teaching hospital physician with the Harvard Medical School, stating that I would always walk with a limp and never play tennis again, has been completely overturned. My mission coming out of these two experiences is to determine how we can apply our mental capacities to increase control of our health and well-being. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

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Physician Stands His Ground In the Fight Against Prostate Cancer by Sheila Julson


nstincts can be power After graduating from ful, particularly when Albert Einstein College it comes to making of Medicine of Yeshiva choices about health and in 1976, Gonzalez did longevity. So it was for his residency at BrookMiguel Gonzalez, M.D., a dale University Hospital. Bethlehem-based famAfter his residency, he Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 ily practice physician paid back some • who, nine years ago, was ment loans by lending his diagnosed with low-grade services to a physician’s Ad Proof for Natural Awakenings prostate cancer. Gonzashortage program, which lez’s surgeon wanted to took him to a small town To: P: 610-421-4443 remove the prostate—a on the Western end of Email: F: 610-421-4445 typical approach used in traditional Puerto Rico. As a New York native, he medicine—but Gonzalez knew there wasn’t fluent in Spanish, but he found Please sign your proof and complete the following information: were better options. Through positive himself serving a Spanish-speaking town. (Ad is shown at actual size. See second page for larger ads.) lifestyle changes, he is leading a quality “When I got to Puerto Rico, my life and also teaching his patients his Spanish was not very good because I and prevention techniques. and spelling grew up New York. I had to immerse Ad healing is approved: contact information is in correct Before Gonzalez considered a myself in the language, which basically Ad is approved with changes indicated career as a physician, he wanted to allowed me to become bilingual. With pursue and possibly enter politics. a name like Gonzalez, patients come in Ad law is not approved – make changes indicated He changed his mind halfway through and just expect you to speak Spanish.” college. “I decided that law was not for he recalls. That experience taught him me, and I realized that I wasn’t crooked lifelong skills that became beneficial in enough to go into politics,” he laughs, serving Bethlehem’s diverse population. “so I decided to do something more Gonzalez has been in solo private serving to humanity.” practice in Bethlehem since [1983]. For

decades, it was smooth sailing with his business and his personal health, until he reached age 57 and received the prostate cancer diagnosis. “When you hear the ‘C’ word, a little panic sets in,” he says, “then the surgeons don’t help, because they want to get in there and take the prostate A.S.A.P.” Being a medical professional, Gonzalez knew that prostate cancer is generally a slow growing tumor that doesn’t necessarily have to be removed right away. “There are some tumors which once you diagnose them, it’s over. But with these, you have a good amount of time. With the older male population, if you get these cancers, they say you won’t die of them, you’ll die with them.” Gonzalez was also concerned about the side effects of most prostate cancer treatments, as well as the possibility of using diapers or being impotent. Knowing that he had at least 10 more years to work and a bucket list of activities to explore, he chose active surveillance, a way of monitoring localized prostate cancer instead of treating it straight away. He also knew that he had to make some lifestyle changes. “I became a near-vegetarian,” Gonzalez relates. “The idea is to get away from the animal protein because it’s a big source of omega-6 fatty acid, which is inflammatory. What you want in your diet is to increase the omega-3s, and decrease the omega-6s. Omega-3s are in plants and cold-water fish, like salmon. Flax seed is also an excellent source of omega-3.” Those positive dietary changes helped him shed fat—which stores toxins, thus leading to cancerous cell growth—and drop 40 pounds, returning him to his high school weight of 168 pounds.

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“I’ve incorporated into my practice the stuff I had learned in dealing with prostate cancer, and now I teach it to men in similar situations,” Gonzalez says. He emphasizes not just dietary changes, but also boosting the immune system. “Cancer is generally a failure of the immune system. We get cancerous cells in our bodies all the time, but if your immune system is strong, it takes them out of circulation, and you’re cancer free without knowing you even had cancer in the first place,” he explains. “One way to do that is by optimizing a patient’s vitamin D levels.” Gonzalez also utilizes low-dose naltrexone. Although the drug is typically associated with treating opioid overdoses, Gonzalez says a low dose of about four milligrams of naltrexone— much lower than the 50 milligrams given to overdose patients—can boost a weak immune system, or tamp down an over-active immune system. Elevated estrogen and insulin resistance are two factors that round out Gonzalez’s approach to prostate cancer treatment and prevention. “Some obese middle-aged men end up with more estrogen than their wives,” he says, “these guys have an enzyme in the fatty tissue called aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. When you see these middle-aged men with man-boobs, that’s because their aromatase level is elevated. Healthy weight is a big factor here; exercise and weight loss frequently are critical to get rid of that gut fat, which ultimately reduces aromatase so you’re no longer converting testosterone to estrogen.” Insulin is not just a storage hormone for sugar, but also for fat. It is also a growth factor. Gonzalez explains: “When you have elevated insulin levels, if you happen to have a tumor, the tumor is now on steroids. It will grow faster and metastasize earlier. It’s about weight loss, exercise and medication if needed to reduce the insulin levels—that’s our approach to prostate cancer.” For nine years, Gonzalez has successfully managed his prostate cancer and is still on active surveillance, but he says his quality of life is good, thanks to his physical and mental approaches. “I held my ground, and I was proven right,” he says. While there have

been bumps in the road, such as dealing with thoughts of death and mortality, he keeps them compartmentalized and refuses to live life as if he’s dying. He hopes that his attitude also reflects onto his patients, with whom he’s seen good results using his common sense medical approaches and support. “With breast cancer in women, you have all the pink ribbons and marathons, but there’s not much support for men dealing with prostate cancer,” he observes. “Men are told to go back into

their caves and accept it. It feels good that I have something to offer them. I had to learn this stuff the hard way, but they don’t have to.” Dr. Miguel Gonzalez is located at 65 E. Elizabeth Ave., Ste. 208, Bethlehem. For more information, call 610-868-4010. Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines through the country.


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How to Choose Essential Oils

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LIVE CANCER-FREE Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Cancer by Linda Sechrist


ictorious warriors against cancer are speaking to other patients about their journeys of recovery and healing. Two who regularly speak to physicians, as well, are Glenn Sabin, author of n of 1: One Man’s Harvarddocumented Remission of Incurable Cancer Using Only Natural Methods, and Kathy Mydlach-Bero, author of EAT: An Unconventional Decade in the Life of a Cancer Patient. Their stories demonstrate the healing effectiveness of healthy lifestyle measures still widely categorized as prevention.

Whole Life Triumphs

Determined to become free of the chronic lymphocytic leukemia that had defined his life for 20 years, Sabin, who lives near Washington, D.C., appointed himself the subject of his own research experiment. He subsequently became a poster child for the remedial synergy of biological individuality, a whole systems approach to integrative oncology and self-induced healing through lifestyle and supplement interventions. Sabin now dedicates his business development firm, FON Consulting, to advancing integra-

or those in the drug pipeline won’t improve the 50/50 odds of developing cancer. What will have the greatest impact are consumer education toward powerful lifestyle changes and access to the building blocks of basic health.” Mydlach-Bero made her remarkable recovery from rare and unrelated aggressive Stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and a high-grade tumor in her head and neck. To tell her story, the resident of Delafield, Wisconsin, relied on her 18 journals as a surrogate memory to chronicle a 10-year journey of courageous exploration, self-evolution, self-advocacy and self-transformation that connected

Natural Wellness for Your Mind AND Body We are a uniquely structured health coaching and wellness counseling program that is individualized for each client. This program is more hands-on than traditional counseling or therapy; We offer professional counseling services to clients, as well as health coaching for those that need assistance in planning meals or cooking for themselves.

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tive medicine as the new standard of care. His mission is to open minds to the idea that knowledge, empowerment and self-efficacy are our best allies against a life-limiting diagnosis, and we can do much to help the healing process. Writing to Joe Biden regarding the vice president’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, he candidly describes America’s present cancer-friendly environment. “The public has become conditioned to existing in a broken food chain that remains in disrepair due to misguided farming subsidies [and] untested or otherwise questionable chemicals (many of which are banned in other countries) that are present in the water we drink, the air we breathe, food we consume and products we use. Current therapies

courtesy of, all rights reserved


her with her healing potential. Then the mother of two young daughters, Mydlach-Bero rejected a 21-month prognosis in 2005, along with the notion that disease and medicine would determine her fate. Defying the odds, she applied what she learned from research regarding Avastin, a pharmaceutical created to combat harmful growth of new blood cells, and the benefits of growing and eating foods containing angiogenesisinhibiting compounds that oppose such growth and so work to prevent, improve and avert recurrences of chronic disease. “Cancer hijacks the angiogenesis process triggered by inflammation and keeps it permanently activated to ensure that cancerous cells receive a dedicated, uninterrupted blood supply,” explains Mydlach-Bero. For three years, she largely consumed only items from the list of angiogenesis-inhibiting foods now posted at These include green tea, strawberries, blackberries, red tart cherries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, grapefruit, lemons, tomatoes, cinnamon, purple potatoes, kale, grape seed oil and pomegranate. In 2008, she completely replaced both the drugs to combat the side effects of chemo and radiation and a long-term medication for preventing recurrence with healthful foods.

We’ve known for nearly 15 years that inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases. ~Andrew Weil

Her physicians were admittedly uncomfortable with her decision to combine chemotherapy and radiation treatments with “food as medicine”, reiki, prayer, meditation, mindfulness and supplement intervention. But that didn’t deter her. To awaken others to the practicality of food as medicine, she founded NuGenesis Farm, in Pewaukee, a nonprofit modeled after her home practice.

Prevention is Paramount

Pioneering physicians and researchers agree with Sabin and Myldach-Bero that comprehensive prevention, the key to solving the cancer epidemic, is missing

Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Food Pyramid Source:

from conventional medicine. Leading voices include Dr. Andrew Weil, founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Arizona (AzCIM), in Tucson; Dr. Carlos M. Garcia, founder of Utopia Wellness, near Tampa, Florida; advocate Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., founder of, in Richboro, Pennsylvania; and Ajay Goel, Ph.D., director of the Center for Epigenetics, Cancer Prevention and Cancer Genomics at Baylor University Medical Center’s Research Institute, in Dallas. Weil pioneered the earliest efforts to develop a comprehensive curriculum in evidence-based integrative medicine and the field of integrative oncology. “We’ve known for nearly 15 years that inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases. Since 2012 scientific evidence has proven that a healthy lifestyle and an anti-inflammatory diet can influence various cancers,” says Weil. His curriculum for health professionals and the general public was the first to cite the role of a nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory diet in cancer prevention and treatment. “Health professionals graduate armed with a better understanding of the complex interactions between cancer, gut microbiome and nutrition,” advises Weil, whose paradigm inspires his chain of True Food Kitchen restaurants. It includes lots of fruits and vegetables, moderate amounts of whole or cracked grains, al dente pasta, healthy fats and plant-based proteins from legumes, nuts and seafood as well as poultry and lean, antibiotic-free grass-fed meats, cheese and eggs. Plus, he likes white, green and oolong teas, fresh herbs and spices, up to two glasses of red wine a day (less for women; possibly none for those at high-risk for breast cancer), and dark chocolate for antioxidant polyphenols.

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Thermography for Breast Health Assessment by Phillip Getson, DO


he earliest possible indication of abnormalities allows for the earliest possible intervention. Breast thermography detects the physiologic changes in the breast tissue that have been shown to correlate with cancerous or pre-cancerous states. It is widely acknowledged that cancers, even in their earliest stages need nutrients to maintain or accelerate their growth. In order to facilitate this process, blood vessels are caused to remain open, inactive blood vessels are activated and new ones are formed, a process known as neoangiogenisis. This vascular process causes an increase in surface temperature in the affected regions which can be viewed with infrared imaging cameras. Additionally, the newly formed or activated blood vessels have a distinct appearance which thermography can detect. Thermography is a physiologic test which can demonstrate the aforementioned changes. As such, it cannot identify tumors. It provides the clinician with extremely useful information regarding areas of abnormality which can be examined clinically and with anatomic tests. Since thermal imaging detects changes at the cellular level, studies suggest that this test can detect activity eight to ten years before any other test. This makes it unique in that it affords us the opportunity to view changes before the actual formation of the tumor. Studies have shown that by the time a tumor has grown to sufficient size to be detectable by physical examination or mammography, it has in fact been growing for several years achieving more than twenty-five doublings of the malignant cell colony.

Integrative Oncology, authored by Weil and Dr. Donald I. Abrams, an integrative oncologist, is mandatory reading for AzCIM students that learn to use complementary interventions in prevention and conventional cancer care. Subjects such as antioxidants, cannabinoids, energy medicine, mindbody medicine, music and expressive art therapies are covered, as well as naturopathic oncology, plus the roles that community and spirituality play in prevention and treatment. Goel’s 20-year career in cancer prevention research has produced a wealth of related articles. Among his findings, he advises, “Curcumin, a yellow compound extracted from turmeric, has become a gold standard for prevention and the natural treatment of many chronic health conditions, including colon cancer. It targets cancer stem cells, disrupts cancer cell communication, triggers cancer cell death and helps to prevent cancerous mutations to cells. It’s also been shown to improve the efficacy of conventional treatments including fewer adverse effects.” He recommends only taking turmeric products with BCM-95 percent active curcuminoids.

