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4 Francis Bacon

The complete graphic works

6 Felix Vallotton

solitary creations

Het vuur onder het ijs / Fire Beneath the Ice

8 Solitary Creations

50 artists out of the Stadshof Collection

10 Willem van Genk


voornaam naam

Een kroniek / A chronicle

12 Anjès Gesink

Birds don’t cry. The small suffering of birds in the big city

14 Marcel van der Vlugt Buds 16 Anja Ligtenberg

Pongezi. Alternative rites of passage for Masai girls

18 Morad Bouchakour

Peking Dog

20 Ed van der Elsken

Amsterdam! Old photos 1947-1970

22 Patricia de Ruijter LECTURIS SPRING 2014

Beings. The wild phenomena of today! 2

24 Formafantasma

The form of ideas

Rembrandt Etchings from the Zorn Museum

Rembrandt Etchings from the Zorn Museum

26 Rembrandt Etchings from the Zorn Museum

Johan Cederlund Ed de Heer Michiel Kersten

A concise catalogue

28 Anne Wenzel

Prospects of Perception ANNE VAN AS WILDERNESS 30 Anne van As Wilderness


Ronald de Bloeme Daan van Golden JCJ van der Heijden Naast elkaar, tegelijkertijd Juxtaposed, simultaneous JAN HENDERIKSE K ALEIDOSCOPIA

32 Ronald de Bloeme, Daan van Golden, JCJ Vanderheyden

Naast elkaar, tegelijkertijd / Juxtaposed, simultaneous

34 herman de vries

die wiese / the meadow 1986-2013

36 Jan Henderikse Kaleidoscopia


38 Het Nieuwste Brabant / The Newest Brabant UITGE VERIJ LECTURIS

40 Kleine Wolk / Little Cloud

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Francis Bacon The complete graphic works

Francis Bacon (1909-1992) was a British expressionist artist. His portraits, including that of colleague-artist Lucian Freud, are characterised by fiercely distorted faces that give an impression of the psychic and emotional condition of the subject. His other work also often has a grotesque, dark and frightening appearance, which can be traced back to the personal obsessions of the artist. Bacon’s principal motive was to make compositions that created structure in the chaos of his life. In order to achieve the ultimate composition, Bacon made dozens of paintings of the same subject. Portrait de Peter Beard 1976, ets and aquatint, 26,4 x 22,4 cm text

Jurriaan Benschop • The complete graphic works of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century • his triptych Three Studies of Lucien Freud were auctioned on 12 November 2013 for a record sum

During his career Francis Bacon (1909-1992) made 48 lithographs and etchings, which also reflect the themes of his paintings. His complete graphic works can be seen from April in the Noordbrabants Museum in ’s-Hertogenbosch and in their entirety in Francis Bacon, The complete graphic works. His graphic images, just like his paintings, provide an impressive insight into the motives of one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

Dutch and English format 22.5 x 27 cm 120 pages approx. 100 illustrations paperback with flaps design Frederik de Wal available April price € 22.50 NUR 642 ISBN ISBN 978-94-6226-060-3

Exhibition The Noordbrabants Museum from 12 April to 24 August

Jurriaan Benschop works as a curator in Berlin. He regularly publishes articles in Kunstbeeld and Artforum International. Last year he published The Moonlight Garden, by Marc Mulders.

Étude pour un portrait du Pape Innocent X d’après Vélasquez, 1989, litho, 95 x 69 cm



Félix Vallotton Fire Beneath the Ice

Félix Vallotton Het vuur onder het ijs


Marina Ducrey, Katia Poletti, Isabelle Cahn, Fleur Roos Rosa de Carvalho, Nienke Bakker • first monograph in Dutch about Félix Vallotton • one of the most surprising exhibitions of this spring

As a member of the artist group ‘Les Nabis’ (the prophets), the FrenchSwiss artist Félix Vallotton (1865-1925) was at the artistic forefront of Paris during the fin de siècle. He became internationally renowned for his powerful black-and-white woodcuts, which were unparalleled both in style and technique as well as in ambience. They contain a latent tension or threatening quality and the humour is often paired with biting social criticism. Vallotton was an innovator without breaking with traditions; he sought modern solutions for classical themes. He was a keen observer, a sombre and bitter man who kept distance between himself and the world, yet was able to masterfully reproduce the cruelty and absurdity of it in his work. His powerful and colourful paintings show seemingly everyday scenes, yet with a sense of the surreal and an explosiveness that is enhanced by his cool, distant style of painting: the fire Beneath the Ice. This richly illustrated book provides an overview of all facets of Vallotton’s oeuvre and offers a new perspective on this intriguing artist who, after 20 years, is once again being honoured with an exhibition in the Dutch. Marina Ducrey and Katia Poletti are linked to the Fondation Félix Vallotton in Lausanne as conservators and have compiled the Catalogue raisonné (2005) of the painted oeuvre of Félix Vallotton. Isabelle Cahn is head conservator at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. Fleur Roos Rosa de Carvalho and Nienke Bakker are respectively Conservator Pictures and Drawings and Conservator Exhibitions at the Van Gogh Museum.

Dutch and English publication format 20.8 x 26 cm 160 pages approx. 100 illustrations paperback with flaps design Rolf Toxopeus, Joseph Plateau Graphic Designers available February price € 22.50 NUR 642 ISBN Dutch ISBN 978-94-6226-053-5

ISBN English ISBN 978-94-6226-054-2

The exhibition Félix Vallotton – Fire Beneath the Ice has been organised by the Musée d’Orsay and the Réunion des Musées nationaux – Grand Palais in Paris, in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum and Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum in Tokyo. Exhibition Van Gogh Museum 14 February to 1 June

From: Picture series Musical instruments, 1896, The flute, woodcut print, 32.4 x 25.2 cm (block), Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam



Solitary Creations 50 Artists out of the Stadshof Collection

solitary creations


voornaam naam


Frans Smolders, Liesbeth Reith, Jos ten Berge • a new standard work about outside art • highlights from an excellent international collection

Solitary Creations presents the work of fifty important artists from the Stadshof Collection, talented individuals that do not profile themselves as artists, but unfurl their creativity outside the box yet within plain view of the mainstream art circuit. The areas covered include both internationally renowned creations of ‘outsider art’ (an umbrella term for art brut, naive art, visionary and imaginative art) and ‘discoveries’, hidden artistic gems that deserve an audience. The book presents an array of spontaneous and idiosyncratic artistic creations, a category of art that has always existed all over the world, independent of cultural and fashionable trends. There has been place for it in art history since the beginning of the 20th century, as a phenomenon in the margins of modern and contemporary art, but the creations themselves have never been collected by art museums.

