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Taking a Bite Out of Fraud [pg 13] Pediatric Dentistry - The Hidden Jewel of Our Profession [pg 14-15] 8 Dangerous Myths About Link Building for SEO [pg 17-18]

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OAGD Board, Staff, Contacts ............................................................................................................


Presidents Message ................................................................................................................................. 5 Featured Board Members .................................................................................................................... 5-6 OAGD Sends Delegation to AGD House of Delegates Meeting in Boston ...................................


Oregon and Region 11 New Masters and Fellows .............................................................................. 8 OAGD no Longer Administering OHSU SOD CE Department ....................................................... 13 Taking A Bite Out of Fraud ..................................................................................................................... 13 OAGD Plans for the Future .................................................................................................................. 14 Pediatric Dentistry, The Hidden Jewel of our Profession ............................................................ 14-15 8 Dangerous Myths About Link Building for SEO ........................................................................ 16-17 Don’t Miss the OAGD Bernie Taylor Pub Night ................................................................................ 17 OAGD 2016-17 Courses ....................................................................................................................... 18 Region 11 Continuing Education Courses ........................................................................................... 20

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2 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

Oregon AGD Leadership Roster 2017-2018

President Larry Franz, DMD, FAGD Portland

President Elect Bill Jordan, DMD, MAGD Tualatin

Vice President Heather Weber, DDS Corbett

Secretary/Treasurer Co-Chair Frances Sunseri, DMD, MAGD Portland

Secretary/Treasurer Co-Chair Martha Rich, DMD, MAGD Portland

Immediate Past President Ravishankar Sinha, DDS Portland

Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair Howard Hilman, DMD Portland

Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair Barry Taylor, DMD Portland

Membership Committee Chair Heather Weber, DDS Corbett

Member at Large Ryan Voge, DMD Portland

Member at Large Jared Thompson, DMD, FAGD Forest Grove

Member at Large Michelle Nguyen, DMD McMinnville

For more information about OAGD and our course offerings, visit our website at 3

Oregon AGD Leadership Roster cont.

Member at Large Jessica Kloenne, DMD Beaverton

Fourth Year OHSU Student Member, OHSU Class of 2017

Third Year OHSU Student Member, OHSU Class of 2018

Nicolas Ferguson

Corey Bickler

National Representatives from our Region

National AGD Trustee Guy Hanson, DDS, MBA, MAGD Boise

National AGD Regional Director and Regional Director Chair Ravishankar Sinha, DDS Portland

OAGD Staff

National AGD Dental Education Council Member Kimberly Wright, DMD, MAGD West Linn

National AGD Fellowship Exam Committee Chair Leslie Hayes, DDS, MAGD, FACD, FICD

Oregon AGD Office 1730 SW Harbor Way

Suite 502

Portland, OR 97201 p: 503.228.6266 f: 503.228.4838 The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the Oregon AGD, its officers or directors. If you have any questions, concerns Oregon AGD Executive Director Laura Seurynck, RDH, MA

Oregon AGD Operations Manager Katelyn Ciuffetelli, BA

or comments that you would like to share with the OAGD membership, please feel free to send us an email. We are always looking for random thoughts and funny one-liners, too.

4 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

Presidents Message Larry Franz, DMD, FAGD

Once again, the Oregon Academy of General Dentistry is

at hand (and dentistry in general) with a group of dedicated

offering some of the finest continuing education courses

dentists who have come together to further their dental

available in Oregon. We continue to honor the commitment

education. Also, take the time to evaluate where you are with

of the Academy's mission:" To serve as the premier provider

respect to earning your Fellowship or Mastership award, or

of professional development for Oregon dentists." The board

a Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition. If you have any

members and staff have worked hard to bring you the best

questions, ask us how we can help you achieve these worthy

educators on the most clinically relevant topics.


Take the time to visit our website and review the lectures and

Socrates said, "Education is the kindling of the flame, not

hands-on courses offered, knowing that when you attend an

the filling of the vessel." Make this the year to pursue quality

OAGD course you gain knowledge from both the instructor

education and consider working toward your Fellowship

AND your colleagues sitting next to you. I cannot tell you

or Mastership award or a Lifelong Learning and Service

how invaluable the knowledge I have learned over the years

Recognition. You'll be glad you did.

from listening to lecturers and discussing whatever topic was

Larry Franz, DMD, FAGD Dr. Larry Franz, FAGD joined the Oregon AGD Board of Directors in 2014 and currently serves as the 2016-17 Board President. Dr. Franz also sits on OAGD’s Continuing Education Committee where applies seven years of experience working with ODA’s Annual Meeting Committee to develop the curriculum for the Oregon Dental Conference. He is a graduate of OHSU School of Dentistry and has been in private practice in Portland since 1987. Dr. Franz is an avid runner, hiker and keeps us entertained with his stories and wisdom from his international adventures.