Customized Protocols

Considering each individual’s biological individuality as a Petri dish, Garcia’s studies help achieve an anti-cancer life. He advises, “There is no ‘one size fits all’ medical protocol box for cancer

treatment. Customized modifications to lifestyle and diet are required because food nutrients directly impact the mechanisms by which cancer cells grow and spread. The right nutrition can reverse a compromised immune system, which research shows is a major contributor to the development of cancer.” Whether for improvement or prevention, Garcia’s patient protocols always begin with a comprehensive evaluation appointment to learn about the individual he is treating. For cancer patients, his two-phase, eight-week program involves immune-enhancing therapies followed by immunotherapy aimed to de-cloak the camouflaged protein coating of wily cancer cells so the body’s immune system can identify and destroy them.

Mind/Body Detox

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To maintain good health, Judy Seeger, a doctor of naturopathy near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recommends a regular detoxification regimen to cleanse environmental and product toxins and toxic emotions. Through experience, she has learned that individuals living with cancer need to substantially support their abnormally functioning elimination system to rid it of dead proteins from destroyed cancer cells and chemotherapy drugs that are overtaxing the immune system. “Clearing out toxic, stressful emo-

Phillip Getson is a family physician and board-certified Thermologist based in Marlton NJ. His wife Liesha is a boardcertified Thermography Technician that travels to Breinigsville and Easton for scheduled Thermographic scans. For more information, or to schedule a scan locally, visit or call 856-5965834. See ad page 35. 34

Lehigh Valley

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sionals as well as research-based educations that produce acid, weaken the tion and counseling on how to prevent, immune system and create an environment for cancer to propagate is essential,” cope with and beat cancer through says Seeger. “Fulfilling the body’s require- immune-boosting holistic approaches. The list of books authored by cancer ment for an ongoing healthy nutritional survivors continues to grow, offering plan that maintains a healing alkaline helpful insight into how individuals are environment reduces both the risk of negotiating the challenges of their healing a cancer as well as recurrence.” She journey. Two recent books, Surviving has observed that when an individual’s the Storm: A Workbook for Telling Your healing process has stalled despite their doing all the right things to improve their Cancer Story, by Psychotherapist Cheryl Krauter, and Cancer Survivorship Coping biochemistry, it’s frequently because Tools: We’ll Get You Through This, by they haven’t done an emotional detox are particularly helpful feelingPA a spiritual to Barbara Boxand 421lack Emmaus, 18049 connection • P: 610-421-4443 • F: Tako, 610-421-4445 regarding the onslaught of toxic feelings something larger than themselves. • and emotions that stress the mind and Silberstein categorizes cancer as body—fear, anger, isolation, anxiety, epidemic. SheAd speaks regularly regarding Proof for Natural Awakenings depression and uncertainty, as well preventing cancer and its recurrence at and grief. Emphasizing the To: medical and nursing schools, continuing asP:loss 610-421-4443 need for individuals diagnosed with Email:oncology nursing education programs F: 610-421-4445 cancer to tell their stories, the authors and universities. “What is needed more than new research is public the following encourage keeping a journal. The act Please signtreatment your proof and complete information: of getting thoughts and experiences education regarding the size. true causes of (Ad is shown at actual See second page for larger ads.) cancer and continuing education credits out of the mind and onto paper supports emotional cleansing. in lifestyle training for medical profesAd is approved: contact information and spelling is correct “It’s important to share the real sionals,” she says. Silberstein’s nonprofit story of the emotional storm that is organization onlinewith holistic Adprovides is approved changes indicated cancer, as well as the ravages of its cancer coach training for health profesAd is not approved – make changes indicated

treatments and invisible, but lingering side effects; to tell the tale of the cancer survivor who is moving from patient to person; and to explore and discover who you are after having faced down your mortality,” Krauter counsels.

Changed Paradigm

Results of the Human Genome Project, as well as the work of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., stem cell biologist and author of The Biology of Belief, and other epigenetic researchers support the point that “environmental signals” that directly affect our DNA expression include our thoughts, emotions, belief system, exposure to sunlight, exercise and everything we put into our body. Such new science shatters the idea that we are victims of our genes and environment. It shines light on the fact that we have tremendous power to shape and direct our own physical health. Our entire lifestyle is pivotal. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at

WELLNESS SERVICES FOR NATURAL BALANCE Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging & Health Through Awareness

Thermography is a physiologic breast health risk assessment tool utilizing medical infra-red imaging technology without damaging compression and radiation This allows for the earliest possible indication of abnormalities which allows for the earliest possible intervention

Philip Getson, D.O. Liesha Getson, B.C.T.T.


Garden State Community Medical Center 100 Brick Road, Suite 206 • Marlton, NJ 08053

Bring in this ad at the time of your thermogram and receive a $25.00 discount! This discount cannot be combined with any other offer Testing sites throughout NJ and PA including Breinigsville PA and Easton PA.

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ty of Natural Awakenings and may not be reproduced in any other publication without permis-

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Cancer Connections by Dian Freeman, M.A., Certified in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health


ur bodies are as fragile as they are hardy. Which way they lean depends entirely upon us. Individuals who gain the ability to read the signs of dis-ease, apply their common sense, and learn how to connect the dots represented by those signs, will be the ones most likely led to the best treatments and outcomes for their condition. This is especially true when addressing cancer. Modern medicine appears to be losing their battle against cancer as it is consistently either the first or second leading cause of death in America. According to,

If you have been diagnosed with low grade prostate cancer, and have opted for Active Surveillance, come learn how to slow and possibly arrest PSA rise/disease progression.

—offering— bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) immuno-modulation to balance the immune system anti-ageing protocols for both men and women The AgeWell Center celebrates our 10th anniversary, and my 40th year in medicine. “It can be done. I have done it for myself. Let me help you get through this difficult period in your life.”


Lehigh Valley

The AgeWell Wellness Center 65 E Elizabeth Ave. • Ste 208 Bethlehem


in 1971 there were 3 million people with cancer, today there are more than 15.5 million. It is no secret that there are numerous holistic approaches to addressing cancer. The best listing of the American doctors who employ some of these approaches are discussed in Suzanne Sommers’ book, Knockout. There are also a multitude of holistic practitioners nationwide who help their clients with cancer, as well as myriad European doctors who also incorporate successful holistic options in their cancer programs. Holistic programs tend to individualize cancer treatment while medical treatments tend to be one-size-fits-all. When managing one’s own health, the trick is in selecting the correct therapies that will work for each individual case of an illness. This is where common sense comes into play. Any common-sense approach to healing would include incorporating the known variables, i. e., health status, all options available for treatment, plus the outcomes claimed from using those options. For example, using a vegetarian approach as a treatment for cancer in order to keep the body in an alkaline state will work miraculously for some; but, not for everyone. This is where health status comes into play. It is unlikely that a starved and weakened person would survive this approach. It is true that a cancer cell requires an acidic environment to thrive, and theoretically, an alkaline body will throw off cancer in time. But, and this is a big ‘but’, only if the body is nourished and strong enough to endure this treatment. “Time” is just what a starved body does not have. According to Science Daily, “Many cancer patients suffer from a dramatic loss of fat and muscle mass. This extreme wasting, or cachexia, is often the actual cause of death in cancer patients.” It is estimated that more than 70% of cancer patients suffer from muscle wasting, a condition that can only be rectified by the body receiving more protein each day than is lost to the disease. Fruits and vegetables (alkaline foods) offer little, if any, protein. A very high protein diet is what will provide the body the time needed for any treatment to work. It would make the most sense, if one is trying to outlast cancer, to continually replace the muscle mass that is lost to the disease. Muscle mass is made from protein, fat and water. Unless a person has plenty of muscle mass, it is unlikely they will withstand a lengthy cancer treatment, especially one that restricts protein intake in favor of fruits and vegetables. Most cancers can be beaten if the body can outlast the cancer. To do so would require a very high protein and fat diet. No matter which of the myriad treatments is employed, replacing that which is lost to the disease—muscle mass—makes the most sense to increase the odds for cancer survival. Dian Freeman has a private practice in Morristown, NJ. She teaches a six-month nutritional certification course and has more than 700 graduates of Holistic Health over the last 14 years. She also practices frequency biofeedback and lectures widely. Dian is currently finishing her doctorate in Medical Humanities at Drew University in Madison, NJ, and may be reached at 973 267-4816, Dian2@Wellness or visit See ad, page 53.

Cancer Prevention

Yes You Can by Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr.


ancer begins at the cellular level. There is typically a genetic mutation or alteration in genes, which, if it is allowed to persist, will create an abnormal cell, then multiple abnormal cells and then a cancer. Under normal circumstances, this happens to all of us every day, but the immune system is able to identify this abnormal cell and destroy it before it becomes a conglomerate of cells, i.e., a tumor. The key then to preventing cancer is preventing an abnormal cell becoming multiple abnormal cells. An important question to ask then would be: “What contributes to the cell genetic material becoming mutant, or to mutate?” Another obvious important question to ask would be: “What can be done to enhance the destroying of the mutant cells, the abnormal cells?” Intravenous vitamin C to the rescue! Over the years, numerous scientific studies and articles have highlighted the ability of vitamin C to be active against cancer. At Maulfair Medical Center, we have been using infusions of vitamin C for decades with sometimes dramatic results. How does this relate to prevention? The beginning of cancer is an abnormal “genetically mutant” cell. If it is allowed to reproduce, it eventually creates cancer. If intravenous vitamin C is helpful in treating cancer which has millions of cancer cells, would it not be potentially

helpful in handling a few abnormal cells before they become tumors? In other words, utilizing an infusion of vitamin C periodically would seem to be an important part of a cancer prevention protocol. We could kill off a few cancerous cells before they become many. It is important to note that the amount of vitamin C necessary to achieve this is much greater than is obtainable through oral vitamin C, so the infusion route is necessary. Certainly taking some vitamin C orally in addition is okay and helpful, but it is not adequate enough to be effective for killing cancer cells. Now let’s go a step further. Another important question to ask would be: “What things can contribute to causing the genetic mutations occurring in the first place?” This research and observations have also been done over the decades identifying hundreds—if not thousands—of various toxic chemicals and toxic metal exposures that contribute to these genetic perturbations that result in cancer cell production. Additionally, the majority of the body’s immune system, which is designed to protect us against abnormal cell production, is located in the intestinal tract so ideal intestinal tract function is of critical importance in the prevention of cancer. Diagnostics to identify the presence of toxic substanc-

es, i.e., various classes of chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, etc., and toxic metals can be identified and, most importantly, therapeutic modalities to decrease those exposures are also available. If you have a family history of cancer or are concerned about cancer for various reasons, something can be done about it! The age-old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is valid when it comes to cancer. In addition to the above, having an ongoing input of good quality nutrients is essential to maintain an ongoing cellular energy level. There is a class of compounds called nitrilosides—found in hundreds of edible plants worldwide—that have shown to be helpful in cancer prevention. These compounds can be in lima beans, apple seeds, bitter almonds, nuts, millet, maize, sorghum and apricot, plum and peach pits. Combine the avoidance of toxins and the ingestion of organic, clean food and food items high in cancer fighting compounds and you will be well on your way to a life free from cancer. Why stop there? Seek the advice of physicians who are familiar with all of the above and you can be well on your way toward preventing cancer and at the same time improving the quality of life for your future. Dr. Conrad Maulfair has been improving the health of his patients for more than 40 years utilizing noninvasive medical modalities. For more information including a Cancer specific podscast visit or call 610-6822104. See ad, page 35.

ACTIVE CANCER CELLS DOUBLE IN NUMBER EVERY 90 DAYS 90 days 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years

2 cells 16 cells 256 cells (1) 4,896 cells 65,536 cells 1,048,576 cells (2) 16,777,216 cells 268,435,456 cells 4,294,967,296 cells (3)

(1) Detectable by Thermography (2) Still not Detectable Mammography (3) Normally Detectable by Mammograph 40 Doublings (Aprox 10 Years) considered lethal.

natural awakenings

August 2017


Cannabis Hemp Oil and Cancer by Dr. Michael Taras


n the external surface of every cell in the body are receptors that respond to hormones and neurotransmitters and help the body to function correctly. The biggest class of cell receptors in the body is for cannabinoids, the chemical compounds secreted by cannabis hemp plants. The body’s cannabinoid receptors (CB), come in two major types: CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are primarily located on the nerve cells in the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), which is why cannabinoids influence memory, pain and motor control. CB2 receptors are mainly in the periphery and located on immune cells like the white blood cells and in the tonsils and spleen. CB2 receptors also control inflammatory processes in the body. Stimulation of CB2 receptors modulates pain, as well as help with neurodegenerative diseases. Endo-cannabinoids are synthesized naturally in the body and bind to the cannabinoid receptors on the outside of cells to regulate biological functions like appetite, nerves, motor behavior, reproduction, the immune system and more. Stimulation of the endocannabinoid system is important in maintaining homeostasis in all body systems. This is where plant-based cannabinoids can help. Plant-based cannabinoids come from the cannabis hemp plant, with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) being the two major and most familiar cannabinoids. This is why the plant has such a wide therapeutic potential and needs to be considered in any health and wellness program. 38

