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Tim Bratland, Legend Seeds President

Every year presents its own unique set of challenges. Over these past few months Legend Seeds has been proactive in our efforts to prepare for any of those challenges while serving the needs of our dealers and their growers. It has certainly been one of those years that has tested our patience as well. However, as fall has made its fast debut, we are excited to move forward and focus on supporting you in our favorite time of year, harvest! As we begin this time of year to harvest the results of our patience, we want to take this opportunity to say thank you from our Legend family to yours. We are forever grateful to our customers and appreciate your trust and partnership with us. Do not forget to remind yourself to be proud of what you have accomplished despite all circumstances this season. Embrace that even though years like 2019 have been uncertain at times, we, as advocates of agriculture, will not back down. We will not give up. And we will continue to seek ways to combat years like this one. Stay

the course and finish this year strong. Our dedicated team here at Legend Seeds is looking forward to servicing you during this harvest season. We look forward to hearing the results of your dedication, determination, and hard work despite the challenges faced. We are also asking for our customers to share their Legend Advantage with us. Simply submit a testimonial about your Legend experience this season or product performance, and receive a thank you gift and “Legend Proud” plaque, as a token of our appreciation. YOU are the best advocate of the Legend brand, and we love to hear from you! At Legend, we are looking toward the horizon as we turn the chapter to our 30th year of business. As we look ahead, we remain focused on helping you extract the greatest benefits from our products, services, and innovative solutions to ensure you reach your

maximum profit potential. The future is bright and we look forward to continuing to improve upon our offerings and support to service your needs in 2020 to provide you with more data, research, and choice. As always, we are thankful for your continued support and the opportunity to serve you. Have a safe and bountiful harvest.

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Legend Seeds Commitment to Providing

Choice & Innovative Solutions for 2020 As a regional seed leader, Legend Seeds recognizes the importance of continually offering top quality products, services, and innovations that will provide growers with more profit potential than they can get anywhere else. As of August 1, Legend Seeds has embarked on its 30th selling season in the seed industry serving farmers and dealers across a seven-state footprint. This was a year of change and transition in the seed industry. However, at Leagend, our newly formed Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has created a stronghold in ensuring the certainty, stability, and the growth of Legend as an independent seed company for the future, with a focus on providing growers and dealers the freedom of choice. New for the 2020 selling season, Legend Seeds introduced the Enlist E3™ soybeans in to their lineup of more than 81 soybean varieties which consists of Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield ®, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend ®, LibertyLink®, LibertyLink® GT27™, Enlist E3™, High Protein Conventional, and Conventional soybeans, ranging from .01-3.4 relative maturity. Also new for 2020, Legend Seeds has introduced certified non-GMO corn hybrids to their corn portfolio which consists of traited and conventional

grain, silage, and dualpurpose hybrids to provide growers with variety and flexibility to meet every need and every program. Legend Seeds’ 155 corn hybrids range from 72-day to 118-day maturities.

and is applied primarily in-furrow but can be seed applied with proper understanding. This revolutionary technology allows producers to reduce nitrogen inputs and maintain similar yields, or leave nitrogen rates the same and increase yields.

A commitment toward innovation and choice has also been at the “In our own field trials forefront of the Legend this growing season, we Seeds product offerings for have noticed substantial 2020, to provide dealers advantages to crops and growers access to treated with Envita vs. leading-edge technologies without,” said Legend and yield enhancement Seeds Forage Specialist, solutions to boost yield and John Squire, Ph.D. “When maximize ROI. One product comparing corn treated that was introduced this with Envita to untreated, spring and will be offered observations have revealed again through Legend increased early tillering, Envita on the left, Seeds in 2020 is Envita™, which indicates improved No Envita on the right produced by Azotic growing conditions. North America. Envita is a nitrogen Treated plants tend to have improved fixing bacteria (Gluconacetobacter rooting with more fine roots and a diazotrophicus) that can live within more robust root system as the plant many crops and enhance production. matures. Envita use has led to better The bacteria were discovered naturally plant vigor with advanced growth existing in sugar cane and have been stages throughout the life cycle. Plant adapted to colonize and live in various tissue tests have also revealed more crops. This enables the crop to use nitrogen in the plant up through midnitrogen from the air and change it vegetative stages. Ear development to a form the plant can use, similar has improved on corn with larger ears to soybeans or alfalfa. It is a liquid and pod set on soybeans has increased. We look forward to reviewing the yield results from these comparison plots this fall.” “Legend Seeds is dedicated to providing growers with the best seed options for their acres,” said Tim Bratland, Legend Seeds President. “Not only do we focus on providing our growers with choice, but we stand behind our commitment and focus on local testing and research across our footprint to ensure we select and place the right products for the right geography to consistently deliver high value products to growers.”

