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Utrecht Treasure Guide Le Guess Who? Festival 2017

9 - 12 November 2017

Utrecht, Netherlands


@ Juri Hiensch

Your guide to Utrecht city gems and all Le Guess Who? local events Le Mini Who?

Local shops & bars transformed into improvised venues for thirtyminute sets by (mainly) Dutch underground bands. It's like window shopping, but for bands. Saturday, 11 November. Find out more on page 12.

@ Melanie Marsman

Lombok Festival

Le Bazarre Wind your way through stalls of vintage, design, regional products, and graphic art at Neude Square. Saturday, 11 November.

@ Martijn van de Zuidwind

Our new satellite event highlighting this vibrantly diverse neighborhood: a food market at Moskeeplein, and music in 8 different locations in Lombok. Friday, 10 November. Find out more on page 8.

Welcome to Le Guess Who?’s yearly Utrecht Treasure Guide We’ve made this festival newspaper to offer you some guidance through our picturesque city: the beautiful setting in which we’re honored to host Le Guess Who? for the 11th time this year. In this Treasure Guide, you’ll find some recommended and exciting spots to visit during your stay in Utrecht. It’s only a small selection of all the things Utrecht has to offer, but hopefully it will provide a good starting point to go out and explore.

Photographer- Melanie Marsman

Besides these city gems, this newspaper will also guide you through Le Guess Who?’s local projects and Satellite Events. Some of which are free of entrance, like the very first edition of Lombok Festival, which takes place Friday, 10 November, in one of our city’s most vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhoods (see page 8), or Le Mini Who?, where we showcase the contemporary (Dutch) underground, in collaboration with independent local stores, shops and bars (page 12).

Abdel Karim Shaar

Photographer: Fabio Lugero

Le Guess Who? 2017

2017 marks the 11th time Le Guess Who? touches down in Utrecht. In 2007, when we were planning our first event – then a oneday festival in Tivoli Oudegracht, highlighting a new wave of Canadian acts – we never expected, or dreamed even, that Le Guess Who? would grow to what it is today: a festival that takes hold of the entire city, and celebrates a great diversity of sounds from all over the planet. Looking back though, there seems to be one constant in what we think is important, and what we feel is our mission. It’s to inspire our audience with new music, and new cultures. Simply put: we think people like a lot more music than they might be aware of, and we want to share all the good music out there that people might not experience otherwise. What about Abdel Karim Shaar: a legendary Lebanese singer, the last of his generation still performing the traditional Tarab repertoire, who will perform in Utrecht for just the second time outside his home country? Or Les Amazones d’Afrique, a super group of West-African musicians campaigning for gender equality? There’s the 93-year old Marshall Allen, as energetic as ever, leading the cosmic jazz collective Sun Ra Arkestra. tUnE-yArDs will bring an expressive mix of Afrobeat, R&B, and pure pop. In the Dom church, we present Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares: a Bulgarian women’s choir that originated in 1952. Zeal & Ardor will bring a mix black metal and gospel, and Ibaaku is a rising star from Senegal, who created a soundtrack of a sci-fi fashion show in the rush and tumult of Dakar’s streets and alleyways. And there’s much, much more to explore. Indeed, an inclusive program was a strong focus point for us this year. It’s a topic that we feel is very important in current times. Most of the artists we invite to be part of the festival, are the ones that have the urge to explore; the ones that are interested in crossing musical boundaries. Sounds difficult? Not at all. We just think that these artists might provide us with new thoughts and ideas, and these are artists are the ones driving new musical innovations; the artists that leave a lasting impact.

The city of Utrecht

Then again, discussing the program of Le Guess Who? is not what this Treasure Guide is about. If you want to explore the festival program, please pick up our program guide during the festival, or of course visit our website to find out what’s happening where and when exactly. So, why a Treasure Guide then? It’s because the city of Utrecht is important for us. It’s dear to us. It’s the most beautiful setting a festival organizer can wish for. The city has an open-minded and hospitable character. It’s what our international visitors notice as well. In 2016, 46% of the Le Guess Who? visitors came from abroad, and for them, the city of Utrecht is one of the most important factors adding a unique charm to the festival. It’s sometimes even an important reason for people to return.

and seeing their expressions and reactions was a joy. Sometimes, it gave them new insights into the ways how music can be made. Sometimes it reminded them of the artists they (or their parents) listen to at home. Sometimes, they didn’t understand the music at all, but still, they were interested in how the music was made, why, and by whom. The more we explained to them, the more they seemed intrigued. Indeed, people like a lot more music than they might be aware of.

That’s why we want to offer some more guidance to the people that are coming to the festival. We want to make their stay in the city as enjoyable as possible. It’s also why we host a Couchsurf platform every year. Here, festival visitors can get in touch with locals that are willing to offer their bed/sofa/floor to like-minded and open-minded music lovers; and it’s why we host free entrance events like Lombok Festival and Le Mini Who?. Other events that might spark your interest are Le Feast, where home-chefs in Utrecht transform their living room into a cozy restaurant; and Le Bazarre, a market with quality vintage, second hand and indie craft at Neude Square. Find out more on the following pages.

Social projects/behind the scenes

One of our local projects mainly happening behind the scenes, and also a very first this year, is our cooperation with local school X11. We’ve introduced our festival to the students from this graphic education, and also introduced some of our artists to them, including hip hop voyagers Shabazz Palaces, pop artist Perfume Genius, noise act Pharmakon, and Abdel Karim Shaar. For some of them, it’s the very first time they heard this type of music, and hearing


Based on their experiences with exploring the festival program, and getting to know these artists, these students are now creating their very own artworks expressing what they think is the message of the artist and the music.   Locals connections like these are important to us. We hope the impact of the festival will be stronger with this, and last longer. Eager to learn more? Flip the page, as we’re just getting started. We hope you have the best of times at our festival and in this beautiful city.

