Basic 7 Merits of a Christian Education

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Basic 7 Merits of a Christian Education ================================================================ In a world where Christian beliefs seem under assault from all quarters, parents can place all the more values on quiet enclaves of practical education. Simple faith holds down its ineluctable power, but it is always helpful to review in detail why a Christian education in a private Christian academy Haslet is indispensable for the children.

Individual attention Public schools suffer from inadequate student-teacher ratios, while private schools offer better individual attention to the students.

Superior academic achievement A private Christian school tends to attract dedicated teachers who are motivated to teach students who themselves are motivated to excel and learn. Rather than muddle through the lowest common denominator set by a bloated public bureaucracy, pupils and teachers flourish in congenial surroundings that encourage advanced studies in chemistry, electronics, physics, mathematics, and other hard sciences along with the classical liberal arts.

No bullying Not to put too fine a point on it, many public schools are unknown for their peaceful learning environments. Longstanding legal and social trends have led to what can only be called chaotic, uncontrolled settings that encourage

occasional eruptions and casual bullying of violence. The strict rules of conduct and moral character of a Christian school make this unacceptable behavior a rarity.

Emphasis on shared values You are being surrounded daily by like-minded individuals who experience the same Christian education helps significantly with maturing your child into a responsible adult. It helps them understand how to live daily in God’s love with equal moral neighbors.

Social interaction with peers Apart from the formal aspects of Christian education, being able to make friends and interact with others who practice Christianity is less lonely than struggling through daily challenges. It helps to deal with ignorant or even outright amoral individuals with no understanding of the message of the Bible and no respect for the supreme sacrifice of Christ.

Christian education materials Public-school materials usually lack a Christian viewpoint and may even actively disparage Christian values. A private school can choose curriculum materials that are friendly to Christian values. The school’s library can help exercise excellent care in avoiding inappropriate books.

Respect for family values Unlike the public schools that increasingly seem to arrogate unto themselves the Biblically ordained role of parents while raising their children, Christian

schools recognize the critical role of parents and keep in close touch with the parents over issues that arise from the children’s educational and moral development. If you want to enroll in a good Christian school, Faith Christian Academy in Haslet is one of the good options for you.

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