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Le Thé Vert Restaurant - Café Salon de thé

Le Pont 24250 Daglan Good food available all day Reopening 29th April with a special weekend to celebrate the Royal Wedding !

You can also enjoy a choice of teas & coffees with homemade cakes

Open everyday except Wednesday - 10am to 6pm Contact : 05 53 30 47 94 or Web :

10 tickets to win for the entrance to the Fête du Vin in Albas, June 4th ! Just answer this question : How long has the festival been running? a) 5 years b) 10 years c) 15 years Send your answer to Entries must be in by May 22nd. Title the e-mail : “Fête du vin” Prizes will be sent to you by post. So please, mention your address. One entry per family (same name & address)

contact LE FORTY-SIX: 09 62 58 05 41 09 62 58 05 41


A Right Royal Celebration!


elebrate the Royal Wedding in style at Le Thé Vert in the centre of Daglan ! They are combining their opening week-end of the season with a special event to celebrate the Royal Wedding on 29th April. There will be television coverage of the event, brunch with bucks fizz, a special lunch menu and afternoon tea with a glass of bubbly to toast the happy couple. This delightful restaurant and tea shop is run by Judith Thomason and French-born Sophie Shreck. The idea for the venture developed following their families' arrival in Daglan in 2004. Both enjoy cooking and Judith was a dietician in her previous life. Sophie has developed a business ( making organic breads, cakes and biscuits which she sells through various AMAP's (Association for the maintenance of local and organic producers) including the one in Gourdon and at the market in Belvès. She also grows many of her own vegetables which are used in the tea shop. Judith runs the restaurant from her home whilst Sophie does the majority of the cooking. The restaurant opened in May 2008 with its aim being to provide a warm and friendly welcome and good quality home cooking, using organic products whenever possible. There are always vegetarian choices on offer and they are happy to cater for special diets with given notice. To suit children, they also offer smaller portions, appropriately priced. To complete the family atmosphere, toys and games for both children and adults are available plus a baby changing table. They offer breakfasts plus brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, a lunch menu at 13 euros and afternoon teas. Homemade biscuits, cakes, scones and homemade jam are always available and they have a good choice of filled jacket potatoes and sandwiches. As you would expect from the name, there is a broad selection of teas and coffees plus alcohol can be served with food. Specialities include chilli wraps to suit meat-eaters and vegetarians and cheese fondue with charcuterie. This year, they are also introducing a beef fondue! (advance booking required). Between June and September, there will be regular evening events combining a meal and entertainment. These will include traditional French music, a rock'n'roll group, a rhythm and blues band plus a storyteller. Another popular event is the monthly visit of the Monsieur Frites Fish & Chip van on the last Friday of every month. Customers can simply have a takeaway or can eat in at the tea shop and enjoy drinks and desserts. Judith & Sophie want everyone to feel very welcome at Le Thé Vert. Their most unusual customers so far have been a donkey arriving for a drink and a dog demanding an ice cream! They are also very popular with passing cyclists, including some who had travelled from Edinburgh - a long way for a cup of tea but that's how good this place is! For more information about Le Thé Vert and details of their forthcoming entertainment programme, see their website Win a meal for two with a bottle of wine and coffee at a musical evening during the summer (worth 55€) Which prince is Kate Middleton marrying on 29th April? a) Harry b) Charles c) William Send your answer to Entries must be in by May 22nd. Title the e-mail : “Le Thé Vert”

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The Heart of the Village


efore World War 2, virtually every village in France, no matter how small, had its own café or restaurant that formed the nucleus of village life, providing a focal point for villagers to gather and exchange pleasantries or good oldfashioned gossip! For many British people, this idea is part of the French dream, a society where people still have time to linger and to communicate with each other. However, since the end of the war, many villages have lost this focal point as restaurants and cafés have been forced to close down as people have migrated to the larger towns in search of work. The good news though is that help is at hand to help restore the beating heart to these communities. The Bistrot de Pays is an association that is dedicated to reviving small villages by encouraging restaurants and cafés to to set up in these areas. Restaurants that sign up to their scheme need to base themselves in rural areas with less than 2000 inhabitants. They have to pledge to promote local food and specialities and, where possible, to offer other services that are lacking in the village such as a dépôt de pain, tabac, newspapers, or even staple groceries. In addition, they must organise some form of entertainment at least three times a year and stay open all year, not just during the summer, so they provide a real service to the village and help to bring villagers together. They are also required to act as ambassadors of tourism and to be knowledgeable about local tourist attractions so they can provide information for visitors to the area. The majority of the Bistrot de Pays are based in the South of France, the MidiPyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence but more are planned for other regions. In the Lot, there are a dozen of them in Livernon, Salviac, Espère, Faycelles, St Cirq Lapopie, Latronquière, Aynac, St Laurent Lolmie, Montel et Bouxal, Anglars Nozac, Capdenac le Haut and Uzech les Oules. You can identify members of the scheme by the logo displayed outside the restaurant. We can also do our bit to preserve the ideal of French village life by seeking out these places and providing them with some additional business, whilst enjoying the very special ambience they provide. Shirley For more information about the organisation and its members, see the website

Albas Wine Festival is Back !!!


fter a one year break, a new team has taken charge of the organisation of this famous festival which ran consecutively for 15 years. The narrow illuminated streets of Albas, situated by the river Lot, attract thousands of visitors each year who come to enjoy the great atmosphere : the wine from eight producers is served in the vaulted cellars of the village while delicious tartines with foie gras, Rocamadour and saffran pastries are served. Music will also be in the air with about 10 bands playing in the cellars and in the streets! The concept is still the same : the entrance is 15 euros, and you get a glass that you can fill up as much as you want until midnight ! Here is the programme : > 4pm : arrival of the barrel on a boat and piercing of the barrel > 5pm : opening of the cellars > 7pm : opportunity to have dinner > 8pm : Concert with Bombes de Bal > Midnight : the cellar will close, and the barrel will be burnt > 00.30 : final concert on the banks of the river with KKC Orchestra (electronic, Hip Hop, swing)

So mark this date in your diary : June 4th !!! If you would like to contribute to the success of the festival and would like to give a hand (even for a couple of hours) please send an e-mail with your details by filling the form on the website BEFORE the festival : delivery of flyers, cleaning, installing decorations DURING the festival : catering during the dinner, service in the cellars AFTER the festival : cleaning and sorting out It will be a great chance to mix with other French people and be part of one of the most popular event in the Lot ! Albas is situated between Cahors and Fumel. You can book a gite in the village or stay at the camp site on that night or elect a “capitaine de soirée” (the one who does not drink). All the addresses at Dinner available for 15 euros, assortment of foie gras, cheese and saffran dessert for 8 euros, and snack for 2 or 3 euros. Wine and soft drinks available all night !

