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NEPONSET, IL — A global leader in bulk material handling has announced that it has begun offering custom engineered vibration technology for manufacturers of shakers, separators, wash plants and other process equipment that uses vibration as a working force. By adding the new capability to its extensive lineup of stock vibrators, Martin Engineering will open up a wide

range of new possibilities for equipment designers who have traditionally been forced to engineer their products around existing vibrator models. The design and engineering will be performed at Martin Engineering’s new 22,600-square-foot Center for Innovation, Research & Development (CFI) at the company’s Neponset, IL headquarters. Custom engineered

drives are already being manufactured at Martin Engineering locations in the U.S. and China, and as the business grows, the firm plans to supply them from all eight of its business units around the world. “Global manufacturers need to be able to count on worldwide availability of customized solutions like these,” observed VP of Operations Robert Nogaj. “This approach is part of our

evolving global business strategy to tailor solutions for specific customers and applications.” “The target market for these new services is any manufacturer that supplies vibratory equipment of virtually any kind,” Nogaj continued. “If an OEM has a unique need for a drive that hasn’t

been (or couldn’t be) designed before, or if there’s a design for a machine that they could not find a drive for, now there’s a cost effective resource for developing them.” Martin Engineering is targeting continuous duty applications that often require explosion proof construction and

multi-year reliability, backing the products with an industry first three year warranty, plus three additional years on bearings and electrical parts. A key to the new technology is its global availability, as the company will be able to manufacture custom designs

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Supporting the custom engineering concept is an outdoor endurance testing station to evaluate new vibratory drives and screen designs under real world conditions.

The massive 10,000-pound test block in the Center for Innovation is used for the development and trial of new vibration designs.

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Martin Engineering announces custom engineered vibrator designs for OEM applications

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North American Quarry News April / May 2013

North American Quarry News 4.13 / 5.13  

North American Quarry News April / May 2013