English publication format 24 x 30 cm 320 pages approx. 600 illustrations bound design Frederik de Wal photography Marcel Köppen available April price € 39.50 NUR 646 ISBN 978-94-6226-047-4

made available in collaboration with Stichting Collectie De Stadshof

Solitary Creations presents beautiful examples of this art, almost always from the hand of irrepressible, often obsessive autodidacts. Special facets of these artworks are the unique handwriting of the maker, the unusual materials, the overcrowded images that have been photographed in detail especially for this book. Frans Smolders is an art historian and has been involved with the Stadshof Collection since 1994 as director and curator. Liesbeth Reith was initiator of the naive and outsider art collection in the Dutch in 1984 and remains involved with it to this day. Jos ten Berge is an art historian, teacher of art history at the VU Amsterdam chairman of Stichting Collectie De Stadshof.

Aaltje Dammer, untitled (detail), oil pastels and pencil on brown paper, 50 x 56 cm



Willem van Genk Een kroniek / A chronicle


Nico van der Endt • earlier publications about Willem van Genk have long been sold out. Now there is finally a new book. • Willem van Genk: internationally renowned as one of the greatest outsider artists • the book will be published to coincide with an exhibition of Van Genk’s work in Galerie Hamer

In Willem van Genk. Chronicles of a collaboration, gallery owner and author Nico van der Endt writes about his long, intense and complicated collaboration with the schizophrenic artist Willem van Genk (1927-2005). Business facts are interspersed with quotes, anecdotes and personal experiences, partly gained during trips they took together.

English and Dutch format 21 x 26 cm 128 pages approx. 80 illustrations bound

Nico van der Endt first met Willem van Genk in 1975 at an opening in the former Galerie De Ark. Van der Endt was wearing a long plastic raincoat, which is a life-long obsession of Van Genk. This sparked contact between the two, which develop into a friendship that would last until the artist’s death. Van der Endt kept notes about this fascinating figure right from the beginning, notes that gradually became more extensive and personal. This publication presents the complete collection of these notes alongside letters, photos and Willem van Genk’s artworks.

NUR 646

design Burographic, Erlend Schenk available March price € 34.50

ISBN 978-94-6226-046-7

Produced in collaboration with Galerie Hamer, Amsterdam

Willem van Genk. Chronicles of a collaboration is a unique document that offers a fascinating insight into the world of one of the greatest outsider artists. Nico van der Endt is has owned Galerie Hamer in Amsterdam since 1969, specialising in naive art, Art Brut and outsider art. He regularly publishes articles on the subject and is involved with the World Encyclopaedia of Naive Art.

New Japan or Tokyo-Osaka (detail), 1960, mixed techniques and collage on paper, Stedelijk Museum collection, Amsterdam



Anjès Gesink Birds don’t cry The small suffering of birds in the big city The Vogelklas Karel Schot bird sanctuary takes care of ill, wounded and young birds that are found in and around Rotterdam. It provides sanctuary to around 7000 birds every year. A wide variety of species are brought here because they are weak, have flown into a building or become entangled in fishing line or hair. A great deal of the birds’ suffering is caused by the actions of humans, yet these same human hands also take care of them.


Anjès Gesink text

Anjès Gesink, Kees Moeliker, and others • for lovers of photography, bird lovers and all city dwellers • completely topical, as more and more bird species are swapping the wild for the city

As a volunteer at the bird sanctuary, photographer Anjès Gesink became inspired by this place and took pictures of several birds that were admitted over the period of a year. This has resulted in fascinating portraits of victims of big city life, whilst simultaneously providing a beautiful overview of the bird species that occupy Dutch cities.

format 22 x 28 cm 144 pages approx. 100 illustrations paperback design Kristin Mehto available May price € 24.95 NUR 430 / 653 ISBN ISBN 978-94-6226-062-7

Exhibition from May 2014 in the Natural History Museum Rotterdam as part of the International Architecture Biennale 2014 with the theme Urban by Nature.

The book includes various essays, written by urban ecologists and architects, that discuss the problems faced by birds in an environment dominated by humans and studies the way of life of birds in the city. Anjès Gesink is studied at the AKV St. Joost in Breda. She works as documentary photographer both in her free time and on commission. Her work researches the way in which identity is given form. Kees Moeliker is biologist and linked to the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam. His work is regularly published in NRC and The Guardian.

Young Tawny Owl, found in the woods near a school



Marcel van der Vlugt Buds

Buds represents ‘germination’. A shoot placed on the land that is now home to the Keukenhof. This is where Marcel van der Vlugt’s great grandfather farmed land owned by the baron of the nearby castle. His grandfather Willem cultivated tulips in Sassenheim. His father worked for a flower export company and moved to Naaldwijk during the Second World War in order to avoid conscription. He set himself up as a photographer and, due to the westerly location of Naaldwijk, he photographed mainly floral scenes.

photography and text

Marcel van der Vlugt • ‘slow photography’ in optima forma: polaroid images of flowers • the photos reveal the beauty of the most ordinary flowers, such as dahlia’s and anthuriums • the book includes two beautiful fold-out sections

Inevitably, flowers are a significant theme in the work of Marcel van der Vlugt. During the summer of 1990 he began photographing them. He started with anthuriums that had been standing for too long, yet grew more and more beautiful as they withered and discoloured. The photographer gradually became increasingly conscious of abstraction and the symbolic meaning of flowers. They were given a place in his oeuvre, which as well as a completely unique aesthetic is characterised by unparalleled technical skills.

English format 24 x 32 cm 188 pages approx. 110 photos bound design Ron van der Vlugt available April price € 39.50 NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-055-9

Buds SPECIAL EDITION, circulation 50 copies, € 195 • numbered and signed box • signed copy of the book • photo print, one of 25 copies (choose from 2 different images) Exclusively available from the photographer and the publisher

Buds is a surprising mixture of stilllifes interspersed with close-up images of women entangled in flowers. The photos are arranged in a special organic colour order, like a quest for the black tulip that culminates in two gorgeous explosions. Marcel van der Vlugt (1957) is an internationally renowned photographer who is able to both figuratively and literally unravel his leitmotif beauty in a variety of series’. His work is frequently published and exhibited in The Hague, Winterthur, Tokyo and Chicago as well as in a large review in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam in 2008. His first book was the successful Beauty and Other Secrets, 2007. He then published A New Day (2008) and Rejects (2008).

