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Advancing Excellence in Dentistry Newsletter

Issue 34 | Aug 2015

Communicating Complexity [pg 12] Dr. Hess “Asks the Experts” [pg 14-15] Implant Systems Hands-On Study Club [pg 17]


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C O N S TA N T I N E B U I L D E R S . C O M 2 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015

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Upcoming Events ................................................................................................................5 WAGD Leadership Roster 2015-2016 ........................................................................ 6-7 How Not to Hire the Wrong People in Your Practice ................................................ 8-9 Federal Way, WA Dentist Elected as AGD Speaker of the House ........................... 10 Meet Dr. Rochelle Nguyen ............................................................................................... 11 Communicating Complexity ............................................................................................ 12 Dr. Hess “Asks the Experts” ........................................................................................14-15 What Do You Mean I’m Not Covered ............................................................................ 16 Implant Systems Hands-On Study Club ........................................................................17 Aesthetic and Therapeutic Neurotoxin Administration Added to UWSOD ........... 18 Mastertrack Program 2015-2016 .................................................................................. 19 Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) ................................................ 20 Pathway to Fellowship 2015-2016 ............................................................................... 21 Membership Application ................................................................................................22 Live-Patient Orthodontic Program ................................................................................23

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4 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015

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Upcoming Events Washington AGD MasterTrack Sessions: Thursday-Sunday, September 17-20, 2015 @ Seattle, WA Thursday-Sunday, November 5-8, 2015 @ Seattle, WA Thursday-Sunday, January 5-8, 2016 @ Seattle, WA Thursday-Sunday, April 21-24, 2016 @ Seattle, WA

Washington AGD FellowTrack Sessions: Saturday & Sunday, September 19-20, 2015 @ Seattle, WA Saturday & Sunday, November 7-8, 2015 @ Seattle, WA Saturday & Sunday, January 23-24, 2016 @ Seattle, WA Saturday & Sunday, April 23-24, 2016 @ Seattle, WA

Washington AGD Implant Systems Hands-On Study Club: Thursday, November 19, 2015 @ University of Washington, Seattle, WA Thursday, January 28, 2015 @ University of Washington, Seattle, WA Thursday, March 31, 2016 @ University of Washington, Seattle, WA Thursday, May 26, 2016 @ University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Washington AGD “Live Patient” Orthodontics Session: Friday, March 4, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, April 8, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, May 6, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, June 3, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, July 8, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, August 5, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, September 9, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, October 7, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, November 4, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, December 2, 2016 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, January 13, 2017 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA Friday, February 3, 2017 @ Dr. Binh Tran’s Office, Federal Way, WA

Washington AGD Membership Appreciation Gala: Friday, October 9, 2015 @ Seattle, Aquarium, Seattle, WA

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Washington AGD Leadership Roster 2015-2016

WAGD President 2013-2015 WAGD CDE Committee Steven L. Thomas, DMD, MAGD

WAGD Editor 2013-2016 Brady Bates, DDS

At Large Board Member September 2013-2016 C/O Membership Chairperson

Himanshu Nigam. DMD

WAGD President-Elect 2013-2015

WAGD CDE Webmaster WAGD CDE Orthodontic Program Coordinator Puneet S. Aulakh, DDS, FAGD

WAGD Executive Director

Region 11 AGD Trustee June 2014

Region 11 AGD Executive Director

WAGD CE Chairperson

Valerie Bartoli, ED, CDA

Mastertrack Program Coordinator

WAGD Dental Care & PIO Chairperson At Large Board Member September 2013-2015 Carl W. Youngquist, DDS, FAGD

6 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015

WAGD Past President 2013-2015 James O. Cunnington, DDS, FAGD

WAGD Treasurer 2013-2016 Joseph F. Sepe, DDS, FAGD

AGD President 2013-2014 WAGD PACE Program Approval Representative

Gary E. Heyamoto, DDS, MAGD

Linda J. Edgar, DDS, MEd, MAGD

WAGD CDE Comittee At Large Board Member September 2013-2015 WAGD Implant Program Coordinator Teresa K. Kang, DDS

At Large Board Member September 2013-2015 Dat P. Glap, DMD

Not Pictured Bryan C. Edgar, DDS, MAGD - WAGD Legislative Chairperson Tar C. Aw, DDS - WAGD UW Dental School Advisor At Large Board Member, September 2013-2015

WAGD UW Dental School Advisor Chairperson Ernesto Ricardo Schwedhelm, DDS

WAGD-UW Dental Student Representatives

Meg Hurd Class of 2017

Rochell Burke Class of 2017

Nicole Voeller Class of 2016

Not Pictured Kooroush Mansourzadeh - Class of 2016

New Business Announcement! Effective June 2015, Nordic, Northwest Dentists Insurance Company has been named Washington AGD preferred insurance provider for our Washington AGD members. Due to Nordic’s commitment to a long term relationship with the Washington AGD, demonstration of service and support through other provided services, Washington AGD has added them to the list of preferred providers for members of the Washington AGD! Nordic takes the preferred provider status seriously and will go above and beyond to ensure that service level commitments are met. Please take a moment to check out their services at http://www.nordicins.com/




