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CONTENTS 4 Fotografen van de vooruitgang / Photographers of progress Tonnis Post en Dirk Kome 8 Het trage lage land / The slow low land MORE Focus 10 Men at Home. In Amsterdam Marta Serrano Sáiz 12 Global Street Child Ton Hendriks 14 Coming Home Willem van den Hoed 16 Kunst is om te huilen / Art is to cry for Strong emotions when looking at art 18 Leven en werk van Marline Fritzius / Life and work of Marline Fritzius 22 Black Jack Jackie Sleper 24 Artefact nr. 953 - Gapingen van mijn geest / Artefact no. 953 – Gaps in my mind Hans Klein Hofmeijer 26 Man-made Coast Bert Spiertz 30 Schengen Ruth Stoltenberg 32 Patient Gaza Hartmut Bühler 34 Taking Sides Berlin and the Wall 1974 36 Transformatie Strijp-S / Transformation Strijp-S 38 Mao’s Paradise Stefan Hammer 39 Nuances Grant Frost 40 Portretten / Portraits C. Barton van Flymen 42 Armando, alle beelden / Armando, all images 44 Gezond Leven / Healthy Life Your healthy child / Adolescents / Nutritional supplements 46 Industrieel werken en wonen / Industrial working and living Transformation and redevelopment in Eindhoven 48 BACKLIST

Sylvia Kristel, 1975, from C. Barton van Flymen, Portraits (see p. 40)






To mark the release of the book, there are exhibitions in Fotomuseum Den Haag from 28 April to 2 September and in the MOW l Museum De Oude Wolden from 16 October to 6 January 2018. photography Dirk Kome and Tonnis Post compilation Dirk Kome Photographer-writer Dirk Kome researches the life and work of photographer Tonnis Post (1877-1930). In a time when a photograph was a particular luxury and only a few people owned a camera, Post photographed the end of the nineteenth century. This photographer is almost forgotten now, but many people are familiar with his photographs of the residents of turf houses. Furthermore, very few people know that these photos are actually part of a much wider oeuvre. The first factories were built, the first agricultural equipment was put into use. Workers dug out canals by hand and the first steam tram tracks were laid. Tonnis Post was there and recorded it all. With his large, wooden plate camera and his heavy shoulder bag full of glass negatives, he cycled all over EastGroningen. Bumping over muddy paths, as there were no paved roads in those days. Post photographed monuments of a way of life that have not existed for a long time. Post’s studio was dismantled after his death. His photos laid forgotten in archives, photo albums and shoeboxes in the attic. Kome’s search has resulted in these images seeing the light of day after decades and they have been brought together for the first time. All together, they show the oeuvre of an exceptional photographer and provide a special insight into East-Groningen and thereby also the Netherlands at the beginning of the 20th century. Dirk Kome has selected a generous number of Post’s photos for the book and describes his life and work. While searching for these old gems, Kome also researched what had become of the projects and people captured in image by Tonnis Post. Kome Photographed the same landscapes and took portrait photos of the descendants of the people immortalized by Post. The photos of both photographers and their stories come together in the book. design Tessa van der Waals 24,6 x 20 cm 120 pages

hardcover release April

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-267-6 € 29,95

Dirk Kome is originally from Rockanje, where his father and brother still run a working farm. In his work he makes connections between what is and what has been. In 2015 he made the publication Rockanje, about his family’s farming business. As an exhibition maker he was jointly responsible for the successful exhibition Boeren. Avonturen op het land (Farmers. Adventures in the countryside), about farming life in Dutch photography from 1885, which was on show in 2015 and 2016 in Fotomuseum Den Haag.




compilation Jurriaan van Kranendonk final editing Yvette van der Zande text Merel Bem MORE Focus is the collective name for the photographic exhibitions in Museum MORE. The slow low land is the first in this series and depicts the diversity of the Dutch landscape through the eyes of famous Dutch photographers. The emphasis hereby is on four different topics that all play a part in defining the Netherlands: • the landscape • the city • the interior • the portrait. While looking through the lens of a camera, the exhibition zooms in on dunes, rivers, nature, cities, streets, interiors, classrooms and people.


The slow low land provides a surprising view of the Netherlands, which is partly thanks to the quirky vision of the photographers in the exhibition, which also includes videos, and the accompanying book with the work of Gunhild Ang, Céline van Baalen, Wout Berger, Annejet Brandsma, Koos Breukel, Noor Damen, Wim van Egmond, Romy Finke, Tom Janssen, Tahné Kleijn, Jan Koster, Natascha Libbert, Hellen van Meene, Hans van der Meer, Sam Otte, Gerco de Ruijter, Frank van der Salm, Bert Teunissen, Hans Wilschut en Edwin Zwakman.


Published to mark the like-named photographic exhibition in Museum MORE from 26 May to 9 September.

Jan Koster, De IJssel, near Zutphen

In collaboration with Museum MORE.

Jurriaan van Kranendonk is an art consultant. Yvette van der Zande is a conservator at Museum MORE. Merel Bem writes about photography in de Volkskrant and publishes her own work, including Doorkijken. Kunst voor het dagelijks leven (Looking through. Ar t for daily life).

Jan Koster, Zoutelande

design Studio de Ronners 30 x 24 cm 96 pages

paperback, Swiss bound release May

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-271-3 â‚Ź 29,95






Men at Home in Amsterdam

Marta Serrano Sáiz

A publicity campaign is being organized to mark the release of the book. Promotional material is available.

photography Marta Serrano Sáiz

Men at Home. In Amsterdam is a series of intimate portraits of the male section of the Amsterdam population, at home, at the beginning of the 21st century. Marta Serrano’s photos show how varied the men are in Amsterdam, a cosmopolitan city with many faces. The men come from all corners of the world and all these influences colour the pallet and contribute to the identity of the city. We see the men in the photos every day in Amsterdam. These are the noticeable men; it is fun to observe them. They make us curious. Who are they? Where do they live? Marta Serrano shares this curiosity and asked the men who drew her attention if she could photograph them in the most private place: their own living environment. This resulted in photos of interiors that are equally as varied as the men themselves.

Marta Serrano Sáiz studeerde journalistiek in studied journalism in Madrid before choosing to settle in Amsterdam, where she started working as a photographer. Her sources of inspiration for her photography have remained the same: the unknown, the different, the opposite and the intimate.

Ten years later the Amsterdammers are very different. Fashion changes, new residents settle down. What remains is this book, with the residents of a vibrant city that is always changing.

Dutch and English design Hugo Herrera Tobón 23 x 28 cm 160 pages

paperback release May

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-263-8 € 29,95





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22-11-17 20:43

photography and text Ton Hendriks

Street children are everywhere. Their numbers are increasing as globalization leads to more and more inequality in the world. Although it is an issue that every country has to deal with, the problem of street children does not receive the attention it so badly needs. Ton Hendriks visited ten different countries – mostly developing countries – in four continents. He photographed and spoke to more than 100 children in Africa, Asia, South-America and Europe. They told him all about the conditions in which they live and about their backgrounds, and as such provided insight into the causes of this global phenomenon.