Anthurium 174, 2000, Polaroid, 50 x 60 cm



Anja Ligtenberg Pongezi Alternative rites of passage for Masai girls

photography and text

Anja Ligtenberg • photo book on a current theme • National Geographic and the Volkskrant have published articles about the project

Pongezi is the story of the alternative rites of passage for Maasai girls in Kenya. Nice Nailantei plays a central role in the book. She is a young Maasai girl who grew up to become a leader and worldwide advocate of the alternative ritual. She was able to escape the Maasai circumcision and now stands up for the other girls in her community.

English format 21 x 27 cm 112 pages approx. 80 photos bound

Maasai girls are still circumcised. Yet for the first time, strong women and girls now see an opportunity to rise up against this age-old tradition. They still perform the rituals that celebrate the transition from child to woman, but are no longer circumcised. The key to the acceptance of this process is the informed awareness of the whole community, and the ultimate goal is to provide the girls with an education instead of circumcision. Anja Ligtenberg spent several weeks photographing the changes in this traditional culture. She took these images in areas where the process is supported by AMREF Flying Doctors. She also visited an area where the rites of passage are celebrated within the family.

NUR 653

Anja Ligtenberg photographed Nice Nailantei last September in New York, where she spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative and in other places in order to raise awareness for her case. In December she photographed her life in Kenya, in her own traditional community – where she plays a central role in the organisation of the alternative ritual – and with elders, Morans and the girls. Anja Ligtenberg graduated in 1998 in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from the International Centre of Photography in New York, where she worked until 2003. She has lived and worked in Eindhoven ever since. Her work has appeared in publications including the Volkskrant, Elsevier Magazine and National Geographic. She is specialised in documentary and portrait photography, national and international.



design Marc Koppen, Scherpdesign available March price € 28,50

ISBN 978-94-6226-061-0

Morad Bouchakour Peking Dog


Morad Bouchakour • new publication from one of the Dutch’ best photographers • a very surprising perspective on Beijing • limited print, for lovers of photography books

Morad Bouchakour’s Peking Dog reaches new and surprising heights by capturing images of life in an entirely different way. He conveys the message of these photos in a roundabout way, conceptually. In images that are no longer aesthetic, but rather raw, sleazy, vulgar. His photos communicate the poetry of the street like a classical, melancholic blues, with a smile.

Chinese format 30 x 22.5 cm 48 pages 39 photos paperback (pamphlet stitch)

Bouchakour’s photos tell the story of the old, walled neighbourhoods of Beijing, also known as Hutongs. These neighbourhoods slowly made way for the skyscrapers and have been traversed and surrounded by motorways and ring-roads, fly-overs and the fastest high-speed trains in the world.

NUR 653

Peking Dog presents the symbolic status that cars have gained, even in the Hutongs, and the mission to protect this status from the rise of another, new status symbol: the dog. Day after day, parked cars are protected from urinating dogs using any and every material possible. Peking Dog shows this story in many different ways; it is a project with many layers. Morad Bouchakour (1965), photographer/director left The Hague after graduating from the Royal Academy of Visual Arts and travelled to New York to work as a photographer. In 1996 he was the first Dutch photographer to participate in the World Press Photo Masterclass. His work has been published in Volkskrant Magazine, ELLE, New York Time Magazine, ESPN Magazine and Wired. He has also worked on commercial projects for large organisations such as GE, Asics, Adidas, Nokia, Nike and Delta Lloyd. Morad is internationally renowned for his portraits but he sees himself primarily as a documentary photographer.



design Lava available already released price € 24,95

ISBN 978-94-6226-044-3

Peking Dog SPECIAL EDITION 30 copies printed, € 195 • luxury numbered and signed box • signed copy of the book • photo print, one of 10 copies (choose from 3 photos) Exclusively available from the publisher

Ed van der Elsken Amsterdam! Old photos 1947-1970 Ed van der Elsken dove into his extensive archive in the late seventies to compile a book of his black-and-white images of Amsterdam, the city in which he had always lived, with the exception of 1950-1954. He often worked in the neighbourhood of his house on Koningstraat, taking photos on the Nieuwmarkt, Zeedijk and Waterlooplein. Atmospheric images of the fifties, the riots during the turbulent sixties, lots of people, young people, but also architecture and degradation in the old city centre.


Ed van der Elsken • a legendary book, now available once more • unique document of a unique city

From the foreword by Ed van der Elsken: ‘My Amsterdam. My Amsterdam-ers. Often friends that you’d say “Hey mate” to, or “Hey, me old mucker”, or “Hi love”. People from respectable neighbourhoods, the Nieuwmarkt, the Zeedijk, the wallen, the Nieuwendijk, the Haarlemmerstraat, the Jordaan, the Jodenbuurt, the Kinkerbuurt, the Pijp, the Eilanden, Wittenburg, Kattenburg. People that never go to the Apollolaan or the Goudkust, or perhaps only as the milkman, or as a burglar.’ This unique document has now been reissued, including new scans from the original negatives. For more than forty years photographer and filmmaker Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) presented his encounters with people all over the world in the form of photos, photographic books and films. His debut came in 1956 with the photo book A love story in Saint Germain des Près, which immediately made him internationally famous. In the following years he made more than twenty photography books.



Dutch and English publication format 29 x 30 cm 240 pages approx. 260 photos paperback design Studio Anthon Beeke available May price € 35,NUR 653 ISBN Dutch 978-90-5937-379-2

ISBN English 978-90-5937-380-8

Published in collaboration with Top Notch and Bas Lubberhuizen publishers Exhibition City archive Amsterdam from 6 June to 14 September

Patricia de Ruijter Beings De wilde verschijnselen van het nu! The wild manifestations of today! Patricia de Ruijter has been intensively photographing her own habitat, ‘De Oeverlanden’ in Amsterdam, since 2009. ‘De Oeverlanden’ is a green strip of land along the New Lake, sandwiched between motorway and Schiphol. This is where she zooms in on nature. She studies and photographs in a poetic way, and continues where words are not enough. Whoever sees it will understand: wild and edible plants co-exist with condoms, discarded plastic packaging, car lights and indefinable debris. From a distance no more than spots on a road, but from close up, the wild manifestations of today.


