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N° 38 15 fév - 15 avril 2011


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ARTISTS SPECIAL EDITION Portrait of Artists p2 & 3 Artistic workshops in the Lot p7 Poisson d'Avril ! p11

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A6 (148x105mm) printed in colour both sides on 130 gloss paper

2.500 ex. 84 € ht* 5.000 ex.99 € ht* 10.000 ex.143 € ht* 20.000 ex. 232 € ht*

Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets, Letterheads, Business Cards...

Win a painting of your house by Eric Fiant with Le Forty-Six ! How long does it typically take Eric Fiant to make a painting of a house?

Standard Business Cards Prestige Business Cards

(55x85mm) printed in colour both sides on 300g satin board

(55x85mm) printed in colour both sides on 300g satin board and laminated one side ht*

500 ex. 29 € ht*

500 ex. 39 € 4 carrer d'en cavailles - 66160 le boulou -

a) 5 hours b) 5 minutes c) 5 days Send your answer to Entries must be in by March 20th Title the e-mail "Eric Fiant"

contact LE FORTY-SIX: 09 62 58 05 41 09 62 58 05 41


Eric Fiant : Artist and Cabinet Maker


riginally from Meudon La Forêt, in Hauts de Seine, about 10kms from the centre of Paris, Eric Fiant studied applied graphic arts in Paris before working initially in Graphic Design and Publicity. However, he left Paris and made his living in several regions and countries before settling in St Germain du Bel-Air some 14 years ago. Eric has three areas of activity that do not appear closely linked at first glance. He is a skilled cabinet maker and restores antique furniture in his workshop. He will also produce a beautiful painting of your house in acrylics, but the main thrust of his art is in the “Figuration Libre” style. Figuration Libre is an art movement from the 1980's which owes much to urban art, not dissimilar to the work of “Banksy”, whose stencilling technique bears similarity to “Blek le Rat” who began to work with stencils in 1981 in Paris in the beginnings of Punk Rock. Robert Combas and Hervé Di Rosa used the aesthetics of comic strips and the subcultural art form Graffiti in their works. In this context, Figuration Libre must be seen in close connection with the "Graffiti Movement". Figuration Libre has been described as cartoonlike, being like the illustration style of detective stories produced in the USA with realistic but simplifed pictures, though these exaggerated scenes in a way that is not true of Figuration Libre. Ironically, Eric has made many paintings of his urban roots around Paris since settling in the Lot. The representation of city scenes and urban landscapes is his dominant inspiration. He has had a number of exhibitions both locally and in Paris over the past few years and he has plans for others, including a possible exhibition at a London gallery. Other recent paintings followed a different set of themes, such as the

Lesley Powell Sculpteur


nitially trained on the South Coast and in Wales, Lesley Powell has b e e n exhibiting her work for the last 20 years, mostly in the UK, where she also taught art at a private girls' school in North London. Having moved to Albas, she now enjoys a more leisurely, if no less creative, life. She claims her heart was always in the country and her sister and brother-in-law living nearby in the Lot meant that she came here for holidays for some ten years before buying her own house here. She loves the surrounding countryside with the rich and undulating form of the hills and valleys and the drama of the rivers cutting through the land and providing for such a wealth of wildlife. Her love of animals and her total abhorrence of any cruelty has always been a strong influence on her work. Much of Lesley's current work is centred around bird forms and she has a very dramatic work called “Crows” which demonstrates this. However, the surprise arrival of a stray kitten (perhaps attracted by the birds?) has caused her to decide that this will be “the year of the cat”! The printed word can never represent a three-dimensional sculpture and a visit to her studio is highly recommended. Her

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series of seven illustrations showing hands playing musical instruments, exhibited at the music venue, L'Hangar, in Ivry, near Paris. Eric spent 3 years in the Southern Alps, where he studied and worked as a carpenter-cabinetmaker and wood-carver on a major restoration. Then in Moissac, he took part in the creation of pieces at the arts centre including wooden sculptures. The arrival of mime artist Marcel Marceau in Moissac inspired Eric to create a bas-relief cut from the local terra cotta brick. This he presented to Marceau and it was placed in the museum maintained by the mime artist for artefacts gathered during his career. Eric was assured that on Marceau's death, all such pieces would be auctioned off for the benefit of good causes. In the event, the good cause was to repay the debts accumulated by Marceau during his life! Several of Eric's graphic designs are still in circulation in the form of shirts marketed by Cacharel and Quicksilver, CD covers and posters. If you have one of these, you may be well advised to ask him to sign it for posterity... The most accessible aspect of Eric's art is of course, his acrylic illustrations of houses. These are produced in around 5 hours and range from 140 euros, depending on size and c o m p l e x i t y. T h e example on the cover was priced at 140 Peintures & Illustrations euros in A3 size, delivered in a Visit by appointment. clipframe. He works Gallery on Facebook ! from photographs so a Le Bourg summertime picture 46310 St Germain du Bel Air can be produced year 05 65 31 09 82 / 06 30 45 70 35 round. John

works are all for sale, although she does not do work for commission. Many collectors of artwork are put off by the potential prices of their chosen works of art. Lesley can spend twenty to thirty hours on a stone carving once the idea has been developed and drawings produced. With plaster of Paris or papier maché, there is also drying time to bring into the equation. It is not a quick result therefore, even though when the creation drives her, she will work late into the night in order to capture the idea while it is fresh in her mind. With this in mind, it is surprising that her works are so inexpensive, many below 100 euros. One should not buy art with profit in mind, but these would seem to be very wise investments, though so much more valuable to enjoy daily in your home. You can find Lesley on the internet at w w w. l e s l e y p o w e l l s c u l p t e u r. c o m although she is a dedicated technophobe! It is best to call her to arrange an appointment to view. You may well also find her at art and craft fares around the area. John

Lesley Powell Sculpteur




isit Maarten Kuypers at the L'Atelier D'Artoust wrought iron workshop in Catus and you will be struck by the artistic value and heart that has gone into the construction of his metal furniture. His showroom is dominated by a sofa which is just begging to be sat upon and he has bathroom vanity units that are fashionable enough to be considered more luxurious than their ferrous roots would suggest. Most might be more at home in the Design Centre in Regent Street, rather than the Route de St Denis in Catus. Maarten can show you a number of diplomas he has gained for his work, but the work speaks for itself. The meticulous attention to detail and the undeniable artistic feel for design puts Maarten's work into a class of its own. Besides furniture and bathroom units, he has produced many very impressive (and slightly less surprising) gates and grilles, staircases, pergolas and so many other metallic architectural items. The whole showrooms and workshops is an Aladin's Cave of design. Besides the many beautiful items on display, Maarten will design and make bespoke items specifically to your requirements. John

L'atelier d'artoust Wrought iron workshop

Bespoke Creations

05 65 22 06 45 Route de Sauzet, Albas 46140

Banisters Pergola Gates Visit our showroom. Kuypers Maarten - rte de St Denis - 46150 Catus Tel : 06 78 19 57 60 e-mail :

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011 09 62 58 05 41





e have always wanted to do an issue about “Art” or even just one section about an artist. However, time goes so quickly and we just never made it. Well, it seems that we caught up in this issue ! The idea was to feature some great artists installed in the Lot, each with very different specialisms : sculpture, painting, pottery, iron, but with a common point, they are all inspired by our region ! So I leave you to discover them, especially by visiting them in their “atelier”. If you feel that you may have potential as an artist, why not enrol in one of the many classes offered throughout the departement ? Or perhaps just enjoy another artist's skill by borrowing a piece of art at the Artothèque ? I hope that you will enjoy this special issue ! Artistiquement vôtre,

Thank you for your participation in the game to win a chiminea with Le FireShop and Le Forty-Six ! Issue 37, the question was : What country does the chiminea design originate from ? a) Wales b) Mexico c) Iceland

The winner is Edwina Flannery. Bravo !

