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re dedicated to all the wonderful Moms of the world. What is a Mother? A mother understands what a child does not say. Indeed there exists a dynamic connection between a mother and her children. Mothers can hear sentences in the silences of their children. Mothers have the special gift of intuition because it gives her a strong sense of what is right for her children, what they are good at, how they may excel in the future, and what gifts and abilities she wants to make sure are developed in their lives as they grow to become a contributing member of society. Mothers are timeless teachers in the classroom of life. Mothers are the most influential educators of our children. Of all their many attributes it all comes down to her heart; a mother’s heart has everything to do with the tenderness, the toughness, the compassion and the love that she delivers at the correct times as the children develop. There is nothing quite as comforting as having a mother’s arm wrapped around you when you are sad, lonely, or afraid. Mothers teach us to have confidence in ourselves. Mothers know from experience how important it is for children to believe in themselves in order to be whole, strong, and to grow with a healthy belief in themselves… and of themselves. One way for a mother to breed confidence in her children is to affirm, sustain, support, encourage and continually sharpen their thinking. A healthy sense of self-confidence can result in a person achieving more and celebrating themselves more. When a mother shares with her children the lessons she’s learned in life, it gives them the space to believe in themselves, as there is no limit to the greatness children can attain or the great things children can accomplish. Mothers have often shaped our world from the cradle by rocking, nurturing and instructing children who grow up to achieve life-changing and history-making accomplishments. For every preacher, president, volunteer worker, employee, fashionista, technician, community worker, doctor and caregiver (among many others), there is a mother behind them who fostered her child to reach his or her full potential. Mothers teach us to live out our legacy. Scripture is certainly consistent about reminding us that we will reap what we sow, and for many of us, our mothers, the greatest women in our lives, sowed beautiful seeds of truth, wisdom, joy, peace and unconditional love. Good mothers have always made a difference and will continue to do so. A heartfelt “thank you” to my wife, the mother of my children. To all mothers, have a Happy Mother’s Day Dr. D Rodger ND, MBA

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May 2019


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Natural Awakenings Mission Statement To empower individuals to live a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet. To educate communities on the latest in natural health and sustainability. To connect readers with local wellness resources and events, inspiring them to lead more balanced lives.


With so many companies selling essential oils, are you confused????

How to Choose Essential Oils

“We take the stewardship of our planet seriously. Our State of the Art production process brings you the purest (essential) oils on Earth. We call it Seed To Seal®. It’s not a slogan — it’s our Calling.” (By the Founder of YOUNG LIVING™ ESSENTIAL OILS)


OUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS — established over 20 years ago—laid the foundation for the company’s total commitment to using the purist seed, sustainable cultivation, optimum distillation, extensive testing of each batch of oils, and quality control inspection of each bottle to assure the purest, most potent essential oils available in the world. ( Today, YOUNG LIVING’S Vision has grown into a world wide, essentialoil trend, and the trend is fueled by the consumer’s strong desire to bypass toxin-laden, synthetic scents used in many products. Unfortunately, as with any trend, many competitive companies have been spawned that attempt to convince the consumer that their products are “pure essential oils” too, but instead may utilize synthetic oil imitations, or oils made from genetically modified seeds, or oils diluted with carrier oils, or oils distilled from plants grown with pesticides and/or herbicides—all of which distorts, weakens and chemically changes the innate power of essential oils.


OUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS set the standard for authenticity 20 years ago, and that same high standard is still our “Calling” today — via our strict, Seed To Seal requirements used on all our company-owned farms and distilleries (in Utah; Idaho; France; Ecuador; British Columbia; Croatia; Israel, Taiwan) as well as on our Certified Partner-farms around the world. YOUNG LIVING also Partners with local Frankincense Harvesters in Oman to obtain our exclusive Sacred Frankincense Resin (from centuries-old Frankincense trees).

If you value true authenticity, always choose YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Info at: or 877-436-2299 Income opportunities also availabile This Advertorial Sponsored by Young Living Member # 489656

New Events at Bear Creek Organics


ew events are coming this 2019 growing season! Bear Creek Organics is providing workshops, presentations and demonstrations related to: organic soil fertility, worm composting, seed starting, plant care and Edible Landscapes. Planning, prepping, caring, fruit tree planting basics, bee and butterfly gardens, food forest gardening, mushroom cultivation, rain gardens and rainwater management and more. We want to share our knowledge with you and help you to realize your backyard organic gardening dreams! Specialty events will be hosted at some of Bear Creek Organics’ most mature edible landscape sites, where you will have the opportunity to tour while learning. These areas are some of PA’s most unique ecological edible landscapes, where you can witness food-production systems such as organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees, berry bushes, and water harvesting and management. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for general events available to the public, or contact us to book specialty private classes for your club or community. Spaces fill up quickly, so don’t wait! Bear Creek Organics provides everything you need to transform your backyard into a thriving food-production garden. We have been helping families, businesses, schools, and entire communities realize the potential of organic foodproducing landscapes for years. We want to hear from you and how we can best serve your community and your vision. Email us at “bearcreekorganics@gmail. com” if you have specific workshop topic requests. See you in the garden! See ad, page 25.


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Bringing Jaguar Down from the Tree with Shamanic Solutions



ultures of all times and places have unique ways of understanding phenomena. In the case of stress and trauma, the healers of the Peruvian Amazon region see an activated Fight-Flight-or-Freeze response as Jaguar being up the tree. Consider a frightened house cat running for its life from the neighboring dog and finding itself up a tree, arched and hissing at any sign of movement around it. That’s us after trauma and chronic stress. And many of us just cannot snap out of it. An energetic healing technique, still used in the Amazon today, and taught in the core curriculum of The Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body School, resets our survival response by activating our parasympathetic nervous system, and the Rest-Digest-Stay-and-Play state in which the body is designed to heal itself. The Jaguar Reset technique results in a profound realignment of our shallow and disordered adrenal pulse with the energized, yet calm and deep pulse of the Earth Mother. During the months of May and June, Jennifer Craig of Shamanic Solutions is offering a special on the 45-minute Jaguar Medicine Reset Session. For May and June only, in honor of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day, Jaguar Resets will be offered at $55 per session, or 3 for $150, paid in advance, at a savings of $20 and $75 respectively.

Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 •


To: Email:

F: 610-421-4445

Come experience incredible relaxation with our 30 minute Please sign your proof and complete the following information: Foot Soak

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518 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018, 610-882-4325

Schedule online at Shamanic-Solutions. com or by call/text to 970-317-0118. For invitations to ceremonies and events, text SMILING to 55222. See ad, page 50.

Self-preservation is the first law of nature. ~Samuel Butler May 2019


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using individually m hormone creams an

Do mobile

news briefs

Cleansing, Balancing and Nourishing Back to Health



Do You have a Hormonal Imbalance? Stressed? It can affect your Hormones.

isa Baas can help you back to health by strengthening your own body’s healing ability. She has been practicing alternative and complementary medicine for almost forty ou might think you are managing your overworked, overyears. She began in the 1980s as a macrobiotic scheduled life. However, research shows your body interchef and cooking class instructor, teaching nalizes the stress which comes in different forms and degrees. people about the benefits of plant-based There are chronic stressors such as chronic pain or chronic eating. Later she became a shiatsu practitioner disease states and emotional stressors. Stress events can either be and teacher, mastering the skills of Oriental Lisa Baas an extreme one-time event, such as a car accident, or continual diagnosis and subtle palpation. She continued chronic and emotional stress from everyday life. The adrenal her studies in cranial sacral therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda and glands are important to help the body deal with stress. Baubiologie. When the adrenals are in balance they produce cortisol After three whiplashes in one year, Lisa tried two years of and DHEA which help us through our daily routine. Adrenal physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic for pain relief. hormones impact other important processes of the body such as These combined therapies offered only partial relief, so Lisa tried the immune system, sugar regulation, inflammation and insulin acupuncture. After three treatments, acupuncture eliminated levels. They also play a major role in our sex drive, stamina, sleep, her neck pain. Seeing the power of acupuncture and Oriental bone and muscle building. medicine, she went back to school for four years and became a Overcome illness and maintain optimal Once the adrenal glands become overtaxed through excess or licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. chronic stress they produce less cortisol. Some signs of this are less enLisa also became certified bywellness the Klinghardt Academy in with our personal, comprehensive, ergy, difficulty sleeping through the night, increased belly fat, sickness, Autonomic Response Testing, which is an advanced form of functional medicine-basedinfl nutrition care ammation, increased allergy symptoms, muscle and joint pain. kinesiology. It specializes in identifying, cleansing, balancing and gets results. Long term effects of excessive stress cause adrenal hormones renourishing the body from environmental toxins, that microbes, to fluctuate which may increase blood sugar and insulin imbalstructural issues, scars, emotional issues, electromagnetic stress, ance, resulting in food cravings, weight gain, and sleep disturmeridian blockages and food allergies and sensitivities. bances. So yes, your overworked, overscheduled life is affecting how you feel! Lisa is part-time on the faculty at The Won Institute, serving as a Salivary Hormone testing will help identify this imbalance. teacher and clinical supervisor for the fully accredited Acupuncture You can then work with your healthcare professional to cusand Chinese Herbal Medicine program and clinic in Glenside, PA. Kathy Harrington, MS tomize a plan which may include compounded hormones and Functional Medicine Nutritionist supplements. She can be reached at Lisa Baas Living Arts Medicine, 2358 Sunshine Rd. Allentown, PA 18103. 610-841-9300. See ad, page 34. 3400 Bath Pike, Ste. 101, Bethlehem


Get Well • Stay Well

High Blood Sugar? Pre-Diabetic? Type 2 Diabetes? I will help you heal without medication

Call today to schedule a consultation 610-419-3909


Get Well • Stay Well Overcome illness and maintain optimal wellness with our personal, comprehensive, functional medicine-based nutrition care that gets results.

Autoimmune Disorder? Thyroid Deficiency? Irritability? Weight Gain? Sluggishness?

I will help you heal without medication

Kathy Harrington, MS

Functional Medicine Nutritionist Call today to schedule a consultation 610-419-3909 3400 Bath Pike, Ste. 101, Bethlehem 09-15


Lehigh Valley Edition

Get Well • Stay Well

Digestive Issues?

f ns. th n eir

A New Career is at Your Fingertips! — Classes now forming for 2019 —

Airborne Allergies


his is the season for airborne allergens: tree pollen, grass pollen, gas fumes, chemically treated water, personal care products containing real or synthetic fragrances, and tobacco products or secondhand smoke. Allergies are created by the human respiratory tract trying to protect us from these compounds. The mast cells within the airway lining produce histamines and leukotrienes (1000 times more potent than histamines) to create sinus drainage or itchy hives in an attempt to help our immune system produce nasal discharge, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and wheezing. We feel miserable. The reduction of sinus triggers from air conditioners, electrostatic air cleaners, indoor air filtration, as well as adequate sleeping and a clean diet are all major aids in decreasing inflammation. Reducing foods that add stress involved in the allergic response also results in a cleaner cytochrome section of your liver. Avoid all types of eggs, dairy products, gluten, grains, all derivatives of corn, canola oil, all forms of soy and pork products and/or any of your personal food toxins. You can also reduce the release of histamines and leukotrienes with the use of quercetin bioflavonoid complex. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Amla, Grape Seed extract, Pycnogenol and Andrographis clean your body of excessive amounts of allergic response, and reduce your suffering and the need for homeopathic remedies. Hence, you can have a more satisfying spring and summer. In a future article we’ll discuss the importance of repairing a leaky gut in order to avoid more allergies. See ad, page 43.

Save Time! Book Online a detox 570-421-5014 Halotherapy is

753 Phillips Street • Stroudsburg Halotherapy Booth

L.E.D. chromotherapy lights Services and charges are subject to change. of your lungs and and relaxingPrices, music!


alotherapy, also known as dry salt therapy, is a holistic approach that mimics the microclimate of a salt cave. Dry salt air is dispersed into an enclosed environment (room, bed, booth, cabin) by a Halogenerator. Salt absorbs and removes the allergens, toxins and foreign substances in your lungs and sinuses. Salt also reduces inflammation and opens airway passages, making it easier to breathe. Halotherapy is a holistic, drug free, natural therapy that promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness, greater endurance and overall wellness. is backed by 50 years of science. Halotherapy has been well researched in Russia and Eastern Europe, where it originated. Dr. A. V. Chervinskaya, head of Clinical Research Respiratory Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, conducted most of the research. Pure pharmaceutical grade salt is heated and ground into tiny micro particles by a halogenerator and then dispersed into our booth. While relaxing, clients simply breathe. The salt opens the airways, reduces inflammation in the lungs and sinuses and loosens the mucus. Many patients who have asthma, allergies and other bronchial issues have seen amazing results in a short period of time. Breathing becomes deeper, sinus passages are less inflamed (they start to drain) and skin conditions improved dramatically with frequent and sustained use. This results in a better quality of life. We aren’t making medical claims about Halotherapy, but after receiving treat-

Salt is:

• Antibacterial • Antifungal • Anti-inflammatory


skin and is great for:

• • • • • • • • • •

Allergies Asthma Bronchitis Chronic sinusitis Sore throat and tonsillitis Cystic fibrosis Hay fever Emphysema Pneumonia Sinus inflammation/infection

Skin Conditions: • • • • •

Rosacea Eczema Psoriasis Acne Dry, itchy, flaky skin

ments people report respiratory issues and lung function vastly improved. Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free. It is a safe treatment for children of all ages. It can be used alone for stress reduction and improvement of conditions. Try our Halotherapy booth with L.E.D. chromotherapy (color therapy) lights and relaxing music! Sessions start at $25, series of 5 / $20. What is the treatment duration per session? 20 minutes in our salt booth. Can I have a massage or other wellness session in the Salt Cave? Yes. Massage, yoga, facials, meditation and all other holistic modalities complement Halotherapy nicely. Book online at 570-421-5014. Vicki@MassageAcademyllc. com. *Active member of the World Halotherapy Association. See ad, page 24.