Featured Board Members Michelle Nguyen, DMD Dr. Michelle Nguyen joined the OAGD Board of Directors as a Member in 2014 where she has served as a Co-Chair on OAGD’s Membership Committee. She assumed this role after serving for two years as a Student Board Representative. Dr. Nguyen graduated from the OHSU School of Dentistry in 2014 and currently practices as a general dentist in McMinnville, Oregon, at the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. Dr. Nguyen was actively involved in organized dentistry student groups including The American Student Dental Association, the Hispanic Student Dental Association, and the Student Patient Assistance Program. Dr. Nguyen has remained active serving in humanitarian dental clinics abroad in India, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras and the Philippines.

For more information about OAGD and our course offerings, visit our website at 5

Featured Board Members cont. Bill Jordan, DMD, MAGD Dr. Bill Jordan, MAGD joined the OAGD Board of Directors in 2014 and will serve as the Vice President in the year to come. He has sat on OAGD’s Finance and Bylaws Committees and continues to assume leadership roles based on years of dedication to continuing dental education. He believes that his involvement with AGD and the community has enriched his career as a general dentist. Dr. Jordan is a graduate of OHSU’s School of Dentistry and has a private practice in Tualatin, Oregon. He has taught a variety of courses to both dental and dental hygiene students at OHSU, Clark College and Mt. Hood Community College. Through his years of commitment, Dr. Jordan has demonstrated his passion for his excellence in dentistry, lifelong learning and community service. This is demonstrated by his ongoing work to be certified by the prestigious American Board General Dentist, the pinnacle of achievement in general dentistry demonstrating a commitment to providing the best patient care through a dedication to continuing education.

Thoughts from Our Student Representative Nicolas Ferguson

Now in my second year as the Dental Student Representative to the Oregon Academy of General Dentistry (OAGD) Board, I have had the opportunity to participate in OAGD board meetings, retreats, and most recently I was able to attend the National Academy of General Dentistry Annual Governance Meeting and the House of Delegates in Boston with the OAGD board members. Travelling and working in Boston with all the AGD delegates from different states was inspiring and a great learning experience and I was able to develop an understanding of how the AGD works on a national level. It was invigorating to see so many dentists who are passionate about the dental profession and willing to take the time and energy to solve problems at a state and national level. My favorite part of the trip to Boston was spending more time with the Oregon AGD board members that I had briefly gotten to know during regular board meetings. Throughout the trip each board member made me feel a part of the team and everyone was willing to answer any question that I had concerning the structure and organization of the AGD and how the OAGD is represented within the AGD. I feel that the AGD offers me the opportunity to develop relationships with dentists that truly care for their patients and seek to better themselves through involvement in continuing education and the AGD. It is clear to me that students are important to the board and they want to make sure that our voice is heard. In attending regular board meetings, I have been able to see first-hand the value this group of dentists places on life-long learning and the importance of creating a feeling of community and comradery between dentists. I am inspired by the quality of dentists that are involved in the Oregon AGD and I am excited to continue my involvement after dental school.

6 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

OAGD Delegation Travels to Boston OAGD sent a delegation to the 2016 House of Delegates Meeting in Boston, MA, including Board Members Dr. Ravishankar Sinha, Dr. Larry Franz, Dr. Frances Sunseri, Dr. Ryan Voge, Dr. Bill Jordan, Dr. Heather Weber, Board Advisor Dr. Kimberly Wright, Student Representative Nic Ferguson and OAGD Executive Director, Laura Seurynck. Oregon is in AGD’s Region 11 and all of the Region’s 13 delegates, alternate delegates and student representatives were led by Region 11’s current Regional Director (OAGD’s current President) Dr. Ravishankar Sinha. Together they caucused to build understanding and consensus around a variety of issues related to AGD leadership elections, awards, recognitions and association policies. In addition to contributing to the development of important policies, this event is an opportunity for Oregon AGD members to advance their understanding of the national organization and build leadership skills. In addition, to Dr. Sinha’s role as a leader in the region, Dr. Kimberly Wright serves on the National AGD Dental Education Council. She assumed this role in 2014 after serving on the National AGD PACE Council. Oregon AGD is fortunate to have leaders such as these advancing the interests of general dentists.

Oregon Dentists, with AGD Region 11 colleagues in Boston MA July 2016.