Eric Fiant

The answer was b) Mexico

Potters from Another Time...


he French love to talk about terroir, that subtle and almost mystical set of qualities that a particular place imparts to wine. But Southwest France produces more than wine, and now and then it seems only right to apply the term terroir to other things, to people and customs and crafts that seem, for one reason or another, to be so clearly affected by the spirit of this wonderful place. When looking at the work of local potters Emmanuel Alexia and Laëtitia Pineda, you can't help but think of terroir. Living in a small traditional farmhouse with no electricity or modern comforts, this young couple have devoted themselves to their art, and with amazing results. Life and art are simple at Loustalou: Emmanuel and Laëtitia dig their clay and cut their firewood from the surrounding woodlands. The wood that fires their pots - in kilns they have built themselves -

Nicola Cresswell - Artist


rtist Nicola Cresswell attained her Bachelor of Arts at Bristol Art College in art and design. Nicola has travelled, worked and exhibited overseas for over 16 years, in Australia and Asia. In Bangkok, in 1997, Nicola successfully opened her own gallery exhibiting International artists as well as her own work and she has continued to work with such artists today. She first began painting with inks and pastel, creating large colourful pieces of nature and movement, a technique she was to develop over a 10 year period. Today, Nicola is focused on painting with acrylics on canvas. A strong sense of colour, composition and fluidity of form is what she aspires to in her work. Her inspiration derives from nature. Working from a combination of sketches and photographs she creates a subtle mixture of the realistic and the imaginative. Her artistic influences are the impressionists, Renoir and Degas. She is currently working towards a new exhibition of large floral works that are 2 metres in size.

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011


also heats their house, cooks their food, boils the water for the tea they serve from their own teapots and cups. But the simplicity is deceptive. Emmanuel and Laëtitia produce breathtaking pottery, primarily bowls, which at once reflects and refines the essence of the natural world around them. While their styles differ – Emmanuel's bowls are more rustic, more masculine perhaps, while Laëtitia's work consists of more fragile, porcelain-thin and very lightweight pieces – they share a common philosophy. As Emmanuel puts it, they aim to capture “a beauty before beauty,” a beauty deriving from nature that has the ability to touch us emotionally. The rustic yet subtly evocative forms and textures they achieve do just that – bowls that seem to flow and reflect the landscape around them as naturally as the life they lead here in the quiet, gentle woodlands of France.

These are inspired from her love of gardening. Through her design background she now applies this to her garden, using the end results as a starting point The 'Dogz' series was created through her love of dogs and are commissioned works. She likes to meet and get to know the dog(s) before doing a painting, taking photographs and talking about the character of the dog. ''Max'' was always stealing socks, which was hard to recreate clearly. Then his owner told a story of when Max was about 4 years old and, a few hours before a BBQ, he took 5 pounds of frozen sausages from the side and promptly ate them. He was a very poorly doggy but survived to tell the tale. Thus, rather than socks, he ended up with a string of stolen sausages in the portrait. Nicola now spends most of her time in France in the Lot and would like eventually to develop an artist retreat/gallery in the future. Asked what brought her to the Lot, Nicola, with characteristic humour, replies,“A Ford Focus”. Her husband being stuck in Eritrea

Emmanuel and Laëtitia's work is sold mainly in gallery expositions in Toulouse, Paris, even Japan, but they also make an appearance every year in August at the pottery fair in SaintAvit, near Lacapelle-Biron, in the Lot-etGaronne. Greg Emmanuel and Laëtitia welcome visitors by appointment and can be reached on 06 77 68 08 38 or at

at the time, it was down to Nicola plus a good friend driving the truck. In a Burberry mac and matching toiletries bag, he didn't quite match your average trucker encountered on the ferry! She says the Lot still takes her breath away, and after living a city life in Sydney, Bangkok and London it is easy to understand why. Nicola is preparing for an exhibition of her paintings and she will be advertising this in a future issue of Le Forty-Six. Meanwhile, if you would like your dog to be immortalised, email her at John

page 3 06 76 22 49 50 Exhibitions / Expos


LEOBARD CAHORS Conference Art history in French: Matisse Couleurs Brésil (from Samba to Bossa et Toulouse. Nova). Le Goût des Arts. Feb 17th, 9pm*** Salle de la mairie. March 26th, 5pm* CAHORS Lee Scratch Perry (reggae). Fairs & Festivals Les Docks. Feb 18th, 9pm PUY l'EVEQUE Carnival. Place de la mairie. Feb 20th, 2pm CAHORS Ancient toys fair. Espace Valentré. Feb 20th

SOUILLAC / SOUSCEYRAC Cantares (Spanish music). SOUILLAC. Salle St Martin. Feb 18th, 8.30pm SOUSCEYRAC. Church. Feb 19th, 8.30pm

MONTCUQ Salon de la voyance. Feb 26th & 27th

LABASTIDE-MURAT Slavianka (Russian music). Church. Feb 19th, 8.30pm

LACAPELLE MARIVAL Master Motocross Inter Cls Monster Energy Mx2K (competition). Information 05 65 40 80 20. Feb 27th, 8.45am to 6pm****

SOUILLAC La Deryves. Palais des Congrès. Feb 25th, 10pm*

PRAYSSAC Country music festival. Espace Maurice Faure. March 5th & 6th** LACAPELLE MARIVAL Salon des collectionneurs. Salle des fêtes. March 6th

CAHORS Les concerts du coeur. Auditorium. Feb 25th, 8.30pm LHERM Brian Harpwood (country music). Bar à Trucs. Feb 26th, 7.30pm

CAHORS Iphigénie en Tauride by Christophe Willibald Gluck with Plácido Domingo (opera). LATRONQUIERE Fête de l'arbre et du bois. Tree and wood Cinéma ABC. Feb 26th, 7pm**** festival. Music & exhibition. March 13th FUMEL (47) Un de la Canebière (operette). CAHORS Espace culturel. March 11th, 8.45pm Rencontres cinéma Amérique Latine (latino movies at cinema ABC & Le Quercy). March 14th to 30th.

GRAMAT Country music night (dinner & ball). Info : 05 65 40 84 61 CAHORS Ciné-concert : Un punch à l'estomac (So, Salle des fêtes.March 12th, 7.30pm this is love ?) by Frank Capra. JL LHERM Amestoy will play the accordion. Firefly (poprock). Cinéma Le Quercy. March 27th, 6pm Bar à Trucs. March 12th, 7.30pm PUY l'EVEQUE Salon des métiers d'Art. Salle des fêtes. April 9th & 10th GORSES Troc des plantes. Exchange plants ! April 10th, 9am to 1pm CAHORS Brocante. Espace Valentré. April 10th FIGEAC Salon de l'habitat. April 15th t o 18th

Vide-Greniers PUY l'EVEQUE : March 13th (salle des fêtes) CRAYSSAC : March 20th (toys & clothes) PAYRIGNAC : March 20th LALBENQUE : March 27th (brocante) ST CERE : April 3rd BIO : April 17th FLOIRAC : April 17th LAMOTHE FENELON : April 17th VERS : April 17th


PRAYSSAC Orchestra, soloists and choir of the Centre Philharmonique. Faure's 'Requiem', with the 'Gloria' by Poulenc in the first half. Soloists : Nadia Lavoyer, soprano & Guilhem Souyri, bass. Information in English 05 65 36 45 98. Church. March 12th, 4pm **** CAHORS Uirapuru (Trio Tribal Voix). Le Goût des Arts. March 17th, 9pm *** LHERM St Patrick's Day ! Irish music and food... Bar à Trucs. March 17th, 7.30pm

ST CERE / BAGNAC-SUR-CELE "Novecento pianiste" by Alessandro Baricco. BAGNAC : Salle des fêtes. April 3rd, 9pm ST CERE : Gymnase. April 3rd, 5pm & April 4th, 2pm FIGEAC La Belle de Cadix (opera). Espace F Mitterand. April 6th, 9pm **** LACAPELLE MARIVAL Gloria by Vivaldi, Te Deum by Carpentier. April 8th CAHORS Le comte Ory by Gioacchino Rossini (opera). Cinéma ABC. April 9th, 7pm**** CAHORS Roland Pidoux (cello). Auditorium. April 15th, 8.30pm