Rietveld Schröderhuis

Museums Utrecht has a nice variety of museums, displaying objects ranging from works by modern artist like Rietveld, to automatically playing music boxes. The most famous building, and worth a visit when in Utrecht, would be Rietveld Schröderhuis. It is listed as UNESCO world heritage. Famous for its groundbreaking and typical architecture designed by Rietveld,

@ Ernst Moritz

and built in 1924, you can now visit it as a museum and take a look. Modern art lovers should visit Centraal Museum; your gateway to art and culture from the world of Utrecht. It’s a museum that leaves you inspired with every visit. Then there are also some museums with a more specific focus. There’s the Kruideniersmuseum (‘grocery museum’),

Vintage at the Oudegracht

with an exhibition space that is a throwback to simpler times. In their shop, they’re also selling old fashioned peppermints and semolina, weighing it in front of you by the ounce. It’s an independent museum, runs on enthusiastic volunteers, and free of entrance, so take a look. For the most fun and cheerful museum in the centre of Utrecht? Visit Museum Speelklok: they will take you

Not everything has to be new. At the Oudegracht, there are loads of great second hand shops. Why cut trees, when there are old books to be read. Bookstore Aleph has a great assortment of books about history and art. For literature and philosophy, Hinderickx & Winderickx is the best option. And even better, they have a great collection of classical vinyl, all priced under 5 euro. If you don’t know yet what you’re looking for, De Oude Pijpenlade is worth a visit. They have a lot of things you didn’t know you needed. Just like Antiek

Craft beer pub-crawl Along the Oudegracht there are many pubs, cafes and tasting rooms with great beer menus, and we think you should visit them all. That is why we introduce to you: the Le Guess Who? craft beer-pub-crawl. The crawl starts at the notorious Kafe België, maybe the most famous pub of Utrecht. They have twenty draft beers and even more from bottle. They serve a special Le Guess Who? dinner; meaning you can get a combination of a meal and a beer from tap for only 13 euro at Kafé België! Next up is Cafe DeRat, a tiny cafe with the most surprising beers you can find in our city. Besides tons of exclusive beers, they are specialised in sour beers: they have the largest assortment of the Netherlands. So try the sour beer from draft with 25% discount at Café DeRat! Cafe Ledig Erf has one of the nicest terraces of Utrecht and a beautiful selection of local Utrecht beers moreover. With your festival wristband, you’ll get a €1 discount on Volle Maan, a bière de garde from the Utrecht microbrewery Het Licht at Ledig Erf. To finish our crawl, go to Brewpub Kromme Haring. This brewpub brewed the one and only Le Guess Who? beer! Try this fine and very fresh session IPA here. Kafé België; Oudegracht 196, Café deRat; Lange Smeestraat 37, Café Ledig Erf; Tolsteegbrug 3, Kromme Haring; Europalaan 2c.

@ Yalou Slöetjes

through the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments. Rietveld Schröderhuis; Prins Hendriklaan 50 (Tue-Sun 11.00-17.00), Centraal Museum; Agnietenstraat 1 (Tue-Sun 11.00–17.00), Kruideniersmuseum; Hoogt 6 (Tue-Sat 12.3016.30), Museum Speelklok; Steenweg 6 (Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00)

& Curiosa, beside loads of intriguing objects they have a great section of second hand vinyls. Other than that, there is De A.R.M.; a thrift shop with multiple locations where they sell, well, pretty much everything. Aleph: Vismarkt 9, Hinderickx & Winderickx: Oudegracht 234, De Oude Pijpenlade: Oudegracht 199, Antiek & Curiosa: Oudegracht 314, De A.R.M.: Oudegracht 253 (furniture), 255 (thrift), 274 (clothes), 272 (bicycles), 274 (books)


The opening day of Le Guess Who? 2017 is already a stunning one. Listen to a piece for Carillon at the Dom church; visit dB’s for a free 3voor12 showcase or drop by public art & makerspace RAUM.

Raum Public art & makerspace, located at the centre of a massive urban development in Utrecht’s newest city district of Leidsche Rijn. What will the city of the future look like? RAUM believes that makers – whether artists, designers, technological engineers or architects – lead the way in conceptualising this city. From future farming and boats on wheels to eco-cathedrals, at RAUM, makers are pioneers who open up fresh and exciting vistas on the future. Expect to see various (and huge) public art installations made by local, national and international artists, visualizing their view on the future city and Utrecht’s new urban centre. Adress: Berlijnplein


Matthijs, intern at LGW? recommends:


Beside his performance at our 12-Hour Drone, Martijn Comes’ composition ‘Eann’ will be performed by Malgosia Fiebig on the Dom church carillon. He wrote this piece as a father for his son, visiting the themes family, roots, saying goodbye, a tragic loss, and yet again returning; all against the magical backdrop of a city. For Martijn, it was a complete new experience to perform for a whole city: "I had to write not just for the sake of creativity, beauty, personal 'meaning' and professionalism, but for the people I see and meet every day."

Local brewery meets tasting room meets restaurant, Oproer sells their own beers as well as others and some original organic juices. This Independent venue used recycled materials to build their tiny DIY beer empire. Le Guess Who Offer?: First beer for half the price, a main dish for 12,50 and a three-course dinner for 25 euro Adres: CAB - Rondom 90a Opening times: closed Mon & Tues

Eann will be performed Thursday, 9 November, 19:15 on the Dom church carillon.

Club 3voor12

Every month, local music website 3voor12 hosts a showcase evening for talented Dutch bands in dB’s. This free entry evening provides a stage for three upcoming bands or artists from different genres. The November edition is hosted on Thursday, 9 November; the opening night of Le Guess Who?.

dB's café

Next to the concert hall, dB's serves as a studio for musicians and a bar. Using the old workers cafeteria, they serve coffee as well as an impressive list of 60 beers they have available, often rotating what is on tap. Adres: CAB - Rondom 100 Opening times: daily from 12.00-00.00

Artists performing:

Jo Marches is a rising synth-pop singer, with a beautiful voice supported by intriguing melodies. Bieldermann is the solo project from Gerben Bielderman, the bass player of Dutch psychedelic band Pauw. Fungo Bat is a 20 year old home recording artist who draws inspiration from Beat and Psychedelia.