For more information about OAGD and our course offerings, visit our website at 7

Oregon’s New Mastership and Fellowship Awardees Gerald Kennedy, DMD, MAGD Dr. Kennedy states that, “The accomplishments in my life of which I am most proud usually require the greatest effort; achieving my Mastership Award is one of those moments!” His commitment to the dental profession and lifelong learning have earned him the highest of AGD awards. He believes that achieving his Mastership, which requires 1100 credit hours, 400 of which were hands-on courses, allows him to offer his patients new services and the best possible treatments. Dr. Kennedy graduated from OHSU SOD in 1991, graduated from the prestigious Kois Center in Seattle in 2009 and achieved his Fellowship award in 2011. While pursuing his Mastership he was also rewarded with many opportunities to travel and meet colleagues from around the country.

Roman Alexandroff, DMD, FAGD Dr. Alexandroff became an AGD member immediately out of dental school and set his goal to earn the Fellowship award very early. This provided him a framework to continue his education and ensure the realization of his long-term goal of achieving excellence in the profession. Dr. Alexandroff graduated from OSU in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science, then received his doctorate from OHSU School of Dentistry in 2007. He practiced for several years in Reno, Nevada, with his wife Dr. Christina Alexandroff,, prior to establishing a practice with her in Seaside, OR in 2009. Together they opened a second office in Astoria in 2012 and are currently building a new office in Warrenton with plans to combine both offices in one central area. Dentistry is Dr. Alexandroff’s passion but outside of dentistry, he enjoys spending time with his wife 11-month-old daughter and two golden retrievers.

Region 11 Mastership and Fellowship Awardees

Top Left to Right: Dr. Scott Waletzo, Dr. Herbert Edwards, Dr. James Cunnington, Dr. Josh Walker, Dr. Jaci Jensen, Dr. Bob DiGiorgio, Dr. Joe Sepe, Dr. Philip Harper & Dr. Gerald Kennedy

Bottom Left to Right: Dr. AnnMarie Giddings, Dr. Melissa Haidu, Dr. Lance Timmerman, Dr. Tim Lawhorn & Dr. Kimlea Sara Medlin

8 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

 

 

For more information about OAGD and our course offerings, visit our website at 9

Spring Break: Complex Prosthodontics The aim of this course is to enhance the general dentist’s skills in prosthodontic treatment planning and complex prosthetic rehabilitation. Date: Saturday - Sunday, March 25 - 26, 2017

Time: Sat. 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Sun. 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Credits: 12 Lecture Credits

Tuition: $695 AGD $825 Non-AGD

From the initial interview with the patient to the delivery appointment, this course will focus in the critical aspects that need to be addressed in order to fulfill both the patient’s and the clinician’s esthetic and functional goals. Course Objectives: • Reinforce key prosthodontic concepts to be utilized when treatment planning complex cases • Review classic and current evidence available to make successful treatment decisions for the everyday patient • Get familiarized with new technology and its impact in daily practice • Recognize potential challenges and limitations which warrant a referral to a specialist

Instructor: Dr. Jorge Garaicoa

Location: Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel 500 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

10 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

To register online visit

To contact us call 503.228.6266 Email

Difficult Extractions for the General Dentist Many extractions look easy on a radiograph but can quickly become difficult, time consuming, and lead to a variety of complications. Build your confidence by learning the newest and best techniques for surgical extractions while conserving bone for future implant or bridge placement. The course emphasis is on exodontia, including both difficult and third molar extractions and the prevention/management of complications, but also covers dento-alveolar procedures.

Date: Wednesday - Saturday, May 10-13, 2017

Time & Location: Clark College

Session Days 1-2: Participants will practice procedures on life-like dentoform models specially designed by Dr. Koerner. Session Days 3-4: Participants will perform up to two procedures on live patients and discuss case presentations.

Vancouver, WA

Wednesday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM Mt. Hood Comm. College Gresham, OR

Course Objectives:

Friday- Saturday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Credits: 30 Participation Credits

Tuition: $3,550

Instructor: Dr. Karl Koerner

• Quickly and easily perform surgical extractions • Learn to prevent and/or manage complications that might occur during oral surgery procedures such as bleeding or sinus exposure • Identify easy cases you can do and more difficult ones which will require referralpractice • Recognize potential challenges and limitations which warrant a referral to a specialist

To register online visit

To contact us call 503.228.6266 Email

For more information about OAGD and our course offerings, visit our website at 11

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Basics and Interpretation Date: Saturday, May 06, 2017

Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Credits: 7 Lecture Credits

Tuition: $295 AGD $385 Non-AGD

Instructor: Dr. Shikha Rathi

Location: Club NW 2160 NW Vine St. Grants Pass, OR 97526

12 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

Recent advancements in cone beam technology have resulted in much greater utilization of CBCT scanners as a diagnostic and treatment planning tool. This interactive course* will give participants a chance to explore CBCT software while reviewing different case studies. The course will include an overview of the basic principles of CBCT imaging and its various applications in dentistry. It will also include instruction how to use 3D volume data and data manipulation for anatomy and pathology. *Participants are required to bring a laptop to the course; as a CBCT viewer and a scan will be provided for analysis.

