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Ways to know whether your pet is losing her vision By Dr. Patty Khuly Regardless of your pet’s age, vision issues can come into play. For younger animals, these are usually the result of infections and hereditary diseases. For older ones, basic degeneration after a lifetime of use usually takes its toll––for some more than others. Here’s a few ways to tell if Fido or Fluffy is having trouble seeing.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

opacities but not usually. Typically, it’s evidence of vision loss. Get thee to thy vet. The nighttime test Night vision is often the first to go. But that’s hard to know because you’re not exactly watching your pet when it’s dark in the room. And pets don’t tend to bump into furniture––they know where it all is. By the time most of my clients notice loss of night vision things are usually pretty bad.


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Hi. I’m a 4-year-old male Hey, I’m just a 4-month-old Know what’s greyish cat. Also litter box short haired kitty looking for normal for pet Dr.your Press was the developer of the them away! tometrist may recommend regular Contributed Article trained and I need a place to love. And, I’m litter box trained. Ideally,can every first pet owner should Ask called your veterinarian tinted, soft contact lens testing for glaucoma, which call home. get out there with their pet and esIn all cases of suspected viWhether you nee pressure Custom Eyes in 1980. He licensed At Eye Care of Virginia, our op- be done through an eye tablish a normal baseline for what sion loss, you’ll inevitably end up exam, are intere the technology to Bausch and second tometrist in Culpeper takes the exam. Glaucoma is the their pet’s vision should be. Here’s at your vet’s. Here’s where or you’ll contact lenses tha Lomb and set up their facilities in in the time to get to know each patient leading cause of blindness how I do it: inform him/her of your suspicions Take her favorite toy or treat and and a complete eye exam will be and their unique vision and eye United States and while it cannot Rochester and Waterford, Ireland. your eye color like see how far can get before she But to not always willOptix the Colo and Air company was performed. sold in 1986 andyou His care needs. By understanding your be prevented if it is diagnosed no longer knows it’s there. (Don’t routine eye exam pick up the vision Revlon which owned by tative to contact u eye care history, personal medical treated early, it can be successfully use a bright or distinctive color oris now abnormality. local eye care profe Novartis. history, and family vision history, controlled. shape because she might recognize That’s because some structures it before she’s truly seen it.) are hard to see well without the we are able to better tailor our serkindEye of specialized onlyalso tell We can Dr. Press and the Care of equipment Dr. Miles W. Press has been vices to meet your specific vision Tank Dolly What’s that on her eyes? an ophthalmologist usually keeps needs. This includes anticipat- serving the greater Culpeper and Virginia team stay up to date on a candidate for, or Notice a fuzziness in or on her on hand. I likeing to be around dogs size and vision Hi. I’m a King young 5-week-old advances in eye health learn more about George communities for the potential eyemy care eyes? Sometimes petslatest can see perand I prefer no cats. I’m a female kitty and litter box Culpeper visio and vision care, ensuring our Culpracticed problems before they develop. For some time now. He has fectly through or around these Source: five-year-old male pitbull and trained. Take me home for for over four decades as an Op- peper patients receive the most to help. Our one-on example, if one or more of your Valentine’s. house trained.

parents or grandparents has been diagnosed with glaucoma, you are at increased risk for potentially developing this condition.

African Americans over the age of 40 and Hispanics over the age of 60 are also at increased risk. If you fall into a high-risk group, our op-


tometrist. Licensed by the state of Virginia to practice optometry, Dr. Press’s background includes anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology, uniquely qualifying him to diagnose a wide range of eye health issues, including the diagnosis of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, and hypertension.

progressive vision care and opportunities currently available. What’s new in contact lenses, you ask? We now have one day, multifocal contact lenses available for our dryeyed patients. These astigmatic lenses are now available for you to use whenever you choose. Just Optometrist wear them for one day and throw

to optometry make the Eye Care of Vir providers of choic George and Culpe ties. Call us in Cu 825-3937 and in K (540) 663-3937, or s pointment online t


Next to serving Walmart Vision Super Center the Community from one location for 49 years!

Hello. I’m a 2-year-old female cat and litter box trained. Lovely calico looking for love.

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better half better Beat the back-to-school rush! vision for King George Day FREE first examination all exam today! Valentine's Schedule an for eye newly adopted pets! Dr. Miles W. Press Contact Lenses Sport’s Performance. CLOSE TO HOME ADVANCED CARE Improve New State of the Art Facility Emergency Trial Contact Lenses Available! Eye Care for the Entire Family

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Culpeper Times - Feb. 2nd, 2017  

Culpeper Times - Feb. 2nd, 2017