Lehigh Valley

Plant-based cannabinoids can be given therapeutically with cannabis hemp oil, which is made by soaking the plant in alcohol and then cooking the alcohol away, leaving just the oil. The mechanism by which cannabis oil may be used to treat cancer involves a partnership between the immune system and endocannabinoid system. The function of the immune system is to get rid of dead and dying cells, but when it comes to fighting cancer, the immune system by itself is only moderately effective because cancer cells are essentially modified self-cells, which the immune system doesn’t generally recognize as harmful. Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti, of the University of South Carolina, explains an exciting discovery when he says: “Not only do the normal immune cells express cannabinoid receptors called CB2 receptors, but also when cells get transformed and become cancer, to our surprise we found that these cancer cells continue to express their CB2 receptors.” This means that we can supplement our natural endocannabinoid system with plant-based cannabinoids from cannabis hemp oil that will bind to the CB2 receptors and tell the cancer cells to die. “Once the immune system realizes that the DNA of the cancer cell is abnormal it sends ceramide in to shred the mitochondria, which provides energy to the cells,” says Nagarkatti. “Cells without mitochondria can’t create energy to keep the cancer alive so it dies.” Similarly, once the plant-based cannabinoid THC meets the cannabinoid receptor on the cancer cell they produce ceramide, which kills the

cancer cell. Also exciting is that plantbased cannabinoids don’t have any negative impact on normal cells. CBD is useful because it shuts down the L1 gene, which causes cancer to metastasize and divide. This one-two punch of THC and CBD kills the cancer cells and the tissue is left immune to any other cancer growth. Biochemist Dennis Hill, who cured himself of stage three prostate cancer with cannabis oil, states: “There is nothing else that does this and it works with all forms of cancer no matter where it is or how long you’ve had it.” Dr. Manuel Guzman, professor of Biochemistry at the University of Madrid Spain, notes: “We observed that cannabinoids have the effect of inducing death in cancer cells. They inhibit the growth and multiplication of cancer cells.” Cannabinoids from cannabis hemp stimulate the body’s anti-cancer endocannabinoid system and can be considered a very natural cure. Cannabinoids can also pass through the blood brain barrier because of their fat-loving nature and go right to the cancer cells in the brain. When the endocannabinoid system is stimulated with cannabinoids there is an antitumor effect that tells cancer cells to commit suicide. “Medical marijuana has grown to a point where the government looks foolish saying it’s not a medicine,” says Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a Harvard professor. “It is a medicine. People should always have herbal marijuana available to them without any constraints from the law.” Although there is still a government prohibition on products containing the THC psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD oil is legal in all fifty states. Every organ and cell in our body has cannabinoid receptors and needs cannabinoids for proper and healthy function. Without cannabinoids, our organs will drift into a state of dysfunction over time. Supplying our body with natural cannabinoids may be the most important thing we can do to maintain health and fight disease. For more information, contact Dr. Taras at *This article is for informational purposes only and not meant as medical advice.

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FEAST IN THE FIELDS The Rise of Pop-Up Organic Dining

eries ( “There’s nothing like being comfortably seated in the field where your food is growing and having the opportunity to enjoy it just hours after it’s been picked. Then, add in one-on-one conversations with your chef, brewer and farmer, as well as like-minded community members,” observes Walch, who grew up on an organic dairy farm in Minnesota. Setting the bar for high-end, white tablecloth, adults-only communal events, Outstanding in the Field tours the country to offer a taste of fresh, local cuisine prepared by top regional chefs. They’re known for serving meals on long tables set up in fields on prairie ranches, in olive groves or fruit orchards, as well as at urban rooftop farms or near vegetable row crops. “Our mission is to get folks out to the farm and honor the people whose good work brings nourishment to the table,” says organization founder and chef/artist Jim Denevan. More than 90, five-hour events that include appetizers and a guided farm tour are being held all the way through November


he flip side of enjoying farm to table is taking the table to the farm. Socalled “pop-up feasts” are booming at farms throughout the country during growing and harvest seasons. While the format varies, dinners are typically hosted on working rural or urban farms, last about three hours and include aperitifs and a tour before the meal. Wine pairings or beer tastings and live music may be among the enticing activities offered. Gabriele Marewski, owner of Paradise Farms, near Miami, Florida, was a pioneering forerunner of the trend. For 10 years prior to retirement, she hosted more than 50 chefs, served thousands of guests an organic Dinner in Paradise and raised more than $50,000 for area charities. Periodic onsite dinners continue ( 40

Lehigh Valley

“Many chefs are active in farm-totable dinners on the West Coast. We also see participation among wineries, orchards, cheese makers and breweries,” says A.K. Crump, CEO of TasteTV, in San Francisco, which also supervises “People like to meet the meal maker and know more about the origin of what they eat.” “I started Dinner on the Farm nine years ago to create unique experiences that connect people to the places their food is grown and the people that grow them,” says Monica Walch, whose popup dinners are served picnic-style for friends and families that bring their own tableware. Her company’s Midwest events, usually offered on Minnesota and Wisconsin farms, always feature local chefs, food ingredients and brew-

photos by John D. Ivanko

by John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist

Pizza on the Farm event at Dream Acres, served by a waiter on stilts, in Rogers, Minnesota.

in more than a dozen states (see “Some of our most popular events feature farmers of the sea, and are set alongside the ocean or other bodies of water,” adds Lisa Supple, publicist for the company. “They feature local fisher people and oyster and abalone farmers.” “Epicurean San Diego offers popup farm dinner events at Dickinson Farm, in National City, California,” explains

Guests enjoy appetizers and cocktails at a Dinner on the Farm event at Primrose Valley Farm, in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

owner Stephanie Parker (Epicurean “We strive to completely source our produce from the farm.” The veteran-owned, certified organic Dickinson Farm features heirloom fruits, vegetables and herbs grown on a large city lot. “We have focused on urban farms to inspire more people to grow their own food and to show that you don’t have to live on a huge piece of property in the countryside,” Parker notes. Some pop-up feasts are managed directly by local farmers in partnership with lead chefs. Others serve as annual fundraising events, like The Foodshed Alliance’s Farm to Fork Dinner and Wine Tasting, now in its seventh year ( It’s held at the Alba Vineyard, in Milford, New Jersey, which practices renewable viticulture. “We already have eight chefs lined up to prepare an eight-course, locally sourced, wine-pairing dinner served among the vines,” explains

Kendrya Close, executive director of the alliance. Expert winemakers select each course’s pairing. “We’re proud to be the hardworking roadies that set the stage for America’s rock star farmers,” says Denevan. John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, co-authors of ECOpreneuring and Farmstead Chef, operate the Inn Serendipity, in Browntown, WI.

MooGrass Band performance at Dinner on the Farm event at Sandhill Family Farms, in Brodhead, Wisconsin.


+ 817(5'21 , 17(*5$7,9( 3 +<6,&,$16 $FRPPRQVHQVHDSSURDFKWR\RXUKHDOWKFDUH Scott P R Berk, MD, AAFP, AIHM Medical Director

33 Rupell Road • Union Twp, NJ 08827 • I-78 Exit 13 Phone: 908-238-0077 • E-mail: COUNSELING FOR THE FOLLOWING: • Allergies • Asthma • Autoimmune Disorders • Bone Loss • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Chronic Pain • Depression/Anxiety • Fibromyalgia • Heart Disease • Heavy Metal Toxicity • Hepatitis • High Blood Pressure • Hormone Imbalance • Hyperglycemic Conditions • Intestinal Disorders • Joint Pain • Memory Loss • Menopause • Tick-Borne Diseases • Yeast Overgrowth • Vaccinations

MODALITIES OFFERED: • Anti-Aging Medicine • Biofeedback • Bioidentical Hormones • Chelation • Detoxification • Herbal Therapies • Homeopathy • IV Therapies • Mesotherapy • Metabolic Typing Counseling • Nutritional Counseling • Oxidative Therapies • Thermography • Vitamin Therapies • Wiley Protocol


August 2017


Where to Go



Syda Productions/

long with checking your state’s departments of tourism and parks and recreation, here are some broader resources for finding local trails. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ (National Wildlife Federation)

TAKE A HIKE Escape into Nature

■ (Outside Magazine) ■

What You Need


ime spent outside is best when we’re well-equipped. Here are some basic tips.

✔ Be prepared for weather, stay alert, plan ahead and have a trail map so you know what to expect. ✔ Inform others where you will be and what time you plan to be back. Set a deadline to turn around and head back well before sundown. ✔ Plan on not having cell phone reception. ✔ Wear proper footwear and clothing. ✔ Take a compass and a flashlight. ✔ Bring water, in plastic-free bottles, and well-sealed snacks. ✔ Apply natural, reliable sunscreen (such as Think Sport)


✔ Use DEET-free insect and tick repellant. (For an easy home recipe, add 15 drops of geranium and eucalyptus essential oils to a two-ounce spray bottle filled with distilled water. Shake well before each use.) ✔ Consider a natural first-aid kit. (DIY guidelines for creating alternative kits are found at RemediesTravelKit and AnHerbalFirstAidKit.)


Lehigh Valley

with a Day Trip by Marlaina Donato


o many, hiking means long-distance treks through forests or backpacking remote terrain. “In reality, it’s more about getting out into green areas close to home,” says Wesley Trimble, of the American Hiking Society. “It’s about immersion in nature.” Day hiking can be easily tailored to personal preferences and interests. “Excellent apps and websites list and describe trails in your area or community. We have a database on our site that’s helpful,” says Trimble ( He’s personally high on old rail lines that have been converted to wide, accessible paths (

A Trail for Everyone Whatever our location, age or fitness level, a hike can provide opportunities for calming solitude or connecting with people we care about. Individuals with disabilities can also get outdoors at accommodating trails such as those at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, in Delaware. There’s always something to be learned in identifying wildlife and plants. “Families can enjoy time walking outdoors together in ways impossible in other settings,” observes Verna Gates, founder of Fresh Air Family, a Birmingham, Alabama, outdoor activities educational foundation. “Nature aids in well-being in many ways.” She points to studies cited at NatureAndForest that reveal how trees emit enzymes into the air that help improve our emotional and physical health. “When I lost a child, the only place I found solace was in nature. Sitting in a patch of wildflowers truly brought me back to living,” recalls Gates.

Olga Danylenko/

Syda Productions/

Hiking in nature is a ready way to reset frazzled nerves.

Explorers’ Heaven

Following a lovely trail, much like inspired cooking, is as intriguing and delightful as we wish it to be. From wildflower paths to wine country trails, the great outdoors invites exploration of woodlands, glens, forests, mountain valleys, 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 coastal areas, bayous, deserts and other terrain. • enced day-trippers recommend revisiting favorite trails in specifi c seasons. Ad Proof for Natural Awakenings “I love being in the natural world, be it New Jersey, Florida or Alaska. Every trail offers surprises,” marvels distance P: 610-421-4443 hiker Craig Romano ( As the author of F: 610-421-4445 several day hike guidebooks, he’s seen firsthand how, “Every part of the country offers different perspectives and forms ease sign your proof and complete the following information: of beauty. The greatest biological diversity in our country is Ad is shown at actual size. See second page for larger ads.) found in the Great Smoky Mountains, where the rhododendrons are breathtaking in spring.” Ad is approved:The contact information and spelling is correct world’s largest mapped cave system is in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park. Hiking to observe other Ad is approved with changes indicated subterranean wonders in Indiana or Virginia’s Natural Bridge Ad is not approved make changes Caverns is no less– exhilarating thanindicated walking Alabama’s covered bridge trail or painter Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch country, in New Mexico. The Appalachian Trail, running be-

tween Maine and Georgia, attracts thousands of adventurous long-distance trekkers, but such trails also offer sections ideal for day hikes. Geomagnetic points in Arizona’s vortex region or America’s Stonehenge, in New Hampshire, afford unusual destinations. The wonders of California’s Sonoma County include Planet Walk, a scale model path that illustrates our solar system. The Crater of Diamonds State Park, in Arkansas, is the only place in the world where hikers can dig for diamonds and keep what they find, although quartz diamond sites (semiprecious stones less hard than diamonds) can be accessed at other U.S. locales. Coastal walks lead to discovering sea glass and shells. Arboretums in urban areas offer trails flush with local flora. Joining or starting a hiking club based on common interests is one way to go. “One of our guidebook series encourages outdoor enthusiasts to explore the natural world in their immediate backyards. This approach especially appeals to families, first-time trail users and athletes looking for a quick nature fix after work,” offers Helen Cherullo, publisher of Mountaineers Books (, a nonprofit committed to conservation and sustainable lifestyles. Wherever we venture, take nothing but pictures and leave nature untouched. Cherullo reminds us, “Connecting people to treasured natural landscapes leads to active engagement to preserve these places for future generations. The future of public lands—owned by every American citizen—is literally in our hands.” They deserve our vote. Marlaina Donato is a freelance writer, author and multimedia artist. Connect at

natural awakenings

August 2017


How to Prevent Expensive Produce from Going Bad by Alicia Leonhardt


hat happens when we stock our kitchen with healthy fruits and veggies, only to find them all rotting and molding before we can eat them up? It turns out that knowing how to store produce can be just as important as knowing the kind to buy if we want to save time and money. For example, there are certain produce items that should not be stored together, some items are best stored in the fridge and other fruits and vegetables survive best on the counter top, stored at room temperature. Proper storage of fruits and vegetables will extend their life expectancy, saving the cost and energy of replacing it all.

When you put cold-sensitive items in the refrigerator, for instance, it causes those fruits or veggies to lose their flavor profile and moisture content. Keep these items on the counter and once they are fully ripe, you may store them for a few more days in the fridge. In addition to considering what temperature to store produce, keep in mind that some fruits and vegetables are incompatible for another reason. Certain fruits release a gas called ethylene, which is a natural plant hormone. This gas causes the cells of neighboring ethylene-sensitive produce to degrade and, in turn, these items will become softer quickly and their buds or seeds will begin to sprout. The fruits shown in table 1 are ones that produce the ethylene gas and should be kept away from produce sensitive to it. Note also which items store best in cool temperatures.