Course Objectives: • Understand fundamentals of 3D imaging, operational parameters, and radiation dosimetry • Become familiar with a systematic approach to reviewing anatomical data in cone beam 3D scans • Be able to manipulate scan data to visualize CBCT images and select appropriate methods of visualization • Develop an interpretation strategy and enhance proficiency in utilization of 3-D volumetric imaging for the various applications in dentistry

To register online visit

To contact us call 503.228.6266 Email

OAGD no Longer Administering OHSU SOD CE Department Oregon Academy of General Dentistry and Oregon Health Science University School of Dentistry (OHSU SOD), Continuing Education Department Administration Press Release: The Oregon Academy of General Dentistry (OAGD) and the Oregon Health Science University School of Dentistry (OHSU SOD) announced this spring a change in the administrative structure of OHSU SOD’s CE Department. Since July 1st, 2016, OHSU SOD has re-assumed responsibility for administration of the CE Department. This plan will allow OHSU SOD to access administrative efficiencies available to them in the new facility and in general, will ensure the sustainability of the CE Department allowing Oregon Dentists to continue to access high quality continuing education. OAGD and OHSU SOD signed a “Venture Agreement” in 2012 that identified OAGD as the administers of the OHSU SOD CE Department. OAGD led the department through the move to the new dental school in the Skourtes Tower of the Collaborative Health Sciences Building and through the transition to the new current SOD administration. Dr. Ravishankar Sinha, President of OAGD and Dr. Philip Marucha, Dean of OHSU’s SOD are committed to a strong collaboration moving forward that will ensure continuity in both OAGD’s CE and OHSU SOD’s curriculums. OAGD and OHSU SOD are both committed to serving the profession by continuing to provide the highest quality continuing dental education.

Taking a Bite Out of Fraud Christopher Kane, Pacific Continental Bank

As most who practice today

Online Banking: The ability to view transactions in real

know, dentistry – like every other

time, place stop payments on accounts and receive

aspect of modern life – has been

transaction alerts can be a strong firewall to fraud.

transformed by technology. Electronic records have long

network for financial transactions in the United States

replaced paper files, and most

reduces the chance of check fraud, as lost and stolen

dentists I do business with are

checks are eliminated.

more apt to carry a smartphone than a pencil or pen. Indeed, the advent of records and billing software and programs has made the process of running a dental practice light-years more convenient than the old days. But that convenience and access does present some risks that all dentists should be aware of and take steps to prevent. Quite simply, dentists today have to be just as cognizant of fraud and electronic theft prevention as they do about the latest advances in medical

Automated Clearing House (ACH): This electronic

Remote Deposit: Technology that allows users to scan checks from their desktop and present an electronic version to their bank for deposit without the security risk of paper checks getting lost or stolen.

By using technology to protect your practice, you greatly increase your ability to continue to provide that care into the future.

technology. Here are a few services that can help.

For more information about OAGD and our course offerings, visit our website at 13

OAGD Board Met to Strategize for the Future This past May, OAGD’s full board met to plan the organization’s direction for the coming years. Three strategic focus areas were identified:

1. OAGD’s Membership committee will focus on ensuring that membership in Oregon continues to serve dentists who are lifelong learners looking for professional comradery.

2. Financial plans include reassessing organizational priorities as we adapt to an ever-changing context in the field of dentistry.

3. OAGD seeks to expand outreach and community partnerships to ensure that we are relevant to all regions of the state and professional settings.

Pediatric Dentistry - The Hidden Jewel of Our Profession Dr. Gregory Psaltis - First Published in Dental Economics

When fellow dentists discover that I am a pediatric specialist,

is one simple tenet: we believe each child should have an

it is not unusual for them to express either amazement,

ideal visit each time he comes to see us. When the mindset

pity, or at times, incredible gratitude that I “do what I do.” I

is positive and the operators’ belief system is based on the

always marvel at the misconceptions about my specialty and

conviction that the outcome for the patient will be both

find amusement in the usual image that it evokes for other

successful and safe, treatment of the young patient becomes

dentists—a day full of out of control screaming monsters,

not only simple, but also gratifying far beyond the remarkable

vomiting and struggling from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. According

fiscal rewards that accompany the care.

to the feedback I hear from my peers, it’s as if they view pediatric dentistry as a neverending wrestling match with alligators in piranha-infested waters! This couldn’t be farther from the reality of working with children. In fact, most visitors that come to observe my practice invariably comment on the calmness of the office, in spite of 50 or so patients being seen in a normal, non-hectic way. Of course it helps to have a team of talented professionals—both assistants and a restorative hygienist. My Team consists of 15 women who make my job remarkably easy. However, the cornerstone of the practice

