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What We Believe

We hold strong beliefs about what a college education should provide. At Lebanon Valley College, your son or daughter will gain a broad intellectual foundation, a set of marketable skills, and a collection of life-shaping, enriching experiences that will enhance his or her prospects for professional success—and a full, happy life.

resources for parents This is the second brochure in a five-part series intended to help parents learn about the college search, application, and financial aid processes—and get to know a bit about Lebanon Valley. I Helping Your Child Choose 2 What We Believe 3 How We Help with Costs 4 Our Graduates 5 How Our Students Live


We believe your son

or daughter should . . .

. . . be able to get a liber al arts education and a good job after graduation


. . . have access to hands-on learning


. . . have a full life and close friendships


...b  e part of a safe, welcoming, comfortable community


. . . be able to achieve his or her goals


. . . have strong guidance and mentorship


. . . not be limited by the cost of college


...p  ay us a visit


...k  now a few facts about lebanon valley college


The liberal arts and professional preparation go hand in hand.

The average class size is 20. This allows classes to be discussion-focused, so that students develop communication skills while building knowledge.

A Lebanon Valley College education is broad and deep. Your child will choose a major that provides focused study in one area, but will also study a variety of other subjects. This approach combines solid career preparation with education of the entire mind. As a result, your child should leave LVC with a body of marketable skills, including the ability to write persuasively, read carefully, think critically, and solve complex problems. These abilities lead to success and career advancement—and will enrich and enhance everything your child does in life.

“B oth of my children have declared as business majors, but they’ve also taken many liberal arts classes. LVC is giving them a chance to mature and really explore before they decide what they want to do.”


Mike Kruter, father of Andrew Kruter ’14 and Taylor Kruter ’14

Our professors include scientists, scholars, artists, and professionals in many fields. Many are respected contributors to their disciplines. But above all, they are teachers who love working with young people. They know their students as individuals and take an interest in their lives outside the classroom. Such relationships lead to the kind of personalized education that is only possible at a small college.

Because LVC is an undergraduate college, courses are taught by professors, not by graduate students. This makes the quality of instruction higher than at most larger schools. It also means that LVC students may join their professors in conducting research and scholarship—opportunities typically reserved for graduate students at universities. Working closely with professors builds practical know-how and real-world confidence, and gives LVC students a competitive edge when seeking jobs or graduate school admission.


Hands-on learning builds strong résumés.

LVC science faculty and students have recently worked together to: • study the formation of prebiological materials in a simulated outer space environment • examine the docking of intracellular membrane vesicles • use nanoparticles to carry out catalyses for medicinal purposes In the humanities and social sciences, students and faculty are joining up to: • study the recidivism rate of DUI offenders in a new rehabilitation program • publish a national online humanities journal • examine the effects of aerobic exercise on the academic success and behavior of autistic children


LVC makes it easy for students to enhance their education through experience. Whether studying in another country, doing a professional internship for academic credit, or working closely with a professor on research or scholarship, your child will have access to opportunities that are often unavailable to undergraduate students at large universities. Many of our students graduate with impressive experience on their résumés that differentiates them from other students with the same degree.

Off-Campus Study

Research and Scholarship


Every year, LVC students study in Argentina, Australia, China, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, and Spain. International study and travel provides mastery of foreign languages, exposure to different cultures, and knowledge of other educational systems. Students gain independence, maturity, and perspective. There are also several short-term, faculty-led international options offered each year.

We believe the foundations of science are best understood through active work with the experimental process. Each summer, dozens of LVC students work alongside their professors as funded research assistants, contributing to new discovery—some as early as the summer before their first year through the Research First program, in which they learn laboratory techniques, earn a weekly stipend, and get a head start on their college experience. Many of our students then coauthor articles in scientific journals and present their findings at professional conferences.

Students in almost every academic major participate in internships that give them know-how, career preparation, and professional connections. LVC faculty and career counselors help students find internships that match their interests, many of which can be taken for academic credit. An internship can turn into a job offer or referral, one reason our students make such an easy transition from college to the workplace after graduation.

Our internship-based programs in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, give students the opportunity to gain hands-on professional experience while studying and living independently.

The Arnold Program in Experiential Education funds independent student research, internships, and student-faculty research/scholarly work across all disciplines. In 2012–13, 49 students participated in research projects through this grant.


Students cultivate life skills through extracurricular activities. Sports at LVC are more than just games. Our student-athletes develop invaluable leadership, discipline, and time management skills. And because LVC competes in NCAA’s Division III, sports and academics balance well. Athletes compete at a high level while still having time for their course work, study abroad, internships, and other extracurricular interests.

At LVC, we think of education in broad terms. Beyond the classroom, our students are busy pursuing their interests in the arts, service, sports, student government, media, and many other areas. Because we are a small college, it is easy to get involved, and there is ample opportunity to take on leadership roles. While doing the things they love, students develop organizational, leadership, and time management skills. LVC sponsors a range of fun, safe activities for students—including concerts, comedy shows, films, lectures, and weekly excursions to nearby attractions—most of which are very inexpensive or free to students. As opposed to colleges or universities in larger cities, it doesn’t cost a lot to have a full life here.