Workshop GRAMAT Franco-English meetings in Gramat in a relaxed atmosphere. A great opportunity to meet new friends and native people. Conversation in English and French. Hôtel du Quercy 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month 7.30 p.m to 9.30 p.m . Tel : 05 65 38 75 75 or 05 65 33 75 92. Free FIGEAC Free Franco-English meetings in Figeac. You'll be able to practise your french or english with natives in a relaxed atmosphere. We organise outings,exchange books and are planning other workshops in 2011! Restaurant le Patio, rue de Clermont, meetings happening weekly on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. Contact Ellen Casson at or Raphaële Mériguet 06 70 12 72 72 SOUILLAC Book exchange Le Chapeau Melon : Feb 22nd, March 8th, March 22nd, April 5th & 19th. THEDIRAC Learn how to cut precious stones. April 11th to 15th. Booking necessary 2 weeks before (80€ per day). Information : 05 65 30 93 88


CAHORS Roland Dyans (guitar). Auditorium. March 18th, 8.30pm***

MAUROUX Soirée Carcasse (Duck night...). Salle des fêtes. March 12th, 8pm ***

CAHORS Lucia Di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti (opera). Cinéma ABC. March 19th, 6pm****

PAYRIGNAC Soirée Orientale (Oriental night and dinner). Booking before April 5th. Tel : 06 17 71 22 74. April 9th, 7.30pm

LE VIGAN Quercy'cord (Quatuor à Cordes). Espace Jean Carmet. March 19th, 8.30pm

FIGEAC Wine tasting classes run by Aveline: Wines from Fronton. Info 06 60 85 67 99 or Bar à Vins Chez Matthieu. March 30th, 6.30pm to 8.30pm****

FIGEAC ST CERE Nouvelle Vague/génération Bagnolet. Murat Oztürk Trio & special guest (jazz). Espace François Mitterand. March 25th, Théâtre de l'usine. March 19th, 8.30pm*** 8.30pm*** CAHORS CAHORS Alexandre Bodak plays Franz Liszt (piano). Le Sucre du printemps (by Marion Muzac Auditorium. March 25th, 8.30pm & Rachel Garcia). Théâtre. April 9th, 8.30pm LHERM Des fourmis dans les notes (French music). Charity Bar à Trucs. March 26th, 7.30pm CAZALS CAHORS Typical French Ball with traditional Percussions show. music. Donations for Les Restos du Auditorium. April 1st, 9pm Coeur. Salle des fêtes. Feb 19th, 9pm

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CAHORS Bal & Masques (Tango music and dance, puppet show, percussions). Espace Valentré. April 2nd, 9pm

FIGEAC Wine Market with 20 producers (organised by the Rotary Club). Espace F Mitterand. March 12th & 13th

Let us know about the events which take place in your village before March 20th !

LISTINGS FAIRS AND MARKETS IN THE LOT MARCHES / MARKETS Morning MONDAY Assier (1st & 3rd Monday) Labastide-Murat (2nd & 4th Monday) TUESDAY Bretenoux - Catus - Floirac Gourdon - Gramat - Leyme - Puy l’Evêque - Salviac WEDNESDAY Bagnac-sur-Célé - Cahors Latronquière - Les Quatre-Routes - Lissac-et-Mouret - Luzech THURSDAY Libos (47) - Mercuès - Sauzet Vayrac FRIDAY Floirac - Gramat - Latronquière Les Quatre-Routes - Limogne-enQuercy - Prayssac - Salviac Souillac - St Germain-du-Bel-Air SATURDAY Bretenoux - Cajarc (pm) Cahors - Duravel - Figeac Gourdon - Lalbenque - Martel Puy l’Evêque - Saint Céré Vayrac SUNDAY Arcambal - Cardaillac Castelnau-Montratier - Cazals Concots - Douelle - Espère - Les Quatre-Routes - Limogne-enQuercy - Montcuq - Puybrun Saint Céré - Saint Géry - Saint Sozy

MONTHLY BROCANTE (Antique) All day Gourdon : 1st Saturday of the month

Gramat : 2nd Saturday of the month

Mercuès : 3rd Sunday of the month Sarlat (24) : Last Sunday of the month

Souillac : 3rd Saturday of the month

FOIRES / FAIRS All-day monthly fairs TUESDAY Catus Last Tuesday Gourdon 1st & 3rd Tuesday Prayssac 3rd Tuesday WEDNESDAY Cajarc 2nd & 4th Wednesday St Céré 1st & 3rd Wednesday Sousceyrac 2nd Wednesday THURSDAY Vayrac 1st & 3rd Thursday Gramat 2nd & 4th Thursday FRIDAY Souillac 1st & 3rd Friday SATURDAY

Cahors 1st & 3rd Saturday Figeac 2nd & 4th Saturday

Agenda updated regularly at

-F- Free / * between 1 & 5 € / ** between 5 & 10€ / *** between 10 & 15€ / **** 15€ and more Whenever possible we do our best to give you an indication of the prices of events featured. Please note however, if nothing is quoted, it means we don’t have the relevant information.

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011


Painting / Drawing Classes

It has been a long job to collect all this information about artistic classes and workshops being given in the Lot... So if you have always been saying "I'd like to take classes and do this or that", now you have no excuse anymore ! Just go for it ! Some classes may be missing in this list, but it is already a good start, wherever you are in the Lot...

ASSIER. Every Tuesday evening, 8pm to 10.30pm. Workshops for adults and children during school holidays. Tel. 06 32 60 96 51

Sculpture MARMINIAC. Gérard Boulanger. Tel : 05 65 22 82 77

Pottery / Ceramics ASSIER. Sylvie Piaud. Every Thursday morning, 10am to 12pm or evening 8.30pm to 10.30pm. 05 65 40 47 06 CAPDENAC GARE Aude Lecocq. Every Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm & Friday 2 to 4pm. Tel. 05 65 63 83 45 or 06 13 75 47 78. FIGEAC Hélène Baconnier. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6pm to 7.30pm Tel. 06 78 37 09 42

CAHORS. Joëlle Krakowski. March 15th (6.30 to 8.30pm) & 16th (10am to 12pm). April 12th (6.30 to 8.30pm& 13th (10am to 12pm) 05 65 35 75 47 BELMONTET. Pech. August 8th to 12th or 16th to Tel : 09 62 61 08 71 / 06 80 33 16 90 CAPDENAC GARE. Annie Falip. Every Thursday, 9.30 to 11h30am. Tel 05 65 64 12 88 or 06 82 29 55 81 CAPDENAC GARE Alain Pinet. Every Tuesday 2.30 to 4.30pm & Wednesday 8pm to 10pm. Tel. 06 18 44 76 75 CAPDENAC GARE Denise Grisi. Every 2 weeks (odd weeks) on Tuesday, 8pm to 10pm Tel. 05 65 63 32 91

LE BOURG Karine et Yvan Bodin. Every Thursday, 8pm to 10.30pm. Tel. 05 65 33 62 52

CAPDENAC GARE Marylou Ohlf. Every Monday 2.30pm to 5.30pm except the last Monday of each month & every Friday 2.30pm to 5.30pm Tel. 05 65 64 76 13 or 06 78 66 73 29

SAINT-SULPICE Marlène et Jean-Michel Huet. Every Wednesday 10am to 12pm & 7.30pm to 9.30pm, every Friday 10am to 12pm Tel. 05 65 34 25 92

CATUS. Penelope Milner. (Pastel) April 25th to 26th.

