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Le guess who? 2008 Pop Underground & Beyond 27- 30 Nov, Utrecht

An Introduction Le Guess What?

When we started in 2007 with the idea for Le Guess Who? it was mostly out of inspiration and admiration of the creative Canadian music scene. Which at that point definitely brought us a new-sounding group of artists. Artists which on one hand where part of the popmusic scene and on the other hand completely autonomous in their way of creating music/art. And here we are, from the openingsact Melissa Auf der Maur till the last band on Sunday, Hrsta, all work in their own autonomous way without focusing on the music-world as a sole consuming industry. This festival is and has to be an ever changing format. A format which we try to adjust the best as possible to the current movements in creative scenes and the musicindustry. This year we focused on the Canadian and east-north American music scene. The small and intimate setting of the city centre of Utrecht therefore is an ideal base to bring over the creative vibes where the art originally arised. Le Guess Who? is a journey for everyone who wants to explore and be inspired. So far away and just around the corner‌

Johan Gijsen & Bob van Heur

THU Tivoli OUdegracht 27th MELISSA AUF dER MAUR nov

Autumn Brings MAdM OOOM Sneak Peeks! by MELISSA AUF dER MAUR I am a proud Montrealer who loves Holland, who is extremely hungry to play a show and met a lovely Dutch promoter named “BOB” who invited me to you, at Le Guess Who? So of course I said yes, and here I come. I will play a church called Tivoli on November 27th, American Thanksgiving, in honor of heathens and lovers of sound. I am excited to be playing my first shows in over three years this autumn. It has been far too long, but I was held back by contractual record company red tape for what felt like forever. I now emerge a thoroughly independent artist preparing to release my first 3-Dimensional concept album: “Out Of Our Minds” (OOOM). This November I will finally share some of my new sounds. “This would be Paradise” is a 3 song EP that will be released on digital and vinyl only and available exclusively at my own web shop, on my very own label MAdM Music. Although OOOM will not be released until spring 2009, my desire to perform live and begin this long term exchange with listeners and viewers alike, demanded I play a few select shows this fall. On November 1st I begin in my home city of Montreal and then I come to you, followed by a Scandinavian weekend.

Tivoli OUdegracht THU MELISSA AUF dER MAUR 27th nov It is a short and intimate opportunity to end this sweet year with. This is my second solo album and the key component of an elaborate trans-media project, which includes a short fantasy film with an original soundtrack and a comic book. All the elements of the project will come together in an extensive website that will explore the multi-layered world of MAdM/OOOM. OOOM, in a whole, is a combination of cutting-edge technology and feminine intuition. While waiting for a record label to unleash my album last year, my creative survival instincts kicked in. If I couldn’t release the album, then I would have to find another way to tell the story. This film spawned from sound is conceptual and fantastical, and speaks a simple language of the eternal feminine hunt for the heart. Three time periods and three narratives, one connection: Blood. At the center of this life force, is the Heart. The reoccurring symbolic hieroglyph that appears within the center of every struggle, from a head on collision to a bleeding forest. Shadowing psychedelic rock films of the past, this is a fantasy noise experience looking for a home in the hearts of todays musical landscapers. This film was entirely and proudly self made, produced and funded by me and my film collaborator, director Tony Stone from Heathen Films. No one beyond our immediate family and friends have seen it, but sharing with my psychedelic friends in Holland feels just right! I look forward to sharing with you my first step into the future at Le Guess Who?! “Travel Out Of Our Minds, and into our hearts standing by” … MAdM 21.00 - 21.30 Out Of Our Minds - MAdM - movie preview 22.00 - 23.15 MELISSA AUF dER MAUR

thu Tivoli oudegracht 27th Project Le Guess Who? 2008 nov

For the support of our special guest Melissa Auf der Maur Le Guess Who? invited a very special act. Last year Ekko had the pleasure to invite the PLAYLAB project to their stage. A unique combination of musicians meet on the day of performance to rehearse for a couple hours to create a complete unique and new-sounding part of music. For Project Le Guess Who? we invited Simon Angell as composer/director of this session. Simon is well-known as the guitarplayer of the Patrick Watson band where he adds an important component to the sound of this successful band. He will share the stage with Erika Alexandersson (vocalist in Loney, Dear) Daniel Rose (bassplayer of C’Mon & Kypski) and some other musicians which are still to be announced. One thing is for sure; it’ll be always original, progressive and defying. 20.00 - 20.30

