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2010 Issue No. 3 magazine




Green Scene


Dressin’ Up!

Chef Lea elevates the salad bar to five-star status

‌and taking your salads anywhere you want them to go


Gone Greek






Chef Lea Raves About Her Faves

Delicious and healthy dips made with high-protein Greek yogurt Portable parfaits for a take-home treat Meet the creators of Foodzie, the online artisanal marketplace


Chill Making time for a time out


All Set!


Berkeley Bowl

Distinctive table settings out of everyday dishware A foodie wonderland




Avant-garde Out-of-the-ordinary spaces for extraordinary living



Blogs We Love


The Bluebird Bag Our mag swag reader contest

Find function and beauty in obscure places


The Lil Ba-Bee


Mei Xu




Symbolic Chandelier



Michele Krantzow creates a charming nursery

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editor’s letter FABRICS IN THIS ISSUE

I grew up in Southern California about 15 minutes away from Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom was a regular hang-out, and one of my favorite


attractions was the Carousel of Progress.

It marked 20th Century

advances for a “typical” American family, and my cousin and I would ride it again and again just so we could sing the theme


song. The words have always resonated with me (I’m singing as I write): “It’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day. It’s a great, big,


beautiful tomorrow, and tomorrow’s just a dream away…” Wow. It’s a great, big, beautiful today! Our notions of media are changing,


and our team is honored to be a part of the new media landscape. If you are a fan of Nesting Newbies, it means that you enjoy—and perhaps have a passion for—food, entertaining,


or decorating…maybe even all three. What we’re trying to do is explore new ways of presenting them from a variety of viewpoints—Chef Lea, foodies, designers, bloggers, and newbies—and use emerging technology, rather than traditional publishing, to present them to you. And we’ve only just begun.


We choose to cover people and products we believe in and think you will love, too. And when Chef Lea recommends something, know that she has either used it for years or has personally tested it first. We wouldn’t feel comfortable any other way.


Our spring issue has arrived! Come on in and share in our great, big, 1. #20836-561 GREEN TEA

beautiful tomorrow…TODAY.

2. #32136-297 AUBERGINE 3. #15143-298 RASPBERRY 4. #300001H-561 GREEN TEA 5. #20843-546 KEY LIME 6. #32072-140 WINTER 7. #25238-295 BLACK/WHITE

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Jodi Murphy editor-in-chief



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Large Mohair Throw with Colorful Fringe

Custom Robe, Michael Miller Fabrics “Bird Swing�

Wyatt Queen Bed with Low Headboard

Blissliving Home ANIS Duvet Set


from our front and back covers? Let us break it down for you…

wist table

Custom Body Pillow Duralee Fabric #25238-295

Charles Chocolates Assortment

Pink Baby Mouse Super Bulldog Pillow

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Mandala & Reflection Majolica Blue, Haze Mimosa Pillows

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Louis chair, $899 Saarinen table, $549 Mohair pillow, $139

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Natalie Wi

Saad Riaz


senior editor

webmaster & techie

Lea McIntosh

Betsy Rose

Erin De Martini

creative director

copy editor

production assistant

CONTRIBUTORS Lea McIntosh, Jodi Murphy, Emily Anderson, Megan Arquette, Trina Brandon, Aura Brinkey, Julia Buckingham Edelmann, Emily Johnston, Stefanie Lingle Beasley, Michelle Morelan, Cindy Ng, Karen Olivia, Rebecca Orlov, Typhanie Peterson, Jill Seidner, Rebecca Tier Soskin, Ashley White, Lonny Wolcott, Mei Xu

PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRIBUTORS Natalie Wi (Allure West Studios), Bentley Waters (Bentley Waters Photography), David Duncan Livingston (david duncan LIVINGston), Dean Birinyi (Dean J. Birinyi Photography), Margaret Hiden (Figment Photography Design), Joyce Lee (Joyce Lee Photography), Margot Hartford (Margot Hartford Photography), Matthew Millman (Matthew Millman Photography), Zoë Chan (Zoë Chan Art Direction)

FRONT AND BACK COVERS Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason (AphroChic), Pat Campbell, Vanessa Rockey (Hair By Ness), Cynthia Preciado (Seamstress), Michael Gargiulo and Jason Levine (Room & Board, SF Showroom)

VIDEO BITES Producer: James Burkart (Burkart Video Productions), Director: Elaine Clark (Voice One), Production Assistant: Jeremiah Durian-Williams, Newbie: Jeanine Hays (AphroChicShop)

SPECIAL THANKS...Shout out to Hope Patricia Daly with HPDPR Public Relations for her first-rate assistance and coordination of our Chill entertainment feature—simply the best! Thank you to Connie Kullberg, Derik Landry, and Stacey Yates Sellar. Kudos to Stacy's husband, Barry, for being such a great sport. Charles Chocolates was so generous for supplying us with lots and lots of their artisanal chocolates. Thanks to our beautiful, real-girl models for taking time out of their busy schedules for Chill: Angelique Abed, Monique Abed, Kayla Berghoff, Sara Bulygo, Teresa-Judith Bulygo, Melissa Heinrich, Grace Kinder, Molly Murphy, Rachel Winfield. Thank you to the busy Berkeley Bowl and the Christopher Peacock Showroom for allowing us to come in and photograph on-site.

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Dean Birinyi Dean J. Birinyi Photography Dressin’ Up, Gone Greek, Avant-Garde (City Pad), Nook

“I was excited about being assigned to shoot the San Francisco designers’ nooks, especially being able to work in their homes. Many people expect to discover some radical, out-of-this-world designs when it comes to designers’ personal spaces, but usually I find such comfortable spaces that are refuges from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.” Margot Hartford Margot Hartford Photography Covers

"It is always a pleasure to work with the Nesting Newbies team and to meet their group of collaborators. Their work is fun and inspiring, and the magazine is crisp, colorful, and full of great ideas."

James Burkart Burkart Video Dressin’ Up video bites and stills

"I have always been fascinated with cooking shows, so I enjoy the opportunity to produce the Nesting Newbies video bites. There is so much energy and enthusiasm on set—we’re all excited about what we are creating together…and getting to eat Lea's food post filming is a great perk! "

Natalie Wi Allure West Studios Foodie Peeps, Chill, All Set!, Berkeley Bowl, Do-Over

“Shooting Chill was a rewarding experience on both sides of the lens. I was inspired by the successful, young women surrounding me who know when to take a time-out to celebrate the simple things in life and enjoy each other’s company.”

prints w w w. D u r a l e e . c o m


Available exclusively through architects and interior designers



Items shown: owners select Ashley French sIde chAIrs (#1510-010) upholstered In thomAs pAul prInts (From leFt to rIght) AvIAry In tAngerIne (#20874-35), AvIAry In mAIze (#20874-65), AvIAry In robIn (#20874-410) hAngIng thomAs pAul prInts (From leFt to rIght) dAhlIA In brown (#20875-10), dAhlIA In dove (#20875-159), dAhlIA In slAte (#20875-173) AvAIlAble through All durAlee showrooms And sAles representAtIves

cooking: newbie style


Photography by Dean Birinyi


salad bar is a fantastic way to offer a crowd a customized meal! “Choose a favorite lettuce as

your starting point,” says Chef Lea McIntosh. “Then select and offer a variety of toppings, and you’ll make every guest happy!” If your toppings include protein options, vegetable selections, nuts, and cheeses… everyone will be fully satiated.

Complete the meal

by serving fresh bread or rolls and pick up—or make, if you have time—something decadent for dessert, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect party scene.



“The trick for creating a fivestar salad bar is in the toppings— anything and everything goes! Add variety and lots of interesting choices— from tomatoes and mushrooms to more surprising picks like roasted red peppers, dried cranberries, and blanched asparagus.”




SPECIALTY SALAD BAR is a fun alternative.

Choose a

popular (or famous) salad theme and lay out all the toppings so guests can assemble to their own liking.

Let this list be your guide…

Chopped Romaine Lettuce Diced Turkey or Chicken Breast Blue Cheese Crumbles Watercress Cherry Tomatoes Crumbled Egg Crumbled Bacon Avocado Slices Blue Cheese Dressing

NIÇOISE SALAD Baby Spinach Greens Grilled Tuna or Salmon Kalamata Olives Steamed Red Potatoes Cherry Tomatoes Red Bell Pepper Slices Marinated Artichoke Hearts Crumbled Egg Steamed Green Beans Red Onion Capers Balsamic Vinaigrette

CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD Shredded Napa Cabbage Shredded Red Cabbage Diced Chicken Breast Mandarin Oranges Water Chestnuts Sliced Green Onions Red Onion Sliced Almonds Crispy Chow Mein Noodles Rice Wine Vinaigrette

Think outside-the-bowl when it comes to setting up a five-star salad bar. Lea used square ceramic flower pots (safe for food) from Crate and Barrel as the containers for the salad fixings. She arranged them into a pyramid configuration for a pleasing visual presentation. Underneath, she arranged beautiful Duralee fabrics in colors that enhance— rather than detract from—her selection of toppings.

Cabinetry. Paint. Home.

Simply Beautiful Visit our Peacock Home Greenwich Showroom at 2 Dearfield Drive, Greenwich, CT GREENWICH





203 862-9333

312 321-9500

415 692-5002

310 854-7222

617 896-2717

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cooking: newbie style




Fresh lettuce and your favorite veggies are cleaned, cut, and glistening.

Your favorite toppings—maybe crisp

bacon, organic chicken, ripe avocado—are put into the


salad bowl…and now you’re going to mix it with bottled

Photography by Dean Birinyi

dressing? Buzz kill. Salad dressings are one of the easiest things to whip up using only a few ingredients. Chef Lea shares three classics—Caesar, blue cheese, and vinaigrette—that will take your salads anywhere you want them to go! And once you know the basics, you can easily embellish and turn them into all sorts of specialty combinations.


Watch the video bite on page 48 to learn how to REALLY use a wisk.


CASE IN POINT: Jeanine Hays is always on the go. She devotes every spare minute to her blog, AphroChic, and she and her husband launched AphroChicshop, featuring Jeanine’s “soulful chic” home and apparel collections. Clearly, Jeanine is short on time for entertaining. So, Chef Lea encourages her to create a salad bar for her next party, and convinces her that no matter how hectic her lifestyle, she can quickly make fresh and delicious dressings for her guests.


Newbie Guest: Jeanine Hays Director: Elaine Clark Producer: James Burkart 20

Learn to make Lea's Creamy Caesar, Buttermilk Blue, and Basic Vinaigrette.


Buttermilk Blue “I am a blue cheese fanatic! I think my passion started when I was a little girl, obsessed over a big guy in red-and-white-checkered pants… that’s right, Bob’s Big Boy! My family loved Bob’s signature burger with blue cheese dressing. At home, we experimented and used blue cheese dressing on almost everything… even meatloaf. I still have a fondness for ol’ Bob, but prefer to make my own dressing. And when I am the mood, I try using different brands of blue cheese.”

Yield: 1 pint 4


ounces blue cheese, crumbled, room temperature

Chef Lea prefers to use a hand blender or regular blender to make her dressings extra smooth and creamy.


cup mayonnaise


cup buttermilk


clove garlic, minced


teaspoon granulated sugar


teaspoon salt


teaspoon fresh ground pepper

Directions: In a medium bowl, combine blue cheese, mayonnaise, buttermilk, garlic, sugar, salt, and pepper; whisk until smooth and creamy. Use immediately or store covered in refrigerator for up to 5 days.

The Chef’n® FreshForce™ Citrus Juicer is the perfect solution for squeezing a lemon into the Caesar dressing. The comfortable handles and light resistance allow you to effortlessly squeeze every last drop of juice. It’s a Chef Lea must-have! Available at Sur La Table. 22

Creamy Caesar

Basic Vinagrette

“Typically, Caesar recipes start by whisking together a raw egg yolk and oil, and the result is really a basic mayonnaise. Today, we are more conscious of using raw eggs; so, in my recipe, I skipped the traditional practice and start with mayo as my base.”

“My secret ingredient for to-die-for vinaigrette is a shallot! It has a unique flavor that tastes like a cross between garlic and onion. When it comes to the vinegar…experiment with different types to find a flavor you enjoy. Recently, I’ve started using muscat vinegar. Mmmmm.”


Yield: 1 pint

Yield: 1 pint



cups mayonnaise


cup canola oil


cloves garlic, minced


cup extra-virgin olive oil


tablespoons milk


cup wine vinegar


teaspoons fresh lemon juice


teaspoon anchovy paste


cup honey


teaspoon Worcestershire sauce


tablespoons dijon mustard


teaspoon salt


tablespoons shallots, minced


teaspoon fresh ground pepper


teaspoon salt


teaspoon fresh ground pepper

or balsamic vinegar

Directions: In a medium bowl, combine mayonnaise, minced garlic, milk, lemon juice,

Directions: In a medium bowl, combine

anchovy paste, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and

canola oil, olive oil, vinegar, honey, mustard,

pepper; stir until combined and creamy. Use

shallots, salt, and pepper; whisk until

immediately or store covered in refrigerator for

combined. Use immediately or store

up to 5 days.

covered in refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Love American-Style Blue!