VARAIRE. Mélodie Bailly. Tel. 06 17 03 69 15

FAYCELLES Antonella Innocenzi Felzines. From Tuesday to Friday, 1h30 per day or 3 hours per day on Monday morning or afternoon and Thursday morning. Tel. 06 07 45 01 49

Scrapbooking FIGEAC Dulcinda Jorge. Every second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 8.30pm to 11pm. Tel. 06 74 11 73 62 PRADINES. Escales animations. Every Wednesday 10am to 12.30pm or 5pm to 7.30pm & 1st Saturday of the month, 2pm to 7pm. 06 83 51 02 88

Home Decoration ASSIER. Laure Castro. Maison des services. Every Monday 2 to 5pm. Tel. 05 65 40 57 43 or 06 74 55 57 BEDUER. Françoise Opperman. Painting on china. Every Monday 2pm to 4pm. Every Wednesday 2pm to 4pm & 8pm to 10pm. Tel. 05 65 11 00 42

FIGEAC Jean-Christophe Vergne. Every Monday and Friday 2pm to 4pm, Tuesday and Thursday, 6.30pm to 8.30pm Tel. 05 65 34 24 78 or 06 33 55 25 05 FIGEAC Danie Faurie. Every Tuesday and Friday, 5.30pm to 7pm Tel. 05 65 14 02 96 or 06 80 67 03 01 FLAUGNAC Karine Veyres. Tel.05 65 22 41 65 GINDOU Susie Home. Tel. 05 65 31 54 88 LISSAC ET MOURET Ginette Longot. Every Monday 2pm to 4pm Tel. 05 65 34 14 94 LIVERNON Michel Chaudière. Every Wednesday and Saturday 2.30pm to 5.30pm Tel. 05 65 40 44 52

CAPDENAC GARE Ginette Laporte. Floral Art. On Friday every two weeks, 9.30am to 11.30am Tel. 05 65 34 42 64 or 06 82 35 02 24

LIVERNON Marie Monin. Every Wednesday 3pm to 5pm. Tel. 06 08 04 20 74

CAPDENAC GARE Janick Domene. Every Wednesday 2pm to 4pm (children over 7). Every Wednesday 4.30pm to 6.30pm & Thursday 2pm to 4pm. Tel. 09 71 34 20 10 ou 06 37 97 03 35

MARMINIAC Sylvia Tenvelert. 05 65 31 07 56 or 06 20 61 99 75

CAPDENAC GARE Cathy Lambert. Cardboard furniture or frames. Every Tuesday 2.30pm to 4.30pm & Wednesday 8pm to 10pm. Tel. 05 65 43 17 21 or 06 08 26 08 08 CATUS Delphine Girodeau. Tel.05 65 31 91 25 LE VIGAN. Every Tuesday 3pm to 5pm & Friday 2pm to 5pm. Tel. 06 15 73 39 00 or 05 65 41 58 07 MARCILHAC/CELE Stéphanie Muzard Le Moing Tel. 05 65 50 10 28 PRADINES. Escales animations. 3rd Saturday of the month, 9.30 to 12.30pm & 2pm to 4pm. Tel.06 83 51 02 88

MARMINIAC Mercedes Choufoer 05 65 31 48 94 MARMINIAC Wendela de Vries (art thérapeute) Tel: 05 65 22 81 07 MONTAYRAL. Espace Beaux Arts. Martine Borie. Tuesday 2.30pm to 5.30pm, Friday 2.30pm to 5.30 pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm. Children : Wednesday 3pm to 4pm. 05 53 75 06 34 MONTCUQ. Le Vieux Lion d'Or. Every Saturday afternoon, 2pm to 5pm. 05 65 21 15 29 or 06 63 15 16 56 PLANIOLES Julie Feuillas. Twice a month, on Friday and Tuesday. Tel. 06 86 99 51 36 PLANIOLES Samuel Wambre. Every Monday from 7pm to 10pm Tel. 06 64 23 91 58

SAINT-JEAN-DE-LAUR Annie Elie et Jacqueline Arenas. Every Wednesday 2pm to 6pm. Tel. 05 65 40 64 46

PUY l'EVEQUE. Le Fournil – Galerie, Atelier, Ecole d’art plastique. 2 first Saturdays morning of the month. Tel : 05 81 22 41 20 / 06 70 38 24 60

VIRE-SUR-LOT Le Caillau, Café Atelier. Tel. 05 65 23 78 04

ST JEAN DE LAUR. Salle des fêtes. Every Thursday 2pm to 6pm. Tel : Mme Arenas 05 65 11 46 95 ST LAURENT LOLMIE. Victor Gilbert. Monday 9am to 12pm (adult) / Wednesday 3.30 to 4.30pm (children). Tel. 05 65 21 23 89

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011

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Moment pour soi

HARRY BROWN Directed by Daniel Barber, 2009 Starring Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Charlie Creed-Miles Harry Brown lives in a desolate council estate, his sickly wife lies dying in a local hospital and he spends most of his days alone, only occasionally venturing out to a local pub to play chess with his best friend. The times have changed in Harry Brown's neighbourhood, drug dealers and gangsters have taken control of the decrepit complex and killings have become a way of life. Overburdened detectives Frampton and Hicock are basically relegated to knocking on doors to inform parents that their children have been killed. But when Leonard is murdered only feet from his own apartment, Harry, a former Royal Marine, uses his military training to take on the violent local thugs. > Cinéma L'Atelier - GRAMAT - March 3rd, 9pm & March 6th, 9pm THE KING'S SPEECH / LE DISCOURS D'UN ROI Directed by Tom Hooper, 2010 Starring Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Derek Jacobi King George V's second son, Prince Albert, was never supposed to inherit the throne. Shy, introverted compared to his flamboyant older brother, he was also afflicted with a nervous stammer which, despite the best efforts of numerous physicians and therapists, persisted in making his public appearances a nightmare. But when Albert is introduced to an eccentric Australian speech therapist whose lack of regard for royal protocol begins to show results, he finds himself growing into the role thrust upon him following his brother, now Edward VII's sudden abdication. > Cinéma Le Liberty - LIBOS - Feb 16th, 8.30pm / Feb 18th, 2.30pm / Feb 19th, 9pm / Feb 20th, 5pm / Feb 21st, 8.30pm > Cinéma Louis Malle - PRAYSSAC - in March SOUND OF NOISE Directed by Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjarne Nilsson, 2010 Starring Bengt Nilsson, Sanna Persson, Magnus Börjeson Police officer Amadeus Warnebring was born into a musical family with a long history of famous musicians. He hates music. Now, Warnebring is about to face his worst case ever. A group of six eccentric drummers, led by revolutionary genius Sanna, has decided to launch a full-scale musical attack using the city - its buildings, its machinery, its ceaseless noise - as their instrument. Their twisted art form leads to chaos and disorder. The city is faced with outlaws of a new breed; music terrorists. Warnebring starts a desperate hunt for the serial musicians. As he realizes that the young woman with whom he has fallen in love is the leader of the group, he is left with no choice: he must enter the world he has spent his entire life fleeing - the frightening world of rhythm and music. > Cinéma Le Liberty - LIBOS - March 6th, 2.30pm / March 8th, 8.30pm HEREAFTER Directed by Clint Eastwood, 2011 Starring Matt Damon, Cécile de France, Bryce Dallas Howard Supernatural thriller : a regular American working man, a French journalist and a London school boy touched by the reaper in different ways. > Cinéma Louis Malle - PRAYSSAC - Feb 26th, 8.30pm / Feb 27th, 9pm CINE CONCERT : THE LODGER with Thomas Ribes on the piano Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1926 > Cinéma Le Liberty - LIBOS - March 13th, 5pm SO, THIS IS LOVE ? with JL Amestoy on the accordion Directed by Frank Capra, 1928 > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - March 27th, 6pm UPDATED PROGRAMME IN THE LOT OF THE FILMS IN VO + TRAILERS AT

School for French as a Foreign Language Mrs Pascale Martorello

Beauty institute for men & women

films in English (VO)

ANOTHER YEAR Directed by Mike Leigh, 2010 Starring Jim Broadbent, Lesley Manville, Ruth Sheen Mike Leigh, the undisputed master of British cinema returns with a story of a happily married couple who have to endure the problems of everyone around them. Tom (Jim Broadbent) and Gerri (Ruth Sheen) are blissfully happy in their quiet life together but their dysfunctional friends constantly assault their oasis of calm with their collective neuroses. The biggest thorn in their sides is Mary (Lesley Manville), a well-meaning but self-destructive colleague of Gerri, whose lovelorn life is starting to become a real problem for all concerned. > Cinema L'Atelier - GRAMAT - Feb 17th to Feb 20th

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12, rue Daurade 05 65 21 88 46

Face and body care Hammam Waxing Pedicure & foot care Dyeing and bleaching Make-up and semi-permanent make-up Nail care (tips + gel or gel on natural nail)


Each course adapted to your needs Individual tuition - in small groups - all levels With more than 15 years experience of how to have fun learning French

5, ave Maréchal Bessière - Prayssac Tel: 05 65 36 48 38

Sechlotine events


Planning your special day

Make-up and skincare advice

Let me take in charge the organisation of your wedding !