In collaboration with Playlab -

Ekko thu Katie Stelmanis|Fred Eaglesmith 27th nov (Toronto, CAN) you like Kill Bill? Just like the suburban Uma turned kickass ninja, Katie Stelmanis is a classically trained choir girl, gone edgy. Add lots of MIDI action with beats that twist and turn, and you get sometimes dark, sometimes lingering, surprisingly bold synth-pop songs of epic proportions. For fans of Björk and Tegan and Sara. 20.45 - 21.30 Did

(Port Dover, CAN) the unassuming sex appeal of Montreal, the teeming streets of Toronto, the infectious cool of Vancouver: If you wonder what Canada is about, you might want to spend some time with Fred Eaglesmith. A born storyteller, Fred dives right into the dark places: stories of lost women, rural wrath and how a gun can save your life, sung with his trademark gruff voice, and backed by a fierce gospel and his edgy country/bluegrass band. Authentic till the end. 21.45 - 23.00 Forget

FRI Tivoli de helling 28th Jana Hunter|Beach House|Pas Chic Chic nov Dragons of Zynth|Telepathe (Baltimore, US) Baltimore is home to the b-more crunk craziness that propelled throughout the world the likes of Spank Rock and Diplo, as well as the brawly electropunk of the Death Set and Dan Deacon, but Charm City has bred yet another exciting new sound: it’s where Texas-born Jana Hunter and other freaky folk write beautifully muted, dissonant songs that travel like ghosts. Soft, spooky, gentle and weird, Jana’s latest, There’s No Home, toured on the east coast of America by sailboat – and had the honour of inaugurating Vetiver and Devandra Banhart’s label, Gnomonsong. 19.45 - 20.30

(Baltimore, US) Beach House dropped a quiet bomb in the form of their near-classic Devotion earlier this winter, arguably becoming the most intriguing indie-rock duo of the moment. This, after their self-titled debut made it to numerous year-end lists in 2006. Full of mesmerizing organs, light-hearted guitars and melancholic harmonies, their new album walks the fine line between serenity and sadness, and will likely fare even better than its predecessor in the media’s praises, in a couple of weeks. See them now.

Tivoli de helling FRI Jana Hunter|Beach House|Pas Chic Chic 28th Dragons of Zynth|Telepathe nov their songs with just enough psych influences and impressionist lyrics to be the soundtrack of your next make-out session or LSD trip… or both. Subtle yet gorgeous, Pas Chic Chic is the weird pretty girl who’s too shy to speak at a party, but bares it all in private. (New York, US) So these guys are Pitchfork favourites, are buddies with TV on the Radio, and have the word “dragon” in their name. They basically embody hype, but do they live up to it? Well, you will certainly agree that anyone ballsy enough to build a song on hypnotic dub and fist-pumping metal deserves the attention… See it to believe it. 23.45 - 00.30

21.00 - 22.00

(Montreal, CAN) wonder what would have happened if Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin had another baby? Sure, Charlotte is nice to look at, but sonically, this right here would probably be it. Pas Chic Chic is one of the saviours of pop in their native Montreal, infusing 22.30 - 23.15 Ever

(New York, US) this Brooklynesque all-female three-piece can’t read minds, but they’ve bemused quite a few. Pervasive synths, inquiring harmonies and instinctive beats certainly sound like a mind fuck or maybe they’re just reading into the droning music we’ll all dance to in about twenty years, complete with charming looping and experimental chants, à la Gang Gang Dance. Think about it. 01.00 - 01.45 Maybe

sat Tivoli oudegracht 29th Clues|Elfin Saddle|Land of Talk|torngat nov Hayden|Think About Life|The Stills (Montreal, CAN) its stellar members from many wellknown Montreal bands (Hrsta and Think About Life featured within Le Guess Who?, but also the defunct Unicorns, The Arcade Fire and Les Angles Morts), this budding band plays some spastic baroque pop full of sophisticated keys and catchy build-ups. If you miss The Unicorns, follow the Clues! 17.50 - 18.20 Taking