TREATED Minot Trial - July 11, 2019


For more information on Legend Seeds’ full product offerings for 2020, visit www.legendseeds.net.

INTERNo20 f CLASS 19 Libby Absher


My roles this year have included working with the Research Team and L.E.A.P. Program to do various activities such as: filling packets, planting, taking emergence notes, taking seed treatment trial notes, helping with plot bagging, and updating the Legend Edge. As the Research Intern, I have spent a lot of my internship traveling across our footprint to places as close as Lake Preston, SD, as far north as Minot, ND, to as far south as Neligh, NE and as far east as Bloomer, WI. My favorite part of this internship has been meeting new people (Legend staff and customers)! I am looking forward to a continued future with Legend Seeds!

Ashley Pearson


My name is Ashley Pearson and I am currently in my senior year at South Dakota State University. I am majoring in Agronomy with an Agribusiness minor. I was an intern for the Marketing Team and some of my duties included drafting and publishing Agronomy Bulletins and L.E.A.P. Updates, designing email campaigns, preparing for farm shows, helping with Dealer Kickoffs, and team meetings, along with assisting our team as needed. I really enjoyed building relationships with everyone at Legend and learning the ins and outs of marketing on a larger scale.

Alec Johnson


Some of my roles for working with Legend were delivering seed to customers and dealers, planting plots, and returning seed and boxes. These tasks allowed me to travel all over Legend’s footprint during the summer. My favorite part about the internship was learning how the seed business works. I have learned so much in the four months I have worked with Legend. Everyone was kind and helpful whenever I needed it. I am very glad to have been a part of this team!


I began my internship with Legend Seeds in May and since then I have had many different duties and responsibilities. I am a senior at South Dakota State University pursuing a degree in Agronomy. The main tasks that have been assigned to me this summer are delivering seed to our dealers or growers, helping with planting knowledge plots or dealer plots, and mostly working with the Agronomists or Legend Account Managers. A project that I have been working on this summer with Matt Caron, Legend Sales Agronomist, is taking notes in the plots for early season, midseason, and harvest time. These notes document the stress of plants, the overall stand, root structure, and if anything stands out that we should watch throughout the growing season. My favorite part about this summer has been learning more about the agronomics in the field and how to communicate that back to our growers.

This summer Legend Seeds was fortunate to have had six interns support Legend staff, dealers, and growers spread across our footprint in various areas of the business. We thank and appreciate each of them for their hard work, dedication, and support throughout the summer!

See below a recap of their summer projects:


My role as a Legend Seeds intern consisted of providing great customer service while delivering seed to dealers and customers. I also had the opportunity to work with Herb Hoppe, Legend Account Manager, with his research test plot. During my time as an intern I serviced all of South Dakota, western Nebraska, western Wisconsin, and northern Minnesota. My favorite part was seeing country that I have never seen before. Seeing it without anything planted, and then seeing it again with crops in the field was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen.


As a Legend Intern, I had the opportunity to work with warehouse staff, dealers and growers to help get seed out the door. I also worked closely with Legend agronomists to evaluate growers’ fields, L.E.A.P. and Knowledge Plots. I served the state of Wisconsin, and consistently travel the entire state to see a variety of products and their performance in different areas. My favorite part of this internship was definitely the people! From Legend staff, dealers and growers, everyone at Legend has been awesome to work with over the past few months. Hearing stories from growers, helping dealers achieve their goals and being a part of the Legend Seeds vision and mission has been the most fulfilling part of my summer!

