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t startet in the late 80’s, when I had first contact with „hard“music. The very first bands I hailed were Priest and Kreator. That was the hardest stuff I found in my dad’s musiclibrary, but when I got a new classmate, who had to repeat a year in school, it really went more extreme... It was the time in the early 90’s, i guess, when the big deathmetal wave swept over europe closely followed by the blackmetal wave ... deeply stuck into this metalscene everything suddenly fell into place.


always loved the artworks on the covers and the logos of these bands. One of my alltime fav’s, who could have guessed, is the Dark Throne logo. Until now, one of the best blackmetal logos ever. Since these days I was fascinated by drawing that kind of evil, natural, grungy esthetics skulls, pentagrams and everything that comes along with that.


ow, after 15 years it’s still there, more than that, the fire got fueled again. This is the „colorful“ bunch of what came out in the last time and I really love to present you... Enjoy and hail to the metal!

Lecter Johnson

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Blackmetal Logo Collection

Doubletwo Studios - Blackmetal Logo Collection  

A little collection of blackmetal logos created by Lecter Johnson.