14 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

To be certain, there are “tricks” of the trade, but if that first essential piece is not firmly entrenched in the mindset of the providers, there is no way for “cute” terminology, reasonable treatment planning, judicious sedation or distraction techniques to overcome the negative assumption that “children are a problem.” In my experience, I have found that children, who usually don’t have any expectations, are far easier to treat than adults, who have often made up their minds about dentistry, how they relate to it, whether or not

it will be “painful,”

There is an enormous

and a myriad of

range of thought

other attitudes. By

on this topic, but it

capturing a child in

is my opinion that

an unbiased state, we

the “misbehaving”

can create a positive

parent (that is, the

first experience

one who causes

and thereby set the

more problems

tone for all future

than solutions) is

dental visits. This

behaviorially similar

is a function of the

to the child—they

doctor’s attitude, plus

simply don’t know

appropriate use of

what is expected

skills that will enable

of them unless

all parties to have a

told. With the legal

mutually fulfilling and

atmosphere being

successful visit.

as it is these days and parenting

It is beyond the


scope of this article

spanning such

to enumerate all the facets of behavior management of a

a broad range of possibilities, it is my belief that having

child patient, but the elements that I feel are critical to the

informed parents present is safer for the practitioner.

successful presentation of dental care to a young child are as follows:

1. Ask the parents for their support of the practice’s terminology

1. Use terminology that is age appropriate and positive. 2. Explain everything.

2. Advise the parents to NOT prepare the child for the restorative visit.

3. Focus on what is going well. 4. Keep appointments short.

3. Be realistic about your expectations about the child’s next visit. Obviously there are many tools that facilitate a successful

5. Avoid pain.

pediatric dental appointment. I have found that placing my focus on the behaviorial side of dentistry has provided as

6. Rubber dams are routine.

much satisfaction for me as the purely technical part.

It goes without saying that one of the more controversial aspects of pediatric dentistry has to do with the parents.

Gregory L. Psaltis, DDS Dr. Greg Psaltis received his bachelor of arts degree from Stanford University and then continued his education at the University of California, San Francisco for both his dental degree and his pediatric specialty training. Following the completion of his training, he served three years in the U.S. Navy as a pediatric dentist. Dr. Psaltis is a speaker on the dental CE circuit, having now spoken at more than 200 meetings and having given over 500 presentations. The lectures have taken him all over the United States and he has spoken internationally in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Kuwait, Russia and Moscow. The much of the material he teaches is based on the philosophy and principles established in his thriving pediatric practice.

For more information about OAGD and our course offerings, visit our website at 15

8 Dangerous Myths About Link Building for SEO Amber Vaughn, SEO Specialist, Legwork,

Search Engine Optimization Businesses of every kind find themselves competing in a crowded marketplace, looking for compelling ways to stand out. Dental practices face the same struggle for elbow room on the search engines as an online retailer does. So every entrepreneur must arm themselves with a unified strategy that keeps them from getting buried beyond the eyes of impatient consumers. Link building fits into an overall game plan to rise to the top of online searches. If link building goes right, it gives a vital boost to your place on a search page. But if it gets done wrong, all your other efforts end up undermined. And like everything else, there’s plenty of misinformation about link building. Let’s take a closer look at 8 myths you must get right for your site’s SEO vitality:

1) Never get links from sites with a lower Domain Authority.

ways of building directory links with popular and legitimate directory sites.

3) Don't get links too fast. There have been numerous tests by companies such as Moz to see if a large number of links acquired in a short period has a negative effect on SEO. There has been no evidence to say this is true. However, a significant number of low-quality links, like the ones mentioned above, will flag Google to take a closer look at your site. Upon further inspection, Google may give you a penalty due to spammy linking. Again, this is a way for Google to spot those "black hat" SEO tactics that used to work but result in poor search engine results. In short, it's ok to acquire a lot of good quality links in a short amount of time.

4) Don't link out to other sites or you will lose link equity.

It’s important to look at websites with high-quality content and not just high domain authority when requesting and building links to your website. Higher quality sites will often have higher domain authority, but it’s also important not to rule out a brand new website that is linking to your site just because they are new. Many times these are editorial links which are just as important. We’ll discuss those in a minute.

This idea was based on the notion that a page inherently had a certain amount of authority. And the more links going to other sites the more this page authority was distributed to other sites. Think of it like a pie. If you give away all the slices of your pie (or links), then you have no pie. As Rand from Moz once said, "This is crap," and now I need some pie...

2) Never get links from any directories.

5) Variations in anchor texts should be kept to precise proportions.