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011

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Indian Cuisine


n the UK, there are over 10,000 Indian restaurants. There's even National Curry Week each November. The UK's most popular dish (according to Robin Cook) Chicken Tikka Masala, is unheard of in India as it was invented in the UK to tickle the British palate. A hard-toplease client in an Indian restaurant demanded “gravy” on his chicken and the chef used tomato soup and some spices to provide it. The client was delighted and the rest is history. The Shafi, the first Indian restaurant in the UK, opened in the 1920’s though the Hindustani Coffee House in Portman Square had existed since 1809. My grandfather who had served in the army in India used to complain that he couldn't get a decent curry back then. How happy would he be today! In France, Indian restaurants are less numerous than Chinese, North African and Vietnamese restaurants. There are a few stalwarts plying their trade here, but they rely mostly on British clientele. Much of the problem is that there is only a very small Indian population in France. You can buy more and more ingredients from French supermarkets (Carrefour has a particularly good range) but this means that you must then prepare your own Indian meal. This is quite complex and many dishes take a long time to prepare properly. A jar of curry sauce poured over some chicken pieces on a bed of rice does not constitute an Indian meal. This is possibly one of the reasons why curries are not so popular here. French diners may also be put off by the heat of the spices used. It is a fact that the more you take spices, the more heat your palate and digestive system can tolerate. Spicy food tends to be habit forming and once you have tasted well spiced food, everything else tends to taste bland. Most British cooks these days add spices from the subcontinent to old favourites like Cottage Pie or Spaghetti Bolognese! Indian cuisine was influenced by ingredients imported from China and Persia. These pre-dated the arrival of the British and the formation of the East India Company, who then brought Indian spices to the UK in the 17th century. Later, when soldiers from the days of the Raj returned from duty, they wanted to repeat the dishes they had enjoyed while away. In the 1960’s, many Indian people came to the UK, encouraged by the shortage of people to fill the vacant jobs the UK had back then. They brought with them cooking skills hitherto unavailable save for in one or two very expensive Indian restaurants that had been established in the pre-war period. Indian food is not just made up of hot, spicy dishes. There are many milder and more subtle choices and you will also find a wide choice of vegetarian dishes. A curry can be defined as a dish made with spices, cooked in oil with a sauce made from puréed onions, garlic and ginger. The origin of the word 'curry' can be traced back to the Tamil word 'kari' meaning spiced sauce. The term 'curry' isn't really used in India, though we tend to use curry as the collective noun. This does not do justice to the amazing variety of different regional foods from Tandoori from the Punjab and Vindaloo from Goa to Korma from Kashmir and the world famous desserts from Bengal. Indian beer is excellent too and this is probably the best drink to accompany a spicy Indian meal. India does not produce wine, but a dry, crisp white or rosé wine would be an equally good accompaniment. Remember to take plenty of water with your meal, but best of all, if you find the heat too much, is yogurt, served by most Indian restaurants for this very reason. There is some very good news for curry eaters. Recent medical research has found that it can stave off many cancers and can be an aid to digestion. The plant often sold as the curry plant is called Helichrysum, but it is not the source of curry powder. Curry powder is a mixture of several different spices, including cumin, ginger, coriander, cinnamon, allspice, black pepper and others - most of which have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. People with delicate stomachs should not use too much chilli powder and should make their dishes milder by adding coconut milk. A major international report concluded that turmeric, ginger and cumin might have a protective effect against cancer. Other spices, common to the Indian subcontinent such as cinnamon, cardamom and the spice mixture, garam masala also have beneficial effects. Curry leaf has been reported in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine to significantly reduce cholesterol in as few as ten days. But beware, daily intake of curry can pile on the kilos! John

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011



pring is in the air, just my favourite season! When days grow longer and all the flowers bloom everywhere, and when I can go back to my plants which have been quiet for the whole winter… That's a real therapy ! In this issue, I wanted to cover several topics, the main train of thought being the enjoyment of our environment : first of all, we have been following the Shale gas story closely, so Shirley kindly offered to write a follow up so that we can all keep up to date with happenings in our departement and others affected by this issue. I hope that by next year, it will just be a bad memory. A bit further, what's happening in Japan is absolutely alarming, and my thoughts are with the people and the country: it makes us more aware everyday of the impact of Man on Nature. As you may have noticed, environment is a topic that concerns me greatly, so in this issue, I will take you on a trip… on your plate and in your garden with an item on curry and barbecues but also to some nice spots such as cafés terraces, to festivals such as the wine festival in Albas, listening to Britdock's new programme called Quercy Unplugged (on Antenne d'Oc radio) in your car ! Bonne lecture, Sophie

Where to eat Indian Food ? Indian restaurants CAHORS : Curry Brian 44 rue St James Tel : 05 65 23 24 88 VILLENEUVE SUR LOT : Restaurant Le Bombay 33 rue Cieutats Tel : 05 53 70 43 60 MONTAUBAN : Le Délice Indien 1 rue Princesse Tel : 05 63 91 90 14 EYMET : Eymet Tandoori 9 rue du couvent Tel : 06 74 57 59 48 Curry nights in the Lot GOUJOUNAC : Hostellerie de Goujounac April 24th / May 29th / June 26th / July 31st / August 28th / September 25th / October 30th / November 27th Tel : 05 65 36 68 67 SOUILLAC : Le Chapeau Melon May 20th and other nights during the year... Join the mailing list by e-mailing Sandra to know more ! Tel : 05 65 32 22 11 Take away / Traiteur (groups only) PUY L’EVEQUE : Traiteur Sumatra Tel : 05 65 35 38 85 / 06 21 47 35 74

page 3 06 76 22 49 50 Exhibitions / Expos LE MONTAT 3ème salon des artistes amateurs. Salle des fêtes. April 16th & 17th

GUIDE TO THE COMING WEEKS FETES & MANIFESTATIONS Concerts CAHORS Concerts organised by Live a Lot every Saturday night. Check their website : La Guinguette, Mont St Cyr *

GOURDON Guided visit of the town every Thursday at LAUZERTE 1.30pm at the tourist office from June Didier Gallien, Harpwood and Lez Zees. Le Puits du jour. April 14th, 8.30pm F CAHORS Cahors Juin Jardins. Visit of gardens, conferences, shows. Jazz concerts at CAHORS Jardin d'Aleec, 90 rue Jean XXII from Roland Pidoux (cello). 7pm. Detailed programme at the tourist Auditorium. April 15th, 8.30pm office. June 3rd to 12th SAUZET Duo Bensa-Cardinot (guitar & voice). Fairs & Festivals April 15th, 9pm FIGEAC Salon de l'habitat. April 15th t o 18th

ASPRIERES Jazz around the Cantou. April 16th, 9pm

LIMOGNE EN QUERCY Eco-lot toi-même. Organic fair with over 70 exhibitors, conferences, shows. April 16th

FIGEAC Les Choralies du Ségala (choir). Eglise St Sauveur. April 17th, 5pm

FLAUJAC POUJOLS Second hand farm tools. April 16th, 17th PRAYSSAC Salon des artisans. April 16th & 17th* LUZECH Transhumance. Arrival from Rocamadour. April 16th, 11am FIGEAC Brocante. April 24th CAHORS 30ème rallye du Quercy. Car race. April 24th & 25th CAZALS Antique Fair. April 25th PUY L’EVEQUE Salon de la femme et des créateurs. Women’s fair (jewels, underwear, organic products, cooking workshop). Salle des fêtes. April 30th MONTCUQ 6ème foire Cheval Brocante. Horse fair. April 30th & May 1st LACAPELLE MARIVAL Whole day fair. May 1st

CAHORS MarianOperettes. Auditorium. April 22nd, 3pm FIGEAC Roots dans la vallée (Jamaican music). Espace François Mitterand. April 23rd, 7.30pm CAHORS Capriccio (Richard Strauss) Opera. Cinéma ABC. April 23rd, 7pm**** CAHORS Les Têtes Raides (rock). Espace Valentré. April 30th, 9pm***

GRAMAT New venue for the French-English meetings. At La Noyeraie-Café 46 (between Gramat and Rocamadour, at the crossroad of the D840 with the D36) every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Conversation in both languages in a relaxed atmosphere.Tel : 05 65 38 75 75 or 05 65 33 75 92. Free FIGEAC Free Franco-English meetings in Figeac. You'll be able to practise your french or english with natives in a relaxed atmosphere. We organise outings,exchange books and are planning other workshops ! Restaurant le Patio, rue de Clermont, meetings happening weekly on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. Contact or Raphaële Mériguet 06 70 12 72 72 SOUILLAC Coffee morning & Book exchange Le Chapeau Melon : April 21st, May 5th & 19th, June 2nd & 16th. ORNIAC Climbing afternoon and discovery of the environment. Booking 05 65 24 20 50. May 29th (all day) SOULOMES Music and improvisation with Michel Donéda. Whatever your level, learn how to improvise. Saturday afternoon & Sunday all day. Tel : 05 65 22 97 32 Grange du Causse. April 23rd & 24th ****

Gastronomy CAZALS Wine & Cheese fair. April 16th & 17th

CAHORS Moriarty (folk Paris, New York). Docks. May 6th, 8.30pm***

SOUILLAC Fish & Chips + Live music. Chapeau Melon. April 22nd & June 17th, 7pm

CAHORS Le Bagad Lann-Bihoué (Celtic music).. More information at the tourist office. Allées Fénelon. May 7th, evening

LALBENQUE Dîner-concert with Lina and.... 35€. Info 05 65 24 20 76 Café du Monde. April 23rd, 8pm