Patricia de Ruijter text editing

Jowi Schmitz advice

Victor Alling • available in the context of the International Architecture Biennale 2014 with the theme Urban by Nature


Wind, water, oxygen, they all take pity on the useless waste materials, bring them back to life and carry them along for a while. These half-beings or manifestations often seem – if you look carefully – lifelike, sometimes repulsive, sometimes endearing. It is even sometimes impossible to distinguish them from living creatures: rubbish or life, material or energy. Seldom has plastic been so wild, or nature come so close to culture. Since 1998 Patricia de Ruijter has been researching from different perspectives how nature and culture blend together. It began with NewLand, for which she travelled to Iceland and New York. She wanted to shape to her desire to blend these two ultimate locations into a new, united existence. Then came No-land, a place where everything constantly starts over again, where very little is defined. A deserted urban location mixed with a primeval landscape. An abstract form photographed through the movement of light.


Dutch and English format 21 x 27 cm 72 pages approx. 50 illustrations bound design Rick Verhoog available May price € 29,50 NUR 653 ISBN 978-94-6226-063-4

Formafantasma The form of ideas

Formafantasma provides an overview of the work of Studio Formafantasma with particular focus on their material research. Their designs are a combination of an Italian feel for style and material with a Dutch penchant for conceptual depth. Their oeuvre thus includes very few ordinary objects. Their research usually results in a series of prototypes in which material experiments, local handicrafts and the role of the object as carrier of a cultural meaning are brought together. These objects are then presented in specially designed installations. Their work is therefore both alluring and intellectually challenging.


Fredric Baas (final editing), contribution by Lidewij Edelkoort and Alice Rawsthorn (Guardian, NY Times) • the first book about the controversial designer-duo • topical due to the focus on local, artisanal and traditional materials and techniques • no. 7 in the Top 25 Dutch Designers of Eigen Huis & Interieur Craftica, Perch Stool and Perch Fish Hot Water Bag

In Formafantasma the studio’s designs are shown in combination with the world of ideas that led to their creation. This makes visible the modern alchemy of Formafantasma. The true essence is sought in their concepts and material investigation, so that they can subsequently give it their own, new form.

Dutch and English format 16,5 x 22,5 cm 176 pages approx. 150 colour illustrations paperback design Formafantasma available February price € 25,NUR 656 ISBN 978-94-6226-056-6

Exhibition Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch from 15 February to 15 June

Andrea Trimarchi (1983) and Simone Farresin (1980), two Italian designers with a studio in Eindhoven, work together under the name Formafantasma. This collaboration began whilst studying for a bachelor in communication design and with the illustration of books and magazines. Their interest in product development was sparked during their master year at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, where they graduated in July 2009 with a thesis about traditional Sicilian folk handicrafts.

Craftica, Perch Stool and Perch Fish Hot Water Bag



Rembrandt Etchings from the Zorn Museum A concise catalogue

Rembrandt Etchings from the Zorn Museum

Rembrandt Etchings from the Zorn Museum Johan Cederlund Ed de Heer Michiel Kersten


Johan Cederlund, Ed de Heer and Michiel Kersten • Rembrandt at his most vivid • unknown Rembrandt collection, chronicled for the first time • indispensable supplement to existing Rembrandt literature Rembrandt Etchings from the Zorn Museum

The Swedish artist Anders Zorn (1860-1920) enjoyed great fame during his lifetime: as a portrait painter but also as a virtuoso etcher. His images, strongly influenced by Rembrandt, played an important role in his success. Zorn succeeded in amassing a collection of almost two hundred Rembrandt etchings, which are now housed in the Zorn Museum in Mora. Almost two hundred years after Zorn’s death, this wonderful collection has been scientifically researched for the first time. With the publication of this catalogue, the results of this research are made available to a wider audience. The explanation of the etchings is preceded by an introduction that, among other things, describes the history of collecting Rembrandt graphic art in Sweden, the sources from which Zorn acquired the etchings and the function of the collection. All etchings are presented in colour and the watermarks are also reproduced. Indexes, correlation tables and a bibliography further enhance this publication.

English format 17 x 24 cm 256 pages approx. 300 colour illustrations bound design Marc Koppen, Scherpdesign available May price € 25,NUR 646 ISBN 978-94-6226-048-1

Published in collaboration with the Zorn Museum, Mora (Sweden) Exhibition Zorn Museum, Mora from 15 May

Johan Cederlund is an art historian, author and director of the Zorn Museum in Mora. Ed de Heer is former director of the Rembrandt house in Amsterdam and author of Veldhoen: the graphic work and Jacob Demus: the complete graphic work 1983-2005. Michiel Kersten worked at the Frans Hals Museum and Museum the Rembrandt house, among others. He wrote the successful e-book Rembrandt the etcher.

Christus te Emmaüs (B87), etching, drypoint and burin, 211 x 160 mm



Anne Wenzel Prospects of Perception

In Anne Wenzel’s sculptures and installations we see struggles between beauty and fear, the figurative with the abstract, prosperity and decay. Her work is characterised by an idiosyncratic use of materials and techniques: through experimenting with extreme sizes, the addition of chemicals and radical distortions she pushes the boundaries of her chosen medium, sculpture.


Daria de Beauvais, Philippe Van Cauteren, Mariette Dölle, Sjarel Ex, Anne Wenzel • with a strong sense of history and political engagement, Anne Wenzel sheds new light on the role played by art in the depiction of power, heroism and violence. • the first detailed monograph of a controversial artist

Wenzel finds inspiration for her work in historical sources, films and literature as well as in the media: topical images of natural disasters and civil wars. Her attention for universal subjects, such as power and struggle, connect her to a growing group of artists that bypass postmodern irony and dare to speak up about existential themes. Anne Wenzel – Prospects of Perception includes contributions from Daria de Beauvais, curator Palais de Tokyo (Paris), a conversation between Anne Wenzel and Philippe Van Cauteren, director of SMAK (Gent) and a catalogue with a selection of pieces from the past ten years.

Dutch, English and French format 24.5 x 31.5 cm 176 pages approx. 145 colour illustrations bound design 75B available February price € 32,50 NUR 642 ISBN 978-94-6226-057-3

Published in collaboration with TENT Rotterdam Exhibition TENT Rotterdam from 6 February to 5 May

Daria de Beauvais is curator of Palais de Tokyo (Paris). Philippe van Cauteren is director of SMAK (Gent). Mariette Dölle is artistic director of TENT Rotterdam. Sjarel Ex is director of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (Rotterdam). Anne Wenzel studied at the AKI, academy for visual arts in Enschede and has been living and working in Rotterdam for several years.