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(Table 1) Ethylene Producers Refrigerated Apples Apricots Figs Grapes Room Temperature Avocados Bananas, unripe Kiwis Melons Nectarines Peaches Pears Plums Tomatoes

A few items also exist that should be kept in a cool dark place, but should not be stored in close proximity with one another, including garlic, onions and potatoes. These root vegetables release moisture that can cause them to ripen too quickly and begin sprouting. (Table 2) Potatoes are also sensitive to ethylene Ethylene-Sensitive Produce gas so don’t store them near the gas reRefrigerated leasers out at room temperature either. Broccoli Most tropical and citrus fruits are Brussel Sprouts fine left out at room temperature for at Carrots least one week. They may also go in Caulifl ower • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. Cucumber • If you notice a weak or soft spot on Lettuce/greens any of the fruit, be sure you remove Peas AdSnap Proof for Natural Awakenings it before storing the item. When one piece of produce has a bad spot on it, it To: P: 610-421-4443 has the tendency to grow on the other Room Temperature Email: F: 610-421-4445 pieces nearby. The quicker the spot is Cabbage removed, the quicker it is stopped from Eggplant Please sign your proof and complete the following information: spreading. Green Beans (Ad is shown at actual size. See second page for larger One final ads.) note is to recognize Peppers that the ethylene gas can be used efSquash fectively is to correct help ripen or mature fruits Ad is approved: contact information and spelling Sweet Potatoes and veggies more quickly if you are Watermelon Ad is approved with changes indicated in a hurry to use them. By placing the Bananas, ripe produce in a brown paper bag, along Ad is not approved – make changes indicated with an ethylene gas-producing item, it The items in table 2 are sensitive to the ethylene gas and must be stored away from those that are gas producing, whether in the fridge or at room temperature.

will allow the fruit to ripen faster. Use this information as a guide when coming home from the grocery store or farmers’ market with fresh produce. Now you know where to store it best so that it will last longer. It may take some extra time, but it’s worth it to extend the life of your fruits and veggies! Alicia Leonhardt is an associate clinician at the Well of Life Center for Natural Health, a holistic wellness center that specializes in nutrition, chiropractic, massage services and more. Celebrating 12 years in business, the Well of Life Center has locations in Doylestown and Bethlehem, as well as a Spa & Fitness center in Ottsville. For more information, visit

natural awakenings

rty of Natural Awakenings and may not be reproduced in any other publication without permis-

August 2017


Help for Injured Wildlife Caring Rehab Gives Them a Second Chance by Sandra Murphy


eeing lost, injured or orphaned animals is heartbreaking, but unless a wild animal is in immediate danger from prey or traffic, it’s best to wait and observe. Mothers forage for food and return to the babies intermittently. If in doubt, call a wildlife rehabber for advice. “Rehabilitators are trained, tested, licensed, take continuing education courses and file annual reports. All care provided must meet government standards,” explains wildlife rehabilitator Regina Whitman, of Queen Creek, Arizona, via her Desert Cry Wildlife website. She rehabs rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, baby javelina and coyote pups. The Dan & Dianne May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Lee’s-McRae College, in Banner Elk, North Carolina, is the only college program in the U.S. that allows students to work hands-on with veterinarians in the rehab center. “We see native species of reptiles, raptors, songbirds and mammals like eastern gray squirrels,” says Jenna Glaski, a program senior mentor. “When fawns and bobcats are orphaned, it’s usually because the mother has been hit by a car or shot.” In the Georgetown area, South Carolina Coastal Animal Rescue and Educational Sanctuary (SC-CARES) rehabbers care for injured wildlife and other animals. Miss Belle—a doe that was trapped in fencing and temporarily paralyzed trying to get free— received physical therapy and is expected to make a full recovery. Founded in 2004 by Kevin Barton and Linda Schrader, the Wildlife Center of Venice, serves Sarasota and Charlotte 46

Lehigh Valley

counties. Its five acres offers hutches, barns, habitats for squirrels and raccoons, an aviary and a pond for waterfowl. In 2015, volunteers rescued eight striped skunks. Because these mammals are slow and have poor eyesight, wide roads are especially hazardous as they move through diminishing habitat. Skunks eat insects, grubs, rodents, moles and snakes. Paul and Gloria Halesworth specialize in hummingbirds at Wild Wing Rehab Hummers & Songbirds, in Ahwatukee, Arizona. “Hummingbird babies require a special formula we import from Europe. A body temperature of 105 degrees causes casual rescuers to think they’re overheated. They pant like dogs if too hot; otherwise, they’re okay,” Paul says. If a nest is found on the ground, reaffix it in a tree. “Duct tape works,” he notes. “Mom will find them.” Released birds are taken to the Desert Botanical Garden, in Phoenix. Rehabbing owls costs significantly more, up to $800 from hatchling to release. The Halesworths refer owls to another rehabber that annually cares for about 500 owls. In Fort Gratiot, Michigan, Back 2 the Wild Rehab rescues all kinds of wild animals. In February, two geese were stuck in a frozen river. Firefighters freed the birds and rehabbers checked them for frostbite. One goose died, but the other was released after the next storm passed through. The Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary, near McCall, Idaho, accepts orphaned bear cubs. Tapping into three decades of research reported by program supervisor Jeff Rohlman, they are vetted and put into a two-acre enclosure to learn to live in the wild until they are old enough for release. Most arrive undernourished and dehydrated; if separated from their mother, they don’t know how to feed themselves or when to hibernate. Dreamcatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary, in Ravendale, California, doesn’t release rehabbed guests—it provides a lifetime home to roam 1,000 acres in family packs to find their own food and water. Public lands are leased to ranchers for grazing, compelling competition for food between livestock and wild animals, so this is a safer option; the sanctuary also advocates protection of resident mountain lions, badgers, coyotes, hawks and eagles. Barry and Maureen Genzlinger, founders of the Vermont Bat Center, in Milton, have rescued and released more than 125 bats since Barry became a licensed bat rehabilitator for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department in 2013. “We have one bat that lost 95 percent of the skin on a wing,” he says. “After three months, most of it has grown back. In two more months, it should be fine, just in time to hibernate.” Bats can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour. While some are considered a nuisance, each rescued animal has a place in the overall eco-system. Following the good Samaritan rule allows casual rescuers to keep an animal only long enough to safely transport it to a rehabilitator. Rescue operations always need volunteers to donate time or money to help the cause. For creatures, staying with a healing friend can help but there’s no place like home. Connect with freelance writer Sandra Murphy at For local efforts to rehabilitate animals, see page 47.

Margaret M Stewart/


Lakota Wolf Preserve

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

The Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, located at 1161 Cherry Drive, in Stroudsburg, was founded in 1983 with the mission of providing humane, professional care for injured and orphaned wildlife for the purpose of returning them to the wild. The facility takes in more than 1,000 animals annually and is licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Live, educational programs are offered by the center, from which experienced wildlife handlers and certified educators bring entertaining presentations to scheduled locations. Katherine Uhler is the center’s director. She became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in 1980 and has been growing the nonprofit, all-volunteer Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center ever since. Her husband, co-director Eric Uhler, manages administrative responsibilities and cares for the center’s large mammals and raptors. Beth Yaswinksi has volunteered for several years as a wildlife caretaker and specializes in working with birds and baby squirrels. In addition to caring for injured and orphaned wildlife, clinic manager Ashley Decker works with volunteers and is growing the center’s children’s education programs. Ways to get involved with the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center include donating office and clinic supplies through its online wish list, or becoming a volunteer or intern. For more information, call 570-4020223, email or visit

At Lakota Wolf Preserve, located on the grounds of Camp Taylor Campground, at 89 Mount Pleasant Road, in Columbia, New Jersey, visitors can learn about this endangered species. The preserve offers guided, educational Wolf Watch tours, where the howling of wolves can be heard echoing through the mountains of the Delaware Water Gap. The room and care provided to each animal at the preserve is exceptional in the industry. Wolf Watch tours are led by owners Jim Stein and Becky Mace, who have raised and care for all the animals at the preserve. During their presentations, visitors will learn about the social structure of wolf packs, their eating habits, their interaction with man and many other interesting facts. Photo opportunities abound and serious photographers can take advantage of guided, wildlife and wolf photography or video sessions around each individual wolf compound. The experience of watching and listening to packs of British Columbian, Timber and Arctic wolves is sure to make a lasting impression. For the first time in more than a century, the wolves can be viewed in the eastern U.S., in their natural surroundings. Bobcats and foxes also reside at the preserve. Patrons of Lakota Wolf Preserve can show support of its efforts through donation, sponsorship and shopping opportunities found on the preserve’s website. For more information, call 908496-9244, email or visit

The Gress Mountain Ranch

The Gress Mountain Ranch, located on 15 scenic acres at 3264 Highland Road, in Orefield, is a nonprofit sanctuary, or “forever home”, for abused and neglected animals. The ranch is home to more than 70 domestic and exotic animals that provide therapy, education and volunteerism opportunities to disabled, at-risk, low-income and underserved populations. Visits are by appointment only. Founded by Kathryn and Ben Gress in 1999, the mission of Gress Mountain Ranch is to foster the mutual well-being of people and animals by intertwining their lives through nurturing, learning, fun and healing. A licensed professional counselor, Kathryn started the ranch by incorporating animal-assisted therapy and equine therapy into her counseling work with children and families. The animal rescue mission of the ranch continued to grow and evolved into a forever home for the abandoned, neglected and abused animals they adopted. The ranch works with volunteer, educational, business, social service and law-enforcement agencies to include people from all walks of life, with special focus on serving at-risk, inner city, underserved and special needs children and underserved adults and adolescents. The Gress Mountain Ranch is 100 percent volunteer run and is funded by donations from the community. Fundraising events, such as parades and fairs, are essential to the survival of the ranch, which always needs volunteers. For more information, call 610 3982122, email or visit

natural awakenings

August 2017


Minerva Studio/

Comforting Companions

Dogs at Work Finding the Right Dog for the Job

A 7-year-old hound and canine-style Houdini named Gumby was adopted seven times, surrendered to the shelter eight times and thrice became a stray. An unprecedented 11 return trips to the Charleston Animal Society, in South Carolina, convinced the staff he prefers shelter life. Now his selfappointed job is comforting and helping new arrivals adjust to their temporary home. Dentist April Patterson owns Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa, in Fort Lauderdale. After attending a local Humane Society fashion show, she returned to her office with Oliver, a four-pound Pomeranian mix of undetermined age. This cutie’s job is to steady nervous patients. “It wasn’t planned,” says Patterson. “Oliver will bark nonstop when left alone, but being one of the staff makes him happy. Meeting Oliver is part of our hiring process.” Dory, a yellow Labrador certified therapy dog, is approved by the San Diego district attorney’s office to offer aid in court when a victim or witness testifies in front of the defendant. “Dory was the first court support dog in California and the city’s first of five dog and handler teams,” says Kathleen Lam, a retired attorney and dog handler. “The

by Sandra Murphy

When was the last time you had a great night’s sleep? If you’re too tired to remember, it’s time to try something new! Sleep Apnea Relief – a fast-acting and wholistic solution to get you off CPAP Leg Relaxer – quell restless legs and leg cramps with an effective combination of herbs that relax nerves, reduce tension and increase circulation Hi, I’m Steve Frank and I suffered from sleep apnea for years. My patent-pending formulation has helped thousands return to sleeping well and I use it every night. My Mom asked me what to do about the persistent leg cramps keeping her awake. Leg Relaxer was the result of my research, and it works for Restless Legs as well! Now you can use these effective solutions too!

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courtesy of Kathleen Lam


very dog needs a meaningful job. Like us, some need help figuring out what they want to be when they grow up; others choose their own specialty. With imagination and experimentation, even a problem pooch can became an unexpected blessing.


courtesy of Kathleen Lam

dogs undergo rigorous testing to demonstrate good behavior in court. Handlers work on long downs and stays, including hand signals.” Dory recently accompanied an 8-year-old girl testifying against her father; he had killed his wife in front of her two years before.

Special Rescue Teams

Mas, a water-loving Newfoundland, redefines “rescue dog”. The Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio, or Italian School of Rescue Dogs, is the largest national organization in Italy to train dogs and handlers for water rescue. Helicopters can often reach a swimmer in distress more quickly than a boat. The dog jumps out to circle the victim until they can grab her harness before swimming to shore or a human partner. Mas, the first certified water rescue operative recognized by Italy, France and Switzerland port authorities and coast guards, went on to train her successors. Bloodhounds are renowned for their super sniffers. Lou, a nine-year K9 veteran, on Pennsylvania’s West York BorPublic ough Police Department force, ultimately applied for retireAmbassadors ment, passing the harness to Prince, a 3-month-old bloodhound. Prince was sworn in by District Judge Jennifer Deemed “too large to J.P. Clancy in her Spring Garden sell,” Bert,Box a 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 Dory, the first court support Township courtroom. The cerchocolate Pomeranian, • dog in California. emony emphasizes a K9’s wound up in status in the community an Oklahoma shelter. Ad Proof for Natural Awakenings and within law enforceKathy Grayson, owner of The Hole, a New York City art ment. Paired with Ofgallery, saw his photo on and To: fell in love. P: 610-421-4443 ficer Scott Musselman She immediately traveled to adopt him. Bert,Email: whom she F: 610-421-4445 characterizes as quiet, refined and perfectly suited to the art for eight months of training, the duo will world, loves being at the gallery and has attended art fairs Please sign your proof and complete the following information: work with the Missin major U.S. cities. Follow Bert’s adventures via Instagram. (Ad is shown at actual size. See second page for larger ads.) ing Child Task Force. com/bertiebertthepom. “Edie, a boxer mix puppy, started training as an assisapproved: contact and spelling is correct Connect withinformation freetance dog, but her personality proved better suitedAd to is the lance writer Sandra hospitality industry,” says Julie Abramovic Kunes, public Ad is approved with changes indicated Murphy at relations manager for the Fairmont Hotel, in Berkeley, Ad is not approved – make changes indicated StLouisFreelanceWriter California. Kunes’ Edie was hired by the Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel in 2011, before making the career move west with her in 2017. A former shelter dog, Edie greets visitors as a community ambassador.