How Not to Hire the Wrong People in Your Practice David Harris Much has been written about hiring the right people for dentists. Finding a good personality fit and ensuring that employees properly project your office’s personality are things others know far more than I do, so there is little that I can contribute to that discussion. However, my background and experience provide some insight into how “serial embezzlers”, who are the very last people you want to hire, successfully conceal unsavory pasts. I’d like to share what I have learned about their tactics. I’ll mention that, in my experience, most dentists intensely despise the hiring process. This means that when an applicant appears who presents as the ideal candidate, most dentists are so happy to be able to end the unpleasant process of hiring that the healthy skepticism that should exist seems to vanish. Embezzlers superficially look like perfect applicants. They are smart, organized, and have strong computer skills. They present well in interviews, and convey an understanding of the preciousness of your time. They present an attractive resume without typos (seemingly a rarity today). And, of course, they have dental experience, although you don’t yet fully comprehend the nature of that experience. I’ll also observe that many of you strive for what I sometimes call “clinical utopia”. This is the situation where your office runs itself, leaving you free to practice excellent dentistry, without being dragged into the minutia of practice management. Serial embezzlers offer the promise of bringing you much closer to this utopia. While you may not fully comprehend their motivation, they do share your interest in keeping you uninvolved in the operation of the front desk.

places, criminal background-checking is complicated and best contracted out to professionals. Also, keep in mind that the existence of a criminal-record in many cases is a good basis for not hiring someone, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true – a clean criminal-records check does not mean that someone is safe to hire. My next advice is: when checking with former employers, verifying education etc., eschew any phone number provided by an applicant. We have seen many cases where doctors thought they were speaking to former employers, finding out much later that it was actually a friend of the applicant pretending to be that former employer. When verifying past experience or a credential, always locate the phone number independently so that you know with whom you are speaking.

Fortunately, there are areas where embezzlers differ from truly ideal employees, and this article will help you differentiate between the two.

Now that you are speaking with the right person, let’s consider what you should check. What you are seeking is the undisclosed job that the applicant wants to conceal. This job can be hidden either by showing it as a period of non-employment (“home with children”, “traveling through Europe” etc.), or by stretching the dates of other employment make that job disappear without leaving a visible gap in the resume.

The most obvious area is that many, but certainly not all, serial embezzlers have criminal-records. A properly conducted criminal records check will uncover this, and allow some rotten apples to be foregone. Two things should be kept in mind here. Many embezzlers don’t have criminal records either, because charges were never filed, or because of the agonizing slowness of the justice system. Also, since a criminal record could reside in many different

The best way to address absences from the work force is to ask for documentary evidence. A passport with country stamps is good validation of the European trip, and you can ask the applicant to bring in a copy of their tax return (and assessment from the IRS) when “home with children” shows on a resume. Like any document, a tax return could be forged, but the nature of this form makes the forgery a lot of work, so most applicants trying to hide something will

8 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015


simply move on to another victim. My other suggestion is to ask each former employer (and you should normally contact all employers from at least the last five years) a few strategic questions. • Get them to provide exact dates of employment. Don’t prompt them with the dates in the resume and ask for verification; human nature may result in them agreeing without verifying. • Verify job title and responsibilities. • When speaking with former employers, verify continuity by asking who the previous and subsequent employers were (most former employers know this). • If the applicant claims to be currently working for an employer, confirm this fact with the employer. People who have been fired tend to conceal this fact from you. • Finally, ask each former employer a very specific question, “if this person were available and if you had a suitable opening, would you rehire them?” This is an attractive question because simply asks about future intent and not about specific actions or characteristics. Former employers are often cautioned by attorneys to avoid making derogatory statements about former employees, so this questions is considered safe. And a single word answer, like “no” (or anything short of an enthusiastic “yes”), shouts volumes about the applicant. Compare all answers to the resume, and reject any applicant where dates or job history do not line up exactly with the information you determined independently.

While there is no foolproof means of identifying resume cover-ups, the simple techniques outlined here give you an excellent chance of spotting situations when resumes have been doctored. Also, while the focus of this article is on finding criminal activity, techniques shown here will also help uncover resume embellishment, which is a definite concern-- published studies suggest that over 60% of resumes contain some form of lying. Also, 65 million Americans (1 in 4 adults) have criminal records. Better hiring practices won’t stop all embezzlement because the majority of embezzlers are first-timers with no adverse work history or criminal record. However, improving the process of scrutinizing applicants is something that is easy to implement, and can dramatically improve the chances of hiring a highly undesirable employee.

About David Harris David Harris MBA, CPA, CMA, CFE, CFF is a licensed private investigator and CEO of Prosperident, the world’s largest dental embezzlement investigation firm. Prosperident is consulted on hundreds of embezzlement matters annually. The company’s phone number is 888-3982327, and its web site is www.dentalembezzlement.com




Federal Way, WA Dentist Elected as AGD Speaker of the House

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is pleased to announce that Bryan C. Edgar, DDS, MAGD, of Federal Way, Wash., was elected as the association’s speaker of the house during AGD 2015, the academy’s annual meeting, which took place June 18 to 21 in San Francisco. A member of the AGD since 1977, Dr. Edgar has been involved on both the local state and national levels for many years. Dr. Edgar has served the Washington AGD as membership chair, secretary, treasurer, vice president, president-elect, and president and is currently the state’s legislative chair. Nationally, Dr. Edgar was a member of the AGD Constitution, Bylaws, and Judicial Affairs Council from 2005 to 2011, and served for six years as its chair. He was appointed to the AGD Investment Committee in 2007, and has helped grow the organization’s investment reserves from $7.0 million to approximately $14.8 million currently. As a result, a large part of the new AGD Headquarters building in Chicago was paid for with investment earnings. Dr. Edgar served on the AGD Real Estate Transition Task Force from 2007 to 2011, and also previously served on the AGD Board and AGD Budget and Finance Committee from 1996 to 1999. In 1991, Dr. Edgar earned the AGD Mastership Award, the association’s highest honor and one of the most respected designations for a general dentist within the profession. He