Splendid Surrender (detail), 2012, ceramic, 237 x 210 x 235 cm, Stedelijk Museum collection Schiedam



Anne van As Wilderness



Henriëtte Heezen • a dozen pieces by Anne van As are included in the Caldic Collection • all paintings are full size: a unique experience


Anne van As’ miniatures depict cool mountain landscapes, wild plants and vulnerable animals. Her minuscule paintings bring the immeasurable and elusive to your fingertips. The world becomes small and manageable. Or is it just an illusion? There is something ominous about the images that at first seem so ordinary and innocent. They squeeze in between what we know and what we fear. Wilderness presents Anne van As’ themes by way of a selection of around forty small works of mountain landscapes, creatures and flowers. Each and every one is shown full size and offers an optimal perspective into the world of the artist and her sources of inspiration: images from travel books, flora and photo books from half a century ago. Wilderness is an impeccable publication about an intriguing oeuvre with a very un-Dutch thematic. Anne van As studied at the Academy for Visual Arts Minerva in Groningen. She lives and works in Amsterdam. Henriëtte Heezen is an art historian and specialises in contemporary art, sculpture and textile art and she regularly publishes articles on the subject.


Dutch and English format 17 x 20 cm 128 pages approx. 40 colour images paperback design Piet Gerards Designers available March price € 19,95 NUR 642 ISBN 978-94-6226-050-4

Exhibition Galerie Lutz, Delft March-April

Berg, 2013, 6,1 x 8,4 cm, mixed technique on mdf Flower #1, 2012, 6,2 x 7,6 cm, mixed technique on mdf




Naast elkaar, tegelijkertijd / Juxtaposed, simultaneous Naast elkaar, tegelijkertijd Ronald de Bloeme Daan van Golden JCJ Vanderheyden Juxtaposed – Simultaneous



Ronald de Bloeme, Daan van Golden, JCJ Vanderheyden

Ronald de Bloeme Daan van Golden JCJ Vanderheyden Naast elkaar, tegelijkertijd Juxtaposed – Simultaneous


Colin Huizing, Roos van der Lint

Ronald de Bloeme (1971), Daan van Golden (1936) and JCJ Vanderheyden (1928-2012) use similar visual languages, in which the perception of reality plays a central role and is depicted in reduced, abstract forms. Van Golden’s work focuses primarily on the choice of image and the meticulous process of painting. For Vanderheyden it is the perception linked to the arrangement within the painting. And for De Bloeme it is the reinterpretation of logos, adverts and other manifestations of our consumer society. Juxtaposed, simultaneous presents the work of these artists alongside each other in different ways, so that both striking differences and the unique characters of each artist’s work are clearly visible. These characteristics form a storyline through the book that creates a ‘visual essay’ about the similarities and differences between the oeuvres. The attention is drawn to the role of our perception, the appropriation and processing of existing images and the act of painting itself.

Dutch and English format 21 x 25 cm 104 pages approx. 100 colour illustrations paperback design Rutger Fuchs available already released price € 19,95 NUR 644 ISBN 978-94-6226-058-0

Produced in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Schiedam Exhibition until 12 January

Colin Huizing is head curator at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Roos van der Lint is a freelance art critic and secretary of AICA Nederland.

Daan van Golden, Kurzstrecke 03 (detail), 2010, mixed techniques on paper, 100 x 70 cm, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam



herman de vries & susanne de vries die wiese / the meadow eschenau 1986-2013 herman de vries has lived and worked in the Steigerwald near Eschenau in Germany since 1970. He and susanne de vries have a 4000 m² meadow there, die wiese, which is the subject of this extensive publication. die wiese / the meadow is a selection from hundreds of photos that herman and susanne de vries took of their meadow between 1986 – the year they acquired the meadow – and 2013. The book presents the development of the meadow in all its diversity of plants, bushes and trees. There are both overview and detail photographs from each season of each year. The result is simultaneously an impressive art book and a thorough investigation of a meadow in the Steigerwald. concept and photography

herman de vries, susanne de vries & Marion Reissner • limited edition of 600 copies • the art books of van herman de vries are popular collectors’ items

herman de vries (1931) began developing himself as an artist in 1953, alongside his work as a botanist. His early work includes collages made from materials he had found, collegas trouvés. After leaving for Germany, nature became an important theme in his work. Changes and the temporary order of nature are recurring sources of inspiration.

German and English format 16.5 x 24 cm 320 pages 312 photos bound design Peter Foolen available already released price € 37,50 NUR 640 ISBN 978-94-6226-045-0

produced in collaboration with Peter Foolen Editions die wiese / the meadow SPECIAL EDITION print run 36 copies, € 235 • numbered and signed book • including two folded paper sheets, 16 x 46 cm, with aspen leaves (populus tremula) and willow leaves (salix alba), collected by herman de vries in die wiese in March 2013 Exclusively available via Peter Foolen Editions



Jan Henderikse Kaleidoscopia

Kaleidoscopia presents fascinating assemblies of a great artist. JAN HENDERIKSE K ALEIDOSCOPIA

Jan Henderikse said goodbye to traditional, academic materials like pigments and paint on canvas in 1959. What followed were assemblages of corks and packaging materials, unadulterated kitsch, number plates on brightly coloured panels and photos taken from photo-lab refuse containers.




Antoon Melissen, with a foreword by Jan Hoet • the sequel to Jan Henderikse, Works on paper 1957 (ISBN 978-94-6226-040-5, € 19.50)

The assemblages, but also the photo works of rejects, are forms of expression of an intensive and long-term relationship with the material. Jan Henderikse is a man of great patience. He works with imperturbable regularity, sometimes for months at a time, on the development and expression of an idea.

Dutch and English format 21 x 16 cm 48 pages approx. 25 colour illustrations bound design Marc Koppen, Scherpdesign available already released price € 19,50 NUR 646 ISBN 978-94-6226-052-8

Produced in collaboration with Galerie Schoots + Van Duyse, Antwerp

Choice is therefore not an impulsive or fleeting act for Henderikse. His work raises questions about what art is, how do we know this and who ultimately determines this: it forces us to reflect on the complex relationships between aesthetic value, utility value and exchange value. Antoon Melissen writes about contemporary art. Jan Hoet is a curator and art critic. He was founder of the SMAK in Gent and artistic manager of the MARTa Museum in Herford.

untitled, 2005, objects on panel, Chinese-Buddhist offerings for the dead, 43.5 x 38.5 cm



Het Nieuwste Brabant The Newest Brabant

Brabant finds itself at a fracture in time. Fundamental changes on a global level are having an increasing influence on local communities. These changes demand a reaction and a new vision, beyond today’s crisis. The King’s Commissioner, Wim van de Donk, therefore invited authoritative scientists, innovative entrepreneurs and creative minds to outline new perspectives.