(Montreal, CAN) By now, we’ve got freak-folk, anti-folk and just plain old folk, Elfin Saddle could fit into either genres. Divided by an ocean, Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie met up in Victoria, Canada, and started mixing up delicate Japanese classic sensibilities with the laid-back, everything goes attitude of the West Coast. Their songs play like beautiful hymns that took their time and traveled the other way around before they found their home. 18.30 - 19.00

(Montreal, CAN) Elizabeth Powell is one enigmatic frontwoman. After writing the near-perfect EP Applause Cheer Boo Hiss three years ago, we waited and waited for the LP follow-up, recorded with Justin Vernon (better known for his work as Bon Iver) and launched this fall. The work of a woman probably very much in love, but more importantly, one who can play complex chords AND sing wholeheartedly, These Are Lakes delves into new territory for the rock band. Oh, and by the way, Liz was newly introduced into the Canadian music royalty that is Broken Social Scene. 19.10 - 19.50

Tivoli oudegracht sat Clues|Elfin Saddle|Land of Talk|torngat 29th Hayden|Think About Life|The Stills nov (Montreal, CAN) is a great act to catch live—but don’t stand too far back in the crowd. Pietro D’Amato (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre) plays the French horn in such a way that you can’t decipher whether it’s a guitar or an organ’s wail you’re hearing; Mathieu Charbonneau plays his keys (and by keys we mean Wurlitzer, analog synth, Hammond and melodeon) with such a developed sense of rhythm that he’d fit in a (very crazy) funk band. Last but not least, Julien Poissant, the drummer, also plays trumpet. Best of all, they play together, as in “looking at each other”. A lesson in synergy for jazz and post-rock fans who are tired with the scene and aren’t afraid of pop sensibilities. 20.00 - 20-45 Torngat

(Toronto, CAN) Just like his idols Sebadoh and Pavement, Hayden started off recording with a simple four-track and bewitchingly detuned guitars. Now, a dozen years and six albums later, after finishing up a tour with Feist, a huge fan, Hayden would’ve probably liked to just sit at home and write some more. But instead, his signature growl, enthralling lyrics and fantastic guitar melodies will be taking life right here on stage. 21.00 - 21.50


sat Tivoli oudegracht 29th Clues|Elfin Saddle|Land of Talk|torngat nov Hayden|Think About Life|The Stills (Montreal, CAN) About Life formed in Montreal about four years ago, when the local scene was exploding and no one cared about what the media thought about their band. Well, guess what? They are one of the only, happy few that kept the bombastic energy of their debut. Get ready to dance, jump, sing along and not care what other people think. BRING ON THE PARTY. 22.00 - 22.45 Think

(Montreal, CAN) 23.00 - 00.00 Three’s a charm for The Stills. After hitting the 80’s spot with the coolly sophisticated Logic Will Break Your Heart in 2003, they took chances with the 70sinfused sophomore Without Feathers, which garnered as many props as dubious criticisms. Unfettered, they went back in the studio and wrote their most wide-sounding and honest record to date, Oceans Will Rise, which merges the bright-eyed younger Stills feel with a strong, almost stubborn desire to reinvent their sound. Presented by Pop Montreal

Tivoli de helling sat Pan/Tone|Fairmont|The Mole 29th nov Live (Toronto, CAN) Pan/Tone urges you to Skip the Foreplay on his newest and second record, and does so with a minimalist rock blueprint with a fetish for house music, and a bit more funk added to the mix. Get ready for bouncing retro guitars, sparse, solid beats and winks to early Depeche Mode on the dance floor. 01.00 - 02.00