May 2019


vard e l u o B st End


Tai Chi Gala

The “Un-Conference, Un-retreat” Weekend


re you someone who desires something different from the standard retreat or vacation? Try Tai Chi Gala. Is it an active learning vacation? Yes. Is it a relaxing retreat? Yes. Does it power you up with Nature’s energy instead of sealing you in a hotel all day? Yes. Does it have comfy buildings and easy walkways? Yes. Does it…? Yes. Tai Chi Gala is designed for you to manifest your desired experience, and what will help you best. Centered on tai chi, qigong, Chinese energy arts, holistic health, Eastern philosophy, and even traditional Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi Gala is designed to feed beginner through advanced with what the mind-body needs. Want to eliminate pain and stress? Instruction from an expert awaits. If you want to safely explore the spiritual art of sword… or a rare, meditative Ming Dynasty Chinese tea ceremony, it’s yours. If you want hands-on help to repair your health or energy patterns, it’s right there. Join groups of high-energy, like-minded souls to lift you up, or, take private time for yourself to reflect and recharge. Register, then choose any hands-on workshops you want. If you’re totally new to these topics, GOOD! Staff helps you select best choices. Affordable, do-able, and in the nearby Pocono Mountains. Visit the ad for Tai Chi Gala in this issue and reserve your registration for this magnificent weekend May 31 - June 2. If you want to explore self-defense, there’s a special immersion following the Tai Chi Gala, June 2-5. See ad, page 10. 10

Lehigh Valley Edition

Building BudgetFriendly Meals by Samantha Schmell


ealthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank, in fact, making nutritious choices for family meals can actually save money. Below are some strategies for creating tasty and budget-friendly meals for all to enjoy. Have a game plan before you shop First, check the supermarket’s weekly ad and plan meals for the week, keeping in mind what items will be on sale. Then take inventory of what is already on hand in the fridge and pantry so there are no unnecessary purchases. Now create a detailed list of what is needed from the supermarket. Shopping with a list is key to staying on budget. Try frozen and canned produce. Canned or frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as their fresh coun-

budget. Budget-friendly proteins include beans, eggs, and canned fish such as tuna. Canned beans are an easy, inexpensive way to add protein to the meal. Rinse and drain them to cut down on sodium, or buy low sodium varieties. Also stock up on meats when they are on sale, or buy family packs that are lower in price, then freeze immediately or cook and freeze.

Repurpose leftovers. Reheat last night’s dinner for a quick and delicious lunch. Or look for ways to repurpose leftovers if eating the same meal twice is not preferred. For example, combine extra chicken and rice with some frozen veggies and broth to make a hearty soup. Or use leftover spaghetti sauce and terparts, last longer, and are usually much Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: meatballs 610-421-4445to make meatball subs. An end • less expensive. When possible, choose of the week “leftover night” can also be a options without addedAd sugars, Proof forsalts, Naturalor Awakenings great way to clean out the fridge while savsauces. Using canned and frozen produce P: 610-421-4443 ing time and money. To: Email:cut down on food waste, F: 610-421-4445 can also help which helps Please reduce spent the onfollowingFor signthe your amount proof and complete information: more recipes and ideas for making is shown at actual size. See second page for larger ads.) groceries over(Adtime. simple meals on a budget, visit the office of ShopRite dietitian. Office locations Ad is approved: contact information and spellingaislocal correct Choose proteins wisely. Ad is approved with changes indicated are conveniently listed at See Proteins are an important part of anychanges indicated Ad is not approved – make ad, page 25.

It’s NOT normal to live with Pain

Specialized Pain Treatment For: Headache and Facial Pain, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, RSD/CRPS, and Neuropathic Pain, Arthritis and Joint Pain There is HOPE for you with our Integrative Medical Approach that features conservative therapies to minimize medications and surgery.

Can Medical Marijuana help you?

Dr. Artamonov will discuss whether using Cannabis may be an effective alternative for you.

Dr. Mikhail Artamonov is guided by one simple credo: the practice of Good Medicine. Harvard trained and Board Certified in 8 areas of Medicine, he believes that cutting-edge medical technologies not only make medicine more effective Thisit admore is the property of Natural Awakenings and may not be reproduced in any other publication without permisbut can actually make personal. sion of the publisher. Please review the proof carefully. Natural Awakenings is not responsible for any error not marked. This ad will be published as it appears if the proof is not returned to us. If there are any questions about this proof please call or email.

Functional Medicine • Pain Management • Regenerative Medicine • Anti-Aging • Medical MarijuanaSignature: • Lyme Disease Protocols • HCG/Laser Weight Loss • Brain Injury • Ozone Therapy • Stem Cell Therapy




/ 04-18

East Stroudsburg

May 2019



Lehigh Valley Edition

Stefan Schurr/ LightField Studios/

diagnosed hypertension from 32 percent to 46 percent. American heart disease deaths rose from 836,546 in 2015 to 840,678 in 2016. Studies show that about 80 percent of all cardiovascular disease can be prevented by controlling high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, along with healthy practices like not smoking, says the AHA.

Women in menopause that are mindful and nonjudgmental of their thoughts are less irritable, anxious and depressed, reports a Mayo Clinic study recently published in Climacteric, the journal of the International Menopause Society. Researchers gave questionnaires to 1,744 menopausal patients 40 to 65 years old and found that those with higher mindfulness scores struggled less with common menopausal symptoms. Mindfulness didn’t lower hot flash and night sweat symptoms, however.


Mindfulness May Ease Menopausal Symptoms

U.S. Heart Disease on the Rise Forty-eight percent of American adults have some form of cardiovascular disease, reported the American Heart Association (AHA) in its annual update. The increase is partly due to 2017 updated guidelines redefining high blood pressure as greater than 130/80 millimeters of mercury rather than 140/90, which raised the number of Americans with

Simply changing a diet to include more fruit and vegetables can boost mental well-being, say British researchers from Leeds and York universities. Examining health data of 40,000 people, they concluded those that eat more produce have a better psychological state, and that eating just one extra portion of fruits and vegetables a day could have a positive effect equivalent to around eight extra days of walking a month for at least 10 minutes at a time. A meta-analysis of 16 studies by the UK’s University of Manchester found the mood-boosting effect was particularly strong for women, and it worked with different types of diets, indicating a particular approach is not necessary. When dietary changes were combined with exercise, even greater improvements resulted.


Japanese researchers interviewed 1,003 Tokyo women over 70 years old about which of 16 types of exercise they did, including dancing, calisthenics, jogging, golf, ball games, hiking, yoga, bicycling and tai chi. In eight years of follow-up, those that danced were 73 percent less likely to be classified as impaired in any of the “activities of daily living” such as walking, cooking, dressing and bathing—a result not produced by the other physical activities. “Dancing requires not only balance, strength and endurance ability, but also cognitive ability: adaptability and concentration to move according to the music and partner; artistry for graceful and fluid motion; and memory for choreography,” writes lead author Yosuke Osuka, of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology.


Dancing Prevents Senior Decline

Fruits and Veggies Boost Moods

OSTILL is Franck Camhi/

health briefs

Stefan Schurr/ NanThidarat/

Monkeyoum/ OSTILL is Franck Camhi/

Selenium and CoQ10 Provide Lasting Benefits

Walking, cycling, climbing stairs and Swedish seniors that other aerobic activities may imtook coenzyme Q10 prove brain function not only in older and selenium people, but also in younger folk, during a fouraccording to a Columbia University year study were study published in Neurology. The still benefiting study recruited 132 people between 12 Emmaus, years laterPA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 Box 421 20 and 67 years old that didn’t exerwith a reduced • cise and had below-average fitness cardiovascular mortality risk of more than 40 percent. levels. Half stretched and toned four times a week for six In the original researchers Ad study, Proof Linköping for NaturalUniversity Awakenings months and half exercised aerobically on a treadmill, stagave 443 independently living seniors over 70 years old To: P: 610-421-4443 tionary bike or elliptical machine. When they were evaluated either a placebo or 200 milligrams of CoQ10 and 200 610-421-4445 for their executive function thinking skills—regulating Email: milligrams of selenium per day. Those onF:the supplebehavior, paying attention and achieving goals—the ments showed a reduced risk of dying from cardiovassign your proof and complete the following information: aerobics group improved twice as much as the stretching Please cular disease, improved heart function, less hospital(Adization, is shown at vitality actual size. second page for Twelve larger ads.) group. “The people who exercised were testing as if they more and aSee better quality of life. were about 10 years younger at age 40 and about 20 years years later, the researchers examined autopsies and younger at age 60,” says study author Yaakov Stern, Ph.D. certificates, and found the supplement-takers Addeath is approved: contact information and spelling is correct had a lower risk of death compared to the placebo Ad isif approved with changes indicated group, even they had diabetes, high blood pressure or ischemic heart disease. Ad is not approved – make changes indicated

Prenatal Yoga Reduces Caesareans and Labor Pain

First-time mothers that practiced yoga beginning in the 30th week of pregnancy had fewer caesareans, fewer low-weight newborns and milder and briefer labor pains. They were also less likely to require painkillers or labor inducement. The Mangalore, India, hospital study, published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, included 150 women 20 to 35 years old that were pregnant for the first time and had no prior yoga experience. Half of the women did not do yoga, while the other half took 30-minute yoga classes once every week or two. Women in the yoga group were also more comfortable after giving birth. LightField Studios/


Exercise Improves Young Brains, Too

May 2019


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Dim Prospects

Avian Senior Citizen Astounds Again Being at least 68 years old didn’t deter Wisdom, a Laysan Albatross, from recently hatching another chick. The world’s oldest known banded wild bird, which roosts at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, in Hawaii, has birthed and raised more than 30 chicks in her lifetime. She and her mate-forlife Akeakamai spent about two months incubating the new egg, and now they’ll raise the chick for five to six months before it flies out to sea. It is uncommon for albatross to return, lay and hatch an egg every single year, but the pair has produced a chick each year since 2006, say U.S Fish and Wildlife Service officials. 14

Lehigh Valley Edition


Nuclear Testing Linked to Radioactive Milk

The hundreds of nuclear bombs detonated on a remote Nevada test site during the Cold War produced radioactive fallout that led indirectly to the deaths of 340,000 to 690,000 Americans, concludes a recent study by economist Keith Meyers, Ph.D., of the University of Southern Denmark. Meyers conducted the research for his doctoral dissertation while attending the University of Arizona. By combining National Cancer Institute data measuring the radioactive element Iodine-131 in local cow milk with countyby-county mortality data, he found heightened death rates in the Midwest and Northeast between 1951 and 1973. The finding suggests that airborne radiation contaminated pastures that, in turn, made milk radioactive and led to the human ingestion of slow-acting, but fatal radioactive isotopes. In comparison, an estimated 200,000 to 350,000 people in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki died directly from the atomic bombs dropped on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively.

volkova natalia/

Hatching a Record

Poisoned Pastures


As the Appalachian economy struggles with the loss of three-fifths of its coal mining jobs in the last three decades, a surprising option is emerging for some: beekeeping. The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective offers beekeeping training, including bees and equipment and ongoing mentoring, for displaced coal miners and low-income residents of mining towns; so far, about 35 people are participating. Landowners are donating property for the beehives, which will be maintained without pesticides or antibiotics. Honey from a single hive can bring in about $750 a season, or $15,000 per 20, and additional money can be made selling the beeswax for candles and lip balm. The beekeeping collective is part of Appalachian Headwaters, a nonprofit formed in 2016 with a $7.5 million lawsuit settlement from coal mine operator Alpha Natural Resources for violations of the Clean Water Act. The money has been used to fund environmental restoration projects and to develop sustainable economic opportunities in the coal mining communities of West Virginia.


Miners Becoming Beekeepers

Higher federal standards for energy-efficient light bulbs established two years ago are in the process of being rolled back by the U.S. Department of Energy, part of a move toward widespread deregulation by the current administration. Consumers stand to lose about $100 per household per year in electric bill savings if the higher standards are not implemented, say critics. The wasted energy could result in more power plant pollution, which harms the environment and contributes to health problems like asthma. The plan would also stifle innovation, eliminating a powerful regulatory incentive for manufacturers and retailers to invest in high-quality, energy-efficient LED light bulbs.


Post-Coal Cash

Light Bulb Standards Weakened

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Beyond Green Burial A3pfamily/



Human Composting at the End of Life

Washington is poised to become the first state to make it legal to compost human remains. A bill allowing for the process, called natural organic reduction, as well as another called water cremation, has passed the state senate and is making its way to the house for a vote. Human composting involves placing a body in a tubular vessel and covering it with natural materials like wood chips and straw. Over several weeks, microbial activity breaks down the body into about a cubic yard of soil. Recompose, a company that wants to offer the practice as an alternative to traditional methods, worked with Washington State University to test its safety for environmental and human health. Six people donated their bodies for the study. The method alleviates much of the carbon footprint associated with both cremation and traditional casket burial.


Bear Blitz

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Climate-Challenged Polar Bears Invade Town

About 50 polar bears that usually hunt seals from ice floes have found new cuisine in the garbage dumps in the remote Russian island military town of Belushya Gubam, about 1,200 miles northeast of Moscow. Its 2,000 residents, long accustomed to the occasional bear strolling through, now call it a “mass invasion” as the curious bears peer into windows, stare down barking dogs and dig through trash. Russia’s environmental response agency has sent in a crisis team that is studying how to remove the bears without killing them. The Barents Sea that the bears inhabit is undergoing what a recent study called a “rapid climate shift” from Arctic Ocean temperatures to warmer Atlantic Ocean-like temperatures; the entire western side of the island is now ice-free year round. May 2019


Skip the Slip Digital Receipts Gain Momentum

Compared to newspapers, magazines and junk mail, retail sales receipts may seem inconsequential in their use of trees and their footprint on the environment. Yet, getting and handling that tabulation of a sale is a health hazard that contributes to landfills. Certainly, some receipts are required for tax records and product returns, but the vast majority serve no future purpose; there’s also a better and safer option than paper. reports the annual waste from receipts in the U.S. totals 686 million pounds, and that skipping receipts would save 12 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of 1

million cars on the road. The problem is getting worse as many retail outlets include special offers and other promotional information on receipts, making them longer and the corresponding amount of paper used greater. The Ecology Center, an educational nonprofit located in San Juan Capistrano, California, estimates that 93 percent of paper receipts are coated with Bisphenol-A (BPA) or Bisphenol-S (BPS), endocrine disrupters that are used as color developers to help make the receipts more legible. However, the presence of either makes them ineligible for recycling. According to Green America (, BPA that can be “absorbed into our bodies through our hands in mere seconds,” can impact fetal development and “is linked to reproductive impairment, Type 2 diabetes, thyroid conditions and other health concerns.” Employees that regularly handle receipts have 30 percent more BPA or BPS in their bodies. In January, California Assembly member Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) introduced legislation (AB 161) nicknamed “skip the slip”, which would require retailers to offer digital receipts to customers. If it passes, it will be the first such law in the country.