Photographer Ton Hendriks is specialized in the documentary portrait. He previously published Beeldspraak. Fotografie als visuele communicatie (Imagery. Photography as visual communication) (2013) and Gekleurde identiteit. Verhalen van geadopteerden (Coloured identity. Stories of adoptees) (2014). Ton Hendriks is also chief editor of Pf Magazine.

Although the childrens’ circumstances are poignant enough, the focus of Ton Hendriks’ photos goes much further. He has created classical portraits that capture the children in the place where they grew up and in the mood they were in. They are profound portraits that ask a great deal of the viewer. The title of the book, Global Street Child, emphasizes that even within the violence of globalization, every child is an individual, with his or her own story, own problems and own opportunities.

English design Wout de Vringer 24 x 29 cm 200 pages

hardcover release April

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-266-9 prijs € 34,50






Coming Home Willem

To mark the release of the book, there are exhibitions in the Piet Hein Eek Gallery in the spring of 2018 (opening 4 March) and in the autumn in Galerie Roger Katwijk.

van den Hoed

text Frank van de Schoor and Pim Hoff

Willem van den Hoed (1965) uses his keen eye to register images of special places all over the world. ‘I photograph what I want to see. Rooms, buildings, cities. I like situations that have ben crated by human hand. Constructions, parallel lines, reflections, coherent shadows and reliable vanishing points. In the cities I pass through and stay a while, a hotel room becomes a shelter, a cocoon.’ The temporary space feels like a challenging laboratory to him. It is a kind of crow’s nest, from which he observes the world. The most prominent theme in Van den Hoed’s work is the study of the contrast between the intimate ambience of a hotel room and the public exterior. The glass that divides these worlds plays a crucial role in this process.

Frank van de Schoor is a freelance curator of exhibitions and modern ar t & photography. Pim Hoff is the curator at Piet Hein Eek Gallery.

For Van den Hoed, photography is the most important medium for creating a new, layered reality. This reality, in which his background as an architect is always apparent, does not appear to be manipulated, but every millimetre of the photo has been edited. The representation of the city, the buildings and the interior is accurate; the light on the other hand comes from hundreds of suns. Coming Home is a great, beautifully executed overview of Willem van den Hoed’s work. The title is a reference to his move from Seoul (South-Korea), where he lived for four years, to Amsterdam.

English design De Ruimte Ontwerpers 30 x 24 cm 120 pages

hardcover release March

NUR 652 ISBN 978-94-6226-265-2 € 32,50








unst Antoon Erftemeijer

is om te huilen

Heftige emoties bij het kijken naar kunst

An original and refreshing view of art: the works seen through the eyes of the viewer. text Antoon Erftemeijer

Fainting for the Mona Lisa. Crying with emotion for a Mondriaan. Feeling aversion at a Picasso. Becoming angry at a painting by Rothko. But also: lovingly kiss a painting by Cy Twombly (and then have to pay for the restoration costs caused by lipstick damage). Art can evoke a wide range of emotions: from happiness, love and even rapture, to profound disgust and anger. Such emotional reactions are timeless. Back in 1641 Franciscus Junius wrote in De schilder-konst der oude: ‘A spirit that is genuinely touched and passionate is the only fountain from which such strong emotions flow that the viewer, not capable of resistance, is carried unresisting to where the power of such mighty art wants to take them’. In 2014 the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam came up with a ‘Mood-App’ to enhance the emotional experience of art. Visitors were thereby able to select their state of mind – scared, sad, in love, open – and then walk the route that suited their feelings. Art is to cry for includes hundreds of examples of emotional reactions to artworks from 2500 years of art history. Fascinating, mind-boggling and inspiring reactions that show just how much art can affect people.

design Lecturis 17 x 24 cm 240 pages

paperback release April

NUR 654 ISBN 978-94-6226-264-5 € 25,00

Antoon Erftemeijer studied art history at the University of Leiden. He also trained as a visual artist at the Royal Academy in The Hague. He works as a conservator of modern art at the Frans Hals Museum and regularly publishes work about visual art. His previous publications include De aap van Rembrandt. Kunstenaarsanekdotes van de klassieke oudheid tot heden (The Rembrandt App. Ar tist’s anecdotes from classical times to date) (2000) and Het oor van Vincent. Merkwaardige feiten uit de kunstgeschiedenis (Vincent’s ear. Remarkable facts in ar t history) (2012).









An exhibition in Galerie Marline Fritzius on the Brouwersgracht 220 in Amsterdam will open on 16 June 2018 to mark the release of the book. Publication in collaboration with Stichting Marline Fritzius. text Philo Bregstein, Ed de Heer, Neel Struijk, Hanna Velthoen editing Lys Bouma Marline Fritzius (1936–2006) was a versatile artist. She worked with various techniques, primarily watercolour, but also linocut, etching, oil paint, pencil, charcoal and ballpoint. Her subject matter is equally as varied: portraits, cityscapes, landscapes, flowers, plants and interiors. There is a special place reserved in her oeuvre for the hardboard panels that she painted with watercolour and when finished covered with varnish. But her most significant works are watercolour illustrations of flowers, plants and mosses that are painted with almost scientific attention to detail. Marline was not only an artist but also a successful actress. She played the leading role in the award winning film Het Compromis, directed by her former husband Philo Bregstein. This opened the way for a film career in Rome. Yet she chose to dedicate her life entirely to painting. Her first solo exhibition opened in 1970, during which almost all of her work was sold. Marline’s career seemed to come to an abrupt end in 1976 when she contracted aphasia as a result of surgery. Dark years followed, but she was eventually able to give meaning back to her life but taking up painting once again. When her powers of speech were affected, Marline discovered how stimulating it can be to think and work in image, which gave her the idea of giving others the chance to experience the positive effects of painting. She founded the Stichting Marline Fritzius and made available her studio on the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. Unfortunately Marline was no longer alive to witness the opening of the ever-successful studio ten years ago. Now sees the publication of the first book about the life, work and legacy of this special woman and gifted artist.

23 x 28 cm 128 pages

paperback release June

NUR 641 ISBN 978-94-6226-272-0 € 24,95

Philo Bregstein is a writer and filmmaker. Ed de Heer is the former director of the Rembrandthuis. Neel Struijk was Marline Fritzius’ speech therapist. Hanna Velthoen is project manager of Stichting Marline Fritzius.






Dit boek is mede mogelijk gemaakt dankzij een bijdrage van het Mondriaan Fonds images and text Jackie Sleper

‘It is my most personal project to date’, says Jackie Sleper about Black Jack. ‘For me, life is an exciting and challenging game. As well as my real name, I sometimes used to be called Jack, a reference to the gambling game blackjack, also known as twenty-one. It’s a game in which you’re always scanning, usually acting intuitively. Should I play or not, choose for sensible, or risk it and succumb to the temptation of the game. Never before have I made myself as vulnerable as in this project, both externally and internally. It can all be seen in my 21 work. I was motivated by my new phase of life, over 50. It makes me think of my mother who already suffered from dementia at that age. The game can begin.’