Live (Toronto, CAN) With Coloured in Memory, on James Holden’s Border Community label, Fairmont proved to be more than a techno head with great ideas. Elevating his style with smart basslines, ambitious hooks and arpeggiated synths, he proves that experimentation doesn’t need to be painfully obscure, or devoid of playfulness. A very promising one-man project deeply rooted in versatility. 02.00 - 03.00

DJ (Montreal, CAN) Mole, one of Montreal’s electronic veterans, was born in Victoria, BC, and has now moved to Berlin to pursue his craft. This said, if for him hip-hop is a motivator, soul, an inspiration, and minimal techno, a base to build from, this die-hard vinyl geek calls house music his home. His signature: a true amalgam of upbeat, warm and brainy grooves. 03.00 - 06.00 The

Presented by Bar Weinig

sun ekko 30th Elizabeth Anka Vajagic|Shalabi Effect|Hrsta nov

(Montreal, CAN) 19.30 - 20.15 Gorgeously austere, Vajagic is another strong artist signed on the reputable, no-nonsense Constellation label. Stark piano, subtle cello and reflective guitars pave the way to oblique lyrics fiercely chanted and shrieked on her latest, the incredibly intense Stand with the Stillness of this Day. (Montreal, CAN) The full band of improv mastermind Sam Shalabi, this project went from a duo to a quartet, notably adding Alexandre Saint – Onge – another key player of Montreal’s avant-garde – on bass about ten years ago. Profoundly unpredictable, the Shalabi Effect has made a habit of making Middle Eastern sounds mingle with electronics on beautifully instinctive musical structures. At Le Guess Who? Shalabi Effect will play with his original duo. 20.30 - 21.30

(Montreal, CAN) Hrsta is a brooding, unique sound with tentacles in many other Montreal staples such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, A Silver Mt. Zion and Set Fire to Flames. Singer and guitarist Mike Moya was in fact a member of all three bands at some point, but here uses vocal prowess to distinguish the intricate post-rock project from his past ones. Harris Newman, one of the most sought-after mastering engineers of Canada (The Acorn, AIDS Wolf, Basia Bulat, Crystal Castles, The Dears, Wolf Parade, and so many more) is also a member of this elusive and enigmatic, near-spiritual band. 22.00 - 23.00

SHORT BIO SAT Jack Dylan 29th nov

Hailing from Stratford Ontario Canada, Jack Dylan studied Painting and Sculpture at Beal Art in London Ontario, and upon graduation moved to Montreal in the fall of 2003. There he Co-founded two studio and venue spaces, which combined played host to hundreds of bands, including The Gossip, Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown ao. Jack became increasingly active as a poster artist and illustrator. At present he has created over 200 posters for shows an events in Montreal and abroad, and works actively as an illustrator in magazines, album artwork, and fashion. Clients include bands such as Islands (Montreal), CSS (Brazil), and The Brunettes (New Zealand). As well as music festivals such as Pop Montreal, and Le Guess Who? Master Class ‘The Art of Music’ 16.00 St. Boeg (venue above Tivoli Oudegracht) “The Art of Music” Montreal show Posters explored: In this presentation, Dylan spot lights some of the major players in Canadian show poster art and design, as well as exploring his own influences in comic books, and shares insights into his own work. Expositions: Lock & Load Gallery Lange Jansstraat 22, Utrecht Tue 25th Nov – Sat 6th Dec Balcony of Tivoli Oudegracht Oudegracht 245, Utrecht Saturday the 29th of November

Time schedules

Tue 25th Nov - Sat 6th Dec Exposition Jack Dylan at Lock & Load Gallery Lange Jansstraat 22, Utrecht Thu 27th Nov | Tivoli Oudegracht | € 14,19.30 Venue open 20.00 - 20.30 Project Le Guess Who? by Simon Angell, guitarist Patrick Watson 21.00 - 21.30 Out Of Our Minds - MAdM - movie preview 22.00 - 23.15 MELISSA AUF dER MAUR Thu 27th Nov | Tivoli de Helling | € 15,18.00 Venue open 19.00 - 19.30 Trigger the Bloodshed 19.45 - 20.15 Incarceration Ignominious 20.45 - 21.15 Beneath the Massacre 22.45 - 23.30 Cryptopsy Thu 27th Nov | EKKO | € 13,20.00 Venue open 20.45 - 21:30 Katie Stelmanis 21.45 - 23:00 Fred Eaglesmith

