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—The First 5 Years

Le Guess Who? Le Guess Who? —The First 5 Years

Le Guess Who? festival Utrecht, 2007 - 2011

The idea for Le Guess Who? was born in the spring of 2007, as a result of the shared fascination of bookers Johan Gijsen (Tivoli) and Bob van Heur (Distorted Channel) for the unique pop music scene in Montréal,Canada. During two days in late 2007,Utrecht pop venue Tivoli reflected Montréal’s groundbreaking pop music environment that flourished on the other side of the Atlantic. In the following years, the festival expanded in size, with more artists and venues added to the program. With a focus on worldwide “artistic and groundbreaking pop music”, Le Guess Who? abandoned its commitment to the borders of Montréal and Canada. The festival brought the Congelese group of street musicians, Staff Benda Bilili, for the first time to a Dutch audience in 2009. Swedish singer-songwriter The Tallest Man On Earth concluded the festival in 2010 for a sold-out -and astounded- Tivoli Oudegracht. The 2011 edition saw the Dutch debut of Animal Collective-founder and influential experimentalist Panda Bear. Additionally, Le Guess Who? provides a platform for local, national and international Le Guess Who?-like initiatives. From 3VOOR12’s superb video sessions at the Neudeflat to the “Utrecht Indie Route“, taking you to the finest places in the city, organized by Utrecht platform Shaky Maracas. Under the name of ‘Le Mini Who?’ several Utrecht entrepreneurs were involved in the festival in 2011, resulting in freely accessible music and art performances in various shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants. Furthermore, the festival includes related artforms. Examples vary from a photo exhibition by three young upcoming pop photographers and a lecture on British Folk by Scottish artist Alasdair Roberts, to building stringed instruments with Yuri Landman and the visually mind2

blowing Secret Project A/V System art experiment. Over the years, Le Guess Who? has become an international music festival where inspiring encounters take place for both artists and audiences. For four days Utrecht is a magnet for young, creative people from all over the world. To the public Le Guess Who? is the centre for innovative pop music; for artists and partners (organizations, individuals and locations) a plat-form in which they can communicate their ideas to a broader audience. The organization is extremely proud of what the festival has become internationally in these first five years. We are looking forward to what the future has to bring. Johan Gijsen & Bob van Heur














Design: Kimberley sp


IssA AuF der MAur a sneak peak “out oF our MINDs� MAdM

tA | Beach house | Jana hunter | the stills | Land of talk | Dragons of Zynth

k About Life | torngat | elfin saddle | telepathe | cryptopsy | Fred eaglesmith

mont | hayden | Pan/tone | the Mole | Beneath the Massacre | shalabi effect

e stelmanis | Pas chic chic | Art exposition by Jack Dylan & more tBA!

Le guess who? 2008 Pop underground & Beyond 27-30 Nov, utrecht Passepartout 20,For presale, directions, locations & more details www.leguesswho.com or www.tivoli.nl




A PlAce TO Bury sTrAngers TweAk The dOdOs lighTning dusT The shAky hAnds deer BAsiA BulAT MOlinA/JOhnsOn AlexAnder Tu Thus:Owls

PATrick wATsOn And The wOOden ArMs AudiOTrAns

six OrgAns Of AdMiTTAnce g sTAff BendA Bilili wAvves POirier fT Mc Zulu MAle BO rylAnd BOuchArd The cAve singers BiBiO eArly dAy M The very BesT evAn dAndO frOM The leMOnh wild BeAsTs crysTAl fighTers Tv BuddhAs fucke BirThdAy suiTs MegAfAun dOriAn cOncePT MicAh P. williAM fiTZsiMMOns f.s. BluMM huOrATrOn sAin TOny dekker (greAT lAke swiMMers) The field B. fleischM

Aa (Big A, liTTle a)

& MOre TO Be AnnOunced!