On the Brink

Monarchs Need Species Protections

Being listed as part of the Endangered Species Act would protect monarch butterflies. In the 1980s, about 4.5 million butterflies spent winters along the California coast. This season’s stay is shaping up to consist of only about 30,000. Fully 99 percent of the species listed under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 are still with us today. To urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to give monarch butterflies the proven protection of the Endangered Species Act in June, sign the petition at

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The Mother Our Souls Need Connecting With the Energy That Made Us by Christiane Northrup


his Mother’s Day, I want to tell you about a different way to think about your mother and about yourself—a way that is deeply true and liberating, no matter what is going on with your mother. On a soul level, we’re old friends with our mothers. And they signed up for assisting us on our souls’ journeys big time—by being willing to take on the role of our mother. And no matter how well they did or didn’t do that job, we have a job, too: to realize that though we might not have had the mother we wanted, we all got the mother our souls needed. What’s more, every single one of us can connect right now with the mother 18

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energy that made all of our bodies in the first place—the Earth herself. It has been said that when you lavish your attention on the Earth—on a flower, or a stream or any aspect of nature—that energy loves you right back. In the book series The Ringing Cedars, Anastasia refers to the land you live on and love as, “Love dissolved in space.” You can feel this when you travel to parks and gardens, farms and yards that have been loved by those who live there. This mothering energy is available to each of us from the Earth and from Mother Nature—no matter what has happened with your biological mother. So here is my prescription for a

glorious Mother’s Day. Call your mother—in spirit, if she is no longer in a body—or if speaking with her directly is too painful. Here’s a special prayer: “With my Spirit, I send Divine Love to my mother’s Spirit.” That’s it. Just say this prayer. With your whole heart. And let go of the outcome. Happy Mother’s Day. Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. The full text of this excerpt, reprinted with permission, appears at © Christiane Northrup, Inc. All rights reserved.


Bridging Traditional with Functional Medicine Restoring wellness through a holistic approach of hormone balancing and nutrition throughout all stages of life. Conditions We Treat: Female and Male Hormone Imbalance  Menopause  Individualized Bio-Identical Hormones  Insomnia  Adrenal Dysfunction & Fatigue 

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HEALTHIER SKIN for this Mother’s Day

Eminence is dedicated to ORGANIC skin care that is 100% cruelty free with best-in-class products and is so pure that you can eat it.



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business spotlight

is that spray tan clients are serviced by licensed aestheticians that are knowledgeable about skin and can recommend solutions for dryness, or they notice if a client has a mole or skin discoloration that D should be examined by a physician. ermaplain ing enterta For clients interested in hair removal inment among in services, Bravo uses Nufree, a soy-based models d an becabove ause it wax that’s applied just two degrees e l i m p i na e achelps one’s normal body temperature. “It h fuzz t r h e a m t cak oveIt’s avoid burns and lifting of the skin. s aall th e dead suhair rfacremoval safer alternative to standard s e very smooth allows Bravo wax,” she says. For lash extensions, . for gre partnered with Utah-based Borboleta produc ater pene ts an Beauty. Not only does she carry the brand, canvas d crea but Bravo also sends her licensed aestheti- for m ake cians to Borboleta’s training program to on sm ooth learn how to safely and effectively apply their lash extensions. Clients interested in teeth whitening services can come in for a 45-minute session, during which they receive a pre-filled Lash L if Once the tray is in teeth-whitening tray. Vo um t, Classic Ful e Lasits l Set, theVmouth, lthe client an LED sh under olume Set, B y L S a lamp that activates shingredients tylist, Set B in the gel. Mastray The client is provided with ayfresh ter Sty list. every 15 minutes. The whitening gel is made with teeth sensitivity in mind, so it contains a lower amount of peroxide. xclusivaffordable In addition to Eproviding Bec e part ome an specialty salon services OTBBforl women andner keep y ash e our maintaining men, Bravo values goodmber lashes m , a l o m o a kinand relationships zwith aestheticians ingher g yea r-roun to providing them with opportunities d. hone their skills and succeed at providing aesthetic services. “I want to leave a legacy for aestheticians that are fresh out of school and give them a chance,” Bravo concludes. “From me, they’ll learn techniques and how to elevate themselves, their brand and their business. The more they grow, they better, and that also makes our clients feel good and confident when they walk out the door.”



Airbrush Tanning ORGANIC TANS AND BEAUTY BAR More and more men and women have become aware of the dangers of UVA and UVB exposure, so they have turned to Airbrush Tanning. With health in mind we have been airbrushing and educating our clients of these dangers since we opened our doors in 2012!

Lehigh Valley’s Best-Kept Secret by Sheila Julson

1752 W. ALLEN ST • ALLENTOWN, PA 18104


esthetician Lorena Bravo is aware that her specialty salon, Organic Tans and Beauty Bar, has a reputation for being a client’s best-kept secret, but she’s okay with that. She and her staff strive to serve everyday women that are subtle about their beauty and want to naturally enhance their appearance through specialty services such as spray tans, eyelash extensions, teeth whitening, facials, makeup and eyebrow shaping. “Our clients walk out of here with a spray tan, but they don’t look like they’ve had a spray tan,” Bravo says. “Instead, they are asked if they’ve just returned from a beach vacation.” Organic Tans and Beauty bar was one of the first businesses in the Lehigh Valley area to offer spray tans, also known as airbrush tans. Bravo discovered spray tans after she had a skin cancer scare when she was only 24 years old. The experience was 20

a wake-up call to eliminate her exposure

610-821-8888 to UV radiation from sunbathing and artificial sources like tanning beds. “We hold a strong belief that spray

Lehigh Valley Edition

tanning is a lifestyle —a healthier lifestyle,” Bravo emphasizes. “We’re not out there trying to educate everyone, but to provide an alternative for people that realize the harmful effects of tanning beds or too much sunbathing to obtain that bronzed tan look.” Bravo and her staff use a tanning solution that contains aloe vera and skin nourishing vitamins. It’s free from perfumes, dyes and parabens, which are commonly added to other brands to extend the shelf life. Bravo notes they use product quickly, and it doesn’t stay open on a shelf for long periods of time. The solution is made in the United States and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Bravo adds that although spray tans are temporary, an additional advantage

Lash Exten sion


Organic Tans & Beauty Bar is located at 1752 W. Allen St., Allentown. For more information, call 610-821-8888 or visit See ad, page 23. Sheila Julson is a freelance write rand regular contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines through the country.

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The daily choice to prioritize caring for oneself can ultimately lead to an experience of self-love and wholeness.


Self-Care for All Stages of Life by Marlaina Donato


o be female is to be blessed with an innate gift for multitasking, but in our fast-paced, jam-packed world, daily life for most women is a juggling act that can come with a steep price tag if self-care isn’t on the to-do list. Depression, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed are all too common. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in eight women experience depression during their lifetime—twice the rate of men.

Seasons of a Woman’s Life

Each decade poses unique challenges. For women in their 20s and early 30s, comparing and finding one’s own path can be significant. “The feminist movement of our mothers’ generation opened doors, but so many 20- and 30-something women have interpreted that as, ‘I have to do everything and be everything,’” says Christine Hassler, life coach and author of Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disap-

pointment in Work, Love, and Life. The San Diego-based motivational speaker views self-care to be as vital as education. “Women are not taught in high school and college how to take care of themselves. Prioritizing self-care is so important. I see so many young women with adrenal or thyroid burnout and eating disorders. All of that comes down to stress, relationship to self and lack of self-care.” The personal interests of women in their 30s and 40s trying to balance motherhood and career often get lost in the tangled underbrush of daily logistics. There can be a deep longing for identity well into the 50s, especially when children leave the nest. Fears of aging and loneliness often accompany women 60 and older. By passionately and joyously taking care of body and spirit, women of any generation can find renewal.

Self-Care As Bedrock

Women play vital roles in family and community, much like the foundation of a sound building, and if self-care is not the bedrock, all that is supported by it is likely to be compromised. “I believe we’ve taken the bait, the promise that if we arrange our life circumstances just so, we’ll feel ease and happiness. We’re getting to a place as

Marie Ruxton 


Chronic Pain & Movement Therapy Myofascial Release Therapy Mind-Body Makeovers Therapeutic Massage PA #MSG002015 NJ #18KT00415900

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Anna Ismagilova/

~Dr. Kelly Brogan

Anna Ismagilova/

a collective where we see a bankruptcy in that,” says Miami-based holistic women’s psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, bestselling author of A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives. Body-mind-spirit self-care is the heart of Brogan’s approach, and self-love is the lifeblood. “Self-love is quite elusive for most of us, perhaps because our self-esteem is contingent [upon it], and we only feel good about ourselves under certain circumstances. The daily choice to prioritize caring for oneself can ultimately lead to an experience of self-love and wholeness,” says Brogan, who compares a ritualized system of daily self-care that comes first to putting on the proverbial oxygen mask before attempting to meet the needs of others. “Balancing self-love and caring for others starts with recognizing and accepting that it’s possible for you to effectively do both. Self-love at the soul level is the catalyst for healing on all levels, which in turn drives our level of self-worth,”

Sometimes my daily me-time was only five minutes here or 10 minutes there, but it saved my sanity. ~Teigan Draig concurs Teigan Draig, a spiritual life coach and busy home-schooling mom in Spencerville, Ohio. She reminds us that putting our needs above the wants of others is not being selfish, but is an emotional necessity that helps women get out of the loop of self-defeatism and self-sabotage. “The first step to finding your fire is learning to love yourself, all of yourself. Self-care and selflove are a total wellness package.”

Benefits of Self-Nourishment Many psychologists agree that self-care can help to improve concentration, promote relaxation, fortify relationships and boost productivity. Most women crave more me-time, but don’t know how to implement change. “Without a premise of

self-care, we react based on stress patterns. We react with more tension, irritability, guilt and obligation. We say, ‘Yes’ when we want to say, ‘No’. However, when we take stock in our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, we’re less reactive,” observes Hassler, who underscores self-care as an investment for life. “Most women have inner critics and a negative relationship with self. Self-care is essential so we can turn down the volume of the inner critic, stop people-pleasing and make self-honoring choices.” Balancing motherhood and career or other obligations can leave many women running on empty and resentful. “We would never tell a loved one who desperately needed some TLC to get over it and just keep going. As busy women, when we don’t take the time to care for ourselves, the consequence is our children getting a mom who is preoccupied, anxious and disconnected,” says women’s life coach Veronica Paris, in San Diego. Catering to everyone’s desires and spreading ourselves too thin can backfire. Paris asks, “How do



Derma p enterta laining is a fa inment vorite in among in models dustry, spec the ific a becaus e it elim nd actresses ally . peach Why? in a t e s remove fuzz that cak that annoyin es up in g s all th e de makeu surface p, very sm ad skin cells allows leaving for gre ooth. Derma the p a la t e ning r p e produc ts and netration of s also creat kinca canvas for ma es a flawless re keup to glide on smo othly.

Airbrush Tanning

More and more men and women have become aware of the dangers of UVA and UVB exposure, so they have turned to Airbrush Tanning. With health in mind we have been airbrushing and educating our clients of these dangers since we opened our doors in 2012!

1752 W. ALLEN ST • ALLENTOWN, PA 18104



La Exten sh sions

Lash L if Volum t, Classic Full e Lash Volum Set, By Set, e Lash Stylis Set By Master t, Stylist. Exclus ive par Becom tner e an OT BB lash keep y membe our las r, hes lo amazin g year- oking round.

May 2019


I want my kids to look back on me as a mother? By taking the time to self-care, we’re taking accountability for how we want to show up in our world rather than shape-shifting from one situation to the next. We can teach our children how to do the same.”

Self-care does not necessarily have to involve time; it’s a way of being.

numbing and feeling “flatlined”. A toxic or addictive relationship to food, alcohol or shopping can be a symptom of a deep need to nourish the self and give a voice to suppressed feelings. “One ~Christine Hassler of our greatest challenges is that we’ve become disconnected from our deep seat of power, which is our capacity Our Emotions As Wellspring to feel,” says Brogan. “We’ve been enculturated to disregard our experience of feelFor too many women, another common byproduct of self-neglect can be emotional ing emotions, and because of this, it’s been

reduced to a very narrow bandwidth.” Brogan believes that it is key for women to reestablish a connection to nature’s rhythms and their own feminine, fluid energy, as well as giving up the need to control. “I think it’s the work of many women to understand that we’re not here to meet the needs of everyone on the planet—and with our loved ones, it disempowers them as much as we’re feeling disempowered. We’re here to meet our own needs and then offer compassion and caring in a way that comes from a more boundaried space.” Hassler affirms that when women are fully present, every aspect of life can be viewed through a clearer lens. “Self-care helps us tap into our super power, which is our intuition, and by doing that, we know what we need and act on that.”

Thrive With Small Changes

Your health and wellness determines the quality of your life. That’s why we offer: • Massage Therapy • Reiki • Chakra Balancing • Halotherapy (Salt booth) • Health Coaching Anti Aging Facials

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Prices, Services and charges are subject to change.


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Beginning the day with self-care can be as simple as taking the time to meditate and breathe deeply for a minute or two before getting out of bed and opting for a healthier breakfast. Feeding our senses and feasting on what gives us joy can be a way of life. “Self-care does not necessarily have to involve time; it’s a way of being,” says Hassler. “The more time we spend on self-care tells the subconscious mind that we’re worth it.” Draig suggests setting personal boundaries, and part of this means reserving time for ourselves. “When I became a new mother, I was running on fumes. Sometimes my daily me-time was only five minutes here or 10 minutes there, but it saved my sanity. Learn to schedule selfcare time in your calendar as you would anything else,” she says, noting, “My house was not always spotless, but it was a trade I was willing to make so I could take care of myself and be a better mother.” Being innovative can be an ally. “Ten minutes walking the dog or taking the baby out in a stroller can become 10 minutes spent saying positive self-affirmations,” suggests Paris. “That 15-minute drive can be spent deep breathing instead of listening to the news on the radio.” Blooming into our best possible self is returning to our essence. “It’s about

taking off the masks, no longer living according to expectations and other people. It’s about radical self-acceptance,” says Hassler. Each decade poses an invitation to grow and commit to self-nourishment. “There will be days where you feel like you can’t get the hang of it, but you’ll arrive, and when you do, no matter what age you are, it can be magical,” Draig says. Marlaina Donato is a composer and author of several books in women’s spirituality and holistic health. Connect at

SIMPLE SELF-CARE STRATEGIES ✔ Schedule me-time on the calendar. ✔ Unplug from gadgets. ✔ Spend lunch breaks in the park. ✔ Rest before hitting the wall of exhaustion. ✔ Take 10 minutes to stretch and breathe in the morning. ✔ Meditate in the shower; choose a luxurious, natural, body wash. ✔ Wear your favorite jewelry. ✔ Designate a beautiful tea cup or coffee mug to use on hectic work days. ✔ Buy yourself flowers; take yourself out to lunch or a museum. ✔ Sprinkle lavender, rose geranium or ylang ylang essential oil on your sheets. ✔ Opt for a gentle workout instead of a high-intensity session when tired. ✔ Choose a healthy breakfast. ✔ Play, be silly and be a kid again. ✔ Designate 15 to 20 minutes after the workday to color, doodle or journal. ✔ Listen to your favorite music during commuting or cleaning the house. ✔ Abandon perfectionism. ✔ Connect to a higher power, however you define it, even if it is inner peace.