Le guess who? Treasure guide • page 4

Today marks our very first edition of Lombok Festival: the free entrance Satellite Festival organised and curated together with neighborhood residents. But that’s not everything: you can also catch a movie curated by Grouper, the Le Gig Poster? Exhibition and discover many Utrecht treasures.

Margriet, Business Coordinator at LGW? recommends:

Eethuis Aarti Kanaalstraat 75 Open daily 12:00-21:00, Sun from 14.00 Cooking traditional Surinam cuisine for over 30 years, and loved by many in Utrecht for their roti, which Aarti makes with green asparagus, potato, chicken and a thin savory pancake that you use as cutlery to eat the dish.

Yunak Kanaalstraat 84 Open daily 08:00-21:00 A good place to have an extensive Turkish breakfast after a night out at Le Guess Who?. Next to breakfast, they also offer fresh made börek, Turkish pizza and great selection of soups. Also do not forget to try their kumpir!

Kopi Susu J.P. Coenstraat 69 Open daily 10:30-22:00 This restaurant functions as a meeting space for the people that live in Lombok and surroundings. They offer a biological lunch, and offer tapas for dinner. They choose the products they use based on their sustainability, fairtrade and organic values.

Film: La Double Vie de Véronique Louis Hartlooper Complex 16:00-17:40 La Double Vie de Véronique is a story of two women that go by the same name and share the same hopes and dreams, even though the one lives in Poland and the other in France. Unaware of the existence of each other, their lives unravel before our eyes. La Double Vie de Véronique is a movie about love, identity and intuition, including a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack by Zbigniew Preisner.

Café Lombok Vleutenseweg 228 Open daily from 12:00 A café with a good variety of beers, and serving food mostly coming from local suppliers. You can recognize Café Lombok by its baby blue exterior the big sign spelling ‘welkom’. This place makes you feel welcome indeed.

First Floor of TivoliVredenburg

Just as our previous editions, the first floor of TivoliVredenburg is the place to be for all your Le Guess Who?-shopping. Bands gather here with their merchandise and records, as well as recordstore Plato [read more on page 16], who sell vinyl and provide the music with very own DJ set. While sipping on the delicious coffee from the boys of Village Coffee [more on page 11], you can look around at the poster exhibition of Le Gig Poster?.

5 Years of Le Gig Poster For the fifth year during Le Guess Who?, we host an exhibition in TivoliVredenburg with silkscreen posters that are designed especially for the festival. More than 50 national and international artists create a poster for one of our artists.

Le Guess Who? Merchandise We have a completely new merchandise line ready for you at the first floor of TivoliVredenburg. Inspired by this year’s artwork by Leonie Bos, we have sweaters, t-shirts, beanies, and even socks! You can also grab some of our festival posters here (while supplies last). Last but not least, we have our own beer this edition. In collaboration with local microbrewery De Kromme Haring, this is a fresh session IPA, which can be bought at the bar of Grote Zaal and at Plein 6 of TivoliVredenburg.

Poster artists at Le Gig Poster? will include: The Bicycle Press (Spain), Spiegelsaal (Germany), Giov’ (Belgium), Zum Heimathafen (Germany), The Impossible Machine (Netherlands), and Handprinted Stuff, which is Utrecht’s own poster artist/hero Joris Diks, who organizes Le Gig Poster? during our festival each year.

@ Gido Leijtens

All these posters are original contemporary pieces of art, created in collaboration with the musicians and venues they depict. Most of these exclusive posters are for sale, so grab this unique chance to get a signed limited edition silkscreen of your favourite band or artist. Le Gig Poster? is open daily throughout the festival in TivoliVredenburg. For more info, visit www.legigposter.com

November 10, 4 pm - 8 pm Moskeeplein, Lombok Cycle or walk through Utrecht suburb Lombok's main street, and you're immediately welcomed by Turkish and Moroccan grocery stores, bakeries, the smell of kebab, and huge piles of colorful fruits sold in the streets. Lombok is lively and bustling. The impressive neon-lit mosque, a traditional Dutch mill and a mysteriously beautiful church mark the skyline. This year, Le Guess Who? hosts a new satellite event highlighting this vibrantly diverse neighborhood. Please meet Lombok Festival: 8 locations, a food market and a musical line-up consisting of Le Guess Who?-curated acts together with many local musical heroes & talents. Lombok Festival takes place on Friday, 10 November, organized with people and key figures living and working in Lombok. For more info, visit facebook.com/lombokfestival or grab a Lombok Festival time schedule.

Highlighted festival acts Barış Güney

Karima el Fillali

Barış Güney is a singer and virtuoso on the bağlama from Turkey. Güney modernises folk music with poetic lyrics, and fuses authentic Turkish and Western instruments. At Lombok Festival, he will be accompanied by clarinet and guitar, bringing traditional Anatolian songs and compositions of his own.

Karima el Fillali is a Dutch/Moroccan singer with a huge love for Tarab: Arabic music, of the most mesmerising kind. She will be accompanied by Iraqi musician Jamil al Asadi, who is a true master on the qanun (Arabic harp). This special duo will play music of the great composers from the Arabic world, in an intimate setting.

Sinan Arat & Mehmet Polat

Altın Gün Anatolian psych folk revivalists Altın Gün are a power pact between members of Jacco Gardner and Jungle By Night (NL), who wound up crossing paths with musicians Erdinç Ecevit Yildiz and Merve Dasdemir; two scholars of Turkish pop, disco, seventies rock and traditional music. The result is as explosive as it is hot. Altın Gün is as much a preservation of these vibrant sounds as a fresh musical exploration of it.

Sinan Arat & Mehmet Polat are both virtuoso players (ney and ud), never pre-planning what their music should sound like. Combining various music genres and inspired by Alevi Spiritual, Anatolian Folk and Ottoman classical music, they constantly search for new musical paths and inspiration. The result is a wholehearted, open sound that invites you on a sincere musical journey from the past to the innovative present.