Born and raised in California, it’s no wonder I am drawn to the ever-growing variety of American farmstead cheeses. Try these, and I am sure you’ll

fall in love with American-style blue, too! Each has a distinctly unique taste—overall the Rogue Creamery Crater Lake Blue and Point Reyes Original Blue are both rich in flavor, have a moist, yet crumbly, texture (perfect for dressings), and are among the world’s greatest blue cheeses.”

cooking: newbie style


Delicious and healthy dips made with high-protein Greek yogurt. Move over sour cream…the Greeks are here, and they’re healthy and delicious! “These days, I am consciously eating a higher protein diet, and one of my go-to foods is nonfat, plain Greek yogurt,” says Chef Lea. “It has a thick, smooth texture like sour cream, but it is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and zero fat!” Chef Lea’s new party dips using nonfat Greek yogurt are the alpha and the omega… give them a try and say bye-bye to unwanted calories without sacrificing any of the yum. Photography by Dean Birinyi


Buttermilk-Herb Greek Yogurt Dip Yield: 1 pint 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 ½ 16


tablespoons buttermilk powder teaspoons dried parsley flakes teaspoons dried minced onion teaspoon dried dill teaspoon garlic powder teaspoon granulated sugar teaspoon salt teaspoon freshly ground pepper ounces Greek yogurt (2% or 0% milk)

In a medium bowl, whisk together buttermilk powder, dried parsley flakes, dried minced onion, dried dill, garlic powder, sugar, salt, pepper, and Greek yogurt. Use immediately or store covered, in the refrigerator, for up to 5 days. Serve with pita chips or fresh-cut vegetables.

“Who doesn't love ranch dip?

It tastes great on just about everything…from chips to baked potatoes. Most, if not all, ranch dressing seasoning packets use MSG and are high in sodium…not a good combo for us health-conscious peeps. I set out to recreate a new version using a blend of cultured buttermilk powder and spices. Give it a try, and I think you’ll find it’s a party favorite.”


“I used tomato paste

and McCormick Chipotle Powder, with a touch of honey, to create this creamy, piquant dip. Word of caution: This dip’s a hot one, so turn it up or down to suit your taste by adjusting the amount of chipotle powder.”

Smoky Chipotle Greek Yogurt Dip Yield: 1 pint 2 1 1 ½ 1½ 1 ½ 16


tablespoons tomato paste tablespoon honey teaspoon chipotle powder teaspoon garlic powder teaspoons dried cilantro leaves teaspoon salt teaspoon fresh ground pepper ounces Greek yogurt (2% or 0% milk)

In a medium bowl, whisk together tomato paste, honey, chipotle powder, garlic powder, dried cilantro, salt, pepper, and Greek yogurt. Use immediately or store covered, in the refrigerator, for up to 5 days. Serve with pita chips or fresh cut vegetables.


Wild Mushroom Greek Yogurt Dip Yield: 1 pint 1 ½ ½ 8 4 2 1 ½ 16


cup chicken broth cup Madeira wine cup shallots, minced ounces brown button mushrooms —rinsed and finely chopped ounces shiitake mushrooms, —stems removed, rinsed, finely chopped tablespoons fresh chives, chopped teaspoon salt or truffle salt teaspoon fresh ground pepper ounces Greek yogurt (2% or 0% milk)

1. Combine chicken broth, Madeira wine, shallots, and mushrooms in a 10-inch nonstick skillet and cook on high approximately 13 to 15 minutes, or until all liquid is completely evaporated and mushrooms begin to slightly stick. Set aside; let rest until completely cool and at room temperature. 2. In a medium bowl, mix together mushroom mixture, yogurt, salt, pepper, and chives. Use immediately or store covered, in the refrigerator, for up to 5 days. Serve with pita chips or freshcut vegetables.

“I was pondering out loud

what to conjure up as a third dip. My husband heard me and suggested I translate my mushroom pâté into a dip. Ah-ha! It’s out with the cream cheese and in with the Greek yogurt. Mushroom lovers…this one’s for you!”


Greek yogurt dips are great with fresh-cut veggies…or pita chips! Chef Lea especially loves STACY’S® Simply Naked® Pita Chips.

CHIRP! Cultured Buttermilk Powder from SACO® is Lea’s secret ingredient in her Buttermilk Herb Greek Yogurt Dip.


GREEK GOODIES Oikos™ Organic Greek Yogurt by Stonyfield

“Greek yogurts are a great source of protein, calcium, and probiotics, with fewer additives than standard yogurts. Many standard yogurts add sugar, flavorings, and milk powder to

FAGE (Pronounced Fa-yeh!)

sweeten, flavor, and thicken the

Total , 2%, or 0% Selection

consistency—even plain yogurt. Greek yogurts are naturally thick and creamy because the whey, which is the liquid containing much

find your greek! There are several brands of Greek yogurt in the diary aisle, so you’re sure to find one that will work for you. Whichever the brand, seek out the low- or nonfat options, so you can indulge and dip without guilt!

of natural milk sugar, is strained. The advantage of straining it is that there is more protein and less sugar per cup. Most Greek yogurts have almost double the protein content of standard yogurts. One cup of plain, low-fat yogurt has between 10 and 12 grams of protein—most Greek yogurts average around 20 grams of protein per cup.

Yoplait® Greek 0% Fat Yogurt

Standard yogurts have 15 to 18 grams of carbohydrates—Greek yogurt averages around 9 grams per





foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates can help suppress the appetite, maintain lean muscle, and help with weight loss. It is a Voskos® Non Fat

popular food staple in our Greenlite

Greek Yogurt

Medicine weight-loss program.” —Sooji Lee-Rugh, MD Greenlite Medicine

cooking: newbie style


Jarfait Portable Parfaits for a take-home treat! Photography by Natalie Wi


ca k e


pound cake angel food cake sponge cake cookie crumbs shortcake lady fingers graham crackers brownies cupcakes granola

P E H T E N I G A M I Flavor P lay S'more Peanut Butter, Please!



pudding custard mousse flavored gelatin whipped cream no-bake cheesecake yogurt ice cream citrus curd peanut butter frosting



chocolate pudding, peanut butter mousse, graham cracker crumbs, toasted marshmallows

Wholly Cannoli

ricotta mascarpone cream, chocolate chips, chopped pistachios, amaretti cookie crumbs


vanilla pudding, butterscotch sauce, nillaÂŽ wafers, banana slices, whipped cream

Dulce De Tres Leches

tres leches cake, caramel pudding, dulce de leche caramel, banana slices, whipped cream

Scarlet O' My!

caramel fruit jams butterscotch honey chocolate fresh fruit marshamallows cereal pieces chopped nuts candy pieces liqueur syrup

red velvet cake, strawberry cream cheese mousse, strawberry jam, white chocolate shavings Use Wisteria’s Glass Cup and Carrier to tote and display your Jarfaits.


Jarfait Perfect. That’s the English translation for the French word “parfait,” and the term used in the late 1800s to describe a frozen, layered dessert. Perfection. It’s the word that describes Chef Lea’s new play on parfaits: the Jarfait— combinations of flavors layered in a mason jar for a portable, make-ahead-of-time treat! “I have been daydreaming about fun combinations,” says Lea. “Really, the possibilities are endless.” Here are a few of Lea’s brainstorms to get you started. But feel free to experiment to find your own cool combos.

cooking: foodie peeps

YUM-PRENEU Meet the creators of Foodzie, the online artisanal marketplace. Foodzie OďŹƒce Photography by Natalie Wi




Emily Olson, Rob LaFave, and Nik Bauman have created a 21st-century farmers market—where new technology gives all of us access to oldfashioned,


food…anywhere…anytime. This young trio gathered a band of passionate foodies whose job is to seek out and bring local food producers and growers into their online marketplace. At Foodzie, you’ll discover artisanal food producers who make things you’ll never find in your local grocery store! How about fresh-baked cookies, biscuits, breads, cakes, and pastries made from secret family recipes? Have you ever heard of bacon potato chips? Looking for vegan, kosher, dairy-free, or gluten-free choices? Are clean ingredients or finding local vendors important to you? You’ll find all of this and more at Foodzie. We visited the Foodzie headquarters in San Francisco to see the team at work and talk to co-founder Emily Olson (and her pup, Bentley, too).


Q: How do you screen them to make sure that the quality meets your standards? “We talk to every producer who applies to better understand their business, and we taste every product before it makes it onto the site.” Q: If someone wants to become a producer and sell great-grandma’s recipe commercially, what advice can you give? “I would recommend reading Stephen Hall’s Sell Your Specialty Food: Market, Distribute, and Profit Q: How many artisanal producers sell on Foodzie? “We currently have 278 producers selling on Foodzie, and new sellers go live every week.” Q: How do you find them, and what are you looking for? “Thankfully, many of them are coming to us these days! When we are out and about looking for producers, we check out farmers markets across the country. We also get recommendations from other producers, as well as from our customers. “Our specific guidelines are on What we’re looking for are owners who directly make their products or are hands-on managers of the production. The products cannot be a repackaging. Oh, and it’s important that they follow the guidelines for clean ingredients.”

from Your Kitchen, or any food-as-a-business book. We have some great tips on our website, too. You need to know what you are getting into! Artisanal food production is a passion and can be an amazing business, but it isn’t something you should jump right into. Also, check in your local area for a food incubator program. These programs offer help with securing commercial kitchens, scaling recipes, and branding, packaging, and pricing your products.” Q: For those of us who are consumers, what is the best way to navigate the Foodzie market and discover products we’ll love? “We have lots of great features to help you find your way on Foodzie. Check out our map if you’d like to find something produced locally. Or discover fun ingredients in our Test Kitchen and get to know our producers by checking out our blog. Our staff highlights favorites, and you’ll find new products on the home page.” Q: Is Bentley a part of the founding team, too? “Yes, he is hoping to start Dog Foodzie soon, so he can do his own taste testing!” : )


Nesting Newbies Taste Test With 278 producers and counting, we’ll always have someone new to discover on Foodzie! For now, here are some of our favorites...


“I discovered Whimsy & Spice while reading a blog, and it was their photography that first caught my eye. After going to their website and learning they make lavender shortbread (what?)

Founders Mark Sopchak and Jenna Park create

and Earl Grey cookies (what, what?), I just had

homemade bliss using aromatic spices and

to give them a try because my favorite scent of

unique flavors. Everything is hand-rolled, hand-

all time is lavender and my favorite tea is Earl Grey. OMG, I am so hooked! The shortbread

cut, and hand-packaged in Brooklyn, New York. Give whimsy&spice your own taste test.

is thin, crisp, buttery, and has a hint of lavender. The Earl Grey cookie is a grown-up version of an Oreo™. I am so happy when I eat them!” —Jodi Murphy, Editor


”I have never seen something so sublime. Kleine sconelettes are bite-sized bits of heaven! I tried the Sofia mini-ginger version, and the first thing I noticed was how perfectly shaped they were as I pulled them out of the adorable packaging. (Treasa, founder of Kleine, is also a graphic designer.) My first taste was so light— it just melted in my mouth… so, I popped in another…and another…these are so addicting!” —Natalie Wi, Senior Editor

Kleine, German for “little one,” describes the bite-sized scones Treasa Ewing lovingly creates using only Fair Trade Certified™ and sustainably produced ingredients. Give Kleine your own taste test.


“What’s a Gobba Gobba Hey? That’s what we wanted to know. So, we asked, and Steven delivered some of his flavorful domes of cake sandwiched together with a big gob of frosting— delicious! I enjoyed his Irish Coffee Gob, made

Steven Gdula says that a gob is a beguiling confection that hails from Pennsylvania, and the

with organic cocoa and whiskey-and-Bailey’s

legend is that gobs of cake batter were quickly

frosting. Since the gobs are made of only fresh

baked and frosted so eager children didn’t have

ingredients, the flavors change…I can’t wait

to wait for the full-sized cake to come out of the

to see what combination he’ll think of next.” —Betsy Rose, Copy Editor

oven. He’s got a gob cookbook in the works that will be published in 2011 by Bloomsbury USA. Give Gobba Gobba Hey your own taste test.

Photography by Dunja Dumanski

“While at Miette in the San Francisco Ferry Building, I was drawn to a box of Sweet Revolution caramels—when you see a wax seal on a box, you know there must be something special inside! One taste, and you experience the difference using only quality ingredients makes. You gotta love Sweet Revolution is the only confectioner

that sweet-and-salty combination, too…These

nationwide that is making USDA-certified

are definitely worth a try.” —Chef Lea McIntosh

organic sea salt caramels—with the finest ingredients and devoid of corn syrup and cane sugar. The caramels are handmade in San Francisco using only maple, dairy, honey, sea salt, and vanilla bean. Give Sweet Revolution a taste test.

Photography by Natalie Wi

Sweet Revolution’s packaging by Riccetti Design is as distinctive as the caramels inside.


Just give Lea a Sweet Revolution caramel and she’s a happy camper!


The function of a professional range. The form of a work of art.

The Epicure速 Dual-Fuel Range by Dacor.速 The only range that has managed to blend culinary artistry with pure artistry. Beauty is in the details. Dacor is in the details.

Visit the San Francisco Culinary and Design Center for a personal showroom appointment today! 650.624.8283


Free Warming Drawers, Microwaves and Ventilation Systems from the only kitchen that loves you back For a limited time. Offer ends December 31, 2010 Visit for promotion details or call 1-800-793-0093.