Wim van de Donk • the book that writes history about the future of Brabant • Het wonder van Eindhoven / The miracle of Eindhoven (Arno Kantelberg) shows the dynamics of Brabant. Het Nieuwste Brabant / The Newest Brabant takes us a step further


The Newest Brabant leads the reader through their thought processes; what will Brabant look like once it has adapted to the new situation? What do the changes mean for coexistence, cohabitation and collaboration? Differing opinions and ideas are described in more than 25 provocative arguments. With The Newest Brabant, the province is investing in positive prospects for the future, in which there is place for all inhabitants of Brabant. Wim van de Donk is the King’s Commissioner in North-Brabant.


format 16 x 24 cm 672 pages illustrated bound design Marc Koppen, Scherpdesign available March price € 29,90 NUR 904 ISBN 978-94-6226-051-1

Kleine wolk / Little cloud

Kleine Wolk / Little Cloud is a collaboration between writer Bard Bothe and illustrator Leonie Verbrugge. At the end of 2012, Bard Bothe was searching for an illustrator for the story he had written. Leonie Verbrugge fitted the bill. She drew and painted illustrations on paper. The scans of these were then edited in Photoshop. ‘Who am I?’, asks Little Cloud. ‘A drop of water, a snowflake or a cloud?’ ‘Perhaps everything’, whispered the wind, blowing softly and carrying Little Cloud over seas, countries and rivers.


Bard Bothe

Dutch format 21 x 25 cm 32 pages approx. 15 illustrations in colour bound design Keper design available January price € 17,50 NUR 281 ISBN 978-94-6226-049-8

Little Cloud explains the water cycle through the experiences of Little Cloud. For children from 3 to 7 years, but also for everyone who is interested in learning about water in a fun and clear way. Twelve spreads show the different stages in word and image.


Leonie Verbrugge • about the weather and the water, always current topics in the Dutch • surprising, original and educational for young and old • the second children’s book from Lecturis, after the success of De kleine baron (The little baron)


Bard Bothe studied social psychology at the University of Utrecht and held senior positions in governmental organisations and the corporate world. He won first prize in a writing competition with his novel Andermaal Anne. Bothe is also author of the children’s novel The world of Winne and he has published many stories, including the sold out collection Candle light and pine needles. Leonie Verbrugge studied graphic design at the Academy for Art and Design ’s-Hertogenbosch and works as graphic designer and illustrator under the name Keper design.




As if an entrance is over there Edward Clydesdale Thomson text Edward Clydesdale Thomson and others design Sandra Kassenaar English ISBN 978-90-70108-98-4 € 24,90

E’ven schilderijen / Just paintings Recent works by Eindhoven artists text Willem Jan Renders design Raw Color ISBN 978-90-70108-58-8 € 17,50

Jan Henderikse Works on paper 1957

Matthijs Maris Unsuitable for the paths of others

text Ernest van Buynder and Antoon Melissen design Marc Koppen, Scherpdesign

text Leen Veerman design Piet Gerards Designers

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-94-6226-040-5 € 19,50

ISBN 978-94-6226-021-4 € 34,50

m a rc mulders

landschap stilleven portret

Giovanni Dalessi

The MoonlighT garden

Bactrius Bram Hermens text Sandra Smets design Scherpdesign, Marc Koppen ISBN 978-90-70108-69-4 € 15,-

uitgeverij lecturis

The Moonlight Garden Marc Mulders

Giovanni Dalessi Landscape still-life portrait

Jan Sluijters Poster artist

text Harry Tupan design Peter Foolen

text Martijn F. le Coultre design vanRixtelvanderPut designers

ISBN 978-90-70108-809 € 39,50

ISBN 978-90-70108-64-9 € 15,-

text Jurriaan Benschop design Scherpdesign, Marc Koppen Dutch- and English ISBN 978-94-6226-004-7 € 29,95

A handbook of modern life

Humphrey Ocean

De schreeuw uit het harnas / The scream from the harness Ceramic work by Lucebert text Ank Trumpie design Scherpdesign, Marc Koppen Dutch- and English ISBN 978-90-70108-66-3 € 19,95

A handbook of modern life Humphrey Ocean Jan van Scorel Sede Vacante 1523

text Humphrey Ocean foreword Rosie Bradley design Hyperkit

drawings Paul Teng scenario and text Jan Paul Schutten with an account by Liesbeth M. Helmus design Tessa van der Waals

English ISBN 978-90-70108-84-7 € 29,95

ISBN Dutch 978-94-6226-020-7

ISBN English 978-94-6226-031-3 € 17,50



Nature Morte Wiel Wiersma and Aris Sanders drawings Wiel Wiersma text Aris Sanders in collaboration with Chris Manders design vanRixtelvanderPut designers ISBN 978-90-70108-65-6 € 10,-


Nono Reinhold Grafiek-Gravures-Prints

Station to Station Selected Works 2000-2010

Above the clouds Tim Hall

City Island Real Estate Annelou van Griensven

text Edy de Wilde and Andrea Müller-Schirmer design Wim Crouwel and Remco Crouwel

text Paul Segers design and editing Underdog

design Hyperkit

photography, text and design Annelou van Griensven

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-90-70108-625 € 28,50

Dutch-, Frans- and English ISBN 978-94-6226-014-6 € 37,50

English ISBN 978-94-6226-016-0 € 39,50

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-90-70108-61-8 € 25,-





Robbert Fortgens Reflexions text Leon Lemahieu design Tonie Mulder ISBN 978-94-6226-038-2 € 24,50

Trilogie van de twijfel / Trilogy of doubt Lita Cabellut text Rob Smolders design Frederik de Wal

Building the Rotterdam Building a vertical city - designed by OMA / Rem Koolhaas

The country of the rising sun 60 photographs by Shinji Otani

photography and design Ruud Sies

design Our Polite Society

ISBN Dutch 978-94-6226-025-2

English ISBN 978-94-6226-013-9 € 24,50

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-94-6226-005-4 € 19,95 2e druk ISBN English 978-94-6226-026-9 € 49,50


Saenredam in Den Bosch

Familia Limburg families seventy years later

Saenredam in Den Bosch text Paul Huys Janssen design Frederik de Wal ISBN Dutch 978-94-6226-002-3

Characters Marie Cécile Thijs text Désanne van Brederode design PutGootink

ISBN English 978-94-6226-003-0 € 24,95

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-94-6226-029-0 € 39,50

photography Nico Jesse, Edith Eussen and Rafaël Philippen design Bear Cornet ISBN 978-94-6226-034-4 € 29,50

is een vrouw uit een arbeidersmilieu. Al 36 jaar lang, sinds haar zestiende, wordt haar dagelijks leven in beeld gebracht door de Nederlandse fotograaf Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski.