Walid Ben Selim & Jaber Fayad

Plus local Lombok acts such as the two (!) world music choirs Djintan and Sophie’s Voice, Palestinian ud player Nizar Rohana, instrumental jazz improv by local guitarist Olga Savelkoel, sextet Utrecht Centraal, games, poetry and theatre performances by local artists at De Voorkamer, Turkish multiinstrumentalist duo Yank, Syrian singer and ud player Nawras Altaky, and Turkish children dance group Turquaze.

Moroccan singer and poet Walid Ben Selim collaborates with Syrian lute player Jaber Fayad, to create spiritual sufi poetry and music. Walid sings and raps classical as well as modern Arabic poetry, with a strong message of freedom. For Jaber, music gave him and others among him strength during the dangerous voyage from Syria.

Food Market Food feeds the soul and the hustle and bustle of a market never disappoints. So at the heart of Lombok Festival, we’ll create a food market bringing all the people and flavours of Lombok together. Vietnamese, Moroccan, Turkish, Dutch, Rwandan and Syrian cooks will prepare different worldly dishes.

Saturday Today features the seventh edition of Le Mini Who?: the city festival at the Voorstraat with the best of the Dutch underground. You can also catch Shabazz Palaces’ curated film Relatos Salvajes, as well as visit the Mega Record & CD Fair, or go shopping for records at record store Plato.

Film: Relatos Salvajes Louis Hartlooper Complex 16:00-18:05 Six standalone stories are featured in this film, which are united by a common theme of violence and vengeance. Director Damián Szifrón takes the idea of human behavior of people in distress to the extreme with his ‘Wild Tales’: a cynical and dark film that will leave you wondering what you just saw unfold. The film won the BAFTA Award for Best Film Not in the English Language.

Rietveld Schröderhuis

Nienke, Festival Producer at LGW? recommends:



Bemuurde Weerd Westzijde 3 Thursday - Sunday evening

Voorstraat 66 Open daily 13:00-22:00, Sun from 14:00

The whole weekend during Le Guess Who?, EKKO opens their kitchen for you. Here, you can get a 2-course dinner for the price of €12,50. Their dishes are based on seasonal vegetables, but can be ordered with meat or MSC fish if prefered.

Kyushu is the best place for Sushi in town (and maybe The Netherlands). It is a small place, but it is a great place. Don’t let looks deceive you: the food is the best. Nienke’s favorite? The Kyushi-Roll: tempura shrimps with avocado.

Babby Snacks


Voorstraat 76 Opening times: Thu - Mon 15.00 - 21.00

Ridderschapstraat 1 Open daily 9:00 - 17:00, closed on Mon

A small, but very popular take-away among locals. They serve sandwiches as well as freshly prepared meals for a very fair price, giving you the option to grab some food while running from show to show. There are many veggie options and food is as spicy as you please. Le Guess Who? Offer: get free Krupuk (shrimp crackers) or a maiscookie with each order.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so why don’t take time for it. Puschkin has a great menu for breakfast and lunch, with good vegetarian options as well. As it lies just at the end of the Voorstraat, this is a great place to start your day at Le Mini Who?. Special Le Guess Who? offer: 10% discount with a festival wristband

Le Guess Who? isn’t the only big event in Utrecht that takes place mid-November. In the Jaarbeurs, the 48th edition of the Mega Record & CD Fair will take place. On Saturday, 11, and Sunday, 12 November, the fair will feature over 500 stands, attracting visitors and dealers from over 65 countries to Utrecht. Here, they gather to find rare records and music memorabilia from all over the world.

"If I'm going out of my way to purchase physical music I want to feel like I'm supporting the push forward, the boundary breaking. I can't sanction any more rehashing of traditional musical tropes - these albums help the world understand where we are right now and where we might be heading." - Liars about Demdike stare - Elemental, OOIOO - Feather Float and Jlin - Dark Energy

This is not the first year Le Guess Who? and the Mega Record Fair coincide, and our partner The Line of Best Fit noticed. They asked some of the artists which records they would hunt for at the Record Fair.

“Annette Peacock: This album is so simple and so complex, occasionally conventionally beautiful, but persistently stubborn. It’s beautiful and confusing. Side note: ALSO I'm doing laundry while writing this. My washing

@ stadsblogger.nl

machine is doing its spin cycle, making a highpitched drone, and that sound and a synth on the Peacock album are playing the same note).” - Jenny Hval on Annette Peacock - I Got No Feelings "I’ve started to collect Arabic, mainly female, vocal led music from the '60s and '70s. I’m a novice and there is much to learn as there are so many artists and songs. It’s also not easy to translate and there are different phonetic translations of song titles, so it’s a big puzzle! Fairouz, Warda al Jazaria, Sabah, Nagat Al Saghira are probably my favorites". - Jane Weaver

Justine, Volunteer Coordinator recommends:

Village Coffee Voorstraat 46 Open daily 8:00-18:00, Sat from 9:00, Sun from 10:00 The guys from Village Coffee have really left a signature at the Voorstraat over the last years. There is always a great and energetic vibe in their coffee bar, especially during the Le Guess Who? week. Starting on Monday, visitors find their way to Village for a good cup or shot of coffee. Co-owner Angelo: “Village really became a hang-out during daytime for the LGW-visitors. Seven years ago, I first visited the festival and I made a lot of friends through Le Guess Who?. Lenneart [Village Coffee’s other owner] and I even visited Beaches Brew in Italy with people I met at LGW?.” They were one of the first venues of Le Mini Who? when the festival started. This year, they host five bands at two locations, and they have a special Le Guess Who? breakfast menu starting from Monday, 6 November. Just like last year, they will serve their coffee at the First Floor of TivoliVredenburg, where they also will spread a delicious smell with their fresh baked waffles.

Bob, Artistic Director of LGW? recommends:

The Malt Vault Voorstraat 56 Open Wed-Sat untill 00:00, Sun till 22:00 “My latest discovery in Utrecht is the Malt Vault on Voorstraat. Pretty much only for those who love whisky. A small intimate vibey bar with approximately room for 25 people, but with a selection of whisky like nowhere else. All handpicked by owner Said and a selection of hundreds of bottles from every corner of this planet. Besides whisky, they play great music and not many places have such a mellow vibe as the Malt Vault.”