Dorneyville Pharmacy Veterinary Compounding Specialists Tom’s Dog “Axl”

We feature a full line of veterinary preparation with size, dose and flavor appropriate medications for every animal ... including cats, dogs, ferrets, bunnies, reptiles, birds and exotics! We work with your vet!

Thomas E. Silvonek, RPH, FACA

Fellow American College of Veterinary Pharmacists Compounding Specialist Monday – Friday • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 3330 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown P: 610-437-4600 · F: 610-437-1444 natural awakenings

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The Martial Arts Hold Deep Inner Lessons by Eric Stevens


ew words are as oddly coupled as martial and arts. The first means “relating to war and soldiers,” while the second means “something that is created with imagination and skill, and is beautiful or expresses important ideas or feelings.” All martial arts represent a paradox of push and pull, yin and yang, external and internal. Their practice represents the blending of our physical lives in harmony with our emotional makeup, allowing our external activity to mirror our internal being. Seldom is the fusion of body, mind and spirit easily achieved with one activity, but martial arts are an exception, because they focus equally on internal and external well-being. Here are five key life lessons that martial arts can teach us. Learn how to breathe. True connection with our breath permeates an artist’s realm. A vocalist must reach deep within the diaphragm to sing proficiently and a dancer must learn to time their breath while performing. A martial artist learns to control breath with stillness and speed, like juxtaposing yoga with intense contact sports. Breathing properly makes the practitioner a better martial 50

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artist and a healthier one. According to a study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, hypertensive qigong program participants were able to both lower their blood pressure after 10 weeks and increase their oxygen uptake by 20 percent. Avoid conflict by developing character. While it may seem counterintuitive that learning how to fight could avoid conflict, it’s an essential part of martial arts. The philosopher Lao Tzu said the best fighter is never angry. The martial arts are primarily about discipline, heightened awareness and honing an ability to face our own internal conflicts. Several studies corroborate that practicing martial arts produces positive behavioral changes. For instance, according to a study published in the Journal of Adolescence, participating students in the martial arts were characterized as being less impulsive and less aggressive. Connect the external (body movement) with the internal (energy movement). The energetic force that catalyzes expressive kicks, punches, blocks and other outward forms is as essential as the movements themselves. In Chinese

martial arts, that force is referred to as qi, the life energy that intrinsically unites body, mind and spirit. Be both an artist and athlete. Artistry and athleticism need not be divergent forces. The martial artist combines the grace of a creator and skill of a warrior, and watching a martial arts competition can be as riveting as watching a ballet or sports event. Most of us may not be talented artists or natural athletes, yet all students can learn how to integrate both worlds by blending physicality with stillness and expression through action. Let go of ego, find mental clarity and access the present moment. Jirōkichi Yamada, a master of Japanese kenjutsu, said, “The way of the sword and the way of Zen are identical, for they have the same purpose; that of killing the ego.” The focus of all true martial arts is the process, not the outcome. Whatever the style of execution, preparatory practice and meditative application, they all require the discipline of being purely present. Gaining such clarity requires grappling more with ego than with opponents; the real battle of a martial artist is waged within. Bruce Lee, the film star who revolutionized Western awareness of martial arts and founded jeet kune do, realized that martial arts’ transcendent philosophy gives us many lessons to draw upon. He suggested, “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.” Eric Stevens has been a fitness professional and martial arts coach for 15 years. He writes about related topics from Denver, Colorado. Connect at



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savethedate CHILDLIGHT YOGA TEACHER TRAININGS Evidence-informed yoga and mindfulness education to youth and training for professionals who support their well-being. The simple and effective strategies we share promote resilience, positive perceptions, good health habits and mindful awareness, empowering children to excel at school, at home and in life. Yoga & Mindfulness In Schools Teacher Training, August 3-4.

Please call ahead to confirm date and times


9th Annual Angel Days Holistic Faire – Angel art, readings, crystals, aromatherapy reiki, reflexology, alternative healing modalities. Free lectures on current holistic topics, door prizes every hour. Nutritious Mediterranean food for sale. 10am-4pm. $6 or $5 with donation of pet food. Leesport Farmers Market, Banquet Hall, 312 Gernant’s Church Rd, Leesport. Kimberlee Dawn: 484-363-7356

Access Bars® Gift & Receive – An opportunity to experience the nurturing process of Access Bars® from a certified practitioner for a reduced rate or, if you already are a Bars practitioner, you can swap Bars sessions with other practitioners and receive facilitation. 2-5:30pm. $15 for Practitioners; $35 to come and only receive. Bangor. RSVP to 703965-1303.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens Teacher Training, August 4-6. Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, August 11-19. Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training, October 28-29. Location: Yoga Loft of Bethlehem, 521 E 4th St, Bethlehem. More details and registration can be found at

Neuropathy Relief

FRIDAY, AUGUST 4 Hope Hill Lavender Farm Open – 10am-3pm Fri, Sat & Sun. Enjoy a visit to our lavender farm and new lavender farm store. Our store will contain our quality lavender products and other unique items. Come see what’s in store. Free. Farm tour available if interested at 11am, Sat for $5. 2375 Panther Valley Rd, Pottsville. 570-617-0851. Stream Cleanup Event – Come prepared to wade the stream or walk the trails at Minisink Park along the Brodhead Creek from 9am to 12pm. Volunteers need to fill out a volunteer form then report to the Minisink Park located at 44 River Rd. East Stroudsburg.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 5 Tour of Columcille – 2.5-hour walking tour of a beautiful, wooded 17-acre megalithic standing stone park. Tour guide, Tom Egan, an Irish Historian and Irish mythology storyteller, offers pre-Christian Celtic interpretations of the park’s many stone monuments and structures. 9:30am-noon, rain or shine. 3155 Fox Gap Road, Bangor. 610-360-1701. 9th Annual Angel Days Holistic Faire – Angel art, readings, crystals, aromatherapy reiki, reflexology, alternative healing modalities. Free lectures on current holistic topics, door prizes every hour. Nutritious Mediterranean food for sale. 10am-5pm. $6 or $5 with donation of pet food. Leesport Farmers Market, Banquet Hall, 312 Gernant’s Church Rd, Leesport. Kimberlee Dawn: 484-363-7356

Alleviate Chronic Heal Pain Get back in the action with Extra-Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT). This FDA-Approved, non-invasive treatment excels for treating achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis commonly associated with heel spurs. It’s a painless, drug free solution wioth no lengthy recovery or risk of causing further injury.

Restore Healthy Toenails

The FDA Approved Cutera Laser eliminates embarrassing nail fungus and restores healthy toe nails. This quick in-office treatment is painless, has no downtime and does not require any medication. Get back to wearing your favorite open-toed shoes.

If you suffer from burning, tingling, numbness or neuropathy of the feet, come and get relief. Our safe, drug-free and non-invasive treatment stimulates your blood flow, bringing healing oxygen to affected areas to alleviate your pain, restore sensation, and return your feet to a healthy condition so you really can enjoy walking once again. We also carry a full line of shoes for diabetic foot comfort.

If you are suffering with foot problems of ANY kind,

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Robert J. Kaplan, D.P.M.

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TUESDAY, AUGUST 8 Essential Oils 101 – Learn about Natural Wellness and avoiding chemicals in the home using therapeutic grade essential oils. Free to YMCA Members; YMCA Easton/Phillipsburg 1225 W. Lafayette St. Easton, PA; Text Sarah at 419.575.1315 to RSVP and for more information

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9 Free Introduction: Anxiety Relief with Effortless Meditation™ - Greg Schweitzer. This physician recommended meditation technique works like magic. Gain relief from stress, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, sleep, fatigue, weight problems, brain fog and more. 7:00 – 8:30 pm, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700

THURSDAY, AUGUST 10 Hope Hill Lavender Farm - At Farmers’ Market in Hershey – Also August 24. Come out to this great outdoor market and stop by and visit Hope Hill Lavender Farm. Free admission. Farmers’ Market in Hershey, 1215 Research Blvd, Hummelstown.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 Free Introduction: Anxiety Relief with Effortless Meditation™ - Greg Schweitzer. This physician recommended meditation technique works like magic. Gain relief from stress, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, sleep, fatigue, weight problems, brain fog and more. 9:00 – 10:30 am, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700

FREE Talk Introducing Simple Tools to Change Your Life – If you could change anything in your life, what would you choose? Relationships? Job? Finances? Health? More time for you? Learn simple tools to stop delaying and start creating the life you desire. Refreshments. 1-3pm. Café the Lodge at 437 E. 4th St, Bethlehem. Call 703-965-1303 to RSVP. Biking/Yoga/Camping Adventure – Join Balance Yoga & Wellness for a 20-mile bike ride each day with optional yoga, lake swim, SUP, hiking and camping at Hickory Run State Park. Food by Fire and Ice including lunch, dinner, campfire desserts on the first day and, breakfast and lunch on the second. $100. Call 570-714-2777 to register. Reiki & Restorative Yoga Workshop – Tracy Gross, Jessica Batha will guide you to self-preservation of tuning in and letting go. Both modalities will balance your restorative experience and take you to a place that will promote healing and clarity.6:308:30pm. $45. Boundless Yoga Studio, 823-F Ann Street, Stroudsburg. 570-664-0956

SUNDAY, AUGUST 13 Access Body Process Class – Would you like to create more ease with your body and eliminate stuck energies that lead to dis-ease? During this class, you will receive and gift this process and then be qualified to use it to contribute to yourself and others, personally or professionally. 2pm-5:30pm. $55. Bangor. Register at 703-965-1303. Yoga for Kids -- Help your child develop positive body awareness through a gentle yoga flow. This program for children, ages six through 13, will help manage stress and create confidence through breathing, meditation and movement. Classes are Sunday at 3 p.m. Insight Heated Yoga Studio, 1701 Union Blvd., Allentown. 610-776-2676.


savethedate A NATURAL HEALTH FORUM TUESDAY, AUGUST 15 • 4PM Join us for a free, informal Question and Answer Forum with Dr. Michael Jude Loquasto ND, PHD, DC. Bring your health-related questions and benefit from Dr. Mike’s 50 years of experience in Natural Health. Understand how chiropractic internal medicine, custom herbal formulations and non-invasive oral chelation can benefit you. All are welcome with RSVP. Held at A Natural Medicine Clinic, 2571 Baglyos Circle, Suite B-27, Bethlehem. Call 484-821-1460 for a reservation.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16 Hope Hill Lavender Farm – At Farmers on the Square in Carlisle – 3-7pm. Hope Hill Lavender Farm is a guest vendor at this great outdoor market. Free admission. Farmers on the Square, 2 N Hanover St, Carlisle.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 T-shirt Mandala Paint and Flow – Tracy Gross will guide you step by step through the process of creating a mandala and painting it on a T-shirt creating a beautiful form of meditation and healing. Includes a flow yoga class. 6-9pm. $40. Boundless Yoga Studio, 823-F Ann Street, Stroudsburg. 570664-0956


August 25-27

Heal Yourself— Heal the World Deborah King and Friends

September 15-17

A Weekend Retreat With Pema Chödrön

October 13-15

Being Fearless Conference: Action in a Time of Disruption Amy Goodman, Van Jones, Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Bill Moyers, and More

Explore more at or call 800.944.1001


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SATURDAY, AUGUST 19 Access Bars® Practitioner Training – An opportunity to change your life and the lives of others by becoming a certified practitioner of this nurturing process which clears the electromagnetic charge of limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and creates the space for someone to choose something different. Includes 2 Bars sessions, a manual and headchart. 9:30am-5:45pm. Bangor. Call 703-9651303 to register. Yoga Bar -- Set your (yoga) bar high with this exciting new class created for all levels. This yoga practice at the bar incorporates circuit and strength training, allowing for greater stability and alignment. It increases your energy, improves your spirit and is a lot of fun! 11:30am. Insight Heated Yoga Studio, 1701 Union Blvd., Allentown. 610-776-2676

SUNDAY, JULY 20 Access Body Process Class – Experience the energies of 2 amazing Access Body Processes to improve vision, physically and spiritually, while being surrounded by nature at a lovely mountaintop venue. Become qualified to use the process for yourself and others, personally or professionally. 9am-5:30pm. $100. Bangor. Register at 703-965-1303. Yoga for Kids -- Help your child develop positive body awareness through a gentle yoga flow. This program for children, ages six through 13, will help manage stress and create confidence through breathing, meditation and movement. Classes are Sunday at 3 p.m. Insight Heated Yoga Studio, 1701 Union Blvd., Allentown. 610-776-2676.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22 Help for MS & Parkinson’s Mobility, the Easy Way – A free demo with Betsy Wetzig. Improve strength, balance, mobility, range of motion, energy, posture and walking gait. Enjoy power-assisted exercise and rehabilitation as you work at your ability: passively, actively, multiple speeds. 7-8 pm, Twin Ponds Center, Pre-register 610-398-9652

Learn to be a Naturopath ! Dian’s Wellness Simplified

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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23 FREE introduction: Anxiety Relief with Effortless Meditation™ - Greg Schweitzer. This physician recommended meditation technique works like magic. Gain relief from stress, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, sleep, fatigue, weight problems, brain fog and more. 7:00 – 8:30 pm. FREE, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700 Cold Pressed Soap Making 101 – Learn to make your own natural soaps. Take home a 1lb loaf form your family. 6pm. Ages 16+ unless adult supervised. $35 must be paid in advance. All supplies included. Pocono Soap, 10 N 7th Street Stroudsburg. Register at 570-421-1791. Feed Your Brain First – Covers using amino acid and nutrient therapy to effectively address depression, anxiety, insomnia and addiction without medication. In this presentation, you will be introduced to the nutrients such as amino acids that allow our brains to create and rebuild Neurotransmitters. For more information or to register call 856-596-5834 or “Webinars & Events”.