After studying at the Agricultural and Hor ticultural School, Jackie Sleper continued her education at the Academy for Visual Ar ts in Utrecht. This course, in combination with extensive travel, made her a versatile ar tist who is keen to collaborate with others. Isola, an overview of Sleper’s colourful collages, was published by Lecturis in 2017. Ingmar Heytze and Roderick Vos also collaborated on it.

Black Jack is a search for the darker sides of life, from a female perspective. What is it like to get old? What do Botox and fillers do to you? Why do we mutilate ourselves? Complicated issues that led Sleper to self-reflection. The first edition of Black Jack is an exclusive, hand-bound, large (62 x 44 cm) book in a quantity of 50, with thirty analogue photos, three drawings, a collage, and delivered with a table designed by Roderick Vos. It was presented in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam in 2014. The demand for a version for a wider audience was significant. In April this demand will be met.

design Lecturis 24 x 30 cm 96 pages

hardcover release April

NUR 646 ISBN 978-94-6226-268-3 € 30,00







Publication presentation in April 2018 in De Pont Museum, Tilburg in the presence of Hans Klein Hofmeijer and the authors. Fully handcrafted cover, complete with a ribbed parchment spine. The publication has been made possible by a monetary contribution from the Mondriaan Fonds in Amsterdam. text Frans Budé, Gerrit Damhuis, Frank Demarest, dré didderiëns, Henk Dorlandt, Fik van Gestel, Loek Grootjans, Peter van Hekke, Hans Klein Hofmeijer, Mieke Klein Hofmeijer, George Meertens, Rebecca Nelemans, Joseph Sassoon Semah, Rob Smolders en Rick Vercauteren.

Hans Klein Hofmeijer had consequently numbered his artworks since 1979. After almost forty years he is approaching the thousandth ‘artefact’. The publication Artefact no. 953 – Gaps in my mind has a separate status in his oeuvre. Colleague-artists, photographs, former museum directors, art historians, collectors, a scientist, gallery owner/curator, designer and a poet react to the work of Hans Klein Hofmeijer. In a personal way they provide insight into the oeuvre of Klein Hofmeijer. In a layered, organic way it also becomes clear who Hans Klein Hofmeijer is as an artist and a man. Artefact no. 953 – Gaps in my mind is above all a silent force. One by one, the viewers and readers discover what is hidden behind the visible. The handy book challenges to ‘look inward’ and wonder, free of judgment.

design Mark van den Eijnden 18 x 24 cm approx. 384 pages

hardcover 470 copies release April

NUR 642 ISBN 978-94-6226-273-7 € 75,00

Hans Klein Hofmeijer (1957, Tilburg) has spent forty years in relative seclusion – as if in the eye of a hurricane – working on a now extensive oeuvre. In silence and with a noncontemporary iner tia, both drawings and paintings are created. He only ventures into the spotlight with these images at carefully chosen moments and locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.








Bert Spiertz

photography Bert Spiertz

In Man Made Coast, photographer Bert Spiertz takes a photographic journey along the coast of the Netherlands, beginning in the Zwin on the Belgian border and ending at the German border in Nieuwe Statenzijl in East-Groningen. Between these two extremes lies 523 kilometres of coast, including the coast of the Waddenzee. His images depict the unique landscape of the Dutch costal strip, showing in particular that we have almost entirely created our coastline ourselves. There is hardly a kilometre to be found without some degree of human intervention or at least management. The book also shows the enormous diversity of our relatively short coastline: constantly alternating between beaches, dunes, industry, piers, nature parks, polders, delta works, beach resorts and harbours. Bert Spiertz captures this diversity in the cutting-edge of documentary and landscape photography. In his own words: ‘I wanted to look at the Dutch coastline with the wonder of a foreign traveller’.

As such, his photography developed steadily from journalistic to documentary, whereby his primary focus was the relationship between humans, surroundings and history in a variety of countries and cultures. Man Made Coast is his first significant documentary project in the Netherlands. He has previously published photo books about the Arabic world and about Myanmar. Bert Spier tz is a member of the photo agency Hollandse Hoogte.

Dutch and English design Lecturis 28 x 24 cm 240 pages

Bert Spiertz has worked as a professional photographer since the late 1980’s. As well as his work for numerous clients in the world of consultancy agencies and media, he has also always shown a preference for his own themes and topics, which usually took him abroad and for which he travelled several times a year to places including Eastern-Europe, Asia and Africa.

hardcover release April

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-274-4 € 39,95






Awards already granted to this photo series: • Opus photo prize 2017, Saarbrucken • Nominated for the dummy award Arles 2017 • 1st prize Photoeil France (theme ‘passages’) photography Ruth Stoltenberg

Schengen is not only a wine village in Luxembourg, but also a European symbol of the freedom of travelling without border controls, which are now under more pressure form Euro sceptics than ever before. Although the agreement was signed on a ship, the name of the town now serves as a trademark. If the Schengen agreement were to end, it would bring the future of a united Europe under great pressure. Ruth Stoltenberg, born in Saarburg, knows the area well and speaks the language of the local residents. Nevertheless she chose to make a series of images without people, details of places without being able to see where they were actually taken. She mentions the three border communities in which she found her motivation: Schengen in Luxemburg, Perl in Germany, Apach in France. The story of this series presents small, almost surreal images that could portray the peace and quiet of a future Europe. Ruth Stoltenberg thus creates a European picture story of the easily accessible three-country region.

English design Richard Reisen, Sector Photography, Duitsland 17 x 23 cm

144 pages paperback release May

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-275-1 € 29,95






photography Hartmut Bühler

This photo book can be just a glimpse of the sufferings of children and their relatives in Gaza. It shows the relentless engagement of the PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) as well as the TLWF (The Little Wings Foundation) and their physicians at the European Gaza Hospital. Besides the heavy injuries that are clearly visible in this book an estimated number of more than one hundred thousand Gaza children are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, accompanied by nightmares, bedwetting, hallucinations, panic attacks, insomnia or regression.

Hartmut Bühler (1955), born in Tübingen, worked as a photographer for the press and for different magazines, after an apprenticeship with the local newspaper. Today, he is living in Düsseldorf, Germany, and is well known for his portrait photography.

All pictures were taken at European Gaza Hospital/Chan Younis and in the town of Chan Younis in November 2015.

English design Richard Reisen, Sector Photography, Duitsland 24 x 17 cm

112 pages paperback release April

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-276-8 € 29,95







photography Sven Martson

Walker Evans’ American Photographs and Robert Frank’s The Americans provide the DNA for many photo books including those by René Burri and Sven Martson. It is useful to view Martson’s work in the context of earlier and like minded books. Martson spent September of 1974 photographing in East and West Berlin. In what was undoubtedly a stifling context, he captured those timeless occupations and preoccupations common to us all – labor, joy and loneliness, vanity and pride, lust and love. He served up a faithful visual journal of an inhibited culture. Martson’s photographs capture historical facts and are, at the same time, personal and lyrical renderings of a culture. They are full with the play of ambiguities – ambiguities of space, ambiguities of relationships, and ambiguities of signs. By digesting the works of his mentors Martson has created his own distinctive style.