Chef Lea Raves About Her Faves

for your kitchen p

“Whether around the house, in the garden, or in the kitchen, Ball Jars are a versatile storage container with a variety of uses. I use them for preserving and storing salad dressings, and for making desserts, such as this issue’s sweet feature…JARFAITS. I have also used them as tabletop tea lights and even hanging lanterns.”

“When I was a newbie chef, I avoided purchasing a salad spinner because I just didn’t have the space in my studio apartment cupboards. Now, with this innovative, collapsible design by Progressive, finding a little extra space is no longer an issue. You really need a salad spinner to prevent that pool of water on the plate from ruining your yummy salad dressing.”

Available at $7.99 for a dozen

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond® for $29.99 Find other retail locations

“No more waste! Amore Italian Pastes are very flavorful and are especially convenient when a recipe calls for just a small amount—you can put the cap back on and store it in the refrigerator. I like to use their Italian Tomato, Anchovy, and Hot Pepper Pastes in my recipes.” Find more information at Where to buy—retail prices vary


cooking: kitchen newbies

McCormick¨ Gourmet Collection Spices


Mastering Knife SkillsÑ The Essential Guide to the Most Important Tools in Your Kitchen

“I was out shopping for herbs and spices to test out my Greek Yogurt Dip recipes, and I couldn’t help but notice how much the spice sections in our local grocery stores have grown. I was especially impressed and drawn to the selection of gourmet herbs, spices, and blends from McCormick Gourmet. They recently introduced a new variety of roasted spices for a richer seasoning, including Roasted Saigon Cinnamon, Roasted Ground Cumin, and Roasted Ground Ginger. What’s next? I am hoping for Roasted Garlic. McCormick…hint, hint!” Available at your local grocery store Find recipes and more information at Retail prices vary

“Wanting to learn how to use real kitchen knives is one of my most frequent newbie requests. All great chefs were kitchen newbies at one time, and just like the saying goes: practice makes perfect. The book and YouTube video series, Mastering Knife Skills by Chef Norman Weinstein, is a great way to start learning the techniques. They’ll boost your confidence and skill level—so, what are you waiting for? Pick up your knife and start dicing!” Available at  Watch YouTubeVideo Series Cover price $35


newbie style: entertaining


making time for a time out Photography by Natalie Wi



Connection. We crave it. We’re constantly tweeting, posting, texting, and facebooking, but there comes a time when you need to close the laptop, put down the BlackBerry® and walk away from the cell phone to communicate face-to-face. “We are in an era of isolation,” says Chef Lea McIntosh. “We

Happy times! Connie Kulberg (and Bella) are ready to take these girlfriends away from their studies and rehearsals for a few hours of Pinkie’s famous pampering.

may be chatting incessantly online, but don’t undervalue the human connection.” To prove her point, Nesting Newbies invited two groups of close friends to make time for a break from their impossible, can’t-fit-it-all-in schedules and enjoy some special moments together. The results? Lots of laughter and good times. Rachel, Melissa, Grace, Kayla, and Molly are Santa Clara University theatre majors, and if they aren’t busy in classes or doing homework, you’ll find them in rehearsals, working on sets, making costumes, or performing onstage. It’s an all-consuming life for these five friends, who welcomed the opportunity to visit Pinkies Nail Salon for a little tootsies (and pinkies) TLC.



“Mani-pedis are very affordable, and I consider good nail care a necessity… and not a luxury.

Of course, you

can also splurge and get very deluxe treatments, too” says Lea.


matter which way you go, make your

To make things extra-special, pack goodies—nuts, fruits, chocolates, gift certificates, and nail polish—into special containers to pass out to enjoy while at the salon. Lea used multi-dot suitcases from Paper Source.

appointment with friends instead of doing it alone.” Lea showed Rachel, an accomplished stage manager and born organizer, how to make a girls’ day at the salon even more special.

“I created a

snack pack using medium, multi-dotsuitcases in red from Paper Source. I showed Rachel how to fill them with all sorts of snacks, including nuts, fruit, chocolates, and other delicious goodies, so the girls can nibble while getting their toes done. I filled them to the brim, so there’s something left to snack on when they’re back to the books. Tucking in a bottle of nail polish and adding a gift certificate to the salon is a great way to ensure a return trip together!”


tlc for tootsies Connie Kulberg and Derik Landry own Pinkies Nail Salons, a collection of locally owned-and-operated salons throughout the Bay Area. Each salon has a reputation for providing clients with a relaxing and indulgent experience at an affordable price—but why spend any money or time on your tootsies? Connie and Derik have a lot to say on the subject: "Healthy feet mean a healthy you. Regular pedicures might feel like a splurge, but they actually help prevent common foot problems, like calluses and ingrown toenails." "Exfoliating scrubs and pumice scrubs smooth away dead, dry skin, leaving your feet and lower legs extra soft." "Not only does massage relax your body, it also improves circulation." "In some salons, pedicures can relieve stress through aromatherapy. The Pinkies Deluxe Pedicure includes the choice of a peppermint or citrus exfoliating scrub for a rejuvenating effect." Both Connie and Derik offer this advice when it comes to taking care of tootsies at home: “Moisturize your nails and cuticles regularly with lotions and oils, and make your pedicure last longer by applying a fresh coat of clear polish each day.” Read more tips from Connie and Derik on the Nesting Newbies website. 58


Teresa is a full-time paralegal, her firm’s librarian, and a full-time master’s in criminology student! She desperately needed some downtime to spend with her friends Angelique, Monique, and sister-in-law Sara. They were welcomed by Stacey Yates Sellar for an afternoon of pampering at the Palo Alto SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa. Stacey is SkinSpirit’s director, and she witnesses positive transformations in her clients’ psyches after they’ve come in for a little R&R—and thinks it’s even more beneficial when friends come in together. “There’s power in having time for girl talk and a few giggles, along with our treatments,” she says.

Teresa (bottom, right) booked some much-needed downtime with her friends at SkinSpirit. 60


for Your Mind, g n i C ar and Soul Body SkinSpirit doctors and staff want you to live and enjoy life to the fullest. They encourage you to:  Make time for a facial or massage, as these will significantly reduce stress and tension.  You can age gracefully by focusing on the factors you can control: a clean, healthy, nutrient-rich diet with regular exercise.  Increase your exercise, even if it’s just a 15-minute walk every day. Don’t ever feel guilty for doing something just for you…take care of yourself, because having the right level of energy and confidence is one of the best ways you can take care of the important people in your life.  When it comes to your face—an ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure! See a professional to help you find the right products for your skin. Antioxidants work just as well topically as they do internally to prevent and correct damage.  Practice an attitude of gratitude— acknowledge and appreciate the little stuff that is going right for you, and the big stuff will follow. 62

Annie Wilson, a seamstress since the age of ten, is in love with barkcloth, an American textile manufactured during the 1930s through 1950s—a mid-century classic. She fashions the vintage fabrics into all sorts of lovelies and sells them on her Etsy shop. Her company is called Sourdough: Handmade Fresh in San Francisco—cute! Sara, Teresa, Angelique, and Monique are wearing her Sleepytime Eye Masks for a moment of relaxation before their spa treatments. Each wears a different pattern. The masks are made of barkcloth on the front, silk charmeuse on the back, and are filled with cotton batting and lavender husks for a soothing and restful sensation.


To make the day special, the girls plan a few posttreatment culinary indulgences: Chef Lea’s Spagrias and The Tea Collection by Charles Chocolates. Founded in San Francisco in 2004, Charles Chocolates has set out to redefine the world of premium chocolate. The Tea Collection is an exclusive selection of teainfused chocolates created in collaboration with Teance, a specialty teahouse in Berkeley, California. Angelique says it’s so difficult to choose a favorite: Formosa Baochong, Special Jasmine, Osmanthus, Lichee, or Charcoal Fired Oolong. Each chocolate truffle is identified by a Chinese character—they are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. The girls save the edible chocolate box for later!


Charles Chocolates The Tea Collection


Lavender Spirit 66

Rose Reju

Lea wanted a nice, refreshing about the spa’s coming up with

to show the four how to put the

crowning touch on their day together. “I thought

cocktail and a little something

sweet while they were looking at and learning

skincare would be the perfect

endnote.” Of course, for Lea that always means

something unexpected—so,

keep the champagne on ice and the strawberries

in the box for another day. Lea’s Spagrias are made

with Monin® Premiere Syrups and vodka for a light,

refreshing cocktail—peaceful bliss that puts a blush on your cheeks. The basic recipe is the same, just change out the Monin syrup to create Lavender Spirit, Rose Rejuvenation or Jasmine Vitality. Use any of Monin’s 100 syrups to create your own Spagria blend.


Yield: 4 to 6 servings ½

cup Monin Premiere Syrup —Rose, Lavender, or Jasmine


cup simple syrup


cup water


(750 ml) bottle white wine, sauvignon blanc

Directions: In a large pitcher, combine flavored syrup, simple syrup, water, and wine; stir. Serve chilled over ice. Garnish with blackberries, raspberries, or lychee fruits.

Jasmine Vitality


Few people spend more time alone hunched over a computer than bloggers! We asked a few to share how they like to take a break:

bloggers time out “After a stressful day, I think one of the worst things to do is immediately plop on the couch, order takeout, and zone out to a Real Housewives of New York City marathon. Instead, I think our brains need a “cool down” period— kind of like stretching after a workout. “Cooking is my favorite way to cool-down. Instead of focusing on deadlines or tomorrow’s big presentation, I’m forced to focus on the recipe and my technique while preparing the ingredients. The smells and sounds wake up my senses, and you can’t beat the reward—a delicious, healthy meal that brings people to the table for real conversation.”

Jenn Lore

Department of the Interior

“I lock the front gate, set my cell phone on vibrate, put in the new Charlotte Gainsbourg CD that I’m obsessed with, brew myself a pot of Fortnum & Mason tea with lashings of milk and sugar, plop myself down on my sofa, and surround myself with as many books and magazines as I humanly can.”

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti A Bloomsbury Life

“Life can be pretty hectic these days! One of my favorite things to do is attend decorating classes at Pottery Barn with my best friend. They happen about once a month, early on a Sunday morning. What I love about it is that it's—no husbands, no children—just us to focus on catching up with each other and gaining new ideas about a common interest. And a quick stop at Starbucks for a latte and some gossip doesn't hurt, either!" ; )

Kelly Lyden The Party Dress

“There's nothing like spending quality time with the one you love to feed your soul and nurture your heart. That's why I love to plan romantic dinners at home with my boyfriend and create beautiful, relaxing environments for us to enjoy. Putting time into designing a pretty tabletop shows him that he's deserving of the best and allows me to take time out to use my creativity. For the springtime, I like to use white dishes, neutral linens, and lots of tulips. Lately, my favorite dish to make has been lemon spaghetti with pepper and basil. It's fresh, light, and perfect for the warmer temperatures. But best of all, the romantic evening at home always seems to leave me—and our relationship—so rejuvenated!”

Crystal Gentilello Plush Palate 68


entertaining: newbie style

Distinctive table settings out of everyday dishware.

To me, the best part about entertaining is setting the table. I just love figuring out how to arrange the same basic pieces over and over in new and interesting combinations.

I’d like to be able to do something

totally unique every time I entertain, but I don’t have the budget or the pantry to house extensive collections à la Carolyne Roehm or Martha Stewart. But I think I’ve finally figured it out…and now I have the luxury of being creative—while still living within my means.

By Jodi Murphy Photography by Natalie Wi


This is my version of an informally formal tablescape in a garden theme. I set black Spode plates, each in a different pattern, atop my everyday Tuscan white plates, and dialed down the formality by using melamine salad plates from IKEA. I brought the formal back by using my Waterford champagne flutes. I have a full collection of Waterford crystal, and I use it all the time. When I was a teen, my parents started giving me a piece each year for my birthday.

The napkins

remind me of a French parterre garden.

Centerpiece: Centerpiece: Custom floral arrangement—DK Designs Hawaii English Staffordshire dogs—Replicas I purchased at a boutique years ago Mini-topiaries—Found at Target Glass apothecaries—Tuesday Morning Bell jars—Smith & Hawken

At each place setting: Creamy-white Williams-Sonoma oversized dinner plate—I purchased these 10 years ago, but you can find white dishware anywhere Black Spode Georgian and Regency Series plates—these were a steal! I found them marked down 50% off of Tuesday Morning’s already deeply discounted price. I paid $25 for 10 Färgrik Trolsk side plate—IKEA, $2.99 each DwellStudio napkins—found at Target


This quirky and whimsical setting is a colorful frolic I might set for a spring dinner with friends and family. The ruffle dinner plates; super-sized faux bois (false wood) salad plates; and big-polka-dot napkins are a hoot, but still quite haute!

Centerpiece: Two plastic Scotty dogs—came from the garden section at Target. They are black, but I spray painted them white using RustOleum Gloss Protective Enamel (white). They are my loose interpretations of the famous Jeff Koons Puppy Vase. Created in 1955, today Koons’ Puppy Vases are worth over $5,000. Mine were $17.99 each, plus a can of spray paint! Moss ball—found at the garden gift shop at Filoli (a historically preserved country estate in Woodside, CA)

At each place setting: Turquoise stoneware ruffle plate—I recently found these at HomeGoods, $4.99 each Brown faux bois salad plate—I am a faux bois fan and happened to find these hidden among the final sale items at Pottery Barn. I snatched all 10 for only 97 cents each! HOME contemporary polka dot napkins—Found at Target Salong mouth-blown turquoise glass vase—IKEA, $4.99 each Fresh, white flowers in each vase Wine glasses—I recommend a basic wine glass. Stay away from something too stylized, because down the road when it breaks…and one or two will…replacements may no longer be available. This is the voice of experience talking.