Dian is Celebrating the 15th year teaching her Nutrition Course... Join Her to Earn a Certification as a

Certified Holistic Health Counselor, CHHC

Dian Freeman with some of her Spring 2017 Graduates

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Dian Teaches from Decades of Her Clinical Practice Experience with Thousands of Clients and Over 700 Graduated Students

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Meets on Sundays or Thursdays, Twice a Month, Every Other Week for Six Months Next Two Courses Begin September 14th or 17th, 2017 11AM to 4pm To practice nutrition as a career or to learn nutrition for personal and family use. Students get free nutritional counseling and years of health/business mentoring by Dian

Dian’s Wellness Simplified Morristown, NJ

(973) 267-4816

natural awakenings

August 2017


savethedate REIKI CERTIFICATION CLASSES MOUNTAIN TOP & WILKES-BARRE Reiki 1, Certification Program – Aug 12, 2017, 9:30am-5pm. Usui/Tibetan- Highlights: History of Reiki, Japanese Reiki Techniques, Reiki 1 Initiation, Hands on practice, includes 179-page manual, Register by 8/6 CEU’s-LMT Reiki 2, Certification Program – Aug 26, 2017, 9:30am-5pm. Highlights: Three Reiki Symbols, Japanese Reiki Techniques, Reiki 2 Attunement, hands-on practice, 179 page Manual if didn’t receive in Reiki 1. Register by 8/19 Seven Sacred Flames Reiki,® Self-Procedure – Sept 9, 2017 9:30am-4pm. A High spiritual practice for Self-Realization and Activation/Attunement. Learn Great Central Sun Meditation for State of Pure Consciousness. Manual included. Register by 9/2 Contact Anthony V. Wojnar D.D. RMT, Life Holistic Center LLC. Member: IARP. 570-706-6680.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 25 Reiki I – An introductory course to Reiki instructed by Deborah Baer. Gain a basic understanding of what Reiki is and how it works. The student will be able to incorporate Reiki into their massage sessions, and perform complete stand-alone Reiki treatments. 7 CE. 9am-4:40pm. Health Options Institute, Bethlehem. To register call 610-419-3535

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26 Free Introduction: Anxiety Relief with Effortless Meditation™ - Greg Schweitzer. This physician recommended meditation technique works like magic. Gain relief from stress, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, sleep, fatigue, weight problems, brain fog and more. 9:00 – 10:30 am, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700 Yoga Bar -- Set your (yoga) bar high with this exciting new class created for all levels. This yoga practice at the bar incorporates circuit and strength training, allowing for greater stability and alignment. It increases your energy, improves your spirit and is a lot of fun! 11:30am. Insight Heated Yoga Studio, 1701 Union Blvd., Allentown. 610-776-2676

starting a tai chi practice and enrolling in classes. A prerequisite to registering for our tai chi classes. 10am. The Yoga loft 521 E. 4th St. 3rd floor Bethlehem. 610 867-9642

THURSDAY, AUGUST 31 Breast, Thyroid & Full-Body Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging – Dr. Getson. This is a safe, non-radiologic, and pain free state-of-the-art, FDA approved technology that detects changes at the cellular level in early stages of some diseases, Call 856.596.5834 for appointment at Twin Ponds Center, West Lehigh Valley



savethedate FOOT REFLEXOLOGY CERTIFICATION SEPTEMBER 16 & 17 • 10AM-5PM. This 2-day course gives you everything you need to become a certified Foot Reflexologist, without paying the high price of other classes. Small class experience and continued support beyond the classroom.  NCBTMB provider #155.  Course offers 14 CEU hrs.  $375/course; $75/certification.  For more information or to register contact: Rev. Dr. Gwen Ward, Health Quest Holistics, Lebanon. 717-2280612.  Email:

savethedate 5 THRESHOLDS TO NOW ACTIVATION A MOTHER MARY INSPIRED WORKSHOP SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 10AM-4PM The True State of Compassion is Love without Attachment. International Artist & Author Angelo Rusciano teaches the energy matrix of our thinking and behavior as well our historical imprint and that of the land. In these unprecedented times of change on this planet it is essential that those of us working in service are living and working in tune with the creator. St. Francis, Denville, NJ. Free, but must RSVP to Renae@designharmony. com or 908 797-5225.


Lehigh Valley

Free Intro. to Tai Chi and Qigong – Come learn the art and science of how these ancient traditions can energize your body and quiet your mind. 9:15pm. Steel Fitness Premier, 250 Cetronia Rd., Suite 100. Allentown. Questions? Contact experienced instructor Hilary Smith, RN, at 610 751-6090 Free Intro to Tai Chi Talk – The free intro to tai chi talk is an opportunity to meet our teacher, Hilary Smith and to receive some basic information about starting a tai chi practice and enrolling in classes. A prerequisite to registering for our tai chi classes. 7:45pm. The Yoga Loft 521 E. 4th St. 3rd floor Bethlehem. 610 867-9642

Free Intro. to Tai Chi and Qigong – Come learn the art and science of how these ancient traditions can energize your body and quiet your mind. 6pm. Steel Fitness Premier, 250 Cetronia Rd., Suite 100. Allentown. Questions? Contact experienced instructor Hilary Smith, RN, at 610 751-6090 Free Intro to Tai Chi Talk – The free intro to tai chi talk is an opportunity to meet our teacher, Hilary Smith and to receive some basic information about

PLANT ALLIES 2017 MIDATLANTIC WOMEN’S HERBAL CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER 30 – OCTOBER 1 Featuring renowned speakers, including Rosemary Gladstar, beloved around the world for her extensive work with plants. Plus, over 20 workshops on women’s health, herbal medicine, gardening and plant identification, plus plant walks, kids camp, delicious vegan food, vendors, singing and dancing. Camping available. Early Bird Registration until August 1, Kempton Community Center, 83 Community Center Drive, Kempton. 610-6839363.

KARMAFEST SEPTEMBER 1-4PM Our big camp out happens Labor Day Weekend. Tent camping and dorms available, as well as day tickets. Enjoy live music, drum circles, swimming, hooping, belly dancing, chanting, meditation, lectures, workshops, yoga, psychics, healers, crystals, gemstones, reiki, reflexology, massage, art, clothes, jewelry, healthy foods, holistic products and more. Day pass/$20. Weekend pass: tent/$111; dorm/$188. Fellowship Farm, 2488 Sanatoga Rd, Pottstown. Call Diana, 610-220-7817 or email See





savethedate METABOLIC RESET WEBINAR THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 • 6:30PM Learn how diet changes can reboot your health and reset your metabolism. Understand how hormones affect your weight and how a natural approach can restore hormone balance. Find out about supplements to help reduce inflammation, heal your gut, increase your energy naturally, and improve your digestion. If you suffer from diabetes, hormone imbalances, slow metabolism, immune system challenges, low energy or are looking for a jumpstart to your weight loss program this webinar is for you. Call 570-283-0111 to register or email to register.


savethedate MOTHER MARY RECEPTION AND ART UNVEILING FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 • 7 PM An Auspicious Art Celebration with International Artist & Author Angelo Rusciano unveiling his long awaited La Sacrada Divina and Nicholas Sainato - Renaissance Man’s live and inspirational piano music. St. Francis, Denville, NJ. Free, but must RSVP to or 908 797-5225.

ongoingevents sunday


tem. Open to all levels. 6:15-7:15pm, Allentown YMCA & YWCA, 425 S. 15th St. Allentown. Call 610-434-9333 Ext. 313.

Sunday Services – Metaphysical and non-denominational. Rev. Lloyd Moll, Pastor - Unique Sunday services 10:30am. All welcome! St. John’s Church of Faith, 607 Washington St Allentown. 610-776-7211

QiGong/Tai Chi − Crystal Klein. Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve balance, and increase energy. Includes visual meditation, balance exercises, followed by energy form. 11am-noon, $96/8 classes, Twin Ponds Center, Pre-register 610-762-2702

Grief Support Group – A free weekly grief support group and seminar, on Mondays at 6:30pm. Features video from Christian experts on grieving, and caring conversation with people who understand your thoughts and feelings, whether your loss is recent or long ago. St. John’s Lutheran Church of Mahoning, Lehighton. Call to register 570-386-9960.

Quiet the Mind Group Meditation – New to meditation? Learn several simple techniques to quiet your mind and relax your body. 10:45-11am. From 11-11:30am, enjoy crystal singing bowls as you meditate. $5 donation. Kindred Spirits Books & Gifts, 66 W. Water Street, Hellertown. 610-838-5463 12-Step Recovery Rhythms - Exploring the themes of recovery within the dynamics of group rhythm making. 4th Sunday of the month. 1-2pm. Just bring an open Mind, Heart & Spirit! $5 donation. All are welcome! Sacred Space, 45 W. Water St., Hellertown. 610-737-1288. Yoga for Kids – Help your child develop positive body awareness through a gentle yoga flow. This program for children, ages six through 13, will help manage stress and create confidence through breathing, meditation and movement. 3pm. Insight Heated Yoga Studio, 1701 Union Blvd., Allentown. 610-776-2676. Co-Dependent Anonymous – CoDA is a 12-Step Fellowship of men and women with a common purpose to recover from codependence. The only requirement for membership in CoDA is a desire for healthy and loving relationships. 7pm, Unity Church, 26 N. 3rd St., Emmaus. Call 610-737-9354 or visit

Feldenkrais® Method – Carol Siddiqi. Gentle movements with awareness allows you to observe how you move, notice tension, improve your coordination – helps prevent and overcome injuries and chronic pain and develops overall good health. 5:45pm, $75/6 classes, Twin Ponds Center, Preregister 610-618-0467 Yoga: Kripalu, Level 1-2 – Carol Siddiqi. This class will help you perform daily activities pain free and with greater ease by developing deeper self-awareness using the basics of Kripalu Yoga combined with the gentle movements of Feldenkrais®, 7-8 pm, $88/8 classes, Twin Ponds Center, Pre-register 610-618-0467 Reflexology Q and A – Stop by our clinic from 11am to 3pm and let us review your health concerns with you. Medical Reflexology can help with many health concerns by exerting pressure to reflex areas encouraging improved instruction to every part of the body. 1701 Union Blvd, Allentown. 267-424-4549. Yogafit® – A flow yoga class for strength, posture, flexibility and balance. Emphasis is placed on awareness, breath and balance of the nervous sys-

tuesday Kindred Canvases – Creating fun for Everyone. Family-friendly fun to expand your creative confidence. Learn step-by-step painting, and each person heads home with their own unique masterpiece. No exp req. 6:30pm. $30. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water St., Hellertown. 610-838-5463. Therapeutic Yoga – For students with health or physical challenges. An educational, therapeutic focus toward bringing healing at every level through modified poses, meditation, and other modalities with a Professional Yoga Therapist. 6pm. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 610-653-3971 Coordination Patterns & Dynamics Training – Betsy Wetzig. Simple, easy exercises helps release chronic pain and stress of knees, hips, back, neck and improve the way you function, both physically and mentally. 3-4 pm, $75/6 classes, Twin Ponds Center, Pre-register 610-398- 9652






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August 2017


Overcoming Depression – A free information session on Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS), a holistic, non-invasive, FDA-cleared option to treat depressive symptoms. Learn how dTMS works and who can be treated. Hear patient testimonials. Refreshments. 1st Tuesday of each month 6pm. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, 16 South Main Street, Quakertown. RSVP to 215-5383403 ext. 314. Encore – Cancer Support and Exercise Program. All female cancers may become part of this group. This national YWCA program has been in existence over 30 years at the Allentown YMCA & YWCA, 425 S. 15th St., Allentown. Call 610-434-9333 Ext. 313. Talk About a Good Book – A spiritual book club meeting every 3rd Thursday share opinions and ideas with others about the book for each month. Light refreshments will be offered. 6-7:30pm. Donation for refreshments. Kindred Spirits Books & Gifts, 66 W. Water Street, Hellertown. 610-838-5463.

wednesday Occupational Yoga-Movement – Focuses on setting you up for success accomplishing your daily movements with greater ease. Add stability to improve walking, balance and core strength. If you’re recovering from a fall class is for you! 11am. Roots and Wings, 127 S. 5th St, Quakertown. 215-257-5025. Slow Flow Yoga – Slowing down allows us to focus more on the parts of the flow, linking breath and movement more deeply. A slower pace, students can gain more precision, control and awareness of their bodies and practice. For all levels. 9:30 am. Roots and Wings, 127 S. 5th St, Quakertown. 215-257-5025. Hatha Yoga Immersion – Ha=Sun. Tha=Moon. Yoga of the sun and the moon. The male and the female. The physical and the mental. This practice will honor the dualistic forces of nature with physical practice, mental focus and stillness. 6pm. Roots and Wings, 127 S. 5th St, Quakertown. 215-257-5025. Tai-chi – Often called a moving meditation and is a discipline that integrates mind, body, and spirit as you practice a series of slow moving exercises. Increases strength, and promotes calm by improving the flow of energy in the body. 11am. Intro class req. The Yoga Loft, 521 East Fourth St., Bethlehem 610-867-9642 Yogafit® – a flow yoga class for strength, posture, flexibility and balance. Emphasis is placed on awareness, breath and balance of the nervous system. Open to all levels. 6:15-7:15pm, Allentown YMCA & YWCA, 425 S. 15th St. Allentown. Call 610-434-9333 Ext. 313.