10 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015

has completed more than 3,300 hours of dental continuing education and received the AGD Lifelong Learning & Service Recognition in the first class awarded in 2005. Dr. Edgar also is a member of the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association (WSDA) and Seattle King County Dental Society. He is currently the President-Elect of WSDA. He is a member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians, and the American Association of Dental Boards, where he served as their parliamentarian for 12 years before retiring in 2013. Dr. Edgar has served in the U.S. Army for 28 years and currently holds the rank of colonel (retired) in the U.S. Army Reserve. He completed two deployments that required absences from his private practice and also graduated from the prestigious U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Dr. Edgar is a 1976 graduate of the University of Washington School Of Dentistry. He went on to complete a General Practice Residency program at Irwin Army Hospital at Fort Riley, Kansas. He and his wife, Linda J. Edgar, DDS, MEd, MAGD, have a full-time private practice in Federal Way. Linda served as the AGD President in 2013-2014. They have one son, David; a daughter-in-law, Judy; and two grandchildren, Annalise and Tatum.


Meet Dr. Rochelle Nguyen 2015 AGD Lifelong Learning Service Award Recipient Dr. Nguyen came with seven family members from South Viet Nam in l975. She became a local resident of Renton, and graduated from Liberty High School in 1984 as her class valedictorian. Under the support of full scholarships from the Issaquah District and the University of Washington, she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in 1988. In that same year, she was also chosen to attend the Phuture Physicians Program at Harvard University to study Immunology. From 1988-1992, Dr. Nguyen had pursued her interest in medical research at the University of Washington in doing gene mapping for diabetes mellitus. She also assisted in the research study on the effects of Interleukin-l against graft-versus-host disease at the Fred Hutchinson’s Cancer Research Center. In 1993, she was awarded the Benjamin and Mary Gideon Scholarship to pursue the dental program at the University of Pennsylvania. In l996, she had an exciting opportunity for an externship to study Oral Medicine at Guy’s Hospital in London, England. Dr. Nguyen earned her Dental Medicine Degree in l997, and completed a year of residency in Advanced General Dentistry Program at the same dental institution in 1998. She then became an Affiliate Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Nguyen missed her family and the Pacific Northwest, so she moved back to Renton in 1999 and opened her own dental practice named Hilands Dentistry. In 2004, she sold her practice to her younger sister, Dr. Ailien Nguyen, and started her second new dental office, Advanced Dentistry. The year 2008 marked a significant milestone in her career as she was given the prestigious Fellowship Award by the Academy of General Dentistry. She then was awarded the Master Award in 2010, and her Lifetime Learning Recognition Award on June 20, 2015. This achievement has distinguished her long-term commitment to going above and beyond by continuing dental eduction requirements to provide her patients with the most up-to-date treatment options and superior patient care. Dr. Nguyen also received her Fellow Awards from the Pierre Fauchard and the Academy of International Dentistry in 2014 In addition to maintaining a full-time practice in general dentistry, Dr. Nguyen teaches part-time at the Oral Medicine Department at the University of Washington

Thanh Dung Rochelle Nguyen, DMD, MAGD, LLSR School of Dental Medicine since 1999. In her spare time, she does dental volunteer work, mentor young UW dental students and new dentists. Dr. Nguyen also does guest speaking for local high schools for students who are seeking to pursue the medical/dental profession. Since 2010, she has been a volunteer teacher for the Hong Bang Vietnamese Language School every Sunday for the entire academic school year in Renton. Outside of work, Dr. Nguyen is happily married to AnhDung Tran with four young children and enjoys cooking, reading, and singing during her leisure time.

Professional affiliations and memberships • Academy of General Dentistry, Master • World Clinical Institute of Laser • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine • Associate Faculty of University of Washington School of Dental Medicine




Communicating Complexity Dr. Mark DiRe

Do you think that dentistry is becoming more or less complex? Well, take a look at implants. There are more choices of implants, abutments, materials, in addition to who is placing the implant – oral surgeon, periodontist, you? Is it going to be a functional placement or esthetic placement – who manages the tissue contours in an esthetic placement? Is there going to be a provisional for tissue contour? What type of temporary will be used if the missing tooth is in the esthetic zone? Wow, lots of questions needing answers, and planning and communication. We can go through the same process for esthetic cases, worn dentition cases, periodontal cases, TMD cases, and any case where we consider using the expertise of a specialist. How this planning and communication takes place also needs to meet the demands of the quality of care we plan to deliver.

laboratories and specialty providers. Complexity and clarity necessitate that patient’s records travel with their treatment. This is exactly why electronic medical records were mandated by the federal government. But a secure mechanism to transfer the records is missing.

If we are to do our best work, we recognize the need to make and follow a plan where all of our treatment partners have agreed to the course of care. We can pick up the phone and have a conversation, but complexity requires written record keeping. Clarity means patients are involved in the process, included in the planning, and have access to the record trail. The Harvard Business Review recently published an article about companies that collaborate with customers. A significant statement also pertains to dentistry, “Our research indicates that companies that make their customers partners and share the value created, lead the pack on revenue growth, profit margins, capital efficiency, and enterprise value.” Engaging our patients in the process of their care has benefits beyond informed consent. We tend to think of interdisciplinary care in the context of large case development with multiple doctors involved. Yet, for the patient, every referral for treatment outside of our office is a large case and they can get lost in the plan. Why not take advantage of the situation, allow them to be a partner in the process, share the treatment information and reap the benefits?

Dr. DiRe has been in private dental practice in Bellevue Washington for over35 years. He has been an innovator in the delivery of dental treatment. His interest in applying technology to improve the quality of the dental experience has been long standing.