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Raspberry-Mocha Mug Cake INGREDIENTS: • 1 large egg • 1⁄4 cup Wholesome Pantry Unsweetened Almond Milk • 1 tablespoon maple syrup • 1⁄4 teaspoon instant coffee • 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder • 1⁄4 teaspoon baking powder • 5 fresh raspberries plus additional for garnish • 1 1⁄2 teaspoons mini semisweet chocolate chips • 1⁄8 teaspoon powdered sugar SUPERCOUPON


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DIRECTIONS: • In 12-ounce microwave-safe mug, whisk egg, milk, syrup and coffee; whisk in cocoa powder and baking powder. Fold in raspberries and chocolate chips. • Heat egg mixture in microwave oven on high 1 minute or until internal temperature reaches 160°. Top cake with raspberries; dust with powdered sugar. Prep Time 5 min/Cook 1 min/Makes 1 serving

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May 2019


Peter Sagal on


I’ve met people who say they don’t run, but they walk, ride bikes, hike in the woods. Those people are getting many of the same benefits as running.

by Randy Kambic


After becoming a serious he 5 million the special bonding faithful listenbetween fellow runners. runner at nearly 40, when did ers of NaHis exhilarating guide you realize running had evolved tional Public Radio’s to life suggests we keep into something more than a award-winning weekly moving forward in all broadcast Wait Wait... simple mission to get healthy? ways. He also reflects Don’t Tell Me! know upon the 2013 BosI was concerned about my weight, but that 20-year host Peter ton Marathon, where mainly I was also concerned about getting Sagal infuses wit and he finished moments older. I ran my first marathon in 2005 as wisdom into his views before two bombs an emotional reaction to growing older, of the news and the exploded, and explores and that’s when it all began to change for world. In his new book, how running helped me. It struck me in a deep way as someThe Incomplete Book of him cope with a devasthing I wanted to do better. Running, he brings his tating divorce, depresI’ve rarely experienced the classic trademark humor to sion and more. “runner’s high”—that endorphin-caused a memoir that posits Sagal is also a playeuphoria—although I do believe it exists. running as a mode of survival—and hope, wright, screenwriter and the host of PBS’ Rather, what’s more common is the sense persistence, practice and love as vehicles of Constitution USA with Peter Sagal when he’s that everything—body, mind—is workProof #1without - April 2011with Issue redemption. not writing about the recreation he took upAding in concert, discomfort, Sagal’s collection of deeply personal in mid-life®where he found himself “lost, in strength, with ease. To paraphrase a line awake n ian gs lessons encompasses the emotional dark place” after a personal crisis. He lives from Kurt Vonnegut, it’s when “everything spectrum of running, body image and near Chicago with his wife, Mara. is beautiful, and nothing hurts.” Lehigh Valley Edition Reid Boyer, Publisher Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 P: (610) 421-4443 • F: (610) 421-4445



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o for L

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able Go

s od


Im pact

Hemp • Bamboo • Alpaca • Organic Cotton Clothing for Men, Women & Baby Natural Personal Care Sustainable Paper • Fair Trade

Naturally Yours The Organic Shop 103 Broadway • Jim Thorpe, PA 18229 570.325.8209

photo by Kyle Cassidy

wise words

photo by Kyle Cassidy

As an advocate of escaping our “digital dystopia” of electronic screens by running outdoors, what’s the benefit you see in unplugging?

I’m a big fan of evolutionary biology. We evolved in very different circumstances than what we are living in now; to be attentive to the world and not with a screen in front of us. The reason we are up on two legs is so that we can look around and think. We’re supposed to ruminate. We didn’t evolve these extraordinary brains and self-consciousness so we could outsource our thinking. Anybody who has done creative work knows what’s needed to do that is uninterrupted thought.

What can non-runners take away from your book?

Go outside. We weren’t meant to spend so much time in offices. Take the headphones off, move, use your body. Look at little kids in playgrounds—they’re just running around before getting trained into games. We forget that. We spend so much time in our heads reading, watching screens. I’ve met people who say they don’t run, but they walk, ride bikes, hike in the woods. Those people are getting many of the same benefits as running.


ur sport seems mindless only to people who never run long enough for any thought to form other than, ‘When can I stop running?’ But the only way to succeed as a long-distance runner is to do it mindfully, to be aware of the body and the world it is moving through. I think about my motion and my breathing, my muscles and their state of agitation or stress or relaxation. I note my surroundings—the downward slope I would never notice driving this street, the hawk’s nest I would never see for lack of looking up, the figure in a window caught in a solitary moment of their own. I think about the true meaning of distance—about the learning that comes from running a mile in your own shoes. From The Incomplete Book of Running, by Peter Sagal.

Of the many anecdotes you cite about bonding with others through running, which one was the most gratifying? Probably when I ran with William Greer, who I didn’t even know 24 hours before we ran the 2013 Boston Marathon, and by the end of that day we were friends forever because of all we went through together. [Greer is visually impaired and Sagal was his volunteer guide during the race.] We’re still in touch; we sometimes run together. He wouldn’t have finished if I wasn’t helping him and I wouldn’t have finished if he wasn’t helping me. Randy Kambic is a freelance writer and editor, in Estero, Florida. May 2019



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Bodywork for Trauma and Grief by Marlaina Donato


assage is often associated with spa-like pampering, yet it is also an effective therapy for reducing physical and emotional pain. Bodywork can lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones, which in turn helps to balance blood sugar and boost immunity. A surge of the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine is also a natural perk of rubdowns. On the emotional level, massage therapy can offer profound benefits for anyone experiencing acute grief or the effects of a traumatic past. A Swedish study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing shows that bereaved individuals that received 25-minute hand and/or foot massages once a week for eight weeks felt


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greater comfort and were more capable of coping with stress.

The Body’s Pain Language

When the “fight-or-flight” stress response is activated in the presence of danger or emotional distress, the body has one objective: get us to safety. Yet, many times, the amygdala—the part of the brain that plays a key role in this process—becomes hyper alert and falsely perceives danger when there is none. Trauma becomes hardwired into the nervous system. Pain syndromes and tension are common symptoms. No matter what the pattern for handling trauma, it takes a lot of work for the body to repress emotions, and it will create tension in the form of “armoring” to

defend against unwanted feelings. “Trauma is a physiological experience. Body tension that results from unresolved trauma will not respond to only releasing muscle tension,” explains Lissa Wheeler, author of Engaging Resilience: Heal the Physical Impact of Emotional Trauma: A Guide for Bodywork Practitioners. Wheeler’s Medford, Massachusetts, practice focuses on releasing emotional patterns locked in tissue memory. “When the nervous system is frozen in a state of threat long after the actual threat is gone, all of the body’s activities of healthy regulation are challenged. This affects not only skeletal muscles, but also smooth muscle such as what’s found in the gastrointestinal tract. Sleep problems and teeth grinding can also result.”

Cellular Memory and CranioSacral Therapy

Swedish massage, Thai massage and shiatsu are all ideal treatments for chronic pain, grief and emotional imprints locked within the body’s cellular consciousness. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) offers a gentler alternative. “CranioSacral Therapy can unravel cellular stories and assist in


freeing repressed or preverbal emotions from childhood,” says Seattle-based CST therapist Barbara Coon. “Experiences are held in the body. Stress and muscular tension activate the vagus nerve, and CST focuses on calming [it].” The vagus nerve facilitates communication between the brain and the heart, lungs and gut. Coon attests to the modality’s body-centered support for reducing anxiety, depression, panic attacks, memory loss, sleep disturbances and grief. “Some people respond well to deep tissue work, while others do better with the gentleness of CranioSacral Therapy,” says Wheeler. “Like a perfect dance partner, a skilled bodywork practitioner follows the nervous system and helps the client access sources of trauma.”

Healing Frequencies

Clinical aromatherapy and therapeutic sound can also play a vital role in emotional healing, especially when combined with bodywork. Kelli Passeri, a massage therapist and owner of Sound and Stone Massage, in Pittsburg, Kansas, utilizes a subwoofer speaker beneath her massage table so clients can feel the vibrations of the music. “I play music recorded in specific frequencies that align with the body and the chakras or energy centers to help rebalance the energy body,” says Passeri, who also uses rose quartz crystals in her hot stone sessions. She relies on aromatherapy blends that promote opening on both physical and emotional levels. Passeri has observed common pain patterns in her clients that often don’t have a physical cause. “The sacrum tends to hold on to lifelong traumatic emotions from childhood, and the shoulders tend to reflect more current emotional blockages and issues,” she says, adding, “I encourage my clients to open up or cry because it’s a healthy thing to do. There’s no need for embarrassment and is totally okay.” Healing on any level might take time, but allowing the body’s stories to be witnessed without judgement is key. “The good news is that when trauma is worked through, the whole body is much more resilient and has a greater capacity to live life fully,” Wheeler says. SAVE UP TO 60% OR MORE

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that control plants also seemed to respond to their neighbors being attacked. Since then, Schultz, Karban and other investigators have discovered that plants emit complex profiles of odors in the form of volatile compounds that can be picked up by other plants, as well as insects. Studying sagebrush in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Karban found that plants under duress emit chemical cues that trigger nearby plants to increase their defenses. These odors vary with the type of threat and time, working to attract pollinators during the day and fending off enemies at night, Schultz says. A plant being eaten by an insect may release a chemical that attracts predatory insects looking for herbivore prey. “There is a clear adaptive Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 • www.NaturalAwakeningsMag.comadvantage in attracting the ‘enemy of your enemy’, who can act as a bodyguard for the by April Thompson Ad Proof for Natural Awakenings plant being attacked.” hile flowers are known to lean professor of entomology at the University Smells are just part of a plant’s mulTo: P: 610-421-4443 toward light, a growing body of California at Davis and the author of tisensory life, says Heidi Appel, a profesEmail: F: 610-421-4445 of research is demonstrating Plant Sensing and Communication. sor in the Department of Environmental plants also Please respond sign to sounds scents— Sciences at the University of Toledo and yourand proof and complete the following information: and then herald to their neigh-size. See Better Living one of Schultz’s collaborators. Appel’s (Adthe is news shown at actual second pageThrough for larger ads.) bors. Far from being passive life forms, Chemistry research with collaborator Rex Cocroft, at members of the plant kingdom are adept Early evidence of plant communication was the University of Missouri, demonstrates Ad is approved: contact information and spelling is correct at interacting with their environments and discovered by accident, according to Jack they’re listening for threats, too. Ad is approved with changes indicated with each other. Schultz, senior executive director of research Her lab exposed plants from the “Plants don’t haveAd specialized sense development at the University of Toledo, mustard family to the sound of a caterpilis not approved – make changes indicated in Ohio. “In the 1970s, researchers began organs, but like animals, plants are very lar feeding, with control plants in silence to notice plants under attack respond by capable of sensing their environment. or “listening” to a recording of the wind increasing defensive chemistry—things They perceive cues, weigh different or other insects, and found that those that make a plant distasteful or toxic to alternatives and allocate resources in very vibrations didn’t effect the same defensivepredators,” he says. Researchers noticed sophisticated ways,” says Richard Karban, priming response as that of the plant-


Discover Their Secret Language



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green living

munching caterpillar. “Plants have no special sense organs, so their sophisticated sense of hearing is very surprising,” says Appel.


Nature’s Networks

Karban’s lab isolated plants to determine that their chemical signals were transmitted by air rather than soil or root systems. Yet researcher Suzanne Simard, a professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, is digging into the underground connections, finding that trees are interacting with one another below the ground in complex ways. Trees have a symbiotic relationship with fungi that’s built on a mutually beneficial exchange of nutrients, says Simard. This underground network links root systems of trees together, enabling them to exchange carbon, water and other nutrients in a kind of natural balance sheet. Simard discovered these networks had hubs—typically older “mother trees”—that can connect to hundreds of saplings and send them excess carbon that can quadruple their survival rates. Simard also found that trees engage in “defense signaling” similar to plants, increasing their natural defenses in response to damage inflicted on their neighbors, but only if the mycorrhizal networks of fungi that aid in sending such messages are intact. Simard’s research seeks to understand how environmental threats like climate change and logging may further disrupt these communication networks. Recognizing all of the communication that exists between plants, we might wonder if human words of encouragement can help them grow. Perhaps, but not for the reasons one might hope, says Appel. “Whenever we feel a sense of connection to another life form, we are more likely to take better care of it,” says the researcher. “We underestimate what plants can do because their communication is invisible to us. Yet we also have to be careful about overestimating their abilities. We need an understanding to be driven by science, and not wishful thinking.” April Thompson is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C. Contact her at


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Getting Started

Gardening for Kids The Fun of Growing Their Own by Ronica A. O’Hara


t’s May, and the temperature is rising, as is the sap and green shoots. It’s the perfect time to involve kids in growing their own garden that will get them outdoors, teach them planning and perseverance, and develop their motor, literacy and

scientific skills. A South Korean study found that gardening provides both high- and moderateintensity exercise for kids. It builds good eating habits, too: A British study of 46 9- and 10-year-olds found that they ate

Order some seed catalogues, look online—or better yet, take a child to the local garden nursery. Let them decide what to grow. Their choices are as diverse as their interests. Veggies, flowers and plants that draw butterflies each have their own appeal. Some, like sunflowers, radishes and lettuce, are fast-growing, offering quick gratification. Or, they can choose a theme. “If your child likes Italian food, plant tomatoes and basil. If they enjoy Mexican food, then peppers and cilantro. For flowers—zinnias and cosmos—let them make flower arrangements from early summer into the fall,” suggests Susan Brandt, of Bristow, Virginia, co-founder of the gardening site Visiting a plant nursery offers the perfect opportunity to put kids on the path to healthy living. Point out and discuss the differences between organic and nonorganic seeds and between chemical fertilSearch “Natural Awakenings” and download

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26 percent more vegetables and fruit after growing a school garden, and a University of Florida study of 1,351 college students showed them more likely to eat veggies if they had gardened as children. For the most gratifying results, give kids a sense of ownership. “Let them make the decisions and be in charge of the care of the garden as much as developmentally possible,” advises Sarah Pounders, senior education specialist at, in Burlington, Vermont.

Tatevosian Yana/

healthy kids


Tatevosian Yana/

izers containing Roundup—labeled “Keep Out of Reach of Children”—and organic fertilizers containing fish, seaweed and other natural nutrients.

Choose the Spot

A three-foot-by-three-foot plot is an ideal size for a child’s garden, as long as it gets lots of sunshine. If living in an urban area, go with pots of soil in a sunny window.

when the soil is dry to a depth of one inch. They can mix their own non-toxic pesticide out of vinegar and salt, and spread such organic mulches as straw, newspaper, grass clippings and leaves to discourage weeds.