La Ciabatta

Domestic Botanist

Mariaplaats 8-A Open daily 11:00-21:00 Hurrying from show to show, you might not have much time to visit a restaurant. At Mariaplaats, close to TivoliVredenburg, there is La Ciabatta: an italian restaurant with very good take away meals under 10 euro. On your way to De Helling, or the city centre? Stop by La Ciabatta for a quick bite along the way.

Jansveld 49 Closed on Mon Part studio, part shop, part museum, the Domestic Botanist brings you womens clothes and accessories. Selling eye catching earrings, perfumes made in Paris, and soaps that are designed like decorative minerals, they work exclusively with independent designers, from Utrecht and beyond the borders.

Hutspot Vinkenburgstraat 19 Closed on Sunday Hutspot Utrecht is located in a former historic coach house, offering a mix of brands and products from local designers. Furthermore, the store has its own hair salon, so if you want to treat yourself to a new cut while in Utrecht, take your chance here.

Springhaver Springweg 50 Open every day Utrecht has a lot of great film houses, and Springhaver counts as one of the finest. Next to an excellent film program, their authentic cafe is one of the most beautiful in Utrecht where they have great food as well as beers.

Rietveld Schröderhuis

DADO Nachtegaalstraat 38 Open daily 12:00 - 21:00 Just a two-minute walk from Stadsschouwburg lies DADO. Here, you’ll find great meals and delicacies for takeaway, with also providing good vegetarian options. All their ingredients are biological, and they only use seasonal fruit and vegetables to lower their footprint.

lalalala lelelele la-la mminini mini-mimi doeee who-o who? & le bazarrrrrrrre Locations Moira, ACU, Kapitaal, Stathe, The Village Coffee & Music, Plato, Back & Fourth, De Bastaard, Swordfish & Friend, Stay Okay, Hostel Strowis, Café Tilt!, Loudmouth, De Voortuin, Café de Stad, Puha, The Domestic Botanist, Koffie Leute.

the re-return

Le Mini Who? is a spin-off festival of Le Guess Who?. It transforms many of Utrecht’s shops and bars into improvised venues for (mainly) Dutch underground bands to play, where people jostle for position in low-capacity locations to catch a thirtyminute set by one of the many promising bands. For more info check out facebook.com/leminiwho or grab a Le Mini Who? time schedule.

breedstraatbuurt utrecht, nl 1:30pm – 11pm saturday 11.11 (&secret sunday 12.11)


COLOFON Le Mini Who? Dreamteam Rinke Vreeke Jacob Hagelaars

Illustrations & Design Butterfingaz (Dewy Elsinga) Lyanne Tonk

saturday – 11.11.2017 Kapitaal re-opens at newnewnew location!

Those who attended Le Mini Who? in the past years, definitely remember the vibe and charm of the old warehouse-style location of Kapitaal. This dynamic platform and place where graphic designers, illustrators and other creative printmakers come together, unfortunately had to close (work)shop last year and gave their epic goodbye party at Le Mini Who? in 2016. But not for long! After a long search for a new spot, Carlien and Ramon finally found the perfect location to open their workspace again. We couldn’t think of a better timing, since Kapitaal will re-open exactly one year later... the same day as Le Mini Who?!. Subbacultcha curates the line-up, along with an exhibition consisting of promising printmakers and graphic artists hosted by Kapitaal. Let’s celebrate that Kapitaal is BACK IN TOWN, with queer South African performance duo FAKA among others!

The do re mi fa do Domestic bo do-bo do-bo bo Botanist We’re still sad about the loss of one of the original collaborators of Le Mini Who?… Klijs & Boon - a store for unique clothing brands - decided to close doors for good. Owner Gwen was part of Le Mini Who? since the first edition and hosted many talented artists and bands in the past 8 editions. Luckily, one of her beloved staff members Marije decided that this could not be the end of real quality design clothing in Utrecht. Marije - a designer herself - recently opened

her own studio and shop just around the corner of where Klijs & Boon used to be located. The Domestic Botanist sells items from various international independent designers. Browsing through the store feels a bit like visiting a museum, everything is so well organized and presented. We are very excited to have The Domestic Botanist as a brand new Le Mini Who? location, hosting a very intimate show of DAX. You’ll love it.


lalalalalaala The Wonderful World of Arp Frique

Cut loose to the infectious rhythms of Arp Frique and friends! The Rotterdam-based, but man of the world, sounds like the love child of Fela Kuti and Le Chic. At Le Mini Who? Arp Frique is hosting his very own mini festival in Moira, celebrating boo-

gie, afro, disco and he invited his big band and soul relatives to join him! The Akula Rhythm Band’s gonna make you shake your hips and dance on hypnotic rhythms, echo-drenched guitars, fuzz organs and enchanting melodies deeply rooted in 1970s

West Africa. Moreover, Jos de Haas (percussionist of New Cool Collective) will introduce his brand new cumbia/electro project Los Calxunxos. The world of Arp Frique is peaceful, exotic, groovy and sweaty, without any borders in sight!

Introducing Sassy Bookings

“Sassy Bookings was born because I got tired of how everything in the music industry seemed to be about dick size”, says Shalita, who started the agency earlier this year. “I just want to see bands that I like play at cool venues.” Currently booking: Bonne Aparte, FLOWERS, Niek Hilkmann, SONNDR, Venus Tropicaux and Segadeath. Two of these bands will play in Tilt! SONNDR started as a living room project of Glenn Kessler and Florian Veenhuis two years ago, writing lots of no wave, postpunk and noiserock

Swordfish & Friend 2.0 Swordfish & Friend, art, design and record store, have upped their store with brand new art collaborations and a broader vinyl selection than ever before, joining forces with upcoming visual artists and local record labels. During Le Mini Who? they’ll darken their windows and transform the store into a music venue, to show-

inspired songs without ever revealing them to the world. Until they formed a band, in spring of this year. You might know all the members from former bands, but let’s keep them unnamed, because from now on it’s all about SONNDR. FLOWERS is a deux-piece stonerrock band from Amsterdam. Inspired by the North-American West Coast, they sing about the vastness of ‘the grand nature’ and drown Dutch small-mindedness in fluorescent doom.