FIGEAC Olala Party, Soirée cabaret New Burlesque. CAHORS Salle Balène. May 14th, 9pm Balade de Motos anciennes. Old motorbikes ride (before 1970). Departure CAHORS 10am at the townhall. May 8th**** Walkyrie (Wagner) Opera. Cinéma ABC. May 14th, 6pm**** LALBENQUE Voitures de collection. Exhibition. LAUZERTE May 8th Topaz. Le Puits du jour. May 19th, 9pm LOT / FRANCE CAHORS Nuit des musées. Museums open at Récital de Piano by Clément Griffault night ! May 14th (classical music). Le Goût des arts. May 19th, 9pm*** CAHORS Festival visages d’Espagne. CAPDENAC GARE May 19th to 21st Classical music. May 19th, 8.30pm May 19th, 9pm : Concert Luz Casal (allées Fenelon)**** ALBAS May 20th, 9pm : Flamenco dance Nelson Veras on the guitar (jazz). (Ursula Lopez)** Church. May 20th, 9pm May 21st : Day : Dance workshop TOURNON D’AGENAIS 9pm : Concert Sergent Garcia (allées Blues Station. Rod Piazza & the Mighty Fénelon) Flyers. Guest star Nico Wayne Toussaint, Keith Dunn (Blues). May 27th, 8pm CONCOTS Marché de la bidouille (craft fair). CAHORS May 29th Swing Machine Big Band. Espace Valentré. June 3rd, 9pm ST CLAIR Fête de l’art et de l’artisanat. Craft fair. FIGEAC May 29th Amazigh Kateb (world music). Cour du Puy. June 4th, 9pm F

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CAHORS Le trouvère (Giuseppe Verdi). Opera. Cinéma ABC. April 30th, 7pm****

GOURDON Clément Griffault on the piano (classical music). Salle des Cordeliers. May 14th, 6pm


FIGEAC Wine tasting session Bar à vin Chez Matthieu. April 28th & May 25th, 6.30pm LUZECH Saveurs de l’Europe. A taste of Europe. Taste different specialities from 15 countries. May 15th, 10am to 1pm LE BOULVE Quiz night with meal. “Les Etrangers” vs “Les Français”, questions in French and in English. Booking 05 65 22 71 64 or Salle des fêtes. June 3rd, 8pm ALBAS Le Bon air est dans les caves (wine & music festival). June 4th, from 5pm

Sport LE MONTAT Montathlon : pedestrian race, cycling, bow. Info 06 28 70 42 79 May 28th & 29th PRUDHOMAT Championnat d'Europe d'aéroglisseurs. June 2nd to 5th MERCUES Vignes et Chateaux. Pedestrian race. Info 05 65 20 00 62 Les Bouysses. June 2nd, 9am

MONTCUQ Traditional dancing (violins). Espace des animations. April 16th, 9pm**

Charity MARTEL Special sales for the Secours Catholique. Salle du Vestiaire. May 28th & 29th SAUZET A hot night of retro dining & dancing with a night club atmosphere (25€ for dinner, wine & disco). All proceeds will go to The Institut Claudius Regaud Toulouse in aid of Cancer Research & Poor Paws Dog Rescue. Salle des fêtes. June 11th, 7pm

Flower Fair DURAVEL : April 17th FLAUJAC POUJOLS : April 17th CAHORS : April 17th (Troc’plantes, exchange plants, 8 cours Labrousse, 10am to 12pm) CONCOTS : April 24th (Troc’plantes) ARCAMBAL : May 1st CALES : May 1st TOURNON d’AGENAIS : May 1st BAGNAC SUR CELE : May 8th BELFORT DU QUERCY : May 8th CAILLAC : May 8th CARDAILLAC : May 15th CONCOTS : May 29th MAUROUX : June 12th

Vide-Greniers BIO : April 17th FLAUJAC POUJOLS : April 17th FLOIRAC : April 17th LAMOTHE FENELON : April 17th VERS : April 17th CAPDENAC GARE : April 24th ARCAMBAL : May 1st DOUELLE : May 1st GOURDON : May 1st LALBENQUE : May 1st SOTURAC : May 1st BOISSIERES : May 8th (children & babies) CASTELFRANC : May 8th MARTEL : May 8th PAYRAC : May 8th PUY l’EVEQUE : May 8th LUNAN : May 9th BACH : May 15th LABASTIDE MURAT : May 15th (babies & Children) MAUROUX : May 15th ST DENIS CATUS : May 15th CAPDENAC GARE : May 28th SERIGNAC :May 29th LABASTIDE MURAT : June 2nd ST SULPICE : June 5th LINAC : June 6th GREALOU : June 12th REILHAGUET : June 12th SAUVETERRE LA LEMANCE : June 12th MARTEL : June 18th MECHMONT : June 19th

Special Event VILLEFRANCHE DU PERIGORD La Cornière brocante is reopening April 1st ! Mr Bach will be delighted to welcome you ! SOUILLAC All-day screening of the Royal Wedding on 29th April on our big screens, with non-stop service (Coffee Morning, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner - and drinks/snacks all day long). Chapeau Melon. April 29th DAGLAN Follow the Royal Wedding ! Le Thé Vert. April 29th

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011 09 62 58 05 41 09 41 0662 7658 2205 49 50 62 58 05 41

SORTIES & GASTRONOMIE CUISINE Anne-Marie & Christian welcome you to :

L'Escale de Concorès Bar / Restaurant D12. 46310 CONCORES - Tel : 05 65 30 52 02

Mimie & Olivier de Lestrade LES DODUS EN VILLE RESTAURANT Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday lunchtime & dinner D811 Rue E. Marcouly 46700 PUY L'EVEQUE For more info call 05 65 22 91 82 or 06 71 72 03 24



16th & 17th April 2011 Lunch available. Booking before April 13th at the tourist office Bring knives & forks ! Inflatable playground for children

Tastings & Sales from the producers

Free entrance

WINE & CHEESE FAIR from all over France ! Organisation & information at the Tourist Office 05 65 22 88 88 Let’s prefer quality to quantity as the abuse of alcohol beverages can damage health

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011

La petite maison de Caniac de Causse Tea-room, pastries, ice-creams Lunch, Local specialities Farm products

Open from Thursday to Sunday, 12 to 7pm Andrée & Martine Tel : 06 45 32 00 74 Place de l'église, 46240 Caniac du Causse page 5 09 62 62 58 58 05 05 41 41 09


Salon de Coiffure Hairdresser Hand & Foot Care Appointments: Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 7pm & Saturday 10am to 7pm non-stop Tel : +33 (0)5 65 53 13 72 english spoken Le Bourg 46800 St Matré

La Cornière

BROCANTE Objects & country-style furniture Old Toys Household linen Open in April, July, August, Sept, Oct Place de la halle 24550 Villefranche du Périgord Tel: 05 53 29 49 05

Moment pour soi

Beauty institute for men & women

Face and body care Hammam Waxing Pedicure & foot care Dyeing and bleaching Make-up and semi-permanent make-up Nail care (tips + gel or gel on natural nail) Maria Galland products

5, ave Maréchal Bessière - Prayssac Tel: 05 65 36 48 38

L'OR DU TEMPS PARFUMERIE Make-up and skincare advice

Diesel, Carven, Lubin, Guerlain, Lancôme, Annick Goutal, Creed, Ungaro, Bulgari, Hanae Mori, Armani - Perfume -

43 Boulevard de la Paix - 46220 Prayssac Tél. 05 65 35 52 29

L'atelier d'artoust Wrought iron workshop

Bespoke Creations

Eric FIANT Peintures & Illustrations

Banisters Pergola Gates Visit our showroom. Kuypers Maarten - rte de St Denis - 46150 Catus Tel : 06 78 19 57 60 e-mail :

Sechlotine events Planning your special day Let me take in charge the organisation of your wedding !