Carven, Vivienne Westwood, Guerlain, Lancôme, Annick Goutal, Creed, Ungaro, Bulgari, Sonia Rykiel, Montana, Cacharel, Armani, - Perfume -

From Dresses, Suits, Flowers, Décor, Service to Cocktails 33 bd de la Paix - 46220 PRAYSSAC Mob : 06 36 46 91 91 / Tel : 05 65 22 34 61

43 Boulevard de la Paix - 46220 Prayssac Tél. 05 65 35 52 29

Salon de Coiffure Hairdresser Hand & Foot Care Appointments: Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 7pm & Saturday 10am to 7pm non-stop Tel : +33 (0)5 65 53 13 72 english spoken Le Bourg 46800 St Matré

Janny van LIEMPD Sophrologue - Psychothérapeute Relaxation therapy - Psychotherapist Stress, insomnie, déprime, angoisses, etc. Stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc.

French, Dutch, English spoken

CAZALS (Centre Médical) - Tel: 06 17 48 80 06 - CENAC (Albas)

Quercy Women's International Group


lot of work has been going on since last August launching QWIG and so far the group is already proving to be warmly received. New to the Quercy region and run along the same lines as the other International Women's Groups in France (we are affiliated to the Toulouse International Women's Group), our aim is to develop a network of likeminded women to share cultural and social events, friendship and support amongst the many expatriate women now living in the Quercy region. We extend a welcome to women of all age groups and all nationalities, although our working language is English. Sheltering under one main umbrella, and in order to help forge friendships between women from different areas of the region, our ambitious aim is to create a network of QWIG 'hubs' throughout Quercy.

We are already successfully achieving this through interested individuals setting up monthly coffee mornings in various café locations, which are fully supported by the group. An ideal starting point for newcomers to not only get to know each other, but to obtain useful information about their locality. Our coffee morning venues so far are : Cajarc, Limogne (46), Caussade, Montpezat de Quercy, Puylaroque, Parisot Septfonds, St Antonin, Varen (82), Villefranche de Rouergue (12). We also organise monthly group lunches in various restaurant locations, group visits to places of interest and proposed joint charity fund raising ventures. Various local activity groups have also been formed between some members who share likeminded interests. Come and join us!

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011

BIEN-ETRE, SHOPPING Make your Special Event Extra-Special

Stairway to Heaven?



ased in Prayssac, Séchlotine Evénements organise all sorts of events such as weddings, christenings, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, company functions - you name it, they can turn it into an original and personalised event. Whether you want them to organise every last detail or perhaps just decorate the venue, they will be pleased to give you a quotation for all the different options. They also stock beautiful wedding gowns, cocktail and party dresses, accessories and lingerie so you don't need to travel to one of the bigger towns to find just the right outfit for a special occasion. The company also has links with several different companies including suppliers of celebration cakes, prestige cars and music, making it a very convenient 'one-stop-shop'. Run by Christine Néon, the unusual company name was created from a combination of her name and the names of her children Sébastien and Chloé, demonstrating her innovative and creative flair. So, if you want your special celebration to stand out from the crowd, speak to Christine and find out how she can make any event even more memorable. Séchlotine Evénements, 33 Boulevard de la Paix, Prayssac Open Tuesday - Saturday 9.30-12.00 & 2.30-7.00pm Mondays & evenings by appointment. Tel: 05 65 22 34 61 / 06 36 46 91 91

INSURANCE POLICIES AXA pledges to be at your side! ¦ Automobile, Motorcycle & Home Insurance ¦ Health & Pension Schemes ¦ Savings, Retirement & Investment Plans ¦ Banking & Loans

ant a British Pub atmosphere, with French Bar charm? If only the two could be brought together.. GOOD NEWS – it's here at the Bar l'Escale in Concorès. Once a Post Office, L'Escale had a few incarnations until, towards the end of 2010, it was taken over by Christian and Anne-Marie. Christian is Parisian and Anne-Marie is from San Francisco. They have wide experience of running bars, most recently including an hotel and restaurant in Toulon. Now they have established a great bar and restaurant in L'Escale. They are shortly to become an official Bistrot de Pays. Lunch and dinner is an excellent five course repast at 11 euros inclusive, Anne-Marie & Christian welcome you to : but Friday night dinner is an international specialty at 10 euros (sometimes fish and chips but a l w a y s a Bar / Restaurant surprise!). Outside, there is a D12. 46310 CONCORES - Tel : 05 65 30 52 02 terrace and garden where there is an outside bar and barbecue in summer. They are open 09:00 until late – sometimes very late, except Tuesdays. The loyal clientele are a league of nations (French, English, German, Dutch, Canadian…). John

L'Escale de Concorès

Watch for regular monthly performances by Les Fourmis dans les Notes and on 27th April at 7.00pm, Actor Fargass Assandé will present his one-man show with much audience participation!


Contact the Agent nearest to you! 15% Reduction with this ad André BAUSSAC MONTCUQ / LAUZERTE 05 65 22 91 41 / 05 63 94 64 10

Michel JOFFARD MARTEL 05 65 37 39 18

Christophe BERTRAND CAHORS 05 65 35 29 31

Dominique NAVILLE SOUILLAC 05 65 37 86 97

Susie Home – Artist & Tutor


usie Home & her husband Mike Griffith moved to Gindou in the Lot in 2004 and have been running residential painting holidays at their home Le Perchoir des Paons for the last six years. They have welcomed guests from all over the world and many return time and again. Susie studied at Art College before taking up a career in the publishing industry in the UK. She also ran Art Clubs and workshops for adults and children as well as painting trips to France. She works as an Artist in her own right exhibiting and selling her work locally. Typically the Painting holidays/courses are a week long with guests arriving during Sunday and getting to know each other over an evening meal before the group starts working on Monday morning. Many guests have said that the atmosphere is like a “house party” because the groups are small and the environment relaxed and comfortable. Irrespective of experience, everyone has a chance to explore and expand their drawing and painting techniques using a mixture of media including charcoal, graphite, oil and chalk pastels, watercolours, acrylics, etc. Susie aims to encourage guests to develop their drawing abilities and enrich visual skills helping to build confidence and knowledge, whilst experimenting with new techniques and materials. >>>

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011

>>> A typical day at Le Perchoir des Paons starts, after a leisurely breakfast, with Susie tutoring in the studio or around the attractive grounds. She helps the students tackle subjects like still life, figure work, views and buildings. Artists are taken to nearby villages and towns to sketch and paint using their newly acquired skills and techniques with Susie on hand at all times. Every evening starts with “aperos” on the terrace followed by a delicious home cooked meal using local produce and wine, of course. As Susie & Mike are very keen cooks, it's not only art that gets discussed – food and drink seems to be another lively topic on which everyone has an opinion. The week ends with a mini exhibition of the work that has been produced : everyone is always surprised at how much they have actually achieved in such a short space of time! Susie also runs a weekly Art group for local people throughout the year and always welcomes new members. You can see some of her work on her website When they are not running Painting holidays Mike & Susie welcome guests to Le Perchoir des Paons, which they run as a Chambres d'hôtes For more information contact Susie and Mike by telephone: 05 65 31 54 88 or email:

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PETITES ANNONCES CLASSIFIED SMALL ADS 09 62 58 05 41 Your ad for free in the For Sale*, Wanted sections ! (*this excludes real estate & vehicles) - Free ads for private individuals Votre petite annonce gratuite dans les sections à vendre*, demande. (*hors annonces immobilières et véhicules) - Annonces gratuites réservées aux particuliers

3 € ttc/line for real estate, vehicles & services 3 € ttc/ligne pour l'immobilier, véhicules & services Pour 5 petites annonces publiées, la 6ème est gratuite ! Buy 5 small ads, get 1 free ! Do you want to place a small ad ? Download the grid at

WANTED The Association Choralies en Ségala 46 is preparing its next festival of choral singing, Les Choralies du Ségala 2011 which will take place from the 8th to the 17th April 2011. The final concert - 17th will be held in Figeac and contains the following works - Vivaldi: Gloria Charpentier: Te Deum - for which early rehearsals have already begun. Again if anyone who has already sung these works would like to take part please contact Arthur Miller via email: 37-01-F Sabadel-Latronquière : we have restarted our English repertoire choir, in abeyance for 2 years! Rehearsals are usually on Sundays at 3 pm. They are held in the local village hall (Maison des Associations) and last about an hour & a half. Anyone interested can contact 05 65 40 27 27 or email: 37-02-F Unplugged (mainly) guitarist/s and a singer wanted I play bass and guitar in a small band in the North of the Lot and am also keen to start something nearer home (Prayssac/Montcuq area). A couple of acoustic guitarists and a singer would suit me fine. Music style? From S&G through Lindisfarne and the usual 60s 70s 80s songs. I can find the gigs if you can find the time! Eric Clapton wannabes need not apply thank you very much! Tel Mike 05 65 22 71 64 37-06-F Wanted Gaytime Salt Pot. Please contact with price or will exchange for Gaytime Vinegar/Oil Bottle. Tel : 05 65 31 20 10 37-10-F Wanted : Aspiring Journalists, Budding Authors. We need volunteers to write regular articles, reviews, stories, etc. in English in Le Forty-Six. If you have good writing skills, knowledge of the region, sense of humour, commitment, please write to

FOR SALE HOME & GARDEN Roman poolsteps (halfground). New, beige (sable), 3 steps, 3 mtr width margelles incl invoice. Cash Piscine Cahors present. Tel : 05 65 21 19 25 or 38-01-F Ride-on-Mower - Verts Loisirs B15/H92, Regularly serviced and in very good working order. 1300€ ono Tel: 05 65 22 37 88 38-06-F Fine Reproduction Furniture for Sale: Mahogany/Wrought Iron/Brass inc 'Stairwell' Bureau 1200€. Wine Table 250€.'George III' Upholstered Stool 250€. 'Queen Anne' Torchere 100€ and more. Email: 38-07-P

TV Schneider (UK) 52 cm + remote control, in good condition and perfect working order. 35€ ono. Contact Tash 05 65 23 93 20 38-10-F TV Grandin 36 cm with integrated DVD. Rarely used, very good condition. 45€ ono. Please contact by phone on 05 65 23 93 20 37-08-F Luxury swivel executive desk chair. Color black. Very comfortable, as new. 45€ ono. Contact 05 65 23 93 20 38-11-F

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4 piece cane furniture set. Includes 2pl settee, 2 armchairs and stool. All in very good condition and clean. Material removable covers in light mustard/terrecota. Email for photo 550€ Tel: 05 65 23 94 65 / 06 06 46 17 39 37-04-F From the Sofa Workshop ( 2 armchairs, current design - Man Ray. Woven chenille fixed covers, colour Sleepy Sage. Hardly used, immaculate condition. Under 2 years old. €850 the pair. Matching sofa and foot stool could also be available. Tel : 05 65 35 06 67 37-09-F Antique and Vintage linen, lace and crochet for sale. Table Cloths, Napkins, Pillowcases, Nightgowns, Cushion Covers. Lace edged, hand embroidered and Damask items. All in very good clean condition, located in Cahors. Email: Tel: 05 65 22 26 57

Saga Blue Fox coat, UK size 10 as new (unwanted gift) 150€ - Ladies Golf Shoes, UK size 5 1/2 Navy Blue/White Brogue, Make: British Cotswold 'Porthcawl' 10€. Contact: 37-03-F

Auto Part : Parcel shelf for Opel/Vauxhall Zafira 2002. Good condition. Pulls out on built in roller. Black. Email for photo. 60€ Tel: 05 65 23 94 65 / 06 06 46 17 39 37-05-F Voit5 Golf clubs and bag, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons together with Pitching Iron and Sand Iron. 4 Woods including Driver. Putter and some golf balls. 220 euros or near offer. Tel : 05 65 35 33 80 37-07-F Full set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 24 volumes including Index and Atlas and 1957 and 1958 Yearbooks, published in 1957. Excellent condition. Leatherbound. Offers please in the region of 100 euros. Please contact Valerie 05 65 29 55 89, mobile 0044 (0)7518349253, email 36-05-F English book exchange in Gourdon. Now at 2 rue de la Bride (next door to library) 10-11am 1st Tuesday of each month from 1st March. Contributions welcome 05 65 27 22 50

Painting and decorating - Colin Bell. All interior and exterior work, wall papering and paint effects. 30 yrs experience. Honest, reliable and efficient service. Working within 40km radius of Gourdon. Ref available. Free estimate. Tel : 05 65 22 91 04 or 06 19 39 99 39 e-mail: 31-36-01-P Chimney Sweep Services Clean professional service, insurance certificates issued, 1 hour radius of Gourdon. Tel Eddie Matthews on 05 65 23 03 44 28-33-08-P

Construction & Renovation - John Purser, General builder based near Gourdon. All types of works undertaken, small or large scale projects. Tel 06 08 99 35 18. Siret 44864425200026 34-39-07-P Electrical work: big or small, new or renovation, French registered, English artisan - 05 65 30 76 35 37-42-06-P M i c h a e l C h a n n i n g , p l u m b e r, electrician and heating engineer. Also g e n e r a l p r o p e r t y maintenance/renovation. Western Lot/Lot et Garonne. Tel. 0963 545 345. Siret 52264179400014 37-42-07-P


Retired builder sells building materials: clamps, beams, 2 firedogs, 2 cast-iron firebacks (1m20x60cm), one is decorated Tel: 05 65 24 60 57 MISCELLANEOUS 1980 Green Renault 4TL. 101,560 km, 800€. A French Classic. Contact Greg 05 65 31 62 90 38-02-F Bike rack in very good condition.Very solid and Universal. Suitable for up to 3 bikes. 40€. Photo available by email: Tel: 05 65 23 94 65 or 06 06 46 17 39 38-03-F Baby's cot complete with mattress and 2 mattress protectors. Hardly used. Excellent condition. 100€. Tel: 05 65 21 42 39 38-05-F

SERVICES For all your Artwork Paul Parry, illustrator, cartoonist, caricaturist, painter; portraits etc. in oils or watercolour, (as seen in Le FORTY-SIX). Now living in the Lot. Please contact: or 06 80 76 44 08 28-04-F Cristelle, professional photographer. Weddings, ceremonies, brochures, etc. Visit my website Tel : 06 27 32 29 21 Accounts, tax returns and general advice. Call an English-speaking chartered accountant. 05 65 22 14 10 or write 35-40-02-P