This is my favorite way to decorate my home and my table—start with a neutral, in this case white, then add a pop of vibrant color. I lined the vases down the center of the dining table and filled each one with orange ranunculus.

Since this is for an informal

lunch, who needs glasses? We’re all going to drink out of the bottle.

The sparkling

Mandarin IZZE®esque™ orange is delicious to look at…and drink.

Centerpiece: Salong mouth-blown turquoise glass vase—IKEA, $4.99 each Orange ranunculus in each vase

At each place setting: Cream Williams-Sonoma oversized dinner plate DwellStudio napkin—Found at Target Small oranges IZZE esque low calorie sparkling Sparkling Mandarin soda—Purchased at Whole Foods


These are my own “internal” guidelines that help me keep my inventory manageable and stop me from impulse buying:

1 2 3 4

Choose three basic colors that can be mixed and matched for a variety of


When cabinets and drawers are full and I bring home something new—

6 7

looks—I picked white, black, and turquoise. (My dining room walls are turquoise, and I have always adored this happy color!) I keep decorative knickknacks, platters, and other serving pieces white so they can be put to use as centerpieces—they’ll always work together. I bring in pops of other colors through inexpensive touches, such as fruit, flowers, and glass bottles with graphic labeling. Whatever I buy, it must fit into my easily accessible storage—if it has to be packed away, I am just over-collecting, over-spending (even if it’s a real deal), and I’ll never end up using it. something old gets donated or given away. (You might also want to consider selling on eBay or having a garage sale.) I keep a list of what I have on hand and what I might be searching for on my iPhone—this keeps me focused when I am out on the hunt. If I’m not sure something will work, I buy it only if it can be returned, then bring it home to check it out. I also take advantage of the 24-hour trial policies at most antique collectives. (It may be a hassle to return things, but if you pass something up and decide you want it after all, it might not be there when you


go back.) Finally, never, never, NEVER buy matching sets of anything! I continually search for and find an eclectic array of pieces that I turn into my own “signature” collection for entertaining. It’s one of my most enjoyable pastimes, and the tables I set are one of my favorite forms of artistic expression. Now, if I could only find someone else to wash the dishes...


CHIRP Share a table setting from your own “signature” collection on our Facebook Fan Page.

BUILD YOUR OWN COLLECTION! These retailers are worth exploring.


Antique Collectives


CB2 Michaels ...or craft stores in your area

Garage Sales


Pottery Barn*


Tuesday Morning*

Ebay or onsite auctions


Thrift Stores

*These are the places I regularly forage because they

West Elm


Crate and Barrel

are in close proximity to my home, and I can pop in every now and then to see what’s new. I also like a sure thing, so I tend to stay away from bidding wars and search for unique pieces at collectives, flea markets, and online sources, like Etsy. I make great discoveries by regularly reading blogs—bloggers find the best stuff!

Williams-Sonoma Home ...especially sales*


entertaining: hot spot

...a foodie wonderlan Photography by Natalie Wi

Grab a shopping cart and enter over 40,000 square feet of grocery nirvana!





Lea prefers to use her Wisteria metal market basket when shopping for produce because she can quickly take stock of what she's picked. "I use it for food presentation, too."

The Berkeley Bowl first opened in 1977 as a small, neighborhood market. Since then, it has grown to two locations, each over 40,000 square feet of grocery nirvana. Their produce department is the cornerstone of their business, and caterers, restaurants, and customers flock there to find a wide-ranging selection of healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables. As one fan explains, “If you want it, Berkeley Bowl probably has it. If you want to find fruits and veggies you’ve only read about…this is the place!” You’ll find the same extensive variety in their dairy, cheese, fish, and meat departments, too.

Berkeley Bowl West 920 Heinz Avenue Berkeley, California 510.898.9555

Berkeley Bowl East 2020 Oregon Street Berkeley, California 510.843.6929 Open Mon–Sat, 9–8 Sun, 10–6


decorating: design chronicles





y r a

n i d r O r e di h t na f o t ry ou 84


a p s



s e c


DON’T BE AFRAID. If you love to live your life on the edge, why would you even think of playing it safe when it comes to your interiors? GO FOR IT — open the door and jump! You’ll land on your feet, especially when you take the leap with the help of a professional.


HIP HOME IN SUBURBIA Photography by David Duncan Livingston

Fearless. It’s the best way to describe the young couple who moved into a rather non-descript home located in a very quiet, rather stodgy residential Town and went completely against the status quo when it came to decorating. The Town maintains strict rules for the exterior, but inside, the couple could be as bold and adventurous as they dared. To them, a home should have a vibrant personality and an overall look that’s modern-refined with hard-rock spunk…and a little bit of Goth thrown in for grins.


The living room features a faux-croc sofa that designer Vernon Applegate swankified even further by upholstering the seat cushion in boldly graphic print by Stroheim & Romann. The Allan Knight acrylic-and-glass coffee table is an excellent example of taking a traditional silhouette and turning it ultra-modern. And who wouldn’t want to nestle into a classic Arne Jacobsen egg chair?


If you look at the portfolio for Applegate Tran, you’ll see that their work is extremely different from project to project—from very traditional to ultra-modern and everything in between. This speaks to how well they listen and tailor their work to accommodate what brings joy to their clients…and not their own egos. “To me, this is what makes my path so exciting,” says Vernon Applegate, the designer who worked with these homeowners. “I am able to work with many client personalities on projects that have very unique parameters. I never know what to expect. That is why I love what I do.” “This couple encouraged me to think outside the norm and push the design to be edgy, but not trendy,” he says.

Vernon accomplished this by keeping

proportions and lines classic, but used nothing conventional when it came to colors, materials, and textures. The overall palette is gray, lavender, and brown—but here and there are deviations…just to keep things interesting. The public spaces have an open floor plan, with the dining room on one side, the living room on the other, and a hip lounge area in the center to separate the two. The living room features the couple’s crocodile sofa with a seat cushion Vernon reupholstered in Stroheim & Romann’s Chivasso Lisa fabric. The Allan Knight acrylic-and-glass coffee table is massive, in scale with the sofa without being so visually substantial it takes away from the spaciousness of the room. Cowtan & Tout’s bold horizontal-stripe, silk curtains play well with the organic forms of the Arne Jacobsen Egg™ Chairs.

Jonathan Browning’s Marais Chandelier

complements the linear lines in the curtain’s stripes.


The Rock Crystal Orb Pendant is the stunner in the dining area. Underneath sits a classic Saarinen oval dining table and six blue Eames® molded-plastic Eiffel Wire-Base Armchairs. Romantic baroque makes an appearance in the flocked wallpaper by Osborne & Little. The Trefoil pattern was inspired by a wallcovering originally in the Picture Gallery at Buckingham Palace. Vernon designed the cabinets and commissioned artist Chesna Koch to adapt Diego Rivera’s “Dream of a Sunday Afternoon” inserting the wife— who loves skeletons and skulls—into the scene.

“Jane, I’m home!” If the Jetsons were real, this would be the dining room in their Skypad Apartment—such an out-of-the-stratosphere mix of Old World and mid-century mod.



The lounge area is a study in geometrics—Vernon custom made seating out of rectangular, square, round, and octagonal shapes in a variety of textured metallics. Irreverent art—Russell Young’s art prints of Jim Morrison and Sid Vicious—give the room its attitude. The kitchen and powder room went from blasé to high-spirited with only a few changes. Vernon added a Jean de Merry Lumière chandelier in the kitchen and refreshed the existing cabinetry with a few coats of Benjamin Moore ethereal (PT-220) paint. He swapped out the plain in exchange for reeded glass on the doors. He pumped up the powder room with Fornasetti wallpaper by Cole & and Diadema and a pendant light by Romani & Saccani. A cool, club-like lounge area sits between the dining space and




used soft, luscious fabrics to envelop and encourage sweet slumber. And the skull bedside lamps




They fit right into this couple’s desire for an edgy aesthetic.


The bedroom is romantic, in a hardcore sort of way. Lots of soft fabrics are in stark contrast with the tufted leather BD Barcelona Chair, the Gear pendant (McEwen Lighting), and the Karol nightstand (Applegate Tran Furniture). Two skull bedside lamps by Blackman Cruz are unconventional for sure, but for these homeowners, it’s always sweet dreams.


Place To Crash In The City Photography by Dean Birinyi

When they need a break from the burbs and want to feel an urban vibe, the couple escapes to their city pad. Vernon repurposed items they owned and fashioned them into a cool place to hang out. Walk in the door, and you’ll be greeted by “Sharr-pei,” a larger-than-life art print by Connie Manwing. It sits on guard above the Irving Harper and George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa and Vernon’s modern interpretation of a traditional column. The patterned wallpaper is Kravet’s Black on Black.




The exquisite Flower of Life Chandelier from WillowLamp is enormous and helps to visually fill the soaring vertical space. So, too, does the artwork. The homeowners are avid fans of photographer Masayuki Yoshinaga, known for his photo journalism of Japanese subcultures. His Gothic and Lolita collection celebrates the bizarre Goth and Victorian street fashion of Japan’s teens. One of his colorful and controversial portraits fills an entire wall above the sofa. Vernon used a mix of patterns on the sofa: the body was upholstered in Stroheim & Romann’s Chivasso Horse and the back cushions and seat in Chivasso Esprit de l’Epoque. He introduced a third pattern by using Crate and Barrel’s purple Radius Pillows. The coffee table is an Applegate Tran Nazari Bench in lace wood and pearl teal finish. An Eames lounge chair in faux Brentano zebra leather and a Lazar Yup side table are positioned for reading or people watching. Left: When the ceilings soar, you have the opportunity to make a statement by super-sizing the artwork and the lighting. The Masayuki Yoshinaga image is from his Gothic and Lolita collection, and the Flower of Life chandelier from Willowlamp are mind-blowing and breathtakingly sensational. Above: Vernon created usable art by painting black, white, and gray stripes on the long staircase.


The digital image of the birds in ight and the chair decals fill the room with a bold graphic punch.

The wall that separates the kitchen from the living area is decorated using indi, a digitally printed wallpaper of birds in flight from Trove. The kitchen wall is detailed with “extra seating” using Dezign with a Z decalz. A round Saarinen table and white Eames Eiffel Wire-Base Armchairs are tucked into the corner. Down the hall a bathroom looks bigger through the application of striped wallpaper (Casamance Art Rayure in Noir) that runs up the wall and across the ceiling. To prevent vertigo, Vernon broke up the stripe by using a patterned paper (Casamance Art Flame in Noir) above the vanity. Sparkle comes from a glass chandelier from Italamp. The stairway is lit by sultry beaded-chrome chain sconces and leads to a loft bedroom. Vernon put floor-to-ceiling semi-sheer curtains in Larsen’s Baroque in Onyx fabric on a track so they are easily closed when privacy is called for. The blurred image on the Elitis XXL (TP 122 01) wallpaper from Graham Sanderson Interiors adds a subdued texture to the otherwise blank white walls. A Bourgie Table Lamp from Design Within Reach is a classic silhouette made modern in polycarbonate.


Here are a few resources for getting this “fearless” look for less

RECREATE Advanced Interior Design

Astro Dining Table

Thanks to designer Vanessa de Vargas, we discovered Advanced Interior Designs, an online source for original designs and reproductions of modern classic furniture…great prices and really fast shipping!

(interpretations of

in oval and round Saarinen tables)

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chairs

Lounge Chair and Ottoman (interpretation of Eames Lounge Chair)

Claw Foot White Table (Lazar Yup reproduction)


Eames molded plastic Eiffel Wire-Base Armchairs in baby blue and white

Marshmallow Sofa (reproduction)

Madeline Table Lamp (economical alternative to Design Within Reach Bourgie Table Lamp)

Skyline Table Lamp

Asteroid Pendant (economical alternative to Jean de Merry Lumière chandelier)

ZGallerie Aristocrat Sofa (similar lines and look as crocodile sofa in the home’s living room)

Skull (our choice to get the “look” of the bedside skull lamps) Hugo Leather Swivel Chair (economical alternative to the BD Barcelona chairs)

Fila Wire Pendant (economical alternative to Rock Crystal Orb

Design with a Z


Chair decals


Crate and Barrel

MORE RESOURCES All Modern Lighting •Illuminating Experiences Elf9 Six Light Chandelier (resembles the Jonathan

Layla Pillow

Browning Marais Chandelier) Knob Gallery •Bird drawer pulls: Pheasant or Dove House Fabric Here are a few black-and-white vertical striped fabrics for making horizontal

Remy Pillow

curtains to mimic those in the living room. •Labrea 6 Black White (faux silk taffeta) •Kaitlyn Black (cotton duck) •Duralee Jet Stripe Black (cotton) Wisteria •Acrylic coffee table—you don’t get the same traditional-form-goes-modern-inacrylic as the one in the living room, but

Radius Pillow

it’s a hot-looking table! Inmod •Fermliving wallpapers—some of these papers have the same feel as the ones Vernon used in the city pad entry and bedroom loft wall Brocade Home

There are so many great design inspirations to take away from these spaces: play with colors and textures; use of over-scale furnishings; mix-up of big-ticket pieces with low-budget finds; and never, never settle for rooms that are safe. Go on…take a leap! 102

For the hip lounge try: •Silver metallic cube •Round stool modern-digital-canvas One of the best solutions for affordable, large-sized modern art. •Gallery •Custom art

STILL LIFE WITH BANQUET PART FEAST. PART ART. PART YOU. ONLY AT THE 01SJ BIENNIAL A food & media collaboration by Chef Kitty Greenwald and video artist Grahame Weinbren. September 14, 2010 Sponsored by

Image by Grahame Weinbren, Still Life with Banquet, a collaboration with Chef Kitty Greenwald


B UT E R A los angeles

ne w p ort be a c h

pa r k c i t y

ne w york

w w w. b a r c l a y b u t e r a . c o m

decorating: design chronicles

nook Find FUNCTION and beauty in

obscure places.