Beginners Yoga – A gentle intro focusing on clear and safe alignment in foundational poses, discovering how breath can ease stress, reduce pain and calm your mind, and on developing heightened awareness and mindfulness through the eight limbs of yoga. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 610-653-3971

thursday Yoga: Mid-morning Flow − Karen Klubertanz. Stretch, breathe, relax and roll with it during this flow class that targets specific areas of the body each week and reminds us to be in the moment. Great for beginner to intermediate. 9:30am, $88/8cl, Veterans $8, Twin Ponds Center, Pre-register 610-509-3677 Coordination Patterns & Dynamics Training – Simple, easy exercises of Coordination Pattern™ Training helps release chronic pain and stress of knees, hips, back, neck and improve the way you function, both physically and mentally. 3pm, $75/6 classes, Twin Ponds Center, Pre-register 610-398- 9652

saturday Yoga Bar – Set your (yoga) bar high with this exciting new class created for all levels. This yoga practice at the bar incorporates circuit and strength training, allowing for greater stability and alignment. Increases energy, improves spirit and is a lot of fun! 11:30am. Online registration required. Insight Heated Yoga Studio, 1701 Union Blvd., Allentown. 610-776-2676 Yoga: Mom & Tots Yoga – Mons and Tots bond in a playful exploration of mind, body and senses during a supportive and empowering Hatha/Yin yoga class. No prior yoga experience is needed. All infants and tots up to 2 years of age are welcome! 9-9:50 am, $10/class, Twin Ponds Center, Pre-register 484-554-4601

Gentle Yoga – Perfect for students recovering from an injury, just starting back into a fitness or yoga routine. Building strength and flexibility slowly, and using restorative postures and breath work for healing and relaxation. 6-7. Blue Lotus Yoga @ Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 484-546-6803.

Yoga: Hatha, Yin & Therapeutic, Kids & Family Class – A blend of creative play and relaxation. Light up your child’s face with joy! Great for building self-esteem, cooperation, focus, and trust. 10am. $10/1 adult & 1 child; $3/additional family member. Twin Ponds Center, Pre-register 484-554-4601

Monthly Peace Vigil – Second Thursday of every month, 4:30 to 5:30 pm (during the warmer months) at the south approach to the Hill-to-Hill Bridge, 3rd & Wyandotte St., South Bethlehem. Contact Vince Stravino 610-216-8103 for information.

Diverse Yoga – Appreciate diversity. Blue Lotus and Soulful Journeys Yoga teacher come to Nazareth Farmers Market. Our instructors have many different approaches to yoga. Come to multiple weeks to appreciate our diversity. First outdoor yoga class is free for new students! 484-546-6803

Stress Relief Coaching Group – Join others in a group setting to manage stress with multiple holistic approaches. 9:15am or 5:15pm. $25 session. Creative Holistic Therapy, 3037 S. Pike Avenue (Rte 145) #105, Allentown. 610-282-0709 to register. Qigong & Tai Chi – Qigong uses deep breathing and gentle movements to strengthen and circulate the life energy. Tai Chi helps prevent falls and improves balance. Focus is placed coordination and relaxation. Open to all levels. 10:30am, Allentown YMCA & YWCA, 425 S.15th St., Allentown, 610434-9333 x 313.

friday Chair Yoga – Utilizing props, chairs and guided imagery to support correct alignment. Develop strength, release tension and balance weakness. Good for immobile, elderly, recovering from injury, or living with chronic illness. 10:30am. Roots and Wings, 127 S. 5th St, suite 150, Quakertown. 215-257-5025.

LV Lyme Support Group – Meets the first Wednesday of every month except July. Speakers, doctors, brochures and books. PA is #1 in reported cases so we help to educate the public. Country Meadows Retirement Facility, Green Pond Road in Bethlehem Township. 7pm. Heidi Healy at 610-882-2253 or

Restorative Yoga – 2nd & 4th Fridays. Refill your cup with Bliss. Uses bolsters and blankets to support the body in yoga inspired postures. With support your body rests deeply. You breathe naturally, allowing your nervous system to regenerate energy. $35. Roots and Wings, 127 S. 5th St, Quakertown. 215-257-5025.

Lehigh Valley

Vinyasa/Kundalini Yoga Fusion - All levels. Each class will work with elements of each tradition such as flowing asana, breath work, mantra, and meditation. Classes will balance mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being. 9:30-11am. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 610-653-3971

Therapeutic Yoga – For students with health or physical challenges. An educational, therapeutic focus toward bringing healing at every level through modified poses, meditation, and other modalities with a Professional Yoga Therapist. 9:30am. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 610-653-3971

Yoga Morning – Yoga postures to improve overall health including strength, flexibility, balance and better posture. Hold postures longer for relaxed muscles and rejuvenation. Open to all levels. 9:1510:15am, Allentown YMCA & YWCA, 425 S. 15th St., Allentown 610-434-9333 Ext. 313.


Yoga for All – With Scott. Come together to celebrate life and to feel good. All levels and ages welcome. Donation. 5-6pm at Kim’s Healing Center, 1223 Butler St., Easton. 610-559-7280

Level 1 Yoga - This beginner friendly class teaches proper posture alignment. It is designed to strengthen the body, enhance flexibility, increase energy and create a sense of balance for the participant. 9-10:15. Blue Lotus Yoga @ Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 484-546-6803 Ryoho Flow – Michele Slane, Reiki Master/Teacher, provides intuitive reiki energy sessions each Saturday from 9am to 2pm at Sacred Space, 45 W. Water St., Hellertown, PA. Call 610-737-1288 to schedule an appointment. Gift certificates available. Angel Readings – Amy Musser, Angel Whisperer, offers angel readings by appointment only. She also provides spiritual guidance through the Wish Game, workshops, and one-on-one sessions. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water Street, Hellertown. Call 484-554-6299 to schedule your appointment. Gifts certificates available. Card Readings – Willow-Duir Rosewood, HPS, brings 20 years of experience in spirituality and offers readings every 2nd and 4th Saturday 1-5pm by appointment. Walk-ins welcome during this time. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water Street, Hellertown. Call 484-463-7673 to schedule. Gift certificates available. LV Lupus Connection Support Group – A peer support group program offering education and wellness programs to lupus patients and their families. 4th Saturday of the month 11am-1pm except May, August & December call for details. Register at 610 533-9586 or Good Shepherd Allentown



Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our commu-

188 Shiloh Court Whitehall, PA 18052 484.695.8265

nity. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email to request our media kit.


Heather Shoup, L.Ac. 2299 Brodhead Rd., Suite A Bethlehem, PA 18020 610-393-7589 •

A patient centered wellness community, where treatment is individually tailored. Heather promotes health and wellness by creating balance in the body. Acupuncture specializing in anxiety, depression, digestive, and cancer support.

LIVING ARTS ACUPUNCTURE AND ORIENTAL MEDICINE Lisa Baas 2358 Sunshine Rd, Allentown, PA 18103 610-841-9300 Lic. # OM 000054

Board certified and licensed Acupuncturist, Dietary and Lifestyle counseling, Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbs, Laser Acupuncture, Magnetic therapy (A.R.T.) Autonomic ResponseTesting for Detox and more. 20 years of holistic healing.


Dr. Robert W. Livingston III, DC, L.Ac. Dr. Jennifer K. Bollinger, DC, L.Ac. 8026 Hamilton Blvd. • Trexlertown, PA 18087 610-395-5509  

LiveWell Integrated Health offers traditional Chinese acupuncture, chiropractic, body work, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice... choose to LiveWell. See ad page 17.

AROMATHERAPY YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Marilyn York, Independent Distributor # 489656 1-877-436-2299, ext. 2

Young Living has specialized in growing, distilling, and selling therapeutic-grade,organic Essential Oils for 20 years. Over 130 therapeuticgrade essential oils, and essential-oil enhanced nutritional supplements & products. Visit my website for details. Income opportunities available. See ad page 31.


Out Calls in eastern PA and western NJ 917-656-5523

Recently relocated after 35+ years of private practice in Manhattan. City massage at country prices! Licensed massage therapist offering deep tissue, Swedish, ionizing detoxifying footbaths, energy balancing and craniosacral work. Visit website for more info. Stay young and get younger!


Becka Bossons, C.Ht. 150 Mill St Easton PA 18042 484-373-9990

ROLF METHOD OF STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION - highly effective hands-on approach for improving posture, alleviating chronic pain, increasing energy level, and enhancing flexibility through restoring your body to its natural state of alignment. Enjoy moving freely again! Board Certified Structural Integrator CM and Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. See ad page 19.

Hypnosis and Life Coaching for Moms and Moms-to-be. Becka Bossons is certified in hypnosis, HypnoCoaching, and Blissborn hypnosis for birth. Tender Empowerment currently offers private sessions and group sessions at the LINCS center in Wilson. Private sessions in your home can be arranged! Call today and see how hypnosis can help you be the YOU you were meant to be.


Marie Ruxton CMT, CN 628 Chestnut St., Emmaus, PA 18049 610-965-2500

Marie is a certified massage therapist trained since 1997 in Advanced Myofascial Release Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Ear Candling, Homeopathy and Holistic Nutrition. Offers comprehensive custom bodywork for those wanting to overcome chronic pain and movement problems. Sessions range from a (2 hour) Head to Toe meltdown massage to “Just Neck and Head” massage for those needing stress relief. Gift certificates available. See ad page 19.

natural awakenings

August 2017



Dr. Robert W. Livingston III, DC, L.Ac. Dr. Jennifer K. Bollinger, DC, L.Ac. 8026 Hamilton Blvd. • Trexlertown, PA 18087 610-395-5509 •  


Rev. Lyn S. Felix, MSW, LCSW, CHT, RM 3037 S. Pike Ave. #105 • Allentown, PA 18103 610-282-0709


518 Main Street, Bethlehem 610-882-4325

Using an open system which is unique to the area. This cleansing/ detoxification protocol clears the large intestine of accumulated toxins and undigested waste and dilutes the toxic load to the body’s eliminative organs (skin, lymph, lungs, kidneys and bowels). Reduce bloating, aid weight loss, increase nutrient absorption and increase energy levels. FDA approved for colonoscopy and endoscopy preparation. See ad page 23.


4833 Chestnut Street • Emmaus, PA 18049 610-966-7001

Offering colon hydrotherapy (CHT) from compassionate practitioners also skilled in health coaching and total system healing. Also offering Holistic Nursing, Life Coaching, Massage & Raindrop Therapy. Body Ecology Specialist. In addition to healing services, we also offer an array of organic nuts and seeds, sprouted flour, fermented foods, and prepared nutritional meals.


Licensed Professional Counselor Certified HeartMath® Practitioner Equine Assisted Psychotherapy 445 Marshall Street, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 908-510-3118

A holistic approach to counseling including mind, body and spirit. Various techniques offered to help you move beyond limiting beliefs to create the life you desire. Learn the transformational power that is present by quieting the mind and accessing the intelligence of the heart through HeartMath®. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, mindfulness and more. Various groups, seminars and workshops offered.


Lehigh Valley

Marwan Bassil, DMD, 430 Nazareth Pike, Suite 2A Nazareth, PA 18064 610.365.5000

Providing a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry with expertise ranging from to inlays, onlays, root canals, crowns, bridges and clear braces. Dr. Bassil can correct a wide variety of so-called permanent cosmetic dental problems, and can literally redesign your smile. Mercury-Free and Fluoride-Free. See ad page 9.

A holistic counselor and coach, using hypnotherapy, chakra energy clearing, Reiki, mindfulness & more to help you shift from limited, fearbased thinking, believing, and behaving patterns into living from your magnificent essence. Experience joy as you resonate with higher vibrational frequencies in all aspects of your life. See ad page 30.

LiveWell Integrated Health offers traditional Chinese acupuncture, chiropractic, body work, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice... choose to LiveWell. See ad page 17.




Counseling Services for Adults & Adolescents 35 E. Elizabeth Ave. Suite 21A Bethlehem, PA 18018 484-893-0787 Identify life goals and ambitions. Recognize recurring problems and find solutions. Build resilience while restoring peace in your life. Feel empowered to make lasting change. Call for a free consultation.


65 East Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 412 Bethlehem, PA 484-226-7187

Identify resources you already have and get on the road to better wellbeing, increased resilience to daily stressors, and ultimately feeling more fulfilled at the end of each day. Free well-being workshops are offered for non-profit organizations and helping professionals. Please contact me for your free phone consultation.”


Ronak Balani, DDS 2600 Newburg Rd., Easton, PA 18045 610-252-1454

We begin with a holistic approach to enhance your physical health and eliminate any compromise to the immune system. All services we offer are mercury-free, mercury-safe and fluoride-free. We can enhance your smile with everything from routine dental care to whitening and full cosmetic makeovers in a warm, cozy and caring atmosphere. See ad page 43.



