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Memories Bring People Together Smiles, Laughs, Tears. Old friends and new friends. Reminiscing over special moments. Making new memories together. We call these gatherings Social Galleries. Woven in a backdrop of beautiful moments is how to best experience Legacy Republic. Get inspired to celebrate your family’s best moments and bring them into your everyday life.

Inspire Others. Celebrate Families. Earn Rewards. Social Galleries are for sharing all that we have to offer at Legacy Republic. This casual, yet elegant, experience brings people together and rewards Social Gallery hosts through our Legacy Republic Rewards program. So, as you contemplate your legacy, we encourage you to consider hosting your own Social Gallery.

Why you’ll love hosting a Social Gallery … •

Support the business of your Legacy Maker friend or family member in a casual, simple, and fun way (no presentations!)

Bring friends & family together to rediscover old memories and make new memories. Inspire the people you love.

Use Legacy Republic Rewards to advance your legacy through our Keepsakes Collection, Memory Makeover Kits, or Studio experiences. You choose!

Connect with your Legacy Maker, reserve your date, and your friends will thank you.

Join the Mission Our mission comes to life in partnership with entrepreneurial-minded people who possess an extraordinary passion and commitment for inspiring the celebration of family memories. We believe this mission, at this time, is rather important and have named them for the key role that they perform. They are Legacy Makers. Together with our Legacy Makers we are building something that is truly unique.

Our Legacy Makers help their communities through Social Gallery experiences – casual yet elegant events where relationships, friendships and story-telling provide a flexible and meaningful financial opportunity. “There are so many things to love, but the BEST part is that I get to do something truly meaningful that connects me to amazing teammates, customers and friends. It has also allowed me to treat my family to trips to Ireland and Germany, plus a surprise Christmas trip to see Hamilton in New York City. I love my job!” Cassie Oelberg, Legacy Maker | Selinsgrove, PA

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Legacy Republic - Get Involved