Get Scientific

Harvest the Crop

After picking ripe vegetables, kids can find recipes and prepare snacks or a dish; arrange plucked flowers in vases and take photos; do craft activities with seeds, plants and flowers, like making potpourri or framing dried flowers; or throw a garden-themed party with favors that include herbs or seed packets. “You could have a ‘pa-jam-a’ party. Kids could wear their pajamas, pick berries, and make jam to take home,” suggests Sandborn.

“They can look at the soil to see all the living creatures in it, which is especially fun through a microscope,” says Dixie Sandborn, an extenRonica A. O’Hara is a Denver-based sion specialist at Michigan State University. freelance health writer. Connect at Get the Right Tools “They can learn about vermiculture by For young kids with short attention spans, making small plastic spades, rakes and hoes might a worm bin and feeding the worms their work. But older kids need hardier tablePA scraps. ” With• aP:ruler, they can measure Box tools. 421 Emmaus, 18049 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 • Get them properly garden gloves, the growth of various plants and create a plus sunhats and sunscreen. chart comparing rates. By taking photos or Ad Proof foronNatural drawing pictures a daily orAwakenings weekly basis, they can compile an album, along with their Plant the Seeds To: commentary on weather patterns. P: 610-421-4443 Help them read and interpret the seed chiropractic • acupuncture • massage Email: F: 610-421-4445 package directions, if necessary, and use a ruler to measure proper spacing. “I always Have Fun Please sign your proof and complete the following information: try to have a mix of plants that start from “Let add personal touches like step(Ad is shown at them actual size. See second page for larger ads.) seed and from transplants, so that kids can ping stones, signs and other decorations have both immediate and delayed gratificathat let them express their personality in Ad is approved: contact information and spelling is correct tion,” says Pounders. their garden space, ” says Pounders. Help Dr. Robert W. Livingston III, DC, L.Ac. them build a scarecrow, bird feeder, toad Ad is approved with changes indicated Dr. Jennifer Bollinger, DC, L.Ac. Water, Weed and Mulch house, bird bath, sundial or a tent. Make a Ad is not approved – make changes indicated 8026 Hamilton Blvd. • Trexlertown, PA Show them how to use the watering can teepee or small enclosure and cover it with Office/Fax: 610.395.5509 or hose properly, usually watering only flowers, vines or climbing beans.

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Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms, When My Lab Tests Are “Normal?” Thyroid disease affects over 20 million people here in the United States alone. The harsh reality is that it is our female population that is being hardest hit. Presently, statistics show over 25 times the incidence of the disease in women than in men.

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Vision Quest Eat a Rainbow of Color for Healthy Eyes by Melinda Hemmelgarn


ne of the best ways to protect and preserve our precious eyesight is to focus on food. In general, the same plant-based, antioxidant-rich diets that defend against heart disease and cancer also contribute to eye health by reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration—the two most common agerelated causes of vision loss. However, two specific nutrients— lutein and zeaxanthin—deserve special

attention. These compounds uniquely concentrate in the macula, the centrally located part of the retina responsible for visual acuity, and are most vulnerable to oxidative damage from light exposure. Both are members of the carotenoid family, a large group of powerful antioxidant nutrients found mostly in fruits and vegetables, especially those with dark green, deep yellow, red and orange pigments. According to the National Eye Insti-

tute and the American Optometric Association, lutein and zeaxanthin help absorb damaging ultraviolet light from the sun, as well as blue light from computer screens, digital devices and LEDs. “Think of lutein as a sort of sunblock,” says Elizabeth Johnson, research associate professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition and Science Policy at Tufts University, in Boston. Speaking at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual meeting in Washington, D.C., last fall, Johnson described the yellow macular pigments— lutein and zeaxanthin—as “internal sunglasses” that protect the eyes’ photoreceptor cells. “Yellow pigment absorbs blue light,” Johnson explains. The greater our macular pigment density, the more protection we have against light damage, and the better our visual function. As a bonus, macular pigment density also aligns with improved academic performance and cognitive function across our lifespan, reports Naiman Khan, Ph.D., a registered dietitian and director at the Body Composition and Nutritional Neuroscience Lab at the University of

Graceful aging is the goal for all women, both inside and out Graceful aging is the goal for all women, both inside and out. Doing this naturally, offers symptom relief without the danger of side effects and addictive medications. How to tell if your hormones are out of balance? Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Weight gain, Dry skin/hair, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Fatigue, Loss of Memory?

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conscious eating


Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Because lutein is actively transported into breast milk, Johnson suspects the compound is important to infant eye and brain health. Despite solid scientific evidence confirming the benefits of lutein and zeaxanthin, there is no official recommended daily allowance. Johnson explains that Americans typically consume less than two milligrams per day, falling short of levels needed to enhance visual and brain function and slow the progression of age-related eye diseases. Her advice: Eat foods that provide between six to 10 milligrams of lutein and two milligrams of zeaxanthin each day. Dark green leafy vegetables, including kale, spinach and collard greens, provide the highest amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, especially when cooked. For example, one cup of cooked kale or spinach delivers more than 20 milligrams of lutein and zeaxanthin, whereas one cup of raw spinach contains just under four milligrams. Johnson explains that cooking breaks down plant cell walls, making the carotenoids more bio-available. Plus, because lutein and zeaxanthin are fat-soluble, lower amounts found in avocadoes (0.4 milligrams in one medium fruit) are better absorbed. Further, simply adding an avocado or oil-based dressing to raw, dark leafy green salads will increase intestinal absorption. The same is true for egg yolks (0.2 milligrams per large egg). In a study of 33 older adults, published in The Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that consumption of one egg a day for five weeks significantly increased blood levels of lutein and zeaxanthin without raising cholesterol levels. According to the National Eye Institute and their Age-Related Eye Disease Studies (AREDS), additional nutrients that benefit eye health include vitamins C and E, and omega-3 fatty acids.

as sardines, salmon, tuna and mackerel are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Vegan sources of omega-3s include walnuts, ground flax, hemp and chia seeds, or microalgae supplements.


Become familiar with the best food sources of lutein and zeaxanthin: phytochemicals/carotenoids.


Obtain a physician’s approval before taking eye health supplements, and

compare their effectiveness, safety and cost at


Stay informed: National Eye Institute,; AREDS studies: nei.nih. gov/areds2/patientfaq. Melinda Hemmelgarn, the “food sleuth”, is an award-winning registered dietitian, writer and nationally syndicated radio host based in Columbia, MO. Reach her at FoodSleuth@ Tune into Food Sleuth Radio through iTunes, Stitcher and

When it comes to eating for eye health, here’s some more insightful advice:


Eat the “rainbow”. Choose a variety of colorful, organic fruits and vegetables daily; they are rich in eye-protecting carotenoids, flavonoids and vitamin C. Whole grains, nuts and seeds provide vitamin E, and fatty, cold-water fish such May 2019



Breast Implant Warriors Unite by Linda Sechrist


he U.S. Surgeon General’s warning on cigarettes hasn’t prevented individuals from smoking, nor has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list of risks and complications associated with breast implants kept women from undergoing voluntary breast augmentation. Since 1997, the

number of saline- and silicone-filled breast implant surgeries has tripled. According to the National Center for Health Research (NCHR), more than 400,000 women and teenagers undergo breast implant surgeries every year, with 75 percent for augmentation of healthy breasts and 25 percent for


reconstruction after mastectomies. The marked increase in surgeries implanting these Class III “high risk” medical devices includes many women that undergo procedures to replace old implants that have broken or caused other problems. An estimated 40,000 U.S. women a year have the surgery to remove the implants entirely. These “explants” stem from a variety of issues, from rupture or delayed wound healing to broken implants that have caused breast pain, capsule contracture, spontaneous deflation, breast lesion, infection, wrinkling/scalloping and necrosis. Another reason for removal is the growing concern about the reported incidence of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a treatable T-cell lymphoma, and breast implant illness (BII) associated with both silicone and saline implants. The FDA first sounded the alarm about the rare lymphoma in 2011, linking it to implants with textured, Velcro-like outer shells. In February, the federal agency issued a letter to healthcare providers seeking to increase awareness “about

Be a more authentic, healthier, more vibrantly alive version of you...


have had Lyme disease three distinct times, including what I call my Near Death Experience. That was the second time, in 2011…but by Round 3, I had pretty much figured out how to make recovery a piece of cake. My passion is teaching others how to choose and use the most natural, sustainable methods in order to recover their own inner Rock Star.

This ebook will empower you with the knowledge and the practical tools you need to recover fully from this complex, medically mysterious illness–not just physically but in mind and spirit, as well.

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healing ways

an association between all breast implants, regardless of filling or texture,” and BIAALCL. On the issue of BII and other problems reported by women with implants, the FDA has remained largely silent, suggesting that “studies would need to be larger and longer than these conducted so far.” However, the number of women with implants reporting health problems has prompted the FDA to demand that two manufacturers of the devices conduct proper long-term health studies. The agency sent out letters in March warning of deficiencies in FDA-required research and the possibility that their products could be taken off the market. The move is considered to be a victory for patient activism. HealingBreastImplantIllness has become a sanctuary for more than 68,000 women that report a range of symptoms associated with BII. Nicole Daruda, of Vancouver Island, Canada, says she created the group to support women that visited her website,, where she told her personal BII story that began with implant surgery in 2005. “I never anticipated an avalanche of women’s stories about the symptoms that I endured before having my explant surgery in 2015.” After hearing from other women, Daruda felt affirmed in her suspicions that implants had caused her fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, headaches, joint and muscle pain, hair loss, recurring infections, swollen lymph nodes, rashes, irritable bowel syndrome and problems with thyroid and adrenal glands. “I believe that various doctors pigeonholed my symptoms into the category of autoimmune disorders because few general practitioners are aware of BII.” Diana Hoppe, M.D., a board-certified OB/GYN in Encinitas, California, never heard of BII until earlier this year. “Doctors rely on published, evidence-based study results, and while there are none linking connective tissue disorders and breast implants, I suspect that the outcomes of studies conducted by breast implant manufacturers are equally as suspicious as the outcomes of studies done by the manufacturers of cigarettes.” One longtime BII combatant says, “My body mounted an all-out war, in the form of a foreign body immune response.”

She learned about BII from BreastImplantIllness, but is unable to afford the explant surgery that would remove the apparently toxic invaders. NCHR reports that at the time of explant surgery, approximately three out of five women have had implants and their unhealthy symptoms for 10 years or more. After explant surgery, 89 percent of the women report improvement. However, explant surgery is just the first step. Daruda used chelation and the protocols of Gerson Therapy, a natural treatment

that activates the body’s ability to heal itself through an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and supplements. “It took me four years to recuperate,” she says. “It didn’t take that long to know the lesson I wanted to share with other women: Self-love and self-worth are more important than society’s false concepts of beauty. The essence of who we are is not tied to any body part.” Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at

How about Lead? Aluminum? Cadmium? Arsenic? Heavy metals prevent enzymes from working, use up minerals, and can ruin health.

Lacking Calcium? Or have too much? How do you know?

What about magnesium? Potassium? Zinc? Iodine? Mineral deficiencies create mineral deficiency diseases!

Mercury vapor is constantly released from mercury fillings and have been called a biochemical train wreck.

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natural pet

CBD FOR PETS What We Need to Know by Kajsa Nickels


STATEMENT To empower individuals to live a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet. To educate communities on the latest in natural health and sustainability. To connect readers with local wellness resources and events, inspiring them to lead more balanced lives.


Lehigh Valley Edition

Within three days, it was like I had a new dog. She no longer destroys things, she is calm, she is more engaged with her environment. ~Cindy Hesse dioxide) extraction over solvent extraction methods: “CO2 leaves no residue behind that could harm the bodies of small animals such as dogs and cats.” Stephen Cital, a veterinary technician in San Jose, California, co-founded the Facebook group Veterinary Cannabis Academy. He agrees that the purity of the extraction method is significant. He also notes that price is not necessarily an indicator of quality. “A 30-cc bottle of CBD could cost $70 at a concentration of 700 milligrams [7 mg per cc]. However, it’s possible to find the same volume at the same price at a concentration of 1,000 milligrams [10 mg per cc].” Some products don’t contain CBD at all, only hemp extract, Cital explains. “For people who don’t understand the labeling, this can be very misleading.”

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ith the explosion of cannabidiol (CBD) products on the human medical scene, many pet owners are looking into this hemp plant derivative as a natural means of medicating their four-legged family members. A study conducted by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, in Ithaca, New York, found that CBD can be effective in treating some of the same ailments in pets as it does in humans. “I’ve used CBD on dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, anxiety and seizures,” says Angie Krause, DVM, a veterinarian with Boulder Holistic Vet, in Colorado. “I’ve even used CBD to treat cats with chronic respiratory infections.” Unlike CBD from marijuana, which in most cases is a Schedule I narcotic that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considers highly subject to abuse, CBD from industrial hemp contains less than 0.3 percent of the psychoactive component THC. It is legal under federal law and can be sold nationwide, subject to state regulations. However, choosing the right CBD product is complicated by the number of confusing options. “There are so many products on the shelves with different concentrations and formulations,” says Krause, who considers the extraction method used during production to be one of the most important factors. She favors CO2 (carbon

CBD is one of When deciding whether to for pets should be 104 cannabinoids give CBD to a pet, Krause and as pure as possible. Her Cocker Spaniel, found in both inCital recommend working Reina, is both blind dustrial hemp and with a veterinarian to ensure and deaf. Because marijuana plants. of her handicaps, the proper dosage. “ Full-spectrum hemp Reina experienced extracts contain extreme anxiety to the entire profile of the point of destroying her metal crate, cannabinoids, including trace amounts furniture and door frames. Reina’s vet put of THC. Broad-spectrum hemp extracts contain everything but the THC. Cital says her on the antidepressant and antianxiety drugs Prozac and trazadone, but these it’s always best to start with full- or broadonly helped for a short period. spectrum products for the “entourage After attending a CBD conference in effect”, in which the cannabinoids work Florida, her veterinarian decided to see if in concert. Isolates of additional cannabithe compound might help the dog—his noids can be added as needed, he says. first patient to use CBD. The results, Hesse When choosing a product to pursays, were amazing. “Within three days, chase a pet, he recommends going Boxfor421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 it was like I had a new dog. She no longer • with companies that are able to present destroys things, she is calm, she is more the consumer with a certificate of analysis Ad Proof for show Natural Awakenings engaged with her environment. I recomby a third party. “The certifi cate will mend CBD oil to everyone I know who the complete profile of the CBD product, To: 610-421-4443 has a petP:with health issues.” including cannabinoid, terpene, residual Email: F: 610-421-4445 When deciding whether to give CBD solvent, pesticide, bacteria, mycotoxin, to a pet, Krause and Cital recommend fungicidal and elemental profiles, ” hecomplete says. Please sign your proof and the following information: working withfor a veterinarian Cital notes that the elemental profi le (Ad is shown at actual size. See second page larger ads.)to ensure the proper dosage. “People can certainly work is especially important. “Hemp is very with CBD on their own with their pets,” good at absorbing what is in its environAd is approved: contact information and spelling is correct says Krause, “but it’s important to get the ment, including heavy metals such as Ad is approved with changes dosingindicated and concentration right to make it lead.” worthwhile. ” Krause favors CBD products with Ad is not approved – make changes indicated minimal ingredients that “should be as Kajsa Nickels is a freelance writer and a simple as possible,” she says. “No xylitol, music composer. She resides in Northeastno artificial colors or sweeteners.” ern Pennsylvania. Contact her at fideleterCindy Hesse, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, also believes that CBD

Dorneyville Pharmacy Veterinary Compounding Specialists Tom’s Dog “Axl”

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CBD coffee, oils, creams, dog CBD & dog treats available

Have you experienced any of the following?  Problems with blood sugar?  Suppressed immune system?  Unhealthy cardiovascular health?  Joint discomfort?  Swollen body parts?  Respiratory issues?  Sleeplessness?  Mood swings?  Low energy?  Poor digestion?  Unhealthy skin?  Poor bone health?