From Dresses, Suits, Flowers, Décor, Service to Cocktails 33 bd de la Paix - 46220 PRAYSSAC Mob : 06 36 46 91 91 / Tel : 05 65 22 34 61

Lesley Powell Sculpteur

Visit by appointment. Gallery on Facebook ! Le Bourg 46310 St Germain du Bel Air 05 65 31 09 82 / 06 30 45 70 35

05 65 22 06 45 Route de Sauzet, Albas 46140

ANTIQUE FAIR Monday, April 25th Organised by the Tourist Office Tel:05 65 22 88 88 page 6

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011



very Thursday, Antenne d'Oc's transmission is broadcast in English ! From the beginning of January this year, the radio programme Brit D'Oc has been presented by Mick Gardiner and Brian Harpwood. They present a two-hour programme of country music and chat. This is broadcast at 4pm on alternate Thursdays and repeated on Sunday evening. If you miss this programme, then you can listen it again by going to the Antenne d'Oc website clicking “émissions” and Brit d'Oc on (to be sure of hearing the broadcast you should search using Google Chrome). From March 10th, the intervening Thursday slot has been presented by Mike Jones. This programme will be a live recording of monthly concerts in Lauzerte. The concerts are called Quercy Unplugged and are now available on the Antenne d'Oc 'émissions/Quercy Unplugged' page. Once a month, Mike Jones organises a 2-hour concert in Lauzerte featuring three groups or performers who live and play in the Lot or nearby departments. Mike Jones records the two hours and then mixes and edits the content into two one hour-long broadcasts. As the name implies, the content is acoustic or electro-acoustic based music from the 60’s onwards, Beatles, Eagles, Country, CS&N sort of thing. The recordings are open to everyone. At each concert, there is guaranteed to be a good mix of French and English songs and performers. At the February concert, they actually had one French group, one Dutch soloist and an English duo ! The venue is the tapas bar “Le Puits de Jour” in the centre of the old town of Lauzerte. It begins at 8pm prompt and finishes towards 11pm. For the forseeable future, the venue is free but they “pass the hat” to help with the musicians' expenses... The concerts are extraordinary good value. Mike books only experienced, lively and entertaining musicians. Come and see for yourself - if you don't enjoy yourself then they will give you your money back! Dates of the next concerts are April 14th, May 19th, June 23rd. As the peak tourist season approaches, they need to work around existing fetes, etc. so more dates will be confirmed later. For further information please e-mail Mike at Antenne d’Oc radio frequencies : Cahors : 88.1 Mhz / Cahors sud : 89 Mhz / Montcuq & Cazals : 88.8 Mhz / Prayssac : 93.7 Mhz / Gourdon : 105.3 Mhz / Labastide Murat : 104.1 Mhz / Souillac : 100.3 Mhz / Figeac : 88.1 Mhz / Bretenoux : 89.0 Mhz

Moulin des Donnes


he Moulin des Donnes stands beside the D12 between Gourdon and Cahors, to the north of the village of Concores. Signs proclaim that it is a camp site, although the word “Discothèque” can be seen painted on the side of one building, by those with keen eyesight. It is in the winter months though that Le Moulin des Donnes opens its Discothèque. In an area not noted for its nightlife, a Discothèque in an old mill building away from any large town is a find indeed. Dancing starts late, the first revelers start to assemble at about 11:00 pm, but it goes on until morning, Fridays and Saturdays. Le Moulin des Donnes caters for a wide age group, from under 20s to over 40s. It is not exactly Ibiza, but it is a real find for those of us who crave the odd night out on the tiles. The music is dance music from the current few years, as you might expect, though there are slower numbers as well as the most energetic ones. You would be well advised to organize designated drivers beforehand, as there are no taxis or public transport services in the area at 6:00 am and it is a long walk to Gourdon or Cahors! John Contact : 05 65 31 03 90 Website :

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011


films in English (VO)

ROUTE IRISH Directed by Ken Loach, 2011 Starring Mark Womack, Andrea Lowe, John Bishop Fergus and Frankie met on the first day of school and the pair stayed close from then on. Both had a career in the military, and when Fergus left the SAS and landed a lucrative job with a private security firm in Baghdad, he persuaded Frankie to join him. By 2007 when the film begins, Fergus is back home in Liverpool, and learns that Frankie has been killed on Route Irish, the dangerous road running between Baghdad airport and the city's Green Zone. Raging with grief and highly suspicious of the official explanation of events, Fergus begins his own investigation with the help of Frankie's widow, Rachel. > Cinéma Liberty - MONSEMPRON LIBOS - April 13th to 19th > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - April 13th to 19th WINTER’S BONE Directed by Debra Granik, 2010 Starring Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Kevin Breznahan With an absent father and mentally ill mother it is up to seventeen year old Ree Dolly to care for mother and two younger siblings. They must rely on the kindness of their neighbours to make ends meet as their father is scheduled for a court appearance for running a meth lab. Ree soon discovers that her father has skipped bail and used their home as bond. To save her home Ree must find out where her father is hiding despite warnings that she must stay out of it. Her continued searching leads down an increasingly more dangerous path, will she find her father in time to save her family's home? > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - April 13th to 19th > Cinéma Le Liberty - MONSEMPRON LIBOS - April 27th to May 3rd YOUNG & INNOCENT / JEUNE ET INNOCENT Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1937 Derrick de Marney, Nova Pilbeam, Percy Marmont After a violent argument with her husband, a famous star is discovered by her ex-lover, Robert Tisdall (Derrick De Marney), drowned on a beach. Police arrive and arrest Tisdall on the testimony of witnesses who saw him with the body. > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - April 27th to May 3rd THE 39 STEPS / LES 39 MARCHES Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1935 Starring Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Peggy Ashcroft A classic British spy mystery, and one of Hitchcock's best, THE 39 STEPS is the story of an innocent man who struggles to prove his innocence. Robert Donat gets more than he bargained for when he brings home a mysterious woman who confesses to be a British agent on the hot trail of a dangerous spy ring. > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - April 13th to 19th THE LADY VANISHES / UNE FEMME DISPARAIT Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1938 Starring Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas When a young woman on a train meets a charming old lady who promptly disappears, the other passengers deny having seen her, leading the young woman to suspect conspiracy. Hitchcock's final low-budget U.K. production before leaving for Hollywood stands as an extremely deft cocktail of comedy, romance, and suspense. > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - May 11th to 17th REAR WINDOW / FENETRE SUR COUR Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1954 Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey L.B. Jeffries is confined to a wheel chair in his appartment, becuase of a broken leg. He is an active man, who is only consoled by the fact that he has a large rear window through which he can spy on all his neighbours in the high rise appartment block opposite. He soon becomes suspicious of a man, and ends up convinced that he has committed murder. However, convincing his girlfriend Lisa Carol Fremont as well as Lt Thomas J. Doyle is not so straightforward. > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - June 8th to 14th > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - April 13th to 19th THE LADY FROM SHANGAI / LA DAME DE SHANGAI Directed by Orson Welles Starring Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles, Everett Sloane Michael O'hara, a seaman, meets and rescues the beautiful blonde Elsa Bannister from attackers in Central Park and escorts her home, where he is introduced to her successful but crippled lawyer husband Arthur. Arthur and Elsa are on their way to San Francisco, and need a seaman for their yacht. Despite his misgivings, Michael is pursuaded to go with them, mainly due to his attraction to Elsa, unaware of the storm that's heading his way. > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - May 27th to June 1st

And also... by Alfred Hitchcock : STRANGERS ON A TRAIN / L’INCONNU DU NORD EXPRESS > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - April 27th to May 3r FRENZY > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - May 4th - 10thd NOTORIOUS / LES ENCHAINES > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - May 25th to 31st BLACK SWAN > Cinéma L’Uxello - VAYRAC - April 14th, 9pm & April 18th, 9pm


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PETITES ANNONCES CLASSIFIED SMALL ADS 09 62 58 05 41 Your ad for free in the For Sale*, Wanted sections ! (*this excludes real estate & vehicles) - Free ads for private individuals Votre petite annonce gratuite dans les sections à vendre*, demande. (*hors annonces immobilières et véhicules) - Annonces gratuites réservées aux particuliers

3 € ttc/line for real estate, vehicles & services 3 € ttc/ligne pour l'immobilier, véhicules & services Pour 5 petites annonces publiées, la 6ème est gratuite ! Buy 5 small ads, get 1 free ! Do you want to place a small ad ? Download the grid at