Sven Martson was born in Germany and raised in the United States. Soon after completing his university education, subsequent studies led to an interest in documentary style photography. In 1972 he met Walker Evans and worked under his direction, making prints from Evans’ negatives. After Evans’ death, Mar tson continued to print for the Evans estate. An established editorial photographer, he serves a wide range of independent educational institutions throughout the United States. Over the past thirty years he has traveled extensively, producing an impressive body of personal work. He has exhibited in the United States and Europe. His work appears in a wide variety of publications.

English design Richard Reisen, Sector Photography, Duitsland 19,5 x 22 cm

122 pages hardcover release May

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-261-4 € 29,95






text Thom Aussems, Hans Horsten

From Philips industrial area all the way to creative heart of the city of Eindhoven (Brainport region): This is the result of a fascinating and complex metropolitan transformation. Strijp-S was Philips’ largest industrial area (27 hectares). It was home to the first glass factory and also the NatLab, the acclaimed Philips research centre. Ten thousand people worked there and felt an inner connection with the terrain adjacent to the railway line. They were proud of buildings like the Hoge Rug, the NatLab and the Klokgebouw, of the special products that were made there over a period of ninety years thanks to their sweat, hard work and ingenuity. The first plans for the area, made after Philips had announced it wanted to sell, included words like ‘Agronica’, ‘high tech favela’, ‘groene wig’, ‘Park Strijp’ and ‘Supervillage’. In 2003, Housing Corporation Trudo felt unerringly that the Brainport region had a significant need for a metropolitan area. Together with around one hundred creative minds, and with lots of trial and error, this new area has gained its own unique identity, with optimal use of its industrial heritage.

Thom Aussems has been CEO of Trudo since ‘95, is the visionary behind Strijp S (Dik Wessels in Frits Magazine 4, year 8) and author of Boeren en betas in Het nieuwste Brabant. In a por trait in the NRC on 3 November 2017 he is referred to as the man who ‘gave the city a new face’. Hans Horsten has been a journalist for decades (including for the Volkskrant), exper t on the Brainpor t region and author of the farewell book of (former mayor) Rob van Gijzel, De Stad die de toekomst maakt (The City that makes the future).

The writers guarantee a special book.

Dutch and English design Scherpontwerp 23 x 30 cm 384 pages

paperback release March

NUR 648 ISBN 978-94-6226-277-5 € 45,00





photography Stefan Hammer

Stefan Hammer was born in 1955 and spent his childhood in Bavaria, Germany. After a twenty year career in banking, he studied Chinese and travelled extensively throughout East Asia. With Wolfgang Zurborn as his photography mentor, Stefan Hammer likes to get lost with his camera in the Asian megacities.

Stefan Hammer’s travels through China have produced an incisive look at urban life there – in photographs taken predominantly in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Tianjin and Hong Kong. He is drawn in equal measure to the ultramodern, hugely capitalist quarters of booming megacities and to neighbourhoods that are in danger of being torn down. How well are the Chinese doing at finding their own identity, one that is permanently marked by the old propaganda and defined by the panacea promised by consumerism? His images resist all forms of oversimplified ideologisation. Rather, they raise confusing questions that throw our stereotypes into disarray and challenge the observer to read every last detail in the photographs. A deep scepticism towards major world views is tangible in this complex structure made up of everyday fragments. The human likeness is a common theme that runs throughout the series. Stefan Hammer develops an image of these Chinese megacities that is made up of fragmented details and omits representative overviews. Observers are challenged to imagine what life is like there. Hammer’s skilful juxtaposition of order and chaos, colourfulness and drabness, clarity and mystery arouses a roller coaster of conflicting emotions. We think we have understood something of contemporary China, yet in the next instant we must abandon this belief. The great quality of this work lies in its ability to provide insight without spoiling the underlying mystery.

English ontwerp Richard Reisen, Sector Photography, Duitsland 16 x 24 cm 38

120 pages paperback released

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-259-1 € 34,95




photography Grant Frost

Grant’s involvement in photography began as a child. He was fascinated with an image that appeared each month in a science magazine depicting an extreme close up of an everyday object. The form the abstraction took, and that it was an everyday object most people did not recognize, rather than what is was, interested him. At boarding school, he found an old enlarger in a cellar in the art building, he dusted it down and got it working. Even at that time, he liked taking abstract images, but was misadvised that the strength of photography was in depicting reality and if he wanted to focus on the abstract, he should look at other media such as painting and drawing. After years concentrating on his university studies, work and raising a family his interest in photography never waned, and within the last couple of years Grant began devoting much of his time to his passion in photography.

Grant Frost is self taught in photography though in recent years he has attended a few courses, including one run by Ralph Gibson and another by Alex Webb. His work caught the eye of Paul Taylor, Director of Renaissance Press resulting in his first exhibition in 2014 at Reynolds Fine Art, New Haven, U.S.A. His prints are crafted using the palladium process, one of photography’s earliest and most archival processes. His first book Nuances shows a selection of 26 images in duotone.

English design Kummer & Herrman 23 x 30 cm 52 pages

hardcover released

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-257-7 € 29,95




Portraits by photographer C. Barton van Flymen is an overview of half a century of portraits. Artists, politicians, writers, sporting heroes, actors, musicians, pop stars, people who were loved or hated by the general public. C. Berton van Flymen took portrait photographs of everyone who seemed important enough to fill newspaper columns and magazines during the past decades. He also took news photos, made social documentary series’, followed the Tour de France for years and reported other sports events. But above all he took portraits of people who were news-worthy, whereby he was constantly searching for different methods, did not shy away from experiment, but always retained his photographic identity.




The most beautiful portraits have now ben collected in a gutsy book. Compiled by Hans van Blommestein and Bart Nieuwenhuijs, designed by Hans van Blommestein and with texts by Dick Breebaart.

photography C. Barton van Flymen text Dick Breebaart

design Hans van Blommestein 29 x 29 cm 300 pages

NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-250-8 € 49,50

hardcover release March




Der Arm, no. 1, 1988 Bronze, quantity 5 Dimensions 16 x 106.5 x 21.5 cm Bronze foundry Hermann Noack, Berlin Collection Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (1/5) 42

Das Rad, r. 18, 1992 Bronze, unique Dimensions 450 x 360 x 117 cm Bronze foundry Volkers, Geldermalsen Admission/ collection the city of ’s-Her togenbosch (location Rosmalen)

Die Hand, nr. 172, 2017 Bronze, quantity 3 + 1 EA Dimensions 38,5 x 21 x 5 cm Bronze foundry Kemner, Cuijk



text and compilation Werner van den Belt

Complete overview of all sculptures by Armando A must-have for fans of Armando’s work Werner van den Belt (Amersfoort, 1965) studied at the Windesheim High School in Zwolle and the University of Amsterdam. As an art historian he has worked at the Stedelijke Musea Zutphen, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen and the Coda Museum in Apeldoorn. As a publicist he has written significant publications about Karel Appel, Klaas Gubbels and Sjoerd Buisman, among others.