Digital records are now the norm. Dental technology has given us the means of taking excellent digital x-rays, CT scans, photographs, and charting. Those patient records are part of the patient’s story and should be available to the patient and whomever is involved in their care, including

Dr. DiRe was born in Missoula, Montana and lived there until his early teens. His family moved to the Pacific Northwest where he attended Sammamish High School. His undergraduate degree and Doctoral degree were obtained at the University of Washington. He graduated from UW Dental School in 1975.

12 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015

If you are interested in a solution, you might consider Experience Dentistry. It is the online secure framework built to solve the safe-messaging and protected patient-access issues for dental providers. The application stores patient digital records in an organized secure dental format that allows access to all affected parties. You can simplify your complexity with HIPAA compliant ExperienceDentistry.com

About Dr. Mark DiRe

Dr. DiRe has been an integral part of teaching these innovations to the dental community as the first and senior clinical instructor and lecturer in the Northwest, for Patterson Dental and Sirona Systems; developers of the technology and worldwide leaders in the industry. He is also an accredited International Instructor with the International Academy of Computerized Dentistry. Dr. DiRe is a long standing member and participant in organized dentistry. He has held committee, chairman and board member positions at the Washington State Dental Association over 3 decades.

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Dr. Hess “Asks the Experts” Each issue of the Washington Academy of General Dentistry Newsletter will feature two of your questions posed to well known dental experts by Dr. Hess. This issues questions are being answered by Drs. Keith Phillips and Johan Aps. Dr. Phillips is the former Director of the Graduate Prosthodontics program at the University of Washington School of Dentistry and is currently an Affiliate Associate Professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Johan Aps is the Division Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Department of Oral Medicine at the UWSOD. Please forward your questions to Dr. Hess at drhess@tahessdds.com

Question: I have a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) unit in my office. I use it primarily for implant planning and occasional third molar extractions. What are the advantages to my patients having a radiologist review the scans that we take?


Timothy A Hess, DDS, MAGD Director of the Tucker Institute Affiliate Instructor Restorative Dentistry Affiliate Faculty Oral Medicine University of Washington School of Dentistry

Johan K.M. Aps DDS, MSc Ped. Dent., MSc DMFR, PhD https://dental.washington.edu/oral-medicine/ Johan.ApsDMFR@hotmail.com

14 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015

This is a very good question. Most dentists are trained to interpret 2D radiographs, because that is what they teach in most dental schools. At the UW, since2 years, we are implementing 3D techniques in the oral and maxillofacial radiology curriculum for the students. I consider it paramount that the dentist of the future knows the possibilities, limitations, advantages and disadvantages of CBCT. CBCT will probably take over from panoramic radiography anyway, once the radiation doses for large field of view CBCTs come closer to those of a panoramic radiograph (about 24 microSieverts). Let’s talk about the advantages first. The advantage of 3D-imaging is that one obtains information about the bone width in bucco-lingual direction. This enables one to get a better idea of the volume and the three dimensional shape of the bone in which one wishes to place that implant. Anatomical variations in the inferior alveolar canal, the maxillary sinus or the floor of the nasal cavity, for instance, can be easily depicted. Dense bone islands, root fragments, but also bony pathology can be identified better. It needs to be emphasized that pathology on 2D looks different than on 3D, and as such the interpretation may become a bit more difficult. Most text books have only the 2D images to explain radiographic appearance of pathology. That is when one should think of involving an oral and maxillofacial radiologist. These people have been trained to recognize changes in bone better and faster and above all, they have time to explore the volume into depth. The latter means the dentist saves time, as someone else will take the time to assess the images. Moreover, it also takes away the liability from the dentist, as the radiographic interpretation report from the radiologist will be the legal document in case of an issue with a patient claiming you missed something on the radiographs. Remember that one is liable for the entire volume! Also remember that the field of view (the scan volume) should be as close to the size of the area of interest. Imaging the entire skull for a single implant cannot always be justified!


“Ask the Experts” cont..

It is also important as owner and user of CBCT to know the limitations of the technique. Heavy breathing or heart beat will cause image artifacts and render the volume non diagnostic. The slightest patient movement during the scan affects the image quality in a negative way, hence also the diagnostic yield. Materials like gutta percha, gold, amalgam, titanium and any other highly radiopaque matter will cause beam hardening artifacts, causing black and white streaks in the image, resulting in a less diagnostic yield. Soft tissues cannot be distinguished well in CBCT, therefore TMJ disc issues are not good cases for CBCT. The University of Washington, School of Dentistry, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology has a website where one can find information if one wishes to use our services for radiographic interpretation (2D and 3D). http://dental.washington.edu/patient/uw-dentist-facultypractice/oral-maxillofacial-radiology/

Question: I am going to be providing the prosthetic treatment for an All-On-4™ (fixed removable hybrid case. Do I need to be there for the surgery and pick-up/ conversion? Can I just send my laboratory technician to do the pick-up/ conversion?

Many dentists think the most difficult aspect of the fixed removable procedure is the surgical aspect. I often do both the surgical and prosthetic sides on a case. To me the prosthetic side is much more difficult and you are married to the prosthesis forever. Emergencies, repairs and maintenance will all fall to the restoring dentist. If you are not comfortable with denture technique, it is time to dust off the container of methacrylate resin and the old pressure pot. The All-On-4™ procedure is a denture procedure! Second as a laboratory technician, the pick-up/conversion needs to be done by the restoring dentist. At the recent Washington State Laboratory Association meeting, the consensus was laboratory technicians should not be doing the pick-up procedure. After the pick-up, the laboratory technician may help with the conversion but may not deliver the immediate hybrid. One last thought if you think you want to offer fixed removable hybrids to your patients; observe an experienced clinician handle a case from start to finish first. This will help you avoid very costly mistakes and potential harm to your patient. 30% of the fixed removable restorations I treat are prosthodontic rescues after the implants have been placed and there is a problem. Good training is available through the WAGD and the MasterTrack program.