Ontwerp: Kimberley Spreeuwenberg

The TrAgicAlly hiP nice nice

Le Gues 26 - 30 No WWW.LeG


r Tick


k Bird



gAlA drOP




ed uP hinsOn

nT AlviA


ss Who? Festival ov 2009 utrecht GuessWho.com


Tivoli Oudegracht @ Le Guess Who? 2010 —Juri Hiensch


— Evan Harris The Quietus, ENG

What distinguishes the festival is maybe“ not its affordability but the way such a substantial festival works in Utrecht’s tiny centre without overwhelming or being hermetically sealed from it. As a visitor, this is aided by LGW’s encouragement to couch surf: you interact with the community that aerates the soil that allows a festival like this to flourish ”




Tivoli Oudegracht @ Le Guess Who? 2011 —Juri Hiensch



Beach House (USA) Clues (CAN) Dragons Of Zynth (USA) Elfin Saddle (CAN) Elizabeth Anka Vajagic (CAN) Fairmont (CAN) Fred Eaglesmith (CAN) Hayden (CAN) Hrsta (CAN) Jana Hunter (USA) Katie Stelmanis (CAN) Land of Talk (CAN) MELISSA AUF dER MAUR (CAN) Pan/Tone (CAN) Pas Chic Chic (CAN) Shalabi Effect (CAN) Telepathe (USA) The Mole (CAN) The Stills (CAN) Think About Life (CAN) Torngat (CAN)



Artists 2007

Black Mountain (CAN) Caribou (CAN) Duchess Says (CAN) Hot Hot Heat (CAN) Julie Doiron (CAN) Lightning Dust (CAN) Miracle Fortress (CAN) Montag (CAN) MSTRKRFT (CAN) Thunderheist (CAN) Young Galaxy (CAN)

A Place To Bury Strangers (USA) Aa (Big A Little A) (USA) Alexander Tucker (UK) Audiotransparent (NL) Awkward I (NL) B. Fleischmann (AUT) Basia Bulat (CAN) Bibio (UK) Birthday Suits (USA) Box Elders (USA) Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club (ISR) Crystal Fighters (UK-SPA) Dead Confederate (USA) Deer Tick (USA) Dorian Concept (AUT) Early Day Miners (USA) El Pino & The Volunteers (NL) Evan Dando (the Lemonheads (USA) F.S. Blumm (GER) Freek Fabricius (NL) Fucked Up (CAN) Gala Drop (POR) Huoratron (FIN) Lightning Dust (CAN) Luke Abbott (UK) Male Bonding (UK) Megafaun (USA) Micah P. Hinson (USA) Moon & Sun (NL) nice nice (USA) Patrick Watson And The Wooden Arms (CAN) Pitto (NL) Poirier ft. MC Zulu (USA) Quasimodo (NL)


Ryland Bouchard (USA) Saint Alvia (CAN) Six Organs Of Admittance (USA) South San Gabriel (USA) Staff Benda Bilili (CON) The Dodos (USA) The Field & Band (SWE) The Shaky Hands (USA) The Tragically Hip (CAN) The Very Best(FRA-SWE-MAW) Thus:Owls (SWE) Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers) (CAN) TV Buddhas (ISR) Tweak Bird (USA) Wavves (USA) Wild Beasts (UK) William Fitzsimmons (USA)

Alasdair Roberts (UK) Astroposer (NL) Baths (USA) Beach House (USA) Black Breath (USA) Black Dice (USA) Boys Of Summer (NL) Born Ruffians (CAN) Broken Social Scene (CAN) Caribou (CAN) Cave (USA) Dam Mantle (UK) Demon’s Claws (CAN) The Desoto Caucus (USA) Dimlite (SWI) Eagle Boston (GER) Elephant Micah (USA) Eric Chenaux (CAN) Esben And The Witch (UK) Eskmo (USA) Fitz (IRE) Fehler (NL) FM Belfast (ICE) Francis (SWE) Freek Fabricius (NL) Ganglians (USA) Giant Sand (USA) Girl Unit (UK) Grasscut (UK) Growing (USA) Gyedublay Ambolley & The Ghana Funk Project (GHA) Haunted Cassette Tapes (NL) Idiot Glee (USA) Idiot Wind (SWE) James Blackshaw (UK)