LVC offers more than 95 clubs, organizations, publications, and ensembles, which means there’s always something to do on campus. 6

We’re in a safe, peaceful town. This is good for our students. More than just a campus, LVC is a safe, comfortable second home to our students. Our 340 acres provide plenty of room. Housing is guaranteed all four years, so your child will live among friends and won’t have to spend time or energy finding an apartment. Our community is a welcoming, inclusive, friendly environment where everyone can find a place to fit in. We have students from many backgrounds, religions, perspectives, and cultures, which is one reason our students say getting to know their classmates is an education in itself. Because we invest heavily in making sure our students have what they need to pursue their interests at the highest level, LVC is a beautiful, stimulating place to live and learn. Our facilities include a recently renovated science center, an award-winning athletic complex, a new student residence, and a recently expanded and renovated college center featuring improved dining facilities, meeting spaces, and accessibility. In addition, the College installed a modern artificial turf field in the summer of 2012. 7

You should not have to pay for more than four years of college. Graduating from college in four years isn’t as common as you might think— only 34 percent of students entering the Pennsylvania state system graduate in four years. A full 70 percent of students entering LVC graduate in four years, with 73 percent in total graduating within six years.

Navigating the challenges of college is difficult, but your child will be supported at every step. Our professors work closely with students to ensure their course of study enables them to complete their major, have meaningful hands-on learning experiences, and walk from the stage on graduation day with a degree in hand. Due to LVC’s generous policies, your son or daughter may turn strong Advanced Placement test scores into college credit, allowing him or her to have more flexibility in taking electives, studying abroad, doing an internship, or racking up the credits needed for graduation. We firmly believe that college should be— and can be—a four-year proposition, for the sake of both your student and your bank account. In the rare case that the College doesn’t offer the courses your son or daughter needs to complete a degree within four years at LVC, we will cover the costs of the additional course work.* *The basic requirements for the four-year guarantee are satisfactory completion (1) of a specified number of credits, (2) of the general education program, and (3) of the requirements for a single major. A normal academic load may vary from major to major, but the average number of credits per semester is not less than 15. More specific information about this policy can be found on the College website.


Strong support means success for our graduates. LVC students enjoy a vast network of support not only from the faculty, but also from administrators, coaches, career counselors, and alumni. All are ready to help your child make good decisions that will prepare him or her for life after graduation. Career counseling begins on day one with an orientation to the College’s services. Professors will help your child choose courses related to his or her goals, and plan for experiences like research, internships, or overseas study. Career counselors—available at any time—help students explore careers, find internships, and market themselves in the professional world. An online database of alumni in just about every field lets students get advice from people who have been where they are, make professional connections, and find internships and jobs.

On average, 78 percent of LVC students who respond to our annual survey have a job, and 28 percent are in graduate or professional school, within six months of graduation.

“Paul struggled a bit with the transition to college life. I believe that if he was at a large university, he could have been lost in the crowd, but the one-on-one support LVC offers is second to none.” Tammy Abernathy, mother of Paul Abernathy ’14


A quality education can be affordable.

Scholarship Calculator To calculate your child’s scholarship, go to

Other Scholarships and Awards In addition to the Presidential Scholarships, LVC offers other scholarships for outstanding students who meet special criteria. To learn more, go to financial-aid and click on “scholarships.”

LVC is well known for its clear, generous Presidential Scholarships. Students graduating in the top 30 percent of their high school class get an automatic scholarship equal to one-quarter tuition; students in the top 20 percent get a onethird tuition scholarship; and those in the top 10 percent get a half-tuition scholarship. It’s that simple. Many sources of financial aid exist to close the gap between what a college costs and what your family is able to pay. Approximately 98 percent of all LVC students receive some sort of financial assistance. Through a combination of LVC and federal grants, student loans, outside scholarships, and workstudy support, our students are able to pursue a quality education—regardless of their financial background. The third brochure in this series focuses on scholarships and financial aid in greater detail. In the meantime, you can learn more at


The following are examples of actual financial aid packages received by LVC families from a number of different backgrounds. These scenarios demonstrate the number of factors taken into account when distributing aid and the variety of sources that help meet the cost of a Lebanon Valley College education. family a

family b

family c

family d

This Pennsylvania student is one of two children of a single parent whose income is $34,000. Her family has very little savings or assets. The student is in the top 10 percent of her class.

This Pennsylvania student is one of three children. His father earns $45,000 and the mother is at home. They have $10,000 in savings and investments. The student is in the top 20 percent of his class.

This student is from Pennsylvania and has one older sibling also enrolled in college. His parents together earn $105,000 and have $50,000 in savings and investments. The student has $2,000 in savings. One of his parents graduated from LVC.

This student is from New Jersey and is one of 3 children. Her parents earn $160,000 together and have $80,000 in savings. The student is in the top 10 percent of her class.