Aphra a a a’s Poetry Club case an audiovisual experience by the talented electronic bedroom r&b outfit Ohslo, the dreamlike console-inspired vaporwave by Nimbus3000, the experimental modulated fluteplay by Cengiz Arsanplay and local forward thinking deejays to fill the spaces. Tingle your senses.

Aphra’s Poetry Club will have its premiere at Le Mini Who? this year and showcases some of the best female spoken word, storytelling and poetry performers of The Netherlands. The poetry club is an initiative from Sayonara Stutgard and will be hosted in MOIRA. The event will have a special focus on that which makes people of colour different and that which discusses the difference. Because “if variety is the soul of pleasure”, as Aphra Behn once wrote, “we want to read it”. All performances will be in English.

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1. The Visual This Amsterdam-based duo just released two singles (debut EP to be released in December), but are sounding so convincing that we weren’t hesitating about inviting them at all. It’s the mysterious and expressive voice of Anna van Rij that captures you within a second, but the eerie and soothing instrumentation is at least as impressive. We’re really curious about the rest of their songs and excited to see their live show. 2. Smudged Toads Don’t get fooled by their foolish green masks on stage! The true identity of Smudged Toads has to be taken seriously. Expect slippery synths, dirty garage drums and greasy soundscapes resulting in a scuzzy mix of kraut, garage and electronics. Some of you will be astonished, some will dance and some will even cry.

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3. Lewsberg The tightly-knit crew of musicians in Rotterdam have mixed and mingled resulting in the formation of Lewsberg, featuring members of bands like Bonne Aparte, Boring Pop and Venus Tropicaux. Lewsberg was the first band we asked to play this year’s edition, because this supergroup is really something. They actually remind us of another supergroup, called The Velvet Underground. Lewsberg has that same kind of approach to rock music, with lack of conservative frameworks and lots of nonchalance.

is the pseudonym of three music nerds from Utrecht putting up shows of their favorite underground bands. Like these three bands playing in The Village Coffee & Music at Le Mini Who? Fake O's Groningen quartet playing hardcorepunk inspired garage punk. Goes well with lukewarm beer. Mayflower Madame (no) Dark-Wave psych group from Oslo, shaping their sound with a fuzzy edge and distinct low vocals. DUDS (UK) No Wave / Post Punk from Manchester making minimalistic, high-energy yet abstract tunes and are about to release their debut EP on California’s notorious Castle Face Records (think Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall etc.)

vroeemn doeb idoe doe wee Tiny Room sssssstrikes back Tiny Room Records - a Dutch record label based in Utrecht - was founded in 2014, to create a home for underground artists. Three years and 23 CDs, LPs and cassettes later, it’s time for the second showcase on Le Mini Who?. On the bill are two artists tapping into the same source (late 90s bedroom indie like Elliott Smith, Grandaddy and Sparklehorse) and creating something new - and awesome - with it. Moon Moon Moon is a universe full of dreamy music and magical illustrations created by Mark Lohmann, a super productive 23-year old from Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. The album Help! Help! came out on

Tiny Room last March but he has self-released a lot since then, like a few ‘journal entries’ (songs about, for instance, not climbing on stage during a Belle and Sebastian concert). Live, they’re a 5-piece band. Also playing is Garciaphone from Clermont-Ferrand (France). Band leader Olivier Perez stopped dreaming for a year and a half. His dreams and ideals for a better world disappeared along with his actual dreams at night. His anger about modern society somehow led to quiet and haunting piano songs, that ended up on the new album Dreameater (November 10 on Tiny Room Records).

ssssssssunday ssssssecret We’ve been telling everyone that Le Mini Who? will happen Saturday November 11th, but there will be delightful aftermath on Sunday the 12th at Koffie Leute (Westerkade, along the canal, which is pretty close to De Helling and the 12-Hour Drone event). So grab a coffee and witness one of the great gigs LoTronic is hosting in the living room.

utrecht netherlands 1.30 pm — 11 pm


Rietveld Schröderhuis

Lange Nieuwstraat 71 Open daily 17:00-22:00


After a successful crowdfund campaign, SYR opened its doors in 2016. This Syrian restaurant is a collaborative project between Syrian refugees and Dutch residents, both with a passion for good food. The restaurant serves the best that Syrian cuisine has to offer, lunch as well dinner. They have great vegetarian options as well. Le Guess Who? Offer: get lunch with a drink for €10,-

Bemuurde Weerd Oostzijde 13 Closed on mondays Opposite of EKKO lies Muzieklokaal: a nice and spacious cafe with a heart for classical music. Besides playing classical music and bringing you current (classical) releases, they host performances of local and upcoming musicians. Last but not least, sitting here offers you a great view of one of the most serene places of Utrecht.

Swordfish & Friend Oudkerkhof 43 Closed on mondays Swordfish & Friend are an art, design and record store located in the cozy city centre. Recently, they upped their store with brand new art collaborations and a broader vinyl selection than ever before, joining forces with upcoming visual artists and local experimental record labels. During Le Guess Who?, they’re an outlet for the official LGW? merchandise, and stock some records by the artists too. Moreover, Swordfish & Friend host several live-shows during Le Mini Who?.

Johan, Director of LGW? recommends:


Schalkwijkstraat 26-28 Open daily 17:30-23:30 Closed on Mon and Sun

Ana’s kuzin

“Pure and fair food” is the motto of Petit Restaurant Héron. They only use products from local suppliers that have been produced with respect for mankind, animals and the environment. Héron also work very close with farmers, the cheesemonger, cattle keeper and the wine suppliers to only put the best on the table.

Ana’s Kuzin is a small and lovely Turkish food store, with authentic Turkish meals. From small bites to complete dishes, everything showcases the love for food and the Turkish cuisine.