Directory links can be useful resources for backlinks to your website. Sometimes newspapers or Chambers of Commerce will have unofficial directories that can also link to your site. Those are helpful links. Staying away from paid links from sketchy websites is important. We have all seen those directory sites that look like just a bunch of spam links. Paid services such as Yext, MozLocal, or Bright Local are all good

16 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

SEOs used to think that links needed to be X number of characters and there could only be so many variations. This isn’t true. However, it’s a good rule of thumb to create descriptive anchor texts such as "Click here to learn more about Legwork software" instead of just "Click here."

6) Never ask for a link directly or you'll risk a penalty.

8) Links from non-relevant sites outside your niche industry won't help your rank.

It's really ok to ask people to link to your site. It's not ok to manipulate people into linking to your site by sending them threatening emails or offering rewards for linking. For example, if someone has mentioned you on their website or used your logo and forgot to link it to your website, ask them to fix it. Just be nice. There are a lot of mutual benefits to linking to each other's websites.

7) More than one link from the same domain is useless.

This one is definitely not true. A good quality link from a high-quality source will always help. The links that you may build outside your niche may actually be more valuable than industry related links. An example of this type of link is the coffee shop that had a good experience with their tech company and decided to publish a blog post about it. They may not be an authority about anything IT related, but they are talking about your company and providing wider exposure. These links are hard to get, which means that they are also hard for your competitors to get too. That rarity makes them valuable.

It’s true that a wider variety of domains linking to your site provides a larger benefit (i.e. 1 link from 100 domains vs. 100 links from 1 domain). But it still doesn't hurt to have a lot of links from one domain. More links from a single domain mean more potential traffic to your website. More traffic results in more exposure, higher SEO rankings, and hopefully, more conversions.

The rules of the SEO game continue to change, creating a moving target that takes diligence to follow. Link-building done properly fits into the marketing puzzle and helps strengthen your branding efforts, boosting your search engine results. Combined with unique content and other essential and consistent actions, your practice can elbow to the front of the pack!

To learn more about Legwork visit:

Don’t Miss Bernie Taylor Pub Night! Thursday, February, 2017 6:30-8:30 PM Lucky Lab Multnomah Village Come and join your colleagues for a great CE course and socializing with light food and drink to honor the former OAGD Founding Director, Bernie Taylor. Bernie was the Executive Director of Oregon AGD for nearly 40 years; undeniably, a legend in the history of continuing education, not only in Oregon but in AGD nationwide. She was a pillar of OAGD since its inception in 1969. She will be remembered for her kind heart, inspiring spirit, infectious laughter and the ability to make everyone feel special. Here are some of Bernie’s rules of life. Choose a restaurant by its dessert menu! Take what you do seriously, but not yourself! Always do the right thing. Dr. Carmem Pfeifer will present on the recent developments in nonmethacrylate matrix research and the future of composite materials. This course will focus on the progress of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, which is working to develop a new organic matrix for dental composites and has awarded six grants to different universities nationwide. Dr. Pfeifer will discuss both the history and future of composite materials and how to optimize your results! For more information, see our website at: Bernie Taylor with her Husband Vance Taylor

For more information about OAGD and our course offerings, visit our website at 17

OAGD 2016-2017 Continuing Dental Education Courses Course Name




A Closer Look at Monolithic Restorations

Dr. Lou Graham

September 17, 2016

Lodge at Otter Crest Otter Rock, Oregon

OAGD Annual Meeting: Implant Symposium

Dr. Samy, Dr. Cary, Dr. Miller, Dr. McAllister, & Dr. Eshraghi

October 1, 2016

Sheraton PDX Hotel Portland, Oregon

Implant Training for the Dental Auxiliary

Robyn Boren & Linda Geyer October 1, 2016

Sheraton PDX Hotel Portland, Oregon

Implants for the General Dentist

Dr. Brad McAllister & Dr. Eshraghi

Six Saturday Sessions Begins October 22, 2016

OHSU School of Dentistry Portland, Oregon

Pediatric Dentistry for the General Dentist

Dr. Gregory Psaltis

October 28-29, 2016

OHSU School of Dentistry Portland, Oregon

Comprehensive Training in Parenteral Moderate Sedation- Winter

Dr. Kenneth Reed

January 12-15, 2017, February 9-12, 2017, March 16-19, 2017

Embassy Suites Las Vegas, Nevada & OHSU Portland, Oregon

Bernie Taylor Brew Pub Night

Dr. Carmem Pfeifer

February 2, 2016

Lucky Lab Brewery Portland, OR

Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry: Howard Memorial Lecture and Student Competition

Dr. Hugh Flax

March 11, 2017

Oregon Medical Assoc. Portland, Oregon

Spring Break: Complex Prosthodontics

Dr. Jorge Garaicoa

March 25-26, 2017

Shorebreak Hotel Huntington Beach, CA

CBCT Basics and Interpretation

Dr. Shikha Rathi

May 6, 2017

Club Northwest Grants Pass, OR

Difficult Extractions for the General Dentist

Dr. Karl Koerner

May 10-13, 2017

Portland, Oregon

To register online visit 18 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

To contact us call 503.228.6266 Email

You are invited to join Dr. John Tucker and 
 Region 11 Academy of General Dentistry for:



DESTINATION: Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas through Alaska!