Joost van Bellen & Sandeman (NL) Junip (SWE) Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat (BEL) Knalpot (NL) Lower Dens (USA) Luik (NL) Marnie Stern (USA) Menomena (USA) Mike Slott (IRE) Munch Munch (UK) Nikoo (NL) The One Ensemble ft. Daniel Padden (UK) Peter Broderick (USA) Pictureplane (USA) Pien Feith (NL) Pinch & Sgt. Pokes (UK) Quasimodo (NL) Saroos (GER) Scientist (JAM) Siskiyou (CAN) Sleepy Sun (USA) Sleigh Bells (USA) Small Black (USA) Smith Westerns (USA) Subtitle (USA) Swans (USA) The Greenhornes (USA) The Strange Boys (USA) The Tallest Man On Earth (SWE) Trembling Bells (UK) Trio Kazanchis (ETH) Truman’s Water (USA) Ty Segall (USA) Voice Of The Seven Thunders (UK) Wooden Shjips (USA)


030303 (NL) A Winged Victory For The Sullen (USA) Akron/Family (USA) Anika (UK-GER) April (NL) Art Melody (BUR) Author (UK) Babe Rainbow (CAN) Bachelorette (NZ-USA) Baconhead (UK) Bass Drum Of Death (USA) Bill Callahan (USA) Bo Ningen (JAP-UK) Boemklatsch Equalizer (NL) Braids (CAN) Brutuzz Cheveu (FRA) Com Truise (USA) Cosmo V (NL) Dan Haywood's New Hawks (UK) Dead Neanderthals (NL)

Doshy (GER) Eagulls (UK) Endless Boogie (USA) Fitz (IRE) Fool’s Gold (USA) Forest Fire (USA) Free The Robots (USA) Fruit Bats (USA) Gang Gang Dance (USA)

Gary War (USA) Givers (USA) Gross Magic (USA) Group Inerane (NIG) Holloys (USA) I Break Horses (SWE)

Iceage (DEN) John Maus (USA) Julien Mier (NL) Light Light (NL) Loops Haunt (UK) Low (USA) Marissa Nadler (USA) Marius (NL) Mugstar (UK) My Brightest Diamond (USA) Netherfriends (USA) Nisennenmondai (JAP) Nurses (USA) Okkervil River (USA) Om Unit (UK) Orchestra Of Spheres (USA) Other Lives (USA) Oy Division (ISR) Panda Bear (UK) Part Chimp (UK) Pinback (USA) Pink Mountaintops (CAN) Pursuit Grooves (USA) Quasimodo (NL) Rats On Rafts (NL) Richard Buckner (USA) Rocketnumbernine (UK)

Roll The Dice (SWE) Ryan Francesconi (USA) Shabazz Palaces (USA) Slugabed (UK) Snailhouse (CAN) Socalled (UK) Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks (USA) Still Corners (UK) Stranded Horse (FRA) Summer Camp (UK)

Suuns (CAN) Swearing At Motorists (USA) Tarwater (GER) The Besnard Lakes (CAN) The Cyborgs (ITA) The Devil’s Blood (NL) Zola Jesus (USA) Zomby (USA)


Thunderheist (CAN) — Merijn van Vliet

Caribou (CAN) —Kaj Hiensch


Hot Hot Heat (CAN) —Bart van Vliet


— Gerlin Heestermans Coincidental Happenings, BEL

It’s been the greatest festival I’ve ever been to. Utrecht is beautiful,“ everyone cruised around on bikes, there was a super relaxed atmosphere and the whole thing was very well organised ”

2008 Torngat (CAN) —Tim van Veen



— Frank Straver Trouw, NL

Both the variety in origin of the headliners as“ their excitingly high quality prove: Le Guess Who? has risen above itself ”