WANTED Looking for English speaking whole day baby-sitter to take care of 3 children (3, 6 & 9). Approx. 15/07-15/08. To come to Cahors. He/She will be paid and accommodation can be provided. or 06 84 60 35 28 39-02-F Cook seeks job in the Lot. 20 yrs exp. Call 06 35 29 15 83 Saxophone teacher with at least some English to take on beginning student in Cazals/Prayssac area. Contact Brent at 39-10-F Drummer wanted for Jazz group based in the Lot, currently piano, trumpet, contrabass, sax, rhythm guitar and male singer. Jazz standards and other swinging classics to perform in bars/restaurants, French, English and Dutch spoken Call Terry on 05 53 75 04 89 or email 39-04-F

Great opportunity for experienced, adult rider, pref. female, dressage orientated, without own horse to exercise my 15.2, 10 y.o. Andalusian during my 3 month convalescence and beyond. Please contact Chris on 05 65 22 79 10 39-08-F Children books in English, 3 to 5 yrs old (boy). Contact 06 76 22 49 50 or 39-09-F Sabadel-Latronquière : we have restarted our English repertoire choir, in abeyance for 2 years! Rehearsals are usually on Sundays at 3 pm. They are held in the local village hall (Maison des Associations) and last about an hour & a half. Anyone interested can contact 05 65 40 27 27 or email: 37-02-F Wanted : Aspiring Journalists, Budding Authors. We need volunteers to write regular articles, reviews, stories, etc. in English in Le Forty-Six. If you have good writing skills, knowledge of the region, sense of humour, commitment, please write to

Roman poolsteps (halfground). New, beige (sable), 3 steps, 3 mtr width margelles incl invoice. Cash Piscine Cahors present. Tel : 05 65 21 19 25 or 38-01-F

Ride-on-Mower - Verts Loisirs B15/H92, Regularly serviced and in very good working order. 1300€ ono Tel: 05 65 22 37 88 38-06-F Fine Reproduction Furniture for Sale: M a h o g a n y / Wr o u g h t I r o n / B r a s s i n c 'Stairwell' Bureau 1200€. Wine Table 250€.'George III' Upholstered Stool 250€. 'Queen Anne' Torchere 100€ and more. Email: 38-07-P TV Schneider (UK) 52 cm + remote control, in good condition and perfect working order. 35€ ono. Contact Tash 05 65 23 93 20 38-10-F TV Grandin 36 cm with integrated DVD. Rarely used, very good condition. 45€ ono. Please contact by phone on 05 65 23 93 20 37-08-F

Luxury swivel executive desk chair. Color black. Very comfortable, as new. 45€ ono. Contact 05 65 23 93 20 38-11-F 4 piece cane furniture set. Includes 2pl settee, 2 armchairs and stool. All in very good condition and clean. Material removable covers in light mustard/terrecota. Email for photo 550€ Tel: 05 65 23 94 65 / 06 06 46 17 39 37-04-F From the Sofa Workshop ( 2 armchairs, current design - Man Ray. Woven chenille fixed covers, colour Sleepy Sage. Hardly used, immaculate condition. Under 2 years old. €850 the pair. Matching sofa and foot stool could also be available. Tel : 05 65 35 06 67 37-09-F Antique and Vintage linen, lace and crochet for sale. Table Cloths, Napkins, Pillowcases, Nightgowns, Cushion Covers. Lace edged, hand embroidered and Damask items. All in very good clean condition, located in Cahors. Email: Tel: 05 65 22 26 57 36-07-F


FOR SALE HOME & GARDEN Chairs, 6 x French style sturdy wooden with solid wicker base. Collect only. 50€. Email Juli for a photo at Tel 05 65 31 77 48 39-01-F Pine table 120cm x 80cm 50€ - White Bookcase 175cm x 90cm 4 shelves. 50€. - Small desk, light brown, 110cm x 50cm 20€. Tel. 05 65 37 74 10 or email: 39-07-P House clearance : 3 piece cane suite with matching round glass coffee table, good condition €350 - 2 dark blue leather sofas, vgc €400 - Large oval English reproduction dining table with 6 chairs with carved legs and in light oak polished finish, good condition €300, matching tall dresser with 2 leaded glass top doors and 2 solid doors at the base vgc €350. For pictures pls email Tel: 05 65 23 56 75 39-11-F

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Peugeot Scooter TKR 50 cc for sale. First registered 2005, only 3777 kms. Metallic blue. VGC. 950 euros to include top box and helmet. Contact 05 65 20 10 91 39-39-01-P 1980 Green Renault 4TL. 101,560 km, 800€. A French Classic. Contact Greg 05 65 31 62 90 38-02-F

Large above-ground pool 9.5m x 4.5m with all the equipment, filter, pump, liner, cover, etc. 1300 euros or nearest offer. Dismantled, ready to go. Tel : 05 65 23 58 16 or email

English Painter & Decorator. Fully qualified, free quotations given, all types of work undertaken. Phone Stephen Duke:- 05 65 22 96 44 or 0033 6 75 01 67 08 E-mail:



14 foot (4.2 metre) yurt for sale with solid floor, lovely heart-shaped windows, and access for log-burner flue. Makes deal easy extra income from rentals or a great space for extra guests. All enquiries/photo requests to 05 65 23 58 16 or Price 2000 euros ono 39-06-F

Painting and decorating - Colin Bell. All interior and exterior work, wall papering and paint effects. 30 yrs experience. Honest, reliable and efficient service. Working within 40km radius of Gourdon. Ref available. Free estimate. Tel : 05 65 22 91 04 or 06 19 39 99 39 e-mail: 31-36-01-P

Baby's cot complete with mattress and 2 mattress protectors. Hardly used. Excellent condition. 80€. Tel: 05 65 21 42 39 38-05-F

Chimney Sweep Services Clean professional service, insurance certificates issued, 1 hour radius of Gourdon. Tel Eddie Matthews on 05 65 23 03 44

Ibanez RG470FM Electric Guitar finished in Transparent Purple with gold effect finishing; twin humbuckers, maple fingerboard, etc. Almost totally unused, complete with hard case and Crate practice amplifier. 300€ complete. Tel: 05 65 20 42 80 38-08-F


Laptop Compaq Presario 2500. Windows XP Home Edition. 2.52GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor. 30Gb hard drive. 384Mb RAM. ATI Radeon Graphics . Full size QWERTY keyboard. DVD/CDRW. Very nice, reliable computer. Perfect working order. 95€ ono. Printer Epson Stylus Photo 900. Excellent order. 20€. Contact Tash 05 65 23 93 20 38-09-F Saga Blue Fox coat, UK size 10 as new (unwanted gift) 150€ - Ladies Golf Shoes, UK size 5 1/2 Navy Blue/White Brogue, Make: British Cotswold 'Porthcawl' 10€. Contact: 37-03-F

Voit 5 golf clubs, 5 irons, 4 woods, sand wedge, pitching wedge and putter including carrier bag. 200 euros ono. Tel : 05 65 35 33 8039-14-F English book exchange in Gourdon. Now at 2 rue de la Bride (next door to library) 10-11am 1st Tuesday of each month from 1st March. Contributions welcome 05 65 27 22 50

SERVICES Anxious ? Stressed ? Feeling down ? SOS Help 01 46 21 46 46. Cristelle, professional photographer. Weddings, ceremonies, brochures, etc. Visit my website Tel : 06 27 32 29 21 Accounts, tax returns and general advice. Call an English-speaking chartered accountant. 05 65 22 14 10 or write 35-40-02-P HOME & GARDEN

2 Giant Twist 2.0 Electric Bikes 2008 models as new condition only 50 miles max,1 ladies 1 gents both step through frames,twin batteries,power assist,range 60 kilometers. Pics available by email. 650 euros each. Contact 05 65 22 88 52 or 39-05-F

Plasterer : for all your plaster work or advice, call Dirk Schurink. Tel : 06 01 74 20 03 39-44-05-P

Bike rack in very good condition.Very solid and Universal. Suitable for up to 3 bikes. 40€. Photo available by email: Tel: 05 65 23 94 65 or 06 06 46 17 39 38-03-F

Building works, digger and driver, all projects undertaken. Free estimates Tel: 05 65 36 78 25 or Mob: 06 80 27 81 75 35-40-01-P