Armando made his first bronze sculpture in 1988, a long arm measuring over a metre. It was the beginning of a series of around 174 different works in bronze that, with intervals, have enriched his oeuvre until today. The form of the image is striking. The arm is not a natural representation of an arm: thicker and thinner parts alternate to form the crude shape of an arm, which thanks to the presence of fingers, can be recognised as such. The method Armando uses in his images is unique. It is the search for a balance between recognisable and unrecognisable images, a balance between the personal and the general, between the physical and the mental, and representing this. He does this through blurring personal, recognisable elements so that they become widely understandable. The only way to achieve this with bronze is to play with the surface definition. This method can be seen everywhere in his work, from his texts that never quite reach a conclusion, his use of grainy Nazi propaganda films whereby running people in a landscape are insufficiently identifiable as conqueror or conquered, the paintings that suggest movement by painting them as a photographer ‘out of focus’ and finally his bronze sculptures that have more or less the same approach. Armando, all sculptures provides a total overview of the art of sculpture within Armando’s oeuvre, beginning with his first untitled art installation in the Stedelijk Museum in 1955 up to and including his most recent work.

Dutch design Lecturis 17 x 24 cm 208 pages

hardcover released

NUR 642 ISBN 978-94-6226-198-3 € 29,95









Presentatie op Unseen 2017 In samenwerking met Galerie Bart, Amsterdam/ Nijmegen Dit boek is mede mogelijk gemaakt dankzij een bijdrage van het Mondriaan Fonds text Irene Den Doop tekst Bob Cramwinckel illustraties Olivier Heiligers

text various authors

your de child reaches puberty, Healthenis smaak Geur the most zijnimportant grootse weldoeners.When Ze wijzen weg naar aangenaam you areis. faced with new challenges. voedsel. thing in your Al doende child’s wordt life, right? ervaren But wat lekker En iedereen ontdekt zo zijn The art, as a parent, to change persoonlijk without realising patroon. it, we Vandaar often make het logische spreekwoord ‘overissmaak valt niet te with them, in the sense that you twisten’. when it coms to health. mistakes join in the development of your child andwerd whatgevonden he or she kan needs. Lekker This book is een shows flexibele how you ervaring. can Wat ooit lekker opeens One pitfall extrade nauwe afgewezen make improvements, worden. Erthrough zijn weinig verschijnselen dieiszoproviding nadrukkelijk resistance as your starts samenwerking making small and vanlarge geestchanges. en lichaam It laten zien. Door ruim child 25 jaar intensief feeling increasingly equal met is notsmaakonderzoek difficult to makebezig a significant te zijn geweest is het gebied van geurtoenyou. smaak The book Adolescents is full of door Cramwinckel difference. You will see beetje thatbija beetje verkend. handy tips for how best to deal healthy life does not cost a huge with your adolescent(s). Met 75orkorte effort, a lot uitspraken of money. prikkelt hij de lezer om mee te denken over de geest-lichaam samenwerking voor het waarderen van voedsel. Iedere uitspraak wordt geïllustreerd met aansprekende tekeningen van Olivier Heiligers. Het opent een flexibele wereld waarbij ieder mens continue zijn eigen smaakwerkelijkheid creëert.

text Sadja Faili

Bob Cramwinckel (1940) Pills, powders, extracts and drinks; studeerde aan de Universiteit nutritional supplements exist in van Wageningen, waar hij all kindsook of variations. But which promoveerde. In 1990 supplement most important to richtteishij het Centrum you now? And do you reallyopneed voor Smaakonderzoek om in opdracht van grote supplements?

bedrijven onderzoek te doen naar de smaakbeleving van These and other questions are consumenten. answered in detail in this(1982) book.werkt Olivier Heiligers als illustrator voor onder meer de VPRO Gids, de Volkskrant en Het Parool. In zijn tekeningen combineert hij een klare lijn met subtiele humor.




design Lecturis 15 x 21 cm 152 page’s paperback release April

design Lecturis 15 x 21 cm 176 pages paperback release April

design Lecturis 15 x 21 cm 400 pages paperback release April

NUR 860 ISBN 978-94-6226-254-6 € 17,95

NUR 860 ISBN 978-94-6226-255-3 € 17,95

NUR 860 ISBN 978-94-6226-256-0 € 19,95

ontwerp Marjolein Rams formaat 18,5 x 13 cm 404463 omvang 176 pagina’s

circa 80 illustraties Paperback verschijnt november

NUR 600 ISBN 978-94-6226-241-6 €404464 19,95








text Jan Wierts

The industrial revolution had a great impact on the development of the city of Eindhoven. Many of the industries of the 19th and 20th centuries have now disappeared or changed. The buildings in which our parents and ancestors worked, are now increasingly protected from demolition by giving them a new purpose. This book presents many examples of the redevelopment of industrial heritage but also portrays residential neighbourhoods, parks, sculptures and other elements in Eindhoven that arose from the flourishing businesses that enriched the city.

design Lecturis 23 x 28 cm 120 pages

hardcover released

NUR 648 ISBN 978-94-6226-262-1 â‚Ź 24,95

Jan Wierts is a retired senior citizen with a background in mechanical engineering. He has worked as a project manager in the industry and is currently a volunteer in the social sector. The book Industrieel werken en wonen (Industrial working and living) is a result of his love for photography and his passion for Eindhoven as a dynamic city.




Marion van Wijk Bas Jan Ader Let Go ISBN 978-94-6226-109-9 € 29,50

Marcel Ruijters Jheronimus ISBN 978-94-6226-149-5 € 19,95

Wim Biewenga Over een weg Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-91182-03-7 € 25,00

404332 404188

De keramiek van Erik Andriesse ISBN 978-94-6226-110-5 € 29,95 404185


Hans de Bruijn De magie van verf Dutch, English, German ISBN 978-94-91182-04-4 € 39,50

Marian Bijlenga Miniatures Engish ISBN 978-94-6226-114-3 € 30,00

404377 404204

Anne van As Wilderness Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-050-4 € 19,95 403879

Lita Cabellut Blind Mirror English, Swedish, German ISBN 978-94-6226-140-2 € 35,-

Gam Bodenhausen Grey Horizontals English ISBN 978-94-6226-195-2 € 35,-

404275 404362



Marjolijn van den Assem de taal van de dooiwind Dutch, English, German ISBN 978-94-91182-22-8 € 37,50 404099