Defined, a "nook" is a secluded or obscure corner; any small recess, any remote sheltered spot. There may be areas in your home that appear to be unusable, wasted space. But look again through the eyes of a designer, and you’ll only see unlimited opportunities for function—and beauty—in the most cryptic nooks and crannies.


entry nook I turned my small entry that had





packages and extra furniture into a pleasant, welcoming space for visitors…and for me to come home to after a long day of designing.’’

—Katherine North

Katherine North Northbrook Design-Interiors 415.552.5298


Katherine’s viewpoint  When it comes to design, honor the architecture and also introduce something fun, new, and very now. With this entry, Katherine took the apartment’s nondescript 80s update back to its original charm…and added a bit of zip to it.  The window panel is made of “ecoresin” and looks great, even within traditional architecture. The window faces onto a busy street and is just above street level. The panel makes Katherine feel more secure in her apartment, but because it is translucent, the light can still come through.  Katherine put a prototype luggage bench she created for a hotel project underneath the window. “The bench is very practical, as it has an agglomerate top, and you can put wet boots on it, or grocery bags, or sit to put on a pair of lace-up shoes. I linger there when I forget something and have to come back inside…there was a superstition in Ireland (where I grew up) that if you forget something, when you come back to get it, you should sit for a moment and take your feet off the ground…it is a prayer to St. Anthony thanking him for finding it!  Midway up the stairs the paint changes color, and Katherine smoothed the transition by using upholstery trim and nail heads. “Very inexpensive and a nice way to handle it.”  The artwork comes from favorite collections and family treasures—a mirror from her grandfather’s apartment in Rome and a menu from La Tour d’Argent in Paris prepared for her great uncle, John Ringling North. “I never forget my circus heritage!”  Coat hooks from Anthropologie include a bird, deer, and squirrel, and the front door has a fox door knocker—“I love animals and variety.”


find it.... HARDWOOD FLOOR REFINISHING: Amber Flooring WALLS, CEILING, AND TRIM: Paradigm Painting WALL COLOR: Benjamin Moore—Georgian Green HC-115, 25% lighter than standard, Natura (no VOC) DOOR COLOR: Benjamin Moore—Black I-80, semigloss TRIM: Paradigm Painting FLOOR STRIPES: Heather & French Painting Inc BENCH: Northbrook Design DECORATIVE HARDWARE: Anthropologie WINDOW PANEL: Paradigm Painting CEILING FIXTURE: Rejuvination ARTWORK: Personal Collection

Photography by Dean Birinyi


office nook To me, a nook is taking a space that





and making it into something practical and pretty. The pocket doors were just dead space, and I didn’t need them for entering and exiting the room. By closing them and painting them black, I had a great backdrop and a perfect canvas for a stylish, yet utilitarian, nook.’’

—Grant K. Gibson Grant K. Gibson Grant K. Gibson Interior Design 415.939.0243


Grant’s viewpoint  The nook is practical and functional as an office. A file cabinet and printer cart with storage are accessible from underneath the box-pleat cover and can be easily hidden away when not in use.  The nook turns pretty as a decorative vignette, and Grant can change things on a whim. Most of the time you’ll find a carefully edited arrangement of his collections, including design-related books, architectural fragments, vintage pieces, fresh flowers, and candles.  The nook serves a third function as a buffet for Grant’s casual dinner parties—“I call it relaxed entertaining.”  Grant made the console table himself so it would fit inside the door niche perfectly. He used ¼ inch plywood from Lowe’s, legs from the Container Store, covered it with a custom-sewn, box-pleated skirt with grosgrain trim. He topped it with ½ inch glass with honed edges.  The skirt is made from linen, so it will wrinkle and the pleats will relax. Grant suggests using a stiffer fabric if you want it to look more crisply pressed all the time.  When you are out shopping for the storage under the table, Grant advises that you measure everything. “I thought the printer I bought would fit, and then, to my surprise, it was way too big, so I had to return it and find something smaller.”

CHIRP Go to Grant’s blog for the detailed instructions on how to make the console table at 112

find it.... THE CONSOLE TABLE TOP: Lowes®—1/4 inch plywood cut to size LEGS: Container Store—5 legs SEAMSTRESS: Madina Aryeh FABRIC: Henry Calvin—linen, The Ribbonerie—grosgrain trim gloss THE OFFICE PRINTER CART: Container Store— ELFA system FILING CABINET: Office Depot CHAIR: 19th century Gustavian, picked up on a buying trip to Stockholm; reupholstered in faux leather from Powell and Bonnell THE DECORATIVE VIGNETTE BOOKS: From Grant’s extensive collection of design-related coffee table books FLOWERS: White French tulips CANDLE: Archipelago® HURRICANE LAMP & VASE: From Charlotte Moss’s boutique in NY ARCHITECTURAL STAIRCASE MODEL: Found at Paris Flea Market THE CASUAL BUFFET GLASSES: Grant cleans and repurposes glass containers from Diptyque candles CERAMIC GLASSES, DECANTER, PLATES, PLATTER : IKEA SILVERWARE: Found at Alameda Flea Market FABRIC: Henry Calvin—linen, The Ribbonerie—grosgrain trim gloss LINEN NAPKINS: WilliamsSonoma Home FLOWERS: White French tulips

Photography by Dean Birinyi


reading nook Reading should be relaxing and take you away from the stresses of everyday life. A soft, white palette,




supple textures create a serene nook free of distractions.


most important elements for any reading area are comfortable seating, ample lighting, storage for books and magazines, and a secluded location.’’

—Lindsey Bond Lindsey Bond Lindsey Bond LLC 205.623.0743


Lindsey’s viewpoint  Lindsey chose a chaise over a chair for several reasons: 1) it acts as both a chair and ottoman in one, thus saving space; 2) it mimics the low, horizontal lines of the console, which is more visually serene; and 3) it’s much more appropriate when reading turns into napping.  Ample lighting comes from locating the nook near natural light and adding a task lamp.  A long, parsons-style console painted the same color as the walls allows books and artwork to take center stage. Lindsey tucked stacks of books on top and underneath. A stoneand-metal side table holds more books and can be used for beverages, pens, and paper. By layering the two tables, the space feels less stiff and more random.  Floor-to-ceiling off-white draperies create a sense of peaceful privacy. “By installing draperies that hang from the ceiling using a drapery track, you can alter almost any space. You can make doorways, hide unsightly windows, make a room layout symmetrical, heighten the feel of the room, or make a focal wall.”  Lindsey’s displays of the artwork makes a big impact. “Floating the photograph off of the draperies creates an airy feel, and propping the framed drawings on the console feels relaxed. Hanging artwork directly on the wall would have felt over-thought and too structured, making the nook feel uptight.”  “My design style is pretty simple…clean lines, classic pieces, and neutral palettes with a hint of fresh color.” In this nook, tiny amounts of color make the room feel more alive. “If I didn’t introduce small flecks of color, this space would have felt more like an insane asylum than a peaceful reading nook.”


find it.... CHAISE: IKEA PILLOW FABRIC: Groves Brothers Fabrics—Lucy 2003-G WALL COLOR: Benjamin Moore—Georgian Green CASHMERE THROW: Williams-Sonoma Home CONSOLE: CB2—Fresca Console Table, painted with Benjamin Moore—OC-17 White Dove SIDE TABLE: Custom by Lindsey Bond PEDESTAL: Custom by Lindsey Bond STONE FRAGMENT: Personal collection ARTWORK: Water photograph by Billy Brown DESK LAMP: CB2 ANTIQUE VESSELS: Finds from Scott Antique Markets SILVER-AND-CRYSTAL COASTER: Personal collection LARGE GLASS VASE: Davis Wholesale Florist CURTAINS: Pindler & Pindler Inc— Brabant Oyster (7727) off-white CARPET: Merida—Meridian Composition Natural

Photography by Margaret Hiden


window nook This home is in a magical setting in the woods, and our clients wanted a place in their large home to nestle in and read before bedtime.


made it cozy by using wonderful Thai silks and other sumptuous fabrics; lots of soft, cushy pillows; and sophisticated, sunny colors.’’

—Robert W. Miller

Robert Miller & Jacob Scherer Miller Design Company 650.529.2700


Miller Dign Co. viewpoint  Look for ways to create intimate niches in a home with an expansive floor plan.  The ceiling of the window nook is upholstered with the same fabric as the Roman shade, making the space feel quite cozy.  Burnt-orange Venetian plaster on the walls adds depth, warmth, and drama.  Place sconces high enough so they won’t hinder you from being able to prop up against the wall.  Make sure there is enough depth to the window seat so it is comfortable enough for lingering.  Drawers underneath offer additional storage space.


find it.... LIGHTING: Emanuel Morez— Shamba Chandelier SCONCES: NOVICA—‘Classic’ Onyx Wall Sconces (no longer available) WINDOW SEAT FABRIC: Pindller & Pindler Inc—Samir in blue BOLSTER FABRICS: Pindler & Pindler Inc—Vivian in antique, Samir in blue (bolster ends) 22” PILLOW FABRICS: Pindler & Pindler Inc—Sophie in teak and maple, Clearview in copper; and Bergamo—Cascata CEILING AND ROMAN SHADE FABRICS: Bergamo—Regina; Osborne and Little—Chinaz in dune (lining) VENETIAN PLASTER: Tim Campbell

Photography by Dean Birinyi


kitty nook When I was planning our kitchen remodel, I really wanted to find a way to get the cat box out of the house, so we created the ideal solution:

a think out-of-

the-(litter)-box design!

Our cat

has her own portal through the pantry to a hidden litter box in our outdoor patio nook.’’

—Melissa Chapman

Melissa Chapman Amoroso Design 415.409.0431

kitty nook


Melissa’s viewpoint  Some people solve the problem by putting a litter box in an actual cabinet, but Melissa was opposed to this solution. She wanted the cat box outdoors, while remaining enclosed for her indoor-only cat.  The opening is in a corner of the pantry, but it is completely separated from all food storage.  Once the cat clears the pantry, she walks into the interior of a fully enclosed bench where there is a self-cleaning box. The bench seat opens for easy maintenance.  From the outside, you only see a cute bench with cushion and pillows…you’d never know there was a litter box underneath. It completely eliminates the smell—and the bad visual—at the same time.


find it.... KITCHEN LIGHTING: Napastyle—Pendants (No longer available) Melissa suggests these alternatives for lighting: Circa Lighting—Yoke Pendant Y Lighting—Acquamiki Pendant Light Open Box STOOLS: Crate and Barrel—Spin Barstools TILE: Walker Zanger—Avignon Blanc 5x5 (field tile), Opus Anticato Calacata Old World Mosaic (on the hood) and Xilo Metal Nicked Accent Liner MARBLE SLAB: Calacatta Oro, honed PAINT: Benjamin Moore—Embassy Green #1523, flat finish TEA POT: Williams-Sonoma—OXO Uplift Tea Kettle HARDWARE: Restoration Hardware—Quincy Pull and Quincy Knob OUTDOOR NOOK BENCH FABRIC: Kravet—Sunkiss Tropical ART: Z-Gallerie—Naples bowl, hung by Melissa PILLOWS: Pottery Barn

Photography by Dean Birinyi


slumber nook A sleeping nook needs to be a very special and warm place. It should always include pillows and a light-source.

Bookshelves are

optional, but I can say that the most important element is really the color on the walls and the materials used in creating the nook.’’