Auto Part : Parcel shelf for Opel/Vauxhall Zafira 2002. Good condition. Pulls out on built in roller. Black. Email for photo. 60€ Tel: 05 65 23 94 65 / 06 06 46 17 39 37-05-F

Furniture restoration and picture framing. Top quality work. Eric Fiant 05 65 31 09 82 / 06 30 45 70 35 38-43-02-P

Experienced roof worker, all ladders; Can fix, maintain, clean roofs & gutters, etc. Call 06 88 88 28 62 for quote

Construction & Renovation - John Purser, General builder based near Gourdon. All types of works undertaken, small or large scale projects. Tel 06 08 99 35 18. Siret 44864425200026 34-39-07-P Electrical work: big or small, new or renovation, French registered, English artisan - 05 65 30 76 35 37-42-06-P Michael Channing, plumber, electrician and heating engineer. Also general property maintenance / renovation. Western Lot/Lot et Garonne. Tel. 0963 545 345. Siret 52264179400014 37-42-07-P House cleaning & Gardening services, including gite change-overs. Friendly and reliable. Call 06 88 88 28 62 39-12-F Do you need reliable people for the maintenance of your gite or second home ? Marina & Serge deal with cleaning, check-in/out, renovation, gardening all year round. Figeac area. Tel 06 59 76 29 09 We accept chèque emploi service 39-39-04-P

Home & Garden Maintenance – All internal/external work considered. Refs available. Vince Dale Tel: 05 65 23 56 75 or 06 43 67 22 15 or 39-39-02-P Landscaping, garden and pool maintenance, looking after your property when you’re away - Paul Krinke - 46300 Léobard (Gourdon) - Tel : 05 65 41 12 45 34-39-04-P Grass cutting, hedge, shrubs and border care, key holding and security checks, pool cleaning by experienced registered English gardener. Tel : 05 53 28 16 58 or 34-39-11-P LESSONS/TRANSLATION/IT Problems with French language in business or private life ? Need help to sort out French administration problems? Call me, I have the solution! Rachel Verne - - e-mail : 38-40-01-P Total immersion French courses in central Gourdon in the Lot. Make a leap forward in your French! One week courses, all year round, with great accommodation if required. Go to or call Giles Murray on +33 (0)5 65 32 21 96 39-39-03-P Mayne Space : Make the Net Work for you ! Sébastien Cauzit can help you : with the internet (website creation, improve your web presence), choose an Internet service provider, select appropriate hardware and (free) software, manage your company with collaborative tools. Tel : 06 24 07 01 73 33-11-F

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011

Association Loi 1901

MONEY, LANGUAGE School for French as a Foreign Language Mrs Pascale Martorello 12, rue Daurade 05 65 21 88 46

Would you like to improve your French?


With the « POLYGLOTTES », experienced language teachers (French) hold friendly classes in Cahors, Albas, Prayssac, Limogne, Labastide Murat & Saint Géry. Wilt u beter Frans spreken? Franse les in ee ontspannen en gezellige sfeer.

Each course adapted to your needs Individual tuition - in small groups - all levels With more than 15 years experience of how to have fun learning French

Tel : 05 65 20 12 55 or 05 65 20 05 93

AND THE WINNER IS... Thank you for your participation in the game to win a painting of your house by Eric Fiant !

EXECO Partners K D partners

Issue 38, the question was : How long does it take Eric Fiant to paint a picture of a house ? a) 5 hours b) 5 minutes c) 5 days The answer was a) 5 hours The winner is Michael Rich. Bravo !

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011


You need help to complete your income tax return ? Contact us ! English speaking staff 05 53 54 48 91 98 rue Blanqui - 46000 CAHORS

page 9 09 62 58 05 41


Visit our showroom and discover the benefits of having your own spa

Painter and Decorator ü Interior & exterior work, wall papering, paint effects ü City & Guilds qualified ü 30 years experience including 15 years in France

66 route de Toulouse 46000 CAHORS 05 65 53 04 46

Tel: 05 65 22 16 55 Espace Piscines 46, Giratoire de la Beyne, 46000 CAHORS

OAKWOOD IMPORT Spécialiste des bois d'aménagement

Honest, reliable & efficient service Free estimate

Tel: 05 65 22 91 04 or 06 19 39 99 39 e-mail:


Claude Jaunatre Painter Interior Decorating & External Painting

i m p r i m e r i e

NEW !!! Eco Paint : Vegetal oil base - 100% natural No solvant, no petrol

OAK FLOORING & DOORS Pre-finished & unfinished Wide boards up to 215mm Skirting & architraves Ledged oak cottage doors

Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets, Letterheads, Business Cards...


A6 (148x105mm) printed in colour both sides on 130 gloss paper

Standard Business Cards


2.500 ex. 84 € ht* 5.000 ex.99 € ht* 10.000 ex.143 € ht* 20.000 ex. 232 €

30 years experience Tel: 06 80 33 93 57 / 05 65 32 19 30

LE FORTY-SIX Publié par / Published by ID Com / Le Forty-Six Audhuy - 46700 DURAVEL - France Directrice de publication : Sophie Lascombes SIRET 494 190 333 00018 - Dépôt légal - ISSN en cours Imprimé par Grafika - Le Boulou (66) 2 500 copies - Téléchargeable sur internet Prochaine/Next publication: 15 juin 2011 Date limite/Deadline: 21 mai 2011 à 17h Pour faire connaître votre entreprise ou un événement, contactez-nous : For display advertising or for a special event, call or email us: Sophie : 06 76 22 49 50 Office : 09 62 58 05 41

Free Quotes route de Montcabrier, 46700 DURAVEL 05 65 36 57 37 / 06 24 20 21 04







Prestige Business Cards

(55x85mm) printed in colour both sides on 300g satin board

(55x85mm) printed in colour both sides on 300g satin board and laminated one side ht*

500 ex. 29 € ht*

500 ex. 39 € 4 carrer d'en cavailles - 66160 le boulou -







Furniture Restorer & Maker - Traditional & modern furniture design, made to measure - Antique restoration - Specialist in french polishing Based in Lacave Tel: 05 65 41 65 08

LE FIRE SHOP Eddie Matthews Bouriane Ramonage & Le Fire Shop 46310 Concores Tel : 06 74 41 71 96 Email : Sale & Intsallation of quality woodburning stoves, Chimney Sweeping services, Outdoor Chimneas & Pizza Ovens

SAND, GRAVEL & CRUSHED LIMESTONE Available from 3 sites: St Denis Catus Crayssac Cahors

Tiles, earthenware, bathroom equipment, paints, parquet and woodflooring, panelling, staircases, paving, decking, joinery...

We Deliver! Tel : CM QUARTZ Page 10

Siret : 443 764 469 00021


LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011

French Paint vs British Paint

Digital Switchover


n November 8th, 2011 the Lot goes digital. It means that any remaining analogue radio and television channels will no longer be broadcast because the local analogue transmitter will be switched off. If you only receive UK satellite television and get your radio stations through the same decoder, or a digital radio, this will not bother you at all. If you have a modern digital television (most likely HD-Ready as well), it will have a digital receiver built in to enable you to get both local analogue and digital services. In the worst case, it may need re-tuning. However, if you are receiving an analogue satellite service (French or multi-nationality) or you have an old analogue aerial, you will already have noticed that many of the channels you used to receive are no longer available. This is because the broadcasters are switching off their analogue broadcasts in anticipation of the new digital service. All the major stations are already broadcasting in digital and you should be able to get a better signal with the right equipment.


So what is that equipment? If you have an old TV, don't worry as long as it has a Peritel/SCART socket in the back. If it has, you can connect to a digital satellite service, via a decoder without changing the TV (though the chances are that by this time the picture quality will not be what it was). A digital satellite installation, French or British, will typically cost around 350 euros including all equipment. An aerial system will be a similar cost, if slightly less expensive, but you will need to have a digital television to receive it. Either way, you do not need to pay a subscription. If you are watching a Sky or Freesat service, both are already digital, so you don't need to do anything !