Johanna Klein Jeroen Bosch Hemel, hel ISBN 978-94-6226-104-4 € 29,50 2e druk

Lita Cabellut Trilogie van de twijfel Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-005-4 € 19,95 2e druk 403414



Paul van Dongen

Etsen aquarellen tekeningen

01-01-12 14:18

Paul van Dongen Etsen, aquarellen, tekeningen ISBN 978-94-91182-09-9 € 29,90

Kuno Grommers In perspective Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-240-9 € 39,95


Anton Heyboer Een leven als kunstwerk ISBN 978-94-6226-173-0 € 49,50 404358


Dynastie Por tretten van Oranje-Nassau ISBN Dutch 978-94-6226-174-7 € 24,95

Tim Head Fictions English ISBN 978-94-6226-120-4 € 22,50

Marcel van Hoef Tijd en ruimte ISBN 978-94-6226-129-7 € 32,50 404289

404360 404172

Dynasty Por traits of the house of Orange-Nassau ISBN English 978-94-6226-175-4 € 24,95 404361

Hedendaagse kunst in Nederlandse kerken 1990-2015 Van Jan Dibbets tot Tinkebell ISBN 978-94-6226-112-9 € 29,50 Linda Ijpelaar, Claudine A. Chavannes-Mazel De groene Middeleeuwen Duizend jaar gebruik van planten (600-1600) ISBN 978-94-6226-107-5 € 39,95


Japi en Bavink en de doorbraak van de moderne kunst Het vroege proza van Nescio in een cultuurhistorische spiegel ISBN 978-90-70108-95-3 € 19,95 2e druk 403412


Caren van Herwaarden Blijf! Dutch, English ISBN 978-90-807206-9-5 € 29,50

Maria van Kesteren Om de vorm ISBN 978-94-91182-15-0 € 15,404383




Klimt © Schiele Judith en Edith ISBN 978-94-6226-183-9 € 19,95

Jasper Krabbé Por traits English ISBN 978-94-6226-168-6 € 29,95


Jaap Goudsmit De kunst van het sterfelijk zijn ISBN 978-94-6226-193-8 € 29,95 404408


The Art of Facing Mortality ISBN 978-94-6226-194-5 € 29,50 404409

Ineke van Koningsbruggen Van Koningsbruggen Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-91182-05-1 € 34,95 404385

Jasper Krabbé Tropenmuseum Soulmade Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-082-5 € 24,95 403974

Urban Larsson Painting from Life English ISBN 978-94-6226-214-0 € 22,50 404434

w eRKen | w o RKs 1997-2012

D i v e R’s e y e

René Korten René Korten Diver’s Eye Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-91182-12-9 € 29,50 404386

Sandra Kruisbrink De ver te nabij Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-115-0 € 29,95 404278

Ogenschijnlijke verschillen Ruloff Manuputty, een Molukse schilder in Nederland - 1926-2002 ISBN 978-94-6226-137-2 € 29,95 404337

Neel Korteweg Erasmus van Amsterdam ISBN 978-94-91182-21-1 € 39,50 404256

Kunst in de heilige driehoek editie Liefde ISBN 978-94-6226-231-7 € 25,00 404451



Saenredam in Den Bosch

Lisette de Zoete Mathilde Muze, Mythe, Mysterie ISBN 978-94-6226-148-8 € 29,95

Marc Mulders Marc groet ‘s morgens de dingen ISBN 978-94-6226-066-5 € 17,95

Saenredam in Den Bosch ISBN English 978-94-6226-003-0 € 24,95 403416

403960 404407

Henk Metselaar Vallen & Opstaan Dutch, English, German ISBN 978-94-91182-06-8 € 25,-

Olphaert den Otter World Stress Painting English, Dutch ISBN 978-94-91182-00-6 € 32,50 404097

Jaap Schreurs De kwetsbaarheid van het bestaan / The vulnerability of existence Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-191-4 € 29,95 404404


Lin de Mol Book of Determination English ISBN 978-94-91182-20-4 € 28,50

Nono Reinhold Grafiek-Gravures-Prints Dutch, English, French ISBN 978-94-6226-014-6 € 37,50

Paul Teng, Jan Paul Schutten Jan van Scorel Sede Vacante 1523 English ISBN 978-94-6226-031-3 € 17,50

403592 404390

Jan Mulder Corona Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-095-5 € 29,95


Marie-José Robben Verf & Schilderen ISBN 978-94-91182-19-8 € 27,50

Jackie Sleper Isola ISBN 978-94-6226-251-5 € 17,50

404393 404452




Jan Sluijters Affichekunstenaar ISBN 978-90-70108-64-9 € 15,402986

Pienke W.H. Kal The colourful life of Harold Leslie Thornton alias Harold the Kangaroo 19152004 English ISBN 978-94-6226-156-3 € 29,95

Cecilia Vissers Flatness in Space Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-239-3 € 29,95 404450


Tanja Smeets Domestic Strangers Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-91182-17-4 € 22,50 404394

Félix Vallotton Het vuur onder het ijs ISBN 978-94-6226-053-5 € 22,50 2e druk

Christina de Vos Aurora Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-91182-16-7 € 29,50 404397


Solitary Creations 51 Ar tists out of the Stadshof Collection English ISBN 978-94-6226-047-4 € 29,50

Aat Veldhoen De roes van het scheppen ISBN 978-94-6226-073-3 € 49,50

Reinoud van Vught Hybriden Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-91182-23-5 € 25,-

403869 403620

Diederik Stevens Ongereptheden ISBN 978-94-6226-139-6 € 19,90 404279

Aat Veldhoen Polaroids English ISBN 978-94-6226-123-5 € 19,50


Warffemius Atelier Warffemius ISBN 978-90-807206-6-4 € 25,404398




Anne Wenzel Prospects of Perception Dutch, English, French ISBN 978-94-6226-057-3 € 22,50 403878

Hugo Wilson Ben Tufnell English ISBN 978-94-6226-136-5 € 23,50 404255

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Saskia Aukema Veiled Too busy being awesome English ISBN 978-94-6226-223-2 € 29,95

Tobias Bijl Lost Takes English ISBN 978-94-6226-249-2 € 35,00 release May 2018 404462

Werner Bischof in bevrijd Nederland November - december 1945 ISBN 978-94-6226-217-1 € 19,95 404426

Boeren. Avonturen op het land Het boerenleven in de Nederlandse fotografie vanaf 1885 tot heden ISBN 978-94-6226-171-6 € 24,95 404351


Rob Becker Ballet in the Studio English ISBN 978-94-6226-206-5 € 50,00

Paul Bogaers Stereosophic Conjunctions English ISBN 978-94-6226-186-0 € 17,50 404403



Joost van den Broek Goed volk ISBN 978-90-70108-88-5 € 24,50

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403332 404444

Morad Bouchakour Bye Bye Por tfolio English ISBN 978-94-6226-074-0 € 75,Special edition € 95,-


Roger Cremers World War Two Today English ISBN 978-94-6226-141-9 € 35,-

distributie Gabriel Eisenmeier The Kyteman Family with CD ISBN 978-90-827212-0-1 € 39,99