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We feature a full line of veterinary preparation with size, dose and flavor appropriate medications for every animal ... including cats, dogs, ferrets, bunnies, reptiles, birds and exotics! We work with your vet!


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Fellow American College of Veterinary Pharmacists Compounding Specialist Monday – Friday • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 3330 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown P: 610-437-4600 · F: 610-437-1444

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www. Hempworx. com/ lifechangercbds Lifechangercbds@gmail. com

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FRIDAY, MAY 10 1ST Intro to Ayurveda – Michelle Costantini. 6:308:30 p.m. Join us to learn why spices are important, how to prepare them, use them and even make your own mixes. $30/person. Vegetarian, vegan, GF dinner incl.. Twin Ponds Center, payable check or PayPal:, RSVP by 2 days before: 720-745-3453

SATURDAY, MAY 11 SATURDAY, MAY 4 Tour of Columcille Megalith Standing Stone Park. 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Tour the beautiful 17 acre standing stone park with Irish Historian and Storyteller Tom Egan. Tour includes Celtic mythology interpretations of park features. Involves about one mile of walking over unpaved nature trails. Bring water and sturdy shoes. No reservations necessary. Tour is free but donations for park maintenance are welcome. contact: YogaVoice® Workshop, Level 1 − 1-3 p.m. Matt Asti, CYT, CYVT. Learn how to use your authentic voice & embody your vocal & artistic wellness & self-awareness for clear and honest self-expression! Great for teachers, singers & those experiencing voice injury & stress. Cost $30. Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, Pre-register : 484-868-0005

SUNDAY, MAY 5 Forest Bathing for the Community at The Lodge at Woodloch. 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Event Description: The term forest bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku, sounds a little more exotic than it is, but the effects are monumental. There is growing research that supports the Far East tradition and understanding that spending time in the deep woods has profound healing power. Cost is $30 for the 2-hour session and will include a custom reusable water bottle. Add a spa day pass on these days for $30 (a 50% discount). 24-hour advanced sign-up is required by calling the Spa Concierge at 1- 8OO.WOODLOCH. The Lodge at Woodloch 109 River Birch Lane Hawley, PA

Anxiety Relief and Inner Peace with Effortless Meditation™. 9:00 – 10:30 a.m., with Greg S c h w e i t z e r. T h i s m e d i t a t i o n t e c h n i q u e is recommended by physicians as a key for self-care. Gain relief from - insomnia, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog and more. FREE, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700 Dispelling the mystery between hemp CBD and prescription marijuana. 11:00 at 1:00 p.m. Presented by Keith Page of Mitchell’s Medicinals. To Your Health Natural Foods at 212 North West End Blvd, Quakertown. Pre-registration suggested 215-538-3480 Guided Meditation – Intuitive Healer, Diane DuPre’. 12:45 - 2:00 p.m. Join us for balancing the throat chakra of communication, clear listening and self-expression. $15, Limited Space, Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, RSVP 484-719-2560



Anxiety Relief and Inner Peace with Effortless Meditation™. 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., with Greg S c h w e i t z e r. T h i s m e d i t a t i o n t e c h n i q u e is recommended by physicians as a key for self-care. Gain relief from - insomnia, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog and more. FREE, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700

Fireside Chat with Smiling Shaman – 7 p.m.8.p.m. Enjoy community and conversation around the fire at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd, Breinigsville. Bring your questions about Shamanic Energy Medicine, selfhealing and you. $5. Call or text 970-317-0118 to register by 5/13.

Lehigh Valley Edition

REIKI CERTIFICATION CLASSES MOUNTAIN TOP & WILKES-BARRE Reiki 1, Usui/Tibetan Style Certification Program May 19, 2019 9:30am-5:30 pm. Usui/ Tibetan- Highlights: History of Reiki, Japanese Reiki Techniques, Reiki 1Initiation, Hands on practice , includes 179 page manual, Register by 5/12/19 CEU’s for LMT’S Reiki 2,Usui/Tibetan Style Certification Program, June 29, 2019 9:30am-5:00pm. Highlights: Three Reiki Symbols, Japanese Reiki Techniques, Reiki 2 Attunement, handson practice time, 179 page Manual if didn’t receive in Reiki 1. Register by 6/22/19 Reiki 1 & 2 For Animals Aug 17 at The Violet Studio and Aug 18 at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. Call for more information! Contact Anthony V. Wojnar D.D. RMT, Life Holistic Center LLC. Member: IARP, 570706-6680. ReikiCenterOnl,

FRIDAY, MAY 17 2ND Intro to Ayurveda – Michelle Costantini. . 6:30-8:30 p.m. Learn why daily and seasonal routines are important, find your dosha and learn how to detox for the spring. $30/person. Vegetarian, vegan, GF dinner incl. Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, payable check or PayPal:, RSVP by 2 days before: 720-745-3453





Full Moon Forest Bathing celebrating the FLOWER MOON. Starts 8:30 p.m. Over time, forest bathing can produce quantifiable changes in the body and mind. Plus, the added benefit is that it just feels good. Learn about the philosophy and practice and receive practical tips on how to carry on with the practice at home. The Full Moon sessions will enjoy a moonlit walk while enjoying the healing powers of nature during the full moon. 24-hour advanced sign-up is required by calling the Spa Concierge at 1- 8OO.WOODLOCH. The Lodge at Woodloch 109 River Birch Lane Hawley, PA

WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 Gain Restful Sleep with Effortless Meditation™. 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., with Greg Schweitzer. This meditation technique is recommended by physicians as a key for self-care. Gain relief from - insomnia, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog and more. FREE, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700

FRIDAY, MAY 24 Ecstatic Dance with Smiling Shaman – 7pm-9pm. Let your free-spirited soul move you in a Safe, Sacred and Welcoming environment at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd, Breinigsville. Ecstatic dance is a powerful way to give voice to your soul, raise your personal vibration and get your life energy moving! $15. Call or text 970-317-0118 to register by 5/20.

SATURDAY, MAY 25 YogaVoice® Workshop, Level 1 − 1-3 p.m. Matt Asti, CYT, CYVT. Learn how to use your authentic voice & embody your vocal & artistic wellness & selfawareness for clear and honest self-expression! Great for teachers, singers & those experiencing voice injury & stress. Cost $30. Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, Pre-register : 484-868-0005

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. ~Rudyard Kipling



HOW THE BODY WORKS: MASTER YOUR HEALTH PROJECT ANSWERS INSTEAD OF PRESCRIPTIONS Dr. Conrad Maulfair has been improving the health of his patients for over forty years utilizing medical modalities that are noninvasive and not usually available in main stream medicine. Looking for underlying causes he alleviates many common ailments of aging and tough medical conditions that appear chronic. Workshop includes an organic luncheon.

HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION BANYAN SUPER COURSE Accelerated 100 hour Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Course June 1 - June 30, 2019 (5 weekend Sat and Sun) Train for a Career in Hypnosis with 5-Path® Hypnotherapy and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotist. Learn the tools that have brought success to so many 5-Path® graduates. You too can train in an exciting new career in 100 hours in this special training. Sign-up with deposit by May 4th and get $500 off of tuition. Limited seating

Cost $35 per person, $60 per couple. Saturday, May 18, 10am-1pm Call for reservations, seating limited. Please refrain from wearing scented products in consideration of others.

Visit for more information. Register online or call 610-248-2358. • 5925 Tilghman Street, Suite 90 Green Hills Commerce Center 800-733-4065 • 610-682-2104

SUNDAY, JUNE 2 Forest Bathing for the Community at The Lodge at Woodloch. 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Event Description: The term forest bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku, sounds a little more exotic than it is, but the effects are monumental. There is growing research that supports the Far East tradition and understanding

that spending time in the deep woods has profound healing power. Cost is $30 for the 2-hour session and will include a custom reusable water bottle. Add a spa day pass on these days for $30 (a 50% discount). 24-hour advanced sign-up is required by calling the Spa Concierge at 1- 8OO.WOODLOCH. The Lodge at Woodloch 109 River Birch Lane Hawley, PA

Own a Natural Awakenings Magazine Natural Awakenings is a family of more than 70 healthy living magazines celebrating 25 years. This is a meaningful homebased business opportunity that provides training and ongoing support. No previous publishing experience is required.

Apply now at or call 239-530-1377

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Relax, Replenish, Revive - Start your week with a flowing yoga practice that includes detoxifying twists and heart openers. All levels are welcome and invited. 8 am. XYZen Wellness, Cherryville, PA. Register at or call 610-760-3308.

daily Narcotics Anonymous – If you think you have a drug problem, and are tired of being sick and tired, there is a better way. Call 24-hour helpline 610439-1998. We are here to help. You are not alone.



Dosha Balancing Yoga with Therapeutics All of our yoga classes are semiprivate and focus on posture, position and breath. In this class, we move and explore therapeutics for knees, low back, neck and shoulders. Learn how to recruit postural strength, vitality and develop a deeper relationship within. Dosha means that we consider how to create balance with the elements of nature that influence season, age and time of day. 9:30 -10:45 Drop in $15.00. Roots and Wings, 127 S 5th St, Quakertown. Tel: 215-257-5025

Sunday Services – Metaphysical and nondenominational. Rev. Lloyd Moll, Pastor - Unique Sunday services 10:30am. All welcome! St. John’s Church of Faith, 607 Washington St Allentown. 610-776-7211. Quiet the Mind Group Meditation – New to meditation? Learn techniques to help quiet your mind and relax your body. Immerse yourself in a sound bath as June plays her crystal singing bowls. Time: 10:45-11:30am. Cost: $10. Kindred Spirits Books & Gifts, 66 W. Water Street, Hellertown. Walk-ins welcome! Call (610) 838-5463 for more information. Co-Dependent Anonymous – CoDA is a 12-Step Fellowship of men and women with a common purpose to recover from codependence. The only requirement for membership in CoDA is a desire for healthy and loving relationships. 7pm, Unity Church, 26 N. 3rd St., Emmaus. Call 610-737.-354 or visit

monday Feldenkrais® Method – Carol Siddiqi. Gentle movements with awareness allows you to observe how you move, notice tension, improve your coordination – helps prevent and overcome injuries and chronic pain and develops overall good health. 5:45-6:45 pm, $75/6 classes, Pre-register 610-618-0467. Twin Ponds, 628 Twin Ponds Rd. Breinigsville. Yoga: Kripalu, Level 1-2 – Carol Siddiqi. This class will help you perform daily activities pain free and with greater ease by developing deeper self-awareness using the basics of Kripalu Yoga combined with the gentle movements of Feldenkrais®, 7-8 pm, $88/8 classes, Pre-register 610-618-0467. Twin Ponds, 628 Twin Ponds Rd. Breinigsville.


Lehigh Valley Edition

Coordination Pattern® Training – Betsy Wetzig. Simple, easy exercises help release chronic pain and stress of knees, hips, back, neck and improve the way you function, both physically and mentally, 3-4 pm, $75/6 classes, (also private mechanical Pilates Table Training available), Pre-register 610398- 9652. . Twin Ponds Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd. Breinigsville. Therapeutic Yoga - For students with health or physical challenges. An educational, therapeutic focus toward bringing healing at every level through modified poses, meditation, and other modalities with a Professional Yoga Therapist. 6pm. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 610-653-3971 Coordination Pattern® Training – Betsy Wetzig. Simple, easy exercises help release chronic pain and stress of knees, hips, back, neck and improve the way you function, both physically and mentally, 3-4 pm, $75/6 classes, (also private mechanical Pilates Table Training available), Pre-register 610398- 9652. Twin Ponds Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd. Breinigsville. What’s Cookin? - Christina Moyes. Learn how to make simple, delicious healthy, meals, sides, appetizers and desserts! For a list of class subjects week by week visit whatscookin. Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard! 5:30-7pm, $35/ea or $97 for 3, Pre-reg, online or call: 610-704-8083. Twin Ponds Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd. Breinigsville.

wednesday Seated Yoga Practice - Movements in the class develop strength, release tension and balance weakness. When chair yoga is applied with creativity, the practice can bring great satisfaction for the student. We don’t just sit back and do yoga. We access abdominal strength while counterbalancing overuse and weakness in the upper and lower body. A perfect blend of sthira and sukha: postural support with the sweetness of moving mindfully. 11:00 – 12:00 Drop in $15.00. Roots and Wings, 127 S 5th St, Quakertown. Tel: 215-257-5025 Yoga For The Spine – Judy Zumas. Experience different ways of doing familiar poses! Emphases is on opening of the spine by beginning at the tailbone and progressing through each spinal area in turn promoting healing and transformation. Times: 10 am, 11:30 am. $80/8 or $11/class, pre-register 610-504-2540. Twin Ponds Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd. Breinigsville. Yoga Bliss – Stress relief at its finest! Emphasis on gentle yoga, pranayama (breathing), and meditation. This class will leave you feeling centered, with a clear mind and positive outlook, allowing you to embrace life’s inevitable ups and downs with gratitude. All levels are welcome and invited. 8 am. XYZen Wellness, Cherryville, PA. Register at www. or call 610-760-3308. Yogafit® – A flow yoga class for strength, posture, flexibility and balance. Emphasis is placed on awareness, breath and balance of the nervous system. Open to all levels. 6:15-7:15pm, Allentown YMCA & YWCA, 425 S. 15th St. Allentown. Call 610-434-9333 Ext. 313. Sacred Symposiums – Potluck Dinner & Discussion Group – We meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month to share food and ideas about inspirational, metaphysical, or spiritual topics. Please bring a covered dish to share. Time: 7:009:00pm. Visit Facebook group or call (610) 8385463 for more info. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water St., Hellertown. LV Lyme Support Group – First Wednesday of every month except July. Speakers, doctors, brochures and books. PA is #1 in reported cases, so we help to educate the public. Quaker Friends Meeting House. 4116 Bath Pike (Route 512) Bethlehem, PA 18017. 7pm. Heidi Healy at 610-882-2253 or Beginners Yoga – A gentle intro focusing on clear and safe alignment in foundational poses, discovering

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Improve circulation and reverse P: 610-421-4443 heart disease …. Naturally! F: 610-421-4445

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Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445 • Ad Proof for Natural Awakenings To: Email:

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“In 2001 I had a catheter test at a

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hospital and was found to have 3 blocked Chelation reduced arteries. One 50%, one 70% and one 80% cardiovascular events Ad is approved: contact information and spelling is correct blocked. In 2012 this test was repeated and Ad is approved with changes indicated by 39% in patients with all my arteries were found to be clear - NO Ad is not approved – make changes indicated BLOCKAGES.“—J.G. Thank you Dr. Maulfair! diabetes. NIH Nov. 2012

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Thousands of Natural Vitamins in Inventory Cancer survivor, Dr. Jon Holznagel, chose a different route when his Oncologist told him, “if he did not get his lung removed tomorrow he would die”. That was 17 years ago and he still has both lungs.