Sky/Freesat Siret : 500 520 398 00018

e've all done it, bought a tin of paint with a name we recognise and then opened it to find it was half full. Then when we put it on the wall it doesn't cover sufficiently. You end up buying several tins of expensive paint, applying multiple coats. It's easy to blame French paint and say that UK paint covers better, costs less and the tins are full when you buy them, but these days the paint manufacturers are global companies, so there should be no difference in the paint you buy in any country, should there? Colin Bell (see his ad on page 10) has been a craftsman painter and decorator for 35 years. Half of that time has been spent in France. He has worked all four corners of the country and is now settled in the Lot. If anyone knows the answers, he is the man. Colin is always willing to give advice. He points out that if you buy paint from big DIY stores, you are also buying the paint manufacturers' marketing. You buy paint by the litre, but the tin design could have space for 30% more. For display impact appearance, the manufacturer chooses the oversized tin despite our disappointment, knowing that we probably won't remember next time we buy their product. Colin buys trade paint from a specialist outlet. Naturally, he buys lots of paint each month so he gets a better price than you or I, but he makes the point that any extra price paid is paid back in the need to apply fewer coats. Aha! You say, I knew French paint was thinner... The trade paint Colin showed me was possibly even thicker than the paint I used to buy in the UK and it covered extremely well. Most paint comes from Akso Nobel these days, they bought out ICI who manufactured Dulux. Time is money, so the paint that decorators use is likely to require fewer coats. Colin stresses the need to stick to good practice – primer, then undercoat and finally topcoat. Primer soaks up porosity allowing later coats to cover better. Undercoat gives a key for the topcoat and the topcoat is thinner to give a smoother, shinier finish. Two coats of topcoat is not the equivalent of an undercoat and a topcoat. Sitting in the sun on his terrace, he expressed one of those pearls of wisdom that comes from spending long sunny days painting. He said: “Where we live, paint is a bit dearer – but wine is a whole lot cheaper. If you calculate the volume of paint you buy over the year as opposed to the volume of wine, I think you'll find that we are saving money overall”. Wise words indeed! Colin also had other factors to throw into the mix. Taxation inevitably, but also the specification of UK paint, which is -15 degrees to +40 degrees. In an exposed position, our summers can often exceed this. French paint has a higher maximum temperature and such variations can account for differences in viscosity as well as price. John

Satellite & Aerials

Service & installation of all UK and French satellite systems HD - French TV - Sky+

Call for a free estimate 06 88 88 28 62

Carroll Property Services

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning.

Karri and Niall relates how they settled in the Lot and managed to launch their company. Interview :

Newly available from this year, we will be carrying the CTX Professional Range of pool products offering an extensive choice of high quality and good value pool chemicals. These products make life so much easier when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your pool and they will be available to order online, by e-mail, by post or in person. We are also offering a delivery service to customers within a 45km radius of Cahors or if you cannot wait for a delivery, then all products are available for collection from our premises in Labastide du Vert, just down the street from the well known and very popular Boulangerie !”

“We moved to South West France six years ago with the dream of setting up our own company and living a better quality of life in rural France. We started our specialist property maintenance & management company 'Carroll Property Services' after identifying a gap in the market place in our specific area for quality, reliable, competitively priced and bi-lingual solutions to property maintenance and management all under one roof. Driven and inspired by the heartfelt and stressed stories we heard from people who had previously been disappointed, let down, struggled with the language or who just couldn't find a property maintenance and management service in the region, we have built a thriving and growing business in the Cahors area that provides our clients with a full complement of premium personalised solutions plus so much more. Our range of services include: House Cleaning, Home Improvements / Property Repairs, Painting and Decorating, Project Management, Garden Maintenance,

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011

You can collect the products on Thursday & Friday Evenings from end of May through beginning of October from 7:00pm to 9:00pm along with friendly and helpful advice. Check out our website for 2011 product details and price lists available from beginning of May.

Carroll Property Services The last word in property maintenance & management




Niall & Karri Carroll Port : +33 (0)6 15 44 47 24 E-mail : Web :

page 11 09 62 58 05 41

HOME, GARDEN & DIY Steve Eagle


Building, Renovation & Carpentry

Landscape & Building Services tel: 05 65 53 03 32 mob: 06 63 43 31 79 46250 Montcléra

Based near Cahors - Tel : 09 63 59 24 69 E-mail :

Registered English Artisan

20 years experience, 8 working in France

Design & Construction

Pépinières Nursery Créateurs de jardins Landscape designer Living-room Bedroom

Bedding Storage Unit

Meubles Lasvenes - route de Toulouse - 46000 Cahors Tel : 05 65 35 21 89

FAIRS AND MARKETS IN THE LOT MARCHES / MARKETS Morning MONDAY Assier (1st & 3rd Monday) Labastide-Murat (2nd & 4th Monday)- Lacave ** TUESDAY Bretenoux - Carennac** - Catus Floirac - Gourdon - Gramat - Leyme - Puy l’Evêque - Salviac WEDNESDAY Bagnac-sur-Célé - Cahors Capdenac le Haut* - CastelnauMontratier** -Latronquière - Les Quatre-Routes - Lissac-et-Mouret Livernon** - Luzech - Martel Souillac** THURSDAY Brengues**- Gourdon* - Lacave* Libos (47) - Mercuès - Sauzet Vayrac

FRIDAY Floirac - Gramat - Latronquière Les Quatre-Routes - Limogne-enQuercy - Miers** - Montcabrier**Prayssac - Salviac - Souillac - St Germain-du-Bel-Air - St Pierre Lafeuille**


Advice Choice Quality

April 29th & 30th, May 1st & 2nd 2011 From 9am to 7pm non stop

Pépinières PASSEDAT - Camy - 46140 LUZECH Open everyday 9am to 12pm & 2pm to 7pm, except on Sunday and Bank holiday Tel: 05 65 20 10 66

SUNDAY Arcambal - Cardaillac Castelnau-Montratier - Cazals Concots - Douelle - Espère Labastide-Murat* - Les QuatreRoutes - Limogne-en-Quercy Montcuq - Prayssac* - Puybrun Saint Céré - - St Germain du Bel Air* - Saint Géry - Saint Sozy * In July & August only ** From 5pm to 8pm

MONTHLY BROCANTE (Antique) All day Gourdon : 1st Saturday of the month Gramat : 2nd Saturday of the month Mercuès : 3rd Sunday of the month Sarlat (24) : Last Sunday of the month Souillac : 3rd Saturday of the month

FOIRES / FAIRS All-day monthly fairs TUESDAY Catus Last Tuesday Gourdon 1st & 3rd Tuesday Prayssac 3rd Tuesday WEDNESDAY Cajarc 2nd & 4th Wednesday St Céré 1st & 3rd Wednesday Sousceyrac 2nd Wednesday THURSDAY Vayrac 1st & 3rd Thursday Gramat 2nd & 4th Thursday FRIDAY Souillac 1st & 3rd Friday

SATURDAY Bretenoux - Cajarc (pm) - Cahors Duravel - Figeac - Gourdon Labastide-Murat* - Lalbenque Martel - Puy l’Evêque - Saint Céré Vayrac

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Cahors 1st & 3rd Saturday Figeac 2nd & 4th Saturday

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011

Green Fingered Knowhow


Fireshop In France goes “Outdoors”


ddie Matthews sells and fits quality wood burning stoves throughout most of the Lot and Dordogne, and has successfully juggled his two businesses Le Fire Shop which opened in October 2010, alongside a small gite complex. As spring approaches, Eddie has found a surprising common interest between the two businesses. Over the years, Eddie struggled to purchase quality barbecues that could withstand client's demands. Each year, Eddie found he was throwing away BBQs at the end of each season because of wear and tear. Eddie explains: “These weren't cheap models but neither were they robust – so replacing them each year was becoming very expensive. I couldn't find anything locally that had both style and quality, so this led me to look at a wide range of products from further afield.” The solution was found with the German built Buschbeck range of traditional quality masonry Barbecues as well as a modern range of streamline Bio-Ethanol fireplaces. Eddie soon realised other gite and home owners were experiencing the same problem and struck a deal with Buschbeck to become an official dealer. Eddie hasn't just set his sights on supplying the local market: “We're looking forward to selling to our customers locally, but we're keen to win new clients with the launch of a new website at, which allows us to sell and deliver throughout France.

