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Creating an Organizational Chart using Organizational View in MiHR

After logging into MiHR you will find a toolbar item labeled “Talent Management”. Under this menu select “Organization Views”.


After clicking on “Organization Views� you will be brought to a page where you can search for leaders to stem your organizational chart from.


In addition to searching by name you can search by various organizational levels such as location or job.


After clicking on a leader’s name a new window will open displaying the leader and their direct reports. The numbers in bold represent the leader’s number of direct reports and the regular numbers represent indirect reports.


Leaders can be expanded and collapsed by clicking on the black triangles to the left of the number of direct/indirect reports. By doing this you can drill down all the way down to the warehouse associate level.


Once you have an organizational chart you would like to save it can be exported into various formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML, or as an image. To export a completed organizational chart simply select the file type and click the OK button.

You will be prompted to Open or Save your document (save is recommended).


Here you can see an example of an exported organizational chart in PDF format.


The organizational hierarchy used when creating these charts is based on an employee’s Supervisor in MiHR. If an employee is not aligned to the appropriate leader, their Supervisor will have to be updated. This can be done within the employee’s record in MiHR under the “Jobs” tab using the “Change Organization” workflow.


• Once you have reached the “Change Organization” workflow screen you can select the correct supervisor using the search function ( ). • 901- Supervisor Change should be selected for Reason • After the new Supervisor has been selected simply save the changes. • If approvals are required the changes will be reflected in the employee’s record after they have been completed. 10



Creating Org Charts via Organizational View  

Creating Org Charts via Organizational View