Think About Life (CAN) —Tim van Veen


2009 Evan Dando (USA) (The Lemonheads) —Juri Hiensch


Megafaun (USA) —Tim van Veen

F.S. Blumm (GER) —Juri Hiensch

The Dodos (USA) —Tim van Veen


Thus:Owls (SWE-CAN) —Arne Coomans


TV Buddhas (ISR) —Tom Roelofs


Tweak Bird (USA) —Tim van Veen


— Bart Nijman muziek.nl, NL

2010 Le Guess Who? has established itself in a few years“ as an indie festival of international standing. Fine, fine festival ”

Idiot Glee (UK) —Tim van Veen

Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat (BE) —Femke Jansen


Beach House (USA) —Juri Hiensch


Caribou (CAN) —Juri Hiensch

Peter Broderick (USA) —Juri Hiensch

The Tallest Man On Earth (USA) —Nick Helderman


— 78’s, SWI

Utrecht avancierte am vergangenen“ Wochenende zur Musikhauptstadt Hollands. Das Indoor-Festival Le Guess Who? überzeugte auf der ganzen Linie ”

Fucked Up (CAN) —Nick Helderman


2011 Panda Bear (USA) —Daniël de Borger



Iceage (DEN) —Victor Lundmark


— Gijsbert Kamer Volkskrant

Tivoli has stuck its neck out for four days and fully“ contributed to program their ideal festival ”

Marissa Nadler (USA) —Daniël de Borger


My Brightest Diamond (USA) —Daniël de Borger


— Josh Holliday Dots & Dashes, UK

An education in contemporary independent“ music worthy of enhancing any single life, condensed down into four mind-altering days ”

Orchestra of Spheres (ITA) —Juri Hiensch


Ryan Francesconi (USA) —Dorrit Boer

Roll The Dice (SWE) —Juri Hiensch


Gang Gang Dance (USA) —Daniël de Borger


Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks (USA) —Daniël de Borger


Group Inerane (NIG) —Juri Hiensch


— Aleid Wolfsen Mayor Utrecht

With the shining of its urbane, cosmopolitan light, this“ music festival reflects the intimacy of our old city’s youthful soul in the darkest time of the year ”

Suuns (USA) —Juri Hiensch



'Project Le Guess Who?' unique performance by 6 musicians


Movie preview "Out Of Our Minds" MELISSA AUF dER MAUR(CAN) Pre Party with Clues(CAN) Exhibition Music Photography 'Project Le Guess Who?' unique performance by 6 musicians Yuri Landman(NL) 'Moodswinger' workshops

Pre Party with Beach Fossils (USA) Club 3VOOR12/ Utrecht 'Hollandse Nieuwe' Yuri Landman (NL) 'Kalimba' and 'Home Swinger' workshops DJ Fitz(IRE) DOODcast Dutch psychedelica podcast Secret Project A/V System (USA)



And more... 2008

"The Art Of Music" exposition and masterclass by Jack Dylan (CAN)

Pre Party with Pure X (USA) and Sleep ∞ Over (USA) Le Guess Who? exclusive mixtapes bySuuns(CAN),Braids(CAN), Akron/Family(USA) a.o. Club 3VOOR12/ Utrecht 'Hollandse Nieuwe' Free mini-festival 'Le Mini Who?' Seeljocht collective

PLAY Pilot "Bandjesland"

Katoenfabriek/ Le Guess Who? tote bags

The Tapeworm Comes Alive!

'TheWorld Of VICE' documentary night

Awesome Tapes From Africa(USA)

Utrecht Indie Route

L’Interview Who? by Gijsbert Kamer (Volkskrant, NL)

Introductory lecture into the history of British folk music

3VOOR12 Neudeflat video sessions

'Burning' a live film about Mogwai (SCO) 3VOOR12 Neudeflat video sessions

'Just LikeYour Mom' Vegetarian & Vegan Catering 'The Impossible Project' analogue photography Couchsurfing facility via website 3VOOR12 Tivoli Spiegelbar video sessions