Check out some of last year’s testimonials and visit us online at legendseeds.net/advantage to find out more information! For the stress it encountered this year I am very impressed with the consistency of this bean. ZANE ERICKSON // BUFFALO, ND LS 07X852N

These are the best beans we have ever had. JONAS LYNCH // MCLAUGHLIN, SD LS 12X862N

I have highly variable light soil with several sandy knolls. Legend always performs well for us, right up there with the neighbors who have better soil. VAL JASPERS // WATERTOWN, SD LR 9397 VT2PRIB

The Legend Seed variety I planted yielded well. The plants were tall and uniform with a lot of pods across the entire field. It was exciting to see the combine hopper fill so quickly with good quality soybeans. DAVID DRIESSEN // CANBY, MN LS 21X705N

I planted this variety on tougher ground, and I could not believe how well the cobs filled all the way to the end. BRETT HILLESTAD // CLAIRE CITY, SD LR 9495 VT2PRIB



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Testimony: _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Legend variety (if applicable): __________________________ Yield Data (NOT REQUIRED): ____________________________ By submitting this entry, you agree to give permission to Legend Seeds for use of your testimonial in their marketing materials.

Have you had a memorable experience with Legend Seeds this past year? Our greatest advantage at Legend Seeds is that our growers do the talking for us. We want to hear about your Legendary experience this past season. From planting to harvest and every moment in between, Legend Seeds is dedicated toward providing the support, services, agronomics, and products to ensure you reach maximum potential on your acres. Your success is our success, and that’s why we want to hear from YOU! Submit a quote or testimonial highlighting your Legend Advantage this past year, and we well send you a thank you gift & “Legend Proud” plaque as a token of our appreciation!

Testimonials can include but are not limited to:

Service • Support • Yield from a specific hybrid or variety Product performance • Overall Legend experience

Eligibility: • Entrant may submit one or more entry of their Legend Advantage. Performance data is not required but encouraged. • Entrant must allow Legend Seeds to use their testimonial submission in future marketing literature. • Entrant with multiple submissions is eligible for one gift and plaque per calendar year.

Four Easy Ways To Participate: MAIL

Complete the attached form and mail to: Legend Seeds, Attn: Amy B. Pederson, P.O. Box 241 • De Smet, SD 57231


Scan and email your completed entry form to: contest@legendseeds.net


Save a stamp and enter online at: legendseeds.net/advantage

FACEBOOK @LegendSeeds

Submit your testimonial to us through Facebook direct message and include your name & mailing address.

Giving Back: Coming from a small town ourselves, we understand how important giving back to the community is! All growers who participate in our LEGEND ADVANTAGE will be entered in to a drawing once a month for a $200 donation to be given in their name to the charity or organization of their choice (Ex: Local FFA Chapter or 4-H club).

#legendaryfieldmeals Designed to be quickly thrown together, Steak & Egg Wraps are great for those meat and potatoes types. Plenty of meat, potatoes, peppers and eggs will keep everyone satisfied and not having to go home for a snack during a busy day in the field.

Steak & Egg Wraps Makes 6 large wraps

• 6 extra large tortillas • 8 eggs scrambled and seasoned with salt and pepper • 1 lb flank steak cut into 1 inch cubes, seasoned with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and fried in a medium high heat skillet for 5 minutes.

• 2 medium sized potatoes cut into 1 inch cubes, pan fried until tender and golden, 8-10 min • 2 bell peppers cut into 1/2 inch strips lengthwise, cooked with potatoes when they are close to being done (last 2 minutes) • 12 TBSP Shredded cheese

Let all ingredients cool slightly before assembly.

Place 1 tortilla on a sheet of aluminum foil. Top with a line of scrambled eggs down the center. Add 2 TBSP of shredded cheese. Add steak, potatoes and peppers. Roll up and secure with aluminum foil. Keep warm and serve.

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Fall 2019 Advantage Newsletter  

Fall 2019 Advantage Newsletter