Brad Barnoski, CHHP Macungie, PA 717-503-8576 •

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in life transformation coaching and intuitive energy healing, utilizing modalities such as The Emotion Code and Access Consciousness®. Experience a dynamic and life-changing session and clear out lifetimes of self-limiting patterns and baggage that stop you from the ease and joy that is you.

FLOATING METTA RELAXATION CO. 618 W Broad Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610-419-2044

The Valley’s premier float center with five beautiful, open float rooms, each containing an extra-large tub with 1000 pounds of epsom salt dissolved in ten inches of warm water. It’s likely to be the most relaxing thing you’ve ever experienced. Other ways to relax at Metta include reflexology and massage.



Nicos C. Elias, Supervisor Allentown, PA 610-433-2200 • Mr. Elias offers several different green and eco-friendly funeral plans using biodegradable caskets, preservation without chemicals, and earth friendly paper goods. A natural, back to the earth approach. Biodegradable urns for those choosing cremation. Also offering assistance with home-based funerals.



1121 Graham Street, Fountain Hill, PA 18015 610-868-4840 •



ANNA A. GAITANOS, M.ED. 65 East Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 412 Bethlehem, PA 484-226-7187


I believe you are the expert in your own life. I collaborate with you in developing a plan to meet your goals. Together we identify your strengths, where you want to be in your life, and the steps to get you there. Please contact me for your complimentary coaching consultation.

The only green cemetery in the Lehigh Valley. A cemetery of wildflowers and grasses native to Pennsylvania. Return to the natural cycle of life to nourish the soil, green the meadow and live on. Nondenominational. Non-profit. Speakers available to visit organizations. See ad page 29.


Denise Taddeo, M.A., HC Phillpsburg, NJ 862-259-0641


Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center Greg Schweitzer 628 Twin Ponds Rd., West Lehigh Valley 610-670-6700


Marcella Hilferty, CPHI, CH, MBA Forks Township, Easton, PA 18040 610-248-2358

When nothing else works, Hypnosis does! A Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor and practitioner, bringing to the Lehigh Valley a systematic hypnosis process utilized in one-to-one sessions. Also, offering a self-hypnosis process unlike any self-hypnosis system. Experience the joy of being self-empowered. See ad page 26.

LIFE COACH ONE OF A KIND PERSONAL COACHING June Rose, Personal Coach 45 W. Water Street Hellertown, PA 18055 610.838.5463

June Rose is the right solution…for YOU! She knows life isn’t always a bed of roses and we all need some help from time to time. June uses her super powers – Compassion, Organization, Positivity, Empowerment – to help cut through the rough patches that life throws at you. Call or e-mail her today for a free consultation and get the helping hand you need. See ad page 44.

A board certified family physician for 35 years and co-founder of Health Through Awareness in Marlton, NJ. An internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD). An advocate for health and preventive medicine championing thermography as an early diagnostic tool for many health conditions including breast health.Certified by four Thermographic Boards. See ad page 35.


De-stress, revitalize and be healthier with scientifically validated and physician recommended Effortless Meditation. Experience rest deeper than sleep! Greg Schweitzer taught for Deepak Chopra, M.D. and other notables for 35+ years. Introductory classes and a 10-hour 7-session course.

Health Coaching from professional counselor knowledgeable in not only dietary theory, but also working with bio individuality including each specific person’s body type, blood type, and their overall organic body. Offering individualized 3 and 6 month programs for motivated people interested in their overall health and happiness. See ad page 32.

Family Physician, Board Certified Thermologist Serving Bethlehem, Easton and Fogelsville • 856-596-5834


Conrad Maulfair, D.O. 2970 Corporate Court, Suite 1 Orefield, PA 18069 • 610-682-2104 •

Dr. Maulfair is an Osteopathic Physician bringing four decades of knowledge and experience in alternative, complementary medicine to his patient care. Help for all conditions and all ages. Offering Chelation Therapy, Hubbard Method Sauna detoxification, and many other treatment programs. Bringing the best of both worlds to their patients. See ad page 35.


Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center 628 Twin Ponds Rd, West Lehigh Valley 610-618-0467


The Feldenkrais Method reconnects the body to its natural movements, focusing on the relationship between motion and thought. It works with the nervous system, rather than muscles or bones, to improve everyday motion, such as walking, running, golfing, biking, yoga, posture, breathing, etc.


Family, Environmental and Preventative Medicine Nicholas DiMartino, D.O. 5724 Clymer Rd, Quakertown, PA 215-536-1890

Woodlands Healing Research Center is a family practice supporting individualized natural approaches to health. We offer lifestyle and nutritional consultation to achieve optimal health and vitality. We also offer complete women’s services including GYN, menopause, osteoporosis and bio-identical hormone therapy. See ad page 10.


DR. MICHAEL JUDE LOQUASTO, ND, PHD, DC 2571 Baglyos Circle, Suite B-27 Bethlehem, PA 18020 • 484-821-1460 Phone consultations available

Specializing in Natural Medicine for over 50 years, Dr. Loquasto holds doctorates in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Chiropractic Internal Medicine and is a Master Herbalist and certified Clinical and Dietitian Nutritionist. Offering custom formulations for specific conditions and non-invasive chelation therapy. Tests available include live cell microscope, circulation testing, EKG, pulmonary lung testing, bone density, x-ray, scanning for foot & ankle problems, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and blood testing for dia-betes and other health issues. Cold Laser Therapy for pain.



2358 Sunshine Rd., Allentown, PA 18103 610-762-9922 Involved in natural health practices for over 20 years, Donna offers nutritional consultations using Applied Kinesiology to determine deficiencies and immune challenges in the body. She also offers Integrated Energy Therapy, reflexology, massage therapy and specializes in Raindrop Technique with Young Living essential oils. Please see website for upcoming events. See ad page 19.

natural awakenings

August 2017


LOSAGIO CHIROPRACTIC CENTER LLC Mark D. Losagio, DC, DIBCN 120 Illicks Mill Rd. Bethlehem, PA 18017 610-865.-8155

Dr. Losagio is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, with over 26 years of experience, using state of the art equipment such as Digital Motion X-ray, Proadjuster and cold laser. He offers chiropractic care, specializing in personal injury cases, weight loss program and continuous education to his patients. Focusing on getting you back to a fully active life. See ad page 25.


Dr. Jonathan Tompkins 2591 Baglyos Circle Suite C-44 484-821-0818

Dr. Tompkins is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist with a wide range of experience with Chronic pain, Sciatica, Whiplash, and Neurological disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, MS, and Balance Disorders. The practice offers Chiropractic care, Nutritional Blood testing, Food allergy testing, Clearmind Neurofeedback, and Computerized Balance Testing. Expanded office hours can now accommodate new patients in under two weeks. See ad page 64.


Fisher, NTP – Pasquale, NTP 801 W. Broad Street, Bethlehem, PA 610-419-8881

NUTRITIONAL TECHNOLOGIES Nicholas Theodorou ND Lehigh Valley, PA 610-258-1894 •

“Dr. Nick” Traditional Naturopath. Get and stay healthy. Proven FivePoint Program teaches you about eating a wholesome diet, prudent exercise, the proper use of supplements, getting quality sleep and reducing stress. Internationally recognized expertise on nutritional supplements including glutathione enhancement! Free mini-consults! Call or email for information.


Gale Maleskey, MS, RD, LDN Offices in Bethlehem and Breinigsville 610-625-5990

Learn how to live a healthier life, recover from serious illness, lose weight, gain energy, and develop life-sustaining habits, using a coaching-based, integrative nutrition approach. Gale Maleskey is a registered dietitian, licensed Wellness Coach, and trained at Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. Call for a free 20-minute, get-acquainted chat.


Using nutrition, chiropractic, and other modalities like massage, the Well of Life helps individuals rediscover health in a natural way. We are committed to offering hope and healing to our clients, and to promote wellness through empowering and educating. Start your journey today! See ad page 9.

Certified Holistic Health Coach offers easy to follow, hands-on cooking classes for today’s busy lifestyle. Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard with quick, easy, delicious meals that save you time and money. All meals featured are dairy free, gluten free and peanut free. Group and private instruction available. Visit events for a list of monthly classes. See ad page 6.



NATURAL HEALTH PROMOTION LLC Tina Stashko, N.D. PhD MIfHI Emmaus, Pa. 18049 610-965-8132

Specializing in preventative healthcare, digestion and nutrient absorption, and thyroid and adrenal health. Modalities such as iridology, sclerology and biochemical balancing enable the development of your unique program for optimum health. These programs are easy to follow and incorporate into your daily life. Reach your full health potential! See ad page 29.


Lehigh Valley


Dian Freeman, MA, MHHC Private Nutritional Consultations, Classes, Nutritional Certification Course Morristown, NJ • 973 267-4816

Clinical Nutritionist Dian Freeman has a private practice in Morristown, NJ, she teaches a six-month nutritional certification course and has certified over 700 graduates in Holistic Health over the last 14 years. She also practices frequency biofeedback, teaches 1-day classes and lectures widely. See ad page 53.


1901 Hay Terrace, Easton, PA 18042 610-253-2251 Dr. Kaplan is a Board Certified podiatrist with over 30 years experience. Our office feature state-ofthe-art technology including laser treatments for fugus toenails and shockwave treatments for heel pain. Dr. Kaplan emphasis is on non-surgical approached to all types of food and ankle pain. See ad page 51.


Mountain Top, PA Anthony V Wojnar D.D., RMT, OBT 570-706-6680 Our main focus is Reiki, a Spiritual practice which promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We offer Certification in Reiki 1 thru Reiki Master/Teacher Usui and Tibetan Style. Reiki and Reiki/ Shiatsu sessions and, also a monthly Reiki Share. Dr. Anthony received a Master/Teacher attunement on Kurama Mtn. Japan, the birthplace of Reiki. CEU’s for Massage Therapists. Member IARP., ICRT.


Jamie Laputka 1338 Hamilton Street Allentown, PA 18102 484-838-5866

Jamie Laputka, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula offers many prenatal services at Dragonfly Yoga & Wellness. Through a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth, we offer Partner Birthing Yoga Workshops, Childbirth Education classes through BirthWorks International and Birth Doula services. Please visit my website or call for more information

REFLEXOLOGY METTA RELAXATION CO. 618 W Broad Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610-419-2044

Reflexology is an applied pressure on reflex areas in the feet and hands that represent a specific organ, gland, or body part. The nerve pathways are stimulated, thus restoring a balanced, healthy body.


Lorraina J. Telepo, Founder 1701 Union Blvd, Allentown, PA 18109 267-424-4549

Part of an overall health enhancement program. An exercise pressure is applied to reflex areas, formed by 7,200 nerve endings in each hand and foot, encouraging improved instruction to each and every single gland, organ and part of the body, thus persuading the body to biologically correct, strengthen, and reinforce itself. See ad page 6.


701 West Union Blvd, Suite 2 Bethlehem, PA 18018 484-894-1246


Serving Bethlehem, Easton and Fogelsville 856-596-5834 A Board Certified Thermographic Technician has imaged thousands of patients for many types of health concern and administers outreach thermogram assessments in several eastern PA centers regularly. A Holistic Health Counselor and is a member of the American Asso-ciation of Drugless Practitioners. A founding partner of Health Through Awareness in Marlton, NJ, a cooperative wellness center that provides a variety of alternative services to facilitate healthy living including nutrition and lifestyle counseling, Reiki, thermography, and biopuncture. Liesha. See ad page 35.


Counselor and educator specializing in sexuality, trauma, and chronic pain utilizing NLP and mindfulnessapproaches. Learn easy, quick Box 421based Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443Jamie • F: 610-421-4445 Laputka is a yoga therapist techniques to move towards healing specializing in Yoga for Cancer and • your life and relationships by reproChronic Illness. Through mind, graming your nervous system’s rebody and breath awareness, we sponse to stress and pain. “Breathe. Ad Proof for Natural Awakenings provide a safe and comfortable enBelieve. Be.” Anything is possible! vironment to support and inspire for patients during treatment To: P: healing 610-421-4443 STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION and recovery.  Please visit my webEmail: F: site or 610-421-4445 call for more information


188 Shiloh Court, Whitehall Please sign your proof and complete the following information: 484.695.8265 (Ad is shown at actual size. See second page for larger ads.)

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YOGA THERAPY Jamie Laputka, Yoga Therapist 1338 Hamilton Street Allentown, PA 18102 484-838-5866

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ROLF METHOD OF STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION Ad is approved: contact information and spelling is correct highly effective hands-on approach for improving Ad isalleviating approved with changes indicated posture, chronic pain, increasing energy level, Ad is enhancing not approved – make changes indicated and flexibility through restoring your body to its natural state of alignment. Enjoy moving freely again! Board Certified Structural Integrator CM and Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. See ad page 19.

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natural awakenings

August 2017


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Big Brothers Big Sisters – Needs volunteers for children living in Phillipsburg. Please call today to learn how you can help a child grow up. 908-6890436 or INFO@BBBSHSW.ORG

Publish Natural Awakenings Magazine – A career you can be passionate about. Home based business complete with comprehensive training and support system. New franchises are available or purchase an existing franchise. Call 239-530-1377 or visit www. Calling Holistic Presenters – Facilitate your workshop or retreat at our Upper Bucks center, with peaceful country setting, meditation gardens, and woods. Email info@ or call 215-538-0976. Health Foods Store For Sale – Very well established store in Lehigh Valley, PA. Email to: Serious inquires only.

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