—Hilary Unger

Hilary Unger, ASID Perianth Interior Design 212.874.0556


Hilary’s viewpoint  This loft bedroom is about activity…lots of it! Two brothers and their buddies climb the walls, hit the punching bag (instead of each other), and make some NBA-worthy moves on a mini-basketball court. Bed nooks provide calming corners for winding down and restful slumber.  The nooks allow each brother his “own space” to get away from the other…as well as the world.  Each nook has a bookshelf so the boys have their own “treasures” readily at hand.  The nooks are built next to windows to let in natural light during the day, and overhead lighting (on dimmers) is put into use for nighttime reading and homework.  Lucky boys! Wall-mounted televisions in each nook mean no fighting over what to watch or which video game to play.  Clever storage solutions include lift-up headboards and side storage. One of the nooks has a trundle, and the other has storage drawers underneath the bed.


find it.... WALLPAPER BEHIND BOOKSHELVES: Innovation—Wavy Stripe in glacier BED DRAWER HARDWARE: Gracious Home—2 ” Drop Ring Sat Nickel CURTAINS AND AWNINGS FABRIC: Old World Weavers—Karl in taupe/white Natura (no VOC) BEDDING—SHEETS AND COMFORTERS: DKNY STRIPED BALL PILLOW: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams STORAGE BED AND TRUNDLE BED: Custom-made through John Maloney Contracting CARPET: FLOR carpet tiles— Checkered Past in blue

Photography by Zoë Chan


nookie nook At Jak Home we love sophisticated interiors with a sense of humor. Kathleen and I thought it would be fun to show how easy it is to turn any corner into an intimate nook for an evening of snuggling and romantic playfulness…creating an ambiance that will put you and your loved one in the mood for more…’’

—Jeff Holt

Jeff Holt & Kathleen Navarra Jak Home 415.839.8264


The Jak Home viewpoint How to ignite romance:  Forget being subtle and go for bold, red walls!  Choose soft and moody art.  Use “nuzzle” textures, such as faux furs and soft quilts.  Make sure there are dimmers on the lights, and add a candelabra with lots of dripping tapers.  Keep the furnishings clean-lined, and add organic shapes in the accessorizing.  Bring in a few vintage elements to symbolize longevity.  Add “big hint” accessories, such as champagne (go for the good stuff), strawberries, and bunny ears.


find it.... ARTWORK: Simon Addyman –original acrylic landscape mounted in walnut-ebony frame MIRROR: Made Goods—Cyrus QUILT: Vintage Turkish Suzani textile SOFA: Barclay Butera—Paris Club Sofa covered in Holly Hunt—Great Plains Color Interrupted: Caramel fabric COFFEE TABLE: Oly Studio—Jonathan square coffee table, dark shell with gold-painted frame VASE ON COFFEE TABLE: Bahari Studio—Torch Vase BOWLS ON TABLE: Tatianna—Relic (large), Sea Urchin (small) PILLOW: House of Mann—made from rabbit hair and hemp SIDE CHAIR: Vintage kneeling prayer chair with custom upholstery LIGHTING: Maya table lamp SIDE TABLE: Ironies—Twisted Branch parquet end table OBJECT ON SIDE TABLE: Antique Indian door latch on custom-mounted stand VASE ON SIDE TABLE: Bahari Studio—Napali Vase CONSOLE: Kathleen Navarra’s Town | Home Collection—Rue Sade CANDELABRA: Oly Studio—Faux Bois Candelabra

Photography by Dean Birinyi


knitter’s nook A crafter’s nook needs to be functional, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered or boring. I love clean looks—whether it’s using antiques, vintage finds, or modern furniture. I always go for clean lines. Knitting is all the rage, so a modern craft corner appeals to a younger generation’s sense of style.’’

—Pamela Hall

Pamela Hall Core Design 609.477.3035


Pamela’s viewpoint  When you are working with a small space, it is important to keep it simple. The things that make this modern nook a WOW are the Pop Armchair by Ligne Roset and the Tube Lamp designed by Eileen Gray.  Even though the chair and lamp are very modern and look fantastic, they are also quite functional for a crafter— the chair is extremely comfortable, and the lamp spreads out the light evenly without any harsh glare.  Find inexpensive, great-looking bowls for all the yarns, small buttons, and accessories for knitting projects.  A side table with a pocket is handy for holding pattern books.  When going for a modern-minimal look like this nook, Pamela suggests bringing in a variety of textures, such as linen, wool, wood, silk, hemp, and cashmere. Surround yourself with fabrics and textures that make you feel good, and you will find it enhances your creative energy.


find it.... CHAIR: Ligne Roset—Pop Armchair PILLOWS: Missoni Home—Zig-zag pillows, purchased from RUG: West Elm—Makena rug (no longer available) CURTAINS: West Elm—Opaque Linen Grommet Window Panel in flax gloss CURTAIN ROD: West Elm—Metal Rod, Cylinder Finial in chrome FELT BOWLS ON FLOOR: Gräf & Lanz BLANKETS: Nui Organics™—Organic wool baby blankets LAMP: Eileen Gray—Tube Lamp from SIDE TABLE: Brave Space Design— Hollow end bamboo table POTTERY (ON CHAIR): By artist Wanda Wolmar VASE (ON TABLE): Urban Art Miami

Photography by Natalie Wi


breakfast nook A nook is practical and a great use of space, especially in a kitchen.

It offers an intimate

setting for gathering together to eat, chat, do homework, or read the paper. This breakfast nook gives the homeowners a sunny space to greet the morning.�

—Kathleen Navarra

Kathleen Navarra Navarra Design Inc 415.348.8088


Kathleen’s viewpoint  A nook should perform double-, even triple-duty—this nook has plenty of storage, and a ledge provides the perfect place to prop family photos and art.  When there is an open floor plan, a nook can help to divide the space without closing it off visually.  A small, round table and exposed-bulb light fixture help to achieve a bit of a bistro feel, while still in keeping with the overall room design.  Use sturdy, stain-resistant fabrics on the banquette cushions to withstand “real” living.


find it.... TABLE: Custom-designed by Kathleen Navarra CHAIRS: McGuire BANQUETTE FABRIC: Osborne & Little—“Barouche” VASES: Ironies LIGHT FIXTURE: East End Brass

Photography by Matthew Millman


decorating: hatching newbies

Michele Krantzow

creates a charming nursery

for a popular pop culture blogger’s new baby girl.

by Stephanie Lingle Beasley Photography by Bentley Waters



“A fantastic woman from Westchester named Melisa, who runs two blogs of her own (The Lil Bee and Feather Report), won,” recalls Michele. The two women immediately hit it off. Melisa enlisted Michele’s help to makeover the dining room in her charming, historic home. “But just before we were about to implement the changes, Melisa discovered that she was pregnant with a baby girl,” says Michele. “So, we immediately switched gears and created a nursery.” Never one to create anything too precious or predictable, Michele set to work on a space that’s sophisticated and unexpected. Michele is known for her bold use of color and sense of whimsy. In fact, she’s grown a large part of her business into creating kids’ rooms that are just a Manhattan interior designer Michele Krantzow began her professional career in advertising, working for Deutsch on the high-profile Revlon account. “I loved it,” recalls Michele, “but I also craved something more creative. I wanted to start something of my own and have more flexibility in my schedule.” She enrolled at Parsons and earned her degree in interior design. Within eight months of graduating, she had her own business up and running. “This is fantastic,” she says, “really, the best job in the world.”

bit outside-the-box. The mom-to-be knew that she wanted the room to be yellow, a nod to her Lil Bee blog; so, Michele used Benjamin Moore’s “butter” shade to warm up the space’s walls. To contrast the sunny color, she employed watermelon pinks. “The mix of colors is so fun,” she comments. Michele discovered the crib bedding online and echoed the bright pinks in the bold area rug and various painted details.

Her first clients were friends who wanted their lofts redone.

“Things just sort of snowballed

from there,” notes Michele. Along the way she has been an avid blog enthusiast, and last year she participated in a blog contest on This is Glamorous. Michele offered a fully designed room to the contest winner. 144

A Ross Meneuz Balsa Wall Hanging of a flower and camel is a totally unexpected way to bring in girly shades of pink and purple.


To add interest to simple white drapes, Michele picked up some vibrant, yellow pom-pom trim at Michaels craft store and had a local tailor attach it. Michele stresses “tiny touches like that are inexpensive, impactful, and above all, easy.” Melisa was concerned that the room had an odd, low, floor-level door “that really went nowhere,” recalls Michele. “I told her that we didn’t need to cover it up.” Indeed, Michele handpainted it in vibrant pinks and yellows and turned it into a whimsical doll house-style touch within the space. The furnishings are a combination of new pieces and repurposed pieces that the homeowners already owned. A few high-end touches include a Philippe Starck child-sized “Ghost Chair” that Melisa won on a blog contest and some lovely artwork that will transition well as the baby grows up. Early on, Melisa mentioned that one of their favorite baby names was Devon, which coincidentally is Michele’s middle name. “When she found out she was pregnant with a girl, and after winning my design contest, she deemed it fate —and she and her husband named their bundle of joy Devon.” By the way, stylish lil’ Devon highly approves of her very girly, sophisticated nursery.



Michele’s Building Blocks for Devon’s New Nursery YELLOW PAINT: Butter by Benjamin Moore, purchased at Janovic, NYC CRIB: Sparrow Crib in white by Oeuf, purchased online at giggle CRIB SHEET: Celestial Parade Roxy Bedding in watermelon by Q Collection Junior, purchased at


DRESSER/CHANGING TABLE: The homeowner’s own childhood dresser, changing table affixed to the top, purchased at GLIDER AND OTTOMAN: Purchased at Babies “R” Us FLOOR LAMP: Purchased at CARPET: Nejad Rugs Beach Collection: Boardwalk Stripes in light coral, purchased at DRAPES: Purchased at

DRAPERY TRIM: Yellow pom-poms, purchased at Michaels BOOKCASE: Repurposed garage sale find PLAY TABLE: A thrift store find PLAY CHAIRS: Philippe Starck “Ghost Chair” in yellow—won in a blog giveaway; pink toile chair—a gift from Melisa’s mother-in-law; repurposed schoolhouse chair painted with a racing stripe ART WORK: Fauna Balsa Camel Wall Hanging from; “Devon” print by Sara Russo; framed lyrics to “LOVE” by the Beatles from the homeowners’ wedding program; original still from Snow White (Thumper), purchased at a Sotheby’s auction; “P for Pretty” original print by Paul Thurlby


Designer Michele Krantzow’s Five Top Tips for Baby’s Room Reuse and repurpose! You’ll be surprised by how many items you already own that can be brought to life in a little one’s room.

Paint the ceiling! Though Michele did not paint the ceiling in this particular nursery, she stresses that adding an unexpected accent color on the ceiling can really add a punch of style.

Don’t forget the trimmings! Ribbon, ruffles, even pom-poms can turn a lampshade, crib skirt, or set of drapes into something fabulous.

Paint an eyesore! Does your child’s room have an odd door, cabinet, radiator cover? The answer is to take that lemon and make lemonade by painting it with fun, bold accent colors.

Dabble in decals! Michele loves to use decals to add flair to a space. “I even split a large decal in half and put either side on elevator doors once to add a touch of whimsy to a room.”

CHIRP Discover Michele at Lavender + Plum Interiors, 347.875.7586


decorating: iconic nester

MEI XU Photography by Blissliving Home



Q Q: What does living in bliss mean to you? Spending happy moments with my kids, my


husband, and my friends, and the sense of accomplishment that I get from my work. My work as a designer and business owner

Q: How do you interpret that joyfulness in your products?

are very important to me. But the happiest moment of my day is coming home and

Those who know me know that I am a very

being greeted by my two little boys.

joyful and fun-loving person! I love color,

I believe your home should be a reflection of your personality. My house is filled with eclectic pieces that I have gathered on

and truly believe that color has the power to influence your mood and bring happiness into your life.

my travels around the world over the past

In the early 1990s, I noticed a disconnect

twenty years or so.

Many of my home

between trends in fashion and home lifestyle.

accent pieces speak about the places I have

At the time, I worked at a company in New

visited, experiences I have had, memories I

York while David, my husband, was based

have made with my family and friends. My

in Washington DC. So, I had my evenings

favorite pieces—the ones that make me truly

free to visit stores and explore. I adored the

happy—are not only stunning in their design,

contemporary lines and bright colors in the

but also carry a special meaning. At both of

fashions of Donna Karan and Calvin Klein

my companies, we strive to create products

and was surprised that home departments

that will bring our customers bliss.

were filled with ornate pieces in muted tones. If people enjoyed dressing in cheerful, bright colors and stylish, modern designs…why wouldn’t they want similar styles for their homes?

David and I started Chesapeake

Bay Candle in 1994, and from day one, our candle collections have incorporated brilliant, striking colors and contemporary designs. This may not sound revolutionary today, but at the time, Chesapeake Bay Candle was a true pioneer in the market.

The Ashley Citron collection features the chrysanthemum, a Chinese-inspired motif made modern through dramatic cropping and a striking color palette.

Q: Where do your design inspirations come from? Travel has been one of my greatest passions for a very long time. In the late 1980s, while I was a student at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, I also worked part-time as a project officer for the World Bank.

My job at the World Bank

involved traveling to countries like Mongolia, Bangladesh, Britain, and Sweden. I truly enjoyed

With Blissliving Home, I wanted to create a

those trips and the experience of exploring

home lifestyle brand that truly captures the

different cultures, trying new foods, and making

excitement of travel, the rush of adventure, and

new friends. Since moving to the United States,

the exploration of world cultures through design,

I continue to travel to China at least two times

texture, color, and fragrance. Every Blissliving

per year. I also visit other countries in Asia and

Home collection is inspired by a particular

travel to Europe quite a bit. Visiting stores in

destination. We adopt authentic cultural motifs

Paris and London and attending the trade shows

and themes and update them in cheerful, stylish

Ambiente in Frankfurt and the Maision & Objet in

color stories, cropping them in dramatic and

Paris have become part of our routine for our

unexpected ways. So, yes, travel is the most

product development and design process.

important source of inspiration, but we also find inspiration in the arts, pop culture, music, and fashion.