Answer: First as a prosthodontist, absolutely you need to be there for the surgery even if the fixed removable hybrid case is not going to be immediately loaded. Keep in mind, once the surgeon is done placing the implants it is your baby. So if the surgeon did not follow your surgical guide and there is inadequate space for prosthetic components you are going to have a very difficult time. Also, selection of the multiunit abutments that connect the implants to the hybrid framework should occur on the day of surgery and pick-up/ conversion. You may need to try in a number of multi-unit abutments to get the correct angulation. My experience has been my idea of the ideal height and angle of the multi-unit from a prosthetic side is often different than the surgeon’s.

Keith Phillips DMD, MSD, CDT, FACP www.restordentalcenter.com office@restordentalcenter.com




What Do You Mean I’m Not Covered? Melissa Moore Sanchez You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you were supposed to do something and you forgot? Thinking today was your spouse’s turn to pick up the kids...then you remember it was yours. So, who has the kids? Or you remember just as you’re walking through the door, that it’s your sweetheart’s birthday and you didn’t pick up that special something ahead of time. Oops. Sometimes we make assumptions that can turn around and bite us! And making assumptions about your dental malpractice policy is another area in which you can’t afford to be wrong. Let me give you a few common examples of when your malpractice policy probably isn’t going to provide you with coverage:

You work for a governmental entity It isn’t uncommon for dentists to do part-time work outside of their regular practice and occasionally for a governmental entity - like a correctional facility, for example. This exposure is specifically excluded in our policy and is usually excluded by other carriers as well. Should a claim or suit arise, most insurance carriers, will not be interested in setting themselves up as a potential deep pocket for a governmental agency. If you provide services for a health department, county or state hospital, correctional facility or any other government agency, you need to make certain that your malpractice carrier does provide coverage. If they don’t, you should require that you’re provided sufficient coverage through that governmental entity, and make sure you have written confirmation, annually. Your contract should, among other things, be specific about the limits of coverage provided; the period of time covered; and should also specify the coverage provided for patient-care rendered during your contract term, and a claim or suit arises after your contract has ended.

You are a member, partner, director, or shareholder of any partnership, association or corporation There can be two different scenarios for this example and both of them require different approaches. The first scenario is: if your practice is incorporated, or if you are perceived to be or are practicing as a group with other dentists, you need a Corporate/Partnership Professional Liability Policy. If you have a solo practice but operate under a different name, e.g. “1234 Dental”, add that name to your individual professional liability policy. The second scenario is: if you serve on a Board. Whether you volunteer or are compensated for your services, that Board should carry a Directors and Officers Policy. In the event you are sued for decisions that are made as a function of this responsibility, the D & O policy provides coverage. These are just two examples of exposures that are not typically covered under a dental malpractice policy. Identifying the risk and then properly insuring it under the correct policy is something you can do through a conversation with your carrier. But this also begs the question; when was the last time you read your malpractice policy? You should be familiar with the exclusions in your policy and if there’s language you’re not familiar with or don’t understand, discuss it with your company’s representative. Don’t wait until you need the coverage to discover you don’t have the correct policy for the exposures you have. You can avoid that sinking feeling by asking the right questions now.

You design, manufacture, or sell products under your name Your malpractice policy is not designed to provide coverage if you or someone else is designing, developing, manufacturing, selling or distributing products under your name. You need a Products Liability Policy for this type of exposure. This would not apply for common dental appliances made for specific patients in your practice.

16 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015

Melissa Moore Sanchez Manager, Sales and Marketing Northwest Dentists Insurance Company


Implant Systems Hands-On Study Club for Restorative Dentists Join the club! In this four-part study club series, we will dig into four implant systems (dedicating one evening to each system) and how best to approach the use of each system. We will showcase four of the best current implant systems available, the tips and tricks that keep the general practicing dentist out of trouble, and we’ll dis-cuss when referring to form a team approach is an advantage. We will hear from local specialists about the pros and cons of decisions made throughout this course regarding patient care treatments including implants. Each class will start out as a seminar (available to in-person and webinar participants), then finish off the evening with hands-on exercises and getting to see how each system works in your own hands (sorry-only available to in-person participants).



University of Washington Turner Auditorium, Room D-209 Seattle, WA


Session #1 - Thursday, November 19, 2015 Kit Steen, DDS, MD; Jennifer Emerson, DDS; Robert LeBeau and the Straumann Implant System. Session #2 - Thursday, January 28, 2016

6:30pm - 9:30pm

Tuition: DDS Internet Special (nonrefundable) all 4 Hands-On Sessions: $299 before October 29, 2015 $399 after October 29, 2015 DDS Internet Special (nonrefundable) all 4 Webinar Sessions: $216 before October 29, 2015 $316 after October 29, 2015 Dentists Tuition: Per Session includes Hands-On: $99 before October 29, 2015 $109 after October 29, 2015 Per Webinar (Time: 6:30-8:30pm) $79 DDS before October 29, 2015 $89 after October 29, 2015 Staff Tuition (No internet special available): Per Session includes Hands-On: $75 before October 29, 2015 $85 after October 29, 2015 Per Webinar (Time: 6:30-8:30pm) $49 before October 29, 2015 $59 after October 29, 2015

Patricia Kelly DDS, MD; Jennifer Emerson, DDS; Robert LeBeau and the Nobel Biocare Implant System. Session #3 - Thursday, March 31, 2016 Terry LaBell DDS, PhD; Jennifer Emerson, DDS; Robert LeBeau and the Astra Implant System Session #4 - Thursday, May 26, 2016 John Heldridge DDS, MD; Jennifer Emerson, DDS; Robert LeBeau Zimmer & 3i Implant. As a result of attending this session you will be able to earn specifics about the details of Straumann, Nobel Bio-care, Astra, and Zimmer and 3i implant systems with regard to positions and angulations of implant placement, and about standard or custom abutments. Crown design for fixed restorations will also be discussed. Better provide patients with long-term implant maintenance care for restorative function and improved appearance. We will review the choices which dictate long-term restorative implant options and their results. More effectively determine changes in design and material choices when finances restrict patient options.