Ibanez RG470FM Electric Guitar finished in Transparent Purple with gold effect finishing; twin humbuckers, maple fingerboard, etc. Almost totally unused, complete with hard case and Crate practice amplifier. 300€ complete. Nordic Trak NT 4000 Classic Pro Cross Country Ski Machine. Excellent condition, complete torso, arms and leg workout, with manuals. Little used. 125€. Raleigh Scirocco 57 cm (22.5in) Racing bike, Reynolds 501 Cromalloy lightweight frame, Deraillieur 12 speed, new tyres and tubes. Very good condition.100€. Tel: 05 65 20 42 80 38-08-F

Do you need reliable people for the maintenance of your gite or second home ? Marina & Serge deal with cleaning, check-in/out, renovation, gardening all year round. Figeac area. Tel 06 59 76 29 09 We accept chèque emploi service

SONY Stereo Cassette Deck TC WE435. Twin cassette deck ( plays and record/dubs cassettes - C60/C90 etc ). In perfect working and cosmetic order. Complete with packs of chrome cassettes (unopened) and manual. 50€. Contact 05 65 35 18 92 or 37-11-F

Plasterer : for all your plaster work or advice, call Dirk Schurink. Tel : 06 01 74 20 03 33-38-05-P

Laptop Compaq Presario 2500. Windows XP Home Edition. 2.52GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor. 30Gb hard drive. 384Mb RAM. ATI Radeon Graphics . Full size QWERTY keyboard. DVD/CD-RW. Very nice, reliable computer. Perfect working order. 95€ ono. Printer Epson Stylus Photo 900. Excellent order. 20€. Contact Tash 05 65 23 93 20 38-

Building works, digger and driver, all projects undertaken. Free estimates Tel: 05 65 36 78 25 or Mob: 06 80 27 81 75 35-40-01-P


Electric/Acoustic archtop guitar 'Godin 5th Avenue 'Kingpin' in hardshell case. Ideal for blues, jazz - all styles. See for sound clips - search 'Godin Kingpin. As new/'parfait état'. Price new 635€ + 55€ for case. Will accept 450€. Tel: 05 65 35 18 92 (St.Daunes - nr.Montcuq) 36-04-F


MUSIC Topazmusic live(ly) duo play music of 1950-90's and self written material. Tel: 05 65 32 28 31 33-38-02-P HOME & GARDEN

Experienced roof worker, all ladders; Can fix, maintain, clean roofs & gutters, etc. Call 06 88 88 28 62 for quote

Furniture restoration and picture framing. Top quality work. Eric Fiant 05 65 31 09 82 / 06 30 45 70 35 38-43-02-P English Painter & Decorator. Fully qualified, free quotations given, all types of work undertaken. Phone Stephen Duke:- 05 65 22 96 44 or 0033 6 75 01 67 08 Email: 32-37-01-P

Home & Garden Maintenance – All internal/external work considered. Refs available. Vince Dale Tel: 05 65 23 56 75 o r 0 6 4 3 6 7 2 2 1 5 o r 37-37-02-P Landscaping, garden and pool maintenance, looking after your property when you’re away - Paul Krinke - 46300 Léobard (Gourdon) - Tel : 05 65 41 12 45 34-39-04-P Grass cutting, hedge, shrubs and border care, key holding and security checks, pool cleaning by experienced registered English gardener. Tel : 05 53 28 16 58 or 34-39-11-P LESSONS/TRANSLATION/IT Problems with French language in business or private life ? Need help to sort out French administration problems? Call me, I have the solution! Rachel Verne - - e-mail : 38-40-01-P Total immersion French courses in central Gourdon in the Lot. Make a leap forward in your French! One week courses, all year round, with great accommodation if required. Go to or call Giles Murray on +33 (0)5 65 32 21 96 38-38-03-P Mayne Space : Make the Net Work for you ! Sébastien Cauzit can help you : with the internet (website creation, improve your web presence), choose an Internet service provider, select appropriate hardware and (free) software, manage your company with collaborative tools. Tel : 06 24 07 01 73 33-11-F

LE FORTY-SIX Publié par / Published by ID Com / Le Forty-Six Audhuy - 46700 DURAVEL - France Directrice de publication : Sophie Lascombes SIRET 494 190 333 00018 - Dépôt légal Imprimé par Grafika - Le Boulou (66) 2 500 copies - Téléchargeable sur internet Prochaine/Next publication: 15 avril 2011 Date limite/Deadline: 21 mars 2011 à 17h Pour faire connaître votre entreprise ou un événement, contactez-nous : For display advertising or for a special event, call or email us: Sophie : 06 76 22 49 50 Office : 09 62 58 05 41

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011 09 62 58 05 41 09 41 0662 7658 2205 49 50 62 58 05 41


Mimie & Olivier de Lestrade LES DODUS EN VILLE RESTAURANT Open at lunchtime D811 Rue E. Marcouly 46700 PUY L'EVEQUE For more info call 05 65 22 91 82 or 06 71 72 03 24 Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday

Same Flipping Difference


hrove Tuesday (which is celebrated worldwide) falls on the 8th March this year in the UK and there was a time when, on this special day, the skies would turn dark as millions of pancakes were tossed skywards with reckless abandon to land everywhere but back in the pan. Pancake races were also held where people had to successfully toss and flip their pancakes into the air before crossing the finish line. Points were awarded for time, number and height of flips and number of times the pancake turns over, but I have a horrible feeling that Health and Safety regulations have put a stop to all that. The name Shrove comes from the old word "shrive" which means to confess. On Shrove Tuesday, in the Middle Ages, people used to confess their sins so that they were forgiven before the season of Lent began. “Yeah, I confess that I killed 'im your honour, with a flying pancake, works every time”. It is believed that the tradition of pancake races was born out of women rushing to church to confess their sins before the noon cut off time, clutching their half finished pancakes. I remember winning a junior school pancake race, afterwards, with tears of triumphant joy streaming down my flushed face as I was held aloft on the kids shoulders, I looked victoriously down at all the defeated children and shattered pancakes strewn around me. Unfortunately, my moment of glory was short lived as I fell crashing, painfully to the floor. I guess a 42 year old was a bit too heavy for them. In France, Shrove Tuesday is called Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. The name Fat Tuesday comes from the ancient custom of parading a fat ox through Paris on this day. The ox was to remind the people that they were not allowed to eat meat during Lent. During the Mardi Gras Carnival people disguise themselves and put on crazy masks. I think that the masks may well have hidden the odd illicit bacon butty or two. The main day for eating pancakes here is Candlemas (Chandeleur in French), the 2nd of February. This holy day is six weeks after Christmas and there is a saying which goes, "Eating crêpes on Candlemas Day (2nd February) will bring a year of happiness" Are crêpes and pancakes the same? Well they are very closely related and the ingredients do not differ greatly but crêpes are thinner and lighter and eaten all year round, even having their own dedicated restaurants. Pancakes on the other hand (or wherever they have landed) tend to be thicker and heavier and usually only eaten on Pancake Day. Pancakes are traditionally served with just caster sugar and lemon but crêpes are offered with a very wide variety of fillings. So, where would you go to launch the world's biggest pancake?... Crêpe Canaveral... Sorry!! Roly

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011

Spice up your Life !