Kyteman (NL) @ Project Le Guess Who? Unique performance by 6 musicians: a.o. Simon Angell (Patrick Watson, CAN), Erika Alexandersson (Loney, Dear, SWE), Daniel Rose (C’Mon & Kypski, NL ) and Kyteman (NL). —Jorg Roosma

— Evelyne Côté Radio 3, CAN

As cliché as it may sound, the atmosphere onstage“ and backstage, as well as in the audience, was one of discovery, of stepping out of a comfort zone ”

2008 Exposition Jack Dylan (CAN): “The Art Of Music” Montréal show posters explored —Tim van Veen



— Victor Lundmark Femtjugo, SWE

The most interesting indie music the“ world right now has to offer ”

Simon Angell (Patrick Watson, CAN) @ Project Le Guess Who? —Jorg Roosma

Staff Benda Bilili (CON) @ 3VOOR12 Neudeflat Sessions —Tom Roelofs



2010 Exhibition Music Photography —Arne Cooman

Exhibition Music Photography: Nick Helderman (NL), Annie Hoogendoorn (NL) & Shawn Brackbill (USA) —Arne Cooman


Eric Chenaux (CAN) @ 3VOOR12 Neudeflat Sessions —Nick Helderman

PLAY Pilot: “Bandjesland”. Playfully experience culture. —Juri Hiensch


Introductory lecture into the history of British folk music with Alasdair Roberts (UK) and Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, UK) —Juri Hiensch

PLAY Pilot: “Bandjesland”. —Juri Hiensch

— Ivna Franic No Conclusion, CRO

We had a great time in Utrecht. And I’m not just“ saying that. Our lives changed for the better. ”

The Tapeworm Comes Alive: an evening curated by cassette-only label Tapeworm. —Juri Hiensch


Yuri Landman (NL) Workshop —Tim van Veen

Yuri Landman (NL) Workshop: Build your own instrument (thumb piano ‘Kalimba’ & twelve stringed table instrument ‘Home Swinger’) —Tim van Veen

Yuri Landman (NL) Workshop —Tim van Veen



Seeljocht: A collective of like-minded musicians and artists from Northern parts of Europe and America: Peter Broderick (USA), Nils Frahm (GER), Greg Haines (UK), Piiptsjilling (NL), Sytze Pruiksma (NL) and 33 1/3 (NL). —Roy Wolters

Anika (UK,GER) @ 3VOOR12 Spiegelbar Sessions —Gertjan van der Loo


Le Mini Who? —Harold van de Kade

Le Guess Who? and Utrecht based label Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck present, in collaboration with various shops and cafes in and around the Voorstraat, the free accessible mini-festival "Le Mini Who?". Bob Corn (ITA) @ Le Mini Who? —Jan Rijk


— Julia Ziembinska Deer With It, POL

Why is the festival with such an“ amazing line-up so little known? ”

Le Mini Who? —Jan Rijk

Swearing At Motorists (USA) @ Le Mini Who? —Harold van de Kade

Richard Buckner (USA) @ Le Mini Who? —Jan Rijk


Ryan Francesconi (USA) @ Le Mini Who? —Mirjam Tonnaer


3VOOR12 Utrecht

Enjoy good music and simultaneously walk through“ the marvellous city centre of Utrecht. ” —MirjamTonnaer

Le Mini Who? —Sacha van den Haak

Bass Drum Of Death (USA) @ Le Mini Who? —Gertjan van der Loo

Katoenfabriek @ Spiegelbar Production of Le Guess Who? tote bags —Juri Hiensch


Utrecht Indie Route —Mirjam Tonnaer

Utrecht Indie Route —Mirjam Tonnaer


To capture the special atmosphere of Le Guess Who? in 2011, we have asked photographer Nick Helderman to take polaroid photos during the festival. In collaboration with the Impossible team (Enschede, NL) who saved Polaroid production and analog instant photography from extinction and helped us getting the right films. —Nick Helderman



5 years Le Guess Who? Worldwide online exposure: Le Guess Who? website and blog

In 5 years, Le Guess Who? has developed from a two-day festival in Tivoli to an internationally acclaimed four-day music festival for artistic and groundbreaking pop music with several additional activities in the city of Utrecht and a growing number of foreign visitors. Le Guess Who? serves as a platform in which local, national and international entrepreneurs can communicate their ideas to a young and creative audience. In the following years we aim to continue and further improve this Le Guess Who? formula.