* Cancellation Policy: 1) Webinar Courses are non refundable once you have started the session. 2) Registration for Hands-On sessions as well as Webinar courses that you have not started are refundable no later than 5 PM 21 Days prior to the session less a $30 cancellation fee. 3) 21 Days prior to the session, tuition for the Hands-On sessions as well as Webinar courses are non-refundable 4) No refunds are available should you transfer into another course, or fail to show.




Aesthetic and Therapeutic Neurotoxin Administration Added to UWSOD Curriculum

Students of the Class of 2015 with Faculty On May 2, 2015, the Class of 2015 from the University of Washington School of Dentistry (UWSOD) performed hands-­on training with neurotoxin (Botulinum toxin-­A (BTX-­A)). To our knowledge, this is the first class in North America of undergraduate dental students to receive this therapeutic and aesthetic training as part of their curriculum.

aesthetics. A highlight of the days instruction was Professor Mark Drangsholt demonstrating the use of BTX to treat myofascial pain in a patient that has been recalcitrant to other therapies. The course was led by Timothy A Hess, DDS, MAGD with assistance from the Oral Medicine, Restorative and Graduate Prosthodontics Faculty and students.

The UWSOD has taken on a massive restructuring of its curriculum and is moving towards a clerkship system with the goal of training a true “dentist of the future”. In 2013, Dean Joel Berg asked that curriculum be created regarding the use of Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers by both graduate and undergraduate students.

The UWSOD wishes to thank Merz North America for their educational grant.

The Chair of the Oral Medicine Department, Professor Mark Drangsholt, and the Past Chair, Professor Edmond Truelove, have been instrumental in developing this curriculum and implementing the use of BTX-­A in the Department of Oral Medicine. The UWSOD Oral Medicine Department currently utilizes Botulinum toxin as one of the therapeutics to treat myofascial pain and oromandibular dystonias. Other pilot studies at the UWSOD will soon begin investigating the efficacy of BTX to treat trigeminal and other neuropathic pain conditions. The students hands-­on training focused on facial 18 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015

Dr. Drangshold demonstrates BTX-A administration on a myofacial pain [patient as Dr. Hess and students look on.


2015-2016 MasterTrack Program The Washington AGD is offering a hands-on program that showcases courses in at least 16 different disciplines. Location: Seattle, WA

Dates: September 17-20, 2015 November 5-8, 2015 January 21-24, 2016 April 21-24, 2016

For those dentists seeking a well balanced hands-on interdisciplinary education, this study club program will answer that call! *For those dentists seeking Fellowship in the AGD, This program contains all of the requirements to reach this goal. *For those seeking Mastership in the AGD, this program over 5 years contains all of the requirements to achieve Mastership.

How it Works Four Sessions per Year in September, November, January & April.

Time: Testimonials


Per year $5000 for AGD Members. $5500 for Non-AGD members. Payment Plans are available.

My involvement with the Washington AGD MasterTrack has truly exceeded my expectations. The track combines such a wealth of invaluable dental knowledge with a fun and supportive group of colleagues. There is not a more economical way to continue your clinical, practice management & professional learning. Whether you choose to pursue your mastership designation with the AGD or not , the mastership group is a tremendous opportunity not to be missed.”

Washington AGD will be accepting the first 30 applicants who contract for the year. There will be four sessions per year, each consisting of a 28+credit (Lecture & Participation) September Session: Practice Management, Fixed Pros, Occlusion & Case Presentations November Session: Endo, Orofacial Pain, Perio & Case Presentations January Session: Removeable Pros, Implants, Special Patient Care & Case Presentations

Lisa L. Buttaro, DDS, MAGD

April Session: Occulsion, Pedo, Oral Surgery, Esthetics & Case Presentations

“The WAGD MasterTrack has been a fantastic schedule of lectures and participation courses that have helped me move towards my Masters in the AGD. Without the Mastertrack it would have taken me years and thousands of dollars more to reach this milestone.”

Thank you for your interest to the Washington AGD Program! We are dedicated to providing you with a first-class continuing dental education in a setting that is friendly, warm, and supportive. Washington AGD has a long tradition of training dentists who go on to achieve their Fellowship, Mastership, and Life Long Learning Awards with the Academy of General Dentistry.

Tim Hess, DDS, MAGD “This program is on the cutting edge of modern day dentistry. There is no group ahead of this group in terms of content and commitment to dentistry.” John Ludu, DDS

Always Thursday thru Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm & Sunday 8:00am12:00. Includes Light Breakfast, Lunches and all Materials.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or in person at one of our sessions. We hope you will find your time with us is only the start of your learning experience and as well as the beginning of many life-long friendships. With warm regards, Gary Heyamoto, DDS, MAGD, CDE Program Director




Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) AGD Credit for Study Clubs, existing or new, Dr. Linda Edgar wants to hear from You.