404341 404456


Morad Bouchakour Peking Dog Chinese, English ISBN 978-94-6226-044-3 € 24,95

Pierre Crom War in Ukraine English ISBN 978-94-6226-205-8 € 29,95



Koos Breukel en Roy Villevoye Tí Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-008-5 € 34,50 403444


Ed van der Elsken Amsterdam! English ISBN 978-90-5937-380-8 € 39,95




Rem van den Bosch A Muse A Day English ISBN 978-94-6226-242-3 € 49,95



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distribution Ed van der Elsken Eye Love You Dutch with translations in English and French ISBN 978-94-6226-181-5 € 39,95

Martijn van de Griendt Maria. I Need Your Lovin’ English ISBN 978-90-813416-8-4 € 27,50

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Ruben Hamelink Vietnamese Veterans English ISBN 978-94-6226-084-9 € 25,00

Laura Hospes UCP English ISBN 978-94-6226-190-7 € 35,00 404411



Gekleurde identiteit verhalen van geadopteerden

Ton Hendriks

Fotoverhalen ISBN 978-94-6226-017-7 € 29,50 403637

Ton Hendriks Gekleurde identiteit verhalen van geadopteerden ISBN 978-94-6226-072-6 € 22,50

llen Mar tens, Door Fransen Ik puber. ISBN 978-94-6226-189-1 € 22,50 404416


Ringel Goslinga Circling English ISBN 978-94-6226-131-0 € 19,95 404195

Juliane Herrmann Man Among Men English ISBN 978-94-6226-245-4 € 40,00

Bas Jongerius A Photographer of the Sea A Mediterrenean Love Story English ISBN 978-94-6226-225-6 € 24,95 404442




Joris’ wereld Mooie mensen volgens Joris Linssen ISBN 978-94-6226-089-4 € 23,50

Yoshinori Masuda Tiger 2 English ISBN 978-94-6226-185-3 € 25,00

Annabel Oosteweeghel Oblivious English ISBN 978-94-6226-116-7 € 28,50

404070 404401


h enny : h et z it best w el t eg en. . .

e, wordt haar

zulc Krzyzanowski.

en vast te leggen.

ag in de rondte

s schoonmaker


9 789070 108861

Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski Henny Het zit best wel tegen ISBN 978-90-70108-86-1 € 15,-

Hans van der Meer Antwerpse velden with DVD ISBN 978-94-6226-130-3 € 29,95

Shinji Otani The country of the rising sun English ISBN 978-94-6226-013-9 € 24,50

403280 404191

George Maas Gelijkgekleed ISBN 978-94-6226-018-4 € 9,95

Marc Mulders Secret Garden ISBN 978-94-6226-083-2 € 29,50



Judith Quax Presence in Absence English ISBN 978-94-91182-18-1 € 18,-

404087 404098

Dieter De Lathauwer I loved my wife Killing children is good for the economy English ISBN 978-94-6226-220-1 € 34,95 404435

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16-12-16 12:05

Paulien Oltheten A Sor t of Lecture Dutch, English ISBN 978-90-70108-56-4 € 24,95 402769

Eddy Posthuma de Boer Het menselijk bestaan ISBN 978-94-6226-113-6 € 25,404193

Frans Jozef van Rensch Light in the Dusk English, French ISBN 978-94-6226-197-6 € 65,00

Janine Schrijver Our Nature Within the Limits of City Parks English ISBN 978-94-6226-118-1 € 34,50

Friso Spoelstra Devils and Angels Ritual Feasts in Europe English ISBN 978-94-6226-096-2 € 29,95

404406 404196

Simon Rimaz Unusual View of Unknown Subjects English ISBN 978-94-6226-169-3 € 29,95 404348

Ruud Sies Building the Rotterdam Building a ver tical city - designed by OMA / Rem Koolhaas ISBN Dutch 978-94-6226-025-2 € 49,50


Bert Verhoeff, Rogier Fokke, Sietse van der Hoek Kraakrepubliek ISBN 978-94-6226-160-0 € 19.95 404356


ISBN English 978-94-6226-026-9 € 49,50 403666

Gerco de Ruijter Almost Nature English ISBN 978-94-6226-163-1 € 39,95 404343

Bert Verhoeff NL ISBN 978-94-6226-037-5 € 17,25 Otto Snoek Ukrainian Crossroads English ISBN 978-94-6226-103-7 € 35,00



Imca Schoots You ain’t seen me English ISBN 978-94-6226-227-0 € 34,95

Verse Beeldwaren Hotel Heilstaat ISBN 978-94-6226-200-3 € 50,00 404413




herman de vries die wiese / the meadow eschenau 1986-2013 German, English ISBN 978-94-6226-045-0 € 37,50

Gerard Wessel Circus Amsterdam English ISBN 978-94-6226-172-3 € 19,95 404355


Marcel van der Vlugt Buds English ISBN 978-94-6226-055-9 € 39,95

John Williams Photography English ISBN 978-94-6226-244-7 € 34,95 404446


Lenny Waasdorp Station tot station to station ISBN 978-94-6226-187-7 € 29,95 404412

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Simon B. Kool Annemie en Helmuth Wolff Uit de vergetelheid ISBN 978-94-6226-212-6 € 29,95 (incl. DVD) 404428

Tamara Becker en An Huizing Studio Wolff Op de foto in oorlogstijd ISBN 978-94-6226-211-9 € 29,95 (incl. DVD) 404427

Mariska van Zutven Laten we voorop stellen dat je sowieso bent geboren voor het geluk ISBN 978-94-6226-092-4 € 34,50 404061



distributie Piet Paris & Georgette Koning Mode van A tot Z ISBN Dutch 978-90-70108-00-7 € 19,95

31 Brilliant Ideas for a Better World Celebrating 5 years of What Design Can Do English ISBN 978-90-823886-0-2 € 19,95

Kiki van Eijk en Joost van Bleiswijk Co-evolution English ISBN 978-90-70108-90-8 € 39,50


Fashion from A to Z ISBN English 978-90-70108-83-0 € 19,95




Maarten Baas Hide & Seek English ISBN 978-94-6226-219-5 € 39,95 404430

Nacho Carbonell De Rebus Natura English ISBN 978-94-6226-119-8 € 32,50 404198

Bart Hess Future Bodies English ISBN 978-94-6226-226-3 € 29,95 404445

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Dutch Design Today Be the Future / Back to the Future English ISBN 978-94-6226-253-9 € 24,95 404458




Tejo Rémy & René Veenhuizen The World = Our Toolkit English ISBN 978-94-6226-153-2 € 32,50 404334

ISBN English 978-94-6226-069-6 (How Social Design changes our world) € 29,95


The best of the Gorilla collective

With personal selections by Paola Antonelli, Erik Kessels & Stefan Sagmeister


distributie What Africa Can Do For Europe 31 Brilliant Ideas to Inspire the World English ISBN 978-90-8238-861-9 € 19,95 Oefenstof Merklappen en andere vrouwelijke handwerken 1600-1920 with a summary in French ISBN 978-90-70108-91-5 € 35,-