To Your Health Natural Foods

is your one stop shop for the widest variety of natural foods and vitamins. We pride ourselves with helping others to gain understanding of their own wellness and how to achieve maximum results.

212 North West End Boulevard Quakertown • (215) 538-3480 Mon – Wed: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. • Thurs – Fri: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. • Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. • Closed Sunday May 2019


how breath can ease stress, reduce pain and calm your mind, and on developing heightened awareness and mindfulness through the eight limbs of yoga. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 610-653-3971. Yoga for Strength and Stability – A flowing practice with emphasis on the breath and mindful movements to leave you feeling stronger and more centered. All levels are welcome and invited. 8 am. XYZen Wellness, Cherryville, PA. Register at www. or call 610-760-3308

thursday Tibetan Heart Yoga - Embody ancient meditations from Tibetan masters. Guided imagery and symbolic anchors transport you into accessing your power within. Learn about the 6 perfections, 4 Immeasurables, Kalachakra, and Sat Guru. Apply these teachings to living in right relationship and interconnection. If you want to use your practice to support your authentic journey then this is a great class for you! 9:30 – 11:00. Drop in $15. Roots and Wings, 127 S 5th St, Quakertown. Tel: 215-257-5025 Aromatherapy Thursdays – Join D.I.Y. Studios & make your own handmade aromatherapy jewelry and diffusers. Discounted Essential Oils will be available to attendees at Kindred Spirits. Registration cost includes all supplies. Time: 1:304p. Visit Sacred Space Facebook page or call 570575-8270 for project & pricing information. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water Street, Hellertown. Open Hearts to Narcotic Addiction – Grief support for parents/survivors of heroin overdose. Kainoa’s Ohana Foundation. Monthly meetings will be held last Thursday of every month, in the studio at 7pm. 11390 N. Delaware Dr. Bangor. Questions contact: Stress Relief Coaching Group – Join others in a group setting to manage stress with multiple holistic approaches. 9:15am or 5:15pm. $25 session. Creative Holistic Therapy, 3037 S. Pike Avenue (Rte 145) #105, Allentown. 610-282-0709 to register. Qigong & Tai Chi – Qigong uses deep breathing and gentle movements to strengthen and circulate the life energy. Tai Chi helps prevent falls and improves balance. Focus is placed coordination and relaxation. Open to all levels. 10:30am, Allentown YMCA & YWCA, 425 S.15th St., Allentown, 610434-9333 x 313. Yoga for Everybody (Chair Yoga) – This practice combines yoga postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation--all with the aid of a chair to encourage


Lehigh Valley Edition

moving mindfully and with intention. This class is appropriate for those working with an injury, limited mobility, or anyone interested in learning how to squeeze in some yoga when they’re in an office or traveling. All levels invited. 10 am. XYZenWellness, Cherryville, PA. Register at www. or call 610-760-3308.

friday Relaxation Yoga with Self-healing tools - Chronic stress and overscheduling deplete vital energy we need to sustain our responsibilities. Recharge with this gentle and therapeutic practice. Comfy positions help the body rest and repetitive movements bring gentle circulation. Acupressure sequences are applied to tune up our inner batteries with Jin Shin Jyutsu self help. 10:30-11:45. Drop in $15.00. Roots and Wings, 127 S 5th St, Quakertown. Tel: 215-257-5025 Therapeutic Yoga – For students with health or physical challenges. An educational, therapeutic focus toward bringing healing at every level through modified poses, meditation, and other modalities with a Professional Yoga Therapist. 9:30am. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 610-653-3971. Yoga & Aromatherapy – Level 1 Yoga class incorporating the diffusion of essential oils, brief discussion of the benefits of the weekly featured oil, and options to apply the oils throughout the practice. 9:30am. All Bright Yoga, 766 Main Street, Hellertown. 610-441-9007. Register at Tai Chi Easy™ − Barbara Kopystecki. Join our Tai Chi Easy Practice Group to activate the healer within so your natural healing capacity can work with your body and mind to heal whatever physical or emotional condition that interferes with your wellbeing. 10 am-11 am., $88/8 classes, Pre-register 610-888-8600. Twin Ponds Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd. Breinigsville. Yoga for All – With Scott. Come together to celebrate life and to feel good. All levels and ages welcome. Donation. 5-6pm at Kim’s Healing Center, 1223 Butler St., Easton. 610-559-7280. Gentle Yoga – Perfect for students recovering from an injury, just starting back into a fitness or yoga routine. Building strength and flexibility slowly and using restorative postures and breath work for healing and relaxation. 6-7. Blue Lotus Yoga @ Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 484-546-6803.

Yin/Yang Yoga - A balance of slow, sustained holds to stress and strengthen the connective tissues (bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia) and dynamic poses. This practice will leave you feeling open, refreshed, and ready to face the day with a positive outlook. All levels are welcome and invited. 8 am. XYZen Wellness, Cherryville, PA. Register at www. or call 610-760-3308.

saturday Hatha Yoga – Join Michele Beha of OmBelvidere Yoga for an all levels class focused on breathing, alignment and mindfulness. 8am. The Community Center@Belvidere, 301 Second Street, Belvidere, NJ. See facebook – the Community Center at Belvidere for more information. Beginners Bootcamp – Start your journey now for a healthier you with a fun mixture of higher intensity moves to target a full body workout. Get moving in the right direction with us. ALL levels of fitness are welcome! 8:30, $6. First class is FREE. Persevere Fitness 3690 Lehigh St., Whitehall 484-282-0442 Chair Yoga – The very popular Om Belvidere Chair Yoga is perfect for those recovering from injury or with limited movement. 10am. The Community Center@Belviderre, 301 Second Street, Belvidere, NJSee facebook – the Community Center at Belvidere for more information. Pound Fitness – Sweat, Sculpt and Rock with POUND, the fastest growing fitness phenomenon inspired by the infectious, energizing fun of drumming. POUND is a full body cardio jam session. Class is modified for ALL levels. 10:1011am, $6. First class is free. Persevere Fitness, 3690 Lehigh St., Whitehall. 484-282-0442. LV Lupus Connection Support Group – A peer support group program offering education and wellness programs to lupus patients and their families. 4th Saturday of the month 11am-1pm except May, August & December call for details. Register at 610 533-9586 or Good Shepherd Allentown. Family Yoga - Karen.Klubertanz, Comprehensive Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT. A gentle blend of creative play, relaxation & mindfulness. Relationships are nurtured while building self-esteem, cooperation, focus and trust. 10-11 a.m. $10/1 adult & 1 child; $3 for each additional family member. Pre-register 484-554-4601. Twin Ponds Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd. Breinigsville.

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APPEALS Big Brothers Big Sisters – Needs volunteers for children living in Phillipsburg. Please call today to learn how you can help a child grow up. 908689-0436 or

COURSES Become a licensed Sanctified Healer/Hypnotist – Contact Chorbishop Mullen for additional information at 570-216-1215 or mcslongevitycenter@ Visit Natural-Therapies. Childbirth Classes – Now booking private sessions, groups and childbirth classes! Visit or call 484-373-9990 for more information! HypnoBirthing® Classes – The Mongan Method, of childbirth education is an amazing program that teaches you and your birthing companion in five, 2 and a half hour classes the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more natural and comfortable way. Call 570-730-9963 for schedule. Peace and Healing For Women, 134 Broad St, Stroudsburg. Hypnosis Training Course – Classes forming for National Guild of Hypnosis-approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Super Course with 5-PATH and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis techniques. For more information, call 610-248-2358.

Calling Holistic Presenters – Facilitate your workshop or retreat at our Upper Bucks center, with peaceful country setting, meditation gardens, and woods. Email info@ or call 215-538-0976. Holistic Chiropractor, Naturopath or Natural Functional Medicine Practitioner Needed – Join our comprehensive solution Wellness Center in Stroudsburg. Access to over 2000 clients in a professional, dedicated facility. Call Vicki at 570977-1900 to discuss. Massage School of Business in Allentown is seeking an experienced part-time massage instructor for our program. Flexible schedule, great pay. Contact Joseph 484-223-4655.

PRODUCTS Crystal Tones Singing Bowls – Classic & Alchemy for meditation & vibrational healing. Also offering personal vibration testing. Contact Anthony at Life Holistic Center, 570-706-6680 or See more at Interactive Dementia and Alzheimer Game – An interactive and fun family game that will bring a twinkle to the eye and smile on the face. Call 484860-5894. Toxic Chemicals in the Home? – Know the risks. See Trichotillomania Sufferers – Be pull-free for life. A healthy alternative, without medication. Visit

Two Green Burial Plots for Sale – At Green Meadows Burial Ground in Fountain Hill, PA. $1,800 total.Call 610-698-4921.

SERVICES Group & Individual Supervision for LPC/LCSW licensure – Dr. Alexandra Milspaw offers group supervision for those seeking licensure towards their LPC or LCSW on Mondays 9am-10am, $50/person. Individual supervision is also available, $50/30-minutes. Email to register for group supervision. Spiritually guided card readings offered in person, or via phone, parties also welcome. Channeled messages are for your highest good. Let my gifts guide you! Reasonable rates. Cheryl 908-268-8029. Service and Repair of TV – All brands. Free estimates and reasonable price. Call Moe 484-522-5405.

SPACE TO RENT A Peaceful Sacred Place – Provides a serene atmosphere for yoga, meditation, lectures, workshops, or classes. Hourly, half day, or whole day rentals available. Sliding scale pricing available. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water Street, Hellertown. Contact June at 610-838-5463 for more information. Attention Health Care Professionals! Twin Ponds Health Center, a highly diverse holistic health center, offers a unique lease opportunity. Schedule a tour of the site. 610-395-3355. Peaceful Country Setting – Building includes 4 gathering rooms, kitchen, and covered porch. Wooded paths, meditation gardens. Perfect for workshops, weddings, retreats. Quakertown. Call 215-538-0976.

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through... We use Dead Sea salt with organic aloe vera, shea butter, organic coconut oil and natural oils such as sweet almond, avocado, olive, hemp, castor and pure essential oils. These work in harmony in our products to detoxify and moisturize skin and to reduce dry skin symptoms such as itching, scaling or redness.

The patented formulations of aluminum-free deodorants, vegan face cream, scalp and body lotions are clinically tested and dermatologist approved. All Our Products Are Proudly Made in the USA

Feel for yourself the difference when using chemical-free, natural skin and hair products!

Visit to start shopping today 46

Lehigh Valley Edition

community resource guide Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email to request our media kit.


Heather Shoup, L.Ac. 2299 Brodhead Rd., Suite A Bethlehem, PA 18020 610-393-7589

A patient centered wellness community, where treatment is individually tailored. Heather promotes health and wellness by creating balance in the body. Acupuncture specializing in anxiety, depression, digestive, and cancer support.

LEHIGH VALLEY ACUPUNCTURE AND QI SPA 101 Bridge Street Catasauqua PA 18032 US 610-264-2755

Since 1988, Ming ming and David Molony have been providing Oriental Medicine to the people of the Lehigh Valley and beyond. We accept VA, Auto, Workmen’s Comp, and Health plans that pay foracupuncture, while providing quality care to everyone for all kinds of disorders and for health maintenance. We work with your Doctor. See ad page 21.

LIVING ARTS ACUPUNCTURE AND ORIENTAL MEDICINE Lisa Baas Lic. # OM 000054 2358 Sunshine Rd, Allentown, PA 18103 610-841-9300

Board certified and licensed Acupuncturist, Dietary and Lifestyle counseling, Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbs, Laser Acupuncture, Magnetic therapy (A.R.T.) Autonomic ResponseTesting for Detox and more. 20 years of holistic healing.


Dr. Robert W. Livingston III, DC, L.Ac. Dr. Jennifer K. Bollinger, DC, L.Ac. 8026 Hamilton Blvd. • Trexlertown, PA 18087 610-395-5509   LiveWell Integrated Health offers traditional Chinese acupuncture, chiropractic, body work, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice... choose to LiveWell. See ad page 33.


Laura Eastman, MAc, LAc Sheila Papa, MAc, LAc 1617 Hamilton St. Allentown, PA 484-425-2865

Traditional acupuncture practiced in an open setting. Effective for treating acute sprains/strains, pain (chronic, arthritis, low back), headaches (including migraines), allergies, depression, digestive issues, support for lifestyle changes, infertility, PMS, anxiety, stress and much more. M 12:30-5:30, Tu 8-5, W 8-12, Th 1:306:30, F 8-1, Sa 8-12.

AROMATHERAPY YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Marilyn York, Independent Distributor # 489656 1-877-436-2299, ext. 2

Young Living has specialized in growing, distilling, and selling therapeuticgrade,organic Essential Oils for 20 years. Over 130 therapeutic-grade essential oils, and essential-oil enhanced nutritional supplements & products. Visit my website for details. Income opportunities available. See ad page 6.

AYURVEDA SPA ROOTS AND WINGS FACILITATING HEALING 127 S. 5th Street, Suite 150 Quakertown, PA 215-257-5025


628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville, PA 18031 484-695-8265 ROLF METHOD OF STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION highly effective hands-on approach for improving posture, alleviating chronic pain, increasing energy level, and enhancing flexibility through restoring your body to its natural state of alignment. Enjoy moving freely again! Board Certified Structural Integrator CM and Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. See ad, page 3.


Marie Ruxton CMT, CN 628 Chestnut St., Emmaus, PA 18049 610-965-2500 Marie is a certified massage therapist trained since 1997 in Advanced Myofascial Release Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Ear Candling, Homeopathy and Holistic Nutrition. Offers comprehensive custom bodywork for those wanting to overcome chronic pain and movement problems. Sessions range from a (2 hour) Head to Toe meltdown massage to “Just Neck and Head” massage for those needing stress relief. Gift certificates available. See ad page 22.