Altkoloniër Mennonieten in Bolivia devroeg Bontbrengt Henny de krant rond, overdag werkt ze als schoonmaker met laag betaalde banen.| ’sKarin Morgens en in de avond is ze gastvrouw in een theater. Als kostwinner voor haar gezin met vijf nog thuiswonende kinderen voelt ze dagelijks de gevolgen van de economische crisis. Haar optimisme wordt op de proef gesteld als ze onwelkom nieuws te horen krijgt.

henny: het z i t b est w el t egen. . .


Eens in de vijf à acht jaar zoekt hij haar op om maandenlang de gebeurtenissen in haar leven vast te leggen. GEEN ANDER FUNDAMENT Dit is het zesde deel uit de serie beeldverhalen over Henny. Ze werkt zich nog steeds een slag in de rondte

9 789070 108861

Five days at Frieze Liam Tickner design Xavier Fernandez Fuentes English ISBN 978-94-6226-033-7 € 24,50

Fotofolio Dutch magazine photography C. Barton van Flymen, Bart van Leeuwen, Boudewijn Neuteboom, Bart Nieuwenhuijs, Peter van der Velde compilation Hans van Blommestein and Bart Nieuwenhuijs design Hans van Blommestein

Geen ander fundament / No other foundation Altkoloniër Mennonieten in Bolivia

Henny Het zit best wel tegen / It’s really quite hard

photography and text Karin de Bont design X-hoogte, Hans Lodewijkx

photography Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski text Marjon Bolwijn and Angeline van den Berg design Hendrik Barends

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-94-6226-001-6 € 24,95

Postcards from Babylon A rough guide to liberation photography and text Christian de Sousa design David Recchia English ISBN 978-90-70108-82-3 € 39,50

ISBN 978-90-70108-86-1 € 25,-

Gelijkgekleed / Dressed alike George Maas

A Sort of Lecture Paulien Oltheten

I am a girl Claudette van der Rakt

text George Maas, with a contribution from Katrien De Meyer and Midas Dekkers design PutGootink

photography and text Paulien Oltheten introduction Hans den Hartog Jager design Lecturis / Mart Warmerdam

text Claudette van der Rakt essay Sacha Bronwasser design Karen Heuter

ISBN 978-94-6226-018-4 € 19,95

ISBN 978-90-70108-56-4 € 24,95

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-90-70108-71-7 € 29,95

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-94-6226-011-5 € 99,50

L_asmatomslagflap_Opmaak 1 22-02-13 14:39 Pagina 1

Goed volk / Good folk Joost van den Broek Photo stories 1895-2013 text Wim van Sinderen and Marieke van der Krabben design Vincent van Baar

NL Bert Verhoeff

text Vincent van de Wijngaard design PutGootink ISBN 978-90-70108-88-5 price € 34,50

ISBN 978-94-6226-017-7 € 39,50 available in February






Tí Koos Breukel and Roy Villevoye

design Heijdens Karwei

text Tijs Goldschmidt and Hans den Hartog Jager design Willem van Zoetendaal

ISBN 978-94-6226-037-5 € 34,50

ISBN 978-94-6226-008-5 € 34,50



Troebel landschap / Cloudy landscape Hans van Asch

Mode van A tot Z / Fashion from A to Z Piet Paris & Georgette Koning

text Frits Gierstberg design Marc Koppen, Scherpdesign

images Piet Paris text Georgette Koning design Piet Paris and Scherpdesign

ISBN 978-94-6226-036-8 € 24,95

Co-evolution Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk

Pieter Beeldsnijder Fascination for yacht design

text Jeroen Junte design AB/C Anthon Beeke Collective, Mariola López Mariño

text Merijn de Leur-van Duyn design Edwin Winkelaar

English ISBN 978-90-70108-90-8 € 49,50

ISBN 978-90-70108-00-7 € 19,95

Englishe editie Fashion from A to Z ISBN 978-90-70108-83-0

Unseen Photo fair 2012

Oefenstof Samplers and other women’s crafts 1600-1920

text and design Vandejong Amsterdam

text Joke Visser and Walter van der Garde design Studio Billie, Elise Beynon

English ISBN 978-90-70108-85-4 € 19,50

with a summary in French ISBN 978-90-70108-91-5 € 35,-

Percy Irausquin With Love, for Love photography and text Carin Verbruggen and Ferry Drenthem Soesman introduction Fiona Hering ISBN 978-94-6226-015-3 € 29,50

Open Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch final editing Martijn van Ooststroom design Ben Lambers, Studio Aandacht Dutch- and English ISBN 978-94-6226-010-8 € 15,-


English ISBN 978-94-6226-027-6 € 49,50 available in March



Hubert-Jan Henket (1940) werd vanaf zijn studie geïnspireerd door de architectuur van de Moderne Beweging. Het is de sleutel tot zijn werk met tal van aansprekende projecten, waaronder het Teylers Museum in Haarlem, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, de Haarlemse rechtbank, de Nederlandse ambassade in 9 789462 260009

Bangkok, Zonnestraal in Hilversum, de Verkadefabriek en het Museumkwartier in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle en het Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. Met het bureau – Bierman Henket architecten – is hij gespecialiseerd in de transformatie van bestaande gebouwen en inpassing van eigentijdse gebouwen in een historische context. In Waar nieuw en oud raken maakt Henket ons deelgenoot van zijn opvattingen over de ontwikkelingen van de moderniteit in architectuur. Hij doet dat aan de hand van de geschiedenis en een aantal van zijn projecten. Al jaren bepleit hij dat intensief hergebruik voorwaarde is voor een houdbare toekomst.