Each year, thousands of continuing education courses are presented by hundreds of program providers—dental schools, dental societies, and companies that specialize in course presentations. Most provide dentists with valuable information that can be successfully integrated into the dental practice. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) was created to assist members of the AGD and the dental profession in identifying and participating in quality continuing dental education. PACE is an evaluation of the educational processes used in designing, planning, and implementing continuing education. Approval by the AGD does not imply endorsement of course content, products or therapies presented, nor does this approval imply that a state or provincial board of dentistry will accept courses for re-licensure. Approved program providers are expected to comply with all relevant state and federal laws. Continuing education offered by approved program providers will be accepted by the Academy for Fellowship/Mastership credit. PACE reviews and approves program providers, not individual speakers or specific courses content. The applicant may be a major unit or department within an institution. To be eligible for Program Approval for Continuing Education the following criteria must be met: 1. The program provider must have been offered a planned program of continuing dental education activities for at least 12 months. 2. The program provider must ensure that all courses offered have a sound scientific basis in order to adequately protect the public. PACE reserves the right to require acceptable substantiation from providers that their courses have a sound scientific basis, proven efficacy, and ensure public safety. 3. The program provider must ensure that the educational methods and the facilities selected are appropriate to accomplishing the stated objectives of each activity. 4. You MUST NOT be representing a company. 5. You cannot provide these courses out of the state of Washington

Contact Dr. Linda Edgar to request a PACE application form. Email drlinda@edgardentistry.com or by phone 206-940-6112. There is an application fee $175 for AGD member, $550 for Non-AGD member. Please make checks out to the WAGD. If you are a specialist, it is not required but it is appreciated if you support the AGD by joining as an Associate member. A membership application will be sent with your PACE Approval Application. If a program provider offers courses or programs in more than one state/province, draws a significant amount of participants from more than one state/province or offers self-instruction programs that provider must apply for national approval.

Linda Edgar, DDS, MAGD

Washington AGD PACE Chairperson Email: drlinda@edgardentistry.com 1911 SW Campus Drive, Federal Way, WA 98023

The Academy of General Dentistry does not endorse any course content, products, processes, services or therapies presented by AGD PACEapproved providers. The views and opinions of program providers expressed during education programs do not necessarily state or reflect those of the AGD. AGD PACE-approval may not be used for product or program endorsement purposes; nor does it imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry; nor does it imply accreditation of a program. If you have questions, you may email PACE@agd.org. Or call AGD headquarters 1-888-243-3368.

20 WAGD Newsletter | August 2015


Pathway to Fellowship 2015-2016 Advancing Excellence in Dentistry Course Schedule: September 19 & 20, 2015 Risk Management November 7 & 8, 2015 Orofacial Pain & Dry Needling January 23 & 24, 2016 OsteoReady Implants

Pathway to Fellowship is a interdisciplinary hands-on education targeted towards new dentists looking for a perfect opportunity to educate themselves and start their progress toward the Fellowship in the AGD. This quality CE program offers opportunities to interact and learn from our seasoned MasterTrack Study Club! Program topics are carefully selected to fit the interests of the progressive dentist and the fast changing dental landscape.

Fellowship Program The Fellowship program will meet four times a year on Saturday & Sunday starting September 2014 each session will offer 12+ credits and as a added bonus each session runs concurrently with our Washington AGD MasterTrack program. This gives participants of our Fellowship program the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned dentists that are earning their way to Mastership with the AGD during lunch breaks and case reviews on Sundays! These presentations are done by the MasterTrack dentists and are open for group discussion on how they treatment plan and what they are doing progressively through out the treatment. Our Masters always look forward to our Sunday presentations to discuss with each other their success and failures.

Register Today! This program is limited to the first 30 applicants who contract for the 2015-2016 sessions!

April 23 & 24, 2016 Endodontics

Location Seattle, WA 98188

Tuition: Each session will offer 12+ credits in both lecture & hands-on. Saturday educational session will run from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM and Sunday 8:00 AM-1:00 PM. * Due to the nature of this course, no refunds of the yearly tuition will be given. Organizers will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the participant due to missed sessions. AGD Member Dentist: $2000 (Includes Parking, Breakfast, Lunch and Hands-On Materials for each session) Non-AGD Member Dentist: $3500 (Includes Parking, Breakfast, Lunch and Hands-On Materials for each session)

Register Online: WASHINGTONAGD.ORG OR CALL: 253-306-0730

*Washington AGD Approved PACE Program Provider #219331 FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry, AGD or WAGD endorsement. Washington AGD PACE Provider (6/1/2014-5/31/2018).



Promotional code:______________________

2015 AGD & Washington AGD Membership Application

Referral Information

For more information: Join online at www.agd.org. Call us at 888.243.3368 or 312.440.4300.

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**Accredited dental residencies qualify for the resident membership rate. Official proof of enrollment must be provided to AGD.

AGD Privacy Information The AGD has systems and procedures in place to protect your privacy in relation to the handling of your personal information. The AGD does not collect personal information unless it is necessary to perform one or more of its functions and activities. On occasion, the AGD may collect personal information, but only with your consent or when required to by law. For more information, please visit www.agd.org or contact the AGD Membership Services Center at 888.243.3368.

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Per the U.S. Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993, 1.2 percent of membership dues payment is allocable to the AGD’s lobbying activities and is not deductible as a business expense. Please consult with your financial adviser for detailed information.

Return this application with your payment to: Academy of General Dentistry, 560 W. Lake St., Sixth Floor, Chicago, IL 60661-6600.

Dues rates effective through Sept. 30, 2015. Contact the AGD or visit www.agd.org for updated rates.

If paying by credit card, fax to 312.335.3443.