love almost everything about France but every so often I have a real yearning for some genuinely spicy food, widely available in the UK but much less common in this part of the world.However, help is at hand! Traiteur Sumatra is a catering company based in Puy L'Evèque and is run by Yvonne who was born on the exotic volcanic island of Sumatra in Indonesia before moving to France in 2007. Her mother instilled in her a love of cooking and hospitality, using the wide range of spices which gave Indonesia the name of the Spice Islands. Indonesian food is not generally as hot as the extreme Indian curries favoured by many British people, but is a more subtle blend of interesting spices and flavours. The speciality of Traiteur Sumatra is preparing delicious Indonesian buffets for groups of between 15 and 100 people (min 20 people in July and August). They prepare the food and serve it in the venue of your choice be it your home, a salle des fêtes, a campsite, wherever. Delivery is free within a 15km radius of Puy L'Evèque and their standard service involves the set-up & decoration of the serving tables, menu explanations and heated serving dishes. For smaller groups (6 people +), you can pre-order a takeaway version of the buffet or you can order a wide range of frozen items to keep in reserve, perhaps for unexpected guests. If you are not familiar with Indonesian food and would like to sample it ahead of organising a larger event, T r a i t e u r Suamatra serve their buffets around once a month at the Hostellerie de Goujounac in Goujounac and at the Golf restaurant in St Martin Le Redon. See their website for details of the dates. So, if you are planning a major celebration such as a wedding, christening or anniversary party and want to serve your guests something quite different, then Traiteur Sumatra will be pleased to work with you to create a really special event. If you simply want a delicious meal for friends without the pressure of cooking it all yourself, Traiteur Sumatra is also the perfect solution ! Full details of sample menus and prices plus directions to their base in Puy L'Evèque at Orders by phone on 05 65 35 38 85 or 06 21 47 35 74 or by e-mail on

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Visit our showroom and discover the benefits of having your own spa

Design & Construction Landscape & Building Services tel: 05 65 53 03 32 mob: 06 63 43 31 79 46250 Montcléra

66 route de Toulouse 46000 CAHORS 05 65 53 04 46

Tel: 05 65 22 16 55 Espace Piscines 46, Giratoire de la Beyne, 46000 CAHORS

Colin Bell

ü 30 years experience including 15 years in France

Honest, reliable & efficient service

Siret : 443 764 469 00021


Free estimate Tel: 05 65 22 91 04 or 06 19 39 99 39 e-mail:

OAKWOOD IMPORT Spécialiste des bois d'aménagement OAK FLOORING & DOORS Pre-finished & unfinished Wide boards up to 215mm Skirting & architraves Ledged oak cottage doors

Siret : 500 520 398 00018

Interior Decorating & External Painting

ü Interior & exterior work, wall papering, paint ü City & Guilds qualified


Claude Jaunatre Painter

Painter and Decorator

NEW !!! Eco Paint : Vegetal oil base - 100% natural No solvant, no petrol

30 years experience Free Quotes route de Montcabrier, 46700 DURAVEL 05 65 36 57 37 / 06 24 20 21 04

Call for a free estimate 06 88 88 28 62

Carroll Property Services

Furniture Restorer & Maker

The last word in property maintenance & management


- Traditional made to measure furniture & fitted kitchens - Antique restoration - Specialist in french polishing



Niall & Karri Carroll Port : +33 (0)6 15 44 47 24 Tel: 06 80 33 93 57 / 05 65 32 19 30

Satellite & Aerials

Service & installation of all UK and French satellite systems HD - French TV - Sky+

E-mail : Web :




Based in Lacave Tel: 05 65 41 65 08












SAND, GRAVEL & CRUSHED LIMESTONE Available from 3 sites: St Denis Catus Crayssac Cahors

Pépinières Nursery

Créateurs de jardins Landscape designer

We Deliver!

Advice Choice Quality


Pépinières PASSEDAT - Camy - 46140 LUZECH Open everyday 9am to 12pm & 2pm to 7pm, except on Sunday and Bank holiday Tel: 05 65 20 10 66

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LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011

Poisson d'Avril ! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. (Chinese Proverb)


n 1957 the BBC news show Panorama showed footage of Swiss peasants 'harvesting' a bumper crop of spaghetti by literally picking the strands of pasta off the spaghetti trees. Despite the fact that this item was broadcast on the first day of April many viewers were completely taken in by this prank and, having just watched the item again, it is easy to see why. The spoof is so realistically filmed and the voice over is so 'frightfully British' that it would have been very easy to believe, after all this was the BBC. Many viewers even called the Beeb wanting to know how to grow their own spaghetti trees. My favourite however came nearly twenty years later. On BBC Radio 2, the highly respected astronomer Patrick Moore announced to the listening world that at 9:47 (on the first of April), as a result of certain unusual planetary alignments, Earth's gravitational pull would be noticeably reduced. Listeners were told that if they jumped in the air at this precise time they would experience a floating sensation. Sure enough, at around 9:48 the BBC received hundreds of phone calls from listeners who had indeed 'experienced' this phenomenon. One woman claimed that she and eleven chums had actually floated round her living room. April Fool's Day is thought by many to have originated in France around 1582 when Charles IX introduced the Gregorian Calendar. This resulted in New Year's Day being moved from March 25th-April 1st (new year's week), to January 1st. Because of slow communications and in some cases refusal to accept the change, many people continued with the old dates and were labelled as “fools”. It then became acceptable to send them on “fool's errands”, invite them to non-existent parties and generally play practical jokes. The victims of these pranks became known as "poisson d'avril" or "April fish" because a young fish is more easily caught. In addition, one common practice, particularly in France, was to hook a paper fish on the back of someone as a joke. Personally, I think being a fool on just one day each year is a terrible waste, if you train really hard like what I have, you can be a 365 day a year fool, it's great. Why not give it a go! “The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected”. ~Will Rogers. Roly

Bonne Fête Maman !


he bond between mother and child is one of the strongest of human emotions. It was celebrated in festivals by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. In 17th Century England, children, who had been sent away from home to work as domestic servants, were allowed to return to see their mothers one day each year. Over the years the custom lapsed, until in 1914 "Mother's Day" was made a national holiday throughout the USA. It is interesting to note that the apostrophe comes before the “s”. Each family is supposed to honour its own mother, not all the mothers in the world. During World War I, American soldiers brought the custom to France. Mother's Day was widely celebrated in 1918 and in 1920 the French Government declared December 19th "La Fête des Mères" .

Home is where the Art is


egular readers may remember an article in 2009 about a fantastic art-loan scheme called l'Artothèque. Still going strong, this is a scheme that allows you to borrow original, contemporary art to display and enjoy in the comfort of your own home for a very modest annual fee. To join L'Artothèque du Lot you simply pay a one-off 20 euros to become a member and then an annual fee of 50 euros. This entitles you to borrow up to two pieces of art that you can change every two months. The scheme is open to anyone that has a house in the Lot, all you have to do is provide a copy of your house insurance. The collection includes over 400 items including prints, etchings, lithographs, drawings and photographs by professional artists from all over the world. The collection is added to every year, selected by a panel of art experts. To join the scheme simply visit one of the three L'Arthothèque du Lot locations as follows : Cahors - the Conseil Général building in Place Chapou (overlooking the market square). L'Artothèque is open on Mondays between 14h and 18h plus the first Wednesday of each month 14.30h - 18h. Remember to take some form of identity with you such as a passport or driving licence as you need to sign in with security before you can enter the building. Cajarc - Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou, every third Thursday and fourth Wednesday of the month 10-12h and 13h-18h. Gramat - Médiathèque Municipale, every second Wednesday of the month between 2pm and 5pm. This scheme is a really tremendous opportunity to enjoy great art in the comfort of your own home at a very reasonable price. It also gives you the chance to experiment and pick some pieces that are a bit different, knowing that you don't have to live with them forever, just for a couple of months. We have been members for two years now and highly recommend it - we think it's the best deal in the Lot! Shirley

For further information go to the website or by e-mail on

Focus was on the need to repopulate France after its appalling wartime casualties, and mothers were awarded bronze, silver or gold medals according to the number of children they had. This was abandoned when, on 25th May 1945, the French Government instituted a revised "Fêtes des Mères". In England, the custom was not revived until US soldiers brought it back during the Second World War. In France, "Fêtes des Mères" is celebrated on the last Sunday of May unless this clashes with Pentecost, in which case it moves to the first Sunday in June. In 2011, it falls on 29th May. In the UK, Mothering Sunday is the 4th Sunday in Lent. In 2011, this is 3rd April. Mothers Day has become the most highly commercialised of all holidays in the USA. Nevertheless its true spirit still remains in the thousands of letters, drawings, flowers and small presents given by children all over the world to their beloved Maman. Tony

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LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2011

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