Dr. Robert W. Livingston III, DC, L.Ac. Dr. Jennifer K. Bollinger, DC, L.Ac. 8026 Hamilton Blvd. • Trexlertown, PA 18087 610-395-5509   LiveWell Integrated Health offers traditional Chinese acupuncture, chiropractic, body work, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice... choose to LiveWell. See ad page 33.

Integrate self-care practices into your daily routine, identify stress habits, and guide healthy choices based in self-knowledge, inquiry, and observation. Traditional Indian warm oil massage, energy balancing, restorative yoga classes and private session.

Natural Awakenings Mission Statement To empower individuals to live a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet. To educate communities on the latest in natural health and sustainability. To connect readers with local wellness resources and events, inspiring them to lead more balanced lives. May 2019


cosmetic dentistry n Beautiful Tooth Color Filling n Bonding & Porcelain Veneers

Most Insurance Plans Accepted


n Natural Looking Crown & Bridge


Brain Health

plus: Green Building Trends


Using an open system which is unique to the area. This cleansing/ detoxification protocol clears the large intestine of accumulated toxins and undigested waste and dilutes the toxic load to the body’s eliminative organs (skin, lymph, lungs, kidneys and bowels). Reduce bloating, aid weight loss, increase nutrient absorption and increase energy levels. FDA approved for colonoscopy and endoscopy preparation. See ad page 7.

Readers are Seeking These Providers & Services:



Counseling/Therapy • Functional Medicine CBD • Nutritional Supplements Psychologists Support Groups Neurologists • Green Building Solar Energy ... and this is just a partial list!




Urban & Suburban Agriculture plus: Gut Health


Children’s Health plus: Natural Pet Care


Contact us to learn about marketing opportunities and become a member of the Natural Awakenings community at:

610-421-4443 48

Lehigh Valley Edition

Offering natural skin & hair products with Dead Sea salt known for its high minerals content.No Itching, Redness or scaling. Natural beauty by clear soft skin! Formulations are patented, clinically tested and dermatologist approved. Not tested on animals. See ad page 46.

Rev. Lyn S. Felix, MSW, LCSW, CHT, RM 3037 S. Pike Ave. #105, Allentown, PA 18103 610-282-0709

A holistic, highly intuitive counselor, coach and vibrational chakra rebalancing practitioner who supports you in getting unstuck and moving forward. Using mindfulness, hypnotherapy, EFT, Reiki, tuning forks, breathwork, and more, Rev. Lyn guides you step by step from chaos to calm and confidence. Insurances & Private Pay. Free Phone Consultation.


Ronak Balani, DDS 2600 Newburg Rd., Easton, PA 18045 610-252-1454 We begin with a holistic approach to enhance your physical health and eliminate any compromise to the immune system. All services we offer are mercury-free, mercury-safe and fluoride-free. We can enhance your smile with everything from routine dental care to whitening and full cosmetic makeovers in a warm, cozy and caring atmosphere. See ad page 21.

Clear C

Clear Corr removable c teeth invisibly for teens an metal


DR. JIGNESH PATEL, DMD n Digital X-Rays & Panoramic

Lehighton (less radiation)Family Dentistry n Periodontal 6900 Hamilton TreatmentBlvd Trexlertown, PA 18087 Deep Cleaning 610-395-3335 n Implant Dentistry

We are committed to providing quality care to our patients and their families. It is our mission to exceed Trexler Family Den expectations by providing exceptional dental care to our patients andFamily D Lehighton at the same time, promoting a lifelong relationship built on trust, 6900 Hamilton Blvd. 2 confidence, quality of dental work, Lehig Trexlertown PA 18087 and exceptional patient care. See ad, back page. Dr. Patel, DMD 610 610-395-3335

MICHAEL TARAS, DMD, FAGD, FIND, CDC, NMD, IBDM. 2900 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, PA 18103 610-432-1320

As the Lehigh Valley’s only Holistic Dentist, Dr. Taras focuses on the safe removal of mercury fillings using ozone, chelators, biocompatible fillings, and more. With additional degrees as a Naturopathic Physician, in Nutrition, and Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine, Dr. Taras has both the decades of training and experience to remove mercury fillings safely. Cerec dentist, IAOMT, ANMA, and CDC. See ad page 37.


618 W Broad Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018 610-419-2044 The Valley’s premier float center with five beautiful, open float rooms, each containing an extra-large tub with 1000 pounds of epsom salt dissolved in ten inches of warm water. It’s likely to be the most relaxing thing you’ve ever experienced. Other ways to relax at Metta include reflexology and massage.


Nicos C. Elias, Supervisor Allentown, PA 610-433-2200

Mr. Elias offers several different green and eco-friendly funeral plans using biodegradable caskets, preservation without chemicals, and earth friendly paper goods. A natural, back to the earth approach. Biodegradable urns for those choosing cremation. Also offering assistance with home-based funerals.



1121 Graham Street, Fountain Hill, PA 18015 610-868-4840

LLC 3131 College Heights Blvd, Suite 100 Allentown, PA 18104 610-387-6895

The only green cemetery in the Lehigh Valley. A cemetery of wildflowers and grasses native to Pennsylvania. Return to the natural cycle of life to nourish the soil, green the meadow and live on. Nondenominational. Non-profit. Speakers available to visit organizations. See ad page 30.


Marcella Hilferty, CPHI, CH, MBA Forks Township, Easton, PA 18040 610-248-2358

Offers manual lymphatic drainage and therapeutic massage. Each session is customizable for individual needs to provide relief for those suffering from such conditions like fibromyalgia, Lymes disease, TMJ issues, migraines, or those looking to relax. Gift Certificates available.


Vicki Hicks, BCTMB Director/Owner 570-421-5014 I learned the power of Massage Therapy over 30 years ago. It is still my passion & purpose today. I enjoy mentoring, advocating and promoting massage education to our students, Licensed Therapists and our clients. I am committed to helping people find ways to improve their quality of life through massage therapy and other wellness modalities.See ad page 24.

When nothing else works, Hypnosis does! A Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor and practitioner, bringing to the Lehigh Valley a systematic hypnosis process utilized in one-to-one sessions. Also, offering a self-hypnosis process unlike any self-hypnosis system. Experience the joy of being self-empowered. See ad page 40.


Conrad Maulfair, D.O. 5925 Tilghman Street, Suite 90 Allentown, PA 18104 • 610-682-2104 •

June Rose is the right solution…for YOU! She knows life isn’t always a bed of roses and we all need some help from time to time. June uses her super powers – Compassion, Organization, Positivity, Empowerment – to help cut through the rough patches that life throws at you. Call or email her today for a free consultation and get the helping hand you need. See ad, page 42.

Dr. Maulfair is an Osteopathic Physician bringing four decades of knowledge and experience in alternative, complementary medicine to his patient care. Help for all conditions and all ages. Offering Chelation Therapy, Hubbard Method Sauna detoxification, and many other treatment programs. Bringing the best of both worlds to their patients. See ad, page 43.

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Mikhail Artamonov, MD PhD 391 East Brown Street East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Combining Allopathic (Western) medicine, Oriental medicine and the newest medical technology to offer patients complete and personalized health care. Certified in Physical medicine and rehabilitation, Pain medicine, Independent Medical Examination and Addiction Medicine, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Medical Marijuana, Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine. Comprehensive protocols for Lyme Disease, Stem Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and HCG/Laser Weight Loss. See ad, page 11.


Family, Environmental and Preventative Medicine Nicholas DiMartino, D.O. 5724 Clymer Rd, Quakertown, PA 215-536-1890 Woodlands Healing Research Center is a family practice supporting individualized natural approaches to health. We offer lifestyle and nutritional consultation to achieve optimal health and vitality. We also offer complete women’s services including GYN, menopause, osteoporosis and bio-identical hormone therapy. See ad page 7.

NATURAL FOODS TO YOUR HEALTH NATURAL FOODS Jon Holznagel, PHD. 212 N. West End BLVD Quakertown, PA 18951 215-538-3480

For No Additional Charge You Will Receive:

Dr. Jon Holznagel is a graduate of Delaware Valley University in 1966. He established To Your Health Natural Foods in Quakertown, PA. in 1994. His commitment is to provide the area with the highest quality medicinal foods, vitamins and herbal supplements in 2000 Jon graduated with a PHD degree in Nutritional Science so he could better advise his clients on their health issues. See ad page 43.

One NewsBrief or *HealthBrief every 6 months


(your opportunity to announce an event surrounding your business or to expound upon a health issue tha tis within your area of expertise) approx. 200 words.

PLUS up to 2 Calendar Events per month! Contact us Today:

610-421-4443 or email

Reach Lehigh Area Natural Health & Wellness Readers per month with a Community Resource Guide Listing


DrRodgerND@Healthy *HealthBriefs need to be backed by reputable studies, etc.

Tina Stashko, PhD MIfHI Emmaus, PA 18049 610-965-8132

Specializing in preventative healthcare, digestion and nutrient absorption, and thyroid and adrenal health. Modalities such as iridology, sclerology and biochemical balancing enable the development of your unique program for optimum health. These programs are easy to follow and incorporate into your daily life. Reach your full health potential! See ad page 22.

May 2019



Nicholas Theodorou, ND Easton, PA 18045 610 258-1894

Specializing in glutathione enhancement with NT-307, a uniquely prepared truly native whey protein isolate that provides the essential building block precursors to make glutathione in each and every cell in the body. Key benefits of raising glutathione include a stronger immune system, cell detoxification, increased energy and increased muscle strength and endurance for improved athletic performance!

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING Gale Maleskey, MS, RD, LDN Office in Bethlehem 610-625-5990


Dian Freeman, MA, MHHC Private Nutritional Consultations, Classes, Nutritional Certification Course Morristown, NJ 973 267-4816 •

Clinical Nutritionist Dian Freeman has a private practice and nutrition school in Morristown, NJ, and she teaches a six-month nutritional certification course with over 850 certified graduates in Holistic Health over the last 15 years. She also practices frequency biofeedback, teaches 1-day classes and lectures widely. Dian is currently finishing her doctorate in Medical Humanities at Drew University in Madison, NJ.

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Lehigh Valley Edition


Patricia “Trish” McAdams-Burt 101 Village at Stones Crossing, Easton, PA 18045 610-253-5550

Barbara is dedicated to the health and well being of children. In addition to over 17 yrs. in the corporate health services environment, as a licensed massage therapist, she also holds certification in pediatric therapies, including general pediatric, autism, trauma, and special needs. A child’s growth and development are a complex process, and can be challenged by birth defects, illness or injury. additionally, when a child is not well, he or she is not the only one affected. Barbara practices compassion and understanding, to provide the best care for her young clients, and respect for the entire family.

Trish takes pride in making sure all guests are treated with care and professionalism. She wants you feel welcomed and leave the outside world behind when you walk through the door. As you enter the Spa the aroma and tranquil sounds give you the calming experience you expect. Stop to see all the services available. See ad page 19.

1901 Hay Terrace, Easton, PA 18042 610-253-2251

Learn how to live a healthier life, recover from serious illness, lose weight, gain energy, and develop lifesustaining habits, using a coachingbased, integrative nutrition approach. Gale Maleskey is a registered dietitian, licensed Wellness Coach, and trained at Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. Call for a free 20-minute, get-acquainted chat.


Barbara Tom L.M.T, C.P.M.T. 400 Northampton St. (Suite 603) Easton, PA 18042 908-235-7900



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Dr. Kaplan is a Board Certified podiatrist with over 30 years experience. Our office feature stateof-the-art technology including laser treatments for fungus toenails and shockwave treatments for heel pain. Dr. Kaplan’s emphasis is on a nonsurgical approach to all types of foot and ankle pain. See ad page 31.


Mountain Top, PA Anthony V Wojnar D.D., RMT, OBT 570-706-6680

Our main focus is Reiki, a Spiritual practice which promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We offer Certification in Reiki 1 thru Reiki Master/Teacher Usui and Tibetan Style. Reiki and Reiki/Shiatsu sessions and, also a monthly Reiki Share. Dr. Anthony received a Master/Teacher attunement on Kurama Mtn. Japan, the birthplace of Reiki. CEU’s for Massage Therapists. Member IARP., ICRT. See ad page 40.


Lorraina J. Telepo, Founder 2502 Schoenersville Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18018 267-424-4549 Part of an overall health enhancement program. An exercise pressure is applied to reflex areas, formed by 7,200 nerve endings in each hand and foot, encouraging improved instruction to each and every single gland, organ and part of the body, thus persuading the body to biologically correct, strengthen, and reinforce itself.

ORGANIC TANS AND BEAUTY BAR 1752 W. Allen St Allentown, PA 18104 610-821-8888

Lorena Bravo started Organic Tans & Beauty bar, built on the belief that consumers deserve to be serviced by knowledgeable professionals with an eye for artistry. Having a great product is only a portion of the equation. Empowering the professionals our company employs, to be the best they can be is how we make a greater difference in you after having any one of our treatments. See ad page 23.


Jennifer Craig, BA, LH, EMP Airbrush Tanning 970-317-0118 More and more men and women have become aware of the dangers of UVA and UVB exposure, so they have CLEAR YOURWith TROUBLES. turned to Airbrush Tanning. health in mind we SHARE YOUR JOY!™ I willour take have been airbrushing and educating clients the journey with you! Trained by of these dangers since we opened Indigenous Elders and Modern our doors in 2012!

PhD. Shamans. Serving the TriState Area and Beyond. Text SMILING 55222 for invitations 1752 W. ALLEN ST • to ALLENTOWN, PA 18104 to events and ceremonies. Call, text 610-821-8888 or schedule online today.

TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE KIM’S HEALING CENTER                 1223 Butler St, Easton,PA 18042 610-559-7280

Offering traditional Chinese healing therapies such as acupressure massage, reflexology, herbal foot soaks, detoxification, traditional cupping, and tuina. Also detoxification protcols using Infra-red sauna nd ion detox foot baths. Large selection of Chinese herbal teas, herbal supplements and hearbal heating pads for pain. Serving the area for over 20 years. Mention this ad and get an initial cupping session for just $25. See ad page 17.

Are you creative, driven and passionate about healthy living? Inspire others to make choices that benefit themselves and the world around them by owning a Natural Awakenings franchise. Natural Awakenings is a family of more than 70 healthy living magazines celebrating 25 years. This is a meaningful home-based business opportunity that provides training and ongoing support. No previous publishing experience is required.

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Natural Awakenings Magazine - Greater Lehigh Valley and Far West NJ Edition  

May 2019 Issue

Natural Awakenings Magazine - Greater Lehigh Valley and Far West NJ Edition  

May 2019 Issue