I find inspiration anywhere and

anytime—from a new restaurant or a movie, to playing with my kids in the garden. For example, my son’s fascination with birds influenced the design of the Blissliving Home Icelandic Dream duvet set.


Q: In your opinion, what are the most important elements in a blissful bedroom?

Q: How can a newbie pull together a chic bedroom on a budget?

The bedroom is a very personal space for

I always talk about the democratization of

each individual, and it is also the room in

design that we have seen over the past de-

which we spend most of our time…albeit

cade or so. Today, stylish design is more

sleeping. It deserves to be decorated with

accessible than ever. It does not have to be

the same—if not more—attention as the

expensive. There is such a broad range of

other rooms in our homes. The centerpiece

chic, yet affordable, solutions available—

of every bedroom is the bed. So, the bed

there’s something for everyone. If you favor

itself and the bedding chosen to dress

high-end design, acquire your pieces over

the bed are probably the most important

time. Let yourself fall in love with an item you

elements to consider. The first step is to

will keep for decades and mix-and-match it

be aware of your taste, to understand what

with other, more affordable, solutions.

style suits your personality best.


people find it difficult to describe their tastes in home design. I always tell them to think about the way they dress and translate their fashion sense into their home décor. At Blissliving Home, we enjoy a layered bed.

There are many options to choose

from to make your bed a heavenly dream: Euro shams, decorative pillows, quilts, and throw blankets.

Decorative pillows and

throw blankets lend themselves as easy and affordable ways to update your bedroom season after season.

The Chang Mai bedding was designed by Aria Curameng, an 11 year-old winner of the Bliss Kids Arts Festival—part of Blissliving Home’s ongoing philanthropy.


Q: What collection are you working on now, and would you give us a preview (or an inside scoop) about it?

The designs of Koh Samui, Thailand Passport, and Buddha pillows are derived from Aria’s winning artwork.

We have just finalized our Fall/Winter 2010 collection and are now working on Spring 2011. Our Fall/Winter collection is called Shangri-La and is inspired by my trip to Tibet in the summer of 2009. I collected handcrafted goods and jewelry, and my finds inspired the overall collection concept. Shangri-La embodies an ethnic, handcrafted look, and we make it modern with clean lines and construction. The colors are inspired by the Tibetan landscape—terracotta with a few accent pop colors. We are very excited about Shangri-La, and cannot wait to unveil it in late August or early September.


Q: Tell us about your company’s charitable collaborations and why they are important to you.

Q: What is your absolute favorite thing to do when you have some free time—how do you take time out to rejuvenate?

I have been very blessed.

I believe in

Spending time with my children is always

hard work and in constantly striving to

a favorite. By now you probably know that

improve myself and my companies, but it

traveling is one of my greatest indulgences.

all would not have been possible without

So, let me add that I truly enjoy traveling alone

some incredible luck. Giving back to the

every once in a while! I love contemporary

community—whether it is on a local, national,

art, and wherever I go I try to make time for

or international level—is very important to

a visit to the local art district. I am always

me. At Blissliving Home, we believe quality

delighted when I discover something new.

goods must have a heart. That is why we

I always try to make it to Art Basel Miami

are working with a variety of organizations

Beach—it is one of my favorite exhibitions.

to make a difference in the world. Last year,

Yoga is also very important to me. I practice

we joined forces with Children’s National

almost every day, whether I am at home or in

Medical Center in Washington DC to host a

a hotel room. Yoga is the easiest way for me

bedding design competition for children 12

to relax, reenergize, find peace of mind, and

years of age and under: the Bliss Kids Arts

stay focused.


The winning design, created by

then 11-year-old Aria Curameng from Fort Washington, Maryland, has been adapted into The Chang Mai duvet set, the Koh Samui pillow, and the Buddha pillow. The Bliss Kids Arts Festival collection is available at Ten percent of sales proceeds will be donated to the Children’s National Medical Center for as long as we carry these items (and we hope to have them for a very long time)!

CHIRP Read more about Mei Xu and find her incredible products online at Chesapeake Bay Candle and Blissliving Home

The pendant on our Nesting Newbies cover is a spring explosion of over 200 handcrafted owers by artist Diane K. Phillips. It could be yours...Inbe'tweet contest coming in July 2010.

ci rcol o

seri e s

d e s i g n e d

b y

d o y l e

c r o s b y 415. 778. 4300


decorating: blogosphere

A Design Blogger’s Point of View


What DIY project surprised you (in a good way)?

Trina’s cr and Bea Crochet

“I have a great DIY project that I loved doing because I did it with my husband. We wanted to recreate the look of the Kate Spade Hopper™ Dot Large Dot Mini Rose Bowl that retails for $75. We liked the look and feel of the vase—but not the price tag. We found similar shaped bowls at Wal-Mart for just $2, then let our imaginations go from there. It was such a simple project…and it turned out absolutely beautiful. I can’t help but smile every time I put flowers in the vase, because I know it’s something my husband and I did together.”

What are some of your la DecorAddictions?

Typhanie Peterson

“I currently can’t get enough of handmade bla

Shoebox Décor—Decorating and entertaining in a small

indie shops for months trying to find that perf

space on a shoestring budget

our bedroom…and the baby’s room…I don’t k

hand-felted—I’m obsessed! I’ve been scourin

Thankfully, another blogger posted a tutorial o square, and I’ve started my first blanket.”

Trina Brandon DecorAddict

How does one do Bo

“Bohemian Vintage is a meeting of P Combine a black, distressed, vintage

filled with a bouquet of used paint bru in the old and tattered and breathing

to your furnishings rather than your cl

art, and vintage pieces are all staples o

history, were the outcast artists who se

They made their spaces look artistic a

or curb-pick-up furnishings. This style

Aura “Mina” Brink

Bohemian Vintage, Bohemian Vintag


razy about Rocket ar’s HUGE Lambswool t Blanket.

When it comes to anything designrelated, what makes your heart beat faster? “Mixing textures! This is definitely the design aesthetic that I respond to immediately and one that makes small spaces more dimensional. Whether it's organic in nature (water set next to trees) or in design (mirror-paired glass), there's something about the contrast of textures that is


super appealing. My favorite new piece of furniture is a penny-tile mirror side table with gilded edges [Tozai 1000 faces table by Two’s Company]. It's

ankets—knitted, crocheted,

ng Etsy, eBay and my local

fect throw for my sofa…and

know where to stop!

on how to crochet a granny

simply gorgeous! The soft tone of the gold next to the clean lines of the mirror makes this piece shine and feel modern. Another project that I am working on is recovering a vintage Plycraft lounger and ottoman in colorful, graphic Missoni fabric. The bold statement of the fabric mixed with the dark wood and steel of the chair is another neat example of mixing textures.”

Rebecca Orlov loving. living. small.

ohemian Vintage?

Parisian flea market, artist’s studio, and European castle. dresser with a gilded-gold vintage mirror and a glass jar

ushes, and you've got the look down! It's about bringing life and elegance into it. Think avant-garde—but applied

lothing. Grandiose chandeliers, big open spaces, original

of the Bohemian Vintage look. Bohemians, at one time in

ettled wherever they could and with whatever they could.

and elegant, even though they were using hand-me-down

e is an imitation of these great artists and their aesthetic.”


ge Antiques

Mina’s latest BOHO project


If money were no object, what would you buy for your home right now? “I like a look that blends a little rustic, a little feminine, and a little eclectic. I like mixing styles because if I fall in love with a new piece, it is much easier to incorporate it without having to worry whether or not it fits in with the rest of my décor. Here are three things I'd love to have in my home right now:

Currently, who is the hottest designer out there? "I think one of the hottest designers out there right now is Amanda Nisbet. I would describe her style as Modern Sensibility

A bed with classic good looks. A bed is a piece you should


invest in, and you want something that isn't too trendy, so

The woman is fearless when it comes to

you won't get tired of looking at in a year. I love the clean

colors, and she has a wonderful way of

shape of Crate and Barrel's Colette bed combined with

blending them into a modern and functional

the subtle ‘toughness’ of pewter nail heads and the texture


of natural linen.

Karen Olivia

A mirrored dresser. I've been wanting a mirrored dresser for a long time, and I like Anthropologie's version which



Alkemie—Lifestyle & Design Blog

features a ‘dappled’ look. The patina keeps it from looking too precious or overly glamorous. A pair of chandeliers. I'd love to put a pair of Roost Halo Chandeliers over a farm table or industrial-style dining table




wood. I discovered them at Bae, my favorite San Francisco shop.”

What’s important for a newbie to know about decorating? “I think an important thing to remember when it comes to decorating is making your home reflect who YOU are. Be inspired by things that you see, but always stay true to yourself. Bring pieces that have special meaning to you into your space. Look at your wardrobe and the colors you tend to gravitate toward to assess what your personal palette is. And remember these two important elements: decorating does not have to be expensive and paint is your CH













a eg



r Fa n’s



ll f



w ro



or av


Beach Bungalow 8


Megan Arquette

Interior Designer Michelle Morelan shares her beautiful renderings on her blog, A Schematic Life. We asked her to create, and tell us about, her dream room. “My dream room would be large in volume and formal in its symmetry, where I could host holiday dinners. It would have lots of seating for friends and family. I love the feel and texture of natural stone, wide plank flooring, and a room bathed in light; so, I’ve designed a bank of French doors on each side of my dream space to catch the sunrise and sunset. The combination of royal blue and rust tones really excites me right now, and I would cut the intensity with grays and soft whites. The shape of the sofas is more modern and juxtaposed against the traditional shapes of the chairs. The formal velvets play against the casual linens of the furnishings, creating a room with many levels of interest.

Michelle Morelan

Michelle Morelan Interior Design

Ashley White Ashley White Design Decorology






e Material Girls share t “affordable luxe” ho Wisteria Outlet


When Wisteria Outlet in Carrollton puts on one of its huge warehouse sales, people from across the country take road trips to the legendary store to partake in the buying mayhem. Faithful Wisteria customers fill up truckloads of merchandise, getting some of the best deals of the century.

from Emily Johnston, E.J. Interiors —Founder, Executive Editor, Dallas Contributor

Again and Again This hip consignment shop nestled along Henderson Avenue is hard to miss. A little pink house on the corner, Again and Again sells vintage furniture and accessories that have mounds of character. Their slogan, “fun, fresh, and affordable” describes this shop to a tee.

Fort Pitt Furniture

ChicagoHotSpots from Julia Buckingham Edelmann, Buckingham Interiors + Design —Chicago Contributor

Fort Pitt Furniture is the premiere destination for the finest in used four- and five-star hotel furnishings. It is a great go-to resource for anchor pieces that you can grab for amazing prices. Right now, they are featuring pieces from a local Ritz-Carlton.

their favorite ome resources Sample House and Candle Shop

Arteriors Too

There are seven locations across the metroplex, and you mustn’t leave Dallas without visiting at least one of them! Sample House shops are not only the perfect go-to spots for gifts, but they also have charming home décor at incredible prices. Be sure to check out their candle sections (the Tyler candles are amazing), as well as their fun and colorful Dash and Albert rugs. I guarantee you won’t leave without a small gift for someone (or perhaps even for yourself!)

This recently-opened shop at Inwood and Lovers has affordable home décor for the glamazon decorator. Each week they send out an email to their subscribers announcing their discounted “Item of the Week.” This is one email that you don’t want to end up in your spam box!

White Elephant Antiques Located on the recently renamed Riverfront Boulevard among other notable antique stores, White Elephant has some of the most unique and reasonably priced antiques around. Aisle after aisle of whimsical and distinct gems await you. Plan to stay here for a good few hours!

The Andersonville Neighborhood

Ten Thousand Villages

This is a full day of shopping and discovery! Start at Scout and move towards Room Service. There are unusual and amazing mid-century and industrial-chic pieces galore. A visit to the Andersonville Galleria offers a personalized shopping experience—with an eye for rare, local flair. Many dealers and artisans are also gathered under one roof. It is impossible to leave this neighborhood empty-handed!

Located in Evanston, Illinois, Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade retailer of artisan-crafted home décor, personal accessories, and gift items from across the globe. Featuring products from more than 130 artisan groups in some 38 countries, they are part of a network of over 150 retail outlets throughout the United States selling Ten Thousand Villages products. So many wonderful pieces from all over the world under one roof!


Secondhand Rose


Boasting the “largest collection in the world,” this shop is a great source for fun, funky, vintage wallpaper that spans the 1860s through the 1970s. The collection includes Victorian antique papers, damask wallpaper, 1940s florals, art deco geometrics, novelties from the 1950s, 1960s op art, and 1970s mylars.

from Rebecca Soskin, Rebecca Tier Soskin Interior Design —New York Contributor

Fishs Eddy This is a great source for everything dining— kitchenware, glassware, flatware, serving pieces, and accessories. Fishs Eddy’s stock includes remainders of kitschy, custom-designed china left over from the past. Items include the store’s own wonderful contemporary designs, as well as retro-inspired pieces.

F&S Fabrics

LosAngelesHotSpots from Jill Seidner, Jill Seidner Interior Design —Los Angeles Contributor

This landmark store is filled with bolts of fabrics that range from linens and velvets to sheers, as well as a section replete with outdoor fabrics. They also carry a huge assortment of trims and are generous about letting you cut samples right off the actual bolts— great for taking to clients for the exacting dye lot!

e Material Girls offer design inspiration fro fashions—all topped with some pop cultu

Apartment 48

Housing Works

At Apartment 48, you will find things for the home that can add to your bar, make life in the kitchen a little easier, or make entertaining much more fun!—from dinnerware to kitchenware to a few small furniture pieces and decorative items that are sure to spice up any home.