Time schedules

29th Nov | Tivoli Oudegracht | € 13,16.00 Master Class & exposition Jack Dylan 17.50 - 18.20 Clues 18.30 - 19.00 Elfin Saddle 19.10 - 19.50 Land of Talk 20.00 - 20.45 torngat 21.00 - 21.50 Hayden 22.00 - 22.45 Think About Life 23.00 - 00.00 The Stills Sat 29th Nov | Tivoli de Helling | € 10,23.00 - 01.00 Jorn (DJ) 01.00 - 02.00 Pan/Tone (live) 02.00 - 03.00 Fairmont (live) 03.00 - 06.00 The Mole (DJ) Sun 30th Nov | EKKO | € 9,18.30 venue open 19.30 - 20.15 Elizabeth Anka Vajagic 20.30 - 21.30 Shalabi Effect 22.00 - 23.00 Hrsta day passe-partout ticket: € 20,-

Fri 28th Nov | Tivoli de Helling | € 10,19.00 Venue open 19.45 - 20.30 Jana Hunter 21.00 - 22.00 Beach House 22.30 - 23.15 Pas Chic Chic 23.45 - 00.30 Dragons of Zynth 01.00 - 01.45 Telepathe

Presale via Tivoli Oudegracht 245, Utrecht Plato Steenweg 13, Utrecht Boudisque Drieharingenstraat 5 – 31, Utrecht Ticketservice and national presale addresses

Colofon Le Who?

Johan Gijsen – Concept & Programming Bob van Heur – Concept & Programming Margriet van Kraats – Managing Director Arlette de Jong – Marketing & PR Nienke Klein Langenhorst – Assistant Marketing & PR Kimberley Spreeuwenberg – Artwork & Design Evelyne Côté – Editorial Contributions Peter de Koster - Production Dan, Hil and everybody at Pop Montreal, Sytse Wils, Thijs van der Krogt, Wim Wabbes, Steven Thomassen, Robert Meijerink, Cas & Illvester, Maurice, Tjanne, EKKO, 3 x Alex from Montreal, Megan, Antoine Bedard, Jack Dylan, Mark DiPietro, Belmont Bookings, Ducky, Guillaume. Simon Angell, Patrick Watson, Jace & Olga, Tivoli crew, Bas Flesseman, Julie Doiron, Duchess Says, Zoobizarre, Thunderheist, Mark the driver, Jorn Liefdeshuis, Daan Spoek, Eva van de Vlasakker, Ron Euser, Sherry Sinclaire, Milton Place, Gillian Graham van Pelt, Gijsbert, Melissa Auf der Maur, HKU, Jeffrey at Arts & Crafts, Lauwe Tjappie, Manish Argewal, Wolfgang Linneweber aka Linne, Tom, Subbacultcha, Farid Lock & Load, VSB fonds, Tash, City of Utrecht, Ben Garcia, Gonzo, CBC Radio, Plato Utrecht, Musebox, Jessie Stein, Remi, Eduard, Taq, Ruth, Triomf, Egoplastiek, MOJO, The Alternative, Bas Zwartepoorte, Ronnies in Toronto, Le Cagibi, Rooftops all over Canada, Casa del Popolo/ Sala Rosa, Moosehead and all the others we forgot but which inspired and helped us creating Le Guess Who? Le Guess Who? is created by Tivoli & Distorted Channel

LOCATIONS, ADDRESSES Tivoli Oudegracht Oudegracht 245 3511 NL Utrecht Tivoli de Helling Helling 7 3523 CB Utrecht Ekko Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3 3513 BH Utrecht More information, latest details: / (for travellingplan check: info/route) T. 0900 235 84 86

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