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Eddie has a large number of models on show now at Le Fire Shop in Concorès. Opening hours are Tuesday & Thursday 2pm – 5pm, and Saturday 9.30am to 12.30pm, and the full range of outdoor products can be viewed at the new website

ow many Brits have arrived in this corner of France assuming that gardening would be a simple delight – the (nearly) Mediterranean climate with long hot summer days? Then the reality hits: long, bitterly cold winters and searing summers force favourite plants to turn up their toes and turn what should be a pleasure into a battle. What to do? Well, help is at hand. Since 2004, with the help of her partner Robin Hare, landscape architect Patricia Shears has put her time here to good use, trialing different planting methods and a range of plants from around the globe, not forgetting local wildflowers, to discover what does best here. She reckons that you could make an attractive garden in this region using just four species, with some grasses and bulbs thrown in for excitement and a little preparatory work on the soil. And she is willing, keen even, to share this knowledge with you. The hangar in the courtyard of their stone farmhouse near Cazals has been converted into a studio. In addition to her work as a garden designer, Patricia offers interesting, colourful and well-researched workshop presentations on a variety of gardening subjects. The extensive gardens around the house offer proof of successes and the occasional failure – there is always something more to learn. The day is punctuated with a delicious long lunch prepared by Robin using home-grown and local produce whenever possible. Topics range from the adaptation of low-maintenance gardening styles such as prairie or gravel gardens, via the use of colour to change the mood or even apparent size of your garden, through to practical advice on techniques Plantes et Paysages Garden Design and plants to make Advisory visits to full project design -------------------gardening here Garden workshops and "taster" sessions enjoyable and in private studio successful. Not near Cazals forgetting attracting Patricia Shears BA (Hons), Dip LA, CMLI beneficial Phone 05 53 29 65 71 or wildlife while email repelling less welcome visitors, such as deer, wild boar and the neighbours' sheep! There's even a 'walk and talk' on some of the nearly 50 varieties of wild orchids found locally. Additionally, this year Patricia is offering customised 'taster' sessions, where a group of friends can choose a topic and enjoy a morning's information-gathering topped off with lunch. Visit the website for more information.

The perfect Steake on a Buschbeck Masonry BBQ Allow ¾ to 1lb (350-450g) per person for bone-in steak or ½lb (225g) per person for boneless steak. - Choose steaks that are at least 1 inch thick. - Trim off fat to 1/8 inch and score the edges to keep them from curling on the grill. - Turn meat just once on the grill – for steaks, turn them when the juices start to bubble on the uncooked side (the clearer the juice, the more well done the meat). - Second side of steak needs less grilling time than the first. - Salt & pepper each browned side of steak after turning. Test if cooked by making a knife slit beside the bone ! Thickness




Rare Medium Well Done Grill Height

15-20min 20-25 min 25min & over 5-7.5cm

20-25min 30-35min 35min & over 5-7.5cm

30-35min 35-40min 40min & over 7.5-12cm

Grill surface temperature Medium : 350°C

LE FORTY-SIX 15 avril - 15 juin 2011

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'Toxic' Gas Threat to our Region

keep up the pressure on the government.


An American Oscar-nominated documentary film, made in 2010 by Josh Fox called 'Gaslands' has also been widely shown in the cinemas in the Lot followed by debates. It is highly critical of the industry's assertion of its safety and of its exemption (in the USA) from the Safe Drinking Water Act. One of its most powerful moments shows people living in the vicinity of shale gas drilling being able to ignite the water running out of their taps due to contamination. Indeed, several US States have now imposed a two year moratorium to give time to analyse the consequences of the process.

he natural beauty of the Lot region and potentially the health & safety of its residents is under serious threat with plans to commence exploratory drilling for shale gas (gaz de schiste) in an area that encompasses over 5700 square kilometres from Puy l’Evêque to Villefranche de Rouergue, and from Souillac to Montauban. Shale is a type of rock and the gas is found by fracturing shale underground using explosives and high pressure chemical fluids. It is a relatively new process first developed in the US about 15 years ago by a company called Halliburton, a company which has many critics and has attracted much controversy over the years. Many environmentalists have argued strongly against the process due to air, earth and water pollution and believe that it is of significant risk to public health. They also argue that it is a relatively untested technology and the long-term impact is unknown. The process uses millions of gallons of clean water and produces the same quantity of toxic waste water and it is unclear how and where this will be processed. In addition, each well copes with only a relatively small area so thousands of unsightly wells could be needed, not to mention lots of heavy haulage to and from the sites on a 24/7 basis. The negative effect all of this could have on tourism, quality of life and even house prices is bound to be significant. Supporters of the process argue that it could mean cheaper energy, local jobs and a possible alternative to the dangers of nuclear energy, bearing in mind the recent events in Japan. Permits to allow drilling have actually already been quietly issued by the French government for a number of regions, encompassing 60% of the country. However at the beginning of February this year, in the face of increasing protests, they put a temporary hold on these until they receive the results of two reports detailing the potential social and environmental impact of allowing shale gas extraction. Their final decision is due in June.

Several high profile French politicians, across the political spectrum, have joined the fight to prevent any drilling and there has been a recent initiative to pass a law prohibiting shale gas exploitation in France. This was due to be proposed at the end of March in the National Assembly by Pascal Terrasse, a Deputé and Président du Conseil Général de L'Ardèche. At the time of going to press, the outcome of this is not yet known but you can add your support to his cause via the website The next major demonstration in our area against the proposed drilling is to be held in Cahors on the 17th April, the day after a national protest. The protestors are urging concerned residents to attend the Cahors event and to urgently sign the petition against the drilling to ensure the protection of our beautiful region and its residents. For more detailed information and to sign the petition, please see the following websites :

A protest group, 'Non au Gaz de Schiste' (No to Shale Gas) has been formed to fight against the proposed drilling and several meetings and demonstrations have already been held, attended by thousands of concerned residents. A peaceful protest was held on the 26th March on the Pont Valentré in Cahors, attended by around 1,000 people from the areas affected by the Cahors Permit, including the Mayors of Cahors and Lauzerte. The event was given wide press coverage in both the local and national press, helping to

Vos papiers, s'il vous plait !


hen driving in a foreign country, it is always a bit scary to get stopped by the police even if you know that you did not do anything wrong. Personally, being caught in the US for driving 5km/hour over the speed limit, was a moment to remember... especially for a French girl driver… but that time a big smile worked in my favour, but may easily have not! In France, this does not usually work and in order to avoid a fine or just ruining your day and spoiling your plans, here are a few tips : It is COMPULSORY to always have with you the following car documents on any trip: - driving license, - the “carte grise” (which shows that your car is registered in France; or equivalent documentation if foreign registered, i.e. logbook for UK), - make sure you stick the green piece of paper on the windscreen for your insurance - keep the rest of the green insurance document along with the carte grise - Make sure that your contrôle technique is valid and also visible on the windscreen, and have the other part of it with you. If you happen to lose one of these documents, you must go to the Gendarmerie and you will be given a “récipissé” giving you two

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months to contact the prefecture for the reissue of a new driving license or one month for the carte grise. If you are being arrested, you MUST show these documents and cannot pretend to have forgotten and/or left them at home. You may well be fined if you haven't got them with you and will be given 5 days in which to take the documents to the gendarmerie or receive yet another fine. You also MUST carry a warning triangle (2 triangles if you travel in Spain), and a reflective jacket stored in your car in case you breakdown or are involved in an accident. I would advise also that you always have a “Constat amiable” with you in case you have an accident: this document will be signed by the owners of the vehicle in order to be sent to the insurance company and both will need to agree on what is written, ticked and drawn. This is a standard document available in different languages. You can ask your insurance company to supply one (it is free) if they haven't already and I suggest that you take time to familiarise yourself with the form, so that if you need to use it, you'll be happy with the format. Useful website : (available in English, Dutch, German , etc.). So if you are being pulled over and the police ask “Vos papiers s'il vous plait”, you know that they expect you to show everything ! So now, just drive soberly with all your documents, respecting the speed limit, watching other drivers and you will be safe !!! Bon voyage! Safe Journey! Sophie :-)

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Le forty Six, issue 39  
Le forty Six, issue 39  

Le forty Six, issue 39