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With plenty of reserves still in place for future mining, Dawson and Clendaniel both see a bright future for this operation. “Most of our material goes north into Pennsylvania for asphalt, concrete and other applications within Pioneer Materials, Pennsy Supply and other Oldcastle companies,” said Dawson. “With this dredge begin able to mine down to 74-feet; we have the capability of mining well into the future with this dredge. We have two sites here that are available to us and we move the unit between the two pits when we have need for the material that is in either of the pits.” To learn more about Pioneer Materials, visit their website at For more information on DSC Dredges, visit the DSC website at

From the back side of the plant, stockpiles of differing materials display the contrast of the white sand on the right with the darker material on the left. The plant was not in operation at this time due to temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

From time to time, a large stone or two will get caught in the drill bit and need individual attention to be removed.

Washed 1to 2-inch gravel is one of the products available at this Pioneer plant.

John Lang loads 3/4-inch gravel into a dump truck headed for a nearby concrete plant.

On the aggregates side of the plant, material is washed and screened into three sizes.

A truck crosses the scales at the Pioneer Materials plant near Dover, DE.

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North American Quarry News April / May 2013

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