An Educational Symposium for Dentists and Their Teams! COME CRUISE to ALASKA while learning dental sleep medicine from the industry leaders! 
 7/28 - 8/4, 2017 SIGN UP TODAY: 800-422-0711— registrar@ContinuingEducation.NET Course Description: 20 Continuing Education Credits
 SUBJECT CODE: 162 (Lecture & Participation)

• Screening for Obstructive Sleep 
 Apnea in the Dental Practice • How Does Oral Appliance Therapy
 Help Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea? • Oral Appliance Designs and Fabrication • Implementation of Systems, Office Flow
 and Integration Into Your Practice • Documentation, Medical Billing and
 Reimbursement for the Dental Practice

CE Tuition: (Not Included with Cruise Price)

Cruise Ship:

Non-AGD Dentist: $1395

Cruise Pricing: 

AGD Member Dentist: $995

AGD Member Dentist Staff with DDS: $395

Interior room (L): $1,176.26

Registration: (Course & Cruise)

Ocean View (H): $1,676.26

• How to Master Case Presentations • How to Handle Patient Objections

Balcony over Ocean (D1): $2,106.26

Junior Suites w/ Balcony over ocean: $2,426.26 FOR MORE INFO: Region11Cruise

Faculty: Dr. John H. Tucker Diplomat American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Tucker maintains a private practice in Erie, PA. Dr. Tucker has a special interest in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and has been actively treating patients for the past ten years. He is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Participants Will Learn:

• How to Bill Medical Insurance & Get Paid
 • An Efficient Scheduling Protocol

Balcony over Ocean (E3): $2,026


• Building Dental Sleep Teams for Success

• How to Communicate with Physicians

Ocean View (I): $1,626.2

800-422-0711 AND

• Communicating with Physicians and
 Sleep Laboratories

• How to Select an Oral Appliance

(based on double occupancy)

Non-AGD Dentist Staff with DDS: $795

• Marketing Your Dental Sleep
 Medicine Practice

• How to Build and Maintain a Solid 
 Dental Sleep Medicine Practice

Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas

Cruise Port: 
 Seattle, WA

Nearest Airport to Cruise Port: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Course Days/Times at Sea: Sat., July 29: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Sun., July 30: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM Wed., Aug. 2: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Cruise Itinerary: DAY


Fri., July 28 Sat., July 29 Sun., July 30 Sun., July 30 Mon., July 31 Tues., Aug 1 Wed., Aug 2 Thurs., Aug 3 Fri., Aug 4

Seattle, WA At Sea Alaska Inside Passage Juneau, Alaska Skagway, Alaska Tracy Arm Fjord At Sea Victoria, BC Seattle, WA



7am 12 Noon 12 Noon 9pm 7am 8:30pm 7am 12pm 9am 6pm 9am 6pm 6am

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AGD Region 11 Continuing Dental Education Courses & Events 2016 October 7-9

“Dental Sleep Training”, Dr. John Tucker

Washington AGD

October 7-9

“WAGD Membership Appreciation & Oral Cancer Awareness Gala

Washington AGD

October 21

“Business Side of Dentistry” Toby Daniels, Dental Wealth (Spokane)


October 22

“Implants for the General Dentist”, Drs. Brad McAllister & Thomas Eshraghi

Oregon AGD

October 28-29

“Pediatric Dentistry for the General Dentist”, Dr. Gregory Psaltis

Oregon AGD

November 3

“The Magic of Composites, Dr. Paresh Shah

Washington AGD

November 4

“Implants for the General Dentist”, Drs. Brad McAllister & Thomas Eshraghi

Washington AGD

November 5

“Biospy Techniques, What, Where & How, Dr. Jasit Dillon

Washington AGD

December 2

“Roundtable with the Specialists” Treatment Planning Membership Course

Washington AGD

December 15

Washington AGD Membership Party “Seahawks/Rams Game”