There are thrift shops located in different locations in New York City that have online auctions—and if you visit the online shop frequently, you’re likely to find a great piece of furniture or home accessory for a lot less. The best part is that the money you spend helps Housing Works give a second chance to homeless New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS.

The Divine Chair Company Starting off with vintage chairs, The Divine Chair Company gives them a fresh coat of paint and reupholsters them with updated, trendy fabrics. They’ll also work with you to create a design of your own using your own fabric and ideas. Recycle…reuse… reduce!

The Sofa Company


With an ever-expanding chain of stores, The Sofa Company has been a great resource for me, as I have clients spread throughout the City. The best thing about The Sofa Company is they will let you take any sofa in their line and customize it to your liking— size, style, fabric, and filling. The prices are great and the lead times are unheard of—especially for a customized sofa! They’ve become my go-to place for many of my clients because their sofas fit my furniture floor plans…and my clients’ budgets.

For sourcing unique finds and furnishings, I look to the collection curated by local Christian May of Maison21, who has an ever-changing assortment of vintage artwork, accessories, and furniture. He has a great eye and a knack for finding items I would not have otherwise found—so, I regularly check back to see what’s at his online marketplace.

om coast to coast—tips, trends, tantalizing home ure treats! Find them at

decorating: do over

Symbolic Chandelier Bits and pieces become beautiful with Emily Anderson’s “lazy decorating” approach. By Emily Anderson Photography by Natalie Wi I have always been entranced by the Japanese aesthetic, and origami is a perfect example of the simple form that I associate with it. In Japanese culture, folding a thousand paper cranes—called senbazuru—is believed to make a person’s dreams come true. The intricate art of folding paper into different shapes is an incredibly practical solution for many things, including interior decorating challenges.



I have seen origami used in a lot of creative ways—in fashion, jewelry, gift wrappings, and in the home. A few years ago, a bride shared her wedding story with me—her mother-inlaw folded a thousand paper cranes for the wedding, and the party was festooned with these beautiful purple, red, and gold cranes. After the wedding, the newlywed couple used the cranes to decorate their new home. I thought I might be able to use this idea to solve a design problem in my own home. For a while, I’ve wanted to replace the overhead light in our entranceway with something more attractive.

I know it’s easy enough to just

replace a ceiling light with a new ceiling light, but I was looking for something a little more creative. Truth be told, I couldn’t find anything

ECO-CHIC HOME: Rethink, Reuse & Remake Your Way to Sustainable Style By Emily Anderson Photography by Seth and Kendra Smoot Available at The Origami Crane Chandelier is something Emily Anderson created for our spring issue of Nesting Newbies. You’ll find more of her resourceful, chic style in her new book, Eco-Chic Home. Discover ways to put old lamps, extra sheets, mismatched dishes, and fabric scraps to new use in your home. Emily’s been featured in The New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Today Show. Catch a daily dose of her on her blogs—Eco-Chic Weddings and Good with Style.


I liked that was affordable. So, I decided to try to make an Origami Crane chandelier. It was also a perfect way to make use of other things I had that otherwise might have been tossed in the garbage or taken to recycling. My own interior design approach is what I like to call “lazy decorating,” because most of the time, the design decisions I make in the home include materials I already have, repurposing them into useful, chic things to add instant style to my space. This project takes used printer paper and wire clothes hangers, and creates something quite elegant and beautiful.


Emily’s Supply List: • Two wire clothing hangers • Small pliers • Wire snips • Scissors • Silver no-VOC metallic spray paint • Fine gauge copper wire • Forty pieces of paper, 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches • Twenty pieces of colored origami paper, 6 inches x 6 inches • Stapler • Overhead light with a lamp base and end cap


1. Trim

the pieces so that you

have perfect squares (if you’re using printed paper).

2. Fold the origami cranes. This will take you several hours, so get comfortable. This is a great thing to do while watching TV. Watch the origami video to learn how to make the crane.




3. Paint the folded paper cranes with silver paint, so you cannot see

6. Repeat

the printing.

semicircles together to make a big c

4. Take

this with the secon

copper wire. the wire hangers apart. You can simply untwist the top to


5. Shape each hanger into a semicircle that is the same size as the


base of the light fixture. Bend one side of the hanger to create the half circle using a piece of the copper wire to hold the semicircle in place.

Helpful Resources •Finger Magic Origami kits •Hanko Designs Asian rubber stamps, Japanese •Origami, and Washi papers •Origami Bijou Handmade Origami jewelry •Hobby Lobby craft and art supplies 172

7. Attach the paper cranes sid using a stapler.

8. Use the ladder to reach the overhead light, carefully removing the light cover so the lamp rod is exposed. Put the cover to the side. Fasten with another piece of copper wire.


nd wire hanger, then attach the two

9. Take the frame and create a slight opening in the center by bending

circle. Fasten with another piece of

the wire hanger. Use copper wire to create an opening big enough to ďŹ t over the lamp base keeping it tight enough so that when the end cap is replaced, the frame will be held in place on the light.

10. Put the frame in place and begin adding the rest of the cranes.


de-by-side to the wire hanger frame


Essential Folding Tips from Cindy Ng of Girlgami, an Origami Expert


BE CLEAN! Origami paper likes a flat, clean surface. Work on an oil-free table or countertop, or even a hardcover book. FOLD IT, BABY! First impressions are everything! Your origami paper’s very first fold quickly commits to memory, so it helps to be precise and neat. Keep your origami in shape by running your thumbnail along each fold several times. LOOK AHEAD! Review all the steps before you start folding a model. Then as you’re folding, it helps to keep looking ahead to the next illustration to see what should be created once you have completed the step you are working on.

11. Staple each crane to another crane until you have a chandelier effect.


BE PLAYFUL, PATIENT, AND PERSISTENT! Don’t take yourself too seriously— otherwise if you do, origami is zero ounces of fun. If you’re feeling frustrated, take a break and come back to it later.

12. Finished.

You are on the path to senbazuru…

may all your do-over dreams come true!

Poppy fields. Available at $18–$32 per yard price range

Lindsey Cheney is a busy mom who home schools, crafts, snuggles and sews her way through the day. She originated and sells her adorable kitschy fabric flower pins, Posy Pins and Petal Pushers, on her online shop, The Pleated Poppy. Intended as fashion accessories, we think that Lindsey has turned little scraps of fabric into an economical way to embellish home décor and bring a romantic flourish into a room. Pin them onto a plain pillow…clip them to a lampshade…put them on ribbon and use as a curtain tieback…so flirty! Available at retail from $15 to $24

Bonjour Paris! Thanks to blogger Anh-Minh Le, we discovered the Paris Hotel Boutique, an online shop for elegant, one-of-a-kind objects and vintage period pieces. Proprietor Lynn Goldfinger-Abram has been selling antiques for 15 years and has quite a loyal following. We’re excited about her exclusive collection of decoupage trays. “I gathered some of my favorite vintage ephemera and scanned them,” says Lynn. “I commissioned a company to make them by hand into decoupage trays. They are made in the US and each is signed.” The Beverly Hills Hotel tray is an image of an early reservation card that was placed on the tables at the hotel. The Louvre is an old French receipt, and the Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the image of the vintage book (the original cover is orange but Lynn turned it into the iconic Tiffany-box blue). Available at retail from $64 - $90

decorating: for the nest

London calling. Two British lifestyle brands, Farrow & Ball and Jo Malone, have collaborated on a collection of five limited-edition Home Candles— each is in a Farrow & Ball color with an iconic Jo Malone scent. Lime Basil & Mandarin in Breakfast Room Green, Wild Fig & Cassis in Pelt, Blue Agava & Cacao in Oval Room Blue, Grapefruit in Cream, and Pomegranate Noir in Eating Room Red will create a scented ambiance and enhance any décor. Available at $65


Spri Sprin



g’s b




. De bbie ty th Fried a t sur Debb rich r o unds rem ie sh inds us, e ares of co us to v h e e rywh r art lor in “pau ere.” o se an n n a Her a t r u A d tak t r t e th phot sign her e in a at re atur o E g t s r ll the y a e f phs black resh shop canv that the as pi , woo z e n s capt eces den pirit aton mus ure —5 x disp a, and lin d juicy lay e b 6 r i raws i g n a h b c s h e t u en u l and rsts tring gicle p th é on are p bag. e ho Avai c a a c n k me. lable aged vas, com in an at ze e wit econato ha frien na.e dly c tsy.c o om tton — $4 5

How Devine! Popular with the who’s who, the talented Michael Devine has turned his eponymous fabrics into stylish accessories. He recently released a summer collection of trays, placemats, and napkin rings made in the US using his hand-printed fabrics. The large (17” x 22”) Garden Folly Tray is shown in azur, and Ashley stripe napkin rings and placemats are shown in leaf, orchid, and azur. Check out his popular blog, The Devine Life, for an insider’s look at the East Coast design scene. Available at Large Garden Folly Tray—$150 Ashley Placmats—$30 each Ashley Napkin Rings—$10 each


love had a s a h kers. d she ilema rs, an t a e n y a is r 15 ere n art r ove d, wh erica o o f m o s A s w olly ile cially usine est H rks, T espe tile b W o , e o w n h i g t e s st Til en in e get room and a m th as be show empe d o T h r e n , f x n e w a s l o l i s e as re her o ichol son T ed til lark, t Lar craft ocess Lee N t C r d a the p r n e r a P n tio as cted hh lmo i t c e i l s F e l e w n s e d o r s i e the affai llect have open ns,” they make ed co t n ently o n t c w artisa e e s o t r i d s n l fi e e e a n r b h o o S e’s g such s the are c that n. Le US ha ffers ners o o e s w r h o e t e rating e t t o t sh a m p a r h o P t KJ , inco ngly , so h art , and ment o he o stro ssible e t s o v l s Guild p e o e e s f al a e tak ood M es. “I ation isit .” Le low F s hom S e r i e educ e m h you v h t o t l f h i r e r o d d mo , an tiles f or ou e can t. Oh right hes f n w i s ! i r d n p n t fi A o , too ee. “ osing ller fo ound o a r h a c m s s says L t prin ing a y into paw soph f leav w o e f g a philo eanin t see migh rue m t u e o h y t om, A owro h s od, C e lark o C th w e y r l o nt t Hol Film , Wes ntme le at i e b o v m i a p l r o i D Ava by ap lark.c noll rday orec est K u m t W l a fi 7 60 M, S 67 • 5:30P 52.68 o 6 . t 0 1 3 9AM M–F, Open



rica Ame


endnotes: best blogs Cannelle et Vanille



One Perfect Bite

Aran is a food writer, stylist, and photographer, and her blog is a journal of her life as she travels, cooks, and raises her family. Her beautiful photography makes everything pop off the monitor and straight into our mouths (wish).

Ah, Mary! She makes “peasant fare that meets the needs of today’s health-conscious cooks.” Her personal narratives let us peek into her life, and these journals give even more meaning to the uncommonly good recipes from her kitchen.

She’s in the Kitchen

Swanky Tables

Katrina Hall has been passionate about cooking and baking since she was a child, and there isn’t anything she can’t conjure up in her kitchen. Our mouths water and our stomachs growl just thinking about her food.

Annette Warnick is an event designer, and her company Swanky Tables is responsible for some of the…well… swankiest events in Oregon. She shares her obsession with table trends and event styling on her blog. Mix up one of her cocktails and explore her world.


g up with bloggers! Take a peek at some of our current favorites…

Young House Love

The Lettered Cottage

Sherry and John love their new home, and they enthusiastically share their home-improvement adventures with us. Originally started as a way to track their journey, the blog has turned into one of the go-to sites for great design advice.

Another couple we enjoy following…Layla and Kevin are great fixer-uppers who share their budgetfriendly renovations. The writing, photography, and film clips convey their joie de vivre with each other and their home—they make doing-it-yourself look like an absolute blast!

Head of the Table

Head of the Table is a company in St. Louis where you’ll find the trendiest tabletop choices for rent. Founder Kim Mower’s blog is full of inspirational ideas for your next gathering—from table settings to party themes. It’s a good place to jumpstart your own creative mojo.

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endnotes: mag swag

One lucky bluebird takes all! $130


Pink Baby Mouse Super Bulldog Pillow


Jo Malone/Farrow & Ball Collector’s Edition Candles


Body pillow made from Duralee Fabric


Filmore Clark: KJ Patterson ArtisanTiles – Set of 9

Blissliving Home ANIS Duvet Set (Queen)

More Giveaway Details &

Enter To Win at

Contest Ends 6/24/2010

mag swag

$1520 total value


Dacor Signature Gourmet Cookware Collection



Hammocks & High Tea Chevron Drawer Liners


Sourdough Sleepytime Eye Mask

Zenatona 5 x 6 Signature Canvas Package


O Olive Oil Spring & Summer Collections


LA Plates Salad/Dessert plates – Set of 4


Nesting Newbies Magazine 2010 - Issue No.3  

Here's a hint to what you’ll find:• Chef Lea goes green and Greek • Make time to <em>Chill</em>• Get hooked on Nook• Decorating your Home? B...

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