Ramiro Espinoza, Rob Becker De Amsterdamse krulletter Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-117-4 € 30,-

Gorilla for President

Anne van der Zwaag Looks Good, Feels Good, Is Good Hoe Social Design de wereld verander t ISBN Dutch 978-94-6226-068-9 € 29,95


Gorilla for President The 100 best visual columns on current affairs by the Gorilla Collective, 2006-2017 English ISBN 978-94-6226-215-7 € 29,95

404425 404432


Irma Boom The Architecture of the Book XXL version English ISBN 978-94-6226-041-2 € 895,RAVAGE ilustre inconnu English, French ISBN 978-94-6226-213-3 € 32,50



Frederike Huygen Wim Crouwel - Modernist English ISBN 978-94-6226-147-1 € 49,50 404330




Hans van Beek architect Kracht door wissel werking Documentaire 28 Bedrijfsboek in beeld ISBN 978-90-70108-63-2 € 10,-

Kracht door wisselwerking Hans van Beek. Architect ISBN 978-94-6226-192-1 € 35,00



Herman van Doorn Tivoli Vredenburg Utrechts nieuw muziekpaleis ISBN 978-94-6226-064-1 € 19,95

Grafisch Geluk Steendrukkerij De Jong & Co 1911-1994 ISBN 978-90-70108-59-5 € 35,402871


Hubert-Jan Henket (1940) werd vanaf zijn studie geïnspireerd door de architectuur van de Moderne Beweging. Het is de sleutel tot zijn werk met tal van aansprekende projecten, waaronder het Teylers Museum in Haarlem, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, de Haarlemse rechtbank, de Nederlandse ambassade in 9 789462 260009

Bangkok, Zonnestraal in Hilversum, de Verkadefabriek en het Museumkwartier in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle en het Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. Met het bureau – Bierman Henket architecten – is hij gespecialiseerd in de transformatie van bestaande gebouwen en inpassing van eigentijdse gebouwen in een historische context. In Waar nieuw en oud raken maakt Henket ons deelgenoot van zijn opvattingen over de ontwikkelingen van de moderniteit in architectuur. Hij doet dat aan de hand van de geschiedenis en een aantal van zijn projecten. Al jaren bepleit hij dat intensief hergebruik voorwaarde is voor een houdbare toekomst. Hubert-Jan Henket zet zijn opvattingen helder en bevlogen uiteen voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de gebouwde omgeving. Zijn mening onderbouwt hij met de resultaten van onderzoek naar de levenscyclus van gebouwen, die hij gedurende 22 jaar als hoogleraar in Delft en Eindhoven heeft vergaard. Al vertellend laat hij de lezer ervaren hoe boeiend zijn vak is en dat wat uiteindelijk eenvoudig lijkt, het resultaat is van veel overleg, creativiteit en vakmanschap.

Frederike Huygen Modernism in Print Dutch Graphic Design 1917-2017 English, Dutch ISBN 978-94-6226-224-9 € 29,95 404443

HubertJan Henket Waar nieuw en oud raken Een pleidooi voor houdbare moderniteit in architectuur

Hubert-Jan Henket

18 x 18 Pleegkinderen op de drempel ISBN 978-94-6226-177-8 € 15,404364

Dirk Kok Aanzeggen Rouw- en begrafenistradities in Staphorst ISBN 978-94-6226-023-8 € 19,95 403616

Waar nieuw en oud raken Een pleidooi voor houdbare moderniteit in architectuur

Huber t-Jan Henket Waar nieuw en oud raken Een pleidooi voor houdbare moderniteit in architectuur ISBN 978-94-6226-000-9 € 39,50

Jan van Schagen Arm, arm Eindhoven Kroniek van vijf eeuwen armoede en armoedeontwikkeling in de stad Eindhoven en de voormalige randdorpen ISBN 978-90-70108-55-7 € 14,50

403418 402473

Frederike Huygen Schrofer sketches English ISBN 978-94-6226-077-1 € 29,95 404064

Myra de Rooy Dochters van de bergen Sterke vrouwen uit Iran, Ladakh, Oost Turkestan en Tibet ISBN 978-94-6226-093-1 € 29,95 404065



Han Roijakkers Door de spiegel van A.F.Th. van der Hejden een literaire wandeling in de verbeelding en werkelijkheid van zijn Geldropse jeugd ISBN 978-94-6226-218-8 € 14,95

Hans Zirkzee Jazz in Rotterdam ISBN 978-94-6226-133-4 € 49,95

The City That Creates The Future Rob van Gijzel’ Eindhoven Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-180-8 € 14,95

404220 404367


Albumboek JW Roy Dry Goods & Groceries ISBN 978-94-6226-151-8 € 27,50

Bard Bothe Kerstverhalen ISBN 978-94-6226-248 € 14,95

Peti Buchel Tekenend door Syrië ISBN 978-94-6226-132-7 € 19,50 404461 404219


distributie Het Groot Gedenkboek Zoektocht door het ritueel landschap ISBN 978-94-6226-170-9 € 39,95

Memories Can’t Wait 40 jaar Effenaar ISBN 978-90-70108-60-1 € 25,00 402856


Dirk Kok ‘t Is alles kleuren, zilver, goud Staphorst, versieren bij het leven ISBN 978-94-6226-106-8 € 17,50 404202


The Sixties A Worldwide Happening Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-6226-150-1 € 24,95 404347


Myra de Rooy Chamlang De eerste Nederlandse vrouwenexpedie ISBN 978-94-226-222-5 € 29,95


Mariët Herlé, Carolyn Wiersum Koken in het groot / Cooking for crowds Healthy Meals from The Homeless Kitchen Dutch, English ISBN 978-94-226-236-2 € 25,00



Lizette de Koning (tekst), Nina van den Bosch (illustrations) De kleine baron ISBN 978-90-70108-94-6 € 17,50 403378


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16-12-16 12:09

Katja Staar tjes Lopen over de grens Great Himalaya Trail door Nepal ISBN 978-94-6226-028-3 € 35,95 403667

Bob Cramwinckel Smaak with illustrations by Olivier Heiligers ISBN 978-94-226-241-6 € 19,95

Annelies Verbrugge Merel wil anders ISBN 978-94-6226-087-0 € 17,50 404058


Frans Bevers Dagboek Amerika 6231 kilometer fietsen van de Pacific naar de Atlantic ISBN 978-94-6226-134-1 € 14,95

De rode koffer 20 spannende avonturen over Afghanistan ISBN 978-94-6226-210-2 € 14,95 404423


Mar tin Fickweiler Multi-pitch Climbing in Europe English ISBN 978-94-6226-184-6 € 29,95

De vierde koning Een ougende opnieuw ver teld ISBN 978-94-6226-258-4 € 19,95 404466



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Lecturis Spring 2018  
Lecturis Spring 2018