Longtime friends, partner and host as a Le Mini Who? location, record store Plato supported Le Guess Who? from the very first moment. We spoke with co-owner Willem de Vries, about the beginning of Plato, Le Guess Who? and Le Mini Who?.

Voorstraat 62 Open daily 12:00-21:00 Sat from 11:00, Sun from 16:00

Le Guess Who? Offer: 2,50 discount when you order a 15.- meal

“In 1997, I started working at Plato. At that time, I was working as floor manager in Tivoli, for about 70-80 hours a week. That was a little too much, so instead, I started working full time at Plato. Nine years ago, we moved to the Voorstraat, which was gloomy, and mainly a place for drug dealers at that time. 5 years ago, I took over the store together with my colleague Jeroen. The voorstraat became a lot more vivid, with coffee bars like The Village and a lot of new startups. This liveliness is very important for the Voorstraat, and you can especially feel it during Le Guess Who?. Even on the Monday before the festival, you hear so many different languages in

the store. And during Le Mini Who?, when we’re hosting some bands, the store is completely packed. They might not buy anything, but the atmosphere in the store is amazing, and that’s important as well. With Plato, we were involved in Le Guess Who? from the very first moment, when it was just about Canadian bands in the old Tivoli. Back then, we had a small stand, but we couldn’t take that much records with us, and we hardly sold anything. So we took a break for a several years from selling stuff, so we could check out the bands. Now, in TivoliVredenburg, we have a much bigger shop at the festival, plus our own dj-set, and we really became a part of the program.

The best concert I saw at Le Guess Who? must be The Notwist in 2015. I saw them many times, but in TivoliVredenburg’s Grote Zaal, they were amazing from the first second until the very last, so that made a big impression. For the upcoming edition, I’m really looking forward to Aldous Harding. The record came out just when LGW announced her, so that was quite exciting.” Special Le Guess Who? offer: by showing your wristband, you get 10% discount on your purchase (this does not include second hand items, concert tickets and gift vouchers) Adress: Voorstraat 35 Opening Times: open everyday

Pharoah Sanders “My parents were collectors and my mother was exposing me to more spiritual jazz as a kid. I heard music he did with Don Cherry & Sun Ra first. Opened up sonic possibilities in my head. I didn't understand as a kid but I definitely felt a shift within my DNA. All my work, I consider spiritual black music, regardless of genre. Mr Sanders definitely carries this grace and beauty in not only the music he creates but in the way he presents

it. Also his musicality and freedom is part of my creative lineage... We must carry the torch ... Almost all of the performers playing the festival owe much gratitude to Mr Sanders for opening the door years ago, which allowed a festival like this to happen in the first place! He is one of our greatest human beings.” - Fhloston Paradigm

This years Le Guess Who? features the magnificent saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, one of the spiritual jazz pioneers, together with Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra Arkestra. He created an entire genre almost on his own. Sanders has been highly influential within the jazz scene, but his influence reaches way further, also within today’s hiphop and electronic music. Shabazz Palaces curated the jazz icon for our festival, but later, he appeared on James Holden’s wishlist as well. We spoke with Greg Fox and Fhloston Paradigm about what Sanders mean to them.

“I got to know Pharoah Sanders music at first mostly from listening to John and Alice Coltrane recordings. his playing on Journey In Sitchananda is especially influential for me, the way that his gestures on the instrument evoke natural landscapes and other visual images in my experience of listening. I got deeply into Tauhid and Village of the Pharoahs, and I got to see him live for the first time in 2015 and wept when

he played The Creator has a Master Plan. I don't believe in YHVH per se but something about it rang deeply true- the way I recently heard Stevie Wonder singing that God is good and I can't help but agree in a way that's more important than the minor details. People should see him play because he is a master and he sets a strong example for all artists in the world.” - Greg Fox

King Khan & Michael Eaton present the

Black Power Tarot If you're a regular Le Guess Who? attendant, then surely you know musician/ producer/writer/artist Arish Ahmad Khan, known by the stage name of King Khan. The artist also played the festival back in 2013, when Ty Segall curated his own stage. One of his personal interests involves the reading and interpreting of tarot cards: something he developed through a series of dreams and visions he had while working on the film score for 'The Invaders' – a documentary about the rise of a Memphis Black Power Group in 1967. Together with Michael James Eaton

(designer for Game of Thrones) and with surrealist film maker Alejandro Jodorowksy as spiritual guru, 'The Black Power Tarot' was created: 22 Tarot cards displaying prominent African American personalities: mostly musicians, but also magicians, comedians, authors and activists, including Richard Pryor, Nina Simone, Howling Wolf, Tupac, Curtis Mayfield, Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra and Erykah Badu. During Le Guess Who?, these cards will be exhibited on maximum scale. Additionally, King Khan will also read Tarot cards for visitors during the festival.


You thought Le Mini Who? was over? Guess again. Drop by Koffie Leute, who are hosting some bands during the day time. You can also catch the documentary Incident at Restigouche at Louis Hartlooper Complex, directed by LGW-artist Alanis Obomsawin, and discover the Twijnstraat as well as the industrial area surrounding De Helling.

Jacob, Program Assistant at LGW? recommends:

Koffie Leute Brauhaus Westerkade 30 Open every day The three ‘Leute’ at Koffie Leute share a passion. Of course for coffee; a product they handle with great care. They like to treat their guests, and surprise them with new flavours. That’s why they have a wide range of coffee beans and many different ways to brew the coffee. The Brauhaus is a place to combine their passion for coffee with other interests, which is also why they host the Lo-tronic evening for electronic live music in a living room setting. When they started, their wish immediately was to be part of their favourite festival Le Guess Who?, by hosting shows at Le Mini Who?. They really enjoy having obscure and experimental bands over. For them, the diversity, quality and the bands to discover make LMW? a wonderful festival, with attentive visitors. At previous editions, there were even visitors outside the cafe, listening while they couldn’t see the band playing. Occasionally, they could catch a glimpse of the cellist in a leather suit with a dinosaur-spinal cord or a naked experimental musician. Drop by on Sunday for an additional performance at Le Mini Who?. Special Le Guess Who? offer: get free coffee with Le Guess What?: order a filter coffee, and if you guess which coffee you’re drinking, you get it for free.