“Live Patient” Orthodontic Program

Dentists will be provided “live” patients from initial consultation to final retainer delivery Dates:


March 4, 2016 April 8, 2016 May 6, 2016 June 3, 2016 July 8, 2016 August 5, 2016 September 9, 2016 October 7, 2016 November 4, 2016 December 2, 2016 January 13, 2017 February 3, 2017

Dr. Binh Tran’s office 1014 S. 320th St. Federal Way, WA

Course tuition: $10,000 for 12 sessions AGD Member Dentist (Before December 31, 2015) $12,000 for 12 sessions AGD Member Dentist (After January 1, 2016) $2,000 for 12 sessions for CDA with AGD Member Dentists $12,000 for 12 sessions for Non-AGD Member Dentist (Before December 31, 2015) $14,000 for 12 sessions for Non-AGD Member Dentist (After January 1, 2016) $4000 for 12 sessions for CDA with Non-AGD Member Dentists

Credit Hours: 12 per session.

When registering, enjoy No Payments and No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on Bill Me Later purchases of $99 or more. This option is available upon checkout through our Paypal service.

Course Content/Objectives: Dr. Binh Tran has been an exceptional instructor. He teaches, motivates and inspires us to achieve goals – and students and dentistry. He is the only instructor that I know who is available to answer our questions and guide us throughout the course. This Washington AGD sponsored course is highly recommended because we learn and treat real patients, which provides us with the confidence to take on ortho cases in our practices. In addition we have his support outside the class that helped me add over20ortho cases in the last eight months since I started Dr. Tran’s course. I have driven every month from Portland and stayed in hotels just to take this course, and it is the best investment I’ve ever made in my dental education. The class is so much fun that I have not skipped a single session.”

Rose Bailey, DDS

Initial orthodontic examination and comprehensive treatment plan. Orthodontic records and management system Photography and case presentation Orthodontic office and financial management system Ceph analysis and FACE principles Orthodontics Principles and Mechanics for Angle class 1,2, and 3 Clinical orthodontic practice: from banding to debanding. Orthodontic supplies ordering and managing inventory Post treatment retention and monitor Surgical and TAD in Orthodontic. Pediatric to Geriatric orthodontics. All training manuals are in digital format/Flash Driverelated reference papers is included. Attendee will be trained in how to start orthodontic service in their office. Attendee will treat and present a minimum of two of Dr. Tran patients. Attendee is requested to start treatment in their own office and present those cases. Monthly quiz and a final exam will be given to confirm learned concepts

Final Plaque and Certificate presentation with Diner (spouse invited)

confidently identify orthodontic problems and provide treatment solutions in their own office. This course will provide additional office income while enhancing all other treatment results that the doctor is providing.

Ravi Sinha, DDS “Washing ton AGD Ortho course led by Dr. Binh Tran is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I can’t say enough about the way Dr. Tran has organized the course to provide a comprehensive program. His knowledge and skill is vast, and his way of making sure you totally understand is great. I highly recommend Dr. Tran and this Washington AGD program.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Course Goals: At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to

Course requirement:


Attendance, office capacity, patients’ availability, supporting staff. The doctor is encouraged to select one CDA from the office to attend a staff training course if possible. However, past doctors have trained their own staff to provide care. *As




Washington AGD

does not endorse, partner or solely support companies,

products or speakers, but rather recognizes speakers, products and sponsors for their services to our

Washington AGD

educational programs.


views and opinions of the speaker expressed during the

educational program, do not necessarily state or reflect those of the

Washington AGD.



Constituent of the Academy of General Dentistry Valerie A. Bartoli, Executive Director 900 Meridian E. Suite #19-361 | Milton, WA 98354

Pre-Sorted Standard U S Postage PAID Wenatchee, WA 98801 Permit #241

“Member Appreciation Gala” Appreciation Gala” “Member Friday, October 9, 2015-Seattle Aquarium, WA

Friday, October 9, 2015-Seattle Aquarium, WA

Complimentary Ticket for all Active Member Dentists of the Washington AGD! Complimentary Ticket for all Active Member Dentists of the Washington AGD!

Gala Ticket Includes: Wine Reception, Dive Show, Seafood Dinner, Entertainment, Prizes & Silent Auction Gala Ticket Includes:

Gala Ticket Includes: Silent Auction Fundraiser offers something for everyone: hotel getaway packages, state-of-the-art Reception, Dive& Show, Seafood Dinner, dental equipment,Wine CE courses, artwork, jewelry, more. Proceeds to benefit the AGD Foundation’s Wine Reception, Dive Show, Seafood Dinner, 501© 3 mission to increase oral cancer education, research and public awareness events to end this Entertainment, Prizes & Silent Auction deadly disease. Entertainment, Prizes & Silent Auction

Sponsored by:

Proudly Supported By: Proudly Supported By:

Washington AGD Mission: “The Washington AGD provides its membership professional development through quality education for comprehensive patient care.”

Follow us on Twitter @AGDWashington Silent Auction Fundraiser offers something for everyone: hotel getaway packages, state-ofusthe on Facebook Silent Auction Fundraiser offersequipment, something for hotel getaway packages, the-art dental CE everyone: courses, artwork, jewelry, & more. state-ofProceeds to Find benefit facebook.com/WashingtonAGD the-art dental equipment, CE courses, artwork, jewelry, & more.oral Proceeds benefit the AGD Foundation’s 501© 3 mission to increase cancerto education, research and public AGD Foundation’s 501© 3 mission to increase oral cancer education, research and public awareness events to end this deadly disease. awareness events to end this deadly disease.


Profile for Legwork

Washington Academy of General Dentistry 2015 Summer Newsletter  

Washington Academy of General Dentistry 2015 Summer Newsletter