Washington AGD

January 12-15

“Comprehensive Training in Parenteral Moderate Sedation”, Dr. Ken Reed

Oregon AGD

January 19

“Fear and Loathing in the Dental Chair” Dr. Fred Quarnstrom

Washington AGD

January 20

“Medical Billing for the GP, Dr. Chris Farrugia

Washington AGD

January 21

“Marijuana “What it is & How it Works, Dr. Carsten

Washington AGD

January 21

“Medical Billing for the GP, Dr. Chris Farrugia

Washington AGD

February 2

“Bernie Taylor Pub Night; Evolution of Composites”, Dr. Carmen Pfeifer

Oregon AGD

February 9-12

“Comprehensive Training in Parenteral Moderate Sedation”, Dr. Ken Reed

Oregon AGD

March 11

“Howard Memorial Lecture and Student Competition” Dr. Hugh Flax

Oregon AGD

March 17 & 18

“Oral Surgery for the GP”, Dr. Karl Koerner


March 16-19

“Comprehensive Parenteral Moderate Sedation- Clinic”, Dr. Reed

Oregon AGD

March 18-19

“Spring Break; Complex Prosthodontics” Huntington Beach, CA, Dr. Jorge Garaicoa

Oregon AGD

April 20

“Neurotoxin Therapies for the Dentist”, Dr. Tim Hess

Washington AGD

April 21

“Pontic Site Enhancement, Dr. Steve Rasner

Washington AGD

April 22

“Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Dr. Mark Donaldson

Washington AGD

April 22

“Neurotoxin Therapies for the Dentist”, Dr. Tim Hess

Washington AGD

May 6

CBCT Interpretation, Grants Pass, Dr. Shikha Rathi

Oregon AGD

May 10-13

“Difficult Extractions for the General Dentist”, Dr. Karl Koerner

Oregon AGD

July 12-15

AGD Annual Meeting (Las Vegas)



July 28-August 4 “Dental Sleep Training”, CE at Sea” 7 Night Alaska Cruise

Region 11 AGD

September 21-24 “Washington AGD MasterTrack”, (Seattle)

Washington AGD

October 6

Washington AGD

“Washington AGD Membership Appreciation Gala” (Seattle)

November 16-19 “Washington AGD MasterTrack”, (Seattle)

Washington AGD

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2016 AGD Membership Application

Referral Information If you were referred to the AGD by a current member, please note his or her information below:

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Do you currently hold a valid dental license in your country of practice? q No q Yes: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ License number State/province Country Date renewed (mm/yyyy) Type of membership (See back page for definitions.): (Check one.) q Active general dentist q Associate (dental specialist) q Resident q Dental student q Affiliate If you are not in general practice, please indicate your specialty: _______________________________ Current dental practice environment: (Check one.) q Solo q Associateship q Group practice q Hospital q Resident q Corporate q Other____________________________ q Faculty _________________________________________________________________ Please indicate institution

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Are you a graduate of (or resident in) an accredited* U.S. or Canadian postdoctoral program? q Yes q No q Currently enrolled Type: q AEGD q GPR q Other ________________________ *See back of form.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Postdoctoral institution State/province Country Start date (mm/dd/yyyy) End date (mm/dd/yyyy)

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Puerto Rico

q Active General International (in Canadian dollars) Dentist ..................... $386 ..................$427 ................ $324 q Associate ..................... 386 ....................427 .................. 324 q Affiliate ....................... 193 ....................214 .................. 162 q Resident ....................... 77 ......................86 .................... 65 q 2015 Graduate ............. 77 ......................86 .................... 65 q 2014 Graduate ........... 154 ....................171 .................. 130 q 2013 Graduate ........... 231 ....................256 .................. 194 q 2012 Graduate ........... 308 ....................341 .................. 259 q Dental Student .............. 17 ......................22 .................... 17

q Check (enclosed) q Visa q MasterCard

q American Express

Note: Payments for Canadian members can only be accepted via Visa, MasterCard, or check.



Expiration date (mm/yyyy) Please print name as it appears on the card. I hereby certify that all of the above information is correct, and that by signing this application agree to all terms of membership, including completion of 75 hours of continuing education every three years for active general dentist and associate members.

1. AGD Headquarters Dues: ............................. _________ 2. AGD Constituent Dues: ............................... _________ Please refer to back side for constituent dues.

Total Amount Enclosed: ............................. _________



Return this application with your payment to: Academy of General Dentistry, 560 W. Lake St., Sixth Floor, Chicago, IL 60661-6600, USA.

If paying credit card, fax to 312.335.3443. Dues rates effective through Sept. 30, 2016. For more information about OAGD andbyour course offerings, visit our website at





$149 A MONTH

Includes 30 day free trial. No contract. No set up fee.

Legwork Software Features Include: Every feature you are used to from Lighthouse, Solution Reach or Demand Force PLUS…. A comprehensive review technology that gets you reviews where they matter - Google Facebook & Yelp.

Unscheduled treatment follow-ups designed to significantly increase treatment acceptance.

A fully automated referral program that has shown to increase referrals by as much as 50%.

Valuable reports to help you set goals and increase results in the area of new patients, referrals, recall and reactivation.

Monthly newsletter campaign program designed to educate patients on additional services you offer.

Starting at $149 a month.

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22 OAGD Newsletter | October 2016

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