Film: Incident at Restigouche Louis Hartlooper Complex 13:00-13:45 Alanis Obomsawin is a renowned filmmaker and visual artist. Before she released her album 'Bush Lady', which she will perform in full for the first time at our festival, she made Incident at Restigouche: a documentary about the raid on the Restigouche Reserve of the Mi'kmaq Indians in 1981. The reason for this violent invasion was a restriction on fishing from local Quebec authorities, while for the Mi'kmaq, fishing was a traditional and vital element of their culture. This powerful film looks back on these events with interviews of people involved mixed with photography, and news item footage.

Barry, Head of Promotions at LGW? recommends:


Kazerij Stalenhoef

Twijnstraat 24 Open every day

Twijnstraat 67 Open every day

You can smell it from a distance: the fresh fish from Visjes. You can drop by for their delicious paëlla or fish and chips, but especially recommended comes their lekkerbek (fried fish). Out of 120 fish stores Visjes has been chosen for selling the second best ‘Kibbeling’ of the Netherlands, making it one of the best places to try this typical Dutch snack.

Instead of all the touristic cheese stores you find in Amsterdam, Kazerij Stalenhoef sells cheese that Dutch people adore. Here, you’ll find the best cheese of Utrecht, sold by people with passion for their product. They have a huge choice of Dutch and foreign cheeses, home-made roasted nuts, a big collection of port and matching snacks as well. Le Guess Who? Offer: Dutch keychain if you purchase 10,- of cheese.

Rinke, Manager Local Projects at LGW? recommends:

Yum Saap Twijnstraat 40 Open daily 17:00-22:00 Asian Bar and Street Food, Yum Saap serve dishes from Thailand and around, meant to be combined and shared. You can eat at their restaurant or take away. Yum Saap uses fresh ingredients, biological chicken and certified fish, with also many vegetarian options on the menu.

Bierverteller Twijnstraat 47 Closed on Monday If you’re into craft beers, de Bierverteller is a must. From local beers to the most exclusive and exotic beers, they have everything here. Don’t know what to choose? Just ask, because the staff is very knowledgeable and take all the time to share their know abouts. Le Guess Who? Offer: get 10% discount on all their beers!

Le Feast Brunch Edition Sunday November 12 • 12 O’clock Sharp • Various Livingrooms In Utrecht

Every year, Le Feast invites you into a living room in Utrecht, to enjoy a feast together with people you don't know (yet). On Sunday November 12, many Utrechtian home-chefs will transform their living room into a cozy brunch restaurant, welcoming other visitors of Le Guess Who? to join for a massive brunch feast with lots of poached eggs, Ottolenghi inspired salads and much more awesome food that you crave for after three days of music (and beer, probably). Join us for brunch and make a reservation between the 17th of October until the 10th 7f November through ordering a ticket of €3,50 excl. service fees. You’ll receive the exact location of your chef only a few days in advance: where, at whose home and with whom you are going to have a brunch feast will remain a surprise until then... After Le Feast, you will pay your chef 'what you want'. Excited? Book a spot: http://leguesswho.nl/ utrecht/le-feast. "The introduction of the Le Feast element to the festival programme was, for me, a masterstroke, allowing for a greater opportunity to chat with likeminded individuals without the need to shout over noise in a bar area or at the risk of spoiling a show for other attendees." - Muso's Guide

Rietveld Schröderhuis



Heuveloord 140 Open daily from 11:00

Twijnstraat 23 Open daily 08:30-17:00 Sat & Sun 09:00-18:00

Housed in a former welding and construction plant, Asian restaurant LE:EN couldn’t wish for a better building. Here, they serve the best from the Asian cuisine, with dishes hailing from countries like Japan, India, Thailand, and China, among others. They work with a tapas concept, so you can try tons of different flavours here. Le Guess Who? Offer: by showing your LGW wristband, you get 10% discount on the lunch menu.

Klein Berlijn Helling 22 Open daily from 10:00 Just next to De Helling, you can find the tiny and cozy cafe Klein Berlijn, which actually means Small Berlin. They bring the best of Berlin to Utrecht, including great beers and a passion for culture and music. They even have a biergarten next to the water.

At KEEK, they serve delicious coffee that is completely fair trade and have a passion for art. Besides their great biological food, they have a new exposition every six weeks, a good reason to drop by every now and then - but preferably now.

Sandra, intern at LGW? recommends:

De Utrechtse Boekenbar Westerkade 2 Open daily 10:00 - 18:00, Thu till 21.00 This is a brand new bookshop that also serves a good cup of coffee; the result of one man’s dream and a very successful crowdfunding campaign. Selecting only the best books and selling coffee roasted by a local company (Het Koffielab), it is a place to meet with friends or just enjoy being among fellow booklovers.

“The start of Junun. The band came out and the feelings of happiness and melancholy came together as it was the perfect closure of LGW16."

“I've never been so easily moved to tears by so many different artists - despite of being surrounded by a festival crowd. Nearly every performance had its special magical moment.”

What was your most memorable moment of Le Guess Who? Here are some of your choices from our visitor surveys from 2016

“My broken ears after Swans.”

“Wilco's performance, including Jeff Tweedy's remarks about how to continue after Trump was elected.”

“I liked the whole experience, being in Utrecht with friends, riding the bicycle to cool venues and shows and also TivoliVredenburg has got a great ambience.” “Me and Jehnny Beth (Savages) looking each other in the eyes and screaming 'this is what you get when you mess with love'”

"Terrie Ex and Han Bennink jokes"

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Utrecht Treasure Guide - Le Guess Who? 2017  

Our festival newspaper is your guide to Utrecht city gems and all Le Guess Who? local events. Here, the festival team recommends spots to ea...

Utrecht Treasure Guide - Le Guess Who? 2017  

Our festival newspaper is your guide to Utrecht city gems and all Le Guess Who? local events. Here, the festival team recommends spots to ea...