Comprehensive Costs: $48,706

Comprehensive Costs: $48,706

Comprehensive Costs: $48,706

Comprehensive Costs: $48,706

Estimated Family Contribution: $0

Estimated Family Contribution: $2,764

Estimated Family Contribution: $11,249

Estimated Family Contribution: $34,450

Need: $48,706

Need: $45,942

Need: $37,457

Need: $14,256

Presidential Scholarship (Vickroy): $17,450

Presidential Scholarship (Leadership): $11,633

Presidential Scholarship: not eligible Children of Alumni Award: $2,500

Presidential Scholarship (Vickroy): $17,450

Financial Aid Award Need-Based Grant: $10,008* Federal Loans: $5,500 Federal Work Study: $1,750

Financial Aid Award Need-Based Grant: $10,963* Federal Loans: $5,500 Federal Work Study: $1,750

Financial Aid Award Need-Based Grant: $15,695* Federal Loans: $5,500 Federal Work Study: $1,750

Financial Aid Award Federal Loans: $5,500

Total Awards: $34,708

Total Awards: $29,846

Total Awards: $25,445

Total Awards: $22,950

*Need-Based Grant includes a total estimate of the Federal Pell Grant, PA State Grant, and LVC Institutional Grant.


Come see for yourself. Go to visit to learn more.

Although brochures, websites, and guidebooks are a good way to start your college research, it’s equally important to visit the campuses your child is considering. Some questions can only be answered in person. Does your child feel comfortable in this place? Would he or she feel safe and supported? Is it the right place for him or her to make friends, pursue interests, and grow as a person? LVC offers individualized tours and counseling sessions, so you and your child will be able to ask questions that relate specifically to his or her interests and goals. In addition to making an individual visit, your child may choose to attend a Discovery Day open house program, Physical Therapy Major Day, or Day at the Valley, when visiting students are encouraged to sit in on classes.

“O f all of our college campus visits, LVC stood out because of the friendly and genuinely sincere staff who displayed a true interest in our daughters, remembering their names and interests and many other details. We could not be happier in their choice of colleges.” Todd and Donna Herring, parents of Devan Herring ’15 and Rachel Herring ’16 12

lebanon valley college facts Hartford

Lebanon Valley College is a private, coeducational college founded in 1866 and dedicated to the liberal arts. Campus/Location

58 buildings on more than 340 acres in Annville, Pennsylvania, a town of 5,000 near the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside. Students

1,600 full-time undergraduates. The ratio of women to men is 54:46. Freshman Class Profile

404 students, primarily from Pennsylvania and the midAtlantic region. 78 percent were in the top 30 percent of their high school class, and the average SAT score is 1104. Faculty

103 full-time faculty members, 89 percent of whom hold Ph.D.s or terminal degrees in their field; student-faculty ratio of 12:1 and average class size of 20. Academic Programs

34 undergraduate majors plus self-designed majors and a range of minors, concentrations, and preprofessional options; graduate degree programs in physical therapy, business administration, music education, and science education. Study Abroad

Programs in 13 countries, including Argentina, Australia, China, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, and Spain,

as well as several shortterm programs. Off-Campus Programs

Semesters in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Career Services

A full range of guidance and support, including Career Connections, an online network of hundreds of LVC alumni. Internships

Available in every major— in Annville, Hershey, Harrisburg, and beyond. Student Life

More than 95 student organizations focused on the arts, sports, media, service, culture, politics, pre-professional interests, faith, and Greek life. Athletics

A member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC), American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), and Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC), LVC offers 24 sports. Residence Life

27 residence halls of various styles; housing guaranteed all four undergraduate years. After LVC

In an average year, approximately 78 percent of graduates responding to our annual survey are employed, and approximately 28 percent are in graduate or professional school, within six months of graduation.

New York City (150 mi.)

Lebanon Valley College Harrisburg (28 mi.)

Philadelphia (89 mi.)

Washington, DC (150 mi.)



Rolling admission. We encourage completed applications by March 1 for fall admission and December 1 for spring admission. Financial Aid and Scholarships

Approximately 98 percent of students receive some form of financial assistance. LVC scholarships are guaranteed to all students in the top 30 percent of their high school class; additionally, generous need-based financial aid is available. Total financial aid awarded in the form of LVC grants and academic scholarships for 2012-2013 was $24,863,642. The average grant and scholarship package totaled $15,133. Costs 2013-2014

Tuition and Fees: $35,700 Room and Board: $9,530 Total Expenses: $45,230 contact LVC

101 North College Avenue Annville, Pennsylvania 17003-1400 1-866-582-4236

NCSDO L12124 7.13





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At Lebanon Valley College, admission decisions are made without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion/creed, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression, age, disability, genetic information, or MySpace SlideShareveteran Slash Dot StumbleUpon Digg Google Talk Skype state, status,Google or any traitMixx protected by applicable federal, or local laws and/or College policy. The College does not discriminate on any of the foregoing bases in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, or its scholarship and loan programs.


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What should your child get out of college? See what we believe. 1-866-LVC-4ADM (1-866-582-4236) |

101 North College Avenue Annville, Pennsylvania 17003-1400


What We Believe  

Resources for Parents/2

What We Believe  

Resources for Parents/2