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Luca Knegtering “I chose the most interesting sin; ‘Lust’. The sin that makes life interesting and complicated at the same time. I implemented this sin by showing the development of lust in a young girl. The age when girls start to discover how to seduce and explore their sins. It is the period when you turn from an innocent child, into a serious grown up. A raw feeling mixed with sexual intensity. This lolita feeling was what I wanted to capture in my series. The alienation of a young girl in one of the most unsubtle places on earth; a brothel. A tribute to the Britney song ‘I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman’.”

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Milou Maass Raëlli Malawauw Britt Williams The Phoney Club


Florine van Rees “I made collages with food for this series, because I wanted it to be about ‘Gluttony’, one of the seven deadly sins. I got my inspiration from old classical paintings at the Rijksmuseum, which combine food, dead animals and jewellery. I wanted to focus on this sin by capturing something filthy in an abstract way.”


Michèle van Vliet


door mijn schuld,

door mijn grote schuld.

Society | Homeboys

Stacii Samidin


“These photographs are about societies. I don’t care about the violence, the typical image of gangs and how they identify themselves. I’m showing what it’s like to live in their world, within this day and age.”

Society | Boys in da Hood

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