Total of Visitors

8000 5 Days

6000 5000

4 Days

4 Days

4000 3000 2000


3 Days 2 Days 2007





Total of Shows


100 80

4 Days


5 Days


4 Days

20 0

2 Days

3 Days







Le Team Who?

Creative directors Johan Gijsen & Bob Van Heur General manager Margriet van Kraats PR/Promotion Cas Boland, Yoni Drijfhout, Karlijn Profijt Artwork Kok Pistolet, www.kokpistolet.nl Cover photo Juri Hiensch Programming/production Gijs Cals, Thijs van der Krogt, Rinke Vreeke Printing Drukkerij Slinger, Alkmaar

Official Le Guess Who? 2011 video. Shot and edited by: Niels Bourgonje (Laundry Day)

3VOOR12 Tivoli Spiegelbar video sessions.


All partners & crew(2007-2011) 030303, 3VOOR12, Annie Hoogendoorn, Arlette de Jong, Arne Coomans, Bar Weinig,Bart van Vliet, Beep! Beep! Back Up The Truck, Belmont Bookings, Benjamin van Vliet, Boudewijn Rosenmuller, Bregje Wigersma, Daniël de Borger, Danka van Dodewaard, Dionne van Zijl, DJ Fitz, Dorrit Boer, DUM DUM, Dutchband, Eagerly Internet, Eat This Media!, Eduard Versteege, Erik Zwennes, Evelyne Côté, Femke Hansen, Flashfly, Friendly Fire, Gemeente Utrecht, Gijsbert Kamer, GONZO (circus), Gunther Barten, Harmen van der Hoek, Harold van de Kade, Het Hart, Ingmar Hugen, Jack Dylan, Jeroen Boekhorst, Jet Karelse, Jorg Roosma, Juri Hiensch, Just Like Your Mom Catering, Kafé België, Kaj Hiensch, Katoenfabriek, Kimberley Spreeuwenberg, Kimtessa Hill, KindaMuzik, Kink FM, Klijs & Boon, Klub Radar, KNG 56, Kytopia, Laag Catharijne, Lock & Load, Maarten Rovers, Martijn de Jong, Martijn Buser, Mary K Hotel, Matteo Moneta, Maurice van de Berkt,Medicode, Merijn van Vliet, Merlijn van der Kolk, Milou Laan, Mojo Concerts, Monobanda, Mood Elevator, NFPK, Nick Helderman, Nicolai Adolfs, Nienke Bodewes, Nienke Klein Langenhorst, Peter Boorsma, Patrick Watson, PAUME, Peter de Koster, Plato Utrecht, Play Pilots, Playlab, POP Montreal, Present Projects, Puha, Rinke Wils, Roy Wolters, Rumor, Shaky Maracas, Shawn Brackbill, Simon Angell, Subbacultcha, Sussies, Swipe, Sytse Wils, The Impossible Project, The Tapeworm, The Village Coffee & Music, Tim van Veen, Tom Roelofs, Toutpartout Agency, Triomf Producties,VICE, Victor Lundmark, VSB Fonds, Wijnbar VinVin, VPRO Dwars, Yuri Landman And last, but not least: All artists who played at Le Guess Who? and everyone else who helped and inspired us creating the festival. Le Guess Who? is a Tivoli & Distorted Channel production. For more info check www.leguesswho.nl


Le Guess Who? would like to thank

All locations (2007-2011) Tivoli Oudegracht, Tivoli de Helling, Tivoli Spiegelbar, EKKO, dB’s, ACU, RASA, Kargadoor, Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, Theater Kikker

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