HubertJan Henket Waar nieuw en oud raken Een pleidooi voor houdbare moderniteit in architectuur

Hubert-Jan Henket zet zijn opvattingen helder en bevlogen uiteen voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de gebouwde omgeving. Zijn mening onderbouwt hij met de resultaten van onderzoek naar de levenscyclus van gebouwen, die hij gedurende 22 jaar als hoogleraar in Delft en Eindhoven heeft vergaard. Al vertellend laat hij de lezer ervaren hoe boeiend zijn vak is en dat wat uiteindelijk eenvoudig lijkt, het resultaat is van veel overleg, creativiteit en vakmanschap.

Documentaire 28 / Documentary 28 Company book in pictures text Rens Holslag and Jaap van Triest design Jaap van Triest ISBN 978-90-70108-63-2 € 17,50

Framing Fonts Niko Spelbrink text and design Niko Spelbrink English ISBN 978-90-70108-70-0 € 15,-

Irma Boom: The Architecture of the Book

Hubert-Jan Henket

Waar nieuw en oud raken Een pleidooi voor houdbare moderniteit in architectuur

concept & design Irma Boom text Mathieu Lommen, Irma Boom and Rem Koolhaas (foreword)

Waar nieuw en oud raken / Where new and old meet Een pleidooi voor houdbare moderniteit in architectuur A plea for sustainable modernity in architecture

ISBN 978-94-6226-035-1 € 27,50

text Hubert-Jan Henket design Piet Gerards Designers ISBN 978-94-6226-000-9 € 39,50

Irma Boom: The Architecture of the Book XXL version


Aanzeggen / Instigate Rouw- en begrafenistradities in Staphorst / Funeral and burial traditions in Staphorst text Dirk Kok design Piet Gerards Designers ISBN 978-94-6226-023-8 € 29,95

Arm, arm Eindhoven / Poor, poor Eindhoven Chronicle of five centuries of poverty development in the city of Eindhoven and the former surrounding villages

concept & design Irma Boom text Mathieu Lommen, Irma Boom and Rem Koolhaas (foreword) ISBN 978-94-6226-041-2 € 1095,-

text Jan van Schagen design Lecturis ISBN 978-90-70108-55-7 € 18,50

Grafisch Geluk / Graphic happiness Steendrukkerij De Jong & Co 1911-1994 text Bas van Lier design Trapped in Suburbia ISBN 978-90-70108-59-5 € 35,-

Meme Movie Posters Five ‘YouTube film posters by Stefan van Zoggel images Stefan van Zoggel 59,4 x 84 cm

Cacao- en Chocoladefabriek C.J. van Houten en Zn. / Cocoa and Chocolate factory C.J. van Houten and sons Rise and fall of a global brand

price per poster € 10,set € 40,-

text Peter van Dam design vanRixtelvanderPut designers ISBN 978-90-70108-77-9 € 27,50




Chaos in het Paradijs / Chaos in Paradise Portrait of a large musical family from Eindhoven text Jan van Schagen design Lecturis ISBN 978-90-70108-67-0 € 17,50

Lopen over de grens / Walking over the border Great Himalaya Trail through Nepal

Turcksche boucken The Eastern collection of Levinus Warner, Dutch diplomat in seventeenth century Istanbul

text and photography Katja Staartjes design Endeke Huisman, Hemels van der Hart

text Arnoud Vrolijk, Jan Schmidt and Karin Scheper design Jelle Hellinga

ISBN 978-94-6226-028-3 € 35,95

De kleine baron / The little baron text Lizette de Koning illustraties Nina van den Bosch design Nina van den Bosch ISBN 978-90-70108-94-6 € 17,50

Dutch- and English ISBN 978-90-70108-93-9 € 34,50

ar geleden was de Republiek der Zeven Nederlanden de machtigste staat in de wereld kste vloot en een bloeiende handel tot in alle an de wereld.

cht Constantijn en Christiaan Huygens voort. n (1596-1687) was dichter en diplomaat. Als an de stadhouders van Oranje was hij een van de van de groei en bloei van de Republiek. Zijn on Christiaan (1629-1695) ontwikkelde zich tot wetenschapper, bedreven in wiskunde, de en sterrenkunde. Hij verbeterde o.a. het werk, de toverlantaarn en de telescoop, verklaarde an Saturnus en correspondeerde met de andere nschappers van zijn tijd, zoals Newton en

oon Huygens wisten hun inzichten goed te . Ook in dat opzicht waren ze hun tijd vooruit. In n en Christiaan Huygens belichten Ad d, Charlotte Lemmens, Peter van der Ploeg, Lisa Maarten Prak de beide grootheden en hun tijd.

Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens A golden heritage text Ad Leerintveld, Peter van der Ploeg, Charlotte Lemmens, Maarten Prak and Lisa Jardine design Van Onno Verwoerd ISBN 978-90-70108-99-1 € 19,95

Memories Can’t Wait 40 years of the Effenaar

Turning 65 65 women ages 65. Portraits and stories

text Niels Guns design Fabrique

photography Martijn Gijsbertsen text Ria de Wit design Marinka Reuten

ISBN 978-90-70108-60-1 € 34,95

ISBN 978-94-6226-032-0 € 24,95


The Dommel through Eindhoven Cultural and natural history of a city river text Nico Arts, Piet van den Heuvel and Jan Vlemmix design José van den Boom ISBN 978-90-70108-78-6 € 23,95

Strips! 200 years of Dutch cartoons De verdwenen dierentuin / The Lost Zoo My life with the Noorder Dierenpark

editing Hans Matla text Willem van Helden, Rob van Eijck, Jos van Waterschoot, Joost Pollmann design Jelle Hellinga

text Aleid Rensen design Staal&Duiker Designers

ISBN 978-94-6226-019-1 € 39,50

ISBN 978-94-6226-024-5 € 24,95 / vanaf 1 juni 2014: € 29,95


Kalverstraat 72 5642 CJ Eindhoven 040 281 45 45 Paul van Mameren, managing director Hans van de Willige, publisher Bregje Linssen, project manager Betty van de Laar, office staff Sales in the Netherlands: Jan Smit Boeken +31 35 621 92 67 Sales in the rest of the world: +31 20 622 61 54 Prices and publication dates subject to change. Cover image: Felix Vallotton, Le retour de la mer, 1924, Oil paint on canvas, 81 x 100 cm, Musées d’Art et d’Histoire de la Ville Genève

Lecturis - Brochure Spring 2014  
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